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Second Edition 2008
Ray Konvicka, Sr., Store Manager, #79 in Liverpool, NY.
Shown accepting his award of Retail Quest For Excellence; at
the presentation were: Bill Cross, Retail Regional Manager of
the Western Region; Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph., President and
C.O.O.; Ray Konvicka; Craig Painter, Chairman of the Board
and Dave McClure, VP of Retail Operations.
See more award presentations from the 2008 Fall
Management Conference starting on page 6.
Kinney Hosts First Medicine Collection Day
On Saturday, June 14th the Electronics Parkway store
in Liverpool hosted the first Medicine Collection Day in
Onondaga County. The purpose of the event was to encourage
the community to drop off unused or expired medications
at the collection so they can be properly destroyed in order
to help prevent accidental poisonings, substance abuse and
environmental pollution. In support of the event, Onondaga
County and the City of Syracuse observed “Medicine Safety
Awareness Day” on June 14th. It was determined that in
excess of 35 cases of controlled and non-controlled substances
were collected.
By now, most of you have completed several modules in our new “It’s my
Kinney” Customer Service Program. It’s our expectation that you take what
you have learned in the program and immediately put it to use in both your
professional and personal lives. A recent experience that I had in one of our
stores, and that I’ll share with you now, tells me this is already happening!
A couple of weeks ago, I stopped at #34 (Gouverneur) to do my weekly
shopping. On my way into the store… I set off the EAS System. You can imagine how I felt…
there I stood… red cheeked… others shoppers staring at me… embarrassed as all get out… and
doing everything short of putting my hands up in the air waiting to be frisked!
Fortunately for me, Tanya was working front checkout that morning. She came right over, smiled
at me and said, “Good Morning Bridget”… Immediately things were getting better… she wasn’t
laughing at me or “silently accusing me” of anything, and hearing her use my name, made me start to
relax, rather than getting defensive.
The rest of our conversation flowed like this:
Tanya: “Are those new jeans, by any chance?”
Me: “As a matter of fact, yes… I got them a couple of weeks ago”
Tanya: “Did you buy them at Old Navy or Gap?”
Me: “Yup…they’re Gap jeans”.
Tanya: “You may want to go home and look for a security tag sewn into a seam. They don’t always
deactivate them and even washing them doesn’t take care of it.”
So I finished my usual shopping and we joked at the checkout about how I would “beep” again
when I went out… and of course I did!
Why am I telling you this story? Well first… when something is done very well, it should be
recognized, and Tanya took what could easily have been a very humiliating experience and turned it
into something to laugh about. And secondly, it’s to emphasize the fact that great customer service
can and must be applied in every situation.
There were a lot of different ways Tanya could have handled that situation. She could have ignored
me, been grumpy about being interrupted from “her work”, or could have treated me like I was
trying to steal something. Each of those approaches would have made me want to leave the store
and never come back! But instead… she acted like the owner of the company… which she is! She
exceeded my expectations… and made me feel good about spending my money in her store.
PS… Yes… when I went home I did find a tag in the jeans, which is now long gone!
Second Edition 2008
Marketing CORNER
Community Sponsored Events
Over the last few months Kinney stores have
partnered with several local community agencies
to support various events and health programs.
Kinney employees have donated their time,
energy and products! A sincere thank you to all
of you who participated in these events in some
way and made a difference in the communities we
serve. Volunteer work does make a difference!
WCNY Holiday Auction – Syracuse, NY
Gouverneur & St. Lawrence County Fair – Watertown, NY
Annual Boonville Fall Arts Festival, Boonville, NY
Ironman Triathlon – Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake,
Elizabethtown, NY
Seaway Valley Senior Citizen’s Local Recipe Book – Massena, NY
Peppermint Days – Lyons, N.Y.
Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Event – Syracuse, NY
Cortland Memorial Hospital Event – Cortland, NY
Saint James Church Gala - Gouverneur, NY
Relay for Life – Oswego, Mexico, Fulton, NY
Independence Day Parade – Whitesboro, NY
Hiawatha Seaway Boy Scout Council – Food Collection – all
Central New York Stores
Bicentennial Parade – Cortland, NY
High Peaks Hospice Gala - Elizabethtown, NY
Alcoa Health Fair – Massena, NY
River Hospital Wellness Days - Alex Bay, NY
Step Up Organization – Breast Cancer Survivors Fair – Syracuse, NY
Claxton/Hepburn Hospital Community Appreciation Day Ogdensburg, NY
Women’s Ministry Health Fair – Watertown, NY
Senior Health & Fitness Fair – Saranac Lake, NY
Novelis Health Expo - Oswego, NY
Brewerton Elementary Wellness Fair – Brewerton, NY
Alice Hyde Hospital – Health Fair – Malone, NY
Crown Park Fire Department – Middlebury, VT
Family Readiness 5k Run – Liverpool, NY
Fulton Mills Apt. for Elderly – Fulton, NY
Young Life – Annual Women’s Brunch – Syracuse, NY
Super Science Saturday JCC Nursing Dept. – Watertown, NY
Senior Health Fair – NYS Fairgrounds – Syracuse, NY
Buck Hills Senior Apt. for Elderly – Whitesboro, NY
Carthage Area Hospital – Breast Cancer Awareness Dinner –
Carthage NY
Adirondack Wellness Senior Fitness Day – Saranac Lake, NY
Jefferson County Public Health Services – Watertown, NY
Jefferson County Health Service Day – Watertown, NY
St. Joe’s Health Fair – Syracuse, NY
Life Vial – has a new look!
On Saturday, April 26th the Skaneateles store
participated in a Heart Health Awareness Day in
conjunction with Crouse Hospital at the Skaneateles
Community Center. Our supervising pharmacist David
Battaglia and store manager Jim Miller were on hand to
discuss our Kinney pharmacy services.
In September of 2006 Kinney Drugs launched
the Life Vial program. To date we have
distributed over 80,000 life vials to the
communities we serve. Written testimonials have
been turned into live television commercials and
radio ads. The program has been a success since
inception because of your help and support.
As you know, the life vial is free to customers
and is to be handed out at the pharmacy.
Please continue to use this as a tool to build on
patient/pharmacist relationships. In September
2008 we changed our label and distributed new
life vials to all stores. Please be sure that you have
handed out all of the life vials with the old label
or feel free to donate them to local fire halls, EMT
services or home bound seniors.
Second Edition 2008
Health Tip…
You already know “Cholesterol 101”: Generally high numbers
are bad, low numbers are good and family history plays a key
role. So improvements in diet and exercise can help – but only so
It’s simple, yes. But when you start investigating what to eat (and
what to avoid), what treatments
are best and how to squeeze more physical activity into your busy life, it helps to have expert advice.
Here are a few tips we hope will help.
What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a waxy substance that comes from two main sources: your liver and the foods you eat. Your
body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to be healthy. Too much cholesterol can clog your arteries, lower
blood flow to other tissues in the body and boost your risk of heart attack and stroke. It’s also possible to
have too little good cholesterol, which can predispose you to heart disease.
How can you control your cholesterol?
Choose low-cholesterol lifestyle choices – learn how exercise, dietary adjustments and medication
might help you lower your cholesterol levels. Sometimes small changes can make a big
Lower cholesterol with healthy eating choices – don’t let busy schedules,
supersized portions and the prevalence of “Convenience foods” put a dent in your
healthy eating plan. Load your grocery cart up with healthy eating choices, learn
how to prepare them so you get the most out of their healthy ingredients. Try eating
foods that are lower in cholesterol, cook them correctly and enjoy! For example -try to stay away from butter and refined white flour! Eat oatmeal – the real stuff – not
the instant varieties – they usually have added sugar.
Looking for financial
Use Your FREE Confidential
Financial Services Benefit!
EAP Work/Life Services
CALL 1.800.327.2255
or log-on at
Dynamic work/life solutions
Second Edition 2008
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benefit courtesy of
Grand Opening…
On Saturday, August 16th Kinney Drugs Inc. celebrated
the grand opening of the newly constructed stand
alone store in Burlington VT. With this great location
on Shelburne Road, the store was busy as soon as the
doors opened! Kinney associates offered free earth wise
bags filled with product and free life waters to the first
500 customers. Customers also had the opportunity
to learn more about our photo kiosk options, sign up
for a Kinney value card, and learn about our pharmacy
Burlington, Vt.
services. Health Screenings were provided by our own
Supervising Pharmacist Larry Renaud and Tierney Clark,
an intern student. They spent the morning
and afternoon conducting
blood glucose screenings
with the A1C Now meter;
a meter that measures
your blood glucose over
a three month period.
Other local agencies such
as Green Mountain Care
and Champlain Valley
Agency on Aging were on board to share information on how Vermonters could obtain financial assistance
with medical insurance, prescriptions, and their local programs and services. Cosmetic make over’s were
also offered by Wet & Wild throughout the day on Sunday. The ribbon cutting ceremony included the
pharmacy team, the store manager, associates, and Mayor Bob Kiss.
& Re-Opening…
On Saturday, June 7th Kinney Drugs Inc. celebrated the
GRAND RE-OPENING of the newly remodeled Coffeen
Street store located in Watertown, NY. The festivities
began bright and early with Kinney associates offering a free
earth wise bag filled with free product to customers as they
entered the store. Customers also had the opportunity to
sign up for a Kinney value card, receive a free life vial, and
take part in free health screenings. Health Screenings were
provided by Samaritan Hospital that included blood glucose
and blood pressure. They also discussed the importance
of a healthy lifestyle that included education
about diet and exercise. Program and Service
information was also handed out to attendees
by Jefferson County Office of the Aging and
Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage.
The festivities continued into Sunday with free
cosmetic make over’s offered by Wet & Wild
from 10 am – 2 pm. Hundreds of residents
came out to take part in the day’s activities. The ribbon cutting
ceremony included the pharmacy team, store manager and associates.
Second Edition 2008
Wayne Frenyea Retires from Kinney
Drugs Board of Directors
Will continue to pursue his love for teaching
in his retirement
Gouverneur, N.Y., June 30, 2008 - Wayne Frenyea has announced his retirement from
the Kinney Drugs, Inc. Board of Directors, effective June 2008. Wayne Frenyea has been
a member of the board for eighteen years, and will continue to serve as a consultant to the
Wayne Frenyea
Wayne’s career with Kinney’s has spanned over thirty plus years. During his tenure, he
has supported the organization by serving in such senior management positions as Senior
Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, and Senior Vice President of Real
Estate. Since his retirement in 2003, Wayne has had the opportunity to pursue his love of
teaching. He is currently a teaching assistant at BOCES, Southwest Tech.
“Kinney’s, and the people I have worked with over the years, will always hold a very
special place in my heart, “commented Wayne. “I am proud to have been part of Kinney’s, which has grown
into the vibrant employee-owned organization that it is today”. “I am equally proud to be a part of the
educational system. The time I am able to spend interacting with these students is incredibly rewarding”.
“We have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the many contributions Wayne has made to Kinney
Drugs,” commented Craig Painter, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “He has been a role model to many,
and has always combined commitment, integrity and compassion when dealing with our customers, business
partners and employee-owners.”
Going, Going, GONE!
WCNY Great TV Auction was held on Thursday, May
1st; several stores from the Syracuse area participated
and donated their time. Volunteers from those stores
included: Bill Cross (RMM) Marc Baum (32), Rhea
Carroll (61), Jennifer Baum (61), Sheryl Cross (61),
Stacy Mattiaccio (61), Rod O’Hara (82), Jessica
Siddle (07), Beau Stenson (75), Jennifer Stenson
(75), Mike Lamson (85), Frank Annarumma (62),
Angela Schuyler (32), Stefani Revette (32), Casey Connely (32). Volunteerism is a great way to show
your commitment to communities we serve!
Second Edition 2008
Technician of the Year Awards
At the Kinney Drugs Pharmacy Technician Conference held earlier this year the following
were awarded “P.T.C.B. Technician of the Year Awards”. These awards are presented
“…with Kinney Drugs’ appreciation for the hard work, diligence and loyalty…“ that
these individuals have shown to our company, their customers and the communities
they serve. Crystal Theisen was not present for the photo. Crystal is from Store #59
in Plattsburgh, New York. Also receiving an award was Store #18 for their splendid
job of Inventory Management. Present at the session to accept the award were Diane
Hilliker and Diane Johnston, P.T.C.B. Technicians at the St. Albans, Vermont store.
Mike Duteau, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy
Operations; Jennifer Ring, P.T.C.B.
Pharmacy Technician – Store #80
in Ithaca, NY; Brett Surace, R.Ph.,
Pharmacy Regional Manager – Western
Region; Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph., President
and C.O.O.
Mike Duteau, R.Ph., Director of
Pharmacy Operations; Tonia Thomas,
P.T.C.B. Pharmacy Technician – Store
#87 in Syracuse NY; Tim Walsh,
R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional Manager
– Eastern Region; Bridget-ann Hart,
R.Ph., President and C.O.O.
Inventory Management Award to Store #18:
Mike Duteau, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy
Operations; Meg Morris, R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional
Manager – Northern Region; Diane Hilliker and
Diane Johnston, P.T.C.B. Pharmacy Technicians –
Store #18 in St. Albans, VT; Carol Breckenridge,
Pharmacy Supply Chain Manager; Bridget-ann Hart,
R.Ph., President and C.O.O.
Mike Duteau, R.Ph., Director of
Pharmacy Operations; Marcie Gauthier,
P.T.C.B. Pharmacy Technician – Store
#91 in Potsdam, NY; David Adsit,
R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional Manager –
Central Region; Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph.,
President and C.O.O.
The Newport VT store recruited a team to walk the track at Gardner Park to
fight cancer and save lives. Funds raised supports cancer research, education and
patient services. They helped make a difference in this fight against cancer. Great
Job Guys! In the photo are Janice Cotnoir, Steve Vincent (Pharmacist), Betty
Racine, Devin Dannat (Store Manager), Dajana Lemieux, Cathy Emery.
Second Edition 2008
2008 Fall Management Conference
Verona, N.Y., September 15, 2008 – Kinney Drugs, the
leading healthcare organization in New York and Vermont,
presented some of its most exceptional managers and stores with
awards on Tuesday at its annual Fall Management Conference at
Turning Stone Resort.
A. Eleanor Jackson Store Support
Award Winner for 2008
Melanie Hays. Present at the award ceremony were
Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph., President and C.O.O.; Lisa
Weir, Pharmacy Development Manager; Melanie Hays,
Store Support Specialist; Craig Painter, Chairman of the
Board; and Dave McClure, VP of Retail Operations.
Every fall the organization’s store managers convene to review
the first three quarters of the year and prepare for the busy
fourth. The pinnacle of the event is the presentation of awards
honoring employees who have shown the greatest commitment
to the company over the year. These individuals and store
teams have made it their mission to express Kinney Drugs’
culture of caring for the community, to their colleagues, business
partners and most importantly their customers.
Entire store teams are honored during the conference with the
Store Recognition Award. Regional manager teams evaluate
stores on the execution of the total business plan, customer
service and sales growth. The candidates are also judged on the
overall store appearance throughout the year, their involvement
in staff development, community support and the level of
customer service that they provide.
Marketing Excellence Awards
Winners of this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards
are shown here along with staff of from the Marketing
Department. Rick Cognetti, Director of Retail
Merchandising is shown congratulating Jeremy Gonyea,
Store Manager at Store #12 in Malone, NY; Rich Barr,
Store Manager at Store #25 in Dolgeville (formerly
Store #20 Lowville Manager); Travis LaFave, Assistant
Manager from Store #79 in Liverpool, NY; Ray
Konvicka, Store Manager at Store #79 in Liverpool, NY
and also present was Jim Wuest, VP of Marketing.
Second Edition 2008
Northern Region Store Retail Awards
Store Retail Achievement Awards were given to three stores in
the Northern District of the company. Shown here are: Meg
Morris, R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional Manager; Dale Myatt, Retail
Regional Manager; April Sumner, Store Manager at Store #76
in Elizabethtown, NY; Carol Dubray, Assistant Manager and Paul
Ross, Store Manager of Stores #86 and #35 in Cambridge,
VT and Milton, VT respectively; Jim Russell, Store Manager of
Store #59 in Plattsburgh, NY; and Dave McClure, VP of Retail
2008 Fall Management Conference
Vendors of the Year
Central Region Store Retail Awards
The Central Region had four stores win the Store Retail Achievement
Award this year and shown here are: David Adsit, R.Ph., Pharmacy
Regional Manager; Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph., President and C.O.O.;
Brian Dykeman, Retail Regional Manager; Jerry Sherman, Store
Manager Store #4 in Adams, NY; Wendy Rambone, Store
Manager Store #6 in Carthage, NY; Steve Cloonan, Store
Manager Store #13 in Watertown, NY; Everett Pecore, Store
Manager Store #41 in Massena, NY; and Dave McClure, VP of
Retail Operations.
Also presented at the recent conference was the DSD
Vendor of the Year Award. This year’s award was
presented to Hudson News. Show here is Rick Cognetti,
Director of Retail Merchandising; Joe Viviano, Category
Manager; Scott Murphy, Hudson News; and Jim Wuest,
VP of Marketing.
General Merchandise
SC Johnson company was awarded the General
Merchandise Vendor of the Year and show presenting this
award was Rick Cognetti, Director of Retail Merchandising;
Susan Easton, Category Manager; Jennifer Gilbertson, SC
Johnson; and Jim Wuest, VP of Marketing.
Health & Beauty
Southern Store Retail Awards
Retail Achievement Award winning stores in our Southern Region
are shown here with the following in attendance: Bill Cross,
Retail Regional Manager; Brett Surace, R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional
Manager; Bridget-ann Hart, R.Ph., President and C.O.O.;
Ray Konvicka, Sr., Store Manager Store #79 in Liverpool,
NY; Travis LaFave, Assistant Manager Store #79; Tim Walsh,
R.Ph., Pharmacy Regional Manager; Kevin Austin, Store Manager
Store #71 in Trumansburg, NY; Mike Lamson, Store Manager
Store #85 in Syracuse, NY; and Dave McClure, VP of Retail
Schering Plough, Inc. was awarded the Health and Beauty
Vendor of the Year award. On hand for the presentation
were Rick Cognetti, Director of Retail Merchandising; Jim
McCabe, Bob Quon, and Mark Davis Schering Plough
representatives; Mike Hatch, Category Manager; and Jim
Wuest, VP of Marketing.
Second Edition 2008
Kinney at the New York State Fair!
The 2008 Kinney Hall of Health located at the Science and
Industry building attracted thousands of fairgoers to our booth
and over 927,871 people attended the NY State fair. Once
again our theme revolved around building on our health care
image in the Central New York market.
Fairgoers had the opportunity to take part in several health
screenings that included: blood pressure, comprehensive
heart health, diabetes, women’s health, bone density, tobacco
cessation, sleep health, fall/risk assessment, dementia, and
osteoporosis. Going hand in hand with the screenings were
informational brochures on disease education, prevention and
care. We also offered information to fairgoers on various
health care resources such as support groups, programs
and services, caring for the elderly, and the importance of
preventive health care. Over 20 of our partnering health
care agencies were on board with us throughout the week
to provide free screenings and information to fairgoers.
In addition to the health screenings, fairgoers had the
opportunity to talk with Kinney representatives about
Kinney pharmacy services such as free Rx delivery, life
vial, easy prescription transfer, flavor Rx, and the many
locations of Kinney Drugs. The Kinney Drugs Foundation
was also on board for a day to explain their program and
hand out goodies! Thank you to all Kinney employees
who participated in the day to day logistics of the NY
State Fair; your time and energy is appreciated!
Thank you to the following:
Second Edition 2008
Store # - 72, 72, 47, 60, 54, 61, 65, 51, 24, 32,
44, 37, 46, 4, 6, 64, 62, 63, 85, 7, 36, 78, 66,
43, 82, 71, 75, 67, 68, & 74
Store #79 - Ray Konvicka, Travis LaFave, Bob Anderson & Staff
The Warehouse Personnel
Geoff Bremer, Jon Hickey, & Randy Holmes
Bill Cross & John Pirong
Colleen Walsh-Grefer
Champlain Valley Fair
This year Kinney coordinated a Senior Health Fair at the Champlain Valley Expo with
store 21 & 29 and several of our partnering health agencies in Vermont. We again
kept our focus on health care and Kinney pharmacy services. We offered free blood
glucose and blood pressure screenings in conjunction with
Fletcher Allen’s Diabetes Care Program; a registered dietician was also there to
consult with seniors. Green Mountain Care was also there to offer information to
Vermonters on how to obtain prescription assistance. Representatives from the state
health department attended to share information on how there programs reach out
to underinsured women and inform them of the free breast & cervical screenings
should they fit the programs criteria. In addition, The Office of Aging was there to
discuss various programs and services they offer to seniors in Vermont. Kinney Drugs
own supervising pharmacist Larry Renaud was on staff to discuss Kinney pharmacy
services. The staff at store 21 did an excellent job working with the Champlain
Valley Expo staff and all of partners. Thank you!
A HUGE thank you to store #21
for a job well done!
Jackie Cambell • Bob Bartlett • Donna Stratton
Larry Renaud – store #29
Poison Prevention Month...
Store #41 & #10 in Massena NY collaborated on a local
project in recognition of Poison Prevention Month. The stores
offered a coloring contest to various age groups. The winners
had a recognition and awards party.
Happy 25th Anniversary…
to Harry and Nancy Turnbull – on Oct. 1st, 2008.
Harry and Nancy both work at the Distribution Center
in Gouverneur, NY.
Annual Loretto
Celebration Held
Kinney Drugs, ProAct, and
Health Direct employees attended
an Annual Loretto Celebration
Luncheon in recognition of Older
Americans Month. Proceeds of
the event supported the initiatives,
innovations and programs at Loretto.
Pictured above: Jim Wuest, Kinney
Drugs, Maggie Cook, ProAct, Brian
Scott, Health Direct; Sandy Baroni,
ProAct, Penny Perrone-Gray,
Kinney Drugs, and Matt McCoy,
Second Edition 2008
Store #67 Holds Three Clinics
Kinney Drugs #67 in Cazenovia, NY held
Asthma, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure clinics.
The Asthma clinic emphasized the correct way
to use inhalers, spacers, and peak flow meters.
At the diabetes clinic we demonstrated the
correct way to use blood glucose monitors
and what the results meant. The pharmacy
staff screened & educated approximately 30
patients. Blood pressures were taken and
discussion lead to what high blood pressure is
and what could happen if it is not controlled.
Proper diet and exercise habits were integrated
into all screenings and the role they play in
preventive health.
Kinney on Parade
On September 13, 2008 Cortland County
held their bicentennial parade. The theme of
the parade was past and present. Our past
and present was that in the past this store
was Gordon Drugs… then of course into the
present day Kinney Drugs. Participants in the
day’s events were: Dave Tyson, Mary Etz,
Tom Ardis, Jean Ardis, Jean Edwards, Linda
Palmer, Kathy Perntice, Kathy’s grandson
Mason, Rose Purdy, Maggie Prosperri, and
Sharon Zeches. The banners that we used at
the head of the parade were hand done by
Linda Palmer.
Thunder Road Another Success…
August 21st was the favored event of our Vermont employees… THUNDER
ROAD… nearly 175 people attended the picnic and car race at the Barre
Vermont track. For a day that started out overcast and light rain as the New
Yorkers headed over to the race – it turned out to be a beautiful warm night for
racing and eating!
Those in attendance were treated to a delicious barbecue, complete with hot
dogs and hamburgs cooked by Lew Kimball, VP of Asset Protection and Rich
McNulty, Director of Human Resources.
All Kinney attendees were given our famous Kinney Drugs orange coozie – in
which to hold their soda and the children were busy taking part in the annual poster contest. As you can see --many of the little ones already have a favorite driver and let everyone know about it.
A big thank you to the store managers and pharmacists from the Vermont stores who lent a hand in getting ready
for this event.
Second Edition 2008
2008 Service Award Luncheons Take a Ride…
The annual Service Award Luncheons all took place during the summer of
2008! It’s little wonder they were in the warmest part of the year – since
they all took place on board cruise ships. As you can see by the photos
below the attendance was great and the weather for each one was terrific!
The luncheons held July 18th in Alexandria Bay New York; July 25th on
Skaneateles Lake and August 8th on Lake Champlain were a real success.
The events have never been done quite like this and the participants were
excited and as you can see by their faces enjoyed every second of it. Two
of the cruises included buffet style lunches, while the Skaneateles Lake
trip was a sit down served luncheon. By the looks of the turnout it sounds
like this might be worth keeping for the next 4 years so everyone gets a
chance to experience the occasion. All participants at the luncheons will
be receiving a group photo of their appropriate luncheon in the very near
Lake Champlain cruise
Customer Service to the Community...
Skaneateles Lake cruise
Store #40 in Plattsburgh,
New York teamed up
with Community Bank and
donated Kinney brand
water, napkins, paper
plates and other summer
items for their display. The
bank does a display each
month and Merchandise
Manager, Betty Burl is
right there to lend a hand.
Alexandria Bay cruise
The Kinney
is Published Quarterly.
Nancy Garrand
Stacy Spaziani
Penny Perrone-Gray
Visit our Web Site:
Second Edition 2008
Over $400,000 Raised at Foundation’s
Children’s Charity Event
This year marked the 17th Annual Kinney Drugs Foundation’s
Children’s Charity Event! The event raised over $400,000
in June to support the Kinney Drugs Foundation and children’s
charities in Kinney communities, such as the Children’s Miracle
Network and the North Country Children’s Clinic.
Former NY Yankee Relief Pitcher, Rich “Goose” Gossage gave
this year’s keynote address. This year, Gossage was inducted
into the Hall of Fame. After falling short eight times, Gossage
received 85.8 percent of the vote, easily surpassing the 75 percent threshold for
baseball’s highest honor and becoming just the fifth reliever in Cooperstown’s.
Local child, Madison Draper, from Croghan, NY, was also honored at this year’s
Charity Event. One child from each state was chosen to be an International
Goose and Madi
Ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network(CMN). Madison, representing
New York State, visited the White House to share the message that their lives are
better because of the tremendous work of CMN hospitals. Madison has waged her own amazing battle over
the past 10 years of her life dealing with severe congenital scoliosis resulting from Conradi-Hunnermann
Syndrome. Madi has undergone 30 major surgeries in her short lifetime.
A Letter from the Foundation President
I was honored this summer when I was asked to assume the role of President of the Kinney
Drugs Foundation. Under the leadership of our previous Presidents Nort Taylor and Charlie
Owens the Foundation has been able to establish its role as a caring and giving organization
throughout Kinney Country.
Our goal will be to continue these established traditions as well as expand our commitment
to our neighbors and friends. The Kinney Foundation truly believes in its mission.
I want to thank everyone for their support of the Foundation and I will be working with the
Board of Directors in the continue development and growth of the Foundation. I will be
calling on all of you to ask for your continued support and ask you to work with us in our
growth. With your help will be able to obtain not only our goals but your goals as well.
Daniel Villa, R.Ph.
Thanks again and I am looking forward to a great 2009.
Daniel Villa, R.Ph.
Foundation Board President
Second Edition 2008
Service Awards
MAY 2008
JULY 2008
3o Years
Brenda Kellogg, #3
Linda Wilson, #13
Owen Halloran, Admin.
20 Years
Nancy Randall, #80
Ken Bresett, #34
Lisa Weir, Admin
15 Years
Jim Peters, Admin.
10 Years
Donna Massey, #42
Fred Dobson III, #21
Lisa Crowningshield, #19
Jennifer Lovenduski, #20
Tracy Brezee, #64
Michael Malhiwsky, #27
Eudgere Barcomb, #19
Kimberly Duprey, #52
Roger Lavalley, #52
Sandra Gariepy, #52
5 Years
Janet Trickey, #42
Janice Park, #57
Jordan Stoddard, #63
Kylie Jordan, #48
Walter Nukkala, #30
Marc Baum, #32
Todd Wells, #1
Rose Purdy, #36
MaryJean Narewski, #51
Sandra Tommarello, #43
Robert Greene, #17
25 Years
Tim Baumeister, #25
Mary “Betsy” Darrow-Haggard #9
20 Years
Debbi Barber, Admin.
10 Years
Melissa King, #14
Nicole Brooks, #17
Jeremy Scott, #35
5 Years
Patricia Soules, #6
Jennifer Levasseur, #18
Amy Semione, #50
Robert Ransdell, Jr. #2
Andrea Hartley, #35
Michael Gray, #11
Eric Forgette, #50
JUNE 2008
20 Years
Lisa Brown, #44
15 Years
Phyllis Henry, #32
10 Years
Laurie Thomson, #24
5 Years
Katie Relation, #40
John Martin, #41
Penny Finch, #24
Paula Marro, #40
Kimberly Greene, #53
Denise Aznoe, #42
Cheryl Tuiqere, #69
Peter Harrison, #52
Laurie Harrison, #52
Staci Hayden, #5
Amy Babbie, 40
Nancy Whiteford, #5
Sandra Churchill, #56
Crystal Theisen, #59
Dennis Chartrand, Dist. Ctr.
25 Years
Donna Chapman #49
20 Years
Cynthia Krake, #15
Penny Ames, #16
15 Years
Phyllis Henry, #32
Joyce Gratton, #14
10 Years
Katherine Streeter, #20
Sara Platt, #1
Kira Phillipps, #63
Bennie Yerdon, #1
Sarah Gratton, #21
Craig Painter, Admin.
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Kathleen Youngs, #63
Peggy Barter, #4
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Stephen Kimak, #43
Heather Hammond, #12
Brittany Vrooman, #16
Susan Duprey, #18
Donna Duhe’, #55
Margaret Provost, #76
Natalyn Giverson, #47
Charina Spinner, #14
Linda Bergeron, #41
Jeremy Trathen, #43
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Jeff Rorick, Admin.
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Doreen Galoni, #43
Gerald Trexler, #43
Cynthia Patella, #62
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Suzanne Sleeper, #11
Joanna Colgan, #59
April Albert, #39
Robert Anderson, #79
Megan Dollinger, #42
Sherri-Jo Harris, Admin.
20 Years
Kimberly Smith, #13
Skip Houston, #39
Joan Healy, #11
Tony Cousino, Dist. Ctr.
Meg Morris, Admin.
15 Years
une Hile, #37
Fred Weingarten, #11
Faye Richards, #35
10 Years
Patricia Quick, #2
5 Years
Walter Kohanski, #56
Laurel Deliberato, #52
Virginia Thurston, #56
Chad Sharpe, Dist. Ctr.
Lori Villeneuve, #1
Ellen Light, #11
Linda Chaskey, #52
Melvin Shindler, #64
Mark Russo, #79
Mark Bigelow, #1
Shawn Burke, #62
Caitlin Preston, #56
Joseph Vezina, #69
Carol LaFave, Admin
Second Edition 2008
Our Kinney Families are Growing…
Melissa Mitchell, Program Analyst in the Gouverneur Office and her husband James, welcomed baby boy, Ryan, born on March 25th, 2008.
Kayla Woodring, Pharmacy Clerk at Store #71 in Trumansburg, NY, welcomed her baby boy Timothy Wojtysiak on April 17th, 2008.
Judy Rice, Pharmacy Technician at Store #42 in Alexandria Bay, NY, and her husband Michael, were the proud parents of baby girl, Bianca, born
on April 18th, 2008.
Carolee Premo, DC Clerk, and husband Dennis, were the proud parents of twin boys – Carter and Caleb born on April 23rd, 2008.
Shannon Branagan, PTCB Pharmacy Tech at Store #6 in Carthage, and her husband Lawrence, welcomed baby girl Allison, born on May
21st, 2008.
Jim Cardinell, Dist. Center Clerk and Cammy McClain, were the proud parents of baby boy Devan, born on May 24th, 2008.
Kristyn Hewitt, Pharmacist at Store #32 in Brewerton, NY and her husband Justin, welcomed their baby girl Lilyann on June 5, 2008.
Jennifer Jones, Third Party Coordinator at the Gouverneur Offices, and her husband Scott, were the proud parents of baby girl
Rhealyn, born on June 13th, 2008.
Stephanie (Avallone) Hibbert, Customer Service Technician at Store #60 in Syracuse, and her husband, Larry, welcomed baby boy,
Nathan, on June 24th, 2008. Proud grandpa is Mark Avallone, Store Project Manager.
Elizabeth Marlow, Senior Accounts Receivable Clerk in the Gouverneur Office and her husband Stephen were the proud parents of their baby boy,
Zackery, born on June 27th, 2008.
Jacqueline Scanlon, Shift Supervisor at Store #53 in Oswego, NY and her husband Tom, welcomed baby boy Thomas Robert on July 2nd, 2008.
Miranda Schryver, Merchandise Presentation Supervisor at the Gouverneur Office and her husband David, Pharmacist at Store #16 in Canton, New
York welcomed Gavin Michael on Miranda’s birthday – July 9th, 2008.
Stephanie Emery, Pharmacy Technician at Store #49 in Little Falls, NY and her husband Todd, were the proud parents of baby girl Madison, on July
19th, 2008.
Nicole McCaffrey, Pharmacy Technician at Store #12 in Malone, NY and husband, Matt; welcomed baby girl Allyson on August 1st, 2008.
Zoe Baker, ProAct Account Coordinator, and her husband Robert, were the proud parents of baby girl Aida Claire, born on August 4th, 2008.
Grandma Debby Baker is Credit and Collections Supervisor in the Gouverneur Office. Great-Grandma is long time Distribution Center receptionist
Connie Ritchie, who retired a few years ago.
Wedding Bells...
Allison (Sammis) Villiere, R.Ph., Staff
Pharmacist at Store #20 in Lowville,
New York, was married to Christopher
Villiere on July 26, 2008.
Sherie (Amos) Foster, Store Clerk at
Store #13 in Watertown, New York
was married to Ron Foster on August
9, 2008.
Sara Farrell, Billing Associate at Store
#5 in Gouverneur NY was married to
Vinnie D’Agostino on August 16th,
Ian Doig, Staff Pharmacist at Store
#35 in Milton, VT was married to
Jennifer on August 23rd, 2008.
U.S. Postage
Watertown, NY 13601
Permit #65