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Pacific Pride at
April 9, 2003
Steve Chang and Alisa Vang model
the Chinese Mongolian outfits.
Photo by Lenetta Huxley
Photo by Lenetta Huxley
Clovis Heiwa Taiko Group performs catching the rhythmic galloping of horses, and the
illustration of a dragon mirrored by the sticks and arm movements of the taiko drummers.
Photo by Keith Kountz
A student of John Cho’s
Kung-fu School, demonstrates
a sword fight at the Asian
American village.
Photo by Lenetta Huxley
On Wednesday, April 2,
Noy Sisomphon, Sokheng
Hien and Sreyna Chourn
entertain the audience
at celebration night for
Asian American week at
FCC’s Theatre.
Photo byKeith Kountz
Photo by Keith Kountz
XingQuan Chen, started practicing
calligraphy at the age of 9. He is now
74, and a master of his craft.
Top: Tony Phoeun and Ginger
Staley, a brother and sister duo,
perform the Lion Dance at FCC’s
Asian Cultural Village, on Sunday,
March 30th.
Left: Dr. Loretta Teng, left, models
one of the 11 Taiwan Tribes
costume alongside Somphone
Onmavong during the Asian
Fashion Show.
Photo by Lenetta Huxley
Velásquez shines in her first film
April 9, 2003
By Veronica Rodriguez
Rampage reporter
Young, 23-year-old Christian pop artist Jaci Velásquez proceeds with two projects. After 16 No. 1
top radio hits, 38 television appearances, being featured on 50 magazine covers, as well as performing
before President Bush and the first lady for National
Hispanic Heritage Month in October. Velásquez
presents her eighth album titled “Unspoken,” and will
also be starring in her first film titled “Chasing Papi”
which will be showing in theaters on April 16.
Velásquez was born in Houston, Texas on October
15, 1979. Her descent is Mexican, French and Spanish. She started playing piano at the age of five and
stepped on a stage for the first time at the age of 10.
In 1998, she signed with Sony Discos, a recording
company. One of the worlds leading Latin labels,
Sony has launched well-known pop artists, Jennifer
Lopez and Ricky Martin.
In the year 2000, during The Big Fresno Fair,
Velásquez was scheduled to perform, but it was
cancelled due to a storm. The following year, she
returned to The Big Fresno Fair for the third time,
with a different look. Her hair was cut to her face
and layered.
From her album “Unspoken,” under the Warner
Brothers/Word Entertainment label, a song titled
“The Real Me” portrays who she is. The song asks
“Can you face it, can you feel it, can you deal with
the real me.” Pushing through the pain of her parents’
divorce when she was 20, she still holds on a smile
trying to get through her own personal relationships
that left her hurt.
“These songs reveal things I’ve always felt, but
never had been able to come out and say.” How God
“heals us when we are broken,” Velásquez says in
her website.
In “Chasing Papi,” she plays the role of a girl
named Patricia, who is the heiress of a queen. “I’ve
always wanted to give acting a shot, so doing this
Special to the Rampage by www.chasingpapi.com
movie was really a dream come true,” Velásquez
says. The film is about three women who have been
dating the same guy without realizing it.
The film is directed by Linda Mendoza and consists of a lot of Hispanic talent. Other actors and actresses are Maria Conchita Alonso, astrologer Walter
Mercado, Carlos Ponce, Paul Rodriguez, Eduardo
Verastegui, Sofia Vergara and Roselyn Sanchez,
who will be in theaters with a total of three films at
the same time which are “Basic,” “Boat Trip,” and
“Chasing Papi.”
Jaci Velásquez is headed for great exposure into
the film industry. She has already demonstrated success in music, time will only say if she has succeded
in the film industry. There are few female Hispanic
artists who have been succesful in both music and
film, like Lopez and Alonso. This film will indeed
let the public know that there is a lot of talent.
Kumbia Kings are back Students show their talents
with production No. ‘4’
Special to the Rampage by www.jacivelasquez.com
The sizzling cumbia (a type of dance
popular among Hispanics) sensation band
from Corpus Christi, Texas, A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings are back after a
two-year break, with their recent production
titled “4.”
The album was titled “4” because it’s
their fourth release to the market under the
EMI Latin label. Their debut album “Amor,
Familia Y Respeto,”
(Love, Family And
Respect) was the test
material that proved
they were loyal to the
kings of cumbia.
On this 14-track album, they were able to
Luis Quezada
collaborate with other Entertainment editor
artists like the MexiMusic review
can singer/songwriter
legend Juan Gabriel.
“No Tengo Dinero,” (I Don’t Have Money)
Juan Gabriel’s composition, becomes a hit
for the second time, but this time with a
mixture of romanticism, cumbia, featuring
El Gran Silencio, who adds a touch of rock
en español.
“Insomnio,” (Insomnia) “Llévame Al Cielo,” (Take Me To The Sky) featuring Aleks
Syntek, another Mexican singer/songwriter
and “Mi Gente,” (My People) featuring
Ozomatli are songs with a lot of rhythm and
beat that will make you jump out of your seat
to start to dance. These songs are guaranteed
to become hits.
A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings
have been placed as No. 1 in Billboard charts
for their most recent release. Their music has
passed borders reaching millions of people in
Artist: A.B. Quintanilla III presents Kumbia Kings
Album: “4”
Website: www.lk255.com
Rating: ✮✮✮✮
other countries throughout Latin America.
Other artists who participated were guitarist Chris Perez and Limi-T 21 who offer
a version of “No Tengo Dinero,” with their
traditional merengue dance style.
This album should become part of any
disc jockey’s collection, if they want to
bring fun and excitement to any party.
With A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia
Kings in charge of cumbia music, nothing
can go wrong. Their musical quality is only
expected to get better.
In the CD there is a text message oriented to their fans: “We promise you that
you will not be left disappointed.”
Photo by Lenetta Huxley
City Singers students sing together with the student jazz band accompanying them in the
Fresno City College Theatre for the Jazz Festival on March 28.
By Luis Quezada
Entertainment editor
The Fresno City College Jazz Festival
united student instrumental and vocal
performances in the College Theatre on
March 27 and 28.
The music department conducted a
performance with FCC music instrumental
students coordinating local high school
students on March 27. High school students from through the Valley gathered to
perform together at FCC.
The following day, both instrumental
and vocal music students combined their
talents into one concert. Students performed solo pieces. The jazz band played
an instrumental piece called “Sing, Sing,
Sing,” to which the vocal students later
added their voices.
The performance lasted about an hour,
allowing all 18 students to get exposure.
The lineup of the singers was unique — all
females were in the front row and all males
were in the back row.
Julie Barron, a music instructor, introduced all of the performers within the
performance. Barron also coordinated the
FCC is also scheduled to present High
School Drama Festival, an all-day event that
will take place on April 9.
It is expected to be similar to the Jazz
Festival. The difference will be that students
will participate by showing their acting
These type of programs give students a
sample of what types of musical oriented
courses FCC has to offer. Potential aspiring muscians may want to consider taking
courses related to these. After graduating
high school they can possibly start a hobby
they have always wanted to dip into or even
consider making a career out of it.
For more information on the FCC High
School Drama Festival on April 9, contact
the FCC Theatre Box Office 442-8221.
April 9, 2003
Strange Campus
Fun & Games
by Zon Petilla
City Life
by Jesse Garcia
Win a Free Popcorn from the FCC Bookstore
Complete the Crossword and Win Free PopBring your completed entry to the Rampage, located in Room SC-211,
above the Bookstore, and give it to Jen Langworthy, with your name and
a contact phone number. We will draw 10 names from the correct entries
and winners will be announced in next issue. Rampage staff members are
not allowed to participate in the promotion.
25. For_____
1. The guy that makes the
4. Upward slope
1. Attachment of fake hair
8. Questioned
2. Two piece bathing suit
9. Clothing; halfway
3. Unruly
between pants and shorts 5. Trinket
10. Knitting material
6. Portable computer
11. _____ tea
7. German for “no”
15. Playing card
12. Head of a major company
representing one
13. Absence of clouds
16. To give
14. How we choose our leaders
19. Schedule
17. End, be done with
21. To view
18. Need, to have as a requisite
22. Bright, yellow ball in
20. Lingering for some time
the sky
22. Breech of God’s law
23. How metal gets after a
23. Short guy with glasses on
long time
24. What you shouldn’t do
is sponsored by the FCC bookstore
By Theresa Carr
ARIES — You have an extraordinary zest for life
in April. This week can
be an emotional time,
especially if you insist
on bringing up a touchy issue from
the past. There’s really no reason
to dwell on things that you cannot
TAURUS — There’s
a lot on your plate as
April begins, but you
have every intention of
finishing it all. This week is a busy
time in your social life, but you
shouldn’t have any trouble making conversation with strangers or
breaking the ice with a blind date
during this time frame.
GEMINI — Financial
security is important to
you, so you may put a lot
of extra effort into your
career these days. A safe and loving
home life is desired by most Geminis, even though you are known for
craving variety most of the time.
You value a partner you can trust,
and you go to great lengths to make
sure that your best friend, family or
spouse is happy.
have definite ideas about
what you want to do and
how you want to do it,
which can be either a good or bad
thing depending on the way you go
about it. Try not to be overly argumentative Although you might feel
stubborn, you’ll get much further
by considering a fair compromise.
Creativity comes naturally to you,
so if you are interested in taking an
art class or finishing up an artistic
project you’ve already started, this
is the time to do it.
buy you more mistakes than you
can afford to make. Go
about your business as
deliberately as possible,
taking time to notice the
details and waiting patiently for the
critiques to come in before moving
on to your next project.
VIRGO — You have a lot to
say, which is why you
don’t take too kindly to
being interrupted. Speak
quick-ly when you’re in
a group setting so that you can get
out every word, but be sure to pause
long enough afterward to make sure
everyone understood what you had
to say. You may feel vulnerable,
especially when it comes to matters
of the heart.
LIBRA — Enjoy what life has
to offer by being spontaneous and enthusiastic
about every opportunity
that comes your way.
You can expect your friends to be
happy for you and your competitors
to be jealous. You might not like
the uncertainty that not being on a
rigid schedule brings this week, but
you should be able to handle unexpected events by keeping a level
head and thinking things through
before you act.
SCORPIO — It doesn’t matter
that your ‘to-do’ list is
a mile long, because
working hard doesn’t
faze you in the least.
Although you don’t normally like to
gossip, you might overhear a tidbit
about a friend or neighbor that’s
just too juicy to keep to yourself.
Be careful about spilling the beans,
especially if you believe in the concept of karma.
Sagittarius — Change
is in the air and you’re
more than ready to embrace it. You should have
extra energy, making
these perfect days to get up early
or stay up late in order to put the
wheels of your next big project in
motion. Your versatility makes it
easy for you to mix with a diverse
group of people.
Capricorn — Wasting time
isn’t part of your game
plan. You’re focused and
confident, but don’t be
too stubborn about getting
your way. If you take everyone’s
suggestions into consideration
before making your final decision,
then you won’t have to secondguess yourself after the fact. You
get a dose of creativity, so don’t let
it go to waste.
Aquarius — Moving too
quickly could do you
more harm than good.
Think before you act to
avoid getting yourself
into trouble that might not be so
easy to get out of. It’s your prerogative to change your mind, but before
you do, you might want to think
about your reputation.
Pisces — You can be a bit
quick-tempered if you
don’t get your way, but
bullying the people who
can give you what you
want isn’t a very good way to go
about it. People will be much more
willing to help you if you can show
them that you’re patient and willing
to make a compromise if necessary.
Boredom sets in easily, so see what
you can do to shake up your regular
Tyrese’s album
makes you want to
Tyrese is back, and he wants to
know “How You Gonna Act Like
This album is for lovers. Most
of the songs are
slow love-making songs.
Jermaine Dupree is featured
on one of the
songs titled “Girl
I C a n ’t H e l p
It.” The song is Vetta Evans
Rampage reporter
The best song
is this album
would definitely
have to be “Signs Of Love Makin’.” Tyrese is representing for the
Capricorns, and giving it up for the
rest of the Zodiac signs.
Let’s not forget “ On Top Of
Me.” This is a song you want to
play to get in the mood with your
significant other.
This album has so many good
songs on it. I’m glad I won it from
B-95. But if I had paid for it, my
money would have been well
Artist: Tyrese
Album: “I Wanna Go There”
Website: www.tyrese.com
Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮
All you have to do is put the CD
on No. 1 and let it play. If you’re
listening to this hot new comeback
album from Tyrese with your partner, it just might get a little hot in
there, so take your time and proceed
with caution — Tyrese is guaranteed to make it happen.
Jack stretches your dollars
Jack In The
Box is crackin’ on
Friday and Saturday nights. The
24-hour drivethru is packed
with hot-ties, and
cuties, all coming
from the clubs. Rampage reporter
After clubbing,
nothing sounds
better than grubbing.
The hottest spot is the Jack in
the Box located on Blackstone
Avenue near FCC. What makes this
restaurant stand out? The food. It’s
hot and freshly made.
They have the best seasoned
curly fries, and the Jumbo Jack
fills you up like no other burger. If
you’re low on dough, check out the
dollar items.
Jack In The Box is also well
known for bomb milk shakes. Try
the banana-strawberry, mint or
chocolate shakes ­— they’re killer!
Haven’t had Jack In the Box
April 9, 2003
April 9, 2003
Brady Anderson
has nothing on me
o you want to know what
a journalism conference is
Too bad, I’m going to tell you
At these conferences there are
workshops, contests, dances, casino nights and
good times.
Because this
is supposed
to be a sports
column we’ll
give it a sports
Josh Butters
First is the
Sports editor
drive to the
hotel that’s in
Two vans, lots of Rampage
students and trash bags filled with
unnecessary luggage. It was more
cramped than being in a small
closet with Butterbean.
Then there is the smell through
the farmland. The stench of
manure as you take a trip that’s
longer than a Mark McGwire
homerun on the moon. Due to
the lack of air you gasp for air
through the crack of the window
in the back.
As you take a break at a rest
stop, you realize that there are
flies swarming around the trashcans like obsessed Derek Jeter
fans around the Yankee shortstop.
Overpriced concessions like at a
baseball game.
And then you arrive.
Your wait to check into the
hotel is longer than the time the
Chicago Cubs will have waited to
win the World Series… and then
In the room you can play
“Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4” on
Playstation at almost the same
price it would take to pay him
to hold a demo at your birthday
Then the workshops begin.
Some are as empty as the
Cleveland Cavaliers’ home
games. Some are hidden treasures. There’s something for all.
Then come the competitions.
For the sports writing competition, writers were jammed into
a bus and taken to a Sacramento
Rivercats game. We were treated
to all-you-can-eat tri-tip, barbequed chicken, hot dogs, chili,
ice cream and soda. Others still
at the hotel not in the competition
enjoyed half-cooked hamburgers.
I swear it was 25 degrees
below zero before wind chill
factor in the stadium. There were
icicles hanging from Dinger’s
(Sacramento’s mascot) whiskers.
The guy in the suit had to be the
warmest person in the stadium.
Starring for the other team
was Brady Anderson, former star
of the Baltimore Orioles. His
career had gone farther south than
the Expos go for home games.
Anderson went 0 for 3 with 2 K’s.
Dinger could have done better
using his tail like a bat.
On the last day are the on-thespot awards. As the Rampage
wins more awards than we can
carry, the crowd goes wild; you
can hear the roar of the thunderstix (some freak brought them
over from the Rivercats game).
As I win my first-place award
for page design for a tabloid-size
newspaper, I raise my hands like
I’m a referee signaling touchdown. I almost spiked my plaque.
On our way back, in the
middle of the night, we are all
falling asleep like spectators at a
bowling tournament.
Infuriated with winning only
one award, I then realize, my average is better than Anderson’s.
Track and field teams Women’s R
compete in Relays
COS wins men’s division, while
Modesto wins in the women’s
By Josh Butters
Sports editor
The Fresno City College men’s and women’s
track and field teams
competed in the
Fresno Relays
April 4 at Ratcliffe Stadium, both
fourth in
their respective
I n
t h e
wome n ’s
won the
3 , 0 0 0
meter steeplechase
with a time
of 13:44.3,
while Marcelite Colbert
came in second overall
in the 200 meter
dash (28.89).
Karen Hansen placed third in
the 800 meter run with a time of
Kristin Mondientz finished
fourth in the long jump, leaping
15’ 8.5”.
On the men’s side, freshman Peter Briones won the 400 meter dash
(49.9) and sophomore Johnathon
Holland placed fourth in the 100
meter dash (11.15).
In the men’s high jump, Ryenn
Austin-Brown cleared 5’ 10”, good
enough to tie for fourth.
FCC’s Nathan Wilson placed
third in the triple jump (42’ 6.25”)
and Austin-Brown placed sixth
(39’ 11”).
In the women’s field Modesto
won with 79 points, followed by
College of the Sequoias (64),
Contra Costa (57), Fresno
(50) and American
River (49.5).
Sequoias won
in the men’s field,
scoring 71 points.
Rounding up the
top five were
Contra Costa
(69), American River
(63), Fresno (52.5)
Photo by
and HartKeith Kountz
n e l l
will travel to
Walnut April 11
to compete in the
Mt. San Antonio College invitational.
team seeks
By Josh Hires
Rampage reporter
Arguably the most obscure team
on campus, the Fresno City College
women’s badminton squad is hop-t
ing that
that will Regular season
c h a n g e badminton schedule L
t h i s Apr 22 @ CCSF 1 P.M. f
Apr 24 DeAnza 3 P.M.
season. Apr 28 Skyline 3 P.M. t
With the May 1 @ Skyline3 P.M. b
lead of
Head Coach Carol Kadingo and a
record of 2-0, the team is well on
its way.
The Rams are led by high schoolg
standouts Ratsamy Somphabmixay
and Sameon Rom, FCC’s No. 1 ands
2 players respectively.
However, the team includes top
players from Sunnyside, Sierra, andd
McLane high schools, adding to thes
team’s depth as well.
Despite this advantage, the teamt
is facing its toughest challenge thist
week when it faces DeAnza College
April 8 at 1:00 P.M. in Cupertino. s
“[DeAnza is] one of the tough-t
est teams in the league,” Kadingo1
Adding to the pressure is the
travel involved. Kadingo also addedb
that the noticeable absence of homes
matches, and a lack of home gamet
fans as factors in this season’sl
schedule as posing a challenge for
the Rams.
“Most people are not aware
that badminton is played as a college sport at Fresno City,” said
“We would like to see more
people at our home matches for
With only eight games this
season, FCC is definitely betting
that there strength will lie in team
play while at the same time hoping
that fans will show there support
by coming to see the matches as
Rams win 21st
conference title
in 22 years
By Pete Benevides
Contributing writer
The Fresno City College men’s
tennis team is once again Central
Valley Conference champions.
Led by first year coach Steve
Loop, the Rams have gone undefeated in league play and worked
there way to a No. 2 state ranking,
behind No. 1 ranked College of
the Desert.
Loop is very proud of his team.
“They’re a great group of kids
who work hard and have given their
greatest effort,” said Loop.
Earlier in the season, Loop had
stressed how he would like for his
team to stay injury-free.
“We had a few minor dings
during the season but nothing to
serious, we’ve had a variety of different line-up’s but the ladder of
the roster has pretty much stayed
the same,” said Loop.
The Rams battled through adversity with tough losses to College of
the Desert and Grossmont, the No.
1 and No. 3 ranked teams respectively in the state.
“Overall our depth has been our
biggest strength. The players are
super competitive and the biggest
thing I’ve seen has been the guys
learning to win,” said Loop.
Remaining Tennis
April 8
April 24-27
April 30
May 1-3
May 8
May 9-10
April 10-12
April 22
April 24-27
April 30
May 1-3
May 8
Dual Team Playoffs
Ojai Tournament
Dual Team Finals
NorCal Tournament
State Finals
State Tournament
CVC Tournament
NorCal Semifinal
Ojai Tournament
NorCal Finals
NorCal Tournament
State Finals
Next up for the Men’s tennis
team is a trip to Modesto for the
CVC tournament.
Each team will have their top
six players and top three doubles
teams compete.
“We hope to do really well and
also stay injury-free in the tournament as well,” said Loop.
Overall the Men’s tennis have
gone out and accomplished what
they wanted to do, winning its 21st
conference title in 22 years.
Loop and his team have much to
be proud of and it all started back
in the beginning of the season with
a goal, determination, team effort
and a willingness to win.
2003 Rams
Football Schedule
Sept. 6
Sept. 13
Sept. 20
Sept. 27
Oct. 4
Oct. 18
Oct. 25
Nov. 1
Nov. 8
Nov. 15
@ Sacramento City College
@ Butte College
@ Foothill College
San Joaquin Delta College
@ Diablo Valley College
West Hills College
@ College of the Sequoias
Modesto Junior College* Merced College
@ Reedley College
7:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
April 9, 2003
FCC’s Alex
Rams knock off COS 6-1
April 9, 2003
Opie LaBreck throws onehitter while striking out 12
LaBreck improved to 8-1 on the season,
out the side in the 7th and 9th inSports editor
The Fresno City College baseball team
Sequoia’s lone hit came in the top of the
was able to avenge its first conference loss of first inning when COS’s Kevin Perry doubled
the year by defeating College of the Sequoias off a fastball.
6-1 April 5 at John Euless Ballpark.
Perry would later score on a Rams throwFCC freshman pitcher Opie LaBreck ing error.
went the distance, allowing only one hit and
FCC improved to 26-5, 14-2 in Central
striking out 12.
Valley Conference play while COS dropped
to 14-15-1, 8-8 in conference.
FCC Baseball Remaining Schedule
The Rams lost to
Apr. 10 Porterville College
2:30 P.M.
Giants back on
Apr. 12
@ Modesto Junior College
1 P.M.
10 8-6 in an
Apr. 15-17 Allan Hancock Easter Tourn.
affair where
Apr. 24
Reedley College
2:30 P.M.
Apr. 26
of the
Apr. 29
May 1
May 9-11
FCC hosts the PiMay 16-18 Super Regionasl
of Porterville
May 24-26 State Championships in Fresno
April 10 at 2:30 P.M.
By Josh Butters
Photos by Wendy Alexander- Special to the Rampage
(Top) FCC’s Adam Matcham stretches out for the ball and an out in the Rams game
against the Giants. (Above) Leonard Davis crosses homeplate after his homerun.