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Other authors in this special
Bowhunt America Summer
Buyer’s Guide have thoroughly investigated such
important product categories
as expandable broadheads,
practice targets, stabilizers, scouting cameras and
short fletching. But there are
numerous other items that
can make you more successful
in the field. The right gear can
make the difference between
bringing home the bacon (or
venison or elk or turkey...)
and eating tag soup. It can
make you more confident and
make your time afield more
comfortable. It can make
you a better bowhunter.
Take a few minutes to review these must-have items. Then visit your
favorite dealer to learn more and try them out.
Looking for a new quiver this year? Check out Elite Archery’s new
quiver line. Elite quivers are available in both one- and two-piece models.
The Elite One-Piece Quiver features a five-arrow capacity, an extremely
lightweight design and a removable foam insert. Elite partnered with
Treelimb Products on the Tension Lock Mounting System, and the OnePiece Quiver mounts on your bow’s riser and not on your sight. Available in
Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1 or black, the Elite Quiver works with both
fixed-blade or expandable broadheads. For more information, see your dealer
or log onto
In a nutshell, the Mathews Z7 is excitement, performance and innovation. With a new-look Grid Lock riser, improved SlimFit Inline Grip, innovative Reverse Assist Roller Guard, SphereLock Pivoting Limb Cup System,
String Grubs, Dead End String Stop, String Suppressors, new Monkey Tails
Silencers, Harmonic Damping System, Harmonic Stabilizer, parallel-limb
design, Z7 Solocam System and more, the new Z7 is quite possibly the finest
hunting bow that Mathews has ever produced. For more information, see your
dealer or log onto
Inspired by US military technology for rapid target- and aiming-point
acquisition, the Tactical Archery Systems SABO (Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic) delivers superimposed aiming dots generated by natural
light gathered through fiber optics. There are no electronics whatsoever in
this sight, making it legal everywhere. The dots are projected into a concave
lens with a special coating. This magnifies the fiber intensity and generates
the superimposed holographic dot images into the archer’s heads-up sight
picture. Regardless of the angle that the
dots are viewed from, they will always
show the arrow alignment with the
impact point, eliminating the need for a
peep sight. Just aim and shoot. For more
information, see your dealer or log onto
If you prefer a fixed-blade broadhead
to an expandable, you can’t go wrong
with the Carbon Express Tri-Loc
Pro. This three-blade broadhead features a three-point locking system for
guaranteed blade retention. The Tri-Loc
Pro has a cutting diameter of 1.125
inches and weighs 100 grains. For more
information, see your dealer or log onto
The S4Gear Sidewinder Retractable Tether is the perfect way to keep
your rangefinder, GPS unit, cell phone,
water bottle or bear spray readily
available. The Sidewinder attaches to
your belt, your pack’s shoulder straps,
traditional binocular straps or, by using
the included Velcro strap, to your arm
or leg, ensuring that critical gear is right
where you need it. A thermal plastic
over-molded cover absorbs noise from
contact with other objects while the
Teflon skid plates make this tether
system super quiet. The 36-inch cable
features high-tensile strength and a wide
range of motion. For more information,
see your dealer or log onto
Among the hottest new index-finger
releases for 2010 is the amazing Hot
Shot Infinity. The Infinity uses a new
cutting-edge Lever-Link trigger mechanism that is crisper and has less trigger
creep than ever before. Its Cat’s Eye
hook design ensures a speedy hookup in
the heat of battle. The Hot Shot Infinity
is available with either magnetic closure,
Tri-Loc Pro
standard buckle or a Velcro strap. For
more information, see your dealer or
log onto
Copper John has introduced the
third generation of the tried-and-true
Dead Nuts sight lineup, and typical of
that third-generation redesign is the
new Copper John Dead Nuts Mark
I sight. It features precision CNCmachined components, zero-gap pins
with extra-tough fiber optics, laserengraved adjustment marks, bright
orange pin guard highlight, third-axis
adjustable bubble level and optional
micro-adjustability. The Mark I has
everything a bowhunter needs in a
sight without breaking the bank. For
more information, see your dealer or
log onto
The 2010 Maxxis 31, Hoyt’s
premier hunting compound, is really
something special. It’s smooth drawing,
power packed and accuracy oriented
from end to end. Few bows shoot as
well as the new Hoyt Maxxis 31. The
XTS Arc Limb System was designed
to eliminate vibration, and the In-Line
Roller Cable Guard increases speed
and improves efficiency. The Maxxis
also features Hoyt’s Tec Lite riser,
XTR Cam & ½ Performance System
and the comfortable Iso Grip. For
more information, see your dealer or
log onto
Your bow won’t perform its best
without a quality bowstring, and an
exceptional bowstring is the BCY
DynaFLIGHT 10. DynaFLIGHT 10
string is composed entirely of SK 78
Dyneema. This means it has the lowest creep of all Dyneema bowstrings.
High strength, durability and abrasion resistance make this new string a
Elite One-Piece Quiver
Hot Shot Infinity
Summer Buyer’s Guide 2010 | 55
Copper John
Dead Nuts Mark I
Woodsman Elite
worthy addition to any bow setup.
DynaFLIGHT 10 string comes in
a wide range of colors. For more
information, see your dealer or log
If you demand a higher level of
durability in your broadhead, look no
further than the Woodsman Elite
broadhead from 3Rivers Archery. The
Woodsman Elite is machined from
a solid piece of tool-grade steel. Its
Pyramid tip provides bone-smashing
strength, and the Teflon-coated blades
provide deep-seated penetration into
flesh and bone. The blades are heattreated to 50 on a Rockwell hardness
scale and can be re-sharpened in
the field with ease. This strong and
deadly broadhead has a 1-inch cutting diameter and is backed up by a
lifetime guarantee. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
The innovative new Pine Ridge
Ground Blind Camera Mount
lets you easily record your hunts
from inside your ground blind.
Less cumbersome and lighter than
a tripod, the space-saving Ground
Blind Camera Mount weighs just
2.25 pounds and lets you film from
any window. Filming your hunt
allows you to capture every thrilling
moment, and after the shot you’ll be
able to rewind to see exactly where
your arrow hit. If you hunt from
a ground blind or elevated bow
blind, the Ground Blind Camera
Mount is a must. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
If you’d like to eke extra speed
out of your current bow, take a
look at the Moon Archery Speed
Grip. The 1-inch Speed Grip
increases your draw length, adding
speed while you keep your natural
draw length. Because the Speed
Grip also decreases torque, you’ll
see your accuracy improve as well.
Speed Grip models are available
for PSE, Mathews and Parker bow
Pine Ridge Ground Blind
Camera Mount
Speed Grip
Junior Hawk
String Care Kit
Compound Bow
Peep Eliminator
Allied Archery A.M.G.
AirForce GT20 Smart Shafts
models. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
Bowfishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep
your shooting skills sharp between seasons. Get the whole
family involved with the AMS line of bowfishing bows. The
new-for-2010 AMS Junior Hawk is perfect for youth of all
ages as the draw length can be set anywhere from 15 to 30
inches. Draw weight is easily adjustable from 10 to 20 pounds,
and zero letoff makes snap shooting easy. The Junior Hawk
sports an attractive Mothwing Camo, fiber-reinforced composite limbs and a molded grip ideal for small hands. For more
information, see your dealer or log onto
Proper maintenance is critical to ensuring long bowstring
life, and one of the best ways to maintain your bowstring is
to use the Winner’s Choice Weather Tamer String Care
Kit. Featuring Winner’s Choice revolutionary Weatherlock
Technology, this kit fully waterproofs your bowstring and
protects it from even the harshest elements. The Weather
Tamer string treatment lubricates your string and guards
against wear. Cleaning cloths are included to make for easy
application. For more information, see your dealer or log
Frustrated with your peep sight? Try the Compound
Bow Rifle Alignment Sight Peep Eliminator, which
works like a rear rifle sight. Because you don’t need a peep
sight or even an anchor point to shoot accurately with the
Peep Eliminator, you can shoot from any angle or any position. As long as you can see the appropriate pin in the center
of the V-notch and on the target, you’re ready to shoot. The
Peep Eliminator works especially well in low-light conditions. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
Everyone agrees that for optimal accuracy, the balance
point of an arrow should be forward of the arrow’s center.
However, most of today’s carbon arrow shafts are parallel tubes
whose balance point is in the middle of the shaft. Add vanes
and a lightweight broadhead, and the balance point of your
arrow has shifted rearward. The A.M.G. AirForce GT20
Smart Shafts from Allied Archery are not parallel tubes,
however. The diameter of these carbon arrow shafts tapers
along the back two-thirds of the arrow. This naturally moves
the balance point of the arrow forward for better arrow flight
and improved accuracy. For more information, see your dealer
or call (734) 529-5269.
Jim Fletcher Insider
Jim Fletcher is known for quality releases, and the 2010
Insider is no exception. The Insider is a loop-only release that
resests after each shot. The smooth roller system restricts trigger travel, and the forward trigger helps gain back lost draw
length. The trigger adjusts from heavy to extremely light, and
the hook releases the loop cleanly for a smooth, consistent
shot. The Insider is available with a leather buckle strap or a
nylon strap with Velcro closure. For more information, see
your dealer or log onto
The Tree Stand Buddy, a universal hang-on stand
bracket, provides for quick, safe and simplified treestand
set-up. By speeding up installation and takedown, the Tree
Stand Buddy makes it more convenient to take your stand
home with you every night, safeguarding your stand from
the weather and from thieves and making it easy for you to
Summer Buyer’s Guide 2010 | 57
Tree Stand
Kifaru Doobie
TightSpot Quiver
properly inspect your stand for safety
after each use. The Tree Stand Buddy
also eliminates stand wobble so you’ll
feel more secure in your stand. Install
multiple Tree Stand Buddy brackets for
added stand locations. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
Plenty of bowquivers are flimsy,
noisy and completely throw the balance of your bow out the window.
The TightSpot Quiver is different.
It’s been specifically designed to address
every one of those problems. There’s
18 inches between the TightSpot hood
and the gripper to dramatically reduce
arrow vibration at the shot. The gripper
is adjustable to securely hold any size
arrow and fanned to eliminate fletching
rattle. The TightSpot is also infinitely
adjustable up, down, forward, backward
and in and out so that you can fine-tune
the position of your arrows to perfectly
balance your bow for the best shot possible. For more information, see your
dealer or log onto
Ultralight, water resistant and very
warm, the state-of-the-art Kifaru
Doobie is a high-tech emergency
blanket that can also serve as a bag liner
or a ground cloth. Deceptively thin and
just over 2 pounds, the Doobie packs
down to about the size of a pair of socks
and tucks into any daypack for convenient protection. For warmer hunts, the
Doobie lets you ditch your sleeping bag
altogether and hunt with just a bivy rig.
Climashield insulation with continuous
filaments provide superior durability and
thermal efficiency. The Doobie features
Kifaru’s innovative RhinoSkin to keep
you warm and dry no matter what
Day One
weather you encounter. For more
information, see your dealer or log
The impressive new BowTech
Destroyer 340 is feature laden, power
packed and shooter friendly. Crucial
to the Destroyer are an Overdrive
Binary Dual Cam System, HardCore
Limbs and an avant-garde FLXGuard cable-containment system.
That groundbreaking FLX-Guard
addresses the tune-robbing effects
of extreme cable tension by flexing
inward as the bow is drawn to reduce
cable-guard torque to the riser. The
BowTech Destroyer is clearly one of
the most advanced compound bows
ever offered. For more information,
please see your dealer or log onto
Known for simply marvelous
custom bowhunting clothing, Day
One Camouflage also offers a terrific,
lightweight, ultra-quiet bowhunting
backpack. The Day One 8-Pocket
Day Pack is available in a variety of
bowhunter-friendly fabrics, including fleece, saddlecloth, bucksuede
and even wool. Each shoulder strap is
fleece-covered for silence, and there’s
a waterproof liner under the top
cover. With 1,800-plus cubic inches of
space, this stealthy bowhunting pack
will prove useful while in a treestand
or scouting around on day hikes. For
more information, see your dealer or
log onto
The APA Black Mamba 6.5 is
one of the most innovative, featurepacked bows on the market today.
The Black Mamba’s 6.5-inch brace
height makes this one seriously fast
bow. APA’s Bow Carrying System is
Predators View
Peep Sight
Summer Buyer’s Guide 2010 | 59
HD Bone
incorporated right into the riser, as is
a unique “fang” located near the top
of the riser that allows you to hang
your bow almost anywhere. There is
a nock wrench, broadhead wrench,
carbide sharpener and Cam Lock
below the bow’s grip as part of the
APA Tool Center. The Cam Lock
lets you change the Mamba’s strings
and cables without a bow press. For
more information see your dealer or
log onto
Because the unique shape of the
Predators View Peep Sight allows
more natural light to reach your
eye than other peep sights, you’ll
have a visual advantage in low-light
conditions. The Predators View
provides you with a full picture of
your sight window and allows for
vertical alignment of your sight pins.
The durable Predators View is constructed from 6061 aluminum with
a hard-coat finish and will not clog
in rain or snow. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
The 2010 Elite Judge is yet
another example of the fast, highperformance bows Elite Archery has
become known for. With an aggressive Rev Cam system and a 6-inch
brace height, the Judge rips arrows
at speeds of up to 347 fps while
also featuring a smooth draw. A
cushioned string stop and LimbSaver
dampeners make for a quiet shot.
And Elite is so confident about the
fully transferable quality of its bows
that it offers a lifetime warranty. For
more information, see your dealer or
log onto
Want to get rid of your peep
sight and still shoot more accurately
than before? Try the Anchor Sight
from Archery Innovations. When
you look into the Anchor Sight,
you’ll see a red circle, a dot and
several dashes printed on a glow disc.
This display quickly reveals the angle
of your bow, allowing you to immediately correct problems with bow
Acorn Rage
Axe 6
Focus Grip
H.D. Series
torque and shooting form. The Anchor Sight also promotes
fast target acquisition and improves your ability to take shots in
low-light conditions, extending your hunting time. This innovative device boosts accuracy and confidence, increasing your
chances of connecting on that critical shot. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
There are few archers who wouldn’t benefit from additional practice, improved form and greater strength. Those
things are now easy to come by with the new Bow Trainer.
This unique training tool encourages extra practice by allowing you to train practically anywhere. A detailed online training program helps ensure your success. For more information,
see your dealer or log onto
The Quality Archery Design Ultra-Rest HD Bone
Collector utilizes the velocity of the forward movement, via
the timing cord attached to the bow’s downward buss cable, to
initiate the launcher to drop.Velocity Drop-Away Technology
(VDT) integrated into this rest ensures that the Ultra-Rest
remains in the cocked position even during a slow letdown
and will only drop if the bow is fired. Lock-Down Technology,
a patented cam/brake feature, eliminates arrow rest bounceback for total fletching clearance. For more information, see
your dealer or log onto
Falling acorns are music to a whitetail’s ears, and now
you can guarantee acorns will be falling exactly when and
where you want them to. The revolutionary new Acorn
Rage Drop-N-Block from Wildgame Innovations is a
time-released hanging block that drops real acorns. Hang the
Acorn Rage Drop-N-Block in front of a scouting camera or
in a clear shooting lane to make the most of this powerful
Summer Buyer’s Guide 2010 | 61
Quest Primal
Tri-Van Multi-Adjust Pro
deer attractant. For more information, see your dealer or log onto
The PSE X-Force was one the
fastest and most effective hunting
bows ever produced. For 2010, PSE
improves on that high-performance
design with the PSE X-Force Axe
6. The Axe 6 delivers all that arrow
speed with convenient adjustability.
The Axe Inner Cam System offers a
full 6 inches of draw-length adjustability in half-inch increments without
modules and without the use of a bow
press. Massively pre-loaded limbs, slim
low-torque grip,Vibracheck Backstop,
America’s Best Bowstrings and multiple sight-mounting holes all make
the X-Force Axe 6 a bow to reckon
with. For more information, see your
Backbone Strings
dealer or log onto
Sometimes the smallest parts of your
bow setup can make the most substantial improvements in accuracy. The new
Mathews Focus Grip is one such
part. By utilizing pressure-concentrating
technology, the new Focus Grip provides
for more forgiving hand placement. A
typical flat-top grip forces pressure to
the outside edge, but the Focus Grip has
a colorful Focus Ridge that keeps the
hand centered and minimizes torque.
Choose your Focus Grip with one of
eight colored Focus Ridges. For more
information, see your delaer or log onto
Extreme Archery has been licensed
by Mathews to manufacture a new
H.D. series of bow sights for 2010. That
means many of the models in Extreme’s
high-quality sight lineup will be offered
with the optimal vibration-damping
qualities of Mathews Harmonic Dampers. Extreme H.D. sights will have
a Harmonic Damper integrated right
into the housing and be available a
number of finishes including Mathews
Lost Camo. Models are also available
with either a fixed-plate or an 8-inch
dovetail mount and with either tool-less
or tool-less micro-drive adjustments for
the windage and elevation. For more
information, see your dealer or log onto
The Quest Primal has it all—
great looks and incredible performance.
The Primal features a patent-pending
I-Glide Cable Guard System, an adjustable String Suppression System, innovative Speed Studs for enhanced bowstring acceleration and peep-alignment
adjustment, Bowjax Limb Silencers, a
forged and machined-aluminum riser,
a two-piece laminated-wood grip and
a Twin Track SYNC Modular Cam
System with adjustable draw stop. The
bow’s GFade fusion of camo limbs,
limb pockets and the top and bottom
of the riser with a black riser center
section is simply stunning. For more
information, see your dealer or log
The MidAtlantic Tri-Van
Multi-Adjust Pro arrow rest features
three small contact points, resembling
tiny toothbrushes, that hold your arrow
securely throughout the draw cycle. At
the shot, the support arms retract into
the rest for perfect friction-free flight.
The Tri-Van’s Vanishing Arm Technology
allows for faster arrow speeds and
complete fletching clearance. For more
information, please see your dealer or
log onto
The new Toxonics Wrangler features ultra-durable half-moon-shaped
Metal-optic pins that protect the fiber
optics from hard knocks in the field.
The Wrangler has polymer fibers that
will resist cracking and stretch up to
30 percent before breaking, making it
virtually snag-proof. A single piece of
solid steel comprises the housing, and
the sight comes with multiple lighting options. A Wrangler model with a
Harmonic Damper is also offered. The
Wrangler is available at a very reasonable price. For more information, see
your dealer or log onto
New from Octane are Backbone
Strings. These handmade strings
are constructed with 22 strands of a
proprietary blend of BCY 452 GX featuring Gore Performance Fibers for a
smooth shot. A special twisting method
consistently puts the same amount of
twist along the entire length of the
string, preventing strand separation,
enhancing tensile strength and helping
to eliminate peep rotation. Backbone
Strings are pre-stretched to eliminate
creep, and each string is precisely
wound and digitally verified to within
.010 in length. Backbone Strings come
with a two-year warranty. For more
information, see your dealer or log
Want to increase your bowhunting
success rate and make your time in the
field more enjoyable? This must-have
gear can help. D
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