Alexandrİa Landmarks



Alexandrİa Landmarks
Alexandrİa Landmarks
Alexandria New Library
The old Aiexanc'la ı 3I-'-ı 9Si?3 s_ec'c'2300 -,3a's
ago in the Ptolemaic era duıing in3 'e gn :'''Ptolemy
Filadlfos''' The library waS a CUltUra arc 'ı:e,ıectual
complex for all scientists and a source of knowledge to
the Mediterranean region. Now. the Old Alexandria Library
renewed by establishing the New Alexandria Library io
be one of the biggest scientific and cultural centers
specialized in the region affairs and its culture, science
and arts to attract scientists from all over the world to
Alexandria as a world center for culture and knowledge.
:,ala':'a -a'a-, -''a'.::.:
S[ıaü'x' : -':_-oraı'y L brary
for the bIind. Planetarium. Scienıae iuliıseum Scı_ pts
The Ne,,',
The central Librar1 . Yoııt::
Museum, Antiquities Museuı-n Tine n1ernatlonal
lnstitute for lnformation Studies' Conference Center
and its services.
The inauguration
Alexandria Library ',',as :- 16
October 2002. iİ \\ias a ,',C' :
celebration, attended by so'ı'e :f
the world leaders and Ce :3a: :heads of 80 countrıes'
Kom El Dekka
The Roman Amphitheatre
Discovered recently in the area of Kom Al-Dekka near
the Roman museum, tt consists of 12 rows of semi-circular
marble benches for up to 800 spectators display halls and
mosaic-arena. It is considered the only relic of its kind in
Egypt. ln Ptolemaic times. ihls area was known as the
Park of Pan, a recreational garden surrounded by Roman
villas and bathes.
El Anfushi Tombs
- ---:'Ras Al.Teen 3_:.aT]e aıa \,',ere
= _ ''.
1901 A.D -z'.'3 ız:":: ac3JI 250 B'C.
Thes: *=..:_- lcrn5s are decoraıec ,',; th piCtures of
Egyptiaı] ieri]es and daily life, besides a grafflt dates back
to the same period.
Pompey's Pİllar
tc:-: thlrd ,=--.--; - I : s a Z:- '.2
- - --a-':' :-: Emperor
--- ::-: -- -'=:
--:-a . ''-- --= Terp:e c'Serapts ,,=.
It dates back
red granite aa
Ei Sha"h.t
The Catacombs of Kom El.Shoqafa
This cemetery, a blend of Pharaonıc and Roman art,
is on three ]eveİs' lt houses the Triclinium. where relatives
used to sit on stone benches and hold an anniversary for
their deceased, in addition to being a central tomb with
reliefs of bearded serpents. lnside, there are 2nd century
statues of Sobek and Anubis wearing Roman armour.
Alexandria lslamic Landmarks
and El-Anfushi are
neighbourhoods to explore, for their Souks (markets) and
streetlife as well as Ottoman mosques. mashrabiyadecorated houses, cisterns and the old city walls.
El-Attareen Mosque
is so called due io
location nearby Eı-Attareen
market (Souk). lt dates back
to the l4th century, and is
adjacent to an ancient
mosque established by Amr
lbn EI-Aas. known as the
The Mosque of EI-Mursi Abu El-Abbas
Dedicated to the patron of Alexandria's fishermeı_
sailors (Sheikh El_Saleh El-lVursi Abu El Abbas;. Tı
the city's biggest mosque lt has been built in an
Andalusian style with four domes and
a towering minaret.
Qaitbey Fort
Located on the northern tip of the Eastern Harbour,
Sultan Qaitbey's Fort is an Alexandrian landmark. The
foıt is on the original site of Pharos, Alexandria's ancient
light-house, built in 279 B.C. and topped with a statue of
Poseidon. Although
Pharos was restored at
various times, it had
crumbled in the 1Sth
century A.D. Today, the
fort houses a mosque
and the Naval
Museum; it also
provides wonderful
views of the city and the
Mediterranean Sea.
The Submerged Monuments
Recently, it has been disco,ıered many of the submerged
monuments under water in ihe Eastern Harbour and to the
east of Qaitbey Fort it Knoı,vn as "Cleopatra Empire"
referring to the old criy of Alexandria wiih its colorful palaces,
rich inscriptions, ships and more than 5000 Pharaonic and
Roman statues located opposrte Qaitbey fort. A Roman
style diving center is located in the Greek Club next to
the fort, which enables visitors to see both Pharos and
Cleopatra cities housing her palace, ruins of her solar
boat and ruins of an aircraft from World War ll.
For information: Head office, Alexandria Dive
23,26 July Road, El-Anfushi, near the Naval Scouts Club.
The Conference Centre
Located at El Shatby, it is equipped with audio-visual
means, closed- circuit TV., direcldial telephone services,
separate booths for simultaneous interpretation and
information, security and parking areas, It also houses a
theatre supported by the latest equipments for theatre,
Cinema ConCeıt and opera shows.
Stanly Bridge
: Staüts in front of
rr long.
El Saraya casino till Syria St. with

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