Spring 2014 - Sassy Stitchers



Spring 2014 - Sassy Stitchers
The Sassy Stitch-Up
Volume I, Number 2 – Spring 2014
ANG President And Sassy Stitcher Cathe McEnerny Presents
The Official Charter At The April 10, 2014 Meeting.
Inside This Issue:
- 2014 Sampler Challenge
President’s Column
Shop Talk
A Happy Sassy Birthday List
Call for Seminar Donations
New Members
We’re chartered!
2014 Sampler Challenge
Needlepoint is an art which a lucky few carry through their lives. Stitchers who join ANG, especially those
who join chapters, have a true desire to grow and nurture their knowledge and skills. In a word, they – we
–feel called to stitch, and we are not alone in our passion. For countless generations households all over the
world displayed needlework for both its artistic and functional properties.
As we Sassies learned at our February and March meetings, samplers have been a key component in the
development of different embroidery styles. Bean Carrol told us of how young ladies would use their
samplers as exemplars of their needle prowess to impress potential suitors. (Personally, I don’t know if any
of my suitors have ever looked at my needlepoint and said, “Oh man, look at that stitching! I MUST kiss this
The 2014-15 ANG theme is Samplers to honor the heritage from which our needle art form developed.
With that in mind, your Sassy Program Committee chose to make this year’s chapter stitching challenge a
Sampler Challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to envision a sampler that fits your life
and style, one that both challenges and expands your skills and knowledge. The way you create it, stitch
selection, colors, size, thread choices, are all completely open!
The only requirements are that you use three new (to you) threads, and/or three new stitches. Never used a
stitch guide? Why not try one. Always worked a painted canvas? Perhaps there is a charted project calling
your name. There are no rights or wrongs. Never embellished with beads, buttons, or couching? Those
techniques count as well. Stretch your imagination, think outside the proverbial box, and dare to try
something new.
If you’d like help brainstorming, bring your canvas or charted design to a meeting or a local shop to learn
about threads and embellishments. Or better yet, email other Sassies a picture of the canvas/design and ask
for ideas. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge our membership holds.
So go forth, brave Sassies, and stitch on!
- LG
Very Sassy Birthday Wishes To:
Missy Taphorn – May 1
Jane Hitz – May 15
Marilyn Baker-Buffington – June 15
(Please let us know your birth date (not year!) so we
can wish you a happy birthday on YOUR day)
Attention! Due to our
burgeoning membership, as
of the June meeting we will
be in a larger room at the
Five Seasons Sports Club. It
will be downstairs, so look for
signs pointing the way.
President’s Column
Welcome to spring, Sassies!
It is finally warming up. Are you as hesitant as I am to fully embrace the season? After seeing white and
bleak landscapes for so long, my eyes are still a bit unaccustomed to the green of the leaves and blue skies.
Seminar in just three months away, and will be here before we know it. So this is a crier’s call to ask for
volunteers to help in many and all capacities, and remember that is no charge to take in the displays,
exhibits, or Expo night (some of your fellow Sassies are exhibiting). If you are interested in volunteering
please let me know and I will get you in touch with volunteer coordinator. PLEASE take advantage of the
ANG Seminar being in our home town!
If you missed our meeting in April, you missed a great presentation on B.A.T.S. by Laura Grimshaw, and
presentation of our Charter by ANG’s new President and Sister Sassy Cathe McEnerny. So we are very
official now! Pop the champagne! Woo-hoo! (Cue music: “Too Legit To Quit!”)
With our May meeting instruction on beading techniques, we began a series of programs packed with
educational opportunities. Hopefully one or two (or all?) have caught you attention. Remember that you
don’t have to finish a project begun during a class - it is truly about the techniques learned. Also, if you
decide not to participate in in a meeting project, don’t stay home. Please come and be with the group! Bring
a project – perhaps your UFO? – To stitch during the class to keep you busy. Or, (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)
you could work on your sampler challenge project that is due in December.
Just a quick note about housekeeping… PLEASE turn your phones off, or at least to “vibrate only” during
our meetings. Let’s keep the chatting to a minimum when we have teachers. Please pay your program fees
by the due date so Peggy doesn’t have to hunt you down. The Board has authorized the use of “excessive
force,” just like in the Blues Brothers movie, so watch out!
At every meeting, please bring your completed items to share so we can applaud your hard work and
creativity, and learn from your techniques. As we all know, there are times when only another stitcher can
truly appreciate how much effort goes into our work.
Happy Stitching!
Deanne Drozdz
Savvy Stitcher Sez…
“You know the plastic zippered covers
you get when you purchase sheets or
pillowcases? Well don’t throw them
away, use them to protect your
smaller needlepoint pieces when
traveling. They are GREAT!”
- Pat Russell
Shop Talk!
Editor’s Note: These shops have websites, Facebook pages, and both snail mail and
email newsletters. For the latest news, subscribe to each.
North Shore Needleworks, Northbrook www.northshoreneedleworks.com
 Linda Corirossi Canvas Embellishment, Wednesday 10am-12pm. PLUS! New this spring, Friday mornings AND afternoons,
call for specific dates. Please RSVP. $25 per two hour session.
 Fun with Fur Chris Clemmons will teach you how to create and carve fabulous, fluffy turkey tufting! Date: June 24th
Time: 10:30-12:30 Price: $50 Students will receive a Bunka Brush, and Premax Curved Scissors! Class limit: 8, please call
to reserve your spot.
 Candy Cane Snowman, Deanne Drozdz will teach this delightful candy cane ornament on Tuesday, July 15th from 10amNoon. Price: $100, includes painted canvas, threads, beads, stitch guide, stretcher bars, and instruction. Please call to
reserve your seat as class size limit is 8.
Trunk Shows: Month of June: Whimsy and Grace’s “Damask Collection.” 15% off all trunk show canvas purchases or orders.
Specials: Many new canvases added to the 40% off rack.
News: Now open SUNDAYS! from 12-4pm on specific dates: May 18, June 1, June 15, July 20, August 3, August 17, September 1.
Canvasback, Northfield www.canvasback-needlepoint.com
 Embellishment classes with Linda Corirossi. Bring your canvas and let Linda help you pick fibers and stitches to make it
spectacular. Mondays, 9:30-11:30; Wednesdays 1:00-3:00.
 Straight and Crossed Stitches in Radiant Orchid ($85) Each year the Pantone Color Board selects a color of the year that is
used as a spring board for colors in clothing, interior decorating, appliances, etc. This year's color is "Radiant Orchid." We
chose that color as the basis of a piece featuring straight and crossed stitches. If you're looking to learn some new stitches
and also be on top of the fashion world, take this class! Thursdays, June 12 and 26, 9:30-11:30am.
Trunk Shows:
 Cooper Oaks, May 24 – June 14.
The Classic Stitch, Winnetka www.theclassicstitch.com
 It has been a long winter and Linda Corirossi is back with her embellishment classes on Monday afternoons from 1-3. So
stop by the shop with your canvas to learn a new stitch or two and meet some great ladies! $25 per session.
Trunk Shows: At present, there are 4 different designer trunk shows. The discount for items purchased from a trunk show (or
special ordered from the trunk show designer) is 20%:
 Whimsy & Grace: florals, tree-toppers, ornaments, eye glass cases, etc.
 Machelle Somerville: whimsical designs, picture frames, florals, sayings, etc.
 Tonya: Judaic designs, tallis bags, yarmulkes, etc.
 Itz A Stitch: for the first time at The Classic Stitch a great new belt designer: golf, sports, animals, beach, holiday and
much more
 Future trunk shows: June 15 th, The Ewe and the Eye - very whimsical designs for holidays, animals, birds, hearts and
flowers; July 15-31 there is Sandra Gilmore, known for her exquisite hand painted canvases that have wonderful detail,
fun themes and lively colors; Aug 8- Sept 15 Elizabeth Turner is there - she offers a diverse line of hand painted canvases
which include amazing belts, bell pulls, coasters, cummerbunds, frames, flasks and holiday items.
 Also - The Frequent Buyers Card gives you 20% off one canvas after you spend $500!
The Forest Needle, Lake Forest www.forestneedle.com
Classes: Dates/times TBA. Beginner’s class will be on Tuesday afternoons; Adv. Beginner/Intermediate classes will be announced
Trunk Shows: 15% off all trunk show canvases. Clara Wells, The Studio, and The Point Of It All on now. Elizabeth Turner in June!
 Ornaments from The Studio, when sent back to the designer for finishing, will get a really cool wire hangar, instead of a
loop. Looks fantastic!
 Stop in for Tea on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4:30.
 Thursday morning Sit & Stitch from 10-12pm.
Welcome Stitchery, Crystal Lake www.welcomestitchery.com
 Nine Patch from DeeBee’s Designs. Worked on 18 count canvas using a variety of fibers with 9 different stitches. Works
up quickly! Price $30, does not include materials or pattern. Wednesdays June 11 & 18, 6:30-9pm. (Editor’s Note: This
would be a great way to meet the Sassy 2014 Sampler Challenge !)
 Lots of non-needlepoint classes, including: counted cross stitch, punch needle, Hardanger.
Specials: “Fiber Fantastic Clubs” Get 5-12 skeins of your fave fibers mailed to you each month, at a reduced cost, with FREE
shipping. Fibers incude a wide range of choices, including Gloriana, Soie d’Alger, ThreadworX, Dinky Dyes, Weeks Dye Works.
 25% of custom molding, through May31. MUST have coupon; download coupon from the website.
 Stitches & Friends: First Wednesday evening of each month from 6:30-9pm. Please RSVP. No charge – come in, make new
friends, and stitch or punch needle. Refreshments provided!
 Customer Appreciation Nights: Thursday evenings from 5-8pm, pre-cut fabric is 25% off.
Designer’s Desk, Geneva www.designersdeskusa.com
 June 6, 7, 10, 11: Do you love Laurel Birch designs? Now they are available on needlepoint canvas. We will have lots of
them to choose from. Purchase any needlepoint canvas and have Jill add some life and excitement to it. Jill founded
Danji Designs and has been active in the needlework industry for many years. She owned her own shop, and writes her
own stitch guides for Danji. She is a fun lady to take a class from. Class fee is $150 for 2 days - $275 for 4 days.
 June 27, 28, 29, 30: Sandy Arthur Canvas Embellishment - Purchase a canvas from Designers Desk and Sandy will help
you make it sing. Sandy teaches for ANG, EGA, and TNNA, as well as being an author of 4 stitch books; if you have her
books - be sure to stop by and have her sign them. Sign up for two days of class for $150, includes lunch. Four days $275.
 July 11, 12, 13, 14 - Carolyn Hedge Baird Canvas Embellishment: First time at Designers Desk and we already hope she will
come back soon. Carolyn has published a number of stitching books (stop by and have her sign yours) and has a good
time embellishing a canvas. Learn new techniques! Buy a canvas from Designers Desk, and sign up for a two days for a
class fee of $150, includes lunch.
 Sharon G Canvas Embellishment, dates/times TBA.
Trunk Shows: All trunk shows get a 15% discount
 April 25 - May 11: "Associated Talents"
 May 16 -June 16: "Labors Of Love"
 June 6-11: “Danji” (aka, Laurel Birch Design’s canvases)
 Sign up for the new electronic newsletter on their website.
 T.A.R.T.S. and T.A.R.T.S. II: (Thursdays Are Reserved To Stitch) - TARTS II - (Tuesdays are Reserved To Stitch) A group of
gals, after taking a class together, decided to come into the shop on Thursdays to stitch , as often as possible. They named
themselves the TARTS. Each working on their own project or projects, often asking advice of each other and helping each
other figure out which stitch goes where and/or a technique. If you are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays, feel free to
come in and join the group - or feel free to form another group on another day!
The Black Cat Stitchery, Winthrop Harbor www.blackcatstitchery.com
Classes: LOTS of classes in non-needlepoint techniques; beginner and advance beginner needlepoint, plus beading, framing. Too
many to list; check the website calendar for specific dates/times.
 Needlepointer’s Night, first Thursday of the month from 6 - 9 pm. Bring your current needlepoint project to work on.
See what others are doing!
 Open Stitching: second and fourth Wednesdays from 1-4pm (cookies provided!); second and fourth Thursdays from 69pm (cookies provided again!)
Sassy Stitchers
2014 Meeting Dates & Programs
Topic / Project
Lynn Deininger’s Scissor’s Case Class
June 12
Ribbed Spider Border Class With Mary McGuire
Registration deadline: May 8th, $15
July 10
Please Welcome Our
Newest Sassies!
Aug 14
”The History of Samplers Through The Eyes of Chottie
Alderson” presentation by Mary McGuire; ANG
National Seminar in Chicago & Northbrook Library
Sept 11
Zentangle Class Registration Deadline: July 10 th, $40
Oct 9
Needlepoint Finishing Class Registration Deadline:
June 12th, $80
Oct 18-19
Libby Sturdy – Bejeweled Trees 4 & 5 Registration
Deadline: August 1st, $125
Nov 13
Dec 11
Annual Meeting AND
Or Nué Needlepoint
Technique Class by
Mary McGuire
Registration Deadline:
Sept. 11th, $15
Holiday Party – Location and cost TBA
 Margaret (Peggy) Conway
 Carolyn Koop
 Carol Keenan
Smile everyone – we’re signed, sealed, and chartered!
Who We Are
The Sassy Stitchers is a chapter of
the American Needlepoint Guild.
Meetings are the second Thursday
of every month, from 10am to 2pm,
at the Five Seasons Sports Club,
1300 Techny Rd, Northbrook 60062
- Donations of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
needlepoint – scissors, threads, canvases, tools,
bags, magnifiers, needles, etc. – are needed to fill
the Sassy basket to be auctioned off at Seminar in
August. Please contact Maryellen to contribute.
For additional information,
please email us:
[email protected]
- If your check is returned by the bank, there will
be a $40 fee.
Or like us on Facebook, and get
notifications: “Sassy Stitchers”
- Any expenditure of $50 or more requires Board
approval PRIOR to purchase.
Deanne Drozdz
Vice President:
Nancy Rausch
Second Vice President:
Peggy Hopkins
Cinder Dowling
Recording Secretary:
Mary Ellen Maloney
EUREKA! (AKA, a needlepoint discovery)
From Peggy: “Vera Bradley makes a clear
plastic luggage tag big enough to put your
needlepoint scissors in. I tried it at the local
VB store and it works great.”
Corresponding Secretary:
Rebecca Kay
Laura Grimshaw
Committee Chairs
Peggy Hopkins
Susan Snider
Laura Grimshaw
Bean Carroll
Pat Russell and granddaughter Dory stitchin’ in Boston
The Sassy Stitch Up is for the most part written & edited by Laura Grimshaw.
Submissions and comments to [email protected]