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Agencia de Noticias del Estado Mexicano
July 13, 2016
El Chepe, one of the
world’s great railroads
Chihuahua.- El Chepe, the nation’s only passenger
railroad and considered to be a masterpiece of
Mexican engineering, follows a spectacular route
between the northern states of Chihuahua and
Sinaloa, favored by tourists and local people, many
of them of the rarámuri indigenous community.
The name derives from the railroad’s initials, CHP
(Chihuahua-Pacific). The route remains an
incredible --at times daring-- feat of engineering,
passing through canyons, cliffs, rugged mountains,
forests and ravines.
The railroad carries 170,000 passengers a year, of
which 80,000 are local people, many of them poor,
and 90,000 tourists.
Marvel of engineering
Cooperation with Spain
in the arts
Two million jobs
Mexico City.- Mexico and Spain
agreed to strengthen their cultural ties
in several areas, promotion of reading
among them, with exhibitions and the
joint celebration of next year’s
centenary of the birth of the great
Mexican writer Juan Rulfo.
Toluca.- More than two million jobs --a
figure of historic dimensions-- have
been created during the present
government, said President Enrique
Peña Nieto.
The agreement was reached at a
recent meeting between the Arts
ministers of Mexico, Rafael Tovar y de
Teresa, and of Spain, José María
“This is good news for Mexico and we
must appreciate it and assess it,” the
president said at a meeting with
business and labor leaders during a
working visit to the State of Mexico.
The two also agreed to present the
exhibition “Mayas, the language of
beauty” next year in Madrid.
Mundo Maya comes to
Mexico City
Mexico City.- The music, cuisines, handicrafts and
tourism products of the Mundo Maya region of
southern Mexico and much of Central America will
be on show at Mexico City’s World Trade Center
from September 1 through 4. This will be the first
tourism fair organized by Mundo Maya.
Representatives of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala,
and El Salvador, will be present along with those of
the Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco,
Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo.
Homage to Amalia Hernández
Mexico City.- Mexico’s national folk-dance troupe,
the Ballet Folklórico, will pay homage to Amalia
Fernández on August 6, the first of a series of events
to mark next year’s centenary of the late
choreographer’s birth.
The troupe’s artistic director, Amalia Viviana Basanta
Hernández, said that the choreography “Danzón No.
2” will be presented on August 6.
Amalia Hernández founded the Ballet Folklórico in
Mexican leads New York avant
New York.- The Colectivodoszeta led by Mexican
choreographer Carlos Cruz Velázquez will take part
in the New York Festival Fringe, one of the
international showpiece events of the theatrical arts.
From August 15 to 24, the group will present its
“autoPHOBIA” show, a mix of contemporary and
experimental dance, performance and physical
Capital woos Canadian visitors
Mexican fiesta in Frankfurt
Guanajuato visits the Vatican
Vancouver.- Mexico City, which welcomed 52,000
Canadian visitors in the first four months of the year,
aims to match that figure with its “Mis raíces” (“My
Roots”) tourism program.
Berlin.- The Summer Festival of Frankfurt’s Goethe
University includes a Mexico Day that is expected to
draw some 10,000 visitors to its modern campus.
Vatican City.- The skill and color of the handicraft
works of Guanajuato arrived at the Vatican
Museums thanks to a show of 45 pieces of works in
ceramics, wood, silver and pottery.
On the West Coast of Canada, the Mexican capital is
promoting itself as the “tourism, cultural and
capital of Latin
Canada is the sixth leading place of origin of
international tourists who visit Mexico City, after the
United States, Colombia, Spain, Brazil and
The celebration forms part of the activities of the
Mexico-Germany Dual Year, Notimex told the
university’s rector, Birgitta Wolff.
The Mexican Day will feature mariachi music,
Mexican dancing, drinks and food. Two flights to
Mexico will be raffled.
The show is open to the public in July and August. It
includes works of 15 master artisans, including giant
vases, statues of skeletons and angels, stars and
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