Newsletter – May 2014
Fantastic Pre-Sales at CitraLand Cirebon
Cirebon – This May, pre-sales of CitraLand Cirebon, which was
first launched in November 2013 has entered the second cluster.
The first cluster, Arborside, which was only 167 units and limited
offered was sold out in less than one week. And on the other
hand, the second cluster, The Crescent Tree, with a total of 156
houses, has already 60% sold. Not only for the houses, public are
also interested with CitraLand’s commercial products, the I-Walk
shop house complex. Up to now, pre-sales of this shop houses
has already entered the fifth phase (A, B, C, D and E Block). A
total of 64 units have all sold out.
Mr. Andreas Raditya, the General Manager explained that the
high interest of society in products offered by CitraLand is driven
by the brand image of Ciputra Group that Ciputra Group has high
reputation and credibility as a developer. Ciputra Group always
gives maximum value added in every project it develops. CitraLand also got proud appreciation from public, that the
very fast in selling house and shop houses has come up with the acceleration in next launching schedule. “Take this sixth
phase as an example, we are obliged to do the launching tonight due to the very strong demand,” he added in the
middle of the launching of CitraLand at Sapphire Grand Ballroom of Aston Hotel Cirebon on Saturday, 24 May 2014.
According to him, the launching was intended to introduce CitraLand formally to public, as well as to give all the
information regarding the project, which will be prepared to become the icon of Cirebon.
Project Manager of CitraLand, Mr Yohanes Sukiman added that during the launching night, CitraLand succeeded to book
Rp 14.5 billion for the pre-sale of 15 shop houses and 8 houses. “And due to the strong demand, we had to open the
new block, F (Plaza Festivo), and surprisingly we could sell 15 units,” he said.
The launching event, which is called “Spectacular Night” was participated by around 700 invitees, a proof of the high
interest and trust from society of Cirebon and the surrounding area to live in as well as to invest in CitraLand. The event
was also enlivened by special performance from singer Vina Panduwinata, who sang popular old songs with
accompaniment of Chinese orchestra.
On the other hand, Mr. Bing Sugiarto Chandra, the Project Director told media that Cirebon has a very good prospect,
considering the high turnover of money that indicates the life of business activities. “Besides, Cirebon is a part of
economic pulse of Pantura (Pantai Utara) which gets specific attention from the central government. And moreover, the
two candidates of president have promised to prioritize infrastructure along Pantura,” he added. “Business activities in
Cirebon move very fast compared with the past few years’. And this is also become strong reason why we are interested
entering Cirebon. We believe Cirebon will grow and catch up with Semarang, it is just a matter of time. This can be seen
from high responses to CitraLand. For not more than 6 months, we have done very fantastic pre-sales and demand for
shop houses is also very strong. We are absolutely right to enter this Cirebon,“ he continued.
CitraLand Cirebon offers a new residential concept which is very new in Cirebon. It will provide ideal and balance life for
modern and success families. “We predict this 40-ha area will become a prestigious and luxury modern residential area
and business district. And to enliven business passion, we co-operate with Indonesian Franchise Association (Asosiasi
Franchise Indonesia) to organize franchise fair, giving education and insight regarding franchise to Cirebon society,
especially for consumers of CitraLand. This program is a form of our commitment to support consumers to immediately
start their business, create positive business atmosphere, as well as to speed up the development of new business and
commercial area in CitraLand,” said Mr. Bing.
“Looking at how enthusiast public response to the project, we are optimist that CitraLand will be as success as our other
projects. The main road of CitraLand divides the area and connects two main accesses, Jalan Ciremai Raya and Jalan
Robunta. Along the main road (boulevard) will be several thematic commercial areas based on zoning of entertainment,
education, wellness and all business. So in years ahead, we believe CitraLand will become a new Central Business District
(CBD) in Cirebon,” Mr. Bing closed the conversation.
Serenity at the Hill by CitraSun Garden Semarang
Semarang – CitraSun Garden Semarang, with its tagline “Serenity at the Hill”, is a residential development located at
prestigious area of Bukit Sari, on top of Semarang city. The 20-ha area has a perfect master plan which offers premium
quality living and is designed to become a green sanctuary at the city center. Highlighting the spirit of green living, this
cluster consists of modern and exclusive houses, green, clean and neat environment with eco-friendly waste
management. With cluster development concept, this complex is designed with houses without gate, underground
infrastructure and 24-hour security system. Modern ambience can be felt by the presence of Triple Play facility, which
consists of telephone, television and internet and supported with U See TV technology provided by Telkom.
With price ranging from Rp 1.3 billion to Rp 7 billion per unit and prime quality offered, CitraSun Garden targets middle
and middle-up segment for its customers. The policy applied is Fixed Price policy, with discount given to customers who
pay cash, take in-house financing and mortgage.
After succeeded with clusters of Diamond Hill and Emerald Hill in its first two years, CitraSun Garden is now presenting
third cluster of Ruby Hill, which is the platinum edition of the newest cluster of CitraSun Garden and consists of 80
luxurious houses with modern tropical architecture concept.
Equipped with the facility of Club House 3 Entrance (Club House) which can be accessed by Ruby Hill and Sapphire Hill,
CitraSun Garden offers the best facilities to all the residents in this new cluster. Club House is equipped with swimming
pool and communal space with good landscape design to let the residents use to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Ruby
Hill cluster has 4 types of houses: Aquamarine, with building area of 335 sqm and land area of 375 sqm; Asteria, with
building area of 324 sqm and land area of 264 sqm; Ametrine, with building area of 273 sqm and land area of 220 sqm;
and Amarillo, with building area of 232 sqm and land area of 220 sqm.
Ground Breaking of CitraDream Hotel Bintaro
Jakarta – PT Ciputra Property Tbk through its subsidiary Ciputra Hospitality, together
with Jaya Group officially started the construction of CitraDream Hotel at Bintaro Jaya,
South Tangerang on 19 May 2014. This was the ground breaking of the 5th CitraDream
Hotel, our budget hotel. The hotel is located right beside Plaza Bintaro shopping mall
and will consist of 108 rooms. It is planned to start the operation in mid-2015.
New Clusters at CitraLand Palu Waterfront City
Palu – To response the housing need of Palu society, especially for the
price below Rp 1 billion, CitraLand Palu will develop new types of houses
called Alameda and Adderly. Alameda, with land area of 144 sqm and
building area of 77 sqm will be sold at price starting from Rp 800 million,
while Adderly, which has land area of 144 sqm and building area of 72
sqm will be from Rp 700 million. For customers who buy houses in the
period between 15 May and 30 June will get special promotion such as
electronic voucher of Rp 10 million to 20 million. The amount of the
voucher will be given proportionally with the type of house or shop
houses purchased. Other promotions given were down payment of only
Rp 40 million and instalment of Rp 8 million per month. CitraLand Palu
offered this kind of promotion due to the increasing of land selling price
of houses and shop houses in May.
Regarding the progress on site, currently CitraLand’s technical team are doing more on greening the area as well as
finishing the construction of houses and shop houses. First hand over to customers has already been scheduled in end of
June. CitraLand will hand over a total of 7 unit houses and also inaugurate its new office.
Compassionate Blood Donation at Ciputra Mall Jakarta
Jakarta – A compassionate blood donation was held at Ciputra Mall Jakarta on 19 Mei 2014. This is a regular social
activity held twice a year. This time’s blood donation was the first in this year. It took place at the lower ground’s center
court, started from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. The event was a co-operation with Sonora FM Radio and The Indonesian Red Cross
(Palang Merah Indonesia) and was supported by sponsors, such as tenants of Ciputra Mall Jakarta and others.
Everyone who intended to take part in the blood donation should pass these requirements. First they should fill in the
health registration form and after that do the blood examination and weight measurement. Then continue with health
examination by team of doctor. After passing these requirements, then the blood could be taken. Finished with the
blood donor, they were asked to have meal, proceed for their donor identity card and then got the souvenir.
A total of 519 people intended to participate at this time’s blood donor activity. Among them, 418 participants were
allowed to take part while the remaining of 101 did not pass the requirements.
CitraGrand Semarang Held Baby Festival
Semarang – It is very common to see people capturing every moment of their children’s growth using their cell phones,
pocket cameras or even asking professional photographers. This is because they don’t want to lose every memory of
happy and exciting moment of children’s phases of life. CitraGrand Semarang also took part in this moment, by
arranging an event called Baby Festival on 25 May 2014, starting from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Various competitions were held during the event, such as photo and dancing contest and walking competition. They also
had booths for mom and baby accessories, and for the comfort of the children, a big and comfortable play ground was
Taking the theme of “Happiness of the Family - Let the Babies Have Fun”, in this event, CitraGrand also offered its third
cluster, Greenstone, with the tagline “Luxury Living with Nature”. Houses in this cluster are designed with minimalist
contemporary architecture with artistic touch in every detail. The cluster will also be completed with private club house
to support healthy lifestyle as well as to become socialization facility among all the residents. Various types of houses in
Greenstone cluster were offered to give customers more choices to pick up the lay-out of their house of choice. Prices
start from Rp 600 million.
Raffles Hotel Will Start Its Operation in Ciputra World 1 Jakarta Soon
Jakarta – Under PT Ciputra Property Tbk, a
subsidiary of PT Ciputra Development Tbk, Raffles
Hotel Jakarta, an ultra-luxury hotel which is part of
headquartered in Canada, will soon operate in
Jakarta, completing its famous hotel chains that had
already operated in Singapore, Paris, Beijing, Dubai,
Mecca and other various big cities in the world. The
first Raffles Hotel in Jakarta will occupy 11 floors of
Raffles Tower of Ciputra World 1 Jakarta. The hotel
will consist of 171 rooms, from queen standard to
presidential suite type. Including in the hotel will
also be a grand ballroom with capacity of 2,500
There are also 88 units of premium residences, Raffles Residences in the same tower. Each tower has semi gross area of
around 470 sqm.
Currently, Board of Management of Raffles Hotel is already formed and Raffles Hotel is predicted to be fully operated in
the last quarter of this year.
New Project Launched
CitraGrand Senyiur City Samarinda
Samarinda – PT Ciputra Development Tbk (“the Company”), through
its subsidiary, PT Ciputra Graha Mitra, once again presented an
exclusive township residence called CitraGrand Senyiur City. This is the
second project developed in Samarinda, East Kalimantan and is a joint
operation project with a success entrepreneur, socialite society of East
Kalimantan, H. Moh. Jos Soetomo, the owner of Senyiur Group and
Sumber Mas Group. This new development is projected to become a
self-contained satellite city as well as new economic growth center in
CitraGrand Senyiur City has a total area of 400 hectare. It is located in
the South of Samarinda, called Samarinda Seberang. Located alongside Mahakam River, CitraGrand Senyiur City will
become the only and the biggest satellite city. The town planning consists of 112.8 hectare or more than 25% green area
is fertile land contour and has beautiful view. With the tagline of “Great City for Great Living”, this satellite city offers
new concept of residential which combine all aspects of comfort, security and privacy that gives healthy, ideal, and
balance quality of life from generation to generation. For the first phase, one district which consists of two clusters will
be developed.
Beside middle-up and high-end clusters, CitraGrand Senyiur City is facilitated with various modern township facilities,
such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) center, office park, commercial area, hotel, shopping mall, water park,
office tower, apartments, hospital, fit centrum, school, shop house, fresh market, open green area and praying house.
“Our optimism was proven, that since our pre-sale 2 weeks ago, around 250 customers already put booking fee to win
over 243 units offered in first cluster. We are confident that CitraGrand Senyiur City will be as success as our other
projects. Moreover, this project is fully supported by the government of East Kalimantan province, because it is
integrated with the master plan of Samarinda city”, said Mr. Bing Sugiarto, Director of Ciputra Group at the press
conference of CitraGrand Senyiur City launching and marketing gathering, Thursday, 8 May 2014 in Bumi Senyiur Hotel
Beside Directors of Ciputra Group, the launching was also attended by H. Moh. Jos Soetomo, founder of Senyiur Group
and Sumber Mas Group, business partner and land owner of CitraGrand Senyiur City and Board of Management of
CitraGrand Senyiur City. As for marketing gathering, it was attended by 150 property agents and branch managers of
banks that provide mortgage, such as BCA, BRI, OCBC NISP, BNI, UOB Buana, BII, Panin Bank and Bank Mandiri.
“I do hope this upcoming satellite city could reduce the load of Samarinda in the future. For me, this project is a form of
contribution to local government, to create a better Samarinda city, that no overload capacity of activities happen in one
place and end up with an inhuman city,” said H. Moh. Jos Soetomo.
According to Mr. Raditya, Marketing General Manager of Ciputra Group, pre-sales of CitraGrand Senyiur City has been
started since 2 weeks before and as predicted, public interest of Samarinda society as well as East Kalimantan society in
general were very phenomenal. From 243 units in Hazelton Cluster of Ardenia District, a number of 250 customers have
confirmed their interests by putting booking fees. “We only offered 1 type of house in first cluster with price started
from Rp 500 million. And because of big interests of people to join in our CitraGrand Senyiur City, I think Management
will continue with the launching of 2nd cluster. So total units of the two clusters will be 500 units,” he added.