In 2011 - Atlanpole



In 2011 - Atlanpole
In 2011,
As the TECHNOPOLE for the “Nantes Atlantique”
economic basin and a lead facilitator and joint
facilitator for several clusters, ATLANPOLE helps to
maintain a truly dynamic innovation network around
the Pays de la Loire region’s pivotal urban area.
Atlanpole had
a major impact…
and accredited as a BUSINESS INCUBATOR by the French
Ministry of Research, Atlanpole fosters the emergence, creation
and development of innovative companies thanks to excellent
resources, a team of experienced professionals, an ability to pull in
external funding and a network of appropriate skills.
… on the local level
10 Atlanpole business breakfasts: 1029 attendees over the year.
23 joint workshops and training sessions coordinated by Atlanpole.
… on the regional and inter-regional levels
As a member of the French National Innovation Network (Retis),
the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN)
and the International Association of Science Parks (IASP),
ATLANPOLE has been awarded ISO 9001 v2000 certification for
each of its 3 core activities:
Château de la Chantrerie - BP 90702
44307 Nantes Cedex 3 - FRANCE
Tel. : 33 (0)2 40 25 13 13 - Fax : 33 (0)2 40 25 10 88
[email protected]
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LMY&R 2012.
• business support and skills networking
• project engineering for innovative individual
or collaborative activities
• territorial and inward investment marketing
These skills notably enable Atlanpole to provide operational and
customized support to the Pays de la Loire region’s various clusters.
“Atlantic pionnières”: a business start-up and mentoring program
for female entrepreneurs. 23 companies have been set up over
the last 3 years.
The Inov’Dia regional innovation day: organized by Laval Mayenne
Technopole, Oryon and Atlanpole.
Start West 2011: the 11th edition of this regional investment convention
(co-organized with the Nantes Atlantique Place Financière finance club,
the RETIS network of innovation centers and the Nantes Saint-Nazaire
Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
The Atlanpole Blue Cluster
106 members. Atlanpole serves as the Pays de la Loire region’s antenna for
the Mer Bretagne cluster. 3 Blue Cluster clubs. 1 Forum event. 19 members
present on the cluster’s booth at the Biomarine international business
convention on marine bioresources and renewable marine energies.
Key figures
Atlanpole Advanced Technologies
Atlanpole has helped the EMC2 electrical and mechanical engineering
cluster and the PGCE civil engineering cluster to set up and coordinate
innovation-focused collaborative projects.
Atlanpole Digital Innovation
Atlanpole is a board member at the Images et Réseaux cluster and acts
as the cluster’s antenna in the Pays de la Loire region. Atlanpole is a
board member at Atlantic 2.0, a partner of the Cantine numérique and
has also helped to structure the Ouest Numérique and Quartier de la
Création initiatives.
Major European projects led by Atlanpole
• TERM: 8 European regions have created a consortium to reinforce
their competitive advantages in tissue engineering and regenerative
medicine. 13 European partners.
• Biomat’in: innovation in the field of biomaterials, with 5 European clusters.
• Win Atlantic: international business development for innovative SMEs.
… and on the national
and international levels
The French government’s Investissements
d’avenir investment program
The Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster
172 members. 14 delegations to international trade shows or other
events. Business meetings with multinationals (sanofi aventis, Novo
Nordisk, Bayer, Novartis, LFB, etc.).
Atlanpole has been leading (or strongly involved in) several different
projects: the IHU University Hospital Institute, the Jules Verne
Institute of Technological Research, the Defi -µALG demonstrator
project, the SATT university technology transfer company, 3 Labex
projects and 1 Equipex project.
04/01/12 11:50
and higher
innovation support
technical centers and
competitiveness clusters
Business support and incubation
of innovative companies:
Since the 01/01/2011
66 19
research project engineering
support provided
to a total of
companies and start-ups projects in 2011
(including 35 incubated*)
projects reviewed
new projects
for assistance
(including 12 incubated)
new compagny start-ups projects
incubated* in the region including
12 by Atlanpole itself
4 by Angers Technopole
1 by Laval Mayenne Technopole
*projects linked to academic research, with specific funding from
the French Ministry of Research and the ERDF.
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raised in 2011
Electronics, computing, ICT
Biotechnologies, healthcare
(Mechanical engineering, Materials,
Naval technologies, Agrifood,
Innovation services)
new projects built
and accredited,
27,2 M €
obtained in 2011
Environment, energies
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