For a long history the Ministry of Education together with
the founders of the institutions of higher education created the
system of physical education and built the state model of
Currently the coordination of all aspects of physical
education and sports is provided by the Republican Center of
Physical Education and Sports for Pupils and Students
(hereinafter – the RCPESPS), which has been continuing sports traditions of the republican
sports clubs such as Burevestnik and Trudovye Reservy since 1992.
In accordance with the statutory activity the RCPESPS refers to the organizations of
physical culture and sports. The RCPESPS is a link of interaction with the governmental
authorities, ministries and departments, non-governmental sports organizations - sports
federations (associations). The RCPESPS provides the interdepartmental methodical support;
carries out the management and control for educational process in physical education, as well
as the organization of sports and health recreation events.
In the system of education there are 7 similar centers that perform not only in Minsk
but in other regions of the Republic. The centers are responsible for organizing and holding
republican competitions in different sports,
republican spartakiades for pupils, universiades and
other sporting events where children, pupils and
students compete. Annually the RCPESPS in
cooperation with concerned organization holds more
than 100 republican competitions.
At present there are 54 institutions of higher
education in the country. They are run by 15
ministries, departments and other governmental
authorities. 45 institutions including the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis
of the President of the Republic of Belarus are state-owned. 9 institutions belong to other
forms of ownership.
Number of the
institutions of higher
Number of teachers
Number of full-time
At the beginning of 2011/2012 academic year, departments of physical education and
sports were created and are functioning in 54 higher education institutions. Teaching of
Physical Education as an educational subject is carried out by more than 2500 teachers. 2140
teachers from the total number have higher sports degree.
Sports and health recreation activities in the higher education institutions are realized
in three main directions:
-Physical Education academic studies;
-extracurricular activities (sports clubs);
- sporting activities.
For the last five years the number
competitions has increased in one and a
half (from 99000 to 122 000 students).
The current year there are 32
higher education institutions in the
country where 718 sports educational
departments operate About 11800 students are increasing their sports
skills there. Sports educational department is formed of a number of
the students who have shown good general as well as specific physical condition in a chosen
sport. Only students of good health can study in this department. To be admitted a student
must have a sports category.
For the last six years the number of sports educational departments and studentsathletes has increased in one and a half.
Number of sports educational
Number of students
Sports clubs as structural divisions has been created in 39
institutions of higher education. The main aim of these clubs is to
organize and carry out sporting and health recreation activity.
For the purpose of organizing extracurricular health recreation
activities among students 791 groups affiliated to sports clubs in 57
sports are operating. More than 15 000 students are involved there.
In 12 universities Physical Education departments were created
for training of experts in this area. The following institutions have got
such departments: Belarusian State University of Physical Culture,
Belarusian State University named after A.S.Pushkin, Baranovichi
State University, Vitebsk State University named after P.M.Masherov, Francisk Skorina
Gomel State University, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Mozyr State Pedagogical
University named after I.P.Shamyakin, Mogilev State A.Kuleshov University, Polotsk State
University, Polessky State University.
In 2012, 2627experts in physical education and sports received degree (in 2011 –
2 304 experts).
Republican Universiade heads the list of events in the university sports system.
Sports competitions in different kinds of sports among students started to be held in
Belarus in 1929 and were named All Belarusian University Spartakiades among Higher
Education Institutions, since 1993 the competitions were called as the Republican Student
Games. Since 2004 the Republican Universiade (here in after the Universiade) has become a
complex multistage official competition.
In 2012, 8 900 athletes from 52 higher education institutions took part in the final
competitions of the Universiade. The number of participants of the first stage of the
Universiade has increased by more than 30 thousand for the last five years, and the number
of participants of the final competitions – by 1,5 thousand athletes.
The number of
Universities, participated
in the Republican
The number of athletes,
participated in final
The number of athletes,
participated in the first
Every year the RCPESPS holds Universiades among the institutions of higher
education in 30 sports, as well as in summer and winter combined competitions called
Health. In 2012, from total number of participants of the Republican Universiade 8 students
had the title of the Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus; 98 participants had
the title of the Master of Sports of International Level of
the Republic of Belarus; 825 participants had the title of
the Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus; more
than 1200 participants had the title of the Candidate for
the Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus; about 5
thousand competitors were athletes of different sports
Renditions of outstanding athletes who represent
the modern Belarus were included in the history of
Universiades. In recent years,
many famous Belarusian athletes
have taken part in Universiades.
They are: the champion of the
XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens
champions of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing (canoe
sprint, 2008) – Alexander Bogdanovich and Andrey
Bogdanovich; Arthur Litvinchuk (canoe sprint); Andrey
Aryamnov (weightlifting); silver medalists – Andrei
Rybakov (weightlifting), Andrey Kravchenko (athletics),
Natalya Mikhnevich (athletics); bronze medalists –
Mikhail Semenov (Greco-Roman), Andrey Mikhnevich
(athletics); two-time silver medalist of the XXX Olympic
Games in London Alexandra Gerasimenya (swimming);
Alexey Shemarov (wrestling) and others.
Evaluating the priority direction of the physical education of students, higher
education institutions take measures for the development of the material and technical
resources for sports activities. For educational, sporting and recreation purposes 2 stadiums,
18 sports centers, 197 sports halls, 132 sports fields, 11 shooting rooms, 3 mini-swimming
pools, 12 swimming pools were created.
The Ministry of Education together with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism keeps the
tradition of participation of Belarusian students in the World Summer and Winter
Universiades, World and European Championships, which are held under the aegis of FISU.
Since 1993 RCPESPS is an active member of FISU. During this period the students-athletes
won 156 medals, including 40 gold, 55 silver and 61 bronze medals.
Many outstanding Belarusian athletes got the international experience by means of
taking part in the World Universiades: they were Darya Domracheva, Alexandra
Gerasimenya, Dmitry Dashchinsky, Alexey Grishin, Sergey Novikov, Inna Zhukova, Ivan
Tikhon, Lyubov Cherkashina and others.
In 2011, at the World Winter Universiade students-athletes from Belarus won 2 medals
(ice hockey, biathlon). It was the first time in the history of the Belarusian university sports
when our country was represented in such a popular kind of sports as ice hockey.
According to the results of the XXVI World Summer Universiade in
Shenzhen (China) Belarusian team of students-athletes won 13 medals
(3 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze) and achieved top twenty finishes in the
unofficial medal offset.
Belarusian students-athletes have been improving their sports skills by
participating in other international competitions. In 2008, at the World
University Championships in 9 sports (boxing, wrestling, GrecoRoman, cycling, water skiing, handball, canoe sprint, orienteering,
weightlifting) Belarusian students won 21 medals (8 gold, 6 silver
and 7 bronze). This fact allowed the Republic of Belarus to take the
10th place in the list of unofficialmedal offset.
In 2010, students-athletes took part in the World
Championships in orienteering (Borlang, Sweden); in wrestling and
Greco-Roman (Turin, the Italy). At the Canoe Sprint World
Championship (Poznan, Poland) 5 medals (2 gold and 3 silver) were won; at the World
University Championship in boxing (Ulan Bator, Mongolia) Belarusian athletes won 2
medals (1 silver and 1 bronze).
At the World Championships 2012 (in wrestling, Greco-Roman, canoe sprint, rowing,
speed skating) Belarusian team won 13 medals (4 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze).
July 29, 2012, in Gvatemala city (Gvatemala) ISF General Assembly took place where
the Republic of Belarus became a member of this organization.
Since 2006 RCPESPS is a member of the European
University Sports Association (EUSA) and now it represents the
national teams of students in European Championships among
university teams.
In July 2012, in Cordoba (Spain) the 1st
EuropeanUniversity Games among teams of students were held. A
handball team from Belarusian State Economic University took
part in the first European Games among student teams (6 place).
The powerful contribution in winning medals is made by
the Belarusian students at the Olympic Games. At the XXIX
Summer Olympic
Games in Beijing
represented by 77
students (43.5 %).
According to the
results of their
performances 33
students (42.9 % from the total number of
made a contribution to the winning medals and
points for 1-8
places. Belarusian students won 17 medals – 6 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze (56,7%); total points –
125.59 (60.4 %).
At the XXI Winter Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver
(Canada) 4 education institutions were represented by 11 students
(22,4 %). A bronze medal and 10,5 points per 1-8 places (31,3 % of
the total Belarus delegation’s points) were won by Darya
Domracheva (Biathlon: individual race, mass start, relay race and
We are proud of our students who won 9 medals from 12
medals of the whole Belarusian delegation:
1 gold and 1 bronze medal (tennis) – Victoria Azarenko, Belarusian State University of
Physical Culture;
2 silver medals (swimming) – Aleksandra Gerasimenya, Belarusian State Economic
1 silver medal (canoe sprint) – Andrei Bogdanovich and Aleksandr Bogdanovich,
Belarusian StateUniversity of Physical Culture and Belarusian State Economic University;
1 silver medal (rhythmic gymnastics) – Marina Goncharova, Belarusian State University
of Physical Culture; Ksenia Sankovich, Belarusian State University; Alina
Tumilovich,Belarusian State Economic University;
1 bronze medal (weightlifting) – Marina Shkermankova, Vitebsk State University named
after P.M. Masherov;
1 bronze medal (canoe sprint) – Marina Poltoran, Olga Khudenko, Nadezhda Popok –
Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin; Irina Pomelova, Belarusian
StateUniversity of Physical Culture;
1 bronze medal (rhythmic gymnastics) – Lyubov Cherkashina, Belarusian StateUniversity
of Physical Culture.
Universities have created the conditions for a combination of classes and sport activities
in accordance with Articles 212, 217 of the Code of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the
successful combination with targeted training for the Olympic Games. Also they provide the
right to get education on individual programm and to get financial support from the higher
education institutions.
Since 2013 the executives of the universities have the right to make discounts (60%) from
the total education cost to winners and prize winners of Olympic Games, European
Championships, World Championship, World Universiades.
With a view of realization of the tasks defined in the protocol of instructions of the
Olympic meeting of National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus from April 9,
2010, the Ministry of Education together with the concerned organizations developed the
program of development of student's sports for 2011-2014. As part of the program creation and
consolidation sports teams clubs in universities for their participation in the national
championships is continuing. It is planned to increase the number of club teams to 50 in 2014,
including the universities of the Ministry of Education - 29, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism 8, the Ministry of Health - 1, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - 2, the Ministry of Culture 1, the Ministry of Emergency Situations - 2, the Ministry of Defence - 2, the Ministry of
Communications - 1, the National Bank - 1, institutions of other form of ownership – 3.
There are 20 sports clubs attached to 11 higher education institutions (in 2011 – 19). They
include 21 teams (in 2011 – 20) in competitive sports. there are 15 teams in competitive sports in
7 higher education institutions which are taking part in the National Championship in
For reference only: in 2012 handball club “Vityaz” was created at Belarusian State
Economic University. The club consists of 1 men team participating in the Major League of the
Championship of the Republic of Belarus in 2012/2013.
35 club teams compete in the Championships of the Republic of Belarus in 7 team sports,
including basketball - 8, volleyball - 9, handball – 11, football – 3, futsal – 4 and field hockey –
1. 29 teams participate in the Major League of national championships of the Republic, 6 teams
take part in the Premier Ligue, 2 team – in the Second League.
Volleyball team club of women “Atlant-BarSU” got the 1st place in the Championship
of the Republic of Belarus in 2011/2012, and got the 2 nd place in 2012/2013. In the Premier
League of the Belarusian Basketball Championship a man team club from BSU got the 2nd
place in 2011/2012, and got the 1st place in 2012/2013. Handball team club “BNTU-BELAZ”
got the 1st place in 2011/2012, and is a number one of the Championship in 2012/2013.
Leaders of the National Championships in 2012/2013 are volleyball team club “NemanGSU” (women) and handball team club “Gorodnichanka” (women), basketball team club
In 2012, it was the first time when in the programmer of the Universiade competitions
of student leagues in football and basketball were held together with Belarusian Federation
of basketball and Belarusian Federation of football. Women Students Basketball League
involved 23 teams, 36 men teams took part in Students Basketball League among men. 26
teams competed in football competitions. In 2013 Republican Student Leagues in basketball
(men and women), football (men) and handball (men) are planning to be held.
The Сentral Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Education and Science and
the Republican Center of Physical Education and Sports for Pupils and Students are the
organizers of the activity of ”Burevestnik“. The Chairman of ”Burevestnik“ is the First
Deputy Minister of Education Aliaksandr Zhuk.
The main purpose of "Burevestnik" is carrying out sporting and recreation activities
among the workers in the area of education, members of their families, the introduction of
physical education and sports in daily life of the students.
The Departments of Education of the regional Executive Committees, the Committee
on Education of the Minsk City Executive Committee, regional and
city centers of physical education and sports for pupils and
students 138 regional offices were created, where physical
culture and sports involves more then 92000 fans of physical
culture (36.6 %):
Brest’s region: 20 clubs, 12715
Vitebsk’s region: 32 club, 4644 engaged;
Gomel’s region: 25 clubs, 20255 engaged;
Grodno’s region: 19 clubs, 7582 engaged;
Minsk’s region: 23 clubs, 8653 engaged;
Mogilev’s region: 10 clubs, 2580 engaged;
Minsk: 9 clubs, 36500 engaged.
For the years of the activity "Burevestnik" confidently took a
leading position among other 28 clubs created on the basis of the
ministries and other state bodies. According to the results of the
annual Republican show-contest on the best statement of the mass
physical culture and sports activities, conducted by the Ministry of
Sports and Tourism, ”Burevestnik“ has been the winner twice.