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Clientele is privileged to feature Shirley Jones and Pat Boone who celebrate
50 years of stardom this year! Now we shine the spotlight on and applaud these 2
special people who have constantly been on the “Top List” as celebrities who possess winning combinations of talent, kindness, vitality and youthfulness. Shirley
Jones and Pat Boone are indeed two very extraordinary people. They are the
embodiment of all that is right and wonderful about America, and the American
dream. We are proud to feature them in this issue of “Clientele” Magazine.
I receive so many testimonial letters, but none more exciting than the letter
from GuyRex (see sidebar). These two acclaimed beauty mavens are famed for
their ability to help so many women win the Miss USA Beauty Pageant. Oh by
the way, they call me “Princess Di” because they think I resemble her – a super
compliment for which I am grateful.
Also in this issue, we are introducing our ‘5 Simple Steps to More Beautiful
Skin.’ Our skin goes through so many changes in life, especially during this time
of year – but whether we’re facing cold, snowy days, dry heated rooms or a glaring
sun, Clientele is there to protect you and help give you youthful healthy skin.
While this harsh time of year can take a toll, you should concentrate on extra
care of your skin. Whether you use our replenishing Estro-Lift, our tightening and firming Elastology or our Clientele Beauty Basics – implementing our ‘Simple Steps to More
Beautiful Skin’ will help you achieve optimum results. Follow these 5 simple steps and
you can achieve the ultimate complexion!
The first important step in any skincare regimen! All other steps
will not produce optimum results without clean skin.
Exfoliate: Sloughing dead, aged skin cells exposes younger skin.
STEP 3 Nourish: Use our nourishing skincare products and take our multivitamin
formula. By nourishing your skin inside and out your chances of retaining more
youthful skin are increased.
Wear your Age Blocker SPF 25! A vitally important step in taking
care of your skin is protecting it from factors that can age and damage skin cells,
such as the sun, free radicals and environmental pollution. Most importantly, your
skin’s immune defenses will stay strong, which is important to your overall health
and longevity.
Every second your body is being depleted of
nutrients vital for good health of all organs, including your
skin. That’s why it’s so important to eat well and replenish
nutrients and elements vital to your skin.
Wishing you the best of health,
Patricia Riley
P.S. To receive more information or to inquire about a
Nordstrom store near you or my next appearance on QVC
call Clientele or visit our website:
1 800 33-CLIENTELE (1-800 332-5436)
Six Miss USA’s with the help of
GuyRex, five in a row from Texas.
Dear Pat, AKA Princess Di,
Guy and I along with all our
beauties would like to thank you and
Clientele for your products. What a
difference they have made in all our
lives. They make a person feel so
much better about themselves. In
working within our field of beauty,
we have recommended and found that
all our clients, young and old, have
benefited from using your products.
In our business everyone is, of
course, concerned about facial beauty. However, we teach “Be your Best
Self.” To be that best self, one needs
not only to look good but also to feel
good about their self. That’s the
secret to your products, feeling good.
It is wonderful to wake up in the
morning and not see a million wrinkles. Your method of facial care is
soothing and really works. It is wonderful to see the difference without
having to get stuck and punctured by
needles. Who needs the pain of
Botox®? With your care one can get
the same results and actually enjoy
the soothing application.
Now I know why we think you
look like Princess Di, it’s your youthful products! You know our nickname
is “The Kings of the Beauty Queens,”
so now I guess we are all royalty. At
least your products make a person
feel that way.
We all thank you for your great
inventions in facial care. Both of us,
Guy and Rex, say thank you. And all
our beauties, young and old, also
thank you.
Rex Holt
Richard Guy
GuyRex Organization, Inc.
Starkey Gala Photos by Michael Caufield
So the World May Hear
P a t R i l e y,
recently appeared
on TV in Germany and the
UK. The response
to Clientele was
and shows the
power of QVC
as an International Retailer.
QVC plans to air
live Clientele
shows with Pat
again in England
and Germany soon.
A y e a r a f t e r Pat received QVC’s
“Rising Star” Award at the Nomination
Awards Dinner for the naming of the new
winner occurred, Donald Trump filmed
live on QVC. Trump
sold 33,000 copies of
his new book How to
Think Like a Billionaire
at $15 during his short
airing on QVC. The
Men’s Team sold their
Pat Riley &
Grill with great sucDarlene Daggert,
cess, while Pamela
President of QVC
Day, the “Firee,”
sold over $50,000 “It Works”
sponges in just 10 minutes. An
Outstanding Success! Again, this is
proof positive of the overwhelming
consumer reach of QVC.
2004 Awards Gala honored international
musician/ composer/singer Sir Elton
John; actors Leslie Nielsen, Floyd
Red Crow-Westerman and talk show
host Sharon Osborne in St. Paul,
Minnesota recognizing their significant
contributions to humanity and helping
Bill & Tani Austin with
the world to hear.
Poster Child Matthew
“We believe strongly in doing our part
David Holmstrom
to make the world a better place, as do
this year’s honorees,” said Bill Austin,
Starkey Hearing Foundation Founder. “It
is magical to see children’s faces light up
when they hear again and that is just
what the Starkey Hearing Foundation
does – it makes magic.”
Since 2000 the Starkey Hearing
Marlee Maitlin
Leslie Nielsen
Foundation has provided more than
& Lorraine Bracco
& Deanna Lund
100,000 hearing aids to needy children
throughout the world.
T h a l i a n s B a l l 2 0 0 4 honoring
“Mr Wonderful” Red Buttons with an
Asian theme for the film Soyonara which
Red Buttons won an Oscar. The Thalians
Ball benefits mental health & research.
Sir Elton John
& Sharon Osborne
Astronaut Buzz
Aldrin & wife Lois
Jane Woosten Scott
& Red Buttons
JoAnne Worley
& Marilyn McCoo
Pat Riley &
Frances Allen
Phyllis Diller
& Thalians Ball
Chairman of the
Board, Ruta Lee
John Saxon
& Gloria Martel
Pat Riley &
Thalians Ball President,
Debbie Reynolds
Photo by Traude Winik
Thalians Ball Chairs,
Gary & Shelley Hahn
Celebrating at Spagos,
Clientele Woman, Carol
Connors’ Birthday.
Mara New &
Barbie Benton
Ron New
& Jack LaLane
Pat Riley & “The
Bachelor” Byron Velvick
Carol Connors &
Chairman Mitchell Cypress,
Seminole Indians of Florida
L to R: Pat Riley, Katie Linden,
Carol Connors, Mara New,
Annie Lehrer (hostess), Barbara
Lazaroff (co-owner Spagos),
Barbie Benton, Sheryl Post,
JoAnne Worley & Deanna Lund
Whoever first said, “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better,”
definitely had Shirley Jones and Pat Boone in mind!
Shirley and Pat co-starred in 1957
in the wonderful musical April Love.
Jones was just 23 when she rode the
Ferris Wheel with charming heartthrob Pat
Boone. Both
birthdays this
year and are
now 70 years
young. Shirley
celebrated her
big birthday
bash in March
when her
devoted husband, Marty
Ingels, threw
her a fabulous surprise party bringing
Shirley’s friends and family from across
the country to enjoy a charming yacht
ride from Marina
del Rey, California. Pat celebrated his birthday in
June, surrounded
by loving wife
Shirley (married
51 years), family
and friends. Both have raised incredibly talented children and are doting
grandparents. We are pleased that Pat
and Shirley attribute their marvelous
energy and youthful appearances to
decades of using
Clientele anti-aging
skincare and our
nutritional formulas.
Shirley has
enjoyed (and still
does) a remarkable
show business career
ever since graduating high school. She
headed straight for
New York and made her debut in the
Broadway production of Rogers and
Hammerstein’s South Pacific. She has
accomplished much, not only as a
beloved professional in her field, but as
a mother of four very successful boys.
Shirley and “first born son” Patrick
Cassidy appeared on Broadway this
year in the Tony Winning, long running revival, 42nd Street at the Ford
Center for Performing Arts. “It was
natural,” Mom says. “It felt very, very
easy,” Patrick
agrees. “We
really had a
fantastic time.”
The show
enjoyed rave
A veteran
of stage and
screen musicals,
Shirley first
came to public
attention for
her feature film
debut performance as Laurey Williams
in the big screen
Oklahoma! Her
other notable
film credits include the musicals Carousel,
April Love (with
Pat Boone),
Never Steal
Anything Small,
and The Music
Man, the family
classic The
Courtship of
Eddie’s Father,
and the drama
Elmer Gantry
(for which she
won an Oscar).
gave America
The Partridge
Family, the fiveyear hit on ABC
with Shirley as
the matriarchal
head of a madcap brood. The
show is being
recreated today! TV’s Mrs. Partridge
still wears that familiar short hair, now
beautiful silver. This popular actress/
singer has entertained and delighted us
for over 50 years, and still loves to act
and sing. Her itinerary is enough to
leave a 20 year old breathless, but at
70, she shows no signs of slowing
down and is as beautiful and talented
as ever!
Shirley says that she could not
keep up her hectic pace without the
Clientele Youth Elixir System. (Youth
Elixir is an easy-to-take effervescent tab
that creates a sparkling drink in water, and
provides nutrients and gentle HGH
enhancing amino acids.) She was so impressed with her personal results with
this anti-aging breakthrough, she wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the
same feeling of wellness and energy.
After personal appearances Shirley
states, “one of the most often asked
questions is, have you had a face lift?”
Shirley happily states “No, never! I
use Clientele skincare every day and
have for 19 years. In fact I am so
impressed with Clientele products,
that I have been a Spokesperson for
the past 14 years.”
Legend seems to be an overused
term these days. But the titles “movies
star,” “recording artist,” “best selling
author,” “Broadway headliner,” “television host,” and “entrepreneur” would
definitely qualify one as a legend! Pat
Boone is all this and more. In the years
immediately prior to the British invasion, only one performer rivaled the
chart dominance of Elvis Presley, and
that was Pat
Boone. With
his trademark
white buck
shoes, perfectly combed
hair and
smile, Pat
Boone was the
very essence
of wholesome
American values. Boone
had 60 hits on the US singles charts
during his career, six of which reached
number 1.
By 1957 Pat’s popularity had skyrocketed in movies and television,
appearing eventually in 15 films. He
started recording gospel music as early
as 1957, producing more than twenty
Christian albums over 40 years, several
with his lovely wife and children as
the Boone Family Singers.
He was inducted into the
Gospel Music Hall of Fame
on December 11, 2002,
for his amazing contributions to the world of
It was Pat who wrote
the words to the theme from Exodus.
Where does Pat get his wonderful
energy? Clientele’s sister company
MDR Fitness has been producing
exceptional nutritional formulas for
about 20 years. Pat has been using the
MDR Men’s Fitness Tabs formula for
about 16 years now, and feels that
Fitness Tabs keep him in top form for
two of his loves, golf and tennis. Pat
was so delighted with MDR, he
became a spokesperson 15 years ago,
and today he still enjoys telling the
world about MDR. He also loves the
Clientele Elastology Age
Blocker SPF 25 and
never plays golf or tennis
without it!
Pat and Shirley, good
friends for almost 50
years, forged another
bond in 2001 when Pat
asked her to do a good
deed. “Pat made me
aware that there was a
critical shortage of blood
in the hospitals, and he
gathered a group of us
together to go to UCLA and donate.”
Little did Shirley know how important
her donation would be to the Boone
family. “The next day Pat’s grandson,
Ryan, had a terrible fall and required
36 pints of blood. Apparently, we have the same
blood type and they used
my blood during his operation. I now really understand how giving blood is
truly the gift of life.”
Both Pat and Shirley
are first in line to work
graciously to uplift and improve the
lives of others by generously donating
their time and talent. Their work to
aid many organizations and charitable
efforts is worthy of our applause. These
generous stars are making a difference! The beauty and kindness of
their spirits surely helps keep them
so young!
Gentle Cleansing Bar
C h o o s e t h e O n e Fo r Yo u r S k i n Ty p e
Elastology® Lotus
R e n e w a l ™ Wa s h
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Refresh and revitalize your skin with the power
of Lotus Seed and natural alpha and beta
hydroxy acids. Reveal a younger-looking,
more radiant skin tone. Wash away impurities and excess oils while you gently
exfoliate aged surface cells. 8 fl. oz.
Includes Double Action Sponge.
Mild, gentle, vegetable based bar suds away
impurities for soft, clear and healthy looking
skin. Fragrance-free. 4 oz.
Normal-Oily Sulfur Bar
Normal-Dry Sensitive Skin
$16 plus S&H
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Blemish Free
F a c e Wa s h
Elastology® Gentle Soy
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Fo r N o r m a l S k i n
Leaves your skin clean, fresh, moist
and soft. Soy, Aloe and Vitamins A,
B5, D and E nourish skin.
Green Tea provides antioxidant protection from
free radicals. 8 fl. oz.
Includes Double Action
Fo r O i l y S k i n
Lathers away impurities and
pore-clogging oils. Formulated
to help clear skin and improve
texture. 8 fl. oz. Includes
Double Action Sponge.
$25 plus S&H
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see page 12)
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F a c i a l Wa s h
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F a c e Wa s h
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D o u b l e S i z e S p e c i a l Va l u e !
Extra gentle wash that
leaves your face clean,
moist and soft. 8 fl. oz.
Includes Double
Action Sponge.
Deep cleanse and refinish in one step.
Perfect for the shower. Thoroughly but
gently lifts away all surface impurities.
Rich in vitamins and botanicals. 16 fl. oz.
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$35 plus S&H
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Surface Refining Lotion
Helps remove aged surface cells and
excess oils. Refines pores and
improves skin texture. Invigorates
and refreshes skin. Skin looks radiant, healthy and younger. Use daily.
8 fl. oz.
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Elastology Thermal
Pumpkin Facial Scrub
I t ’ a Fa ce Wa s h & S c r u b i n O n e !
Give your skin a little extra TLC with our
Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub. Its wateractivated formula delivers an all-over warm
feeling while it gently exfoliates dry, dull
skin. Apply scrub, then massage
with included sponge to leave
skin smooth and soft. Use a few
times a week or daily if your
skin is oily. 3.8 oz.
Elastology® Revitalizing Facial
Boost the effects of your skincare with Antarticine from the
icy cold Arctic plus energizing ginseng, Japanese Green Tea
and South American coffee. In just five minutes you can
bring radiant beauty and softness to your skin. Feel the benefits: Moisture. Refreshing cold. Satin softness. Use daily.
Get 5-25 applications per box.
SPECIAL $19 plus S&H
Elastology® Builder
with Alpha Hydroxy
A triple gel hydrating complex that delivers exfoliating natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Antioxidant Vitamins and Plant
Extracts. With regular use, your
skin will appear softer, smoother,
firmer and younger looking. Use
2-3 times weekly. 1.1 oz.
$25 plus S&H
Elastology® Micro-Peel Facial
D o T h i s O n e We e k P ro ce d u re Ev e r y 3 M o n t h s
A Dermatologist’s office procedure you can do at
home! Make your skin look brand new! Slough
away aged skin cells and reveal fresher, youngerlooking skin with the help of the Micro-Peel
Facial. Progressive peels and
skin soothers combined promote a healthy, more radiant
complexion. Refines pores
and improves texture.
6 progressive peels, 6 new
cell nourishing skin soothers.
.05 fl. oz. each.
$49 plus S&H
$65 plus S&H
Estro-Lift® Skin
Lightening Gel Paks
Even your skin tone! Fade age spots! This new treatment lightens brown spots caused by sun exposure,
aging and hyperpigmentation. This lightweight, emollient gel is gentle for your face, neck and hands. Use it
regularly to help lighten skin discolorations.
Individual packets ensure
optimum freshness and
potency of each application.
30 paks, 0.16 oz. ea.
$52 plus S&H
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Moisture Concentrate
T h e O r i g i n a l O i l a n d Fa t - Fre e M o i s t u r i z e r
Pure and gentle moisturizer that softens
and smoothes skin, plumps tiny lines and
makes skin look more supple and radiant.
Daytime Moisture Concentrate is the same
great formula with an added SPF 6.
4 fl. oz.
Moisture Concentrate
Daytime w/SPF 6
$40 plus S&H
Activator Packets
Wa k e - U p G e l
Moisturize and Beautify!
Visibly softens age
lines and helps
stimulate cellular
renewal for a more
youthful complexion.
60 Packets
Ti re d , D ra b S k i n ?
Invigorate and wake up
your skin’s natural beauty. Green Tea, Coffee,
Ginseng and Vitamins
help bring new life to
your complexion.
Hydrates, beautifies and
prepares your skin for
the day. 1.8 fl. oz.
$50 plus S&H
Estro-Lift® Intensive Serum
$35 plus S&H
Fo r m u l a t e d f o r d r y s k i n
Especially formulated for mature skin to help
diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles with
phytoestrogens and a perfectly orchestrated
blend of youthifying ingredients including the collagen firming peptide
MATRIXYL. Increase
hydration by 22% in
10 minutes! 1 fl. oz.
$55 plus S&H
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Estro-Lift® Eye Elixir
Fo r m u l a t e d f o r d r y s k i n
The eyes have it! This dynamic
elixir helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
around the delicate eye area.
.5 fl. oz.
$55 plus S&H
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Tr e a t m e n t
Fo r Wi n t e r
Dry Skin
Helps firm skin’s surface and prevent premature
wrinkling. Use on areas showing the first signs of
aging and for dry skin use over moisturizer. 1.1 oz.
$35 plus S&H
Elastology® Age Blocker™
with SPF 25
Enhances and repairs as it protects
skin from photoaging and sun damage.
Moisturizes and beautifies skin with
10 antioxidants and elasticity builders.
Lightweight and oil- free.
Elastology® Lotus
Firming Serum
D ra m a t i ca l l y I n c re a s e Fa c i a l S k i n Fi r m n e ss
b y 3 4 % i n J u s t 3 We e k s !
Patented Sacred Lotus Seed Extract and
S.O.D.helps fight free radical damage.
Smoothes, rejuvenates and targets ageprone areas for younger looking skin.
2 fl. oz.
1.1 oz.
$75 plus S&H
(For Special Values see pages 12)
Face the Day Duo
$55 plus S&H
Combine our Face Primer
with our Perfect Coverage®
Liquid Makeup and you’ll
have the perfect finish to
“face the day beautifully.”
(For Special Value see page 12)
Perfect Coverage® Mineral Makeup
in a Compact
Use wet or dry. Covers like makeup, perfect for touchups! Oil-free formula contains titanium dioxide to
protect from photo-aging. .28 oz.
Very Light
Dark Tan
Very Light
$45 plus S&H
Estro-Lift® Day
Therapy SPF 25
Enriched with natural
phytoestrogens from Soy,
Estrokin™ and revitalizing
plant extracts to revitalize
and protect mature skin. 1 oz.
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Very Light
Dark Tan
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Elastology® Firming
Night Cream
Nourishing “All-in-One” skin
beautifier rich in elasticity
builders, moisturizers, antioxidants, vitamins and our
Sacred Lotus Seed Extract.
Helps tighten, firm and make
your skin look younger. 1.1 oz.
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Firming Night Cream
Oil-Free Cream
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Estro-Lift® Lotus
Restorative Cream
T h e a r t o f re s t o ra t i o n h a s n o w co m e t o s k i n ca re …
A revolutionary delivery system developed by
Swiss scientists combined with our revolutionary Estro-Lift ingredients can now help
restore your skin’s beauty. Just 1 minute after
applying you feel the benefits of this unique
cream. Its unique delivery system brings you
the Estro-Lift revitalizing complex in a way
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Reawaken the appearance of younger looking
skin with Estrokin, Soy, emollients and elements vital to young skin are all infused into
a moisturizing complex which helps replenish
lost moisture, relieves dryness, soothe and
soften the skin while diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Look younger!
Apply after cleansing,
before or after using
other Estro-Lift
Treatments. 1 oz.
SPECIAL $49.50
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Elastology® Firming
Neck Cream
Enjoy a smoother, firmer,
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neck and décolleté. Contains
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natural emollients, firming
plant extracts, antioxidants
and our patented Sacred Lotus
Seed Extract. 1.1 oz.
$50 plus S&H
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Estro-Lift® Hand & Nail Therapy
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Protect and replenish moisture in your hands, nails, elbows,
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vitamins and firming
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Take Charge of How You Age! Elastology’s 2-Part
Youth Elixir System ! The Science of Youth Elixir: If you
National Study Shows Major
Health & Youthful
Increased in Overall Energy
Better Exercise Endurance
Increased Flexibility
Increased Muscle Mass/Tone
Decrease in Body Fat
Resistance to Illness
Less Aches & Pains
Better Breathing/Lung Capacity
Better Healing of Wounds
Greater Emotional Stability
Improved Mental Energy/Clarity
Improved Memory
Improved Skin Elasticity
Improved Skin Texture
Wrinkle Disappearance
Nail Strength
New Hair Growth
National Study of Users reported wonderful
results after using Youth Elixir for over 2 months.
Time is a friend. The more you use it the better
the results appear to be. Individual results vary.
This dietary supplement is not intended to treat,
mitigate or prevent disease. Study: March 2004.
think you have no say in how you age, think again. Youth
Elixir helps support your body’s own Youth Hormone
(HGH), which dwindles with age. HGH is responsible
for maintaining the health and youthful functioning of
nearly every cell of the body. Elastology incorporates
this breakthrough discovery into a
2-Part “Youthifying” System…
PART ONE: Easy-to-Take Youth Elixir
Tabs effervesce in water, creating a delicious sparkling drink, which provides
nutrients and gentle HGH enhancing
amino acids.
PART TWO: Youth Elixir
Cream helps diminish the
appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles. Contains plant estrogens and vital enzymes to
nourish and protect skin.
Don’t leave your youth
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Be A Star!
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Therapy .25 oz., Neck Therapy .5 oz., Nighttime
Face Therapy .5 oz., Hand & Nail Therapy 1 oz.,
Intensive Serum .17 fl. oz. and Spatula.
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A l l A g e s . A l l S k i n Ty p e s .
Fo r G re a t e r E l a s t i c i t y.
5-Piece Elastology® Oil-Free
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Developed to beautify normal-oily skin. Blemish Free
Face Wash 8 fl. oz., Double Action Sponge, Acne
Blemish Roll-On .35 fl. oz., Oil-Free Firming Night
Cream 1.1 oz., plus Lotus Firming Serum 1 fl. oz. and
Oil-Free Age Blocker SPF 25 1.1 oz.
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5-Piece Elastology® Basic Skincare
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Cream .5 oz., Age Blocker SPF 25 1.1 oz., Firming
Night Cream 1.1 oz.
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E s t r o - L i f t ® W r i n k l e D e f e n s e Tr i o
Turn back the hands of time and smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the use of harsh
chemicals. Includes: Nourishing Oils 2 fl. oz., Anti-Wrinkle
Therapy with new line smoothing Argireline 1 fl. oz., and
Wrinkle Filler for instant results .5 oz.
$89 plus S&H $129 Value!
Estro-Lift ® Wrinkle Filler
.5 oz. #11370 $49 plus S&H
1 fl. oz. #11275 $60 plus S&H
Estro-Lift® Anti-Wrinkle Therapy
Preventive Age® Duo
E l a s t o l o g y ® S k i n Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n D u o
Dramatically renew the look of your complexion with
a microscopic skin peel that helps even skin tone, refine
pores and improve texture. Then nourish and
shield skin from the aging effects of free radicals with 25 advanced antioxidants,
Sacred Lotus Seed Extract and exclusive Poladerma.™ Skin Smoothing
Polish 2 fl. oz., Anti-Aging
Activator® Plus 1.7 fl. oz.
$59 plus S&H
$130 Value!
Matrix proteins are combined with our exclusive
Sacred Lotus Seed Extract in
our Fortifier to boost skin’s
firmness and increase hydration. The Anti-Aging
Activator moisturizes and
protects with 25 antioxidants to help prevent free
radical damage. Fortifier™
2 fl. oz., Anti-Aging
Activator® Plus 1.7 fl. oz.
$59 plus S&H
$130 Value!
Lip Perfection Kit
Lip Firming Serum .5 fl. oz., Lotus Vintage Rose
Anti-Aging Lipstick, Sun Kiss Lip Conditioner
w/SPF 15, Lip Defining Pencil and Silksation®
Lip Primer/Plumper .12 fl. oz.
$49 plus S&H
$89 Value!
Silksation® Lip Primer
$22.50 plus S&H
30 Second
Age Eraser® Combo
A Fa v o r i t e !
Rich, revitalizing treatment cream
designed for very dry, damaged, aged
areas. Extra lubricating formula restores a
more youthful look to the skin. Softens
appearance of lines and wrinkles in just
30 seconds! Perfect to use under eyes.
Includes: Wrinkle Treatment 1.1 oz.,
Treatment Conceal Compact .24 oz. ea.
Beautiful Eyes Collection
Mascara (Black) .12 oz., Lid
Lift® .12 fl. oz., Treatment Conceal
DuoWand (Neutral/ Tan) .24 oz. ea.,
Eye Make-Up Remover 2 fl. oz.
and Elastology® Firming
Eye Cream .5 oz.
$75 plus S&H
$59 plus S&H
Botox is a trademark of Allergan
$122 Value!
$105 Value!
Conceal Compact
1 oz. (NOT SHOWN)
$30 plus S&H
Stress Control
Daily Nutrient
Clientele’s All-Time Leading-Edge Daily AM/PM Nutrients
for wellness, energy & immune system protection.
• Exclusive AM/PM Doctor’s formulation of the finest vitamins, antioxidants and minerals available.
• Updated regularly. Now with: Coral Calcium, Lycopene, Grape Seed
(helps fight oxidative aging with antioxidants), Lutein (vision
protector), Green Tea (helps protect skin & body from photo-aging).
• Superior ingredients.
• Nourish your skin, hair and nails.
• 1000 mg. of Calcium for strong bones, plus Chromium to support
muscle tone.
• Feel and see the difference. Guaranteed Satisfaction.
7 5 % o f C l i e n t e l e ’s U s e r s R e p o r t :
More Energy and Better Health!
Younger Looking Skin and Stronger Nails!
More Lustrous Hair and Greater Well Being!
(Daily Nutrients & Bonus Stress Nutrients
with your 1st order)
AUTO-DELIVERY: Shipped fresh direct to you each month
for your convenience. Cancel anytime by calling toll free
BONUS: Your Last 2 Months Free (an Additional $70 Savings!)
PLUS a FREE Bottle of Stress Control Nutrients
As part of Clientele’s commitment to
bring you the most advanced and effective formulas with the finest ingredients, we have updated the Clientele
Stress Control Nutrients and made
them even more beneficial for your
health and longevity. The coating has
been reformulated to contain naturally
green Chlorophyll, an amazingly healthful nutrient, which has many functions
in the body, such as supporting immunity, circulation, digestion, urinary tract
and respiratory health. Chlorophyll is
also a powerful antioxidant and may
help protect the cells of your body
against free radical damage.
Plus we have added Copper and
Chromium, two minerals essential to
We have also increased levels of Alpha
and Beta Carotene to support immunity,
Lutein for eyes, Lycopene for a healthier
heart, Zeaxathin for breast. These newly
discovered carotenoids act as powerful
antioxidants that help reduce the oxidizing
of LDL cholesterol into dangerous artery
clogging plaque, which can compromise
cardiovascular health.
These changes in Stress Control
Nutrients make them more beneficial
for you and reflect Clientele’s continued
commitment to keeping you healthy,
from the inside out!
$350! plus S&H
$35! plus S&H
Single Payment
Billed Monthly
12 Shipments
Shipped Monthly
62 Tablets
(31 Day Supply)
$350 #Y31181
$35 #YOHS
$24 #34191 plus S&H
(save $106)
(save $70)
Stress Control Nutrients
Lotus Renewal Wash 8 fl. oz.
Gentle Cleansing Bar 4 oz. (Normal-Oily)
Gentle Cleansing Bar 4 oz. (Normal-Dry)
Gentle Soy Antioxidant Wash 8 fl. oz.
Blemish Free Face Wash 8 fl. oz.
Estro-Lift Facial Wash 8 fl. oz.
Original Face Wash 16 fl. oz.
Surface Refining Lotion 8 fl. oz. (40 Strength) 17112
Surface Refining Lotion 8 fl. oz. (60 Strength) 17111
Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub 3.8 oz.
Revitalizing Facial Five .5 oz. applications
Micro-Peel Facial 6 peels, 6 soothers, .05 fl. oz. ea. 16870
Builder with Alpha Hydroxy 1.1 oz.
Skin Lightening Gel Paks 30 paks
Moisture Concentrate 4 fl. oz.
Moisture Concentrate 4 fl. oz. (Daytime w/SPF 6) 19122
Anti-Aging Activator Packets 60 packets
Stimulating Wake-Up Gel 1.8 fl. oz.
Estro-Lift Intensive Serum 1 fl. oz.
Estro-Lift Eye Elixir .5 fl. oz.
Preventive Age Treatment 1.1 oz.
Lotus Firming Serum 2 fl. oz.
Age Blocker with SPF 25 1.1 oz.
Perfect Coverage® Compact
Very Light
.27 oz.
Dark Tan
Face the Day Duo
Very Light
(Primer/Perfect Coverage Liquid)
Estro-Lift Day Therapy 1 oz.
Firming Night Cream 1.1 oz.
Firming Night Cream 1.1 oz. (Oil-Free)
Firming Neck Cream 1 oz.
Estro-Lift Lotus Restorative Cream 1 oz.
Estro-Lift Hand & Nail Therapy 6 oz.
2-Part Youth Elixir System
Auto-Monthly Fresh Delivery Special
31200 $119.95
31200K $99.
Estro-Lift Complete Skincare Collection
Estro-Lift 7-Piece Skincare Starter Kit
5-Piece Elastology Basic Skincare
5-Piece Elastology Oil-Free Anti-Aging
Estro-Lift Wrinkle Defense Trio
Wrinkle Filler .5 oz.
Anti-Wrinkle Therapy 1 fl. oz.
Skin Transformation Duo
Preventive Age® Duo
Lip Perfection Kit
Silksation® Lip Primer/Plumper .12 fl. oz.
Beautiful Eyes Collection
30-Second Age Eraser® Combo
Treatment Conceal Compact
1 oz.
Daily Nutrient Supplements Single Shipment
Year of Health Auto-Delivery
Stress Control Nutrients (31 day supply)
23296 $129.
23296A $89.
15266 $129.
15266A $99.
17957 $129.
17957A $99.
Y31181 $350.
(If Subtotal is above $75)
One Gift Per Person
Shipping & Handling:
FOR PERSONAL SERVICE Call a Clientele Representative
ELAINE 800-327-4660
GAYLE 800-327-4660
GLORIA 800-327-4660
EXT. 5705
EXT. 5263
EXT. 5534
Account #:
Expiration Date:
Signature: Name:
Home Phone: (
Date of Birth:
Payment Method:
1.Check appropriate
box (s) and
complete order
2.Enclose check
or charge card
3.Fold and place
in envelope.
4.Address to:
Clientele /CM2004
14101 NW 4th St.,
Sunrise, FL 33325
$ 7.95
Florida Residents add
6% Sales Tax:
(If Subtotal is above $75)
Daytime Phone: (
Check Money Order
(Make Payable to Clientele Inc.)
1 800 332-5436
Be A Star!
Order Youth Elixir
Auto-Monthly Fresh
Delivery and Receive a
Bonus Silvertone Engraved
Star Key Ring FREE!
Enjoy a Beautiful Youthful Glow
with a Full-Size Instant Benefits™ Illuminator (a $50 Value)
plus a Travel Bag filled with our State-of-the-Art Anti-Aging Essentials
for Beautiful Skin. (Your FREE Gift with any $75 purchase.)
Item #17297
Lotus Renewal Wash (2 fl. oz.)
Firming Neck Cream (.5 oz.)
Anti-Aging Activator Plus (.5 fl. oz.)
Lotus Firming Serum (.5 fl. oz.)
Progressive Peel 1 & 2 (.05 fl. oz. each)
2 Skin Soothers (.05 fl. oz. each)
Age Blocker™ SPF 25 (.5 oz.)
Full-Size Instant Benefits™
14101 N.W. 4th Street Sunrise, FL 33325-6209
Mention Free Gift #17297
Illuminator (2 fl. oz.)
CALIFORNIA: Brea Escondido Horton Plaza Main Place/Santa Ana Montclair
Santa Anita South Bay Topanga FLORIDA: Boca Raton Coral Gables/Merrick Park
Orlando/Florida Mall NEW Dadeland/Miami Tampa/International Plaza
Wellington Green GEORGIA: Atlanta/Perimeter Mall
TEXAS: Austin/Barton Creek Square
Dallas/Galleria, Northeast Mall, Stonebriar Houston/Galleria
Call & Order
1 800-33-CLIENTELE (1-800-332-5436)
Or: Shop Online & Check out Special Offers
w w w. c l i e n t e l e b e a u t y.co m
© 2004 Clientele, Inc. All rights reserved. (50100069)

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