March 2012 - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church



March 2012 - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
The Message . . .
March 2012
Becoming an Evangelizing Church
―As Christians, we have been given something precious, something the world
needs as much today as it ever has. We have the gospel message, the good
news of a God who comes down here to call us out of an old life of darkness
and death and into a new life of purpose and hope and uncontainable joy.‖
But why are we Lutheran-Christians often shy about sharing this gift with
others? Isn’t about time we get over it? This gift is a call. As Lutherans, we
know that there is absolutely nothing we could ever do or say or be that could
make God love us more. We know that God comes down in the word and in
the meal and in the water of baptism and within the Christian community.
God show up whenever and wherever we are at worship or at work. God came down, most astonishingly of all, in Jesus. God comes down to save us and set us free. Why not share this message
with a world who needs it?
We do not simply participate in mission simply because Jesus tell us to but, rather, because we can’t
help but get caught up in what God has already done and is doing. The call of the kingdom is an
invitation to work while it is day, to be active in love, to sow seeds of the word and spread the flame
of the Spirit.
But isn’t this the pastor’s job? Yes, and it is your responsibility and call too. As baptized children
of God, we are and have all been called into mission and when we are about God’s mission, we are
about telling and showing the world, a God who loves them uncontrollably and unconditionally. We
are about inviting people, regardless of what they look like on the outside, to come and worship and
to enter into this life-changing relationship with God.
Remember you are not alone. Ask God to present opportunities for you to share your faith. Trust
God to do the work and rely on the Spirit. ―Let your light so shine before others that they may see
your good works and glorify your father in heaven.‖
Over the next few months, you will learn more about how to become an evangelizing congregation.
You will hear more about our call as the baptized to let our lights shine. Be on the look for more
information to come your way. In the meantime: Be Bold! Be Brave! Be Evangelist!
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March 2012
March 3
7:00 pm
HTM Night of Nostalgia
March 4
9:30 am
10:45 am
Sunday School
Lenten Meal
7:00 pm
Lent Mid-week Worship
9:30 am
10:45 am
Sunday School
12-2:00 pm
Confirmation @First Lutheran
March 7
March 11
March 12
5:00 pm
Confirmation Service Project
March 13
1-3:00 pm
March 14
Lenten Meal
7:00 pm
Lent Mid-week Worship
March 16
6:00 pm
Gourmand Society @Gerst Haus
March 18
9:30 am
10:45 am
Sunday School
Lenten Meal
7:00 pm
Lent Mid-week Worship
9:30 am
10:45 am
Sunday School
Lenten Meal
7:00 pm
Lent Mid-week Worship
March 21
March 25
March 28
"Keep It Simple" AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) group meets in the Dahlinger fellowship hall on
Saturday mornings (open meeting) from approximately 9:45 a.m. - 11: 15 a.m. and Wednesday
evenings (closed meeting) from approximately 7:45 p.m. - 9:15 p.m.
March 2012
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Worship Assistants
March 4, 2012
Assisting Minister: Cheryl Mendenhall
Lay Reader: Marcus Mendenhall
Communion Assistant: Debbie Robert
Acolyte: Shanna Jones
Usher: Julie Foss and Dennis Christian
Teller: Lindsay Bishop and Bob Poole
Fellowship: Kathy Poole
March 11, 2012 ( Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time!!)
Assisting Minister: Cathy Crimi
Lay Reader: Bill Gable
Communion Assistant: Marcus Mendenhall
Acolyte: Gracie Helou
Usher: Carol Miller and ST White
Teller: Russ Anderson and Tom Cullen
Fellowship: Jean Pfotenhauer
March 18, 2012
Assisting Minister: Bill Gable
Lay Reader: Carol Cottingham
Communion Assistant: Cheryl Mendenhall
Acolyte: Matthew Helou
Usher: Russ Anderson and Dennis Christian
Teller: Cheryl Steffek and Mike Cottingham
Fellowship: Carol Dronberger
March 25, 2012
Assisting Minister: Marcus Mendenhall
Lay Reader: Ginny Gable
Communion Assistant: Bill Gable
Usher: Bob Poole and ST White
Acolyte: Taylor Dahl
Teller Charlene Cullen and Dennis Christian
Fellowship: Barbara Hansen
Interested in being
an acolyte?
See Kris Helou for
more information!
March 2012
Page 4
Steward of Distinction
Our March Steward of Distinction is Bud Miller. Bud and
his wife Carol have been members of Holy Trinity for
awhile now and in that time Bud has been a good steward
in many ways. Bud serves on Mutual Ministry Team, Oktoberfest Committee, and many other activities. Outside of
the church, Bud has served as a Big Brother for Big
Brothers and Big Sisters and he currently serves on the
Board of Lutheran Services of Tennessee.
Bud, thank you for sharing your many gifts with the
world and the church!
Sunday, March 24th from 10:45-11:30am in Fellowship Hall. This is for all
ages. First Communion will be received during the Easter Sunday Service on April 8th at 9:30am. Parents, you are welcome to have your children
attend the class and then as a family may decide if you would like to wait. If
you have any questions, please see Pastor Kevin.
What Does it Mean to be a Lutheran?
Adult Sunday School Classes
March 4th, 11th, 18th 10:45-11:30am
Fellowship Hall
This will be a look at the history of the Reformation, what lead to the
Lutheran movement, historical figures, and what do Lutherans believe
about. . .fill in the blank!
Come and join Pastor Kevin!
March 2012
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Why Church? Why ELCA? Why Holy Trinity?
You may remember that during the Annual Meeting, Pastor Kevin challenged all of us as members of Holy Trinity to ask ourselves three questions: 1) Why Church? 2) Why a member in the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America? 3) Why a member here at Holy Trinity Lutheran
Here are a few responses that were sent in:
Why Church?
After a bicycle accident that changed my life and the accompanied ER trip and ten doctor’s visits later, I
realized I needed to return to church. I’d been ignoring my spiritual life. I’d spent many years away from
the church.
There are so many ways to answer this question. First of all, I can’t imagine not going to church. I was
baptized many, many years ago, and it has stuck! But, that doesn’t mean that I feel I have to worship
―Lutheran‖. I have been comfortable in other denominations.
I am part of the church because this is where I am spiritually fed and the place apart to worship God.
Church: A place to connect with others on their faith journeys and hopefully grow from their experiences;
a place to share my spiritual gifts with others.
To praise God, to thank God for all of his blessings, to ask for forgiveness, and to listen and learn where
He is sending me and how to serve Him outside the walls of the CHURCH.
To serve God, to serve others, to be part of a Christian community, to ask for forgiveness.
Because I have been Lutheran all of my life and don’t know any better place to find grace!
I was raised Lutheran, so it is something I know. I like the structure of the services, the liturgy, and the
many opportunities for outreach. The ELCA’s beliefs and such are align with my own.
What sustains me as an ELCA Lutheran are the valuable relationships that I have been privileged to engage
in and maintain across the country—especially over the past 8 years. Mark Hanson is an awesome leader,
and much can be gained by him. I’m hopeful for the ELCA’s future, that in spite of ourselves, personal
agendas and struggles that exist, I believe there are lots of faithful people that God will use for a better
church and a better world.
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March 2012
Page 6
Why Church? Why ELCA? Why Holy Trinity? (continued from page 6 )
Why Holy Trinity?
Holy Trinity welcomed me from the very start and invited me to be part of things. It was such a
different experience that I had from any other place that I had worshipped.
My needs are met by this church, the members of the congregation are friendly, it is diverse, and
there are many areas to use my gifts and volunteer.
The reason we are at Holy Trinity is the people. We’ve found family here, good or bad, and we
feel welcome, warts and all!
Holy Trinity completes me. I am a better person because of the people who are HOLY TRINITY. My journey in this life is not yet complete but so far I have been helped along the way.
Through the bumps, challenges and the heart aches. If not for the pastors past and present this
journey would not have been possible. I believe faith has helped me survive and I believe we are
on the correct path again through the mercy of our Lord. I am blessed and I thank God for these
Holy Trinity is a friendly church with wonderful people who are very loving. This place provides
me with weekly space for meditation and renewal. There is finally a full time pastor!
Church Clean Up Day
Holy Trinity will have a Spring Clean Up day on Saturday, March 31st at
We will work on cleaning and beautifying our grounds, as well as cleaning all
the cob webs out of the church to prepare our space for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter. Many hands will be needed to get the job done! There will
be a needs list published later, please look for other announcements to come!
The Gourmand Society
The Gourmand Society will have its monthly meeting on FRIDAY, March
16th at Gerst Haus Restaurant, 301 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37213
(near the Titan’s stadium) at 6:00 P.M. Come, enjoy the German cuisine
and dance to the Polka band – it is sure to be a Grand German Get
Together!!! E-mail Carol Cottingham @ [email protected] by
Wednesday, March 14th!
March 2012
Page 7
2012 Directory Update
Please add the following new members to our 2012 Directory.
Lisa Ahrens
309 Stable Rd.
Franklin, TN 37069
Phone: home 615-599-5975
Cell 615-480-3538’
[email protected]
David and Martha Lampley
312 Hollybrook Crescent
Nashville, TN 37221
Phone: Home 615-646-5586
Martha cell 615-509-3888
David cell 615-512-2552
[email protected]
You will find the Ivey’s and the Dahl’s in the new 2012 Directory. The new Directory can be
found in the back of the Annual Report. If you did not receive the Annual Report please pick
one up from the cabinet in the entrance hallway.
Prayer List
Members: Marty Kaufman in the loss of his grandfather (George)
Stuart Harrison
Angie Sarola for recuperation from more back surgery
Tsegaye Arku for continued safety as he continues to serve in Afghanistan
Bret Sheroky, awaiting heart valve replacement
Jill Ivey, as she prepares for a cultural immersion trip to China in March.
Friends & Family : Allen Bradley and family on the loss of his wife, Mary SuzThomas Raccuglia, student of Carol Cottingham, suffering from lymphoma
We pray for those in Metro and Clay Alabama whose home were devastated and damaged by the recent
tornado that touched down.
Louise Iconis, the past president of Southeastern synod Women of ELCA, on the passing of her father;
Marcellus Brooks
Adele Rodgers, Pastor Kevin’s grandmother
Lucy Krull, 6years old recovering from cancer at St. Judes
Carolyn Akland’s parents, Agnes and Len Akland for healing
Sue Hasse, neighbor of Charlene and Tom Cullen, who is undergoing chemotherapy
Anna Hays Brighten Day for healing from cancer.
March 2012
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A note of thanks . . .
The Irlinger Family would like to give a special thanks to Pastor Kevin for the beautiful
baptismal service for their great-granddaughter Anna Kay on February 19, 2012. Also, a
sincere thanks to Patty Anderson and the fellowship members who helped them with the
luncheon reception and celebration.
The Quilters will meet on March 13 from 1 pm until 3 pm in the
fellowship hall at church. Join us! Contact Ginny Gable with any
questions or for more information.
March Celebrations
Stuart Harrison
Lisa Ahrens
Spencer Giordano
Nathan Haile Ambaye
Wesley Marcum-Mullins
Zaid Arku
Michael Mendenhall
JoAnn Hawley
S. T. White
Stephanie Anderson
Debbie Robert
Rahwa Tsegaye
Dan Phillips
Ann Marcum
March Anniversaries
Dick & Suzi Sittel
Malcolm & Jean Pfotenhauer
Eric and Les Dahl
March 2012
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9:30am Worship Service
Gospel Greatness!
The five Sundays in Lent bring us readings from the Gospels of Mark and John that are rich stories of the
faith. The Worship Ministries Team will be preparing the Sanctuary to intensify our focus on our baptism
and to help us reflect on these gospel stories. Come hear God’s abundant love for his children through
Children Gather Around the Word
During the Sundays of Lent, we will invite the children of the congregation to come forward after the
Prayer of the Day. During this time, the pastor will help prepare the children to listen to the scripture lessons for the day and help them appreciate other signs and symbols of the season.
During this season of Lent, we will hear about God’s love stories and how we are part of the great drama.
All children are welcome. None should be forced to come forward. Those who are interested but are
hesitant may certainly be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or godparent.
Wednesday Lenten Meal
Join us each Wednesday for a simple soup supper meal in our Fellowship Hall!
Wednesday Worship
at 7 pm
Each Wednesday evening during Lent, our community will gather in our Sanctuary following our
mid-week meal. As we gather each week we will come in contact with various characters that have a
story to tell. Come and hear stories of Faith. Come and see how God’s grace will always be there.
March 2012
Page 10
Looking ahead to
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Holy Week focus on the events of the last week of Jesus'
earthly life. Rather than trying to "walk where Jesus walked," the church uses these days to
view Christ more particularly in our lives today. Jesus comes to us in our day through the
reading of scripture, through preaching, through the water of baptism, through the bread and
wine of communion, and through the prayers.
Be open to the surprising ways in which Christ is made known to you this week.
Also look for opportunities to share the gift of his life with others.
This week concludes with the Three Days:
Maundy Thursday,
 Good Friday,
 and the Vigil of Easter
A Festival Celebration of Easter will be held April 8.
Service at 9:30am
7pm: Service of Healing and
Laying on of Hands
7pm: Service of Holy Communion,
Foot Washing & Stripping of the Altar
3-5 pm: Sanctuary will be available for
meditative prayer and contemplation
7:00 pm: Service of the Cross
10-12noon Children’s Easter Activities and
Journey through the story of Easter. There will also be baking bread for Easter Communion, and
March 2012
Page 11
Come and join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on
Sunday, April 8, 2012. We will be offering a variety of worship
opportunities as well as activities for all ages.
Easter Breakfast
Easter Breakfast will be offered in the Fellowship Hall at 8:00 am.
The Festival Worship of the Resurrection of Our Lord
Children’s Easter Celebration Outside
Activities for children as we decorate our cross with flowers and celebrate Christ
victory over death and his promise of our salvation. This will take place before
worship! Easter Egg hunt to follow after worship.
March 2012
Page 12
March Faith Formation News
Children's Church starts March 4. On the first and third Sunday of the month all children are invited to
gather after the children's sermon for age-appropriate activities based on the lessons for the day and learn
why we say/do certain things during worship. Contact Les Dahl for more information.
Sunday Adult Forum
New to Holy Trinity? Dozed off during confirmation classes? Ready to refresh and deepen your
understanding of our historic confessions? Join Pastor Kevin in the Fellowship Hall March 4, 11, and 18
for What does it mean to be a Lutheran?
March All Kids Sunday School
Kids in grades PreK-6 gather around the piano after worship for Bread, Wine, and Dirty Feet: a hands-on
exploration of Jesus' last supper with his disciples.
March 4: Game Day- How Would Jesus Serve?
Hear how Jesus surprised his friends and learn how serving others shows God's love.
March 11: Holy T Party
Be a server. Be a guest.
March 18: Behind the Altar Tour
Join our special guest for an inside look at how Holy Trinity prepares for communion each
March 25: First Communion Class
All children are invited to join Pastor Kevin for an introduction to Holy Communion.
Parents who wish their child to receive his or her first communion this Easter Sunday
should contact Pastor.
Buck-a-Chick Drive
Fill our bulletin board and help ELCA World Hunger provide food and a livelihood for
struggling families around the world. Contact Faith Formation Team members for more
March 2012
Page 13
March Faith Formation News (continued)
Holy Saturday Children's Activities
Join us from 10a.m.-12 noon for a journey through the story of Jesus'
last week and the Easter promise. Take part in activity stations, bread
baking, and decorating our Fellowship Hall for Sunday morning.
Invite a friend!
Confirmands will stay for a pizza lunch and stuff plastic eggs.
Easter Sunday
9a.m. (after the pancake breakfast)- Flowering of the Cross
Bring flowers from your garden (or neighborhood supermarket) and your
Following Worship- Easter Egg Hunt - rain or shine.
Donations of plastic eggs, wrapped candies, stickers, and small toys/favors
can be left in the marked bin in the Welcome Area.
March Confirmation Class
Sunday, March 11, 2012
12-2pm @First Lutheran Church
“Who is Jesus and why does he matter: look at the second article of
the Creed.”
Confirmation Service Project
Monday, March 12, 2012
5pm @First Lutheran Church
Volunteering and Feeding Dinner to Room in the Inn
March 2012
Shrove Tuesday
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March 2012
Page 15
Shrove Tuesday
March 2012
Page 16
Holy Trinity Montessori School is hosting A Night of Nostalgia on
Saturday, March 3rd at 7:00 PM. The Maxwell House Hotel is the place for
dancing, light fare and an open bar to benefit Holy Trinity Montessori. It’s
sure to be a great evening! Come in ―costume‖ or come as you are! More
information and tickets available by clicking HERE!
5 25 S n e e d R o ad
N as h v i l l e , T N 37 2 2 1
For the good of the
congr e ga tion . . .
Holy Trinity Staff
Rev. Kevin Strickland
615-829-3981 (cell)
Thank you to all who helped with the
Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner. It
was a festive, fun event!
We celebrate with the Irlinger family
on the baptism of their beautiful great granddaughter, Anna Kay!
Thank you to Mac and Owen Kennedy
for heading up the Souperbowl of
Caring fundraising on February 5th.
8,754 groups nationwide, including
Holy T, generated $8,579,970 in cash
and food items for their local charities!
David Dorn
Director of Music
Debbie Robert
Admin. Assistant
Bill Gable
Organist Emeritus
Church Phone #:
Church Fax #:
Church Email:
[email protected]
w w w. h o l y t r i n i ty n a s h v i l l e . c o m