Spring 2012 Issue



Spring 2012 Issue
Bethlehem University News - Volume 20
Issue No. 2
A Renewal
A Message from the
Vice Chancellor
A Spirit of Renewal
Dear Alumni and Friends of Bethlehem University,
Have you visited Bethlehem University? If so, you have seen our beautiful
campus overlooking Bethlehem, our educational facilities buzzing with activity,
or perhaps our faculty engaging classes in discussion. But I am sure that your
lasting memories are that of our students. You probably saw them socializing
with each other between classes, perhaps you even had the opportunity to talk
with some of them, to hear about the realities of their lives – and I am certain
you could feel their sense of promise and hope.
Indeed, it is that sense of possibility that is the greatest blessing to me here at
Bethlehem University. That possibility sustains all the people on campus as they
strive to be better students, better educators, and better people. And that sense
of possibility is experienced and carried from here by the thousands of visitors to
Bethlehem University each year.
As you will read in this magazine, leaders of the Church, such as Timothy
Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, are enthused and renewed each time
they visit us at Bethlehem University:
“Every time I come here, I leave with hope, the hope that radiates from the
beautiful students. Thanks be to God for Bethlehem University!”
But this notion of possibility, of hope, does not lie merely in the abstract or the
theoretical. Every day – through our students, through our passionate educators
and administrators, through the De La Salle Christian Brothers – Bethlehem
University is a site of rebirth, weaving hope and peace into the cloth of society
and serving as an instrumental player in the future of Palestinian success.
You will read about that possibility made real, which sustains our distinguished
faculty, who are leading the way in various areas including the groundbreaking
genetic and hereditary research; our graduates, who encourage and mentor our
students as they prepare for careers; and our friends and volunteers around
the world, who generously give their time, passion, and other resources to the
advancement of Bethlehem University.
Published by the Development and
Editorial Committee
Brother Jack Curran, FSC
Ms. Patti Riippa
Ms. Angela Hawash - Abu Eita ’11
Mr. James Howell
Mr. Bassem Ballout
Mr. Demitri Awwad
Brother Dominic Smith, FSC
Ms. Angela Hawash - Abu Eita ’11
Mr. Jésus Villegas
Mr. Demitri Awwad
Ms. Nadira AlAraj
Mr. Isaac Sahhar
Ms. Serene Nuaimi
Mr. Munjid Kharoufeh
Mr. Kirby Knight
Studio Shamieh
Special Thanks
Student Ambassadors
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As you read these stories, I pray that you, too, will feel that possibility. If you have
not yet had the opportunity to visit Bethlehem University, I invite you to come and
see first-hand how Bethlehem University exemplifies renewal and a promise for the
future, a place where hope is kept alive, indeed a place that is a beacon of hope.
Temporary mailing address:
PO Box 11407
92248 Jerusalem
Thank you for your continued generosity and prayers.
Location address:
Frères Street
Bethlehem, Palestine
Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD
Vice Chancellor
Bethlehem University
Hecker Center, Suite 330
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Tel. 202-526-6097
Table of Contents
Bethlehem University on Google’s Radar
Fulbright Scholar Brings Social Work
Expertise to Bethlehem University
Bethlehem University Volunteer
Spotlight: Dr. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh
Unlocking Codes & Opening Doors:
Medical Research at Bethlehem University 10
Combats Hereditary Disease
The Naming & Blessing of the Shucri Ibrahim
Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration
Hotel Management All-Star:
Bethlehem University Educates the Best
Bethlehem University Presents Honorary
Doctorate to Msgr. Robert L. Stern
A Visit to Bethlehem University Provides
Many with a Renewal of Faith
Supporting Peace Through Economic
In Memory
Thank You
Visitors to Campus
How You Can Help
Get to know Ms. Lubna Alzaroo, a senior at
Bethlehem University majoring in English
Language and Literature with a minor in
Q: What are your goals for the future?
A: My dream is to go to grad school and
get an MA and PhD in English Literature. I
am particularly interested in Colonial and
postcolonial literature since I very much relate
to that kind of writing. I would like to teach
Literature with a focus on that theme at a
university one day since I truly believe we can
learn a lot about ourselves as a culture and
society through researching and discussing
those topics.
Q: Who has been one of the biggest
influences in your life?
A: My father raised me to love education,
think critically and to work hard for the things
I want. He taught me to be independent,
to always face the challenges in my life and
to never give up on this land and people. I
grew up to be strong, independent and openminded thanks to him. I learned to believe that
education was the way to resist, through him.
Q: You meet a lot of groups visiting campus;
what is your impression about them?
A: Over the past four years, I have met with a
lot of different groups at Bethlehem University
through the Student Ambassador program.
It is fascinating how many people come each
with their different views and perspectives. I
have learned a lot through the past years just
by talking to people. I always appreciate that
so many different groups come to visit us and
support us.
The Naming and Blessing of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub
From left to right: Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University; Mr. Ibrahim
S. Dabdoub, Group CEO, National Bank of Kuwait; Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of Palestine; H.E.
Archbishop Antonio Franco, Apostolic Delegate and Chancellor of Bethlehem University; Mrs. Hilda
Dabdoub, mother of the late Mr. Shucri Dabdoub; and Ms. Tamara, sister of the late Mr. Shucri Dabdoub.
Brother Jack Curran, Vice President of
Development for Bethlehem University, greets
Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of Palestine.
HE Archbishop Antonio Franco blessing the Shucri
Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration.
Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD,
Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University
An Historic First at Bethlehem University!
In the presence of Archbishop
Antonio Franco, Papal Nuncio
and Chancellor of Bethlehem
University; Mr. Ibrahim and Mrs.
Hilda Dabdoub; Dr. Salam Fayyad,
Prime Minister of Palestine; and
local, national, and international
Church, government, and
business leaders, Brother Peter
Bray named the Shucri Ibrahim
Dabdoub Faculty of Business
Administration at Bethlehem
University on 12 May 2012.
This first ever naming of a
faculty at Bethlehem University,
a momentous historic occasion,
highlights the quality education
provided by the faculty, the
prestigious positions earned by
the graduates, and the promising
future programs to be developed
and enhanced by the faculty.
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub, Group
CEO of the National Bank of
Kuwait, told those gathered for
the ceremony that “my wife,
Hilda, my daughter, Tamara,
and I could find no better way to
honor the memory of our beloved
late son than to give the young
men and women in Palestine
an opportunity to obtain a first
rate business education here at
Bethlehem University and thus
the opportunity to improve their
“The Dadboub family’s
contribution to Bethlehem
University signals that this
faculty and this university, which
has grown from the secondary
school where Ibrahim himself
was educated as a young boy,
has the formula needed for
young Palestinians to transform
themselves and the world,” said
Brother Peter Bray. “Ibrahim’s
ethical leadership in the business
world, especially in Kuwait,
has been consistently credited
as helping to steer the Kuwaiti
economy in a positive direction.”
Mr. Dabdoub went on to say,
“This investment in Bethlehem
University is inspired by our
beloved son, Shucri, who passed
Faculty of Business Administration
From left to right: Mr. Ibrahim S. Dabdoub, Group CEO,
National Bank of Kuwait; Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime
Minister of Palestine; Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice
Chancellor of Bethlehem University.
Dr. Fadi Kattan, Dean
of the Shucri Ibrahim
Dabdoub Faculty of
Business Administration
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub, Group CEO,
National Bank of Kuwait, unveils the newly
inaugurated Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub
Faculty of Business Administration.
Palestinian officials have stressed
the need for increased support for
Bethlehem University, especially
throughout the Arab world.
Palestinian Prime Minister Salam
Fayyad commended Bethlehem
University and the Dabdoub
family for their dedication to
developing higher education in
Palestine. “Please allow me …
to salute Bethlehem University,
its management, its faculty
members and students, for the
great achievements since 1973,”
Prime Minister Fayyad said.
“Bethlehem University has been
serving the youth of Palestine,
serving the public and private
sectors, by preparing the leaders
of the future. …Bethlehem
University graduates do own a
high level of commitment toward
performance, professionalism
and high standards. Bethlehem
University can for sure be very
proud of these achievements.”
We are all indebted to and
inspired by Ibrahim and Hilda
Dabdoub. Bethlehem University
is grateful for their support as well
as for the support of our many
benefactors and alumni.
Mrs. Hilda and Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub with Dr. Salam Fayyad,
Brother Peter Bray (on right) and Dr. Michel Sansur (on left).
away unexpectedly. It is fitting
that an enduring memorial to him
should be established in the place
of his heritage. It is our hope that
others will join us in supporting
this important academic
institution, Bethlehem University,
and the future of higher education
in Palestine.”
solve problems and confront the
challenges before us. We come to
discover that which inspires us,
to find what motivates us, and to
connect our personal passions to
a larger community interest. We
come to discover new ideas, new
ways of working, and new ways of
“Education is the most powerful
and rewarding investment. Thank
you, Mr. and Mrs. Dabdoub for
your generosity to Bethlehem
University. You are enabling us to
move forward with a number of
initiatives,” said Dr. Fadi Kattan,
Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim
Dabdoub Faculty of Business
Administration. “We come here to
broaden our horizons, to sharpen
our vision, to enlarge our hearts,
and to train our minds so as to
Dean Kattan, himself a 1990
graduate of Bethlehem University,
has witnessed and participated
in the growth of Bethlehem
University and the vital role it
plays in Palestine and throughout
the world. Under his leadership,
the first Masters degree at
Bethlehem University was
established in 2005, a Masters
in International Cooperation
and Development. Others are
presently in process.
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub unveils the newly
inaugurated Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub
Faculty of Business Administration with
Brother Peter Bray.
Bethlehem University
’s r
When Ms. Nadira AlAraj,
lecturer in the Shucri Ibrahim
Dabdoub Faculty of Business
Administration, enrolled her
students in the 2011 Google
Online Marketing Challenge,
she immediately encountered
a problem: the application
had no option for entrants to
select Palestine as the country
of residence. But Ms. AlAraj
and her students persevered
undeterred, contacting Google
representatives, beginning the
process that challenged how
the online marketing world sees
The team’s goals in the
competition were not limited
to completing the challenge as
an assigned project, but also to
achieving something bigger and
making their mark. They were
first elevated to semi-finalists
and then went on to grab first
place in the Middle East/Africa
region  a distinct and honorable
accomplishment for the group
of young students. This was the
first year Bethlehem University
participated in this program, and
Bethlehem University was the
first Palestinian university to win
this award.
In the Google challenge, students
created an online marketing
campaign for a real business
or nonprofit. The team from
Bethlehem University worked
with a contemporary visual arts
high school, Dar Al-Kalima
College, in the Google “AdWords”
challenge – researching and
evaluating key search terms that
would increase traffic to the
College’s website.
The winning team is comprised
of five Business majors — Farah
Abu Sahliya, Firas Nofal, Ramzy
Zreineh, Saher Qawas, and Jack
Mikhail — who enthusiastically
pooled their marketing and
advertising experiences gained in
the classroom and applied them
in the real world.
They explain that the stimulating
thing about the competition was
that it was tested by real clients
and judged by real professionals.
“This was real life, consequently
full of challenges, hardships and
obstacles, but with the help of
our mentor Ms. AlAraj, we had a
great deal of support,” they said.
Ms. AlAraj’s encouragement and
daily follow-up is credited for
pushing the students to the edge
of their limits, ultimately with a
rewarding payoff. “The patience
and the encouragement of our
lecturer was one of the main
ingredients of our success.
As our mentor, she guided us
throughout this entire ordeal; she
pushed us to our limits and had
faith in our abilities,” the team
Ms. AlAraj  an enthusiastic
proponent of online education,
social networking and e-business
 heard about this competition
and immediately thought about
her students and how she could
introduce them to the world of
The Bethlehem University team of five Business majors completed in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, capturing first place in the Middle East/Africa region.
From left to right: Saher Qawas, Ramzy Zreineh, Farah Abu Sahliya, Jack Mikhail, and Firas Nofal.
“I know how valuable
and knowledgeable my
students are,” Ms. AlAraj
said, “and I think it’s
important to open the
world to them and let
the world know what
we’re incubating here at
Bethlehem University.”
The student team along with
mentor Ms. AlAraj recently
returned from their visit to
Google European headquarters
in Dublin as part of their award.
They met with many people who
work for the company across
Europe and the Middle East.
During their day at Google’s
Dublin office, they met the
European regional winners, who
hail from Poland. During the day
Mr. John Herlihy, Vice President
of Advertising Operations, led a
discussion with the teams about
Google and its innovative projects.
The students also met with new
Google employees, who shared
their exciting experiences so far.
The tour inside the impressive
Google office provided
interesting insight into the
facilities available to Google
employees, which are wellknown for providing a relaxing
atmosphere while encouraging
productivity and excellence.
The experience at Google in
Dublin certainly proved to be
a rewarding prize, as student
winners not only gained
wonderful real-world experiences
through the competition, but
also glimpsed what is possible
with some coaching, teamwork,
and creative thinking, in an
exciting field that is ripe with
opportunities for the future.
Mission Statement
Bethlehem University is a Catholic co-educational institution in the Lasallian
tradition whose mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of
Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing
and use of knowledge.
The University emphasizes excellence in academic programs and the development
of students as committed people prepared to assume leading positions in society.
The University aspires to foster shared values, moral principles and a dedication
to serving the common good.
“I have a great sense that there
are so many opportunities here,”
said Dr. Elizabeth Beck, an expert
in Social Work and Fulbright
scholar from Pittsburgh.
Dr. Beck is part of the team that
submitted the Master’s in Social
Work (MSW) curriculum to the
Palestinian Ministry of Higher
Education. To further this goal,
Bethlehem University has worked
closely with the University of
Washington School of Social
Work – currently tied for #3
among all social work programs
in the United States – to develop
a plan for an MSW program in
Palestine, with a strong emphasis
on community development and
leadership. The MSW program
will also be supported by a
network of other key partners
in the Palestinian context,
including Palestinian Union of
Social Workers and Psychologists
(PUSWP), Palestinian ministries,
Palestinian nongovernmental
organizations, and agencies of
the United Nations. Palestine
faces a dire need for qualified
social workers: as of 2010, only 10
MSW-holding professionals were
in all of West Bank and Gaza,
and there were no social workers
holding a Ph.D.
“Because of the situation
Palestine is in, there is a very
palpable sense that the state of
Social Work
to Bethlehem
Dr. Elizabeth Beck, a visiting Fulbright
Scholar, is part of a team working
to bring a Master’s in Social Work
curriculum to Bethlehem University.
the community, being that it is a
community built in response to
the Occupation, is unsustainable,
and that helps to open up room
for community development,” Dr.
Beck said.
“This also means that social
work practitioners have room
to develop their own university
curriculums and to just develop
the field.” As the Director of The
Center for Collaborative Social
Work at Georgia State University,
she brings a different eye to
the social work landscape in
“I’m not in the business
of creating social work
models for Palestine, but
I have access to resources
not available yet here,”
she said. “I play a role of
connecting those here [at
Bethlehem University] to
resources that those in my field –
in the United States – have, and
to serve as a source of inspiration
to social work experts at
Bethlehem University… I myself
have benefited from this type of
coaching – in my own academic
career – and know how valuable
it is.” However, she notes that
Palestine is unique to other parts
of the world.
“I and my peers here think that
it is futile to try and import
social work models from other
countries,” Dr. Beck said.
“There are a lot of community
service program models already
present in Palestine — which
is great — and I think that the
community here is well on the
road towards modifying and
expanding upon what is already
fits their community.”
She notes that strengthening
communities is a critical
component of strengthening
families, as “the community
and its individuals are very
much intertwined.” This holistic
approach ensures that collective
issues – empowerment and
social justice, for example – are
addressed, and individuals and
their communities are enabled to
work for change at government
Though Bethlehem University’s
proposed Master’s in Social Work
curriculum is pending with the
Palestinian Ministry of Higher
Education, Bethlehem University
is currently seeking creative
project ideas and opportunities
for funding.
To learn more, please contact the
Development Office at:
[email protected]
Bethlehem University Volunteer Spotlight:
Dr. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh
Palestinian native Dr. Samir AbuGhazaleh maintains an active
relationship with Bethlehem
University from his home in Sioux
Falls, South Dakota, where he has
hosted two Bethlehem University
Nursing interns and is active in
the Equestrian Order of the Holy
Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
Even after the briefest of
interactions with Dr. Samir AbuGhazaleh, one will walk away,
without question, knowing that
among his greatest passions are
Duke University basketball and
his beloved homeland of Palestine.
This passion for those things he
holds dear to his heart has carried
throughout his life and continues
today as a committed volunteer,
donor, and friend to Bethlehem
University has grown since then.”
Soon, Jack Steger, the Chairman
Emeritus of the Bethlehem
University Foundation Board,
asked Dr. Samir to join the board.
“I was very busy in my medical
practice, but Jack kept after me
until I joined,” he said. “You just
have to love the man for his
persistence.” Today, Dr. Samir
is happy Jack Steger brought
him deeper into the Bethlehem
University family.
Born in Haifa, Dr. Samir is all too
familiar with the struggles of his
Palestinian brothers and sisters.
“Due to the political situation,
graduates struggle to find work,
and financial opportunities are
severely limited,” he said. To Dr.
Samir, Bethlehem University fills a
need not met by other universities
in the Holy Land.
After hearing the late Brother
Vincent Malham give a
presentation at the investiture
of the Equestrian Order of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem,
an organization of which he is
a member, Dr. Samir wanted to
know more about Bethlehem
“Bethlehem University is
very, very special place as
the only Catholic university
in my homeland. It is run
by hard-working, dedicated
Christian Brothers, who
are working under difficult
situations to empower my
country’s people through
“I was intrigued. I learned so much
from his speech. It touched my
heart, and my love for Bethlehem
he said, adding that Bethlehem
University is instrumental in
preserving Christianity in the
land of Christ – and to do that, it
must start with education and life
“I believe that our students must
be exposed to other cultures and
other institutions to broaden
their horizon,” Dr. Samir said.
Turning his passion into action,
he and his wife Mary opened
their home and community
to two Bethlehem University
students who traveled from
Bethlehem to Sioux Falls, South
Dakota for a nursing internship
last summer as a part of the Sir
John McGuckin Mentoring and
Internship Program. Mary then
came to Bethlehem in November
with Bishop Paul J. Swain of the
Diocese of Sioux Falls to visit
Marlena Abu Aita and Salam
Gareeb, their two interns from
the past summer. Wanting to
build upon that experience, Dr.
Samir is now working to establish
a working partnership between
nursing programs in the United
States and Bethlehem University.
Through compassionate service
and unwavering generosity, Dr.
Samir and Mary Abu-Ghazaleh
and their family are making a
most significant difference in
the lives of students, faculty, and
the entire Bethlehem University
community. The results of their
passionate service and dedication
serve as a shining example of
what is possible for our students.
Dr. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh, M.D. is a retired Gynecological Oncologist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In
addition to his service on the Bethlehem University Foundation Board, he is an active board member of many
professional organizations including the National Cancer Advisory Board, Arab American Institute and the
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation. Dr. Abu Ghazaleh is a member of the Equestrian Order of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, the Order of Malta and the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Unlocking Codes...
Medical Research at Bethlehem University
Combats Hereditary Disease ...
Researchers at Bethlehem University are helping to fight the diseases that plague so
many of our loved ones. Two geneticists, through the use of gene sequencing and
linkage mapping, have been able to detect new genetic mutations that cause not only
hereditary deafness in the Palestinian population but also schizophrenia, congenital
heart disease and breast cancer. In the Nursing department, researchers are working
hard to improve the chances for survival and quality of life among breast cancer
patients. At Bethlehem University’s first ever Research Day, the three shared their
findings as research gains momentum.
Geneticist Dr. Hashem Shahin
tackles genetic problems that
disproportionally affect the
Palestinian population.
Dr. Hashem Shahin is passionate
about genetics. A ’95 Bethlehem
University graduate, he recently
participated in the 12th
International Congress of Human
Genetics/American Society of
Human Genetics 61st Annual
Meeting in Montreal, where he
was invited to present his work.
“Palestine is a goldmine for
geneticists,” Dr. Shahin said about
his work in the area. Because of
marriage patterns in Palestine,
where most marriages take place
between several longstanding
Palestinian clans and families, the
population is unique due to its
very homozygous gene pool. This
is a boon to ‘gene hunters,’ like Dr.
“Because the Palestinian
population originated from a
particular set of ancestors and
its genetic traits have been
concentrated, we can observe
several occurrences of
traits — such as
schizophrenia — in one
family,” Dr. Shahin said.
A Goldmine for Geneticists
This unique situation has enabled
DNA researchers to identify many
genes that cause hearing loss,
syndromic cleft palate, and more.
“As unfortunate as this is, we must
seize this unique opportunity to
hunt these mutations and genes
and hopefully drastically reduce
these cases,” he says. “This has
universal implications for the
entire world because through our
efforts – now other researchers
know what they’re looking for!”
Dr. Shahin feels fortunate
to be a part of this research
community, which allows him
access to existing research and
resources. “They trust me,” he
said. “They know I am working
to help them achieve better
health for themselves and their
children. Utilizing the data that
my team has been collected here,
the technology we have in our
Hereditary Research Lab and
the technology and information,
shared with us by our colleague
Dr. Mary Claire King at the
University of Washington, and
the support of the National
Institute of Health (NIH) and the
Fogarty International Research
Collaboration Award (FIRCA), I
am able to do much more.”
Dr. Shahin is currently focusing his
efforts on building support for his
latest project – hunting the gene
that causes non-syndromic cleft
lip and palate.
He is currently working with
many Palestinian and U.S.-based
physicians and researchers — such
as North Carolina reconstruction
surgeon Dr. John Van Aalst — to
help treat Palestinian families
whose members suffer from the
malformation. According to Dr.
Shahin, Dr. Van Aalst was the
driving force behind the creation of
the Palestinian Cleft Society, which
annually brings surgeons – based
at the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill – to perform surgeries
on Palestinian children who suffer
from this malformation.
Patients throughout the Arab
world have already consulted Dr.
Shahin’s team, – for example,
expectant mothers who wish to
have tests performed to understand
the risks for their unborn children.
Dr. Shahin explains, “this can help
mothers cope with hereditary
disease in the early stages of their
children’s lives, to give them the
best possible chance for survival,
treatment and rehabilitation.”
Opening Doors...
Unlocking the Code ... to Hereditary Diseases
Dr. Moien Kanaan heads the
Hereditary Research Lab at
Bethlehem University, the only
of its kind in the Middle East.
When geneticist Dr. Moien
Kanaan first came to work at
Bethlehem University, he was on
the lookout for a vital research
niche and soon realized that the
field of genetics in the Middle
East was underdeveloped.
“I always knew that childhood
hereditary diseases, a
predominant one being deafness,
are a major health burden on the
Palestinian population,” he said.
“Deafness and other hereditary
diseases have far-reaching and
painful consequences, and in
Palestine, we suffer from one of
the highest rates of hereditary
deafness in the world.”
Dr. Kanaan heads the Hereditary
Research Lab (HRL) at
Bethlehem University — the
only of its kind in the Middle
East, which aims to develop an
ongoing molecular data bank that
addresses the hereditary genetic
diseases common in the region’s
Palestinian population.
The genetic codes of the
Palestinian population should
be studied, he said, because they
can unlock the answers to the
prevention and management of
genetic-based hereditary diseases.
This research requires specialized
training and sustainable transfer
of technology, which has been
made possible via the lab and
data bank. “Building upon what
we have, in terms of genomic
technology and data, means
that Bethlehem University’s
Life Sciences department will
serve at the forefront of medical
and public health research in
Palestine,” he continued. “This
is an advantage to our students,
who will receive up-to-date
training, and strengthen the
quality of research in the field.”
Dr. Kanaan recently took a
sabbatical at the University of
Washington, where he worked
with longtime colleague Dr.
Mary Claire King, most widely
known for her genetics work
for human rights. Because of
a special cooperation with Dr.
King, Dr. Kanaan was able to
take DNA samples from local
families and use linkage mapping
to link to the traits of locations
in chromosomes of particular
genes that related to possible
functions body parts, for example
inner ears. They are also able to
use this technology to work with
congenital heart disease, autism,
epilepsy and breast cancer.
The technology Dr. Kanaan’s
team uses allows geneticists to
perform genetic counseling,
which helps patients understand
health risks and also use
culturally appropriate methods in
testing, surveillance, prevention
strategies, or research trials
needed to manage potential
hereditary diseases, which might
also affect their children. The
implications for the worldwide
medical stage are enormous,
and with these advances and
greater cooperation in the field,
Dr. Kanaan and his colleagues
are poised to make even more
findings that will impact
medicine for generations to
Currently performing joint
research through the National
Institutes of Health (NIH),
Dr. Kanaan is now focused on
hunting the genetic mutations
that cause breast cancer among
Palestinian women and has
already discovered a mutation
within the gene BRCA2.
“This mutation has been
discovered in cancer patients
from several Palestinian families
that do not have records of direct
relation,” he said. “Based on our
research, we think that these
families have a distant common
ancestor, and this mutation was
passed down to them from that
Dr. Kanaan knows they have
only hit the tip of the iceberg
but is confident that his team
will be able to trace even more
inherited cancer genes and this
has implications for
women of all
Figh riers to
in P ting B a Cur
ales reas e:
tine t Ca
Sitting with Dean Mariam
Samara Awad is a lesson in
passion and grace. Newly
established in her position as the
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing
and Health Sciences, the Jordaneducated Dean Awad has served
with the Nursing Department
at Bethlehem for many years.
After personally witnessing a
loved one suffer through breast
cancer, Awad knows part of her
calling is to help other Palestinian
women improve their chances for
surviving the deadly disease.
Together with her colleague Dr.
Hanan Hazboun, Dean Awad
recently conducted research on
the factors that influence quality
of life for Palestinian breast
cancer sufferers. Acknowledging
colleagues Dr. Shahin and Dr.
Kanaan’s work on the genetic
causes of breast cancer, Dean
Awad is spearheading other
aspects of the disease, which
complements the related efforts
in the Faculty of Science.
“We have to address the
emotional, physical, spiritual
and psychological aspects” of
the disease, she said, noting that
colleagues in Social Work are
working with the families to
assist them in coping with these
“The Faculty of Science
is trying to hunt down
the gene that will cause
tomorrow’s cancer
patients, while in the
Nursing Faculty we are
trying to improve chances
for survival of today’s
breast cancer patients.”
Dean Awad also notes that,
despite the considerable
incidence rate of cancer among
Palestinians, no Palestinian
universities currently offer
Oncology specialties. She is
hopeful such a program could
soon be offered at Bethlehem
Breast cancer, often a hereditary
disease, is a problem for
Palestinian women because the
unique patterns in which it occurs,
often with many cases within
one family. The numbers aren’t
exceptionally high, but the context
is detrimental: out of those cases,
nearly 35 percent of the women
are under the age of 40.
“Most of us don’t expect to
develop the disease at such a
young age, and what aggravates
the situation is that in Palestine,
conservative young women are
very hesitant to open up about
such a private topic,” Dean Awad
said. “They feel afraid, ashamed,
and worry about how being
tested or diagnosed may affect
them socially and physically. The
result is that in many cases, we
don’t catch the cancer until well
in the second or third stages,
when it is too late for many
But it is not only the close knit
and conservative culture that
inhibits women from being
proactive in looking after breast
health. Because of low awareness
compared with other parts of
the world, women are not aware
of what they need to look for.
Funding is also an issue – both
to raise awareness and to pay for
the cost of screenings. Whereas a
private patient in Palestine has to
pay 100 shekels (about U.S. $30),
the only publicly funded machine
for the Bethlehem governorate
serves roughly 91,000 women,
including the rural areas. Even
with an increase in awareness,
$30 can be several days’ worth of
wages for a Palestinian family.
Geography is another barrier to
treatment for those who need
chemotherapy. Currently the
only available chemotherapy
centers are located in Jerusalem.
A member of the Oncology
Nursing Society, Dean Awad
has participated in bringing
oncological experts to Palestine
to offer training to oncology
nurses throughout the West
Bank and the Gaza Strip, via
“We are teaching our nursing
students how to administer
chemotherapy treatment and
to help patients manage their
pain during the process,” she
said. Unfortunately, with the
chemotherapy center located in
Jerusalem, oncology students
must obtain expensive permits
to travel there for training, and
chemotherapy patients also
have to cross the “border” for
survivors from Scotland. Awad
also hopes to collaborate with
Medical Aid to Palestine, for
which Mrs. Samira Hassassian,
a former faculty member and
wife of Professor Dr. Manuel
Hassassian, the Palestinian
Ambassador to the UK, was
Patron before she lost her own
battle with breast cancer.
“We lost a valuable member of
our society on the day Samira
died,” Awad reflected. “We hope
that the research and progress
we are making at Bethlehem
University ensures that no more
loving mothers, including my
own mother-in-law and our dear
friend, Mrs. Samira Hassassian,
are lost.”
The Association of the
Palestinian Community in the
UK and Friends of Bethlehem
University in the UK are working
with Bethlehem University to
establish a perpetually endowed
scholarship in loving memory of
Mrs. Samira Hassassian.
Mariam Samara Awad, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences,
says part of her life’s calling is to help Palestinian women
improve their chances of surviving breast cancer.
Awad becomes emotional when
she recalls the long waits and
embarrassment that her motherin-law, who died of breast cancer,
endured at the checkpoints.
“I used to take my mother-in-law
to her chemo treatments on a
public bus, as we aren’t allowed
to drive our own cars to Israelicontrolled Jerusalem,” Awad
said. “Many times there were
long delays during the bus ride
home, sometimes due to soldier
inspection of the bus. It was
humiliating for her as she would
often vomit in front of everyone.”
Awad says there is a glimmer of
hope for a better prognosis, with
several organizations helping
to increase their efforts, as well
as experts and breast cancer
Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of
Bethlehem University (left), and Kevork
Hotel Management
Bethlehem University Educates the Best
“A lot of what I have achieved,
thus far, began at Bethlehem
University,” said Mr. Kevork
Deldelian ‘88, General Manager
of the Oryx Rotana hotel in Doha,
Qatar. “From my first day there,
my character began to take shape,
and what I learned there helped
me to achieve the career I have
An education that began at
Bethlehem University’s Institute
of Hotel Management led to
several different employment
opportunities, including the
management of several hotels
in Jerusalem and now the
management of a five-star hotel.
One of the largest hotels in
the Middle East, the luxurious
establishment is constantly on the
lookout for the best of the best.
Kevork’s thoughts, in recent years,
have turned toward Bethlehem
University, which produces
top-notch graduates of the wellknown hospitality department.
He, on behalf of the hotel group,
is hoping to fill four positions at
the Oryx Rotana -- positions he
Ranjan Tahseen Disi (BU ‘12), one of the Bethlehem
University interns at the Oryx Rotana, has also been
awarded the Walid Dajani Scholarship for excellence
in Hotel Management, which was established by Mr.
Hani Imam (BU ‘77)
Kevork Deldelian (’88), General Manager
of the Oryx Rotana hotel in Doha, Qatar.
hopes will be filled through the
Bethlehem University internship
“I am looking for talented students
who are ambitious and seek to
improve their lives and of those
around them,” Kevork said, noting
that he, like many Bethlehem
University students and graduates,
would like to remain in Palestine
to work after graduating, but the
difficult economic situation makes
that challenging.
“The hope – which has been
fulfilled in so many cases – is that
a considerable number of these
graduates will gain experiences
outside Palestine and bring them
back to the country and create
new opportunities for others,” said
Mr. Nabil Mufdi, Director of the
Institute of Hotel Management.
He adds that graduates such as
Kevork, though led to careers
outside of Palestine, are keen to
support Bethlehem University and
its students.
“At Bethlehem University, we feel
the full weight of responsibility of
providing as many opportunities
as we can, for our students,”
said Bethlehem University Vice
Chancellor Brother Peter Bray,
who recently visited the hotel
and feels it is a great place for his
graduates to further their careers.
“Through this partnership with
Kevork and the Oryx Rotana,
we are providing a professional
environment where our students
can build upon their education
and discover new ways of doing
Kevork happily speaks about
his memories on the Bethlehem
campus, especially lessons learned
from then-Director of the Institute
of Hotel Management, Abu Walid
Al Dajani, who knew what kind of
commitment was required to run
a successful hotel.
diverse courses at the Bethlehem
University Institute of Hotel
Management, which helped to
prepare me for an amazing life. I
am just so grateful that I am able
to not only continue to benefit
from the University but also give
“I breathe my hotel, I
eat my hotel, I sleep my
hotel, and my life revolves
around my hotel,”
Bethlehem University is grateful
for its dedicated and passionate
alumni – and for our friends
around the world – who provide
career development opportunities
for students and graduates.
Kevork responded when asked
about his rigorous schedule,
including managing some 400
employees who come from 30
different countries. “In spite of
the demanding schedule and
tasks I have, I am able to manage
them — in great part — due to my
experiences in the demanding and
If you would like to be involved
with providing hands-on career
experience to one of our students
through a summer internship
program in your area, please
contact our Alumni Office at
[email protected]!
Bethlehem University
Presents Honorary Doctorate to Msgr. Robert L. Stern
At this year’s commencement
ceremonies, longtime friend
and supporter of Bethlehem
University H.E. Monsignor
Archimandrite Robert L. Stern
was awarded with a Doctor of
Humanities, Honoris Causa.
The Bethlehem University
community has recognized
Msgr. Stern for his consistent
expression of love for all of God’s
people through his dedication
to the Vatican’s humanitarian
relief, pastoral and development
support through the Middle East,
Northeastern Africa, India, and
Eastern Europe.
Msgr. Stern was the Secretary
General of the Catholic Near
East Welfare Association
(CNEWA) for 25 years, up until
his retirement last year. CNEWA
was instrumental in the founding
of Bethlehem University, and
has continued to be a strong
supporter and advocate of
Bethlehem University and of the
Holy Land’s Christians.
“I see highly motivated young
men and women who have
worked hard and made great
sacrifices to be here,” Msgr. Stern
said during the presentation,
where he expressed his pleasure
at seeing the sea of young faces.
“I see the mothers and fathers
of tomorrow, the teachers and
nurses, the guides and business
personnel. I see graduates who
have learned well the lesson that
in unity there is strength. I see in
your bright faces and bold hearts
the bright future of Palestine.”
of Bethlehem University’s
International Board of Regents
since 1994 and as the Chair for
13 years. He also was a founding
member of the Bethlehem
University Foundation Board
of Directors in 1998, serving as
Chair for nine years. Msgr. Stern’s
leadership helped greatly to propel
Bethlehem University forward,
enhancing its role in serving the
students, faculty, alumni, and
people of Palestine.
Bethlehem University Vice Chancellor Brother
Peter Bray (left) and Chancellor Archbishop
Antonio Franco (right) present Monsignor
Stern (center) with an honorary doctorate.
Bethlehem University Vice
Chancellor Peter Bray has
commended Msgr. Stern’s
continuous and long time
devotion to Bethlehem University.
He has served as a member
A Visit to Bethlehem University
Provides Many with a Renewal of Faith
It’s 10 a.m. on a bright but chilly
Tuesday morning at Bethlehem
University. Just like their peers in
universities around the world, our
energetic students spend those
precious minutes between classes
chatting about their social life,
texting on their cell phones, or
perhaps even finding a moment to
make those last-minute additions
to their homework assignments.
Unlike their peers from other
universities, though, Bethlehem
University students have the
incredible opportunity to welcome
thousands of guests and pilgrims
– from many nations and religious
backgrounds – to their campus
each and every year.
With each new visitor, the students
smile, engage in conversation,
and return to their normal daily
activities. For many of the visitors
to campus, the opportunity to
visit with Bethlehem University
students helps to shape – or
perhaps renew – their faith.
After hearing of our students’
stories of perseverance against
the odds, many guests to campus
describe it as the “most meaningful
experience” among their many
pilgrimage visits in the Holy Land.
Most people tell us that “meeting
Bethlehem University students –
both Christian and Muslim – gives
me renewed hope and faith in its
truest, living form. Bethlehem
University is truly a place where we
all can learn, love and renew.”
Perspectives of Inspiration
The Church is Alive in Bethlehem University…
His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York
“Every time I come here, I
leave with hope, the hope that
radiates from the beautiful
students. Thanks be to God for
Bethlehem University!”
This is how Cardinal Timothy
Dolan described his January visit to
Bethlehem University.
Visibly heartened by the positive
atmosphere and Palestinian style
hospitality at Bethlehem University,
Cardinal Dolan praised the Brothers
and the faculty for being able to create
a space of learning and growth:
“We’ve come to Bethlehem because
it’s the birthplace of Jesus, who is
the most important person in our
lives. And we’ve come here because
it reminds us the Church in the Holy
Land is not just a museum and not
just a historical fact – but is living and
still goes on – so the work of Jesus
continues in and through the Church.
So if you want to see where that’s
alive, come to a place like Bethlehem
Timothy Cardinal Dolan (left) and Brother Jack Curran, Vice President of Development for
Bethlehem University (right), enjoy spirited conversation with a Bethlehem University student
during Cardinal Dolan’s visit to campus in January 2012.
Among the most impactful of
impressions during his visit were
the wonderful relations between
students and faculty across several
different faith traditions – from the
Lasallian Brothers who founded and
oversee Bethlehem University, to the
70 percent majority Muslim student
“When we come to a place like
this, and you see what Bethlehem
University does to bring people
together – who become not only
schoolmates but friends – that is
religion at its best,” he said.
Dining at Bethlehem University in January 2012, from left to right: His Eminence Timothy
Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York; Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem
University; His Grace Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.
A Future Worth Working For…
His Grace Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
Dr. Rowan Williams, the
Archbishop of Canterbury, is an
Anglican with a deep respect for
Bethlehem University and its
presence in the Holy Land.
This past summer, he co-hosted
the Christians in the Holy Land
Conference at Lambeth Palace
in London, which examined
the difficult living situation that
Christians face in the Holy Land
and explored ways to alleviate
these hardships. Bethlehem
University was hailed by many
leaders across the Christian,
jewish, and Muslim faiths,
and speeches from Bethlehem
University students were featured
prominently in media coverage
across the world as a highlight of
the Conference.
“I want to say to
Christians in the Holy
Land that we treasure
enormously their presence
and witness,”
His Grace Dr. Rowan
Williams, Archbishop
of Canterbury (right),
visits with Sister Patricia
Crockford (left), at
Bethlehem University.
Archbishop Williams said at
the Conference, adding that
Christians in the West “need to
be aware that the Christians of
the Holy Land are an intrinsic
part of our Christian family.”
After the meaningful and
productive Conference last
summer, Archbishop Williams
felt compelled to visit Bethlehem
University again. During his time
on campus this January, he was
able to re-connect personally
with students and see the way
in which Bethlehem University
is uniquely positioned to make
a real difference in the struggles
that exists in the Holy Land:
“The miracle is that they believe
there is a future worth working
for,” he said. “Not a future of
division or exclusion; not a future
of violence and rivalry but a
future of sharing, understanding
in justice.
That is at the very heart of what
this institution stands for. When
we are told that they are blessed,
who hunger and thirst for justice,
by our Lord in the Beatitudes,
there can be no doubt that
Bethlehem University takes its
stance among the blessed.”
Forty-eight previously
unemployed graduates of
Bethlehem University are now
employed, thanks to the work of
the Alumni Office and support
from the Italian Ministry of
Youth (IMY), USAID through the
International Youth Foundation
(IYF), the Western USA and
Northwestern USA Lieutenancies
of the Equestrian Order of the
Holy Sepulchre, and the Grand
Magisterium of the Equestrian
Order of the Holy Sepulchre.
In this program, 200 students and
recent graduates participated in
entrepreneurship and business
planning workshops. Through the
Sir John McGuckin Internship
and Mentoring Program, 26
students had international
internships in Abu Dhabi, Qatar,
Belgium, Italy, and the United
States. Now, all are graduated
and currently employed. Most
recently, 22 graduates have been
employed by seven different
Bethlehem-area employers.
Transcend Support (www.
transcendsupport.com), a new
start-up outsourcing solutions
provider co-founded by Nassim
Nour (BU ’91) together with Jerry
Marshall from the UK and Russ
Sandlin from the USA, has
hired 12 Bethlehem University
graduates through the Alumni
Relations Office – with capacity
to hire 70 more! They offer
call center services in English,
Arabic and other languages
for international companies,
especially those serving the
Middle East: telesales, “inbound”
customer technical support,
satisfaction surveys, debt
collection, data entry/cleanup,
etc., which can be integrated with
web chat and email response.
“Providing employment
for hundreds of bright and
educated young people
who can ‘transcend’ the
political and physical
barriers and reach out
to the world with their
outstanding skills and
talents is the least I can
give back to my university
and to my home town,
Bethlehem,” said Nassim Nour.
“We are very happy that
Bethlehem University thought of
us and our need for employment.
I appreciate the help in getting a
foot in the work environment,”
said Reem Moussa (BU’10).
“The benefits of the skills training
and entrepreneurship workshops
helps to bring the Bethlehem
University graduates to the top of
the employment list,” commented
Ms. Raneen Al-Arja (BU ’08, M
‘12), Alumni Relations Career and
Internship Coordinator.
Issam and Jihan Adoni (BU ‘86),
Hussam Hilal (BU ‘11), Ehab
Isaac (BU ‘09), Yacoub Masad
(BU ‘07), and Nafee Jaraiseh (BU
‘11) are six graduates employed
by Zeva Incorporated (http://
www.zevainc.com/), a company
founded by Issam and Jihan
Adoni. Four of the graduates
work from their Maryland-based
office while two of the graduates
work from their Bethlehembased office using the internet to
submit work materials to their
Maryland-based office.
Cooperation and investment
with local and international
communities in creative ways
is bringing much needed
employment opportunities to
Bethlehem University graduates
and diversifying the Bethlehem
area economy. For more
information, contact the Alumni
Relations Office:
[email protected]
From right to left:
Nassim Nour (BU ’91)
with partners Jerry
Marshall and Russ
Alumni Office Increasing Employment in Palestine
In Memory
December 11, 2011 at the age of 76.
Cardinal John Patrick Foley
Cardinal John Patrick Foley,
former Grand Master Emeritus
of the Equestrian Order of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem,
was a great friend of Bethlehem
University. He passed away
In 2007, His Holiness Pope
Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal
Foley as the Grand Master of
the Equestrian Order of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem,
which Cardinal Foley led until
his resignation due to illness in
February 2011. Cardinal Foley had
significantly enhanced efforts of the
Order in providing for the needs of
the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
and the various initiatives of the
Lieutenancies of the Equestrian
Order to support the Christian
presence in the Holy Land.
Last May 2011, Bethlehem
University presented a Doctor
of Humanities, honoris causa,
to Cardinal John Patrick Foley, a
longtime supporter of Bethlehem
University and tireless advocate for
October 8, 2011 at the age of 62.
A brother of the De La Salle
Brothers of the Christian Schools,
Brother Donald was a dedicated
supporter of Bethlehem University.
He most recently was a faculty
member of Saint Mary’s College
of California, where he brought
many student groups to Bethlehem
University. Brother Donald was
also a member of the Equestrian
Order of the Holy SepulcherNorthwestern Lieutenancy.
Brother Donald Mansir
Brother Donald Mansir,
former Bethlehem University
faculty member (1988-1993)
and former Director of the
Pontifical Mission of Palestine
in Jerusalem, passed away on
As Office Director of the Catholic
Near East Welfare Association
(CNEWA), where he started as
the field projects coordinator for
the Pontifical Mission’s Jerusalem
office, Brother Donald supervised
the expansion of the agency’s
programs and services in Palestine
and Israel, earning respect for his
balanced but strong advocacy
the people of God and the Catholic
Church throughout the world, and
especially in the Holy Land.
In January of 2008, Cardinal Foley
was awarded the Bethlehem
University Medal of Honor.
“Without the tremendous moral
and financial support Bethlehem
University receives from the
Equestrian Order of the Holy
Sepulchre, it simply would not be
possible to continue our work,”
Brother Robert Smith, Vice
President for Academic Affairs
stated, while presenting the
medal to Cardinal Foley. Brother
Jack Curran, Vice President
for Development added, “Your
solidarity gives our students,
faculty and staff hope to go on with
their struggle for a better future.”
for justice and peace issues
throughout the Holy Land. Brother
Donald was a Vatican advisor on
Palestinian issues and president of
the Pontifical Mission for Palestine
during the 1990s. As such, he
was involved in Jordan, Palestine,
Israel and Lebanon, assisting in
diplomatic and humanitarian
Students from Bethlehem
University who knew and loved
Brother Donald left touching
messages in his memory, such as
this, from B’shara Nassar (’11):
“Today one of my dearest and
closest friends passed away.
Br. Donald, you were such an
inspiration to me; you were my
teacher, my father and my friend.
The world is a different place
without you. R.I.P. Brother.”
27 May 2011 – 15 February 2012
for your
Signum Fidei: $150,000 +
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub
Bethlehem University Foundation
Custody of the Holy Land
EOHSJ - Grand Magisterium
Fundacion Promocion Social de la
Sir Hugh L. MacKinnon
Mr. Robert J. O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolfe
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Irene Wolff,
through EOHSJ – Toronto
Founders Club: $50,000+
EOHSJ - Germany - S.E. Dr. rer. pol.
Heinrich Dickmann
Friends of Bethlehem University in the
UK - Msgr. Vladimir Felzmann, KCHS
Friends of Bethlehem University in
Ireland - Dr. John Kelly, Chair
German Association of the Holy Land
- Heinz Thiel
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Jabra Doughbag
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Mr. and Mrs. Elias Aburdene
Mr. Mohammad Al-Okar
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jungers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moley
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Embassy of New Zealand in Turkey
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USA - Lt. Lady Mary O’Brien, LGCHS
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Ministry – Sr. Mary Kay Milne, OSU
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Ms. Karen Linder
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memory of her mother Gertrude
Martin Andrews
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Bethlehem University
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Australia, New Zealand, Papua New
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Schmidt Family Foundation
Haas Foundation
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Chancellor’s Club: $5,000+
Bethlehem Association Scholarship
Fund - Dr. Edward A. Hazboun
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EOHSJ - Western Lieutenancy, USA
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The John C. & Carolyn Noonan
Parmer Private Foundation - Ms.
Carolyn Parmer
PalTel Group Foundation
RCB Wealth Management
United Holy Land Fund
Mr. Robert Brass
Rev. R. Adam Forno, KHS
Tony and Patti Garczynski, KHS & LHS
Sir Michael J. and Lady Karen M. Hall
Mr. Howard E. Hallengren
Lt. Lady Mary O’Brien, LGCHS, and
Mr. Terry O’Brien
Mrs. Mary A. Simon
Vice Chancellor’s Club: $1,000+
Bethlehem Arab Society for
Charles Foundation Charitable Trust
Christians Aware
Christian Brothers Roncalli
Community - Br. Thomas McPhillips, FSC
De La Salle Provincialate - Ireland - Br.
Francis Manning, FSC
FBI-Five Brothers Investment
John Aves Educational Trust, Mr. Nick
Ladah Foundation, Mr. and Mrs.
Michael Ladah
Megazyme PTY LTD - Dr. Barry
Notre Dame de Sion - Sr. Diane Willey, NDS
Notre Dame de Sion Ecce Homo
Convent - Sr. Trudy Nabuurs
Queensland Lieutenancy of the
Equestrian Order of the Holy
Sepulcher of Jerusalem
Saint Agnes Church - Rev. Lee R. Roos
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John Shamleffer
San Rafael Parish - Msgr. Dennis
Sr. Canice Hanrahan
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Mikulanis, S.T.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hazboun
Ms. Ann K. Morales
Shrewsbury Diocese - Fr. Peter
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Mr. John Bosco O>Hagan
Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres
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Mr. Matthew Pico
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memory of Hadiya Bitar
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Temple of Jerusalem
Mrs. Teresita G. Jarquio, in honor
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Richter
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Ms. Patti Riippa and Mr. Vern Marince
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Mr. Benjamin Monastero, III
Mr. Brian Thompson
Lawrence B. Borst
Rev. Kevin Neal
Mr. Mario Toumayan, in honor of Br.
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Helen Brady
Ў Professor Jack Breihan
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Okner
Jean Manuel, FSC
Rev. Robert H. Oldershaw
Mr. and Mrs. William Voss
Mr. Sa-ed Al-Budeiri
Mr. Jamal Sa’d
Mr. Robert M. Weiss
Mr. J. Henry Butta
Rev. Bruce Shipman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curran
Brian and Betty Singer-Towns
Special Friends ($500+)
Ms. Tamara Dabdoub
Sharon and Thomas Stoffel
Anonymous Donor
H.E. Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Mr. Keith Walters, in honor of BU/
Anonymous Donor, in honor of Br.
Mr. George E. Doty
PSU partnership
Jerome Sullivan, FSC
Ms. Kathleen Egan
Mr. Joseph Wilson, in honor of Fr. Paul
Christian Brothers Community at
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eyerman
Anthony Group
Manhattan College - Br. Timothy
H.E. Cardinal John Patrick Foley
₣ Mrs. May Young
Murphy, FSC
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Frechtling
Mario and Mary Vivian Zelaya, in
De La Salle College, Malta - Br. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friel
memory of Alfred J. Hansen
Borg, FSC
Mrs. Marjorie Galvin
Macmillan Publishers Limited
Mr. Garrett Kenneath Glynn
Our Lady Queen of All Creation Parish Century Club ($100+)
James and Patricia Kavanagh Grant, in
Christian Brothers Saint Patrick
- Dr. and Mrs. David Toorawa
honor of Fr. John Malone
Community - Br. Konrad Diebold, FSC
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (The
Ms. Florence I. Gregoric
Church of St. Pius X - Rev. Fr. Michael
Retreat) - Rev. Mark White, CP
Joan Lesley Egan
Radencic Family Fund
Ms. Maha Habiba
De La Salle Community - Br. Dale
Mr. M. J. Adamski
Ms. Erica Hahn
Mooney, FSC
Mr. Robert L. Berner, Jr.
Mrs. Paula Harris
EOHSJ - Lieutenancy of Australia –
Ў Mr. and Mrs. Elias Botto
Dr. Nicholas S. Hopkins
Western - H.E. Robert Peters,
Joanne and Charles Brown
Manford Hotchkiss and Mary RyanKC*HS
Bruce and Judy Butler
EOHSJ - The Netherlands - Lt.
Mr. and Mrs. John Butterfield
Pfr. Markus Höyng
Godfried J. H. Prieckaerts
Mrs. Claire Carey
Lee and Virginia Huntsman
Gymnasium Waldstrasse in Hattingen
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Cheryl Colecchi
Ў Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jezycki
ICAHD - UK, Linda Ramsden
Mr. Donald Costello, in memory of Br.
Patricia and Francis Jilk
Saint Alban, Mainz group led by Mr.
Vincent, Br. Fergus Br. Cajetin, Mr.
Mr. Edward Karkar
Johannes Zang
& Mrs. Richard Costello, and in
Mr. Nils & Mrs. Josephine Kamsvaag
Sisters of St. Joseph - Bethany Convent
honor of Br. Alban
Mr. Elias Khoury
Sisters of Charity BVM Center - Sr.
Rev. Pamela and Alan Cram
Mr. Munir Khoury
Mary Ann Zollmann, BVM
Dr. Mary-Claire King, PhD, in honor of Ms. Ann S. Dickson
Bishop Stephan Ackermann
Tom and Karen Dowd
Cait Rippey
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Adolph
Ms. Noreen Dunn
Br. Bernard Knezich, FSC
Victoria and Michael Armstrong
Mrs. Helena Wanda Ellis
Mrs. Mary Levin
Mrs. Yolanda Atler
Sami and Irene El-Yousef
H. E. Carlo Cardinal Martini
Ross and Janet Bacica
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Faherty
Mr. Michael McAllister
Mrs. LeeAnn Badum, in honor of Lady
Mr. Tom and Dr. Corine Fitzpatrick
Mr. John McCaffrey
Joyce Standish
Mr. Michael R. Galvin
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howen
Mr. and Mrs. John Dorward
Ms. Delores J. Baker, in memory of Cy
Rev. Deacon and Mrs. William Edward Bishop Howard Hubbard, AFSC
Mr. Kent H. Hughes
Mrs. Alma R. Ball
Mr. Joseph Imbriaco
Rev. Joseph M. Doyle, SSJ
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Banda, on
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ingram
Drs. Brian J. and Gloria Duffy
behalf of Joseph and Judith De
Dr. Arland Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Duggan, AFSC
Ms. Lourdes Jalando-on
Sr. William Eileen Dunn, DC
Ms. Patricia Barbernitz
Mr. Anton Hanna Jouzy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earley
Most Rev. Gerald Barnes
Rev. Gerry Kane
Rev. Kail Ellis, OSA, PhD
Ms. Linda Batton
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Karam
Mr. and Mrs. John Elser
Dr. Daniel Beauchamp
Harry and Ana Katz
Br. Christopher Englert, FSC
Br. Marvin Becker, FSC
Mr. Michael Keary
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Erickson
Sr. Barbara Blesse, O.P., in honor of Br.
Mr. James Keefe
Br. Edward Everett, FSC
Jack Curran
Dr. David H. Kelly
Mr. Norman Ewers
Ms. Sharyn K. Bozied
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Angela Fairweather Br. James Kelly, FSC
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brennan
Br. Dominic Kennedy, FSC
Ms. Mary Farrell
Rev. Hans A.L. Brouwers
Mrs. Helen Kiener-Truninger
Mr. Anthony J. Fasano
John and Christine Brown
Mrs. Elizabeth Kilkenny
Ms. Sheila M. Ferguson
Rev. Gerard Burns
Mr. and Mrs. John Jay King
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Finnegan, Jr
Mr. Matthew Butler, in honor of Helen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike King
Ms. Mary Fitzgerald
Lavina Dowse
Br. Charles Kitson, FSC
Dr. Richard Flahavan, in memory of
Sir Richard and Lady Eileen Butler, in
Rev. Ralph Kleiter, in honor of
Stephen & Helen Flahavan
memory of Cardinal John Patrick
Saskatoon Diocese Pilgrim Journeys
Dr. Peter R. and Mrs. Christine M.
Rev. Paul Byrnes
Robert and Barbara Klocke
Mr. Gerald Flood
Ms. Patrice M. Campbell, in honor of
Rev. Anton ten Klooster, in honor of
Ms. Mary Folsom
Fr. Don Willette
H.E. Charles Foos, KC*HS
Ms. Carole Cannon
Very Rev. George M. Kloster, VF
Mr. and Mrs. Athol Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Carlton
Ms. Anne Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fowler
Br. Robert Carnaghi, FSC
Mrs. Janice Krouskop
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friel
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kruitwagen
Mr. Robert Gareis
Mrs. Gerry Casey
Mr. John Joseph Garvey
Ms. Susan M. Castellan
# Dr. Haifa Kunkar
Rev. Msgr. Raymond J. Kupke
Mr. Ray A. Gerritzen
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ceasar
Ms. Cynthia Ladd
Mr. Mike Giacaman
Ms. Jeanette Cecile
Mr. Alfred A. Lagan, CFA
Rev. John M. Gibbons
Mrs. Suzanne M. Ching, in honor of
Rev. Marshall Larriviere
Br. Columba Gleeson, FSC
Demitri Awwad
H.E. Cardinal Bernard Francis Law
Ms. Jane B. Griffin
Mrs. Katherine Chow
Mr. Francois Letaconnoux
Mr. James Griffin
Rev. Msgr. Joseph Ciampaglio
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Locher
Mr. Richard Guthrie, in honor of Lissa
Mr. Charles Clifford
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Loftus
Mr. Anthony Colao
Ms. Barbara Lubinski
Mr. Najib Habesch, in loving memory
Mr. John and Yvette Connell
Archbishop George J. Lucas
of Dr. Octave N. Habesch
Ms. Mary C. Conti
Ms. Corinne M. Lyon, in honor of Fr.
Msgr. James D. Habiger
₣ Mr. Raymond Corby
# Dr. Hanna Hallak
Donald Senior
Paul and Bernadette Crossey
Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Macaskill
Rev. Larry and Mary Hansen, in honor
Rev. John P. Cunningham
Mr. Tony Mahon, KHS
of Rev. Richard Rutherford, CSC
Br. Matthew Cunningham
Ms. Michele Malloy
Dr. David Harnden and Dr. Susan
Ў Bob and Nora D’Acquisto
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Martin
Ў Ms. Nicole D’Acquisto
Dr. Norma Masrieh
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Helmer
Mrs. Debroh Darnes
Mr. Oscar J. Mayorga
Br. Peter Henderson, FSC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Davis
Ms. Kerry McArdle, in memory of Br.
Mr. John D. Herrick, KGCHS
Ms. Margaret Deeby
Fergus McArdle, FSC
Mrs. Veronica Hertel, in honor of Rev.
Rev. Charles Des Ruisseaux
Mr. James McCavitt
Ronald Lewinski
Msgr. Daniel Dillabough
Dr. James McGill
Rev. Rudolf Hinz
Mr. Peter Doris
Des and Marjorie McMahon
Rev. Harry Holden
Dr. Charles Dorman
¶ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mertz
Rev. Nicholas Joseph Hoogeveen
Dr. and Mrs. Jared H. Dorn
Mr. Christian Michener
Mr. and Mrs. William Hopfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dorsey
Miss Jane Russell
M. et MME Jean-Louis Mignot
Ms. Mary Catherine Ryan
Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, S.T.D.
M. et Mme. André Miquel
Ў Ms. Mary Saad
Julie Moentk
Ў Mr. Nelson Saad
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sacra
Mrs. Margaret Mooney
Ms. Betty L. Scheetz, in honor of Fr.
Ms. Alice S. Moore
Don Willette
Mr. Michael Moyna
Ms. Elaine Schuster
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mueller
Mr. Duel Scroggins
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sewall
Mr. Donald W. Muncy
Ms. Denise Shirley
Mr. David Murdoch, in honor of
Ms. Carmen Simich-Dudgeon
Catholic Theological Union
Mr. Bill Snowdon
Ms. Marguerite Joyce Murphy, in
Mr. Romell Soudah
honor of Fr. Don Willette
Þ Dr. Ana Spitzmesser
Dr. Walid Mustafa
Ms. Linda J. Stine
Mrs. Toni Najor
Dr. Jerald W. Strickland
Ms. Charlotte L. Nesseth
Mr. Reinhard Suchsland
Ms. Daisy G. Neves
Ms. Celine Sullivan, in honor of Br.
Mr. Joseph T. Nix
Jack Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Connell
Mrs. Dolly Sullivan
Mr. Titus Odedun
Br. Jerome Sullivan, FSC
Rev. Thomas M. O’Donnell
Mr. Mark Syjut
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Keefe
Mrs. Ana Tarajano
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Leary
Rev. Anthony Richard Taschetta
Sr. Irene O’Neill, CSJ
Dr. Shibley Telhami and Ms. Kathryn
Rev. John Ossola
Michele and Marlene Palazzo, in
J. and C. Thompson
honor of Fr. Adam Forno
Ms. Patricia L. Tolbert
Mr. Michael John Jude Palmer
Very Rev. Charles Troncale
Monsieur Marcel Paris
Ms. Margaret Twomey
Ms. Mary Patania
Ms. Sonia Vandama
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payant
Ms. Constance van Wesemael
Mr. Lawrence Pfundstein
Mr. Joseph Vasut
Rev. Mark Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vincent
Professor Alain Pique
Mr. Bernie Wagnild
Sir Richard & Lady Katherine Pizzato
Dr. Jack Walsh
Br. David Poos, FSC
Mr. Anthony Watkins
Mr. Peter Powell
Mr. and Mr. John Watkins III
Br. Patrick Power, FSC
Mr. Ray Watson
Dr. Maher Qabar, PhD
Mrs. June D. Whitson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quigley
Mr. Jonathan Wilkenfeld
Sr. Marianne Race, CSJ
William and Barbara Wilkinson
Mrs. Ellen Regan, in honor of Fr. Don
Paul and Marianne Williams, in
memory of Gerry & Paul Williams
Mr. Richard W. Reid
and Marie Connelie
Ms. Barbara G. Reynolds
Sr. Stephanie Wilson, OSU
Mr. James Richard
Ms. Christy N. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Ries
Mrs. Lorraine Ybarra
Dr. Patrick and Dr. Pamela Joan Ring
Evie and Victor York
Mrs. Margaret Robertson
Dr. Kathleen Yosko
Dr. R. Paul Robertson, MD
Ў Dina Zoumot
Darryl and Ellen Ross
Br. James Roszak, FSC, in honor of Br.
Silver Anniversary ($25+)
Vincent Malham, FSC
Saint La Salle Community, Br. Anthony
Paul and Elizabeth Royer
Lenz, FSC
Ms. Gayle Ruedi
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Sr.
Rev. Patrick Rush
Ruth Kuhn, SC
Van Wild Home Furnishers, Inc.
Mrs. Donna Abramov
Ms. Teresa Acosta
Mrs. Anna Johanna M. Altena
Mrs. Bridget Anderson
Mr. Gregory J. Appleton
Þ Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Arena
Þ Mrs. Kathleen Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel John Batarseh
Deacon Jene Baughman
Br. Robert Berger, FSC
Ms. Jo Ann M. Bergesen
Mr. Frits and Margaret Bergman
Ў Mr. Mark Botto
Ў Mr. Kevin Brady
Mr. Anthony Brear, in honor of Marie
and Tony Brear
Mrs. Rosellen Burkart
Rev. Martin Burnham
Mrs. Pauline Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chester Bush
Mrs. Deborah Butler
Mr. Guy Butterworth, in honor of Br.
Joseph Loewenstein, FSC
T. Callahan
Ms. Victoria Campton, in honor of Fr.
John Burnette
Mr. Stephen Cartwright
Ms. Joan Castellan
Mr. and Mrs. John Castle
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Catapang
Dr. James Coady
Ms. Kathleen L. Collins
The Most Reverend James D. Conley,
Br. James Connolly, FSC
Fr. John Conrad
Ms. Dorene Cropley
Sr. Sheila Curran
Mr. Richard H. and Mrs. Donna B.
Mrs. Erica Danvers
Prof. David Depew
Dr. Thresa Devasia
Mrs. Jean Dolan
Mr. Albert Doumar
Ms. Eleanor A. Dowson
Mr. Scott Dressler
Ms. Kathryn Dugaw
Mr. Nicola K. Fallis
Rev. Joseph R. Farrell, KHS
Mr. Robert Fernandes
Ms. Claire Fordrung
Craig and Dolores Foster
Ms. Mary R. Fournier
Mrs. Evangelina Gamboa
Mr. Greg A. Gaut
Ms. Theodora Geokezas
Sr. Barbara Gfeller, SNJM
Mr. Michael E. Gleason
Ў Ms. Monica Brady Gookins
Mr. Don Gotschall
Dr. and Mrs. John Greenwood
Rev. Msgr. Edmund O. Griesedieck
Mr. Michael Gwilliam
Ms. Jennifer Hammand
Ms. Sheryl L. Hanson
Mr. John Hardman
Mr. and Mrs. David Hart
Ms. Mary Ann Hayward
Br. Eric Henderson, FSC
Mr. and Mrs. Reinald Heue
Pat and Zaida Hoggard
Ms. Mary Hulett
Ms. Geraldine Iacoboni
Mr. Stanley Jeffs
Ms. Marjorie Jennings
Ў Ms. Denise Jezycki
Ms. Margareta Johansson
Rev. James Kane
Mr. J. A. Karuzas, in honor of Fr. Don
Dr. Kenneth Nicholas Kast, in memory
of Mary Kay Kast
Mrs. Mary Josephine Kelly
Rev. Richard Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kriegshauser
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Helen Lambert
Ms. Patricia Latteri
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Laubach
Ms. Aurora H. Lazo
Rev. Ron Lewinski
Br. James Loxham, FSC
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Lusser
Ms. Marilyn L. Maddeford
Br. William Martin, FSC
Mr. William James Martin
Ms. Vera Masrieh-Homsi
Mr. V. G. McCardle
Shannon and Frederick McCarthy
Mr. Nigel McFarlane
Þ Patricia Barbernitz Endowed
Scholarship Fund, St. John
the Evangelist Roman Catholic
Community of Columbia, MD
Ψ Siman Family Endowed Scholarship
¶ Jan and Gordon Forbes Endowed
Sr. Mary Scanlon
Br. Joel William McGraw, FSC, in
Dr. Judith Schaefer, O.P., Ph.D.
memory of Br. Vincent Malham, FSC
Rev. Henry Schmidt
Rev. Michael B. McGarry, CSP
Mr. David Schultze II
Ms. Janet L. McGowan
Ms. Katheran A. Schupp
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph McGrath
Mr. John Scott
Mrs. Rosemary Mellor, OBE, JP, DHS
Ms. Evalyn Finn Segal
Ms. Shirley A. Meredith
Mrs. Betty Sherbs
Ms. Alice Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Art Sheridan
Mr. Leo M. Meyer, Jr., in honor of Fr.
Don Willette
# Dr. Adnan Shqueir
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey O. Simmons III
Mr. and Mrs. John Mill
Mr. and Mrs. John Sinfield
Rev. Thomas Millane
Mrs. Coe M. Slattery
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Moody
Mrs. Heather Sangster Smith
Mrs. Phyllis Mooney
Ms. Judith A. Smith
Sue and Jim Morris
Ms. Linda E. Smith
Mr. Dennis B. Morse
Rev. A. Francis Soucy, OFM
Br. Frederick Mueller, FSC
John and Rose Southall
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Niembro
Mr. William T. Stead
Sir John Nutley, KCG*HS
Sr. Florence Steichen, CSJ
Mr. Raymond A. Olsen
Mr. Young D. Stewart
Mrs. Irenea Openano
Mr. Mike Suttill
Mrs. Eileen Pearce
Ms. Joan M. Pease, in honor of Fr. Don Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Symkowick
Mrs. Gill Tebbs
Rev. Richard Tero
Mr. and Mrs. John Petro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Toso
Rev. Thomas Phillips, in honor of
Doris and Gerald Turner
Archbishop O’Brien
Mr. Richard E. Ullrich
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Piotrowski
Mrs. Joan Van Buren
Mr. George Porcaro, Jr., in memory of
Rev. Andrew Vollkommer
Rosalie A. Porcaro
Rev. Marcus J. Voss
Mr. Gus Porteners
Ms. Judith A. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Pryor
Ms. Anne Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Quaintance
Ms. Sharon Ward, in honor of Fr. Don
Prof. Dr. Regina Radlbeck-Ossmann
Ms. Anne Rado
Kathleen and James Wellman
Mrs. Nancy Reichel
Sister Wanda Wetli, CSJ
Miss Mattie Renn
Mrs. Elaine Wiatr, in honor of all
Mr. Robert J. Ring II
Palestinian people
Mr. and Mrs. David Robinson
Sister Jolene Wingert, OSF
Ms. Joanne M. Rokosky
Ms. Mary Wolfe
Mrs. Ann Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wrona
Ms. Joanna Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Younkin
Mr. Isaac Sahhar
Ms. Paula Ziadie
Ms. Jennifer O’Neil Sajbel
Mrs. Joyce Zien
Ms. Catherine E. Zylstra
Most Rev. Joseph M. Sartoris
Ў Shehadeh and Madeleine Botto
Endowed Scholarship
ß Marguerite Sa’ad Endowed
Scholarship Fund
Ω Sir Martin Hall Endowed
Scholarship Fund
₣ Bishop Robin Leamy SM New
Zealand Catholic Pilgrim Endowed
# Naseem Shqueir Endowed
Matching gifts:
§ NSTAR Foundation
% Union Bank Foundation
& Bank of America United Way
** PG & E corporation
in Ca
alt +
the H
eptem Rosica
ian O ancy
1 21 S
h the stern Lie
b er
ve y
with tralia
ptem hael Mul
2 2
ard S lem - Au
op M of Jerusa
nd R hre of Jer
) and hre of
3 30 S nant Ro
f the
Lieu trian Ord
Rotte oly Sepu
he H
er 20 vers (Di rder of t
Sept bert Ku estrian O
4 29
nd K
er Ro the Equ nds
p f ro
ar W
grou lem - Ne
her O
ge g r
tober Sansour rland
5 5
Dr. M of ABU S
rd M rk (UK)
tober he Forces of South
6 6
op of
Bish he Archd
21 November 2011
Mr. Alfonso M. Po
rtabales, Consul G
eneral of
Spain in Jerusalem
, with Brother Pete
r Bray
11 25 N
ovember 2011:
Ambassador Tim
Fischer, Australia
Diplomatic Repr
esentative to the
y See,
with Brother Jack
Curran and Bethl
University studen
12 21 Decem
ber 2011:
Monsignor John K
ozar, President of
Catholic Near Ea
st Welfare Associa
Mo ctob
er 2
rra nor J 011:
Dio n, a ohn
pilg cese o nd Bi Hicke
Ho rims f Jeffer hop Jo l, Bro
ly S
epu m th on Ci hn Ga her Ja
ncy re of quest ith a os of t
Jeru ria
A p ctob
n O group e
Kra lgrim 201
No er of t
age 1:
tz f
the he
rom gro
Bis ovemb
Arc led b
Fat op Pa er 201
oce Fath
e of er A
Det lex
hle Justic wain
hem Wa , M
Un chs ary A
of S
y st outh D -Ghaz
nts kota leh,
, an
Want to
Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
depends on the generosity of friends
like you! Please consider how you can
join us in our work to develop a bright
future for our students:
1. Pray for the students, faculty, staff
and alumni of Bethlehem University
and all those who live in this Holy
2. Stand in solidarity with Bethlehem
University by visiting our campus
and meeting the students who benefit
so greatly from your support.
3. Contribute financially to the work
of Bethlehem University. More
than two-thirds of our operating
budget is provided by donations
from individuals and organizations
committed to providing an education
to our bright young students.
Gifts from the local and international
community can be made via check
payable to “Bethlehem University” or
by bank transfer. For more information,
please contact:
Ms. Shahinda Nassar
Bethlehem University
Campus Development Office
PO Box 11407 - 99248 Jerusalem
[email protected]
Tel: +972 2 274 1241
Fax: +9 72 2 274 4400
In the United States, Bethlehem
University is a tax deductible nonprofit, eligible for employer matching
grants (Tax ID 22-2997011). Checks
can be made payable to “Bethlehem
University.” For more information,
please contact:
Brother Dominic Smith, FSC
Bethlehem University
North American Development Office
Hecker Center, Suite 330
3025 Fourth Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017-1102
[email protected]
Tel: 202 526 6097
Fax: 202 526 6096
Donate online

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