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Serving Greatness
Serving Greatness
Menampilkan Perkhidmatan Cemerlang
ISSUE 2.2012
What ’s Inside the icon
Dalam The ICON Kali Ini
02–03 opening toast
Words of wisdom from the Managing Director of GAB
Kata-Kata hikmat daripada Pengarah Pengurusan kami
04–09 happy hours
Petikan daripada acara-acara hebat anjuran GAB
10–13 gameplan
Menyelami kejayaan jenama Tiger
14–15 winning ways
GAB terus mencatat kemenangan
16–17 milestones: Our Vision, Values & Enables
Kami memperkenalkan image baru bagi visi, nilai-nilai dan pemboleh GAB
18–19 hops, leaps & bounds: Change is The Only Constant
Menjejaki pergerakan sumber manusia dalam GAB
20–26 perfect pints
Mendekati acara-acara GAB yang paling penting
27 the right stuff:
Menyambut ulangtahun ke-5 Yayasan GAB
As our company evolves, it is our hope that The
ICON magazine will also evolve together with the
company. So if you have any suggestions or if you
would like to contribute to the magazine, do let
us know. Enjoy the read!
28–29 smooth operators: 5 Star Service Behind The Bar… And Beyond
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang... Melangkaui Bar
30–31 the lager picture: Legendary Service, and How We Can Get There
Perkhidmatan ternama dan cara mencapainya
32 what ’ s brewing
Acara dan sambutan yang akan datang
33 final gravity
Leona menjawab soalan-soalan hangat
Editor’s Note
When the CRL team and I were deciding how to
soft launch 5 Star Service at SWB, we wanted to
create an experience that was surprising, fun and
also meaningful at the same time. Our breakfast
and tea-break rounds around SWB; complete with
breakfast trolley stations and ice cream treats were
an instant hit. The overall feedback we received
from our colleagues was that they were indeed
surprised, thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but
at the same time they could see how each and
everyone of the CRL team went over and above
what was expected to make our SWB colleagues
feel extra special. The 5 Star Service tips which
we shared that day was also a useful guide on how
we can adopt a 5 Star Service mind-set.
After the soft launch on July 20th, we thought
it was appropriate to dedicate this issue of The
ICON to 5 Star Service. Apart from sharing the
highlights from the 5 Star Service soft launch,
we’ve also gotten views from various people from
Charles to Jimmy on what 5 Star Service means
to them. Finally, we’ve also developed a feature
article on what other companies are doing on the
5 Star Service front so that we may get an insight
on their best practices.
melancarkan Perkhidmatan
5 Bintang di SWB, pasukan
CRL dan saya bersetuju untuk
mencipta satu pengalaman
yang menakjubkan, menyeronokkan serta penuh
bermakna. Sarapan dan
teh petang yang telah kami
sajikan sememangnya
digemari ramai, dan secara
keseluruhannya, rakan-rakan
sekerja kami mengatakan
bahawa mereka amat terkejut
apabila dilayan demikian.
Tambahan pula, mereka berasa
bahawa semua ahli pasukan
CRL telah melangkaui jangkaan
untuk memastikan semua
rakan-rakan sekerja menerima
layanan istimewa. Petua
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang yang
telah dikongsi pada hari itu
merupakan panduan untuk
kami semua memperjuangkan
konsep yang bermakna ini.
Setelah kejayaan pelancaran
konsep tersebut, tidak hairanlah isu The ICON kali ini
bertemakan Perkhidmatan
5 Bintang. Kami telah mengumpulkan pelbagai cerita
menarik mengenai perkhidmatan yang baik daripada
dalam dan luar GAB untuk
tatapan anda semua. Jika
anda mempunyai sebarang
cadangan atau ingin
menyumbang kepada The
ICON, hubungilah kami!
Selamat membaca!
Terima kasih,
Tiffany Chew
Pengurus Perhubungan Korporat
Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)
Tiffany Chew
Corporate Communications Manager
Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)
A quick round up of some of our latest happenings
In this special interview piece, we catch up with Sean Koh for an insightful
look into the Tiger brand, and what’s made it a roaring success
Our winning performance continues
We unveil GAB’s refreshed visuals for its vision, values and enablers
Who’s left, joined, up and about
Tiger Asian Music Festival, National Commercial Conference and
some of our most iconic events in recent months
What A Difference 5 Years Makes
As GAB Foundation celebrates its 5th anniversary, we look back at the difference
it has brought to the community
We talk to key individuals behind the bar, and beyond, what 5 Star Service
means to them…
A look at legendary service around the world
Events of interest within and around GAB in the coming months
Leona, GAB’s first female representative in East Malaysia, gets her limelight
moment as she shares her experiences, talks about Mike Tyson and lets us in
on her interesting Facebook updates
editorial team Tiffany Chew, Hishamuddin Omar, Karen Pasqual & Merel Martensen
contributing writers Khoo Hsu Chuang & Vincent Chan Weng San . design Lee Na
printed by Pakatan Tusen Cetak Sdn Bhd . produced by Khoo Publishing
the icon Magazine is for internal circulation only and should not be sold for legal tender
What has been GAB’s standout achievement
since your last message in The ICON 1?
I’m really pleased that GAB has been able to
deliver our 11th consecutive year of growth for
our financial year 2012. When we crossed the 10
year mark, it was a major milestone, but having
achieved our 11th consecutive year of growth,
I think we can certainly aim for 20 consecutive
years of growth as our next goal.
Judging by our results in the first quarter for
financial year 2013, we are off to a solid start.
We managed to stay ahead in terms of profit
despite our last quarter having no pre-budget
speculative buying and also a shorter 1st quarter
brought on by the 9 day business freeze to
facilitate the transition of our IT systems and
processes as set by Project Quantum.
What is the strategy going forward?
Our strategy has always been to invest in our
people, brands and performance. This strategy is
tried and tested so there is really no need for us
to veer from it. What has changed is the tactical
execution of the strategy. On our people front,
the HR team is continuously looking at ways to
enhance training programmes for employees as
well as institute new policies that will benefit
employees’ total welfare. At the last Townhall,
we announced several new benefits – maternity
leave has now been extended to 3 months, 1 month
more than the industry norm and government
requirement. Apart from that, we have also upgraded our company’s hospitalisation room and
board policy.
In terms of brands, we are also ramping up. Tiger
celebrated its new marketing concept “Brings
you the heart of Every Urban Beat” by hosting
the largest Halloween Party, while Guinness
took a different spin with this year’s Arthur’s
Day Celebration by opting to host three smallerscale unique music parties that were held
from left to right:
Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye (former GAB Chairman),
Charles Ireland (Managing Director),
Mahendran Kapuppial (Finance Director) and
Dato’ Saw Choo Boon (newly-appointed Chairman)
managing director of gab
Pengarah Pengurusan GAB
simultaneously instead of one grand party. The
aim was to reach out to a wider audience with a
wider variety of entertainment. As for Heineken,
this year’s Thirst featured DJs such as Avicii and
Above and Beyond.
When it comes to performance, we certainly
upped the game with Project Quantum. There
are currently teething issues arising from the
transition from the old IT system to the new
system, but I believe very soon all employees will
be able to see the true benefits of the initiative.
In the months ahead, you will find that the
new process and systems are more efficient and
effective for the purpose of your job role.
How does 5 Star Service fit into the company’s
grand plan?
5 Star Service is key to our future success, as
maintaining good relations internally and externally have always been central to our sustained
growth. With the environment becoming increasingly competitive, a 5 Star Service mind-set
is so essential to our business that it has become
our 5th value. By adopting this value, it means
being committed to consistently meet and exceed
our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs. We will
also continuously seek better and innovative ways
to provide delightful experiences for our customers
and stakeholders.
What would be some of GAB’s immediate
We must certainly keep a close eye on global
economic developments and observe the impact
it has on our consumers’ sentiment. Apart from
that, we will continue to work with the related
government agencies to review the current alcohol
tax structure and highlighting our position to
prevent a huge increase in excise duty from taking
place. Besides that, we are also supporting the
relevant government agencies in their enforcement
efforts against contraband beers as these do affect
our business substantially as we cannot compete
with the prices of contraband beers.
Pencapaian terbaru GAB: Saya amat berbangga kerana
GAB dapat mencatat pertumbuhan buat tahun ke-11
berturut-turut; setelah mengatasi tahun ke-10, saya
yakin kami mampu menuju ke 20 tahun pertumbuhan
berturut-turut. Berdasarkan keputusan suku pertama
kami untuk tahun kewangan 2013, kami sememangnya
bermula dalam kedudukan yang baik.
Thirst yang dibintangi DJ sensasi seperti Avicii dan
Above & Beyond.
Strategi yang seterusnya: Seperti biasa, melabur dalam
sumber manusia, jenama dan prestasi. Ini sememangnya
tidak berubah. Dari segi sumber manusia, kami sentiasa
mencari program latihan yang lebih berkesan serta
menubuhkan polisi baru untuk menambahbaik kebajikan
kakitangan. Ini termasuk cuti bersalin yang dipanjangkan ke tiga bulan, penaiktarafan polisi penghospitalan
syarikat, dan sebagainya.
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang dalam rancangan syarikat:
Ini merupakan kunci kejayaan kami pada masa hadapan
kerana membina perhubungan erat baik di dalam atau
di luar syarikat sememangnya penting untuk mengekalkan prestasi kami. Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang kini menjadi
nilai kami yang ke-5; ini bermaksud kami sentiasa
menekankan betapa pentingnya memenuhi dan melanglangkaui keperluan para pengguna serta pemegang
kepentingan kami.
Dari segi jenama, terdapat juga pelbagai pembaharuan
seperti konsep Tiger yang baru, sambutan “Arthur’s Day
Guinness” yang dibahagikan kepada tiga acara untuk
menarik lebih ramai peminat yang berbeza, dan Heineken
Akhirnya, dari aspek prestasi, Projek Quantum merupakan langkah yang progresif, di mana proses dan
sistem IT kami dipertingkatkan secara keseluruhan
demi manfaat semua.
Cabaran penting GAB: Kami perlu memerhatikan
perkembangan ekonomik antarabangsa dengan teliti.
Kami juga perlu bekerjasama dengan agensi kerajaan
Any final words?
I would really like to
congratulate the team
for doing a great job in
keeping the company
in such great shape.
I’m very pleased with
how we have performed
and much of it has to do
with the extraordinary
team that we have here
at GAB.
However, I would like to make a special
mention of Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye who recently
retired after being with the company for more
than 25 years, first as a board member and
then as GAB’s Chairman. He was certainly
instrumental in the growth that GAB has
enjoyed in terms of our financial performance,
our portfolio as well as the GAB Foundation.
His sound advice, guidance and knowledge
and also enabled GAB to obtain the leadership
position it has today. I’m sure all employees
would agree that he is a True GAB Icon and
I do wish the Chairman, all the best in his
retirement. Succeeding Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye
is Dato’ Saw Choo Boon, who was with Shell
for over 40 years, which he joined in 1970 and
served in local, regional and global capacities.
He currently sits on the boards of Shell
Malaysia, RHB Capital Bhd, RHB Investment
Bank Bhd and DiGi.Com Bhd. Please do
extend a warm welcome to him.
october 2012
yang berkenaan untuk mengkaji semula struktur
cukai alkohol dan juga menyokong agensi berkenaan
untuk menangani isu alcohol kontraban yang mampu
memberikan impak negatif yang amat besar kepada
perniagaan kami.
Akhir kata:
Saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada pasukan GAB kerana
mengekalkan prestasi syarikat yang cukup cemerlang.
Saya juga ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima
kasih kepada Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye yang telah bersara
setelah bersama dengan GAB selama 25 tahun. Beliau
sememangnya berjasa dalam mendorong pencapaian
hebat GAB dalam semua aspek, termasuk prestasi
kewangan, pembinaan portfolio ikonik dan penubuhan
Yayasan GAB. Beliau adalah seorang tokoh dan ikon GAB
yang sebenar, dan kami berharap beliau terus berjaya
dalam masa akan datang. Kami juga ingin mengucapkan
selamat datang kepada pengganti Tan Sri Saw, iaitu
Dato’ Saw Choo Boon, yang telah bersama syarikat Shell
melebihi 40 tahun.
swb, malaysia | HAPPY HOURS |
23 - 27.07.2012 & 28.09.2012
pj, selangor, malaysia
Regional PM PKE Workshop &
TPM Team Award 2011 / 2012
World Water Day
GAB Foundation celebrated World Water Day by
releasing three local fish species into the Sungai Way
river, marking yet another milestone in its river
rehabilitation efforts. The celebration also included
a carnival held at the W.A.T.E.R Project River Cabin
in Taman Desa Ria with activities such as water
conservation-themed storytelling, an up-cycling workshop and garbage enzyme-making demonstrations.
GAB had the pleasure of hosting the recent Regional PM (Planned Maintenance) PKE
(Process Kaizen Engineer) Workshop which was participated by representatives from
various OPCOs from the Asia Pacific region as well as selected GAB employees. Held
annually, the TPM award recognises all TPM improvement teams that demonstrate
sustained results within a period of four months. Awards were given out in various
categories including the Best Team Awards, the Best SS Area Awards and the Best
Individual Awards.
Regional PM PKE Workshop & TPM Team Award 2011/2012. GAB telah menganjurkan
Bengkel PM PKE Serantau yang dihadiri OPCO daripada seluruh rantau serta kakitangan
GAB terpilih. Anugerah TPM yang diadakan setiap tahun memperakui kumpulan peningkatan TPM yang menunjukkan keputusan cemerlang selama empat bulan. Anugerah
diberikan dalam pelbagai kategori termasuk Pasukan Terbaik, Kawasan SS Terbaik dan
Individu Terbaik.
Hari Air Sedunia. Yayasan GAB menyambut Hari Air
Sedunia dengan melepaskan tiga spesis ikan ke dalam
Sungei Way, satu lagi pencapaian hebat dalam usaha
pemulihan sungainya. Sambutan ini juga termasuk
sebuah karnival di Kabin Sungai Projek W.A.T.E.R, Taman
Desa Ria dengan pelbagai aktiviti menarik.
1,2 GAB Foundation’s World Water Day’s main highlight
was the release of three fish species into the Sungai
Way river.
3 Children learning about the water cycle during the
storytelling session.
4 Children pay close attention to Sungai Way community
leader, En. Zaini Abdullah Thani as he demonstrates
how to turn used cooking oil into soap.
5 Parents and children working together as a team to
solve clues, where they were required to solve a puzzle
and complete a “water” challenge.
tg. malim, perak, malaysia 28.02.2012
English Programme
Graduation Day
Over 100 students from three Chinese schools in Tanjung
Malim received recognition from GAB Foundation after
graduating from the English Programme organised by the
Foundation. At the ceremony, students put up confident
performances for their proud parents and teachers.
1 The Regional PM PKE Workshop included activities such
as classroom theoretical lessons as well as practical
exercises such as performing checks and analysis at
the Packaging hall.
1 GAB Foundation developed its own lesson plans,
incorporating a hands-on approach to promote a
fun way of learning English.
2 Attendees of the Regional PM PKE workshop came
from various countries including Papua New Guinea,
China, Vietnam and Indonesia.
2 GAB Foundation’s English Programme is tailored to
develop students’ English proficiency through funfilled activities such as arts and craft work.
3 Charles Ireland with the two winners of the Best Kaizen
Team F Y11/12- FI19 Air Compressor Optimisation.
4 Best Autonomous Maintenance Team (AM Team)
FY11/12- AM24 Keg Washer receives their award from
Charles Ireland.
3 GAB Foundation English Programme facilitators
attended a three-day intensive training course to
ensure they were well-equipped to facilitate the
enrichment classes.
5 Charles Ireland presents the award trophy to the Best
5S Team FY11/12- QPA.
Hari Pensijilan Program Bahasa Inggeris. Lebih 100
pelajar daripada tiga sekolah kebangsaan Cina di Tanjung
Malim telah menerima pengiktirafan daripada Yayasan GAB
setelah berjaya menamatkan pengajian daripada Program
Bahasa Inggeris Yayasan GAB. Pelajar-pelajar menyambut
penamatan program tersebut dengan membuat persembahan yang penuh keyakinan bagi ibubapa dan guru mereka.
The Programme also introduced students to songs
and rhymes to help them master the language in
an enjoyable way.
kuala lumpur, malaysia | HAPPY HOURS |
28 - 31.05.2012
zoo negara, hulu kelang, selangor, malaysia 14.07.2012
English Enrichment Training
River Carnival
Aimed at educating and empowering the community to protect and conserve rivers,
GAB Foundation’s River Carnival saw families come together for a fun-filled day at Zoo
Negara. A variety of family-friendly games and activities were organised including the
River Hunt, an Amazing Race-cum-Treasure Hunt game where teams raced to complete
river and water-based tasks, the Young River Scientist Programme for children to learn
more about rivers, and the River Musical, a skit incorporating river-related stories.
Seventy English teachers from 40 primary schools across five states participated in a
four-day English Enrichment Training Programme organised by GAB Foundation. The
programme was divided into two modules; an English refresher course for sharpening
language proficiency, and an English Teaching Styles and Techniques session to
equip them with innovative teaching methods for enhancing classroom engagement.
Program Latihan Perkayaan Bahasa Inggeris. Tujuh puluh guru dari 40 sekolah
rendah di lima negeri telah menyertai Program Latihan English selama empat hari yang
diadakan oleh Yayasan GAB. Ia dibahagikan kepada dua bahagian, yang pertama untuk
menajamkan kemahiran bahasa para guru dan yang kedua untuk melengkapkan mereka
dengan pelbagai kaedah inovatif bagi mempertingkatkan mutu pengajaran mereka.
Karnival Sungai. Karnival Sungai yang diadakan oleh GAB Foundation bertujuan
mendidik masyarakat tempatan dalam mempertahankan dan memelihara sungai.
Ia dipenuhi aktiviti menarik untuk seisi keluarga termasuk River Hunt yang seumpama
permainan Amazing Race dan pencarian harta karun, Program Ahli Sains Sungai Muda
di mana kanak-kanak boleh mempelajari mengenai sungai, dan Pertunjukan Muzik
Sungai yang dipenuhi cerita menarik berkaitan sungai.
1,3 Participants were encouraged to network and
share ideas as they worked in groups consisting
of representatives from different schools and
1 People pledging to help protect rivers by leaving a
3 Participants of the River Hunt making EM mudballs.
Seventy teachers from 40 schools across Malacca,
Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak
attended GAB Foundation’s English Enrichment
Training Programme.
4,5,6The training programme consisted of numerous
energisers, games and pop quizzes to keep
participants highly motivated to learn.
2 A child getting a river-themed body art during the
River Carnival.
4 The River Hunt participants collecting water samples
from a river in Zoo Negara.
5 A clown entertaining children at the River Carnival.
kl live, kuala lumpur, malaysia 9
swb & regional offices 16 - 20.04.2012
Heineken New Bottle Launch
Green Week
The iconic new Heineken bottle was launched in a pulse-pounding event at a byinvitation only party at KL Live. This momentous occasion was attended by luminaries
from the art, entertainment and music scene, with more than 2,000 guests including
local celebrities, DJs and fashionistas. Hosted by VJ Utt, the venue was transformed
into a Heineken universe with LED equalizer displays and video mapping projections,
with music provided by DJ Ferry Corsten.
For an entire week in April, eight GAB departments
and all sales regions pledged to embrace the Go Green
concept in their own preferred way, from cutting down
on paper usage to conserving water and reducing power
consumption. A different theme was adopted each day
of the week, namely Meatless Monday, Eco Film Fest
Tuesday, Waste-Not Wednesday, Swap Shop Thursday
and Eco-Fun Friday.
Pelancaran Botol Baru Heineken. Botol ikonik baru Heineken telah dilancarkan dalam
sebuah acara penuh bertenaga di KL Live. Ia dihadiri oleh lebih 2,000 orang termasuk
artis, DJ dan personaliti popular tempatan. DJ Utt merupakan juruacara pada malam
tersebut, di mana seluruh kawasan acara diubah menjadi “alam semesta” Heineken
dengan peragaan LED dan projeksi video serta muzik rancak daripada DJ Ferry Corsten.
Minggu Hijau. Untuk satu minggu pada bulan April,
lapan bahagian dan semua kawasan jualan GAB berjanji
untuk mengamalkan konsep hijau dalam aktiviti
seharian, termasuk mengurangkan penggunaan kertas,
air dan elektrik. Tema berlainan digunakan setiap hari
sepanjang minggu tersebut bagi memeriahkan lagi
1 Departments putting up their respective pledges on
the Green Week Pledge Tree.
2 Employees were awarded with vouchers through their
participation in various games and activities which
were organised throughout Green Week.
3, 4 40 attended a cooking demo by Chef Agnes Chang
while 12 teams of 2 showed off their culinary creativity
in the Meatless Cooking Competition. Both were held
on Meatless Monday.
5, 6 Over RM300 in donations were collected.
putrajaya, malaysia 06.09.2012
National River Forum
GAB Foundation broke new ground with its first ever National River Forum that brought
together experts from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Japan, Australia and Vietnam. Centred
on the theme of Sustainable River Management, the forum was aimed at creating
more co-ordinated and streamlined efforts in river rehabilitation and conservation in
Malaysia. The Forum was launched by Natural Resources and Environment Minister,
YB Dato Sri’ Douglas Uggah Embas.
Forum Sungai Nasional. Yayasan GAB telah berjaya dalam menganjurkan Forum Sungai
Nasional untuk julung-julung kalinya yang dihadiri pakar-pakar daripada Malaysia,
Singapura, UK, Jepun, Australia dan Vietnam. Bertemakan Pengurusan Sungai Lestari,
forum ini bertujuan untuk mencipta usaha yang lebih teratur dan sistematik dalam
memulihara dan mempertahankan sungai di Malaysia. Forum tersebut telah dilancarkan
oleh Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, YB Dato’ Sri Douglas Uggah Embas.
Members of the media interview guest of honour, Natural Resources and Environment
Minister, YB Dato Sri’ Douglas Uggah Embas as former GAB Foundation Chairman,
Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye looks on.
GAB Foundation Director, Renuka Indrarajah talks to the media on the importance of
river conservation. Renuka was also one of the speakers at the National River Forum.
Over 190 participants from government agencies, academic institutes, the private sector
and other segments attended the forum.
The forum brought together experts from various nations to share their insights and
country’s efforts in river rehabilitation and conservation.
1 The Heineken BAs were
given a special head-to-toe
futuristic make over for the night.
2 Over 2000 party goers witnessed the launch of
the New Heineken Bottle at KL Live.
3 Many local celebrities were spotted including
DJ Goldfish and radio announcer
Natalie Kniese.
4 Present to host the launch was none other than
internationally-renowned actor, host and model,
VJ Utt Panichkul.
5 GAB employees and trade partners came to lend
their support!
How has the Tiger brand been doing this past few years?
Tiger has generally been doing very well, growing year-on-year. When I first started
working on the Tiger brand, sales were in the 400,000 hectolitres range. Now it is
around 600,000 hectolitres.That’s a 50% increase!
tiger marketing manager
Pengurus Pemasaran Tiger
Where does the brand stand now in the market,
and in the minds of the consumers?
What have been some of Tiger’s major highlights in the past few years?
How do you think the Tiger brand can further
Tiger is one of the biggest and most recognised
beer brands in Malaysia. It is also the preferred
beer brand in various places across the country.
In the minds of consumers, Tiger is perceived as
a young and active brand, with its activities and
unique drinking experiences. One such unique
experience is Tiger FC, where we engage closely
with football fans. This is very popular with our
fans since it combines two of their greatest passions:
football and a unique drinking experience!
The most significant highlight for me would be
the Year of the Tiger in 2010. That was when we
solidified momentum for the Tiger brand, going
past the half-a-million hectolitre mark. Besides
volume momentum, top-of-the-mind consumer
recognition also increased greatly that year.
While we are already doing quite well, we need to
grow top-of-mind recognition among consumers.
While momentum was solidified that year, it was
during Tiger’s 75th Anniversary in 2008 that we
set the tone for the attitude of the brand.
How has Tiger performed regionally?
As for other major highlights, it would be the
recent Tiger Asian Music Festival which was held
last June. It drew more than 40,000 fans, making
it the single largest event organised by GAB todate and perhaps even compared to other brands
in the country.
We want to be seen as an youthful and energetic
brand compared to other Malaysian brands. Of
course, we also want to be the undisputed volume
leader in Malaysia in the malt liquor market.
Very well, especially in countries like Vietnam.
In China, it is also doing well mainly in the form
of Tiger Crystal. While in the Western market,
Tiger is perceived as a premium Asian brand.
Could you describe some of your best moments
as Marketing Manager? Any particular event
that defined you?
After almost seven years of service with GAB, four
of which have been with Tiger, Tiger Marketing
Manager Sean Koh speaks candidly about the (mainly)
ups and downs of managing the Tiger brand.
I’d still have to say the Year of the Tiger in 2010.
It was a privilege and honour to have been working
with the brand that year. We also saw the World
Cup that year, in addition to a fantastic Chinese
New Year campaign. On top of that, that was when
we introduced the new Tiger label packaging,
which invigorated the brand.
Setelah berkhidmat selamat tujuh tahun dengan GAB,
termasuk empat tahun bersama Tiger, Sean Koh,
Pengurus Pemasaran Tiger, bersembang sebentar
mengenai cabaran dalam menguruskan jenama Tiger.
Mengenai prestasi Tiger: Tiger sememangnya
berkembang pesat dari tahun ke setahun; semasa
saya mula bekerja, jualan sekitar 400,000 hektoliter,
tetapi sekarang mencecah 600,000 hektoliter pula!
Ini merupakan pertumbuhan sebanyak 50%! Tambahan
pula, Tiger adalah di antara jenama bir yang paling
besar dan ternama di Malaysia. Ia merupakan jenama
yang muda dan aktif, dengan pelbagai aktiviti menarik
seperti Tiger FC yang memang menawan hati peminat
bolasepak dan bir! Prestasi Tiger juga cukup memberangsangkan di sekitar rantau Asia, terutamanya
di Vietnam dan China. Di pasaran Barat pula, Tiger
dianggap jenama premium.
Pencapaian penting Tiger beberapa tahun ini:
Pada Tahun Harimau, iaitu 2010, Tiger melepasi tanda
setengah juta hectoliter. Selain ini, pengaruh Tiger
di kalangan pengguna juga berkembang pesat pada
tahun itu. Semua ini bermula ketika Ulangtahun ke-75
Tiger pada tahun 2008. Antara pencapaian lain termasuk “Tiger Asian Music Festival” pada Jun lepas yang
dihadiri lebih 40,000 peminat, menjadikannya satusatunya acara terbesar yang dianjurkan oleh GAB.
We also need to improve on the attitude of the
brand, in terms of being more clearly defined as
fun, young, active and dynamic.
What does the future hold for Tiger? Where is
it going?
The future is bright. I think it will be very, very
positive. I see it as arguably the biggest beer brand
in Malaysia in the future. We will be introducing
new innovations very soon that will improve our
brand positioning and activities.
It is also an added advantage that people love
the taste of Tiger. Moving ahead, I want everyone
to be able to recognise the brand and for Tiger
to become the undisputed top beer brand in the
Detik-detik paling hebat sebagai Pengurus
Pemasaran: Juga Tahun Harimau 2010, termasuk
kempen-kempen hebat yang telah dianjurkan untuk
Piala Dunia dan Tahun Baru Cina, serta pelancaran
label pakej Tiger yang baru.
Perkembangan seterusnya untuk jenama Tiger:
Menjadi pilihan pertama di kalangan pengguna, dan
menjadi jenama bir paling laris di Malaysia. Kami
bakal memperkenalkan inovasi dan perubahan baru
untuk menambahkan lagi daya tarikan jenama Tiger,
seterusnya menjadikannya jenama bir terunggul Negara.
A Refreshingly
Real Treat
for Red Fans
Liverpool fans were in for a real treat when they
got the opportunity to watch their club face off
opponents Manchester United live, while in the
presence of football legend and former Liverpool
star, Dietmar Hamann at BOLA Bistro, Sunway
Giza. Dietmar joined the fans for the whole game
and had taken time from his busy schedule to sign
football shirts, scarves and photos for his huge
This was all part of Tiger FC’s ‘Fans of Real Fans’
campaign which has organised more than 500
Tiger FC Viewing Parties at Tiger Beer outlets
nationwide since October 2011, consolidating the
club as the biggest football community in Malaysia.
Tiger FC also reintroduced the Tiger FC BIG
Away Games, the largest of which was organised
at Publika. The party emulated an actual football
stadium atmosphere and created a unique viewing
experience through its giant elevated cube screen
and top notch sound system.
To uplift spirits and hype up the experience for
fans, Tiger FC took great lengths to bring
football legends such as Dietmar Hamann, Viv
Anderson, Phil Neil and John Barnes to its
football viewing parties.
On top of this, football fans at the Tiger FC
viewing parties also had the opportunity to win
attractive prizes. Those who participated in Tiger
FC’s Predict and Win contest were rewarded with
exclusive Tiger FC merchandise, Tiger FC Prepaid Cards pre-loaded with RM1,000 as well as
40 inch LCD TVs for their support and passion
for their clubs and of course Tiger Beer.
Ganjaran Sebenar untuk Peminat Liverpool. Peminat
Liverpool diberikan ganjaran sebenar menonton aksi
perlawanan di antara pasukan kegemaran mereka
dengan Manchester United secara langsung, ditemani
lagenda bolasepak dan bekas bintang Liverpool Dietmar
Hamann di BOLA Bistro, Sunway Giza. Ini merupakan
sebahagian daripada kempen Tiger FC iaitu “Fans of
Real Fans” yang merangkumi lebih 500 parti tayangan
di seluruh negara semenjak Oktober 2011, menjadikan
kelab ini sebagai komuniti bolasepak terbesar di
Malaysia. Tiger FC juga memperkenalkan semula Tiger
FC Big Away Games, di mana seluruh destinasi tayangan
diubah menyerupai stadium bolasepak sebenar. Tiger
FC juga menarik perhatian peminat dengan membolehkan lagenda bolasepak seperti Dietmar Hamann, Viv
Anderson, Phil Neil dan John Barnes untuk menyertai
tayangan ini. Tambahan pula, para peminat bolasepak
juga diberikan peluang untuk memenangi hadiah
lumayan termasuk barangan eksklusif Tiger FC dan
televisyen LCD 40 inci.
Tiger Beer showed the extent of its commitment
towards creating great consumer experiences by
flying its Tiger Crystal “Refreshingly Different”
Facebook photo contest winner to the worldrenowned ICEHOTEL in the small village of
Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, the world’s first-ever ice
hotel. The winner enjoyed dog-sledding in the
wilderness of Jukkasjärvi, camped for a night on
the snowy shores of Torne River and even slept
in a thermal sleeping bag on a bed of icy weave
surrounded by snow walls adorned by ice-blue
butterflies in the Art Suite. Packaged in a crystalclear bottle and filled with a refreshingly crisp
yet full-bodied beer, Tiger Crystal is a limited
edition celebration brew which is only available
during the festive season.
Pengalaman Penuh Kesegaran. Tiger Beer menunjukkan komitmen terhadap mencipta pengalaman
pengguna yang hebat dengan menghantarkan pemenang
peraduan foto Facebook “Refreshingly Different” ke
ICEHOTEL di Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, iaitu hotel ais pertama
di dunia. Pemenang juga berpeluang mengendalikan
kereta luncur, berkhemah di tebing bersalji Sungai
Torne dan sebagainya. Dipakej dalam botol lutsinar
dan dipenuhi bir yang segar laginyaman, Tigar Crystal
merupakan minuman edisi terhad yang hanya boleh
didapati semasa musim perayaan.
top, from left to right:
Sean Koh (Tiger Marketing Manager),
Loh Ee Lin (Heineken Senior Brand Manager),
Charles Ireland (Managing Director),
Yap Swee Leng (Marketing Director),
Peter Khemlani (Guinness Marketing Manager)
and Tai See Wai (Anchor Marketing Manager)
with the awards.
Cornelius Koh, HR Director (far left) and
GAB’s winning HR team with the award.
Dan Pemenang Adalah…
GAB continues its winning performance in 2012
with victories in two prestigious events.
GAB meneruskan prestasinya yang cemerlang pada
tahun 2012 dengan kemenangan dalam dua acara
The Putra Brand Awards is an extension of the
Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brand Programme;
its winners are selected based on consumer
preference. We were a big winner at the 2012
event, bagging four awards; two Golds (one each
for Tiger and Heineken), a silver for Anchor
Beer, and a Bronze for Guinness. To date,
we have received 10 accolades since the Putra
Brand Awards began three years ago.
Additionally, we were awarded the Bronze Medal
for Employer of Choice at the Malaysia HR
Awards. This is the third year we have been
recognised for our cutting-edge human resource
policies, a testament to our continued commitment
to enhancing and empowering our people.
Dalam Anugerah Jenama Putra, kami memenangi empat
anugerah, iaitu pingat emas untuk Tiger dan Heineken,
pingat perak untuk Anchor Beer dan Pingat Gangsa
untuk Guinness. Ini bermakna kami telahpun memenangi 10 anugerah semenjak acara ini dimulakan tiga
tahun yang lalu. Kami juga diberikan Pingat Gangsa
bagi kategori Majikan Terpilih di Anugerah Sumber
Manusia Malaysia. Ini adalah tahun ketiga kami
menerima pujian untuk polisi-polisi sumber manusia
kami yang inovatif.
GAB is an icon in business. Respected the world over for delivering
exceptional growth in people, brands and performance.
VISI KAMI. GAB adalah ikon dalam perniagaan. Disanjungi di serata dunia dalam menyampaikan pertumbuhan berterusan dalam pekerja, jenama dan prestasi.
We have a passion for winning.
We are driven by a passion to be the best in everything we do.
Kami penuh semangat untuk terus menang.
Kami bertungkus-lumus menjadi yang terbaik dalam
setiap perkara yang dilakukan.
We show integrity in all that we do.
We are responsible, trustworthy and honest
in everything we say and do and in the way
we manage our business.
We provide enjoyment.
We create an environment where our people enjoy
their work, our partners enjoy working with us and
our consumers enjoy our products.
Kami mengamalkan integriti dalam segala
Kami bertanggungjawab, ikhlas dan jujur dalam
semua aspek perniagaan.
Kami memberikan keseronokan.
Kami mewujudkan sebuah persekitaran di mana kakitangan kami dapat menikmati kerja mereka, rakan
sekutu kami berseronok berganding bahu dengan kami
dan para pengguna kami dapat menikmati produkproduk kami.
Stop doing some things and upweigh the remaining
Deliver on promises on time and in full. Expect the
same from others.
Berhenti melakukan sesetengah perkara yang kurang
perlu dan tumpukan tenaga pada aktiviti yang lebih
Mengotakan Janji.
Sentiasa memenuhi janji yang diberikan dengan
sepenuhnya dan mengharapkan yang sama daripada
orang lain.
Be better today than yesterday, and better again
tomorrow. Continuously look for ways to grow and
strive for self-improvement.
Commit to great teamwork as we know great
teamwork enables great performance. The whole
is greater than the sum of the parts.
Sentiasa memperbaiki diri setiap hari sambil mencari
peluang untuk melakukan perubahan serta peningkatan.
Bersama-sama berusaha mencapai prestasi cemerlang.
We value and respect each other.
Our people and society are diverse and different, and
we value and celebrate all our differences. We respect
our environment and are committed to protect it. We
value the community in which we operate and strive
to enrich it. We aim for our people to have balance in
their work and their personal lives.
Kami saling menghargai dan hormat-menghormati.
Kami semua mempunyai latar belakang yang berlainan, dan kami menyanjungi perbezaan ini. Kami
menghormati persekitaran kami dan berkomited untuk
melindunginya. Kami menghargai komuniti kami dan
berusaha memperkayakannya. Kami mahu membolehkan kakitangan kami mencapai keseimbangan dalam
kerjaya dan kehidupan peribadi masing-masing.
We are 5 Star.
We deliver “5 Star Service”, consistently meeting
and exceeding our customers’ and stakeholders’
needs. We continuously seek better and innovative
ways to provide delightful experiences for our
customers and stakeholders.
Kami bertaraf 5 Bintang.
Kami menyampaikan Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang,
memenuhi dan melebihi keperluan pengguna serta
pemegang kepentingan kami dengan konsisten sambil
terus memperbaiki perkhidmatan kami dalam semua
Together, we brew success
Change is
The Only
Here’s a quick look at who’s left, who’s joined,
who’s up and who’s about throughout GAB.
Mari kita mengimbas muka-muka baru di GAB,
mereka yang telah beredar keluar, yang dinaikkan
pangkat dan juga mereka yang memegang jawatan
baru di GAB.
Tan Kim Luay
Roslind Kaur A /L Kirpal Singh
Tan Lye Chin
Kannan A /L Kunjan
Lee Chak Chun
Lee Sit Chai
Nicklaus Yang Yi Hoong
transfer & redesignation
Wee Jia Shing
Chong Keat On
Hong Hou Siang
Ee Teck Joo
Goh Cheng Fatt
Foo Kwee Kian
Chong Wai Leong
Yeong Cheong Kheow
Foong Yoke Chun
Malathy Rishiya
Cheah Mei Theng
Ong Chong Boo
retirement ext
Rajagopal S/O N. Karuppiah
Wong Tai Fok
transfer & redesignation
Aaron Abner Ang
Lau Teck Ming
Chua Seng Huat
Yang Huei Yee
Yong Yin Fern
Lai Tian Cheng
Sng Meng Kiat
retirement ext
Chen Wai Leng
Tshui Peng Keung
Harvender Singh A /L Gian Singh
Ng Chiew Kuen
Yu Chee Keong
Rajamohan A /L P. Nadeson
Abdul Razak Bin Rani
Choo Kit Soon
Lee Sih Yoke
Leong King Yew
Leong Chang Fai
Leong Ah Chow
Boon Kok Wai
Loo Cher Shiuan
Khoo Jia Lin
Chang Kok Fei
Liew Khin Fung
retirement ext
Ng Ooi Poh
Kelvin Low Win Weng
Chai Yew Wai
Chua Lean Wee
Yeoh Pei Wen
Patricia A /P Jasudason
Terence Teng Wee Jin
Leong Chee Kuen
Hoo Yih Luen
Charlene Ooi Shan Shan
Puvaneswaran A /L Maniraj
Teneswaran A /L Raju
Saravanan A /L Rajaratnam
Hariharan A /L Parso Raman
Shaharin Bin Mohamed Shariff
Low Yoke Chun
Lew Yoke Ting
Lee Swee Ghee
Chong Kar Fei
Chan Poi Ling
Tan Yao Yang
Lee Ching Kai
So Bee Leng
Chow Wai Yee
Leow Chui Lin
Ratha A/P Ramasamy
Fan Khee Ling
Lee Sook Yee
Yeoh Pei Wen
Chong Yat Wah
Lee Mun Leng
William Ng Wai Lam
Boon Kok Wai
Yeow Soon Ping
Lau Suet Yun
Ng Kar Leng
John Chiew Ha Sing Chandra Saikharan A /L Narian Kutty retirement ext
Lye Chee Hoong
mobility assignment
Yeoh Bun Hooi
Law Ming Hoong
Liang Yong Hwa
Koo Kooi Hock
Lim Sow Tat
Yong Kai Seong
Ooi Kok Beng
Tan Yean Ling
Tan Seng Jee
Rayson Khoo Cheng Keat
Ooi Kim Hin
Ng Heng Choy
Liew Sit Chian
Eder Teoh Kar Loon
Chin Choong Yoong
New Chee Tuck
Siow Yik Keng
Teo Cheang Cheong
Ooh Choon Chye
Ng Siew Ming
Tan Bong Hau
Tan Wan Yang
Goh Geok Lan
Cheong Kui Guan
Tan Meng Loo
Teo Kim San
Cheng Fung Yu
Latchemenen A /L Ulagan
transfer & redesignation
Chee Kong Seng
Loo Seng Yoong
Yew Tuck Sin
Chai Wing Onn
Chen Jeet Min
Lim Lee Lee
Chia Ching Hooi
Siow Chiat Meei
Wong Tingjun
Chan Sook Fun
Peh Meng Ngor
Koo Seok Ping
Lee Sau Wah
Ong Wen Sun
Teo Kim San
Boo Choon Ming
Chow Kok Fai
Chan Keng Wei
Yeap Kheng Chay
Lee Koon Kyan
Lee Chia Yen
Chan Kok Chon
Chan Keng Yeong
Tan Wai Men
Sim Yin Leong
Lim Yuen Har
Ng Joo Chan
Lee Kim Guan
Loh Ee Lin
Kelly Ch’ng Koon Koon
Kumaran A /L Raja Gopal
Chow Kwong Woh
Hum Chung Ghee
Yap Shong Lap
Lim Toong Boon
Hoon Sze Mun
Julie Kuan Min Tze
Thompson Chuah Wai Tung
Ng Shee Mei
Teh Kar Vinn
Chin Weng Foon
Lau Kim Seong
Yeoh Teong Leong
Chan Wee Keong
Ng Chee Yean
Soo Ket Vui
Ng Seow Ming
Loo See Chuan
New Chee Tuck
Lee Weng Foo
Ong Su Nan
Wong Kok Heong
Wong Win Keong
Lim Thiam Chai
Pang Joon Whai
Yong Chee King
Lau See Bing
Yap Gin Hoe
Chan Keng Wah
See Teck Chong
Cheng Joo Sheng
Viswam A /L Chandraseokaran
promotion & transfer
Gee Mei Kuan
Eng Khoon Siong
Lim Chun A /L Hock An
Lau Kien Chong
Kong Sook Hui
Karen Anne
Tan Yao Yang
Tan Lye Chin
Pratheb A /L Balan
Kong Soo Chong
retirement ext
Wong Siew San
Chong Wan Tai
Koay Choo Lian
Liew Nai Soon
So Bee Leng
Ng Kim Kean
Tang Kee Hing
Law Ju Vee
Ong Cheung Wee
Sheldon Zakery Anak Morenson
Yap Siew Yee
Soo Vin Shen
Tan Peai Chiang
Lim Li En
Chong Mun Yee
Pang Phang Hwa
Hairman Bin Samsudin
retirement ext
Yap Swee Loong
Wong Siew San
Chong Wan Tai
Ng Hui Teng
Yoon Wei Chin
promotion & transfer
Sarawana S /O Subramaniam
Cheong Weng Wah
Chew Chee Ping
Heineken Rainforest
World Music Festival
sarawal cultural village, sarawak,
malaysia / 13 - 15.04.2012
Over 22 thousand people thronged the Sarawak
Cultural Village at the foot of Mount Santubong,
Sarawak for the 15th annual Rainforest World
Music Festival (RWMF 2012).The three day
international cultural and music event recorded
some 6,000 visitors on its opening day on July 13
compared to 5,000 the year before.
A total of 16 traditional and contemporary music
acts from across the globe, joined by local
indigenous musicians and a 70-member Sarawak
Percussion Ensemble, shared the stage this year.
Recognised among the top 25 best international
festivals by world-renowned music magazine,
Songlines, the event included the likes of the
A Star-Studded Night
at Tiger Asian Music
sunway lagoon theme park, selangor,
malaysia / 14.04.2012
Tiger roared with some of Asia’s most talented
stars as 40,000 Tiger fans enjoyed a night of
electrifying performances at the Sunway Lagoon
theme park in Selangor, Malaysia. Held in
collaboration with concert organiser, Galaxy
Group, this edgy urban affair saw fans moving
to the beat at the concert held on the sands of
Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach. The experience
was made even sweeter for the lucky thousands
who scored exclusive invites by “liking” the Tiger
Beer page and sharing it with their friends or
through exclusive promotions at pubs and bars.
The all-star line-up included the likes of A-Lin,
Paul Wong and Ka Keung (Beyond), LMF, Jam
Hsiao, A-Yue, MC Hotdog and ManHanD.
From the ballads of Jam Hsiao to LMF ’s edgy
verses and Paul Wong and Ka Keung’s rock
performance, all eyes and ears were fixed on the
stars all night. Emceed by Malaysians Gan Mei
Yan and Bernard Hiew, and Taiwan’s King Kong,
the heat did nothing to dampen the mood of
Tiger fans who turned up in full force, decked in
their best beachwear, ready to party with their
beloved stars and favourite brew, Tiger. The crowd
was certainly well acquainted with the artistes as
they sang along to their favourite songs and filled
the night with rousing cheers.
Tiger Asian Music Festival. Lebih 40,000 peminat
Tiger berpeluang untuk menyaksikan persembahan hebat bintang-bintang Asia paling popular masa kini di
taman tema Sunway Lagoon, Selangor, Malaysia dalam
konsert gempak yang dianjurkan bersama Galaxy
Group. Beribu-ribu peminat telah mendapatkan tiket
percuma untuk konsert tersebut melalui laman
Facebook Tiger Beer serta promosi di pub dan bar.
Bintang-bintang terkemuka seperti A-Lin, Paul Wong
dan Ka Keung daripada kumpulan Beyond, LMF,
Jam Hsiao, MC Hotdog dan ManHanD telah beraksi,
disertai pengacara hebat tanahair Gan Mei Yan dan
Bernard Hiew, serta King Kong daripada Taiwan.
String Sisters, which comprised fiddlers from the
Scandinavian countries, HATA, a collaboration
between musicians from Malaysia, South Korea,
Turkey and Taiwan, Khusugtun, a Mongolian
ethnic ballad group, as well as renowned oudplaying brothers, Le Trio Joubran from Palestine
and Sarawakian-born superstar Zee Avi. The
crowd swayed and moved to the beat as they
enjoyed cold refreshing cans of Heineken beers
which were sold at beer gardens across the venue.
Sarawak Tourism Minister, Datuk Amar Abang
Johari Tun Openg believes the popular festival
will continue to be a mainstay in the state’s annual
tourism programme. This is because the event,
organised by the Sarawak Tourism Board, has
been well received year after year by revelers who
come from around the world to experience the
rich cultural diversity of the festival. To ensure the
festival, which also emphasised on the importance
of environmental conservation, stays fresh in the
memory of the attendees, fringe events, such as
performances by buskers has been scheduled to
be held in the city starting next year as a prelude
to the RWMF. Apart from the musical acts, the
festival also featured a number of workshops for
the public on various cultures, musical genres,
dances as well as local arts, crafts and delicacies.
Heineken Rainforest World Music Festival. Rainforest
World Music Festival (RWMF) yang diadakan buat kali
ke-15 telah menarik lebih 22,000 peminat ke Kampung
Budaya Sarawak di kaki Gunung Santubong Sarawak.
Pesta yang berlangsung selama tiga hari ini diakui
sebagai salah satu daripada 25 pesta muzik antarabangsa yang paling terkemuka, dan telah dihadiri 16
bintang pujaan ramai dalam arena muzik tradisional
dan kontemporari dari serata dunia, serta artis-artis
peribumi tanahair. Ini termasuk String Sisters, pemain
biola daripada Negara Skandinavia, HATA, gabugan
pemuzik Malaysia, Korea Selatan, Turkey dan Taiwan,
Khusugtan dari Mongolia, Le Trio Joubran, adikberadik pemain oud daripada Palestin, artis terkemuka
Zee Avi yang berasal daripada Sarawak, serta Sarawak
Percussion Ensemble yang terdiri daripada 70 ahli.
Drink Sensibly Hits
East Malaysia
pesta ka’amatan, kdca (kadazan dusun
cultural association) / 26.05.2012
rainforest world music festival 2012
sarawal cultural village, kuching,
sarawak, malaysia / 13 - 15.04.2012
GAB took the lead in cultivating sensible drinking at the Pesta Ka’amatan celebrations 2012 as
well as the Rainforest World Music Festival 2012
by setting up a ‘Drink Sensibly’ booth at both
events. The booth was set to distribute water to
consumers and allow them to relax and recover
before proceeding to rejoin the festivities.
This campaign was aimed at educating visitors on
the importance of drinking in moderation and not
drinking under the wrong circumstances, which
included not drinking and driving. This was not
to dampen the mood and positive vibes of the
events but rather to ensure attendees cultivated
sensible drinking while enjoying the celebrations.
The ‘Drink Sensibly’ campaign is an extension
of a programme that began in 2010 as a training
initiative for employees. Internal trainings and
refresher courses are conducted for all GAB
employees on topics such as understanding alcohol
and one’s limit. On top of that, GAB also has in
place a strict Alcohol Policy which provides clear
guidelines on how and why employees should
drink sensibly.
So far, the ‘Drink Sensibly’ initiative has succeeded
in helping to raise awareness on the importance
of drinking sensibly and responsibly, all the while
encouraging the public to enjoy a great drinking
experience with GAB’s iconic portfolio of brands.
‘Drink Sensibly‘ Tiba di Malaysia Timur. GAB menerajui konsep meminum secara wajar di perayaan
Pesta Ka’amatan 2012 dan di Rainforest World Music
Festival ke-15 dengan mengadakan sebuah zon ‘Drink
Sensibly’ di kedua-dua pesta tersebut. Pondok ‘Drink
Sensibly’ telah didirikan di mana pengunjung boleh
meminum air dan berehat sebentar sebelum kembali
Kempen ini bertujuan mendidik para tetamu supaya
meminum alkohol secara bertanggungjawab. Kempen
‘Drink Sensibly’ ini adalah lanjutan daripada satu program
dalaman GAB yang diadakan untuk memastikan semua
kakitangan syarikat peka terhadap isu-isu berkaitan
minuman alkohol. GAB juga mempunyai polisi alkohol
yang ketat bagi memastikan semua kakitangan mengamalkan budaya minum secara bertanggungjawab.
Secara keseluruhan, kempen ‘Drink Sensibly’ telah
berjaya meningkatkan kesedaran mengenai isu ini,
sementara mendorong orang ramai untuk menikmati
pengalaman peminuman yang baik bersama jenamajenama terkemuka GAB.
GAB’s ‘Win Exciting
European Action
Here’ Campaign
kuala lumpur,
malaysia / 04.08.2012
The excitement of the Euro 2012 competition
was further heightened with the “Win Exciting
European Action Here” promotion which was
held throughout May and June 2012. Consumers
were given the opportunity to drive home some
of the top European automobiles, namely a
BMW X1, BMW320i, Volvo S40, Peugeot 508,
Volkswagen Golf TSI and the Volkswagen Passat
TSI, by just enjoying any of GAB’s award-winning
brews at their favourite outlets or by purchasing
a six-pack of Tiger, Guinness or Heineken at
participating supermarkets, hypermarkets and
retail outlets. To further amplify the excitement,
a convoy of the European cars toured Malaysia
accompanied by Tiger brand ambassadors.
The promotion attracted over 400,000 entries,
of which one name was chosen during an early
draw to build excitement, and five more drawn
towards the end of the campaign. The first lucky
winner, who received her BMW320i in June, was
Madam Wong Am Man while the remaining
five cars were given out during a live draw held
in August 2012 at Sunway Giza. Lucky winners,
Mr. Tam Lim Sang and Madam Fong Kooi Poh
from Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Chee Chun Seong from
Alor Setar, Ms. Tee Yee Teng from Petaling Jaya,
and lastly Mr. Hung Chu Sieang from Penang
drove home with the remaining luxurious motor
Kempen “Win Exciting European Action Here” GAB.
Aksi hebat pertandingan Euro 2012 mencapai kemuncaknya dengan promosi hebat “Win Exciting European
Action Here”, yang berlangsung sepanjang bulan Mei
dan Jun 2012. Orang ramai diberi peluang untuk
memenangi kereta-kereta mewah Eropah yang terkenal,
termasuk BMW X1, BMW320i, Volvo S40, Peugeot 508,
Volkswagen Golf TSI dan Volkswagen Passat TSI. Para
pengguna cuma perlu minum jenama-jenama terkemuka
GAB kesukaan mereka di pub, bar, bistro dan kedai kopi
atau membeli pek enam tin jenama GAB di pasaraya,
pasaraya besar dan kedai-kedai tertentu.
Lebih 400,000 penyertaan telah diterima. Seorang
pemenang telah dipilih pada awal kempen tersebut,
sementara lima lagi pemenang telah dipilih pada
penghujungnya. Wong Am Man merupakan pemenang
bertuah pertama. Beliau diikuti dengan Tam Lim Sang
dan Fong Kooi Poh dari Kuala Lumpur, Chee Chun
Seong dari Alor Setar, Tee Yee Teng dari Petaling Jaya
dan Hung Chu Sieang dari Penang yang telah dipilih
semasa acara “Win Exciting European Action Here” di
Sunway Giza pada bulan Ogos.
National Commercial
palace of the golden horses, mines
resort city, selangor, malaysia /
3 - 5.07.2012
As it is every year, the National Commercial
Conference (NCC) 2012 was an exciting and uplifting affair. For the first time ever the NCC
included the presence of distributors in an effort
to spread the 5 Star Service spirit.
There were plenty of important milestones to inspire the participants, including the announcement
of GAB’s achievement of 1 million hectoliters in
FY12. Each department was given a chance to
shine, beginning with the IT department, who let
the GENIE out of the bottle, with the all-in-one
smartphone which replaces the Sales team’s handheld devices, and will function as a tool to manage
various sales-related tasks.
Other announcements included Tiger presenting
their new brand proposition, “Plug into the pulse
of the Asian megacity” which is targeted to urban
consumers. Guinness presented their brand
proposition “Made of More” while debuting new
brand ambassador uniforms and Sales force shirts,
while Heineken launched their new bottle and the
High Growth team shared details on upcoming
initiatives for the other key brands. The Trade
Marketing team took this chance to unveil
two initiatives; Dynamic Marketing and GAB
Professional Solutions.
There was also a team-building exercise conducted
by D’Jungle, as well as a presentation by worldrenowned speaker and service guru, Ron Kaufman,
who talked about breakthrough service concepts
such as the five levels of service. His talk perfectly
summed up the road ahead for GAB, as our people
strive to create even more value with better service
experiences. All in all, the NCC was a great success, and has primed GAB to deliver yet another
year of growth.
Persidangan Komersial Nasional (NCC). Persidangan
Komersial Nasional (NCC) 2012 bertemakan “Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang” dan buat julung-julung kalinya
melibatkan para pengedar GAB. Pelbagai inisiatif baru
telah dilancarkan di samping beberapa perkembangan
penting yang telah diumumkan, bermula dengan
kejayaan GAB dalam mencapai 1 juta hectoliter dalam
FY12. GENIE, iaitu telefon bijak serba-guna baru untuk
pasukan jualan dan botol baru Heineken juga dilancarkan.
Tambahan pula, Tiger telah melancarkan posisi jenama
yang baru manakala Guinness telah mempersembahkan
pakaian seragam baru untuk Duta Jenama dan baju
baru untuk pasukan Jualan. Pasukan High Growth
memperkenalkan program-program akan datang untuk
jenama GAB yang lain, manakala Bahagian Pemasaran
Trade pula memperkenalkan dua inisiatif baru iaitu
Pemasaran Dinamik dan GAB Professional Solutions
yang bakal mendorong syarikat mencapai kejayaan yang
lebih cemerlang. Pada hari terakhir NCC, pensyarah
perkhidmatan terkemuka Ron Kaufman telah memberikan
persembahan mengenai konsep-konsep Perkhidmatan
5 Bintang yang penting untuk membina kejayaan GAB
pada masa akan datang.
5 Star Service Soft
sungai way brewery, petaling jaya,
malaysia / 24.07.2012
5 Star Service isn’t a theoretical concept, but something that needs to be experienced in order for it
to be truly understood. Bearing this in mind, the
Corporate Relations and Legal team put together
an interesting and unexpected programme for the
entire GAB workforce to enjoy the benefits of 5
Star Service.
The day began with the team putting up a specially
designed “Have a Great Day” sign as well as a bowl
of candy at the reception area from as early as
7.00am, to greet employees as they began their day.
They also distributed Ron Kaufman books, “Have
a Great Day” postcards and 5 Star Service mugs
among workstations at the HQ and technical blocks.
Then at 10.30am, GAB personnel were surprised
with a breakfast treat, as the team wheeled around
pastries, sandwiches, tarts and an assortment of
beverages for their consumption. A station was
also set up at the Café for shop-floor employees to
collect the books, mugs and postcards. The final
surprise came at 3.00pm, when, in the middle of
a hectic workday, employees were treated to free
Magnum ice-creams.
The 5 Star Service Soft Launch was a great start
in ensuring this concept is understood, embraced
and embodied by personnel at every level. In fact,
the response to the initiative was so overwhelming,
that some staff members even requested that it be
made a monthly event!
Pelancaran Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang. Perkhidmatan 5
Bintang bukan sekadar satu teori, tetapi mesti dialami
untuk betul-betul difahami. Dalam pada itu, pasukan
Perhubungan Korporat dan Perundangan telah merancang program terperinci untuk melancarkan konsep
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang. Ia telah bermula pada pukul
7 pagi, di mana papan tanda “Have a Great Day” dan
gula-gula telah disediakan di bahagian resepsi untuk
mengalu-alukan kedatangan semua kakitangan GAB.
Buku Ron Kaufman, poskad “Have a Great Day”
dan kole Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang juga diedarkan di
bangunan utama dan blok teknikal. Pada pukul 10.30
pagi, sarapan pagi telah dihidangkan kepada semua
kakitangan, dan stesen khas didirikan di kafe untuk
pengambilan buku, kole dan poskad. Akhirnya, pada
pukul 3.00 petang, aiskrim Magnum telah diedarkan
kepada semua kakitangan. Pelancaran Perkhidmatan
5 Bintang ini merupakan permulaan yang hebat bagi
konsep ini yang bakal membawa kejayaan yang
cemerlang kepada GAB.
What a
5 Years
Established on 5th July 2007, GAB Foundation has helped make a difference within communities
in which it operates through its various initiatives and programmes focusing on Environmental
Conservation, Education and Community. This year, GAB Foundation celebrated five years
of enriching communities, with over RM5 million donated to worthy causes and over 16,000
Malaysian lives changed for the better. In conjunction with this milestone, we look back at some
of the crucial projects that the Foundation has put into action as part of its commitment towards
Corporate Social Responsibility.
Membawa Perubahan Berterusan Selama 5 Tahun.
Yayasan GAB ditubuhkan pada 5 Julai 2007 untuk
menerajui inisiatif GAB dalam menghidupkan perubahan
berkekalan dalam masyarakat tempatan dalam aspek
Alam Sekitar, Pendidikan dan Masyarakat. Pada tahun
2012, Yayasan GAB telah menyambut tahun kelimanya
dalam membantu memperkayakan komuniti, di mana
lebih RM5 jutatelah disumbangkan untuk pelbagai
program yang telah mengubah kehidupan lebih 16,000
rakyat Malaysia.
Water, Water Everywhere
Over the last five years, GAB Foundation,
through its W.A.T.E.R Project (Working Actively
Through Education and Rehabilitation), has
worked very closely with an NGO, the community
and government agencies to improve the water
quality of the Sungai Way river. Today, the river
has been transformed from an extremely polluted
(Class IV-V) water quality rating to one that is
suitable for living organisms (Class III).
An extension of this project is the annual River
Carnival, which was recently organised on 14th
July 2012. Aimed at educating Malaysians about
the importance of river conservation, this one-day,
family event boasted a host of activities including
the action-packed River Hunt to the educational
Young River Programme, all of which helped
increase awareness on the preservation of our
precious water sources.
Antara program terpenting yang dianjurkan oleh
Yayasan GAB termasuk Projek W.A.T.E.R, Program
Bahasa Inggeris dan Big Day Out. Program W.A.T.E.R
merupakan hasil gabungan GAB, sebuah NGO, agensi
kerajaan serta masyarakat tempatan yang berusaha
untuk membersihkan Sungai Way. Dari sebatang
sungai dengan kualiti air yang amat tercemar, Sungei
Way kini telah berubah menjadi punca air dengan
tahap kualiti air III, iaitu mampu menampung
organisma hidup.
An English Focus
Going Out Big!
The key initiative under the Foundation’s education pillar is the English Programme. Since its
inception, the programme has helped improve the
English proficiency for close to 1,000 students in
25 schools around Malaysia. The latest initiative
under this programme is the English Enrichment
Training Programme that was developed with
local English teachers in mind. Attended by 70
teachers from 40 primary schools across five states,
this four-day programme held in May 2012
was conducted by experienced English experts
and early childhood education professionals.
A unique concept first introduced in 2010, the Big
Day Out is GAB’s all-encompassing community
service initiative where employees dedicate a
specific working day to conduct activities in
support of the worthy causes that they are passionate about. These range from tree planting activities,
conducting free health screening for the underprivileged and building a physical therapy area
for a special needs children’s school, to cleaning up
drains along Sungai Way with the support of the
Petaling Jaya City Council.
In recent years, the Big Day Out has expanded to
include GAB’s business partners; the response has
been overwhelming, with companies contributing
both time and financial resources to make a
difference in the community. The best thing about
the Big Day Out is that it has inspired many GAB
employees to continue their initiatives beyond a
single day, and contribute to society on a longer,
more sustainable basis.
It was divided into two sessions, an English
refresher course aimed at sharpening the
participants’ language proficiency and an English
Teaching Styles and Techniques session to expose
them to various teaching methods in order to
enhance students’ engagement during lessons.
Upon completion of this programme, the participants were tasked with organising supplementary
after-school English classes for Year 1 students
to practice their new skills.
Program Bahasa Inggeris pula telah membantu lebih
1,000 pelajar daripada 25 sekolah dalam mempertingkatkan tahap pemahaman Bahasa Inggeris mereka.
Aktiviti terkini dalam inisiatif ini adalah Program
Latihan Perkayaan Bahasa Inggeris yang telah dihadiri
70 guru Bahasa Inggeris daripada 40 sekolah. Program
empat hari ini berlangsung pada bulan Mei 2012 dan
dipersembahkan oleh pakar bahasa dan pendidikan
awal, di mana ia telah membantu dalam menajamkan
kemahiran para guru serta memberikan mereka
pelbagai petunjuk dan petua dalam menambahkan
keberkesanan pengajaran mereka.
Sementara itu, Program Big Day Out yang telah diperkenalkan pada tahun 2010 terus mendapat sambutan
yang hangat bukan hanya daripada kakitangan GAB
tetap juga daripada rakan niaga yang menyumbangkan
tenaga serta wang mereka. Program ini memberikan
peluang kepada kakitangan GAB untuk menyumbang
kepada projek kemasyarakatan mereka sendiri. Antara
projek yang telah dilaksanakan termasuk menanam
pokok di hutan paya bakau, menganjurkan ujian
kesihatan percuma untuk golongan miskin dan membersihkan longkang sepanjang Sungei Way bersama
Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya.
5 Star Service
the Bar...
and Beyond
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang...
Melangkaui Bar
At GAB, great service isn’t something we do; it’s
something we strive to embody. Not a fad, not a spiffy
short-term campaign, our 5 Star Service commitment
is practiced and upheld at every level of the organisation,
bar none, so to speak. We talked with a cross section
of GAB’s supply chain, including important players
behind the bar and leaders behind the scenes, to find
out what 5 Star Service means to them and how they
make it a part of what they do every day.
Di GAB, perkhidmatan cemerlang bukan perbuatan,
tetapi amalan. Kami telah bersembang dengan beberapa
kakitangan di sebalik bar untuk mengetahui maksud
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang dalam aktiviti harian mereka.
Ketua Operasi – Kejuruteraan & Pembungkusan:
Tan telah bekerja selama 27 tahun di GAB, dan mengetuai
pasukan yang mempunyai lebih 80 ahli dalam memastikan
jentera dan premis Pembungkusan, Operasi Kejuruteraan
dan Pengeluaran berjalan lancar pada setiap masa. Tan
percaya bahawa untuk mengalami perkhidmatan yang
baik, seseorang perlu memberikan perkhidmatan yang
cemerlang. Jikalau seseorang itu menganggap memberikan layanan adalah sesuatu menggembirakan, maka
inilah permulaan bagi perkhidmatan yang cemerlang.
Pengurus, Khidmat Kualiti Bir Draf: JIMMY CHUNG
Eksekutif Admin Tavern: AHMAD SHAUQI KASSIM
Jimmy, Shauqi dan Benjamin adalah pasukan yang
memastikan Tavern GAB selalu beroperasi secara
optimum. Jimmy mula bekerja di Malayan Breweries
Limited (MBL) pada tahun 1989 dan telah berkhidmat
dalam bahagian bir draf semenjak tahun 1989,
Shauqi pula telah memainkan pelbagai peranan dalam
limatahun perkhidmatan, dan Benjamin memastikan
operations manager - packaging &
A GAB veteran of 27 years, Tan leads an 80-oddmember team and is responsible for the running and
upkeeping of Packaging, Engineering Operations
as well as Production facilities and equipment. Over
the years he’s held various positions in the Supply
Chain division, giving him a wealth of insights and
experience into its inner workings.
tavern admin executive (r)
Jimmy, Benjamin and Ahmad are the people who keep
our beloved tavern up and running and filled with all
the goodness we’ve come to expect of it. Jimmy joined
Malayan Breweries Limited (MBL) in 1989 and has
been in the draught beer service since 2000, Shauqi’s
five years at GAB have been spent in many roles, the
latest of which is keeping the Tavern in great shape in
all aspects, and Benjamin has been ensuring the Tavern
runs smoothly during events since December 2011.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt
throughout your time at GAB?
That people grow, and you should let them. I’m
also proud that I’ve helped to grow a lot of people;
many of the individuals I’ve led are now playing
bigger roles both within and beyond the company.
Hey guys. So, first things first, what do you love
about your job?
jimmy: It’s a fun company to work in!
benjamin: Entertainment is in my blood, which
is why I love what I’m doing.
shauqi : Job? What job? I put my heart and soul
into everything I do, and even go beyond my limits
sometimes, so it doesn’t feel like work.
semuanya berjalan lancar ketika acara diadakan di
Tavern. Mereka masing-masing mempunyai pendapat
berlainan mengenai Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang; Jimmy
menganggap mencipta nilai berterusan untuk para
pelanggan merupakan perkhidmatan yang cemerlang,
manakala Shauqi percaya bahawa seseorang itu perlu
melakukan yang terbaik pada setiap masa supaya
perkhidmatan anda diingati dan disanjungi. Benjamin
pula merasa-kan bahawa anda perlu bersedia untuk
bertindak dan mempunyai maklumat yang terperinci
untuk mempertingkatkan mutu layanan.
So, what do you love about your job? What are
the highlights in your GAB career?
I love how we constantly improve ourselves, especially in terms of improving productivity, efficiency
and competitiveness. In the last 10 years, we’ve rebuilt the brewery, improved all the offices to make
them more open and modern, and upgraded most
or all of the equipment. It shows we’re dedicated
to doing the best at all times.
What is 5 Star Service to you, and how do you
apply it in your day-to-day activities?
If you want good service, you need to begin by
giving good service. I do my best to respond to
people and give them the attention they deserve.
I believe great service happens when we take
delight in serving people, instead of looking at it
as a nuisance or passing the responsibility on to
someone else.
head of logistics
the tavern team
associate manager, draught beer
quality service ( l )
bar supervisor ( c)
The most important highlights of your GAB
career so far?
jimmy: Being part of the team (and getting
rewarded!) when GAB received the Guinness
League of Excellence Award. Also, seeing GAB
breaking records in sales and profits every year.
Ketua Bahagian Lojistik: LOH TSU PING
Setelah berkhidmat selama 5 tahun di GAB, Loh kini
bertanggungjawab dalam menguruskan semua aspek
operasi lojistik GAB yang kompleks. Beliau amat
menggemari persekitaran GAB yang dinamik kerana
ini memberikan peluang kepadanya untuk selalu
mempelajari perkara yang baru. Antara pencapaiannya
yang membanggakan termasuk mengurangkan
inventori dalam saluran sebanyak 11% dalam FY12
dan mempertingkatkan ketepatan ramalan ke 84%,
sementara membina pasukan yang hebat. Bagi beliau,
benjamin: I haven’t been here very long, but
I’d say is improving the Tavern’s environment and
building really good relationships with the people
who frequent the Tavern.
shauqi: Like Jimmy, it’s being there when we
win the Guinness League of Excellence Award,
year after year after year. It’s great to be part
of a team that’s constantly transforming and upgrading itself. Oh, and being at that awesome
Arthur’s Day Celebration when The Black Eyed
Peas performed. That was HUGE!
What would you say is the most memorable
lesson you’ve learned at GAB?
jimmy: Respect and integrity. Simple as that.
benjamin: Communicate clearly at all times to
avoid misunderstandings.
shauqi: Always consult the boss. Haha. It really
saves on the inconvenience!
What is your idea of 5 Star Service, and how do
you practice it on a day-to-day basis?
jimmy: I think it’s constantly creating more
value for people. Just do things that go beyond
what’s expected.
benjamin: Be prepared. Stay equipped with
the proper knowledge and training so that you
can serve people better.
shauqi: It’s just doing and being your best at
all times so that people have you in their hearts
and minds.
perkhidmatan 5 bintang adalah kebolehan untuk
memenuhi keperluan pelanggan sebelum seseorang
pelanggan itu sedar yang ia sebenarnya memerlukan
Loh has been in the company for 5 years, the first three
as Sales Operations & Strategy Manager. In the next
two years as Head of the Logistics division, Loh has been
responsible for the complex GAB logistics operations,
from Sales and Operations Planning, Vendor Managed
Inventory Order Creation, Warehousing for Raw and
Packaging Materials, Finished Goods, Point-of-Sales
Materials, External Overflow Warehouse as well as the
reverse logistics of our Returnable Packaging Materials.
What aspects of your job do you love most?
The dynamic environment. Everything’s constantly
moving and changing; it’s definitely not a place
where you would get bored.
What are some of the major achievements and
highlights in your GAB career so far?
I’m going to sound a little technical here, but I’m
in logistics, so… reducing total pipeline inventory
by 11% in FY12, improving On Time In Full
(OTIF) delivery performance by 40PPT in FY11
and improving forecast accuracy to 84% would be
my high points.
However, I’m most proud of the team I have. They
are the ones responsible for the major achievements
we have gained, even though they are the unsung
heroes – working behind the scenes at the last leg
of the supply chain process and often they are not
very visible.
If there’s one thing you’ve learned from your
time here that you will always remember, what
is it?
As Charles always says, “Destiny is not a matter
of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing
to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” I
strongly believe in that idea.
Wonderful. What are your thoughts on 5 Star
Service? How does it apply to you?
From my experience in both Sales and Logistics,
it is about anticipating and satisfying the
customer’s needs before customers even realises
that they have these needs. Being able to satisfy
these unrealised needs – that thrills me.
Legendary Service,
and How We Can
Get There
In Pennsylvania, a FedEx service manager
personally searched for eight packages scattered
throughout eight trailers and helped get them
in time to a partner’s trade show. In Dubai, a
customer who couldn’t afford a new colour printer
was astonished when Xerox Emirates loaned it
to him, free of charge, and paid for all the toner
costs. In the UK, a manager at the Sainsbury’s
grocery chain personally responded to a letter from
a 3-year-old named Lily who had asked “Why
is tiger bread called tiger bread?” by renaming the
pastry “giraffe bread” as per the child’s suggestion.
All around the world, you’ll find exceptional
examples of 5 Star Service, delivered by people,
and companies, who believe in the value of
building relationships. One thing that unites
all these examples is the fact that service is taken,
not as a task or objective, but as a personal
responsibility. Good service is by the book; great
service, on the other hand, is from the heart.
When it comes to describing this, there’s a story
that comes to mind that’s sometimes used as an
anecdote, and oftentimes considered an urban
legend; a woman lost her the diamond from her
wedding ring while trying on clothes at a store.
A store security guard saw her crawling around
the sales floor under, and joined the search when
he discovered what was going on. When they
came up empty handed, the guard asked two
building personnel to help out. They went so
far as to open all the bags of the store’s vacuum
cleaners, where they finally found the diamond.
Perkhidmatan Ternama dan Cara Mencapainya.
Setiap hari di seluruh dunia terdapat pelbagai contoh
Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang yang menakjubkan, disampaikan oleh individu serta syarikat yang mempercayai
nilai membina perhubungan yang erat. Ini berpunca
daripada amalan di mana perkhidmatan mesra
bukannya sesuatu tugas, tetapi dianggap tanggungjawab peribadi. Perkhidmatan sebegini hanya wujud
apabila kita melakukannya dengan penuh ikhlas dan
Sebagai contoh, terdapat satu kisah perkhidmatan
hebat yang dianggap sebagai lagenda apabila
berbincang mengenai perkhidmatan mesra; seorang
wanita telah kehilangan permata daripada cincin
perkahwinannya ketika mencuba pakaian di sebuah
Too good to be true? Not in this case; this is just
one of the examples of incredible service that
Nordstrom, a fashion specialty retailer in the
United States, is known for. In fact, the retailer
is so respected for its service standards that a
book called the Nordstrom Way was written as
a handbook to help managers implement excellent
service in their own companies.
Another company with a level of service that has
been described as “fanatical” and “insane” is
Zappos. The source of this is its uncompromising
emphasis on engaging with people; for instance,
unlike most companies, which outsource their call
centre functions to cheaper regions such as Asia,
Zappos employs 500 specialists, each of whom has
undergone 7 weeks of intense training in the art
of keeping people happy. It’s no wonder that its
service stories are the stuff of legend, ranging from
the simple but significant (like upgrading their
free delivery to free overnight delivery, just to
surprise people) to the unbelievable. Here are just
a few examples:
•Zappos sent flowers to a woman who ordered
six different pairs of shoes because her feet were
damaged by harsh medical treatments.
•A Zappos customer service rep physically went
to a rival shoe store to get a specific pair of shoes
for a customer when Zappos ran out of stock.
•Zappos overnighted a FREE pair of shoes to a
best man who had arrived at a wedding shoeless.
The result? 75% of Zappos’ business comes from
repeat customers, who are also vocally protective
of the brand.
gedung. Seorang pekerja keselamatan melihatnya
merangkak-rangkak sambil mencari permata tersebut,
dan terus membantunya. Seterusnya, pekerja itu
meminta bantuan dua orang kakitangan gedung
tersebut, dan mereka mencari permata tersebut
dengan membuka semua beg pembersih vakum, satu
demi satu, sehingga mereka berjaya menemuinya.
Hebatkan? Inilah salah satu contoh perkhidmatan
penuh sensasi syarikat Nordstrom, sebuah gedung
fesyen ternama di Amerika Syarikat, di mana syarikat
ini sememangnya disanjungi kerana prestasi
perkhidmatannya yang cemerlang. Sebuah buku
berjudul “The Nordstrom Way” telah diterbitkan
yang kini menjadi panduan bagi para pengurus untuk
mempraktikkan perkhidmatan yang unggul.
Closer to home, GAB’s 5 Star Service concept
is a stepping stone to building a legacy of
legendary service. 5 Star Service extends beyond
customers, encompassing relationships with
colleagues, partners, suppliers as well as each
and every internal or external stakeholder.
The key is for everyone in the organisation to
recognise that great service begins within themselves; imagine what it would be like to be on
the receiving end of one of those priceless service
experiences described in the examples above.
“The simple fact is that
great service doesn’t just
make people feel good,
it also makes life generally
better, happier and more
rewarding. So the next
time you’re in a position
to provide service,
remember; where there’s
5 Star Service, everybody wins.”
GAB juga mampu membina warisan Perkhidmatan 5
Bintang yang berkekalan dan berlanjutan. Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang bukan sahaja untuk pelanggan, tetapi
merangkumi perhubungan di antara rakan sekerja,
rakan niaga, pembekal serta semua pemegang taruh
di dalam dan di luar syarikat. Kuncinya adalah bagi
semua kakitangan memahami bahawa perkhidmatan
cemerlang bermula daripada diri mereka sendiri;
bayangkanlah anda menerima perkhidmatan
sepertimana yang diceritakan di atas. Sebenarnya,
perkhidmatan baik bukan sahaja boleh menyenangkan
hati seseorang, tetapi juga menjadikan kehidupan
lebih baik, lebih gembira dan lebih menyeronokkan.
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designation: sales representative,
east malaysia
years of service: 1
date joined: 16.12.2011
10.11.2012 – 01.01.2013 Malaysia Year-End Sale
23 – 25 International Gong Festival
In this issue, we catch
up with Leona,
the first female sales
representative for
GAB in East Malaysia,
as she speaks on
subjects ranging from
the changing landscape of the business,
taking on Mike Tyson
to her quotable Facebook updates.
First of all, how does it feel to be GAB’s first
female sales representative in East Malaysia?
I’m happy and proud to be in this position.
The support and motivation my superiors and
colleagues give me is amazing; my gender has
never been an issue here, what matters most
is that we work together as a team to get things
done well. I’m just glad for this opportunity
to work within various environments, build
relationships with people and develop my skills.
What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
Definitely the Duty Free markets. It’s like me
getting in the ring with Mike Tyson; an uphill
battle, but I believe that some day soon we’ll take
them down. It’s going to be a tough, exciting
fight though.
04 – 06 International Surfing Competition
07 – 12 Royal Langkawi International
15 – 20 Malaysia Open Super Series 2013
22 – 24 Greenbuild Asia
Public Holidays (Nov 2012 – Jan 2013)
Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday
New Year’s Day
Awal Muharram
Christmas Day
Prophet Muhammad’s birthday
What are the biggest changes since you joined
the industry?
Firstly, myself. It wasn’t easy for me at first, due to
my unfamiliarity with the market, but this pushed
me to change myself in drastic ways. I’ve learned
that what matters is to stay reliable, punctual,
patient and determined, and everything will fall
into place. Also, the 5 Star Service concept, which
I think is a very big and positive change for us and
will undoubtedly assist us to market the brand in
Sabah easily.
What’s the most surprising part of your job?
What’s the best day at work you’ve had so far?
Well, it’s surprising that for such a big company,
the people at GAB treat each other like family,
and it’s also great that the management invests
so much in us! I love it when I close a deal
and everyone, be it the customer or team, has
something good to say to me. Like when I had
a really good day this past June; I secured an
outlet with an AMS of 450 cartons of Guinness
stout. Everyone was like “Well done! Good job!
That was awesome!”
Got any tips for aspiring female sales
Jump straight in. Don’t hesitate. Believe in yourself, be determined, be passionate and you will
succeed. I live by this simple quote, “Don’t let
what you cannot do interfere with what you can
do.” So just go out there, and do it!
Lastly, what was your last status update in your
Facebook account?
“A bump in the road is either an obstacle to be
fought, or an opportunity to be enjoyed. It’s all
up to you.” Yes, I love quotes.
Dalam isu ini, kami bertemu dengan Leona,
iaitu wakil jualan wanita GAB yang
pertama di Malaysia Timur, di mana beliau
bercakap mengenai pelbagai perkara termasuk
perubahan yang berlaku dalam industri
kami, berlawan dengan Mike Tyson dan
status laman Facebook terkini.
International Regatta
09 – 18 14th World of Chinese Book Fair
Apakah perasaan anda menjadi wakil jualan wanita
GAB yang pertama di Malaysia Timur?
Gembira dan bangga. Sokongan yang diberikan oleh
pihak atasan serta teman sekerja saya juga amat
memberangsangkan; jantina saya tidak penting, yang
pentingnya kami berganding-bahu mencapai kejayaan.
Saya bersyukur diberi peluang untuk mengalami
persekitaran berlainan, membina hubungan yang baik,
dan memperkembangkan keupayaan diri saya.
Apakah cabaran paling besar yang anda hadapi
dalam bidang ini?
Pastinya pasaran bebas cukai. Ia seumpama saya
bertarung di gelanggang dengan Mike Tyson; cabaran
yang sukar, tapi saya pasti kami akan berjaya
mengatasinya tidak lama lagi. Ia memang pertarungan
yang menakjubkan.
Apakah perubahan paling besar setelah anda
menyertai industri ini?
Perubahan dalam diri saya. Pada mulanya saya tidak
biasa dengan pasaran ini, tapi ini mendorong saya
mengubah diri saya menjadi lebih bersabar, rajin,
menepati masa dan bersemangat padu untuk berjaya.
Juga, konsep Perkhidmatan 5 Bintang yang saya
percaya akan memberikan kesan positif yang besar,
memudahkan kami memasarkan jenama kami di Sabah.
Apakah perkara yang paling mengejutkan dalam
kerja anda? Apakah kejayaan anda yang paling besar
setakat ini?
Saya memang terkejut kerana tidak sangka dalam
syarikat yang besar ini, semuanya macam satu keluarga
bahagia; memang banyak juga pelaburan pihak
pengurusan dalam sumber manusia! Saya amat gembira
apabila saya berjaya dalam satu urusniaga, semua
orang pasti ada sesuatu yang baik untuk diperkatakan!
Seperti hari itu, ketika saya mencapai prestasi yang
paling cemerlang dengan memperoleh sebuah outlet
untuk GAB yang mempunyai jualan purata sebanyak
450 karton Guinness Stout sebulan, semuanya
mengucapkan tahniah kepada saya, itu memang amat
Ada petua untuk wanita yang juga ingin menyertai
kerjaya ini?
Buat saja. Jangan ragu-ragu. Percayalah diri anda, terus
bersemangat dan anda pasti berjaya. Saya hidup menurut
kata-kata ini “Lakukan sahaja apa yang anda mampu
lakukan, jangan fikirkan perkara yang anda tak mampu
Akhir sekali, apakah status yang terakhir di laman
Facebook anda?
“Bonggol di jalan boleh dijadikan penghalang ataupun
dianggap sebagai pendorong. Semuanya terpulang kepada anda.” Ya, saya memang suka kata-kata motivasi.