Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas Alger (Algérie) New Call for



Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas Alger (Algérie) New Call for
Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas
Alger (Algérie)
Commerce & Investissements
New Call for Industrial Partnerships 2013
According to figures released by the United
Nations Conference on Trade and
Development (UNCTAD), foreign direct
investment (FDI) in Algeria fell by 42% down
to $ 1.48 billion in 2012 compared with $ 2.57
billion in 2011. Algeria came in 17th place out
of 54 African countries in terms of the amount
of FDI, while in the Arab world, it ranks 13th
out of 21 countries in the region.
These figures can be explained by the rigid
investment measures followed by the country,
plus the ongoing uncertainty regarding oil and
gas prices due to the difficult world economic
conditions and the discoveries of new
(unconventional) fossil hydrocarbon resources,
making the value and volume of hydrocarbon
exports drop compared to the previous years.
In this context, government authorities found
themselves under the need to turn their
attention to the other sectors and, thus, to
reconsider the country’s foreign investment
policy in order to give more incentives and
attract more foreign direct investors into the
To this regard, the Algerian government
adopted new measures and incentives for the
benefit of the private sector and foreign
operators (see:
Moreover, The Ministry of Industry, of Small
and Medium Size Enterprises, and of
Investment Promotion has launched a call for
industrial projects 2013 relating to 18
industrial activities, open to both national and
international operators.
The aim of this call for projects is the
integration of industrial sectors, the increase
and the diversification of local production, job
creation, capturing and legalization of the
added value in the sectors in which Algeria can
become competitive.
The call for proposals is dedicated to any
economic operator (national or international)
or investors (public or private), willing to
launch in an industrial activity or a project
supporting an industrial chain.
No. 38-July/August 2013
For more information please visit:
Should you need any help regarding this
proposal, do not hesitate to contact the
economic section of the Embassy of the
Netherlands in Algiers at [email protected]
Algeria Business Forecast
Business Monitor International expects an
acceleration of real GDP growth in Algeria in
2013 and private consumption to grow strongly
in the near term, while the net export position
is likely to deteriorate on the back of higher
imports. Moreover, planned fiscal
consolidation is likely to come up short of the
government's target. An increasing import bill
will cause the current account surplus to
narrow to 3.5% of GDP in 2013 and 1.3% in
2014, from 8.0% of GDP in 2012.
The real GDP growth in Algeria is expected to
be averaging 3.4% over the 2013/2017 period.
(BMI, July 13. 2013,
Consumer price inflation (CPI)
It went down to 3.4% y-o-y in the city of
Algiers in May, compared to average inflation
of 8.9% in 2012, with prices having declining
0.7% in month-on-month terms. While this
trend will possibly mitigate over the coming
quarters, we believe that it will remain lower
this year compared to the previous. The CPI
average forecast is 5.9% and 6.4% in 2013 and
2014, respectively, down from 8.9% in 2012.
(Namnewsnetwork, July 25th. 2013,; Meamonitor, July 22nd,
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Macroeconomic forecast
Algeria offers incentives to energy investors
The last amendments brought to the Algerian
hydrocarbons law, in 2013, aimed at making
the sector more attractive to investors. It linked
taxes on energy firms to profits instead of
turnover and offers fiscal incentives for
companies wishing to invest in unconventional
energy resources and offshore exploration.
Investors in unconventional hydrocarbons
would be granted prospecting licenses for up to
11 years and exploitation licenses of 40 years
for shale gas and 30 years for shale oil. Algeria
seeks to develop technology-intensive shale
gas and offshore production to help ensure
security of supply in the long run. It currently
favors a role for foreign oil majors in helping
achieve those goals. Sonatrach in July this year
said it was in talks with Royal Dutch Shell and
ExxonMobil on shale gas exploration.
(Arabnews, August 6th. 2013,
(Source : Economic Intelligence Unit Country Report
Algeria, August 2013)
EU project to support economic and
political governance in Algeria
The European Commission has adopted a new
project under the SPRING programme
(Support for Partnership for Reform and
Inclusive Growth) in order to to strengthen
economic and political governance, such as to
improve the monitoring of the management of
public finances in Algeria.
(Neweurope, July 30th. 2013,
Algeria to contribute to promoting nonhydrocarbon exports
Algerian Customs are ready to contribute to
the promotion of non-hydrocarbon exports
through the implementation of a series of
special measures including the setting up of a
green corridor for exporters at ports and
airports, said the Algerian Minister of Trade,
Mustapha Benbada.
He also added that the sector of agriculture has
to increase the volume of Algeria's nonhydrocarbon exports and become the new
source of foreign exchange.
(Algeriaenergy, July 15th.2013,
Algeria signs energy agreement with EU
Six months after the deadly terror attack on the
Tiguentourine gas complex left doubt hanging
over the future of foreign oil companies in
Algeria, a deal concluded on July 7th in
Algiers put those concerns to rest.
An energy partnership between Algeria and the
European Union, which had been under
discussion for five years, was finally adopted.
Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal
and European Commission President Jose
Manuel Barroso signed the Memorandum of
Understanding in Algiers. The MoU
"establishes a framework for co-operation,
which covers… oil and gas, renewable energy,
energy efficiency, legal and regulatory reform,
progressive energy markets, infrastructure
development and technology transfer", Barroso
(Magharebia, July12th, 2013,
Algeria Invests $15B in Iron Ore
The Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek
Sellal announced that Algeria will spend a
whopping 15 billion dollars on a project
targeting the exploitation of iron ore at the
Ghar Djebilet mine, located southeast of
Tindouf. The operation is expected to be set
within the next five years, according to Sellal.
The exploitation of this deposit "will
contribute to the development of the Tindouf
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
area, creating new jobs and reducing the
import of iron." The Ghar Djebilet deposit
contains recoverable reserves estimated at 1.7
billion tons.
(Nuqudy, July 25th.2013 ,
Six new oil refineries in Algeria by 2020
During a visit to London, Oil Minister Youcef
Yousfi declared Algeria will built six new
refineries by 2020 in order to double oil
refining capacity, increase exports and
domestic market's supply.
(Animaweb, July 23rd .2013,
Algeria collects 20 billion USD from oil
The Algerian Finance Ministry said the
government has collected some 20.3 billion
U.S. dollars from oil taxes during the first four
months of 2013. The average price of the
Algerian crude oil reached 109.05 dollars a
barrel between January and May 2013,
compared to 117.25 dollars a barrel during the
same period in 2012. The Budget Law for
2013, which sets 37 dollars a barrel as
reference price, expects oil tax collection of
21.2 billion dollars. So far, the government
managed to collect 96 percent of the expected
oil tax revenues during the first four months of
the year.
(AzeriPressAgency, July 13th.2013,
Algeria's shale gas potential attractive for
Algeria’s shale gas potential and offshore
reserves remain attractive for Eni, the Italian
firm said. Eni’s CEO Paolo Scaroni met with
Algerian Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi in
Algiers and discussed future developments of
cooperation between Eni and Sonatrach for the
exploration and development of shale gas. The
two companies will bring together their vast
experience in the exploration and production of
unconventional hydrocarbons, Eni said. Eni
would also be interested in the development of
new exploration activities in offshore, in which
Eni has experience as a leading operator in the
Mediterranean area.
(Naturalgasasia, july 19th, 2013,
Oil India eyes stake in petroceltic's Algerian
gas asset
Oil India Ltd is in talks with Irish firm
Petroceltic to acquire up to 20 % in an
Algerian natural gas asset of the company for
$170 million, Business Standard reported.
“This will be a natural gas producing asset.
The deal will be sealed in the next few
months,” a senior Oil India official said.
Petroceltic is the operator under the Isarene
PSC and holds a participating interest of
(Naturalgasasia, July 1st.2013,
Tecnicas Reunidas Said to Win $1 Billion
Gas Contract in Algeria
The Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas SA (TRE) is
set to win a $1 billion contract to build a
natural gas-processing plant in Algeria,
according to Bloomberg News.
The company was chosen by a joint venture
between GDF Suez SA of France and
Algeria’s Sonatrach to design and build the
facility with a capacity to produce 13 million
cubic meters of the fuel a day, according to the
document. Tecnicas competed for the contract
with London-based Petrofac Ltd. (PFC) and
Japan’s JGC Corp. Algeria’s Touat field is
estimated to hold 68.5 billion cubic meters of
natural gas and 8.5 million barrels of
condensate, the same source said.
(Bloomberg, July 30th, 2013,,
UPI, August 9th.2013,
Sonatrach-OCI JV starts production at
ammonia-urea complex in Algeria
Sorfert Algérie, a fertilizer joint venture
between Sonatrach (Algiers) and OCI (Cairo)
has commenced commercial production at
Arzew, Algeria, OCI announced. The JV's
complex has capacity to produce 800,000
m.t./year of merchant ammonia and 1.2 million
m.t./year of urea. The full ramp-up of the two
production lines, and the start of exports, are
due by the end of August, OCI said.
(Chemweek, August 14th.2013,
Edison H1 profit up on contract review, sees
flat FY
The company said it had successfully
concluded arbitration for a price review for its
gas procurement contract with Algeria and
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
agreed new deals for supplies from Algeria and
Qatar in July.
(Reuters, July 30th. 2013,
Gazprom plans Algerian visit by year's end
Russian energy company Gazprom said its
representatives would travel to Algeria this
year to pursue a better working relationship
with the Algerian government.
Algeria has the 10th largest natural gas
deposits in the world and is the third-largest
supplier to Europe. Its exports have been in
decline, however, because of lagging foreign
investments. Gazprom board Chairman Viktor
Zubkov met in Moscow with Algerian
Ambassador and agreed to prepare and hold a
business trip to Algeria before the end of the
current year," Gazprom said. Gazprom
estimates Algeria holds 160 trillion cubic feet
of natural gas.
(UPI, July 17 .2013,
Petrofac's In Salah project in Algeria to
restart soon
Petrofac's In Salah gas project, delayed due to
an attack in January on Algerian gas facility,
will restart by the second half of the year, Tim
Weller, the chief financial officer of the oil
services company said.
"The expectation is we'll be up to full pace in
terms of construction activity by September or
early October," he added.
(Reuters, June 25th.2013,
Electricity generation: Algeria will invest
$ 30 billion by 2020
To meet a growing demand for electricity,
about 10%, especially in summer, Sonelgaz
will allocate nearly $ 30 billion for the
production of 1200 MW per year by 2020,"
said CEO Boutarfa at the 16th Energy Week.
Some of this capacity will be reserved for
renewable energy, the objectives of his group
being to produce 40% of electricity from
alternative energy by 2030. Electricity
generation should be between 75 and 80 TWh
in 2020 and between 130 and 150 TWh in
2030, according to forecasts provided at this
meeting by the research department of
Sonelgaz group.
Boutarfa said that the programme of $ 80
billion, of which two thirds was allocated to
renewable energy development and one third
for the promotion of energy efficiency will
install increased power from renewable
sources by nearly 21,000 MW between 2011
and 2030.
(Lemag, April 17th.2013,
Project of solar power plant to be launched
in Tindouf soon
The project of a 9 megawatt solar power plant
will be launched in the province of Tindouf
(around 2000-km southwest of Algiers) soon,
as part of the renewable energy development
programme, said the local Director of Energy
and Mining, Amar Chekir.
(APS, July 15th. 2013,
Under social pressures, Algeria opens
construction market to foreigners
Political and social pressures are combining to
open Algeria's construction market to
international competition, potentially making
billion of dollars worth of contracts available
to foreign companies.
For decades, Algeria tightly limited foreign
participation in its oil- and gas-rich economy, a
legacy of the Socialist ideology it adopted after
independence from France in 1962.
But the government is now under heavy
pressure from its own population to address a
severe housing shortage. Local firms
seem unable to satisfy the demand for new
housing by themselves, so authorities are
looking abroad - an example of how political
priorities can lead to liberalisation of the
(Reuters, July 10th.2013,
Opportunities for infrastructure
developments in Algeria
Rail transport in Algeria is expected to be a
priority area for the government of Algeria.
Plans for infrastructure development across
transport, including road and airport
modernisation have been proposed. However,
it is the modernisation and electrification of the
4,200 kilometres of track which will offer the
greatest opportunities for economic
investment, as Algeria develops a $200 billion
infrastructure development program leading up
to 2030. Other areas of priority include water
treatment, dams and irrigation. Chinese
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
companies have been quick to take up
opportunities in the region, with up to $1bn
investment over the past decade. The Algiers
light rail system commenced operations in
2012, although the full network is still being
(MenaRailNews, July 7th. 2013,
Six new stadiums to be built in Algeria
In preparation of the CAN 2017(the African
Cup of Nations), six new Olympic stadiums
are to be built in Algeria in addition to the
three ones already under construction in Batna,
Bejaia, and Boussaâda, the Minister of youth
and sports said. In the same context, the
Minister mentioned that his department is
achieving 5000 other sport facilities, whose the
implementation rate has reached 80%.
(Algerie360, August25th.2013,
New city of Hassi Messaoud kicks off
The construction works of the new town of
Hassi Messaoud has been launched on July
29th , said the general manager of the public
company in charge of the project (EVNH),
Mourad Zeriati. The new town, which will host
80,000 inhabitants, will be located in Oued ElMaraa (about 80km between the current town
of Hassi Messaoud and the cities of Touggourt
and Ouargla. The project, which will be
completed by 2020, will stretch over an area of
2,044 hectares, a future urban extension area of
1,161 hectares, an existing green zone of 313
hectares and a logistic activity area of 965
(El-Moudjahid, July30th.2013,
Public promotional housing: 1st construction
site launched
More than 8,000 applications for the purchase
of public promotional housing units (LPP)
have been submitted nationwide, while the first
construction site of this type of housing has
been launched recently, said the officials of the
National Company for Property Development
(ENPI). Of the total of 8,000 submitted
applications since the launch of the
subscriptions on july 1st, 3,800 applications
were recorded in the province of Algiers, i.e,
the company’s Director General Ammar
Guellati told APS.
(EL-Moudjahid, July 22nd.2013,
90 projects worth DZD 511 billion
The National Investment Council (CNI)
examined, during the first half of 2013, some
90 projects worth DZD511.3 billion ( $6.4
billion) said the report of the National Agency
of Investment Development (ANDI). Since
January 2013, the CNI gives approval for all
investments, the amount of which exceeds
DZD 1.5 billion, against DZD 500 million
previously, according to a clause of the 2013
Budget Law.The number of projects is up
53.7% in comparison with the same period of
2012 during which 58 projects were initiated
for an amount of DZD332.4 billion, according
to this document presented during a workshop
chaired by the Minister of Industry, SMEs and
Investment Promotion. Out of the 90 projects,
the first half of 2013 recorded 24 Foreign
Direct Investments (FDIs), worth DZD 225.9
billion ($2.8bn) against 8 similar projects in
the same period of 2012 (+200% in terms of
projects number), he added.
(Jeuneafrique, August 6th.2013,
Underground railway for Algerian capital
to be extended from 9.5 to 55KM by 2025
9.5-kilometre Algiers underground railway
system is to be extended to 55 km by 2025, the
CEO of Algiers Metro Company (EMA),
Aomar Hadbi said. The railway's extensions
will reach the capital's eastern, western and
southern suburbs in addition to the airport.
With only one line of about 10 km at present,
the capital's underground system will be
extended to 18 km by late 2016 once the three
extension projects now underway become
operational, Hadbi added.
(Namnewsnetwork, July 22th.2013,
Transports: Algeria requests tram tenders
The Algiers Metro Company (EMA)
announced that it would be accepting national
and international tenders for the construction
of the first tram line in Setif, a town located
about 270 kilometers from Algiers. The line
will have two stretches totaling 22.4
(Nuqudy, July 4th.2013,; APS,
July 28th.2013,
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Building materials : Import bill amounts to
USD 1.64 billion
Algeria’s import bill of building materials
amounted to USD 1.64 billion in the first half
of 2013, steady (0,6%) compared with the
same period in 2012, the Algerian Customs
US FrameMax company enters the
Algerian building and steel markets
A partnership agreement in the building sector
was signed in Algiers on July 28th by Batimetal
group and the American company FrameMax,
announced the Ministry of Industry, SMEs and
Investment Promotion.
(EL-Moudjahid, August 20th.2013,
(Medafco, July 22th .2013,
Giving national ports economic and
strategic dimension
Minister of Public Works Amar Ghoul
stressed, during his visit to Skikda, on the need
to give the national ports their economic and
strategic dimension by connecting them to
Easy-West highway through highways.
(APS, August 15th.2013,
Steel construction: partnership agreement
between Algeria and Portugal
Two shareholders’ agreements were signed in
Algiers on July 28th by public companies under
the holding company Consumet (steel
construction) and two Portuguese companies to
particularly manufacture in Algeria
hydrocarbon storage equipment and steel
cladding for buildings.
(ABBC, July 29th.2013,
Algeria’s new light rail system
Commercial services began, on 5th July, the
first light railway line in Constantine, the thirdlargest city of Algeria. The line was declared
open by the transport Minister, Mr Amar Tou,
at a ceremony attended by the Wali for
Constantine and chairman of RATP, the
French leader of the consortium which will be
operating and maintaining the light rail system
for the first 10 years. The €307 million line
covers 8.1 km and will carry around 70,000
passengers per day. Civil works for the new
line were led by Pizzarotti, Italy, with Alstom
supplying 27 Citadis LRVs, and track, power
and operating systems. The operating
consortium is named Setram, and comprises
French company RATP Dev, Algiers Metro
Enterprise, and Algiers Urban and Suburban
Public Transport Enterprise.
(MenaNews, July 12th.2013,
Ansaldo Systems Win Contract to Supply
Signalling in Algeria
Ansaldo STS, a unit of the Italian
Finmeccanica Group, will supply its European
Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
signalling on the 130 km railway line being
constructed between Oued Tlelat and Tlemcen
in Algeria. The contract is part of wider works
being carried out in Algeria by a consortium of
Italian civil engineering companies led by
Condotte d’Acqua and Rizzani de Eccher, and
will entail design, supply, installation and
commissioning of signalling.
(MenaRailNews, June 26th.2013,
Siemens to supply CBTC to Algiers Metro
Siemens will supply signalling equipment for
the Algiers Metro Line 1 extension. The
contract, worth €20 million, includes provision
of communications-based train control, Airlink
radio transmission and Digiloc train location,
in addition to staff training to operate the new
(Menanews, August14th.2013,
20 Isoli for Algeria
Italian truck mounted lift manufacturer Isoli
has sold 20 units of its 20 metre PNT 205
platform to a contractor working for Algeria's
state power company. The units will be
mounted on a 3.5 tonne Peugot Boxer chassis.
(Vertikal, July 15th.2013,
WTO Membership: Algeria to Ink
Agreements with various countries on
The agreements will be inked in October with
several WTO's member countries. A multilateral meeting on agriculture was held early
July in Geneva, during which Algeria
responded to several questions on the
agricultural support systems and to the trade of
produces, the minister said. Meanwhile,
Director of the National Institute of Agronomic
Research of Algeria (INRAA), Fouad Chehat,
who is also the main negotiator, said that
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Algeria had set out its agricultural policy in
terms of support and assistant for farmers.
(APS, July 23rd. 2013,
Algeria - EU: Algerian agricultural
products receive the label of "appellation of
Algerian agricultural products will soon
benefit from distinctive signs related to the
origin (geographical indication and designation
of origin) to better export abroad, especially in
countries of the European Union.
(Ubifr, July 30th.2013,
Algeria Agribusiness report
With wheat and dairy production consistently
short of consumption, Algeria is a major
importer of food products. However, the
government's new emphasis on the
improvement of food self-sufficiency is
helping the grains and dairy sectors to rebound.
Increases in government support will be
positive for productivity and product quality in
the medium term. However, the country will
remain a key importer of wheat and dairy
products in the coming years. Algeria is
increasingly expanding trading links with
countries such as Brazil and India, especially
for dairy and beef products, and away from its
traditional suppliers such as France.
Wheat consumption growth to 2017: 13.3% to
10.1 million tonnes. Wheat consumption will
be mainly supported by population growth.
Milk production growth to 2016/17: 19.1% to
3.8 million tonnes tonnes.
(BMI, August 21st.2013,
Over 700 farming contracts granted in
More than 700 of concession contracts were
granted to the farmers of Constantine province,
while 1,000 others are being registered at the
Real Estate Commission, said the director of
agricultural services. Saleh Azizi told APS that
a "thorough work in the form of a survey" is
carried out by its services, underlining that the
files which will replace the right of the
perpetual use of the lands (40 years) "are being
dealt with in collaboration with the services of
land registry, land property, real estate
commission, before being sent to the National
Office of Agricultural Lands (ONTA)", he
(Moudjahid, August20th.2013,
French soft-wheat exports jump 15% in
May as Algeria sales surge
France’s soft-wheat exports, the biggest in the
European Union, rose 15 % in May from a
year earlier as shipments more than doubled to
Algeria. Exports climbed to 1.42 million
metric tons from 1.23 million tons a year
earlier, according to government data compiled
by Bloomberg. Shipments fell 7.2 % from
Soft-wheat sales to Algeria rose to 514,668
tons in May from 178,540 tons a year earlier.
Exports of durum wheat, the hard variety of
the grain used to make pasta and couscous,
climbed 27 percent to 150,128 tons.
(Bloomberg, July 5th.2013,
Rouen grain exports increase 77% on wheat
shipments to Algeria
Grain exports from the French port of Rouen,
Europe’s biggest wheat-shipping hub, rose 77
percent in the most recent week on wheat
deliveries to Algeria. Total grain loaded for
export climbed to 157,925 metric tons in the
August 8-14 period from 89,031 tons in the
previous week, the Seine River port wrote in
an e-mailed report today. All of the grain
shipped was wheat, and Algeria was the
biggest destination, buying 127,925 tons.
(Bloomberg, August 16th.2013,
Algeria seeks cooperation in dairy
Algeria is interested in technology transfer in
the areas of processing and quality control of
dairy. The statement is by Mohamed Chafik
Kellala, first secretary of the Algerian embassy
in Brasilia. In late 2012, Algeria launched its
Annual Agricultural Renewal Programme,
which forecasts that, by 2014, the country
should have 1.2 million dairy cows. To reach
this figure, the Algerians want to invest in the
import of live cattle.
(ANBA, July 18th.2013,
Algerian milk powder imports lower in 2013
Incentives to reduce Algeria's import bill and
encourage domestic milk output appear to have
been paying off, according to latest import
statistics. Imports of whole milk powder
(WMP) were down 13% in the first five
months of 2013 compared to a year earlier.
They were 50% lower in May than a year ago,
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
despite traditional greater demand on the buildup to Ramadan.
(Agra, July 23rd.2013,
Sports and Energy Drinks in Algeria
Sports and energy drinks registered 10% total
volume growth and 17% total value growth in
2012. The category continued to generate
small volume sales, however, the presence of
standard brands such as Burn, manufactured in
Algeria, contribute to the sales expansion
towards middle-income earners, targeting
teenagers and young adults who continue to
perceive energy drinks as a trendy and
fashionable beverage.
(Usprwire, Audust 6th.2013,
Carbonates in Algeria
Carbonates witnessed healthy 6% total volume
and dynamic 12% total value growth in 2012.
The category continued to grow due to the
strong presence of economy brands from both
leader Hamoud Boualem but also international
brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Carbonated
drinks remained a common beverage to
consume during meals among all consumer
(Clickpress, August 14th.2013,
Fruit/Vegetable Juice in Algeria
Fruit/vegetable juice witnessed solid 9% total
volume growth and strong 15% total value
growth in 2012. The category benefited from
rising awareness of health and diet issues,
particularly among upper- and middle- income
earners and in large cities. In addition, the
2011 launch of Minute Maid by Fruital CocaCola contributed to boosting value sales in
2012. Fruit/vegetable juice is expected to
record a CAGR of 6% in total volume and total
constant value terms over the forecast period.
Solid performances will result from rising
demand for juice drinks, the largest and
cheapest category, and smaller categories with
expected numerous developments such as
nectars and 100% juice. The positive trend will
continue to result from greater health and diet
awareness and preference for natural juices
rather than carbonated drinks.
(Euromonitor, July 2013,
Pure-Pak® carton debuts for dairy in
With approximately 3 billion litres of milk sold
annually, Algeria is one of the largest fresh
milk markets in North Africa. To date, this
market has been dominated by reconstituted
milk (95%), and is largely packaged in plastic
pouches due to government subsidies.
“The dairy market in Algeria is growing at a
rate of 10-15%, and current production
capacity cannot satisfy demand,” explains Jürg
Burri, Elopak’s Marketing and Sales Manager,
Middle East & North Africa. “Despite many
challenges, Elopak saw the potential for
cartons and as such we were the ideal partner
for a succesful Betouche dairy who wanted the
advantage of being the first to offer the
premium benefits of Pure-Pak® gable-top
(Elopak, June 24th. 2013,
Developing Algeria's Dairy industry
Ahmoud Benchekor, president of the
Interprofessional Council for Milk (CIL) in
Algeria emphasised the need to raise the
quality of animal feed and fodder to ensure
increased milk production. He said that there
was a deficiency in cattle feed which in
Algeria is provided by corn silage and alfalfa .
Having revived the dairy industry and
instituted a number of pilot farms Mr
Benchekor said it was time to move on to
performance and productivity. The private
sector and foreign investors are being
encouraged to invest in the sector in contrast to
the period when agriculture was run largely by
the state.
(Lemag, May 21st.2013,
Water treatment and reclamation, remote
sensing and safety systems for Algerian dams,
and hydroelectric projects are areas of
significant opportunity. The Algerian
government has allocated around $20 billion
(of its $286 five-year infrastructure program)
to developing water resources. Priority projects
- Drinking water distribution
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Improve wastewater treatment / water
pollution control
- Building 32 dams and 25 water
transfer systems
- Completion of all desalination stations
under construction
The GOA plans to build 32 new water dams
and 25 large water transfer systems with a total
value of $10 billion; 40 wastewater treatment
plants with a value of $1 billion;
Irrigation and drainage projects amounting to
$700 million; and water distribution systems
for 37 cities amounting to $1 billion.
(Afribiz, June 5th .2013,
Algeria loses US$401 million annually from
failing to recycle waste
State Secretary for Environment Dalila
Boudjemaa says Algeria loses some
US$401.26 million annually from failing to
recycle wastes, Algeria’s news agency APS
reported. Waste recycling is a beneficial
investment and can generate new jobs through
the creation of micro businesses in the
environmental sector, said Boudjemaa on
Monday. She was speaking at an awareness
campaign on environmental protection focused
on household waste in the Algerian capital.
Boudjemaa said today, 2,000 micro enterprises
are operating in several areas related to
environmental protection such as green spaces
maintenance and recycling. The volume of all
types of waste produced in Algeria annually is
estimated to be 13.5 million tonnes.
(SSIG, August 27th.2013,
Waste management in Algiers
The province of Algiers is undergoing major
changes in waste management through the
closure of dumps and the opening of modern
centers specialized in waste sorting and landfill
in addition to creating modern companies of
waste collection and strengthening existing
(El-Moudjahid, August 12th.2013,
Chott El-Gharbi water transfer project to
be commissioned before end 2015
The megaproject of Chott El-Gharbi water
transfer to Naâma province, the south of
Tlemcen and the south-west of Bel-Abbès, will
be fully commissioned before the end of 2015,
Water resources minister Hocine Necib
declared on 28th july 2013.
(APS, July 29th. 2013,
Algerian defense industry market
Despite its challenges, Algeria remains one of
Africa's most attractive defense markets, with a
defense spending capability that is expected to
increase owing to increased energy exports and
an arms race in the North African region. The
country's defense spending, which increased at
a significant CAGR of 21.4% during the
review period, is expected to stabilize during
the forecast period, growing at a steady CAGR
of 6.2% with the main aim of replacing most of
its outdated military equipment. The opening
up of Algeria's market to suppliers other than
those in Russia is expected to make it an
exciting proposition for foreign companies
looking to enter the market either through
direct government-to-government deals or by
establishing joint ventures and partnerships.
(clickpress, August 14th.2013,
98 Per Cent of land in Algeria's tourist
expansion areas unexploited
Tourism and Craft Industry Minister Mohamed
Benmeradi said up to 98 % of land bases in
tourist expansion areas (TEA) are unexploited,
Algeria Press Service (APS) reported.
Benmeradi said that 85 tourist projects
currently underway are located outside the
tourist expansion areas. A ministerial
instruction on land use within TEA has
recently been enacted to facilitate tourist
investment, said the minister.
(SSIG, August 13th.2013,
Algeria announces tender for USD1 billion
hotel project
The government of Algeria was expected to
announce on August 20th the tender for the
renovation and rehabilitation of six four- and
five-star hotels in West Algiers, a project that
is estimated to cost around USD 1 billion, a
government source said.
"The process will determine the foreign partner
who will assist in the renovation project, which
is scheduled to be concluded within a year,"
said Mohamed Al Saleh ben Aakmoum,
director of tourism for the province of Algiers.
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
He added that the government plans to
complete 713 projects in the hospitality sector
over the next two years, including the
construction of 484 hotels in major cities such
as Algiers, Oran, Annaba and Constantine, as
well as 230 tourism projects in the desert area.
The Algerian government aims to increase the
total number of tourist arrivals to 3.5 million
by the end of 2013.
(Zawya, August 11th.2013,
35 industrial plants to be built soon in South
and High Plateaux
The Ministry of Industry, SME and Investment
Promotion intends to build 35 industrial plants
in South and High Plateaux regions, according
to Industry Minister Cherif Rahmani.
(APS, July 26th.2013,
Algeria selects 13 firms for Renault car
Thirteen state-owned and private
subcontracting companies have been selected
recently to take part in the car plant project
Renault Algeria, to be set up in Oued Tlelat,
said Abderrahim Khaldoun, the director of
Industry, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
and Investment Promotion.
The selected firms are specialised in the
manufacturing of different care parts, including
rubber, batteries and plastics. They are part of
over 26 companies selected nationwide by the
committee in charge of identifying the project's
subcontracting companies, Khaldoun said.
(SSIG, July 31st. 2013,
Sonae Sierra wins new mandate in Algeria
Sonae Sierra has reinforced its presence in
Algeria with a fourth mandate to provide
services to third-party shopping centres.
(Propertyeu, July 23rd. 2013,
Ooredoo to take part in Algeria’s 3G
Algeria’s speedy and professional launching of
the 3G licencing process will offer customers
access to world-class, next-generation services
in the near future, said the chairman of
Ooredoo, adding that the firm will take part in
the 3G development. The revenue of Nedjma,
Qatar-based Ooredoo’s footprint in Algeria,
increased by 19 % from H1 2012 to H1 2013,
from $460.6 million to $523.6, and the
company has nearly 10 million customers.
With investments of more than $338.9 million
during the last 18 months, Nedjma remains a
leading investor in Algeria’s
telecommunication sector.
(Tradearabia, August 5th. 2013,
Abu Dhabi Bank sees retail demand after
revolts: Islamic Finance
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC (ADIB) plans
to expand in North Africa as the lender
controlled by the emirate’s ruling family seeks
to access more-populous markets.
The bank applied for licenses in Algeria and
Libya, Chief Executive Officer Tirad
Mahmoud said. Interest in Sharia-compliant
banking has increased since 2011, when
revolts in North Africa catapulted Islamists to
(Bloomberg, August 12th.213,
Algeria pharmaceuticals & healthcare
market Q3 2013
Algerian authorities appear committed to
healthcare development programme, the 20102014 tranche of which envisages the
construction of more than 150 new hospitals
and numerous other facilities. This expansion
of medical services will provide an impetus for
pharmaceutical consumption growth, which
should also benefit from an expansion of
private healthcare that is of increasing appeal
to the country's growing middle class.
However, we caution that cost-containment
pressures are likely to prioritise generic and
locally and regionally imported medicines over
novel drugs.
(Clickpress, June 14th.2013,
Algeria Autos report Q3 2013
The year 2013 looks set to be yet another
strong year for the Algerian autos industry.
Business Monitor International is currently
forecasting a 15% increase in new car sales, to
just below the 500,000 unit mark.
However, this forecast could well be revised
upwards over the coming months, in light of
the strong start to the year witnessed by new
car sales. After just two months of 2013, the
new car sales market is already reportedly up
by 47% year to date, underlining the strong
demand for vehicles on the part of Algerian
consumers at the present time.
(Usprwire, June 17 th.2013,
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Netherlands rises to 4th place in Global
Innovation Index
The Netherlands has risen from sixth place to
fourth place in the yearly Global Innovation
Index (GII), published jointly by the World
Intellectual Property Rights Organization,
Cornell University and INSEAD. The GII
classed the Netherlands as an Innovation
Leader and the Intelligent Community Forum
recently named the Dutch city of Eindhoven as
the world's most innovative city. The GII 2013
looked at 142 economies around the world,
using 84 indicators including the quality of top
universities, availability of microfinance,
venture capital deals - gauging both innovation
capabilities and measurable results.
(Hollandtrade, August 27th 2013,
Daan Roosegaarde nominated for World
Technology Award
Dutch maritime engineering firm Boskalis has
been awarded the contract to construct the new
Bronka Port in St. Petersburg. The project
involves the reclamaing of land for the
construction of the new port facility 'Bronka' in
St Petersburg. A total volume of up to 3
million cubic meters sand will be dredged and
reclaimed using trailer suction hopper dredgers
to create approximately 85 hectares of new
terminal area. The project is expected to be
completed in 2013. The contract for the project
was was signed at the St Petersburg
International Economic Forum on 20 June in
attendance of the Russian Deputy Prime
Minister Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich and the
Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mr. Mark
(Hollandtrade, August 22nd. 2013,
Dutch app to preserve and protect water
Researchers at Delft Technical University (TU
Delft) in the Netherlands, have come up with a
smart low-tech system to help monitor
irrigation-water levels and control water theft
and corruption. Their system, Mobile Canal
Control, is in the final stages of testing and is
operated via an app on a smartphone. Canals
and open water networks throughout the world
serve to transport water for irrigation and for
drainage and are often controlled manually by
an operator. In order to match irrigation supply
and demand as closely as possible, over-supply
of at least 10% is commonplace, so as to have
water available at all locations, at all times,
within the water network. The new smart
phone app serves as interface between canal,
operator, and central controller.
(Hollandtrade, August 13th.2013,; Holland Trade, July 26th.
Dutch harvest energy from industrial waste
Dutch researchers at Wetsus, centre of
excellence for sustainable water technology in
the north of the Netherlands, have developed a
method for harvesting energy from waste gases
such as CO2, from power-plants and other
industrial and domestic processes. Bert
Hamelers, Ph.D., explains that some 12 billion
tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere
every year from the burning of coal, oil and
natural gas. Smokestack gas from a typical
coal-fired plant contains about 10 percent
CO2, which not only goes to waste, but is a
key contributor to global warming. By using a
treatment process involving water or similar
liquids, Hamelers and his team estimate that
around 1,570 billion kilowatts of energy could
be generated annually.
(Hollandtrade, August 8th. 2013,
Strukton wins billion-euro Saudi metro
Dutch construction firm Strukton has landed a
prestigious contract worth 1 billion euros, as
part of the creation of a new metro system in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The total value of the
turnkey project is 6 Billion. The six lines
comprising the driverless Riyadh metro project
will span more than 176 kilometres, and
include 87 stations, making it the largest
subway under development in the world at
present. It is scheduled to enter commercial
service in 2018. Construction will require
600,000 tonnes of steel, 4.3 million cubic
metres of concrete. The project is to be
executed over five years, and will employ over
30,000 people.
(Hollandtrade, July 30th 2013,
Ambassade des Pays-Bas à Alger (Algérie) - Commerce & Investissements - No. 37-June 2013
Renowned architect firm OMA lands
prestigious US contracts
World-renowned Dutch architecture bureau
OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture),
has landed two prestigious contracts in the US.
In Miami, OMA has been selected as
masterplanner and lead architect for the major
redevelopment of the Miami Beach
Convention Center. In Miami's South Beach, a
team consisting of OMA, Tishman Realty and
UIA Management, will transform Miami's
convention center, home to Art Basel Miami
Beach and the Miami International Boat Show,
into a 21st century venue. The design adds a
hotel on top of the center and a large stepped
park on top of a new underground garage,
while reducing the overall footprint of the site
and creating new connections with the urban
fabric of Miami Beach. On the other side of the
country, in Santa Monica, California, city staff
selected OMA's design for a new residential,
hotel, retail and office project in the city's
downtown area.
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ERA-4ème édition du salon des énergies
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Electric vehicles taking off fast in the
In the first half of 2013, there has been an
explosive growth in the number of electric
vehicles are in the Netherlands. At the end of
June, there were 10,049 electric vehicles
registered in the Netherlands, compared to
7,500 at the end of 2012. This includes all
types of electric vehicles, with the exception of
scooters and electric bikes. The majority of the
registered electric vehicles (93%) are
passenger cars and electric utility vans. In
total, 70 percent are plug-in hybrids.
(Hollandtrade, July 19th .2013,
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