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Mr, Anastas Mikoyan, first Deputy Prime Minister of the Soviet Union,
arrived in Accra January, 10 to begin a five-day state visit to Ghana at the
invitation of Osagyefo the President.
Mr. Mikoyan was leading a seven-man Soviet delegation for talks with the
Ghana Government included in the delegation were experts on Trade and African
The Soveit Deputy Prime Minister, was accpmted a rousing welcome when he
arrived from Conakry for an official visit to Ghana.
Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who, last year had extended an invitation to
Mr. Mikoyan to visit Ghana, was at the airport to head an official party to
welcome the distinguished Soviet visitors.
As state drums peeled and gunct boomed in the distance, thousands of people
who had taken their position many hours before the scheduled arrival of the
plane, burst into wild cheering and waved handkerchiefs and shouted Russo-Ghana
Mr. Mikoyan descended from his special plane.
wild cheering of the crowd.
He smiled and waved to the
Osagyefo shook hands with the Soviet leader and they embraced each other
in the traditional manner.
Osagyefo introduced to the visitor cabinet ministers and members of the
central committee of the party who had lined up at the foot of the gangway.
Mr. Mikoyan was escorted by Osagyefo to a specially erected dais from where
he w*s
presented with a general salute by the Presidential guard
company which formed a guard of honour.
The National Anthems of Ghana and Soviet Union were played and Mr. Mikoyan
later inspected the President's guard company followed by Osagyefo.
Wearing the order of Lenin Mr. Mikoyan waved to the cheering growd as he
and Osagyefo went round to greet the chiefs and poeple present at the welcoming.
After inspecting the guard of honoar, Mr. Mikoyan was led by Osagyefo Mr.
S.D. Sytenko, Soviet Ambassador to Ghana, and Mr. J.B. Elliott Ghana's to U.S.S.R,
and other officials to the V.I.P. stand where members of the diplomatic forps,
chiefs and other distinguished personalities were presented to him.
As they moved along the railings, women members of the C.P.P, threw on the
ground their cover cloths for the two leaders to thread upon.(everal Russian
citizens in Ghana were present.
Mr. Mikoyan began talks with Osagyefo on January, 11 and was due to visit
Tema, Akosombo, Tafo & Takoradi later.
Mr. Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan, the first deupty Prime Minister of the Union
of the Soviet Socialist Republics, was bom in 1895.
Since 1917* t*o years after becoming a member of the Soviet Communist Party
he has been a leading party organiser, having spent many periods in prison for
his political activity.
In 193&, Mr. Mikoyan was appointed peoples Commissar for food industry, having
already for three years previously been the Poeple's Commissar for supplies*.
He held this post until 1958 when he became a member of the eountil of labour
and defence and later becoming minister for forcing Trade, a post he held until 1949
Other important positions of state he has held included member of the committee of
defehoe 1962., member of the committee for economic rehabilitation of liberated
areas., and vice-chairman of the council of ministers and minister of Home and
foreign Trade 1953-55.
He has been first Deputy Chairman of the council of Ministers since 1953. He
is a holder of the "Order of Lenin" and in 1943 was awarded the "Her# of Socialist
Labour and Hammer and Sickle Gold Medal" of the U.S.S.R.
(more later)
DATE: 12/1/62.
Mr. Anastas Mikoyan, Soviet First Deputy Prime Minister
who is on a state visit to Ghana, said in Accra thfct the tiwle§dership of the Convention People*s Party and the Government
'should he tied closely with the people so that the people will
understand and approve of their socialist policy*.
2. Mr. Mikoyan said when ideas were not applied to local
conditions and adapted to suit local culture they became something
different. In the same way 'socialism when not adapted to local
conditions to enable the people to understand it becomes something
3» The Deputy Prime Minister was addressing the staff of the
Convention People's Party Headquarters when he visited there during
his visit to places of interest in the City.
U« Mr. Mikoyan said the Soviet Government did not interfere
in the affairs of other Governments, adding that there were no
boundaries to ideas.
5. The Deputy Prime Minister was addresaing-the staff of the
Convention People's Party Headquarters when he visited there during
6. He said every type of people have to choose their own ide s
as they do their various forms of Government1•
7* Mr. Mikoyan said there were few countries like Ghana which
understood local and international politics. Other countries, he
said, must learn from her.
8. Osagyefo's speeches at the United Nations in 1961 showed
how well he understood the world situation and world problems and
that he could solve world problems, he said.
9. The Deputy Premier said: "Thirty years ago, the Colonialists
said Africans were inferior and could not govern themselves.
10. 'Ghana's achievements since independence prove conclusively
that Africans are not only able to govern themselves but also that
they have something concrete to offer the world.*
11. 'Mr. Mikoyan wished the people and Government of Ghana
success in their struggle to achieve economic emancipation.
12. 'Mr. Anastas Mikoyan, the Soviet Union's First Deputy Prime
Minister, who arrived on a five-day state visit to Ghana at the
invitation of Osagyefo the President, held sixty-minute talks
with Osagyefo the President at Flagstaff House on January 11.
Mr. Mikoyan was received on his arrival by Osagyefo.
14. The Deputy Premier was accompanied by an interpreter,
Mr. M.B. Sytemko, Soviet Ambassador in Ghana, Mr. A.L. Orlov,
Soviet Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. A.I. Alikhanov,
Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Foreign Economic
Relations, and other officials of the Soviet Union and the Soviet
Embassy here.
15. Mr. Mikoyan was escorted by Mr. E.R.T. Madjitey, Commissioner
of Police, and two police escort cars. A contigent of the
President's own Guard which had drawn up at the gate presented arms
as the Deputy Prime Minister drove past.
Ghanaian Ministers presented at the talks included
Mr. Ako Mjei, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. L.R. Abavana,
Minister of Agriculture, Mr. F.K.D. Goka, Minister of Finance
and Trade, Mr. Krobo Edusei, Minister of Industries,
Mr. A.J. Dowuona-Hammond, Minister of Education, and
Mr. Tawia Adamafio, Minister of Information and Broadcasting.
Mr. Mikoyan was visiting places of interest in the
city later that day.

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