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Scribner-Snyder Community Schools – 400 Pebble Street, Scribner, NE 68057 – April 1, 2015
EVERYTHING in this issue is about the
dress that confused everyone. We will
finally determine if the dress was black
and blue OR white and gold.
Issue VI
2 | April 1, 2015
The Trojan Times
Day! :P
Scribner-Snyder Community Schools – 400 Pebble Street, Scribner, NE 68057 – April 1, 2015
Mr. Meyer and
Mrs. Rangeloff
win the annual
FFA Penny War
Inside Issue VI:
In the Classroom —
Page 5
Activities —
Pages 8 & 9
Page 12 & 13
Creativity in Ms.
Silver's Room
FFA: Neon Night, FFA
Week, & BBQ Auction
Winter Sports Recap
in Pictures
School News
4 | April 1, 2015
The Trojan Times
Reaching for the Stars
with the new bleachers
“I think it was time to get
new bleachers because the
old ones were uncomfortable
Senior Editor and were rackety.,” sophomore Riley Meyer said. “It
This year, the school
was time for an upgrade.”
board of Scribner-Snyder
“We raised $38,000 by the
decided that our gymnasium
Reach for the Stars benefit
was in need of new bleachers.
that was held in November,
On March 7th, 2015,
and about $25,000 is being
over 60 volunteers helped
paid for the bleachers by
remove the old bleachthe school.” Mrs. Meyer said.
ers from the gym.
“The bleachers are red plastic,
The installers came
with a gray plastic foot area.”
on March 10, 2015 to inSeniors Damon
stall the new bleachers.
Risch, “The new bleachWhen asked why the
ers are nice looking.”
school decided we needed
The new bleachers are
new bleachers, Superina nice addition to the gymtendent Mrs. Ginger Meyer
nasium and improve the
said that the old bleachimage of our school, espeers had lived their usefulcially during home games.
ness, and there was a lot of
As senior Vincent
wear and tear. The original
Weeks said, “It is nice that
wooden bleachers were
these ones are automatic
installed in the 1960s.
and they look pristine.”
Students and faculty sit on the new bleachers during an assembly after lunch on Wednesday,
25, 2015.
The Trojan Times
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Staff Writers/Photographers
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Taylor Dewaele, Jesse Keltch, and Brooklyn
Garrett Batenhorst, Dallas Briggs, Brandon
French, Chauncey Homes, Micah Schut,
Layla Tranmer-Moses, and Ariana VersaceDuran
Kaylee Boyle, Joshua Dominguez, Skylar
Jacobsen, and Madison Smutz
Mr. David Stevens
Mr. Brad Stithem - Principal
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In The Classroom
The Trojan Times
April 1, 2015 | 5
Creativity in Ms.
Silver's room
Senior Editor
hat’s going on
second period
for seniors Kim Siebe, Jesse
Keltch, Brooklyn Thomas,
and Taylor Dewaele? ART!
The 4 students are currently working on gradient
camouflage modeled by using different color theories
such as; warm colors, cool
colors, monochromatic (one
color with multiple tints and
shades), analogous (colors
right next to each other),
primary (red, yellow, blue),
tri-add color (colors that are
evenly spaced around the
color wheel), split complimentary (base color, it uses
the two colors adjacent to its
complement), and secondary
(orange, purple, and green).
Kim’s painting is of a
horse—of which she is using
the gradient of blue to blueviolet to blue (cool colors).
The background of the paint-
Monochromatic painting of a dolphin. Artwork by senior Jesse
Monochromatic painting of
a frappe and iced coffee.
Artwork by freshmen Madison
Monochromatic painting of a
dog. Artwork by freshmen Joshua
ing is a gradient of blue to
blue-green to green. Kim has
stated that the color theory
she chose for the background resembles the sky and
the ground. “This project is
teaching me the technique
of painting gradients.”
Brooklyn’s painting is
of a French bulldog—using the monochromatic of
ultramarine blue for the
background. She plans to use
either orange or pink monochromatic for her bulldog.
Jesses’ paining is of a dolphin—using the monochromatic turquoise for the entire
painting. She outlined the
dolphin with the turquoise.
“I like dolphins. And the
color blue. And the monochromatic color scheme.”
Taylor’s painting is of
Stitch—using analogous
of red to red-violet to violet to blue violet to blue.
For the main character is
monochromatic of cobalt
blue. Taylor chose these
colors because they pop.
If you like color and
learning new things about
art, then join the class!
Monochromatic painting of a
Snicker’s candy bar. Artwork
by freshmen Caylee Schnell.
Analogous painting of a horse. Artwork by senior Kim Siebe.
Split complimentary, Honey Badger. Artwork by junior Austin
Monochromatic painting of a galloping horse. Artwork by freshmen Nicole Boyle.
In-Depth: Easter
6 | April 1, 2015
The Trojan Times
Scientists confirm bunnies lay
eggs, chocolate eggs (April Fools')
Staff Writer
ave you ever wondered why Peter
Cottontail, a bunny, brings
eggs to kids on Easter? Bunnies don’t lay eggs, so why
is it the Easter Bunny and
not the Easter Chicken?
The Easter Bunny originated from German Lutherans, but it was known as the
“Easter Hare” who originally
played the role of a judge.
The hare deciding whether
children were good or disobedient at the beginning
of the Eastertide season. If
the children were good, the
Easter Hare gave them treats,
like candy and Easter eggs.
The Easter Bunny is
sometimes depicted wearing clothes, and in legend
the creature carries colored
eggs in his basket of candy
and toys. Some compare the
Image from Google Images
Easter Bunny to Santa Claus
or Jesus Christ because they
both also bring gifts to children on the night before
their respective holidays.
The eggs that the Easter Bunny brings are also
a symbol originating from
ancient times. Christians
brought eggs into Easter
because eggs represent
new life and to show that
people can be reborn.
The art of giving eggs to
one another has been followed throughout the years,
dating all the way back to
the ancient Egyptians and
the ancient Greek/Romans.
Chocolate became an Easter favorite when this tradition came to the U.S. by German Protestant and French
immigrants who came to the
U.S. in the 18th century.
Chocolate also gained
popularity as an Easter
favorite because many
According to, 76% of Americans say that
bunnies should be eaten ears first, whereas only 4% believed
the tail should be eatern first. Image from
Catholics give it up for
Lent. When Lent finishes
on Easter morning, they are
finally able to each chocolate and other sweets.
Easter has many different traditions, some that
seem odd at first like a bunny
giving out decorated eggs.
Easter has not only
been in the U.S., but it is
a holiday that goes back
several centuries with
roots from several different cultures and religions.
Test the Teachers: How much money was
spent on Easter Candy last year? by Ariana Versace-Duran
̶ Mrs. Dostal ̶
̶ Mr. Dunklau ̶
̶ Mr. Hegemann ̶
̶ Ms. Siebler ̶
Not Enough.
500 million?
2 billion?
1 million?
ANSWER: $2.1 Billion dollars was spent!
The Trojan Times
April Fools' Day & Easter
April 1, 2015 | 7
Top left: Second graders made Easter
Top: Art work created by first graders.
Left: Art work created by kindergartners.
Photos taken by Micah Schut.
Trojan Talk: What is your favorite
April Fools' Prank? by Ariana Versace-Duran
“Putting Windex into
blue gatorade.”
‒ Skylar Jacobsen, 9
“Seran wrapping all the
teachers’ cars.”
‒ Kenton Ruppert, 10
“Replace the creme of
Oreos with toothpaste or
saran wrap over the toilet seats.”
‒ Kanani Mitchell, 11
“Buy glazed donuts and
a box saying ‘creme
filled inside.’ Then fill
the donuts with mayonnaise, put them in the
box, and leave it in the
teacher’s lounge.”
‒ Dallas Briggs, 12
8 | April 1, 2015
FFA Week, Neon Night and BBQ Auction
The Trojan Times
Mr. Meyer “won” the pie in the face for the FFA Week “Penny
War”. Photo by Kanani Mitchell.
Chauncey Homes won the Neon Night “most appropriately
dressed” award. The colors were very bright on Neon Night at
Scribner-Snyder! Photo by Skylar Jacobsen
Even the kids got the chance to win prizes at the FFA BBQ Auction. Both young and old were
able to enjoy this fun event! Photo by Daria Risch.
High school students got the chance drive their tractors to school for “Farm Equipment Day”. There were many controversies between “Red vs. Green” and
which brand of tractor is best. Photo by Mrs. Ryun.
The Trojan Times
Actvities: FFA Week
April 1, 2015 | 9
The high school was offered brownie sundaes courtesy of the
FFA Chapter. Brownie sundaes were a great way to end FFA
Week! Photo from Mrs. Ryun.
Sonny Lodl teaches the Fourth Graders about Agriculture. During FFA Week FFA members
teach elementary students about how agriculture affects their lives on a daily basis. Photo by
Dustin Hier.
Top: Mackenzy Schreck was one of the many face painters for FFA Week. FFA members painted the faces of the elementary students to give them a part in FFA Week Photo by Daria Risch.
Right: Ms. Andrews stands in front of her decorated Science Room. Her room was decorated
as a “Zombie Biohazard Zone”. Photo by Micah Schut.
10 | April 1, 2015
The Trojan Times
The internet cat sensation
Senior Editor
had fun once…
It was awful.”
Tardar Sauce, also known
as Grump Cat, has become a
massive internet sensation.
Owner, Tabitha Bundesen
says that her permanently
grumpy-looking face is due
to feline dwarfism and an
under bite. Feline dwarfism
is due to a genetic mutation
and symptoms may include
osteochondrodysplasia, a
genetic disorder of bone and
cartilage, noticeable short
legs. “Grumpy cat” was born
April 4th, 2012 in Morris-
town, Arizona; and has grown Grumpy Cat has been feato be an internet celebrity
tured on the front page of
due to her grumpy facial
“The Wall Street Journal” on
expressions. Tardar Sauce
May 30th, 2013 and also
got her name from Chrystal
on the cover of “New York”
Bundesen, Tabitha’s daughmagazine on October 7th,
ter, due to Tardar Sauce
2013. She has also appeared
starting off with whitish-oron Today, Good Morning
ange color that then turned
America, CBS Evening News,
black; Chrystal also wasn’t
Andersons Live, VH1’S Big
sure of how to spell tartar.
Morning Buzz Live, The
Bundesen’s brother
Soup, and American Idol.
posted a photo to Reddit.
You can buy shirts and
com on September 22, 2012.
posters with Grumpy Cats
It was made into an imface. Grumpy Cat Ltd., has
age with a caption [meme],
a value of $1 million.
with grumpy captions.
The lessons we have
July 14th, 2014, “The
learned about Grumpy
Official Grumpy Cat”
Cat includes, 1) invest in
on Facebook had over
cats, 2) be good with a cam6 million “likes”.
era with the cat, and 3) be
Believe it or not, Ms.
hilarious with the cat.
Double Trouble Ego
Grumpy cat’s opinion on #TheDress debacle. Photo from
by Ariana Versace-Duran
Ya’ll ain’t gonna fit!
The Trojan Times
April 1, 2015 | 11
Yik Yak(ety); don't post that
ing that they are too close
included, can figure who
to a school, and that Yik
posts what. The owners of
Yak is for adults only. Yik Yak actually work with
Unfortunately, this app
law enforcement to identify
Editor in Chief is being used to target and
people who make threats and
bully other people, which is
people have actually been
ik Yak, an app that
causing problems in schools.
arrested for what they post.
allows anonymous usPeople post very harsh and
Yik Yak could have been
ers to post basically whatever
rude things about other
a fun and completely inthey want, became a big hit
people on this app. Ironically, nocent app, if people folin late 2014. It was originally
lowed the rules and regulaintended for college students when a user downloads this
app, before they are allowed
tions. Few people’s actions
to vent about everyday life.
to post any Yaks, they are
ruined it for everyone else.
Unfortunately, it became
Remember, think twice
big with high school students asked to agree to the terms
before you post anything
too. Some high schoolers felt of use, which states that they
are not allowed to post other that can offend others.
like it gave them a chance
people’s personal informato complain about whatever
tion, or bully and target
they wanted, without beother “Yakkers” (users).
ing known. This app can be
“Yik Yak is inappropriate
downloaded on almost any
and should have never been
Apple or Android device.
made because people abuse
However, Yik Yak is init and use it the wrong way,”
tended for college students,
junior Brittany Hilliard said.
not high school students. If
Even though it is
a high school tries getting
“anonymous”, if people reon Yik Yak at school, a noally wanted to, authorities
tification will pop up say-
The Yik Yak logo is modeled
after yak. Yik Yak is dwindling on the high school level.
Image found on Google Images.
This is the message that appears when someone tries to
post something when they are
too close to a building. Image
found on Google Images.
Party for the internet-bullied man
Senior Editor
s we all know, bullying happens to many
people everywhere around
the world, which in my view,
is wrong, and should be
stopped. It can happen to
someone physically, or perhaps even on social media.
While dancing and simply having the time of his
life at a party, a London
man named Sean was “bodyshamed” because he was
too “fat” to be dancing. All
he was doing was dancing
and just having a great time.
What is wrong with that?
Then, a photo appeared
on Twitter with the cap-
tion reading, “Spotted this
specimen trying to dance
the other week. He stopped
when he saw us laughing.”
Once this began to reach
out, good things started
to happen towards Sean.
People began posting and
sharing tweets honoring
this “dancing man”. Twitter user @CassandraRules
tweeted, “Anyone know this
man or who posted this?
There’s a huge group of
ladies in LA who would like
to do something special.”
Now, thousands of
women who have Twitter plan to throw him an
epic dance party in LA.
Twitter user Cassandra
Fairbanks states that, “A
group of 2,000 strong, empowered and compassionate
women from Los Angeles are
on the lookout for this man.
They want to show him that
not everyone treats others
poorly and they want to find
him and DANCE. We have
access to the hottest venues
in Hollywood and would like
to fly him here, expenses
paid to dance the night away.
I wanted to do something
nice for him. I sent out a
tweet and spread like wildfire. Now we are keeping in
touch as me and my lady GNI,
plan an incredibly party.”
Interestingly, he was
found just under 48 hours,
thanks to the incredible
power of social media. Sean
gladly accepted his “dancing
party” offer by twitter users
worldwide. A fund-raising
page was set up for Sean’s big
trip to LA, which has already
raised over $24,000, which
This is a photo taken of Sean whom was body-shamed for
dancing at a concert. He is visibly upset when he realizes
people are laughing at him. Photo from Google images.
is past the goal of $20,000!
It is truly amazing how
the internet can be one of
the greatest things when
it comes to situations like
these. I love what these
women and other people
are doing this for this man.
He totally deserves another
night to dance his heart out!
12 | April 1, 2015
Winter Activities Recap in Pictures
The Trojan Times
2014 - 2015 E.H.C.Art Show
& Competition Results
1) "The Eye in the Sky" by Devon Risch 2) "Untitled" by Jesse Keltch
3) "Across the Universe" by Taylor Dewaele 4) "Untitled" by Corbin
Burger 5) "Untitled" by Austin Lampkin (All got 3rd place ribbons)
Photos by Dallas Briggs
The Trojan Times
State Wrestling & Dance Team
April 1, 2015 | 13
Senior Greg Peterson breaks down his opponent from Amherst.
Photo by Gage Herbert.
Junior Austin Lampkin body slams his opponent for two points.
Photo by Gage Herbert.
Senior Bailey Fletcher is about to pin his opponent for the win.
Photo by Gage Herbert.
Undefeated, senior Brandon French played good defence at state.
Photo by Gage Herbert.
The dance team and the elementary girls perform for parents’ night. Photo by
Skylar Jacobsen
Senior Kim Siebe poses with her young dance team. Photo by Skylar Jacobsen
14 | April 1, 2015
The Trojan Times
Back row from left to right: Gage Herbert, Jesse Schlecht, Ryan Schnoor, Bruce Schulenberg, Brittany Hilliard, Michael Broussard, Micah Schut, Makayla
Nemecek, Garrett Batenhorst, Jerica Baumert, Chauncey Homes, David Dunklau, Riley Meyer, Kaleb Fischer, and Sonny Lodl. Third row: Tanner Brown,
Brooklyn Thomas, Taylor Dewaele, Kersten Peters, Lindsay Peters, Haley Bundy, Megan Dostal, Joshua Dominquez, and John Baker. Second row: Angelica
Towey, Ronnie Litz, Daria Rish, Jamie Poppe, Sarah Robinson, Kanani Mitchell, MacKenzy Schreck, and Katie Svehla. Nicole Boyle, McKenzie Smeal, Kaylee
Boyle, and Brittney Utemark. And last but not least, Duke Smeal. Photo by Dustin Hier.
Top: Annie, Makayla Nemecek, sings with Sandy when she
escapes the orphanage. Photo by Dustin Hier.
Left: Bert Healy, played by Austin Weitzenkamp, has Warbucks and Annie on his radio show to broadcast the search for
Annie’s parents. Photo by Dustin Hier.
The Trojan Times
April 1, 2015 | 15
Above: Annie and Warbucks,
Makayla Nemecek and Micah
Schut, hug when he tells her
that he would like to adopt
her. Photo by Skylar Jacobsen
Right: The orphans listen to
Warbucks and Annie on the
radio. Photo by Madison Smutz.
Top Left: Kaylee Boyle, Daria Risch, Sarah Robinson, and Ronnie Litz pose for the camera
after their performance for the school. Photo by Dustin Hier.
Above: Annie, played by Makayla Nemecek, thinks about Christmas day when her “parents”
will pick her up. Photo by Madison Smutz.
Left: Lily St. Regis, Rooster Hannigan, and Miss Hannigan, played by Brittany Hilliard, Michael Broussard, and Kersten Peters, scheme to get $10,000 by tricking Oliver Warbucks. Photo
by Madison Smutz.
The Trojan Times
April 1, 2015 | 16
“I thought it was orange and
brown. It reminded me of a
‒ Kim Siebe, 12
“The dress would have looked
good on Zane.”
‒ Sarah Robinson, 12
Stop the Dress
by Brandon French