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Fernando Arrabal: Clitoris
An Arrabal´s Poem
(quite innocently)
Maritime windowpane for the gale and its waves.
Solar almondine for the stinger and its trumpet.
Lunar twilight for salacity and its fancies.
Fleshly brazenness for cravings and their strife.
Pubic concubine for the male and his turpitude.
Pepper mill of liquefaction for the nook and its tigresses.
Vertical harmony for the carnivore and his suction.
Ejaculate logo for the Creator and his delusions.
Orgasmic bauble for the piccolo and its finger-holes.
Existential pregnancy for intimacy and its rites.
Doting workroom for the martyr and his burning coals.
Convulsive heart for the discharge and its labia.
Corybantic bud for the sadist and his chaw.
Ambrosial grinder for the pistol and its fusillade.
Erotic daisy for the unchaste and his urges.
Enigmatic niche for the bolt and its lightning.
Worshipful pheromones for the rod and its kermesses.
Fixating knob for Priapus and his lust.
Kiss-ridden rose for the swain and his cigars.
Deranged contrapunctum for the bounder and his joys.
Seductive seashell for the popinjay and his cherries.
Frenzied coat of arms for the nightingale and its crotchets.
Ardent tuft for the chimera and their rosettes.
Calescent mandolin for the arrow and its schemes.
Drenched strawberry for delirium and its tremens.
Sacramental nest for the Marquis and his go-betweens.
Erectile drawer for the spinet and its zeal.
Bewitching ruff for the scimitar and its slits.
Febrile prize for the phallus and its abrasions.
Fiery scepter for the protocol and its fury.
Translated by Benjamin Ivry

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