Practice Like You Play
Practice Like You Play
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The All New ProBatter
Baseball Simulator
Realistic Simulation Improves Hitters’ Timing and
Rhythm–Delivering Tangible Game Day Results.
ProBatter’s patented synchronized video simulation creates a
dramatically realistic game-like environment. Basic one-dimensional
pitching machines don’t offer visual reference to a pitcher’s
release point and can actually hinder a hitter’s timing and rhythm on
game day. No other pitching machine or training tool can provide the
fully-programmable range of pitches, ball speeds, pin-point accuracy
or realistic video simulation like the PX2 Baseball simulator.
Baseball Simulator
Revolutionary Training System Creates Results
The new and improved ProBatter PX2 Baseball Simulator pitching system
is the most advanced and realistic training system for improving hitting
skills available anywhere. Professional-grade and industry-tested,
ProBatter’s patented video simulation allows hitters to face a variety
of different life-size pitchers projected on an 8’ X 10’ screen. The
life-like simulation allows batters to experience game-like conditions
resulting in improved timing, rhythm and game day performance.
Fully Programmable, User-Friendly Touch Screen
Hitters can choose from 8 different, fully programmable
pitches: Fastball, Change-up, Curve, Screwball, Drop,
Screw Riser, Riser, or Curve Drop in any variety of
sequences, and features 9 unique skill levels with 3
different video pitchers to provide the most realistic
baseball simulation ever.
9 Pre-Programmed Skill Levels, With Skill
Appropriate DVD Quality Video Pitchers
Age Levels: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, High
School, College, Pro and Master. Adjusts to
simulate either right or left handed pitchers.
Fully Programmable, Pitch Speed Versatility
40-100 MPH at 2 MPH increments makes
customizing your training at the touch of a button.
Behind the projection
screen, the PX2 runs
on a 220 VAC,
30 AMP industrial
strength system and
provides years of
dependable and
reliable service
ProBatter’s Patented Synchronized Video Display
Full size, game-like simulation improves timing, rhythm and visual
mechanics. Durable and dependable industry-grade projector and
projection screen create the most realistic training environment for hitters
of all levels.
Makes BP Infinitely More Efficient, Productive,
Economical, and Fun.
Get the most out of your batting practice. No more wasting time on
BP pitchers or basic pitching machines to hit your spot; or being held
back by a limited range of pitches or programming. The ProBatter
PX2 Baseball Simulator allows you to custom program your desired
pitches, spots, and sequences. Realistically, accurately and efficiently
the PX2 Baseball Simulator improves game day performance better
than any other pitching machine, system or method on the market.
The PX2’s 300 ball capacity
feeder system handles real
or seamless baseballs
“It’s tremendous for situational hitting. I can’t get that from regular BP.”
Alex Rodriguez
“I love it. You have to compete against it.”
Jason Giambi
“I have a ProBatter at my batting cage in Vegas. You can see everything at any speed.”
Bobby Abreau
“It’s a great throws all kinds of pitches.”
ProBatter Custom and Quality On-Site Installation
Every job is installed and serviced by a trained ProBatter specialist. All
parts and equipment are manufactured to exceed the industry’s highest
standards to deliver years of dependable and reliable performance.
ProBatter offers a full 1-Year warranty covering all parts and labor on the
PX2 Baseball Simulator and 3-Years on the system’s projector.
Professional-grade, industry-tested, state-of-the-art technology
provides years of dependability and results on game day
9 Different Pre-Programmed Pitch Types
Fastball, Change-up, Curve, Screwball,
Cutter, Split-Fastball, Slider, Slurve, and Sinker.
Additional pitches can be pre-programmed for
additional cost.
Pin-Point Accuracy, Pitch After Pitch
Programmed to consistently hit 9 spots in the
strike zone and 4 outside for improving strike zone
recognition. Also includes a programmed sequence
for improving catcher’s receiving and blocking skills.
User-friendly color touch screen interface for easily controlling a
wide variety of pitches and sequences
Ben Cherington Director Player Dev., Boston Red Sox
“ProBatter is an important part of our hitting program.”
Mickey brantley MLB Hitting Instructor
“It’s throws such a variety of pitches and to the spots I want to work on.”
The PX2 Baseball Simulator is
a virtual workhorse engineered
and manufactured for commercial and professional applications
Dave Keller MLB Hitting Instructor
“Having the image on the screen makes it a lot easier to work on timing and rhythm.”
Howard Johnson NY Mets Hitting Instructor
“Anytime you can simulate a game in practice, makes you better prepared game day,
and ProBatter does that.”
Tracy Nolan Owner–Lakeland Baseball Academy
“The ProBatter system is the best tool I’ve ever seen. Nothing else like it anywhere.”
Bill Hanson Owner–Grand Slam Academy
“It’s the centerpiece of our new facility. This is the best training tool of its kind.”
Alex Smith Co-Owner of Diamond Pros
“The ProBatter PX2 can accurately deliver any type of pitch to any location. It’s an
invaluable tool.”
Custom or standard
pitch sequences offer
the hitter ease and
flexibility to
customize training
Mike Brooks Owner of West Coast Baseball Academy
“It’s impossible to find anyone who can consistently and accurately throw over 90
MPH–until now. ProBatter gives our students a tremendous opportunity to improve
and take their game to the next level.”
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