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Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius
President’s Message Gilbert Clark
Welcome to this edition of
the SACIM Australia triennial newsletter.
Almost a year ago the
reins of this illustrious philanthropy was passed into
my hands. In contrast to
more glorious days gone
by for SACIM, the time
since the last newsletter has not been particular
eventful in terms of our basic objectives of providing for children inoperable in Mauritius. As
has been said numerous times before, our modus operandi has undergone some evolution.
In recent times we have been involved more
with, actively supporting some specialists now
making regular visits to Mauritius. Operations
previously unworkable in Mauritius are now
being performed there for patients who can
either wait for the next specialist to visit, e.g.
Prof P Dewan or the services are now available
in-house so to speak given the advanced training a few of the locals have been able to avail
themselves of.
Notwithstanding the above we plough on regardless.
At the last fundraising dinner dance of May 2,
2009, I informed those present of moves afoot
to bring to Melbourne the 16 year old surviving
male of a conjoint twin separation performed in
South Africa in December 1992. Ashlay Fokeer
had developed a severe case of dorso-lumbar
scoliosis which was causing a marked curvature of his spine which, I understand, in turn
was creating lung infections and breathing difficulties.
Ashlay was first referred to us after COMMSSA
in Perth were informed that Ashlay would be
placed on a long waiting list over there.
Though we were not given a time-line, an appropriately qualified surgeon agreed to investigate Ashlay’s case for a spinal correction at the
Epworth in Melbourne. The estimated costs
were in the order of $50,000. SACIM Aust was
However, given the time taken to get to that
stage in Melbourne and, pure conjecture on my
part, the costs involved, SACIM Mauritius had
Ashlay’s case investigated in India where he
travelled to on May 18.
Dr Amrit Rajkomar wrote on that day “since
Ashlay has been having increasing back and
shoulder pain i.e., his case has been deteriorating, SACIM has decided to send him to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital without delay and
thus he is leaving today”.
You may wish to know that the expected cost of
operation will be around MUR300,000 (or approximately AUD12,000 !). We are thankful and
very grateful to you, Marlene, Dr. Johnson and
Dr. Rob for trying to help with this patient and
are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
(Australia) Inc.
Volume 36
Issue 1
July 2009
We are glad to report that his operation has
been successful. For those interested, Ashlay’s
story may be viewed at the following site:
news&news_id=6824, or again on Clancy Philippe’s site: “newspapers” then “5-Plus”.
In May we received a copy of the Annual Report for 2008 from SACIM in Mauritius. In his
covering letter Dr Rajkomar, president, informed us of their current campaign to make
the public aware of the free facilities [subject to
the relevant means test] offered by SACIM to
children inoperable in Mauritius who are on the
waiting lists in different specialities. In anticipation of the success of their campaign, we may
yet see renewed demand for our support in
Australia. Extracts from their report has been
reproduced at page 2.
As I alluded to earlier, SACIM held a fund raising dinner dance on May 2 last at the Freccia
Azzurra Club. By all account it was a very successful occasion with mostly praises being received from all quarters. Despite me first murdering his name, we had the pleasure of the
Rev Fr Pierre Piat in our midst and he most
graciously led us in thanksgiving before the
dinner. Chantal elaborates further on this event
in her article on page 4.
On a very sad note, I was personally shocked
by the accidental death of Jasmine Béchard in
a road accident in June. To her family and closest friends and relatives, I offer my very sincere
Sadly for her family and friends, but personally
amazed by her longevity, was the passing also,
of Mrs Wilhelmina Avice de May aged 105. I
can have nothing but admiration for this lady
who I understand was “with it” till the very end.
As the 2008/09 financial year has drawn to a
close, we urge non financial members to bring
their membership status up to date and for all
members to renew their membership for
Although membership of SACIM
does not return any tangible benefit, be proud
and comforted in the knowledge that we are
giving a helping hand to those less fortunate
than us who still reside in our native land. We
may well encourage our offsprings in supporting their heritage.
Shortly we will be issuing our notice of the
AGM. We have a great number of supporters
in the Mauritian community. To wit, there were
some 337 supporters at the dinner dance of
May 2nd. Volunteers are required to serve.
Some committee members will not be renominating and others may need a little rest. The
work is not onerous if it is spread amongst
many. So, a personal appeal. Would some of
you please raise your hand and agree to join on
this committee. The achievements are very
I commend to you the articles herein.
SACIM Mauritius An- 2
nual Report Summary
Dr. Amrit Rajkomar
Saturday 31 October
Dinner Dance Info
May 2009 Dinner
Chantal Félix
Dreams and Roses
Paddy Dewan
Treasurer’s Report
Jimmy Walter
Advertising Page
Happy 50th Birthday
Cynthia Moirt
SACIM Membership
Dinner Dance
Malvern Town Hall
2009 Calendar
AGM 2009 Melbourne
29 August 2009
Charity Dance Melbourne
31 October 2009
Grand Raffle Draw
31 October 2009
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 2
SACIM Mauritius Annual Report Summary Dr. Amrit Rajkomar - President, SACIM Mauritius
nology to the assisting medical and nursing staff. Each
visit is an occasion for him to donate surgical material to
the hospital. At his last visit in November Prof. Dewan,
accompanied by Dr. Colin Gordon, Anaesthetist, and
nurse Caron Oakley, operated upon some 40 cases at
Flacq Hospital.
Mrs. Laurence Staub, one of our past members, who
returned to the committee in 2003, left us in 2008. Two
other members, Mr. Mike Jangeer Khan and Mr. Nicolas
Staub also stepped down. We wish to thank them for
their great help to SACIM.
The “Sponsor A Child” organization is being accommodated by us on a permanent basis and has been contributing to the monthly office expenses since August 2008.
The fundraising “Flag Day” in 2008 raised Rs.190,392.
A free counselling service is provided by our staff. This
is to assist callers and visitors who are confused about
how to proceed with referral of a patient abroad, i.e.,
what centres to go to and visa formalities. It is good to
know that international class treatment is available at
several centres abroad though the prices vary considerably.
In December the creation of a SACIM website got off the
ground with the kind assistance of my daughter, Vanesha to whom goes our thanks. We are now waiting for
Ministry of Health, Mauritius
the registration process with Mauritius Telecom. In addition to this, Fondation Nouveau Regard also made their
SAClM, Mauritius
website available to SACIM.
We wish to thank COMMSSA (Perth) and SACIM Australia (Melbourne) for their assistance and time spent The following table provides a summary of cases rewith our applications in their respective centres, even ferred abroad since 1968, and the host countries.
though these did not materialise.
Since July 2008 the free tickets granted on Air Mauritius
flights to our patients have been withdrawn: We benefitEngland
ted from a 50% discount for each patient and one escort.
In 2001 it was at the direct intervention of SACIM that
the regular visits of Professor Paddy Dewan, Paediatric
Surgeon and Urologist, were made possible. So far he
has been here on nine occasions and has operated
upon 415 cases. This, no doubt, has led to considerable
saving for SACIM and the Government. At the same
time a Mauritian surgeon has benefitted from an 18South Africa
month-training in paediatric surgery in Melbourne. At
each visit, Professor Dewan also reviews patients operTotal
ated upon by him in the past and transfers medical techThe article below is a summarised extract of the 20082009 Annual Report of SACIM Mauritius presented at
the AGM by Dr. Amrit Rajkomar.
I have great pleasure to welcome all
the members present to our 41st
One child and one of our past patients were sent to India last year.
Both were cardiac cases: the child
was operated upon successfully and
the adult, after thorough evaluation,
was found to be too serious to undergo surgery. This brings the total
number of children referred abroad
at the end of 2008 to 649.
Both cardiac patients were referred to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore.
We sincerely wish to thank the surgeons, medical and
social staff and international patient coordinators for the
help given to our children and mothers in that hospital.
The total cost of investigations and treatment for those
two patients was Rs167,520.00 and the contributions
were as follows:-
Members and Supporters will be pleased to know that Air Mauritius and Seapoint Beach Bungalows will again be the major
sponsors of our Annual Raffle in 2009.
Tickets are being printed now and will be for sale in August.
The draw will be as usual during out Annual Dinner Dance at
the end of October. You will once again have a chance to win
two return tickets to Mauritius, with accommodation at the
Seapoint Beach Bungalows.
Support SACIM—Buy our Raffle Tickets and
be in the Draw for that First Prize!!!
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 3
Make an enquiry now and retain your table for the next
SACIM major function:
Grand Dinner Dance
Saturday 31 October 2009
at the Malvern Town Hall
(Stonnington City Centre)
336 Glenferrie Road
(Corner of Glenferrie Road and High Street)
VIC 3144
(Melway Map 59 C8)
Live music by Ben Sandapa and his band
Mauritian Cuisine by Jacques La Catering
For Enquiries & Pre-Bookings please call:
Gilbert Clark, 03-5996-2919, Marlène Tesmann, 03-9561-1953
Hervé Rochecouste, 03-9561-7078, Jimmy Walter, 03-9758-6812
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 4
SACIM May 2009 Dinner Dance Chantal Félix, - Committee Member
The SACIM annual dance was held at Freccia Azzurra on the 2nd May 2009. Our President Gilbert Clark welcomed the
346 Guests with a lovely speech and introduced all the committee members. All committee members were present apart
from Hervé Rochecouste and his wife Michèle as they were overseas.
The President also took the opportunity to thank everyone including members and supporters for their efforts. SACIM also
thanks Jacqueline Devienne for the beautiful arrangement of flowers—not forgetting the many people that donated generously towards our prizes which were much appreciated. The committee members and their partners opened the dance
with a wonderful slow ballad. The food was a success. There was plenty to drink. The music was also very enjoyable
where a traditional Mauritian Séga was played. In which most guests participated in and got on the dance floor to dance
their traditional séga dance. It was overall a successful evening we have received mostly praise and satisfaction and as
with any social function there were few hiccups here and there.
Professor Paddy Dewan made an enlightening speech thanking SACIM for their great achievements and explained what
SACIM does and all the great success stories about training and educate doctors as well. In 2001 it was at the direct intervention of SACIM that the regular Paediatric and Urology visits were made possible. To date Paddy has been to Mauritius
on nine occasions and has operated on 415 cases. There is no doubt that this has led to considerable saving for SACIM
and the Government of Mauritius, and at the same time a Mauritian Surgeon has benefitted from an 18 months training in
paediatric surgery at Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne.
The Raffle Prizes details are as follows: 1st. Prize: Gift Certificate for one night for two at the Sofitel Melbourne, including
Gourmet Dinner, donated by SACIM; 2nd Prize: 1 case of wine donated by Freccia Azzurra Club; 3rd Prize: 1 litre
Johnnie Black Label donated by Henrico Gontran; 4th Prize: 1 bottle Green Island donated by Henrico Gontran; 5th
Prize: 1 bottle red/1bottle white wine donated by Cyril Tuyau.
The Raffle: The first prize was won by the Labrosse Table (table11). The second prize won by Frances Ah Hing of table
17. The third prize won by the Winston Table. The fourth prize won by Peter Cavalot of table 18.
Door Prizes were won as follows: Ticket No:285 was won by Lina. Ticket No: 2 Won by Paul Belcourt of table 4. Ticket
No: 170 Won by David Louie of table 15. Ticket No: 56 Won by Mrs M D’Argent of table 21. Ticket No: 40 Won by Gervais Ribet. Ticket No: 317 Won by Peter Merrick. Ticket No: 320 Won by Kerrianne Merrick
Contact details: [email protected] Phone: 0438-216-195.
Support a1 gold coast holiday and you will be supporting SACIM. Call now!
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 5
Dreams and Roses
Moments and Memories
I exist for only one moment at a time.
If I put together some of those moments
I have a memory.
If I add up my memories
I will have a life-time.
Sometimes a moment persists
And seems a lifetime;
Sometimes a precious moment
Is too quickly lost to time,
Preserved only as a loving memory.
The small book has 34 poems and they all enjoyable to
read. If anyone is interested to have a copy of Dreams
and Roses, the book is available from Papyrus Publishing, for $19.80. Well done Paddy,
and congratulations from all of us at SACIM!
Paddy also used the opportunity to present a Kind Cuts
for Kids Foundation award to Hervé. In December 2008
the KCfKF board decided to present a yearly award to
formally recognise the contribution of key supporters.
Hervé is the first recipient and accepted the award on
behalf of all the SACIM members and supporters who
have worked hard to support Paddy and the KCfKF and
their medical missions to Mauritius and elsewhere in the
Professor Paddy Dewan has once again surprised all
of us by his hidden talents! He has published a second
book of poems called “Dreams and Roses”. Quoting
from the Papyrus Publishing note about the book:
“Paddy has travelled the world seeing the dreams of others and chasing his own rainbows. The book intends to
inspire readers to smell the roses and beware of their
thorns, while opening a window to expressions of passion and caring”.
Gilbert and Hervé attended the launch by Papyrus Publishing at Readings in Hawthorn on the 25th of June
2009. Here is an example of Paddy’s small poems that
you will be able to enjoy in the latest publication:
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 6
Treasurer’s Report Jimmy Walter
SACIM already sound financial position continued to improve during the 2009 financial year with net and gross assets increasing to $199,106 as at 31 May 2009 compared with $179,681 as at the end of the 2008 financial year (30 June 2008).
SACIM had no liabilities as at 31 May 2009 or 30 June 2008. The SACIM’s assets
are all very low risk financial assets, being deposits held with ANZ Banking Group
Ltd and, therefore, covered by the guarantee for bank deposits provided by the Federal Government. Details are shown below:
At its June 2009 meeting the SACIM Committee decided to transfer $7,000 from the
cheque account to the V2 Plus account. The $7,000 was considered surplus to
SACIM’s short term funding requirements and its transfer to the V2 Plus Fund would
generate some additional interest revenue for SACIM. This transfer should be reflected in the 2009 year end financial statements which will be presented to members at our forthcoming Annual General Meeting at the end of August 2009.
ANZ cheque account
ANZ V2 Plus Fund
$ 5,335
ANZ Term Deposit
Total Assets
Also, you will note that our long held debenture investment with Esanda (an ANZ related entity) has been replaced with the ANZ term deposit. This is due to the fact that Esanda no longer offers debenture investment
and when our investment with them matured in May 2009 we were offered rolled-over facilities into ANZ term
deposits in lieu of Esanda debentures. ANZ term deposits have the advantage of being covered by the Federal Government guarantee for bank deposits but generally offer lower rates of interest relative to Esanda debentures because of the lower risk factor.
In the eleven months to 31 May 2009 SACIM’s activities generated a surplus of $19,425 due to the hard work
of Committee members and with the support of all members. Gross revenue achieved totalled $54,148 and
gross expenses incurred amounted to $34,723. Details are as follows:
Revenues Summary
Brisbane Dance
$ 2,602
Expenses Summary
October 2008 Dance
October 2008 Dance
$ 8,940
May 2009 Dance
May 2009 Dance
October 2009 Dance
Bank/Esanda Interest
$ 9,250
Membership Fees
$ 2,550
$ 1,715
Admin & Other
So far total revenue is ahead of last financial year performance by some $2,500 due mainly to higher interest
revenue (+ $2,000) and raffle proceeds (+$1,200). However, we are expecting much lower interest earnings
during the 2010 financial year due to the lower market interest rates regime which is expected to prevail in that
year. On the other hand, expenses are well down on last year ($19,000 lower); the main contributor to that
drop is a favourable variance of some $20,000 in medical expenses due to the reduced demand on our services by SACIM (Mauritius). However, we understand from recent communications from them that they are
optimistic that they will be in a position to make use of our services and financial resources more frequently in
To conclude, I consider SACIM’s current financial position to be very sound and I do not anticipate any significant changes in that position in the foreseeable future. I hope that we are given the opportunity very soon by
SACIM (Mauritius) and associated parties to put our accumulated resources to good use.
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs
Page 7
Les Flamboyants
Call Jean-Claude on:
03-9706-3105; 0419-885-582
Exotic Band available for
all Mauritian Functions
Crown Towers Resort
Air Mauritius Melbourne Office:
Tel: 03-9611- 0010
Email: s[email protected]
Mention “SACIM” and get a special friendly deal!
Seapoint Beach Bungalows
• accounting
• taxation
• financial planning
• finance [mortgage, car loans...]
• property investment needs
Call Gilbert Clark BH 0414-935-454
1/13 Scott Street, Dandenong 3175
Pointe aux Canoniers, Mauritius
Make your
garden dance
Servicing all your
Holiday Accommodation
Gold Coast QLD.
SACIM Acknowledges the valuable
support provided by Air Mauritius:
Two Return Tickets MelbourneMauritius as the First Prize for our
Major Raffle drawn at our end of
the year Charity Ball each year.
Home away from home self contained
studios on the beach with fantastic views.
Each studio accommodates up to 2 persons and has a double bed, adjoining bathroom/toilet, a kitchenette and a verandah.
Swimming pool & BBQ area!
Ph: +230-696-48-04, Fax: +230-686-73-80
Email: [email protected]
∗ Free quotes
∗ Garden establishment & maintenance
∗ Turf & irrigation installation
∗ Pest & weed identification & control
∗ Pruning & edging
∗ Veggie gardens
Fully Insured
Call Richard or Anne-Marie
Ph 5975-7722 Mob 0400 031 209
PO Box 882 Mornington 3931
Email [email protected]
SACIM (Aust) Inc.
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Page 8
For Newsletter queries, please contact
The SACIM (Aust) Secretary
222 Brandon Park Drive
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
About SACIM (Australia) Inc.
SACIM (Aust) Inc. is a volunteer
charitable organization which started in Australia in 1973 to provide critical
operations in Australian Hospitals to children inoperable in Mauritius. The
organization is affiliated to SACIM in Mauritius who identifies the cases and
prepares the children to be sent to several countries. In Australia the role of
SACIM is to establish contact with hospitals and professional medical personnel, welcome the children, provide foster parenting during their stays, admit
them to hospital, visit and comfort them during their stressful time here and
care for them until they can go back home. This assistance is all provided by
Tel: 03-9561-1953
E-Mail: [email protected]
Some of the medical and professional services are voluntarily provided but
SACIM is kindly hosted by Clancy Philippe on there are some costs that cannot be waived. Depending on the case, the
costs can vary between $10,000 and & $50,000. Those costs are paid by
his Web Site at:
funds raised by SACIM supporters throughout Australia. Over the past 34
Http:// years SACIM has cared for about 274 children from Mauritius in Australia.
More recently SACIM in Australia has been able to sponsor Specialist Doctors from Australia to travel to Mauritius to perform operations. In some cases this has proved a more effective way of
treating the children.
To find more about SACIM, to join the organization or to become a volunteer call the Secretary on 03-9561-1953 or discuss with any Committee Member.
Your donation is welcome, please use the form at the bottom of this page . Thank you.
Henrico Gontran 50th. Happy Birthday! Cynthia Moirt
As members of the SACIM Australia committee, we were very privileged to be invited and to share with Henrico on hid 50th birthday on
Saturday 25April 2009. As could be expected from our SACIM
“extraordinaire” functions manager, the party and presentation were
great, the food and music were excellent We all enjoyed ourselves.
Henrico has been a hard worker since he joined the SACIM committee
three years ago. He has assumed the responsibilities of organizing catering and service for all our functions and the quality has much improved.
On behalf of the SACIM committee a big thank you. Congratulations
again and cheers.
I /We would like to renew my/our membership, or apply to become a member(s) of SACIM (Aust) Inc., ABN 23 058 026 816,
Or make a donation as indicated below.
Please find enclosed a Cheque/Money Order/Cash for $______ (Membership is $15 per annum per member, $25 for family)
Please find enclosed a Cheque/Money Order/Cash for $______ ( being my/our donation in support of SACIM’s work.)
TOTAL $______
Name(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________
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Phone ______________________________________ Signature (1) __________________________________
Signature (2) __________________________________
Membership runs from 1st July to 30th June financial year. GST is included in the membership fees.
Please send completed form to: The SACIM Secretary, 222 Brandon Park Drive, Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150.
A receipt will be sent for all membership fees and donations. Thank You.
SACIM (Aust) is the proud recipient of a 2005 Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs