Spring 2011 Unstoppable Newsletter



Spring 2011 Unstoppable Newsletter
USF President Genshaft,
Steven Greenbaum Donate
$1M for Study Abroad
By Vickie Chachere
becoming an essential part of students’
education if they are to be competitive and
successful in a global economy, the President
noted. Passport scholarships will allow
students to have this opportunity for a few
weeks, a summer, a semester or even longer.
The President said students will be
selected based on the educational opportunity
they are pursuing and its potential to fulfill
their educational goals, rather than just on
traditional scholarship criteria such as grade
point average.
While other travel scholarship programs
are available at USF, many have strict
criteria on specific majors. The Genshaft/
Greenbaum Scholarship will be available to
all undergraduate and graduate students in
the USF System who want to participate in
Passport Scholarships to
Open New Educational Doors
for USF System Students
the state of Florida through the University
Major Gifts Challenge Grant Program,
sanctioned education programs abroad.
Last year, 574 USF students were studying
creating a total endowment of $1.75
abroad, a 25 percent increase over the
previous year. The Education Abroad Office
USF System President Judy Genshaft
“From the beginning of my tenure at
and her husband, Steven Greenbaum are
USF, Steve and I have dreamed that every
approximately 20 countries. Nationally, study
creating an endowment of $1 million
student would have an opportunity to
abroad participation has been on an upward
dedicated to the financial support of
travel abroad,” said Genshaft. “With this
trajectory for more than two decades.
USF students who want to study abroad.
fund, we want to ensure that students with
The gift will create the new Genshaft/
important, innovative ideas can fulfill their
travel is an essential part of a student’s
Greenbaum Passport Scholars Fund.
goals of pursuing scholarship and research
education. When they travel, they learn about
around the globe.”
other cultures, they learn understanding and
The Genshaft/Greenbaum gift of $1
million is eligible for matching funds from
International travel is increasingly
administered 30 faculty-led programs in
“We strongly believe that international
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Spring 2011 CAMPAIGN NEWSLETTER Vol. 3 No. 1
“I’m delighted with the progress being made at USF and am pleased to help
facilitate the continuing development of the College of Business. I trust my
gift to the Student Managed Investment Fund will better prepare USF’s
graduates for successful careers in finance.”
– Brad A. Bernstein, Partner, SE Capital LLC, Chicago, Illinois
From Brad A. Bernstein,
Partner, SE Capital LLC
Alumni and Friends,
In 1984, I graduated from USF’s College
of Business with a degree in finance. The
education I received at USF provided me
with a solid academic base necessary to start
a career in corporate finance and investment
banking. In the years since my graduation,
USF has enjoyed a surging national
reputation resulting from progressive
leadership and significant improvements to
the university’s academic programs. Under
the direction of Dean Forsythe, the College
of Business in particular has made great
I’m delighted with the progress being
made at USF and am pleased to help
facilitate the continuing development of
the College of Business. I trust my gift to
the Student Managed Investment Fund will
better prepare USF’s graduates for successful
careers in finance.
The Fund, administered through the
USF Foundation, gives a select group of
students the ability to invest real money in
real-time situations. As part of an applied
securities analysis course, the program
allows these students to learn first-hand the
pressures that investment professionals deal
with every day.
Through this gift, I’m doing what I
can to ensure that both my college and its
students are unstoppable. I hope you will
join me in supporting your college or school
in a similar fashion. Working together, we
will make the USF System unstoppable.
Brad A. Bernstein
Partner, SE Capital LLC
Chicago, Illinois
USF President Genshaft, Steven Greenbaum
Donate $1M for Study Abroad (continued from Page 1)
they learn how to care for one another,” the
commitment to the USF System and the
President said. “It is an experience students
USF: Unstoppable Campaign. I know their
never forget.”
generosity will serve as an inspiration to
“Why this program?” Greenbaum added.
“We believe in education and we also believe
everyone in the Tampa Bay region.”
This gift is part of a larger pattern
that travel can expand your horizons. As
of giving by Genshaft and Greenbaum.
parents we have made a point of travelling
Past giving has focused on the Genshaft
with our sons from the time they were very
Fellowship for Graduate Students and
young, to expose them to different people
numerous programs throughout the
and different cultures.”
Increasingly, employers are looking for
“Like so many other faculty and staff
new graduates to have overseas travel on
in the USF System, President Genshaft
their resumes and a broad understanding
has consistently supported the institutions
of global issues. For USF students to be
we cherish,” said USF Foundation CEO
properly prepared for the workforce, they
Joel Momberg. “We are grateful for the
must have experienced different cultures and
generosity shown by Judy and Steve. This
traditions, the President added.
remarkable gift cements an extraordinary
USF Foundation and USF: Unstoppable
Campaign Chairman Les Muma said
legacy for them both at USF.”
The USF: Unstoppable Campaign is a
President Genshaft’s gift is indicative of her
comprehensive fundraising effort by the
leadership style and her love for the USF
University of South Florida System to
celebrate the energy, vision and future of one
“President Genshaft has once again
of the country’s most exciting and engaged
led by example,” said Muma. “True
universities. To date, the campaign has raised
leadership requires action, and this gift from
more than $400 million toward a $600
Judy and Steve signals their continuing
million goal.
“From the beginning of my tenure at USF, Steve and I have dreamed that
every student would have an opportunity to travel abroad. With this fund,
we want to ensure that students with important, innovative ideas can fulfill
their goals of pursuing scholarship and research around the globe.”
— USF President Judy Genshaft
Helios Foundation Gift to USF Polytechnic Making
a Difference in Early Childhood Education
“When you put a face on the issue and
get out of the ivory tower, that’s when you
can really make a difference,” says Dr. Smita
Thanks to the Helios Education
Foundation and the Redlands Christian
Migrant Association (RCMA), Mathur now
has a $1.2 million budget with which to make
a difference in early childhood education
in Florida’s migrant and low income
An assistant professor in the Division
of Education at the University of South
Florida Polytechnic, Mathur specializes in
Dr. Smita Mathur, Assistant Professor in the Division of Education at the
University of South Florida Polytechnic
early childhood learning and has conducted
from the Helios Education Foundation.
high-quality teachers,” said Helios Education
extensive research in Florida’s migrant
The total project budget will exceed $1.2
Foundation’s Vice President and Director of
communities. She also serves on the board
million thanks to in-kind support from
Early Childhood Education, Karen Ortiz.
of RCMA, which provides child care and
RCMA. Dr. Rebecca Burns, an assistant
“And, that is what’s so promising about our
early education for children of migrant farm
professor of ESOL (English for speakers of
partnership with USF Polytechnic and the
workers and rural, low-income families in
other languages), USF Sarasota-Manatee, is
Redlands Christian Migrant Association.
counties in Florida.
co-principal investigator on this project.
We’re reaching teachers, most for whom
Mathur developed a teacher training
“Creating highly-effective early learning
program called Scaffold the Scholar, for
environments for children ages birth to five
areas and helping them earn their credentials
which she helped secure a $771,000 gift
means surrounding those children with
and degrees in early childhood education.
English is not their primary language, in rural
See Page 4
“The Gonzmart family, along with others who are giving to the Athletic
District project, are transforming the Athletics landscape at USF. February
2011, when the baseball and softball stadiums opened, signaled a whole new
future for our coaches, players and fans.”
— Lelo Prado, Bulls Baseball Coach
Helios Foundation Gift to
USF Polytechnic Making
a Difference in Early
Childhood Education
Gonzmart Family Plaza named in honor of
baseball/softball stadium complex donor
made philanthropic gifts to USF Athletics,
the College of Business and the USF
Library System. Richard said this latest gift
(continued from Page 3)
reinforces the family’s longstanding ties to
Those same teachers will also acquire the
the university.
kinds of knowledge and skills they need
“We are a family business. We wanted to
to better prepare children to succeed
do this to honor my grandparents and our
during their kindergarten year. We’re really
mother and father,” said Gonzmart. “None
excited about that.”
“USF has stepped outside the
box,” said Barbara Mainster, RCMA’s
executive director. “They’ve recognized
that education has to adapt to meet
demographic changes and respect
students’ contributions. And the Helios
Education Foundation has recognized that
A $500,000 gift from the Gonzmart
Family Foundation toward the ongoing
my wife, my brother, my grandparents, my
construction of the USF Athletics District
parents and now our children. We wanted to
will greatly enhance the baseball/softball
honor all of the family.”
stadium complex. In recognition of this
among the very first to join the Iron Bulls,
and baseball stadiums will be named the
a leadership giving society for athletics.
“Gonzmart Family Plaza.”
Richard serves on the USF Foundation
“Richard and Melanie Gonzmart
have been there every step of the way,
excited and pleased.”
helping us build an athletics program of
in farm communities, targeting the rural
poor. RCMA recruits its teachers from the
fields to insure they can relate to cultures
of the families they will be serving. More
Richard and Melanie Gonzmart were
generous gift, the entry plaza to the softball
such innovations need to be funded. We’re
RCMA operates 80 childcare centers
of us is as strong as all of us. It has been
Board of Directors and the Bulls Club Board
of Directors.
Bulls Baseball Coach Lelo Prado said the
consequence,” says Doug Woolard, director
gift from the Gonzmart Family Foundation
of intercollegiate athletics at USF. “We are
will make a real difference for all USF
so grateful for their generosity, and honored
to have the Gonzmart family name forever
linked with USF Athletics.”
The Richard and Melanie Gonzmart
“The Gonzmart family, along with
others who are giving to the Athletic District
project, are transforming the Athletics
than 80 percent of RCMA teachers are
family’s involvement reaches across the USF
landscape at USF. February 2011, when
from Hispanic immigrant-farmworker
campus. As the owners of Tampa’s signature
the baseball and softball stadiums opened,
restaurant, the Columbia, the Gonzmart
signaled a whole new future for our coaches,
family has funded Latino Scholarships,
players and fans.”
Campaign Progress report
The USF: Unstoppable Campaign
has already raised $400,985,482
toward our goal of $600,000,000.
“At the end of the day, everyone in the USF System is here to create
an excellent educational environment for our students. Scholarship
support is a key way to do this.”
– Rod Grabowski, Sr. Associate V.P. for Advancement and Campaign Director
Million-Dollar-Plus Donors
Our thanks to those who have
contributed $1 million or more to the USF:
Unstoppable Campaign (From July 1,
2005 – January 1, 2011)
Anonymous (9)
All Children’s Hospital, Inc.
Lewis and Enid Barness
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Louise Carson Bishop*
James and Angela Brewer
Brocade Communications Systems Inc.
Drs. Sandra and David* Cahill and Family
Robin and Richard Carpenter
Cisco Systems Inc.
John and Judith Clute
Cornelia and Richard Corbett
David Yenkinson and Ann V. Yenkinson Trust
Mary Eikenbary*
Mary Fleming*
Helios Education Foundation
R. Terry Johnson and Stephanie Holmquist
Dan and Tina Johnson
Thomas Kennedy Jr. and Patricia Kennedy
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lincoln College Education and Research Fund Inc.
Daphne and Michael Mahagan
Dr. Charles and Carolyn Mahan
Edward and Jeanne Mansfield
John* and Claudia McCorkle
Al and Maureen Meilus
Roger D. Monsour, DO and Barbara Harken
Jane and George Morgan Jr.
Carol and Frank Morsani
Mote Marine Laboratory Inc.
Pamela and Leslie Muma
Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel
The Estate of Martha Politz
Progress Energy, Inc.
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Radiology Associates of Tampa Inc.
Eve Riordan*
Glenn and Linda Ruediger
Drs. Cyndy and Paul Sanberg
Skanska USA Building Inc.
Chris T. Sullivan and Sandra Maggio
Tampa General Hospital
Joseph and Sheryl Teague
The Bernard Osher Foundation
The Patterson Foundation
The Williams Companies Inc.
Theodore R. & Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship
Foundation, Inc.
Tom Anton Tiedemann
Pat Vardell*
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Walter L. Mason and Phyllis W. Mason Trust
Jordan and Denise Zimmerman
Unstoppable Campaign Focuses on
Increasing Scholarship Support
During the past fiscal year, the USF
Foundation provided the students of the
USF System with $4.3 million in scholarship
support, nearly double the amount
distributed just a decade ago. While proud
of this progress, both University System and
Foundation leadership are focused on ever
stronger growth in the decade ahead, making
scholarships a key component of the USF:
said Grabowski. “Scholarship support is
Unstoppable Campaign.
a key way to do this because it allows the
Indicative of this focus is the more than
universities within the USF System to recruit
$33 million raised in scholarship funding
and retain top-flight undergraduate students,
during the past three years. Rod Grabowski,
while giving many students who otherwise
Senior Associate Vice President for
couldn’t afford a college education a chance
Advancement and Campaign Director, said
to fulfill their dreams.”
scholarship support is crucial to the success
of the USF System.
There are many different types
of scholarships, including the Latino
“At the end of the day, everyone in the
Scholarship program, First Generation
USF System is here to create an excellent
Scholarships, and Passport scholarships.
educational environment for our students,”
Scholarships may be both newly established
To support USF, contact:
USF Foundation
Office of Donor Relations
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, ALC100
Tampa, FL 33620
t (813) 974-2035
w unstoppable.usf.edu
or contributions may be given to existing
To learn more about types of scholarships
and the criteria for establishing a scholarship
in the USF System, contact Jessica List at
[email protected]
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
TAMPA, FLORIDA 33620-5455
Tampa, FL
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the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, produced by the
Office of Foundation Communications.
For more information, or if you have comments and
suggestions about this publication, please call
the Office of Foundation Communications at
(813) 974-9562 or e-mail [email protected]
Visit www.unstoppable.usf.edu to support the
USF: Unstoppable Campaign.
USF System President: Judy Genshaft
Campaign Chair: Les Muma
CEO, USF Foundation: Joel Momberg
Senior Associate Vice President
University Advancement and
Campaign Director: Rod Grabowski
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Sanberg Gift Boosts Research, Promotes Entrepreneurship
They’re new-age inventors, modern-day
explorers whose discoveries are making
waves in brain research and cell therapy.
Yet, their latest contribution is all heart, no
Drs. Paul and Cyndy Sanberg are
among the newest members of the USF
1956 Society. In 2010, the Sanbergs made
a generous gift to the USF Center of
Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair.
Paul Sanberg is the center’s executive
director and senior associate vice president
for the Office of Research and Innovation
at USF.
Cyndy Sanberg is a neuroscientist
and president of Natura Therapeutics, a
provider of scientifically developed, celltargeting nutritional products.
Paul and Cyndy have extensive
biotechnology experience in drug testing
and neural therapy research, which
involves successfully moving treatments
from laboratories to clinics. In one way
or another, they are both connected with
the university’s entrepreneurial research
“We’re honored to be successful
from the work that we do, especially
in a university that allows freedom of
expression in exploring one’s own ideas,”
Paul says. As president of the National
Academy of Inventors, Paul is a leading
advocate for entrepreneurship and creating
academic cultures that embrace university
“My greatest accomplishments involve
helping people, motivating them. If you
work hard, there is every reason you will be
successful,” he says.
Paul is the first in his immediate family
to complete college—let alone earn an
advanced degree. For him, the university
has had a significant role in his success and
he feels it’s important to give back.
“By the end of this decade, I have
no doubt that we will often be treating
patients with therapies discovered here at
the USF College of Medicine,” Paul says.
The USF Foundation is a private,
not-for-profit corporation chartered
under Florida Statutes to function as
the legal conduit for the acceptance,
investment, and distribution of all
private gifts made to the University
of South Florida.