Homecoming 2013 “Saints Seuss it up”



Homecoming 2013 “Saints Seuss it up”
Homecoming 2013
“Saints Seuss it up”
Homecoming Half Time Show
By: Khayla Gomez and Carol Kotur
2nd Runner Up
And the votes are in! Saints voted throughout the week to determine the winners of their homecoming court. As
a grand finale, the winners were announced during the half time show at the homecoming game against Atlantic Coast
to the crowd’s delight. The band played “I’ll be there” by Michael Jackson while the contestants were walking across the
field. Color guard and ROTC watched as the names of the runners-up were called. Altogether, the presentation went well.
The winners were: Ben Storie and Kiana Smith for Prince and Princess, Elijah Adams and Alyssa Villares for Duke and
Duchess, and Ilous Ellis and Alexis Horne for Lord and Lady. The 4 th runners up for King and Queen were Sam Mankins
and Kristen Smith, the 3rd runners up were Luis Tejeda and Sydney Hartman, the 2 nd runners up were Johhnie Geake
and Elizabeth Grace Ann Smith and the 1st runners up for King and Queen were Tyler Snell and Meagen Porcella. The
winners for Sandalwood’s 2013 King and Queen were… Blake Mcclain and Jalea Hill! Congratulations to everyone who
ran and helped make this another fantastic homecoming.
1st Runner Up
al S
King and Queen
3rd Runner Up
s- 3
t- 1
4th Runner Up
Duke and Duchess
Congratulations to all!
Lord and Lady
Prince and Princess
Playoff Bound!
By: Briana Foster and Curisa Grady
D.J Davis takes his position as quarterback seriously. That’s why the gridiron Saints are 7-2 so far this year.
There is 1 more game in the regular season schedule and De’Sean Blair will certainly catch a few more touchdown
passes. Another exciting player is freshman, Noah Searcy, who sacked the West Port Wolfpack’s quarterback
enough that he felt it! With all-American players, Blake McClain and Boadie Matts, this year’s team is sure to leave a
lot of records on the field. The hard work and dedication that our football players have put into their lives on the gridiron, has demonstrated their potential to be successful later in life. Every day the players go the extra mile in practice,
helping them build momentum the next game. With all that extra time and effort, the Saints are sure to make it far
this year in the playoffs. Saints cornerback, Chris Jones, says “The Saints are going all the way and bringing home a
championship!” Based off of what we have observed this season, we believe the Saints are capable of accomplishing
their goal. Go Saints!
Get Served!
By: Alyssia Gullet and Kaitlyn Kritzmire
“If you love the game, never stop looking for
the best outcome” –Alyssa Wright (12). Our lady
Saints Volleyball team has put in a lot of work this
season. With a record of 15-6 after a rough beginning, our Saints got their heads together and started
playing like the amazing team they knew they could
be. A rising freshman star, Mandy McGlynn, provided
support and motivation for the entire team and it foreshadowed her experience to become a better volleyball player in her years as a Saint to come. The top
players also include Lexus Spears (12), Sienna Parocha (11), and Megan Porcella (12).
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By: Eavona Robinson
Seeing the soccer ball go past the goalie and
into the goal is an exhilarating moment for those on
the field AND for the enthusiastic fans. Scoring goal
after goal only fuels the individual aspirations of the Boys’ Soccer team. In a recent interview
with Reginald Regis, he proposed that members on the
team work just as hard on their
studies as they do on the field.
Staying in shape by running
miles after practice and eating
right is all just a daily routine.
Initially what make a successful
season in soccer is working as
a team. A team effort means
having your teammates back
and being there when the going
gets tough. The Saints are looking to make a drastic improvement from their previous season. Coach King has his own goal: to improve the
boys’ record to an 80% win/loss ratio.
Men’s Swimming
By: Kyle Bates and Korry Smith
“This year was a great success!” Jan Robertson exclaims cheerfully, as he has always been a proud Sandalwood
swimmer and passionate athlete. He was always filled with enthusiasm and constantly telling us highlights from the season. As we got a chance to press in further, we learned that our team is very supportive of one another and are always
giving it their all. Jan went on to say that each member of the team gave their full hundred percent in
every meet which allowed them to place them 5th
We asked him what he thought were the
major factors contributing to the team’s success, to
which he replied, “Our constant drive to do better
and never quit attitude surely helped us, but hard
work and practice also helped reach the heights we
Jan himself is quite driven and has a goal,
like most other swimmers, to break one of the multiple Sandalwood records. His goal in particular is to break the long-standing record time of 1:04.052 for the 100 meter
breast stroke.
We asked him was who he believed were the star athletes on the team and he humbly replied, “Every single
person on the team is a phenomenal competitor, but Fabian, Jacob, Lucas, and Jason live and breathe swimming, they
are very talented and above everything else, are driven.”
Jan is just one example of the swim team’s many terrific athletes who hopes to progress even further next season. After talking to many other members on our swim team, we learned they all share the common idea that they are all
going to work hard so they can perfect every aspect of their team to go far. Just like all other sports teams at Sandalwood who are always in the hunt to achieve greater and prove why Saints are the best!
By: Eskarlet Dominguez
Bowling has a long and rich
history, and today it is one of the
most popular sports in the world. Today even Sandalwood’s Women’s
Bowling team has reached the level
of being undefeated for the entire
2013 season with only one split
game, which was against Sandalwood’s rival, Fletcher High. Elmira
Cannon was said to be one the best
bowlers this year by her Coach, Mr.
Ricketts. Complete domination was
achieved when our Saints won dramatically in every game other than
Fletcher to go 7-0.
Runnin’ Around
By: Sabrina Matthews
The Sandalwood Saints would like to say a
big “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” to our Varsity Cross
Country Boys for beating Fletcher at the conference
meet! Way to go boys!
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Syrian Chemical Attacks
By: Reamon Jadon & Griffin Sallmen
The first report of chemical weapon use came at
2:45 am, local time, on August 21st in Ein Tarma, about 4
miles east of the center of Damascus, then again at 2:47 am
in Zamalka. It is believed that rockets were used to deliver
the chemicals. The United Nations report stated that samples, found by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, revealed that the nerve agent, Sarin, covered a
majority of the rockets or rocket fragments inspected. Some
of the victims' symptoms included shortness of breath, disorientation, eye irritation, vomiting, general weakness, and
eventual loss of consciousness. A preliminary U.S. government assessment determined that 1,429 people were killed,
including 426 children. The U.S. is waiting to determine the
course of action.
(Information gathered
from http://
Pope Steps into Modern World
By Jacob Christensen and Kirill Shipun
The Catholic Church’s newest leader has been
making some serious waves with his new attitude towards traditional Catholic viewpoints on certain issues.
In a refreshing change of pace for the church, Pope
Francis has set himself up to be pro-gay, saying that, “If
someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has
good will, who am I to judge?” This quote was only the
beginning of the latest pope’s wave of progressive takes
on traditional issues, saying that the focus on issues,
such as abortion and contraceptives is destroying the
credibility and relevance of the church. If all goes well,
this new pope will revitalize his aging church, and finally
allow the church to rejoin the world’s stage of relevancy.
Naval Base Shooting
By: Caitlin Hawthorne, Lauren Paradis, and Miranda Marvel
A beautiful day in Washington D.C. at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013 was interrupted by an
obscene act of violence. A man, named Aaron Alexis, brutally murdered twelve people and injure eight others. He was shot
and killed by police officers at the scene of the incident. Alexis was 34 years old.
Five weeks prior to this horrendous escapade, Aaron Alexis was a petty officer for the navy whom described himself as a Naval Contractor to the police. Alexis believed he was being followed by a man seeking revenge, since they had
been in a recent altercation. He reported to the police that people were talking in his ear and sending electrical currents
through his body while he attempted to sleep each night. Police, after investigating Alexis’ medical and family history, established there was a possibility that he was mentally ill.
The carnage and desperate efforts to stop the shooting gripped the nation's capital in a tense drama that lasted
all day, just blocks from the Capitol. Hours after reporting that Alexis was dead, city officials said they had not entirely
ruled out the possibility that another shooter was involved, but law enforcement officials said Monday night that they were
confident there was only one gunman. The shootings did not appear to be terrorist-related, but the possibility had not
been ruled out.
All the victims were 46 to 73 years of age. Police released eight of the twelve names of those killed: They were
Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Kenneth Bernard
Proctor, 46; Vishnu Pandit, 61 and Arthur Daniels, 51.
What seemed like a typical Monday morning turned into a day of mourning. The baseball game that was scheduled for later that evening was canceled due to this shooting. Naval Airport departures were delayed and helicopters filled
the skies around the Navy complex on the Anacostia River in the southeast quadrant of the city. Some of the copters airlifted the injured away in baskets suspended beneath the aircraft. This is not the first time a major incident happened
with the use of a gun. Will this help fuel the debate about gun control? Or will this be bypassed for now to let the city
mourn their lost?
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Crisis Aid International: Bracelet Outreach
By: Grant Hill
According to the U.S. State Department, human
trafficking is the second largest crime worldwide to date.
The total market value for human trafficking globally is in
excess of $32 billion and growing (Crisis Aid International,
2013). On average, the majority of trafficked victims are
between the ages of 12 and 14. According to the International Labor Organization, it is estimated that there are at
least 12.3 million children and adults working in forced
labor and sexual servitude at any given time. Of that
number, at least 1.4 million are victims of sex trafficking
and 56% of all labor victims are women and girls who are
12 and younger. Even more alarming is the fact that 40%
to 50% of all victims are children.
In total, individuals are being trafficked from at
least 127 countries and are being sold or placed into
bondage in 137 countries both including the United
States (Crisis Aid International, 2013). Every year
100,000 to 300,000 children are at risk to being abducted and sold into human trafficking in the United States
alone (Crisis Aid International, 2013). Obviously, these
numbers are almost incomprehensible to read, but they
represent a reality that the entire world must battle
against. The question we must ask is: “How can we help
stop this type of abuse and slavery as high school students?” Some of these victims are our age and younger,
and they need a voice. Someone must make a difference
for them. We need to be that voice.
How can we help? One way for high school students to help in the fight against human trafficking is to
partner with organizations like Crisis Aid International.
Crisis Aid International is a non-profit organization that
works toward alleviating human trafficking, child hunger
and to provide free medical care both in the United
States and globally (Crisis Aid International, 2013). They
are seek partners to assist them with raising awareness
of issues related to human trafficking and other global
crisis effecting both women and children. One way that
high school students can become active in making a difference on a global scale is by partnering with Crisis Aid
International in their bracelet building outreach.
Why bracelets? Several years ago their cause
touched the heart of an 11 year old girl who decided that
she wanted to raise support to help save other young girls
like her (Crisis Aid International, 2013). With the assistance
of her parents, she began creating tab bracelets and selling
them to her friends. While selling the bracelets, she also
told the story of the young girls she hoped to save. Since
then, Crisis Aid International has adopted the tab bracelet
as a symbol of support for saving young lives from human
In order to carry on this tradition, Mrs. Sisler’s Leadership class has decided to commit to creating 100 tab
bracelets in partnership with Crisis Aid International. This is
a project that can raise awareness, financial support and
save the lives of the millions of men, women, and children
who are sold on a daily basis around the world into bondage. For more information on Crisis Aid International, you
can visit their website at http://www.crisisaid.org/
braceletproject or contact Mrs. Sisler or myself, Grant Hill.
Crisis Aid International. (2013). Crisis Aid International. Retrieved on October 22, 2013 from
Upcoming Zoo Events
By: Selena Leona Matthews
It's that time of year again! The Jacksonville Zoo is hosting the 26th annual
Halloween Spooktacular! It's the zoo's highlight event of the fall. For ten days from October 18-20 and 25-31, there's food, fun, and games for the whole family. You can
dress up or go casual, sit down to watch or go around and play, even trick or treat.
Spooktacular's festive and magical feel will assure you a great time!
The next big event at the zoo will take place during December 13 through the 31st. Zoo Lights is an event that
allows local artists to present their style of art through exhibits found when walking the area as well as showcase the humor of winter in Florida. The exhibits and walkways are lighted and decorated with beautiful colors and LEDs. It’s truly a
Jacksonville winter wonderland. This is only the second year for Zoo Lights but we can surely hope it is a good one. Any
extra info
about these two events (ticket prices and open hours) can be found on the zoo's website.
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The Big Interview with Mrs. Schultz
By: Joshua Luke
Changes within our walls
By: Sarah Clifford
Coming back to Sandalwood this year, I was
surprised to hear that Mrs. Schultz was back to be our
principal again, and when I had the chance to talk with
Mrs. Schultz, I asked some questions that the students
probably were wondering too.
This year Sandalwood has made many changes to
the organization, curriculum, and the faculty of the school. For
starters, we are pleased to welcome back a former member of
the Saints, Mrs. Shultz, as our 2013-2014 principal. One of
the more striking changes is the separation of houses. We
Joshua: Why are there eight classes this year instead of now have two houses, one for the boys and one for the girls.
Prior to this year, Sandalwood had five houses on campus:
seven like last year?
Alpha, Delta, Kappa, Omega, and Sigma. Having only two
Mrs. Schultz: There are eight classes this year is so that houses can cause crowdedness and confusion, as masses of
students can have more opportunities to take different
students of each gender pour into their assigned houses. Alclasses.
though, downsizing the houses may be beneficial since only
males belong in the boys’ house and only females belong in
Joshua: Why was the ACT/SAT prep class added this
the girls’ house. Another major change is the time school
starts and ends. Before, school started at 7:30 AM and ended
Mrs. Schultz: We added the ACT/SAT prep class this year at 1:45 PM. Now, school starts at 7:15 AM and ends at 2:00
PM. Some of the students may not want to set their alarms a
for juniors and seniors because it can help them prefew minutes earlier, but this allows us to have four full class
pare for taking the ACT/SAT.
periods a day instead of having a 45-minute class at the end
Joshua: Why did you decide to limit the hall passes this
everyday like in previous years. Bathroom passes this year
have also changed dramatically. Now teachers have to call
the main office and have a security guard or a staff member
Mrs. Schultz: I decided to limit the hall passes this year
come to your classroom to take students to the bathroom.
so that students have more sitting time in class, and so This method is keeping most of the students out of the hallthat there wouldn’t be limited instruction time.
ways during their class period, but sometimes a student may
Joshua: Mrs. Schultz, why did you come back to Sandal- have an emergency, and the security may not get the call in or
may not make it in time to take them. Hopefully, no more
Compass Odyssey for grade recovery may motivate students
Mrs. Schultz: I came back to Sandalwood because it is
to keep up their grades and strive to do their absolute best.
like my second home and by the time I get home I feel
Be a Saint, embrace the change!
like Sandalwood has fulfilled my day.
Academic Programs
By: Hayley Ward
At Sandalwood High School, we have special programs that offer students a wide
variety of interests. These programs allow students to plan for their futures instead of being
contrapositive and getting themselves into trouble. One of the programs we offer is the Early
College Program, an accelerated program that provides the motivated students who are
college bound and working above grade level to have the opportunity not only to earn their
high school diplomas but even earn up to 60 college credits. Another tool we have here at
Sandalwood is the AVID program, which stands for Advancements Via Individual Determination. AVID is a national program that has recently come to Sandalwood that has helped
boost the graduation rate of AVID students to upwards of 90% and helps prepare them for
college through peer tutoring and supplying resources as needed. Both programs are great
tools that help students pave the way to success while learning important skills.
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Dual Enrollment
by Tung Kwok
Among many changes at Sandalwood, the massive increase in dualNumber of Dual-Enrollment Sections
enrollment courses on campus is a signifi30
cant one. The expansion of the Dual Enroll25
ment program on campus is beneficial to
those who do not have methods of transpor20
tation. The addition of seven new college
classes brings the total up to 11 courses
offered: SLS1103, ENC1101, ENC1102,
HUM2020, HUM2230, AMH2010, AMH2020, PSY1012, CLP1001, POS2041, and
MAC1105. With this change, students on
campus can earn up to 33 college credit
hours, which is half of an associate’s deSandalwood Mandarin
Englewood First Coast
gree. Sandalwood has the most sections of
dual-enrollment classes in Duval County.
Also, Sandalwood has the highest number of seats occupied in the Dual Enrollment program. There are 480 Sandalwood
students from grades 9-12 who are enrolled in one or more college classes that are offered on campus. At this rate of
progress, students will be able to get an associate’s degree without having to leave campus.
*Data from October 3, 2013. Thanks to the Sandalwood counselors: Ms. Melfa, Ms. Ostrowsky, Mr. McFarland, Dr. Campbell, and Mrs. Powell. Thanks to Ms. Bussey and Ms.
Dunlap from the Accelerated Programs Office.
Dual Enrollment
Division of Dual-Enrolled Students on Campus by Grade
Advanced Placement
Credit for a passing
grade upon completion
Credit for passing AP
College and high school
High school grade
Semester long class
Year long class
9th, 104, 22%
10th, 56, 12%
11th + 12th, 320, 67%
IOWA, DAR, FCAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, CGA’s, and Benchmarks, Oh My!
By Ben Storie and Dzenan Murtic
What’s the point of all this standardized testing? It seems that in our everyday classrooms students are more
focused on how to take a test, rather than on learning the information for the actual test. Benchmark tests are often
biased and written in specific ways to trick the test taker. They require students to bubble in answers on answer documents that are checked by computers that generate their scores. Standardized tests reduce students to a number
instead of celebrating the “whole” child. Many students “Christmas-tree” the benchmark, leading the teachers to
teach irrelevant lesson plans due to the false test data. The amount of testing reduces our already limited classroom
time leaving teachers little time for instruction.
Saints support
the fight against
breast cancer!
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Courtyard Revival
By: Brandon Evans
For the past couple of years the courtyard has
been in a slump. With trash left behind and liter everywhere, it has not been very pleasant to the eye. Someone had to step up and choose to do something about
it. There needed to be a group of individuals that were
determined to change the circumstances of the Senior
Courtyard. Those groups of individuals were none other
than the Junior Class Officers and Senior Women.
While students were out for summer break,
hanging out, going to the beach and enjoying movies,
Senior Women and the Junior Class Officers were getting their hands dirty in the courtyard. They raked,
picked up trash, and thought of ingenious ideas to revitalize the courtyard. These brilliant student leaders
came up with a plan to satisfy their outrageous expectations to make Sandalwood stand out. Their project
was just one piece to completing their ultimate goal of
making Sandalwood look it’s best.
While still in progress, the courtyard is looking
tremendously better than last year. There are new
palm trees and beautiful plants native to Florida. This
has made for a more pleasant destination at lunch.
Though they have much more to complete, the committed students still plan on finishing what they started, and that is to make the Senior Courtyard shine
once again.
The Junior Class Officers and Senior Women
planned to have the courtyard done for an honorary
event, the day before Veteran’s Day. This event was
held to rededicate the Senior Courtyard to all that have
served in the United States armed forces. They will
also be recognizing the Freedom Tree in the courtyard.
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Sandalwood Talent Showcase
By: Cheyenne Hixon, Sarah Louvat, Collin Busbee,
and Chadd Christensen
On the September 26th, students, parents, and
teachers alike filled our auditorium in anticipation of the
amazing talents that our students would display. The Sandalwood Singing Saints set the mood and opened the show respectfully with the National Anthem, earning them a standing
ovation. Our comical MC’s did an outstanding job of introducing the acts and keeping the crowd enthusiastic. The acts
included “Sandalwood Break Dancers”, Taylor Jones, Angelo
Guerrero, Bridget Reagan, Shantell Gill, Daja Callaway, Rachel
Cruz, Jordan Eason, Maurice Brown, Timiya Arnold, Aaliyah
Hicks, Alexia Rivers, Jose Soriano, Michael Nazareno, Andrew
Summerville, Arlene Jordan, Yanaye Hairston, Alison Fernandez, Chloe Cruz, David Betancourt, Sarina Navarro, Victor Ramos, Toni Turner, and Azalea Pyatt. All contestants gave show
stopping performances that resulted in deafening applause.
These talented students performances ranged from singing
and dancing all the way to baton twirling and the new craze
called tutting. The amount of talent was overwhelming and
didn’t go unnoticed by Talent Searchers on Bounce TV. They
were extremely impressed with Alexia Rivers, Michael Nazareno, Andrew Summerville, and Arlene Jordan and invited
them to record their songs for their show. Congratulations to
all who participated! We are excited to see what new talent
arises for our upcoming talent showcase on January 23,
Interviews with Mr. Nolan
and Mr. McDomick
By: Xavier Holley and Sierra Vallier
Mr. McDomick:
Q: In your eyes, how did the first talent showcase do this year?
A: It was extremely successful, in many ways. There were a total
of 60 acts that auditioned, but I only wanted 15. The amount of
talent displayed and the drama students that assisted backstage helped the talent showcase move smoothly.
Q: Could you possibly name your favorite act or two?
A: I cannot just because of the variety and diversity of all. That
was the best part.
Q: Are you excited for the students that will be performing their
talents on TV?
A: Absolutely! It will give these kids the exposure they deserve.
One of my students from my previous school, Candice Glover,
was actually the winner of American idol, and I’m proud of that.
I believe I have a knack for finding students that are really talented.
Q: Who will be performing on TV?
A: Two weeks ago, Alexia Rivers, Michael Nazareno, Andrew
Summerville, and Arlene Jordan all got to record their songs.
We’re not sure when it will actually be on CW 17, but their show
Music4u is every Sunday at 7:30, so stay tuned!
Q: When is the next talent showcase?
A: January 23rd is the next one that will be featuring Odd Rod, a
national spoken word artist, who will actually be helping the
Q: Why are their no winners at your
talent showcases?
A: I think there shouldn't be winners
because it’s not a talent show but a
showcase, where people who are
talented can show what they can do.
You can’t compare
talents or choose
which is “better.”
Mr. Nolan:
We asked Mr. Nolan about how Senior Men
is going so far this year. According to Mr. Nolan, the
Senior Men club is going well this year. They have
completed five stadium clean-ups, which is how the
Senior Men make their money for the club. Their club
shirts have also arrived customized with each member’s name. Senior Men also had a successful homecoming week where they took part in the float building contest for the parade and placed second in the
competition. They also sponsor the Saint’s Chant
bonfire annually.
We also asked Mr. Nolan about the community service activities planned for Senior Men. He
told us that they will be having a campus-wide cleanup. Mr. Nolan wants his group to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. They also plan on having another
legacy project.
What did he mean by a legacy project? He
told us that a legacy project is a task that Mr. Nolan
and Senior Men do to make the school grounds look
better. Examples of the Senior Men legacy projects
are the painted “Sandalwood Saints” on the bleachers in the football stadium, the senior wall near the
senior parking lot, and the fleur-de-lis as you walk
into the stadium.
The Senior Men officers this year are President, Joshua Andrews; Vice–President, Aaron Owens;
Secretary-Treasurer, Khalil Trisvan; and Sergeant-atArms/ Quartermaster, Tylor Snell.
When asked if there was one thing Mr. Nolan
could have Senior Men do this year he responded, “I
would love to see Senior Men continue the legacy of
service to the school and the community.”
What are some future activities that Senior
Men are planning?
The next upcoming event they have planned
is their “Sandalwood’s Got Talent
Show”, on Friday November 22
and auditions will be held on November 18.
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Top 4 Favorite Teen Songs of 2013
By Dariana Brown & Xana Henderson
Music plays a big role in most teenagers’ lives. Music is how many students
make it through the school day. If you walk through Sandalwood hallways, the majority of students will be seen walking around with ear buds in listening to their favorite artist or group, although against the Code of Conduct. Now in 2013, there are
new artists, such as Lorde or Migos, that teens listen to. Below are the Top 4 teen
favorite songs of this year.
Jay Z – Holy Grail
Lorde – Royals
Migos – Hannah Montana
Drake – Hold on we’re going home
Novel Review:
The Thief Lord Steals My Imagination
By Michael Goodeaux
Do you like to be hung in suspense? Well if you do, then the Thief Lord is for you! Taking place in Venice, Italy,
the story revolves around a group of kids who have run away from their homes. Provided food and shelter by the always
mysterious “Thief Lord”, they must live their lives fencing stolen goods and on the run from the police. The two main
characters are Prosper and Bo. Prosper, the older sibling, took his younger brother, Bo, with him when he ran away from
home. When their mother had died, their aunt only wanted the younger sibling and didn’t care what happened to Prosper. Upon arriving in Venice, the brothers were provided shelter by a young girl nicknamed Hornet. The group of kids,
including Mosca and Riccio, stayed in an abandoned movie theater and are provided meals from the Thief Lord. The
Thief Lord makes money he makes from fencing stolen goods to an antiques dealer named Barbossa. Not soon enough,
the Thief Lord gets a job stealing something that is worth millions to the buyer. This job throws the gang into a long spiral and is quite entertaining to read. It seems to me, however, that Cornelia Funke tried to find an easy and quick ending
and threw a quick dash of magic into a story that was otherwise believable. I don’t hold it against her, though, as when
you read any of her other books (such as Dragon Rider or Inkheart), you would see that magic, in whatever form you can
imagine, plays a large part in her style of writing. All in all, I would say that you should definitely read this book.
TV Show Review: “The Walking Dead”
By Nathan Connerly
“The Walking Dead” is a thrilling show that should be a must watch for everyone. This gory
drama is an action packed show that starts its fourth season on October 14 th. It is about a zombie
apocalypse that has struck the world. The humans fight to survive having a limited food supply and
plagued by flesh eating zombies. They soon realize that these are not the only factors they should be
worried about. Conflicts escalate because there are other survivors that need the same essentials
they need. Check it out! You will be glued to your television!
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iPhones Get a Facelift
By: Patricka Graham, Dayquan Harrison, and Denise Gonzalez
The hot gift for the holidays this year would be the iPhone5s or the iPhone 5c, both of which embody the latest technology. The iPhone 5s looks and feels unbelievably thin and light, and it’s available in three elegant expressions: gold, silver, and spacy gray. There is an unbelievable difference in the display of imaginary
worlds in games, for instance. In games, textures and shadows look more true to life;
sunlight reflects off the water. The whole experience feels much more realistic. The
iPhone 5c has an A6 chip, 8MP iSight camera, 4-inch retina display, and uses ultrafast LTE wireless. iPhone 5c has the things that made the iPhone 5 an amazing
phone —and more, including iOS 7, all in a completely new design that feels great in
your hand. The color on the iPhone 5c is what makes it pop. These phones are good
investments and they are awesome phones. They are kind of like little humans. The
prices for the iPhone 5s are $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB and $399 for
64GB. The prices for the iPhone 5c are $99 for 16GB and $199 for the 32GB. If you
know somebody who loves technology, this is a gift that’s sure to make them smile.
Movie Review : “The Wolverine”
The Wolverine is about Wolverine (of course) having his powers removed and fighting to get them back. He is
lured to Japan to meet an old friend only to have his immortality stolen from him. This film had top notch acting but
that’s probably the best thing about it. The main problem I had with the movie was that it was mostly uneventful. The
World War II scene, the big chase, and the final fight were the best parts by far, but that isn’t saying much considering
not much else happened. You could write a book from all the little fun facts you learn about Japan in this movie; sorry,
but I didn’t pay to watch a documentary on Japan, I came to watch a mutant destroy things. My final score for it would
be 3/5.
Movie Review: “Romeo & Juliet”
By Brenna Troup
The month of October was filled with romance in English classes as Shakespeare
lovers were treated to one of the most classic tales of love and woe, Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Carlo Carlei, this ageless story is adapted to the screen with a 21 st century touch,
staring Douglas Booth as Romeo and Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet. The film tells the tragic forbidden love of the famous two youths stuck in the middle of a harsh quarrel between their
families, the Montagues and Capulets. Despite their family’s relationship, their love still remains strong, and they flee to wed in secrecy. Their happiness is not to be, however, as a
string of fateful events begin to occur that will change their lives forever.
The film is an hour and fifty-eight minutes long, and is rated PG-13 for violence and thematic
Movie Review: “Gravity”
By: Kathleen Morais
Gravity is a 91-minute, science fiction film. This movie has two amazing actors, Sandra
Bullock playing a medical engineer who is on her first shuttle mission, and George Clooney a veteran astronaut. During their mission the shuttle is destroyed leaving them alone in space. With a
thrilling 3D epic experience making you feel like you are abandon in space, this movie makes you
feel claustrophobic. This film is made so every color, landmass, sunset, and storm is alive. A film
to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time during the movie, Gravity is a must see movie!
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Sandalwood “Seussed Up” for Spirit Week!
By: Alexa Coronado and Carol Kotur
For spirit week this year, Saints showed their pride by
funky hats and crazy socks. On Wednesday, people dressed
wacky and tacky, with mismatched shoes, shirts and pants. On
Thursday, people went all out for twin day, and even more so
on Friday’s spirit day. The halls were flooded with
blue and gold. It was a great closing to a
“Seussed Up” homecoming.
Homecoming Parade
By: Johnathan Cooke
This year’s Spirit Week ended with the annual Homecoming Parade. The parade landed on October 11, 2013
and the line up was amazing. Starting and leading the parade was the JROTC Color Guard presenting the school colors.
They were followed by the Sandalwood Saints Band. The winning court members for Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess, Prince
and Princess fell in line behind them. Following them were the contestants for King and Queen.
Moving along the parade line were the floats. Ms. Sisler’s Leadership float presented an 8 foot blue and gold hat
with a chant inscribed “The Saints in the hat hooked the Rays and that was that.’ A brown Stingray symbolizing the Atlantic Coast Stingrays was hanging from a hook off the hat. Following in line behind them was the Army in a Hum-V. Following the Humvee was the float for Senior Men. Their was another one of a kind Float
Senior Men had a Cat in the Hat holding a dead stingray on a meat slicer and on the same red table was a plate
of Green Eggs and Ham. on the red table a sign was hanging and on the sign, in sponsorship of the Blood Alliance the
Senior Men added their slogan “ Donate Blood, Save Lives” inscribed. They knew how to show the school spirit with the
Homecoming theme.
Also showing off the theme was Senior Women. Though they didn’t have a float they had a moving billboard. On
the side they had a sign representing their group and had all the members of Senior Women place a handprint on the
sign. Other members carried signs as they walked the parade, one saying “ Why fit in,
when you were Born to Stand”. Thing One and Thing Two also walked along with Senior
Women. Finally following all the floats was the Varsity Cheerleading Team as they echoed school spirit cheers.
Many were in the parade this year and it’s hard to say who had the best float.
However everyone in the parade had one thing in common: showing off their school
spirit. This is how Sandalwood Saints “Seuss it Up”.
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2013 Door Decorating Contest
By: Briana Byrd, Jamar Davis, and Ryan Knowles
Sandalwood’s homecoming door decoration contest kicked
off on October 8th. There were many participants in this year’s contest. Each door had its own creative spin on Dr. Seuss and his characters and showed great school spirit. Mr. Vizera’s art club took home
the gold in this year’s contest with their recreation of the grumpy yet
charming Lorax. They even managed to recreate the Lorax’s bright
yellow moustache. The art club put a lot of effort, hard
work, and creativity into recreating the Lorax for Sandalwood’s homecoming week. Thanks to everyone for showing
your creativity and exhibiting school spirit in this year’s door
decorating contest. Everyone really reminisced on their
childhoods, and brought Dr. Seuss and his many characters back to Sandalwood. Way to Seuss it up Sandalwood!
Bonfire 2013
By: Anthony Hamm
The start of the night was about 7:30 on a warm Thursday
with the Saint’s Chant. Lots of fun games were played at this annual
traditional celebration. At Saint’s Chant, Senior Men dominated in
the pyramid challenge and a hilarious performance of the YMCA
dance. The cheerleaders performed pitch perfect’s “Cup Song” and
won the flour blowing contest. The bonfire was a success as usual.
Senior Men lit the fire and released a few sky lanterns. All in all was
an enjoyable night for everyone that attended.
Homecoming Dance 2013
By: Kiera Simmons, Kristina Howard, and Lois Martinez
Sandalwood's 2013 Homecoming dance took place at the Hidden Hills Country Club on October 12
from 7:30pm until 11 p.m., smiles and good times were shared with our loved ones. It was a delightful
evening accompanied by our friends and teachers. The decoration was beautiful and elegant. The food
was exquisite, chocolate cookies were unforgettable, and the drinks were cold and refreshing. This night
was different, students showed more sympathy towards the dancing, vented their school stress on the
dance floor, and many showed their amazing talents. One perfect example was the break dancers of the
school who took control of the second dance floor, entertaining enthusiastically and cheering spectators. It
was a moment that we will cherish forever. We owe thanks to our teachers and security guards for making
this a safe night and a wonderful evening.
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Upcoming Events!
Mark your calendars Saints!
This is only the beginning...
»November 4 - 22
☆Non-perishable Food Drive
»November 11, 2013
☆ Veterans day ( NO SCHOOL )
»November 20, 2013
☆Early release- Go to SweetFrog
»November 22, 2013
☆Sandalwood’s Got Talent Show @ 7 p.m. in Auditorium
»November 27 - December 2 , 2013
☆Thanksgiving break
Don't forget basketball season begins in November!
»December 1, 2013
☆ Deadline to order yearbooks online @ yearbookforever.com
or in rooms 315 and 316
»December 3, 2013
☆BLOOD drive- Sign up before this day!
»December 5, 2013
☆Winter chorus concert at 6:30 p.m.
»December 11, 2013
☆Early release
»December 19, 2013 - January 3, 2014
☆Winter holiday
»January 17, 2014
☆Planning Day (No school for students)
»January 20, 2014
☆Dr. Martin L. King Day (NO SCHOOL)
Dream Big Sandal-
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