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www.thewackyclub.co.uk/ 07885 035033
www.thewackyclub.co.uk/ 07885 035033
Here is a selection of our activities, events and experiences that have been chosen by the children, with help from our Club Council. Activities
will be decided upon on the day depending on the children’s wishes.
Thursday 23 July 2015
Friday 24th July 2015
Theme: Minions
Theme: Water Play
Arts and Crafts: Make your own kitchen roll minion, DIY minion toy, a minion
bookmark. Design and create a minion out of plastcine and clay. Decorate minion
characters on ornaments and bottles.
Messy Play: Can you make and play with yellow and blue minion slime, compost
with dinosaurs and homemade minions in the tray?
Cookery: Make Minion candy spoon and decorate minion biscuits.
Role Play: Travel agent for holidays with a packaging factory and minion face
Outdoor games/ Sports: Play pin the eye on the minion and toss a ball through the
Special Event: Minions Movie (subject to availability) at The Light Cinema
in Cambridge.
Additional cost: £5 per child
Arts and Crafts: Make water blob, soap and ice boats to race, musical bottles, puffy
paint, and play with aqua sand.
Messy Play: Frozen summer ice, and play and build marble run with colourful
Cookery: Make ice lollies.
Role Play: On the beach with palm trees, dressing up and underwater sensory bin.
Competition: Can you build a water rocket?
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Water play afternoon. Join us for a water fight, DIY water wall, washing line and
water balloon games. Play in our paddling pool and water blob.
Special Event: Swimming at Parkside, Cambridge.
Today we shall be visiting Parkside Swimming Pools in Cambridge.
After swimming we will have lunch at the park before returning to the Club.
Additional cost: £4 per child
Monday 27th July 2015
Theme: On the Beach
Tuesday 28th July 2015
Theme: On the Beach
Wednesday 29th July 2015
Theme: The Human Body
Thursday 30st July 2015
Theme: The Human Body
Friday 31st July 2015
Theme: The Human Body
Arts and Crafts: Make a
lighthouse, sunglasses, seaside in
a jar, and photo frames. Design a
fish art project, paper plate
beach and mod- roc coconuts.
Messy Play: Sand play dough
and water with sea creatures.
Cookery: Make crab cakes.
Role Play: A beach with
parasols, deck chairs, dressing up
and outside an ice cream hut.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Volley ball and volley balloon
Arts and Crafts: Make
lemonade in a glass, donkey
heads, paper hats, and design
craft stick fish, seashell
critters and baking soda sea
art picture.
Messy Play: Desert Island
with sea foam and pirates
being shipwrecked.
Cookery: Make clown fish
Snack: Fish finger and chips.
Role Play: A beach with
parasols, deck chairs, dressing
up and outside an ice cream
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Join us for our children’s
beach scavenger hunt and a
coconut shy.
Arts and Crafts: Make x-ray
play-dough, a life-size body map,
lungs and plasticine kidney.
Messy Play: Make green snot
and the urinary system.
Cookery: Brain cupcakes.
Role Play: Hospital, laboratory
and dentist with wounds and
fake blood.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Take part outside in hand and
feet painting.
Arts and Crafts: Make a clay
heart, junk modelling eyes,
muscles, and paper mache
bones and design a funny face
Messy Play: Make blood and
food that can pass through the
human body.
Cookery: Peanut butter eye
Role Play: Hospital, laboratory
and dentist with wounds and
fake blood.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Arts and Crafts: Make salt
dough intestines or other
organs. Draw a self-portrait;
build a model robotic hand and a
back bone. Take part in spice
Messy Play: Cereal in milk and
scented water play.
Cookery: Edible heart.
Role Play: Hospital, laboratory
and dentist.
Outdoor games/ Sports
Please join us for a game of
dodgeball or bulldog.
Special Event:
Sand castle competition
Water play afternoon. Join us for
a water fight, and water balloon
games. Play in our paddling pool,
water slide and water blob.
Take part in our Wacky
Digestive system in bag,
tongue taste by being
blindfolded to identify salty,
bitter, sour and sweet food.
Take part in our Wacky
Brushing teeth and pulse
Monday 3th August 2015
Theme: Science
Arts and Crafts: Make a garden
in a jar, a lava lamp, home-made
glitter and rain clouds. Take part
in our sherbet activity and build
your own bridge.
Messy Play: Make magic milk
and magic ice.
Cookery: Home-made
Role Play: Science laboratory.
Find out how much sugar is in a
can of soda.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Make giant bubbles and observe
greenhouse effects outside
using your garden jars.
Tuesday 4th August
Theme: Science
Wednesday 5th August
Theme: Science
Arts and Crafts: Make crazy
putty, creatures of the
night, mysterious mirrors
and thunder. Build your
own anemometer.
Messy Play: Make and play
with glowing water and
quick sand.
Cookery: Make sherbet.
Role Play: Science
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Design and make friction
ramp for cars.
Arts and Crafts: Make bath
salts, erupting rubber band,
shape painting, a hovercraft,
starburst rock cycle, and
explore with apples.
Messy Play: Lemon suds
eruption and colourful chemical
Cookery: Make ice cream in a
bag and monster mallows.
Role Play: Science laboratory.
Competition: Join us for the
Wacky Hovercraft race.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Take part in our Wacky
experiments outside
Sparkle vinegar volcano and dry
ice bubbles.
Special Event:
This morning we will be
visiting the
Cambridge Science
Centre bringing science,
technology, engineering
and mathematics to life.
Opens 10 am-17.00pm
Additional Cost: £4 per
Thursday 6th August 2015
Friday 7th August 2015
Theme: Circus
Theme: Circus
Arts and Crafts: Make clown faces,
cotton candy pictures and homemade face paints.
Design and create a ticket booth
and ring toss game.
Messy Play: Play with custard and
Cookery: Make clown cupcakes.
Role Play: Circus Show with
fortune telling and tattoo parlour.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Please join us for our Wacky
Parachute games such as washing
machine, popcorn and Chinese
Arts and Crafts: Make juggling
balls, lollipop craft, clown hat
and modelling balloons shape
animals. You can create a
Messy Play: Make and play
with peppermint oobleck.
Cookery: Make toffee apples
and caramel popcorn.
Role Play: Circus Show with
fortune telling and tattoo
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Join in our Wacky jumping frog
game and practice your circus
Challenge: Go bobbing for
Monday 10th August 2015
Tuesday 11thAugust 2015
Theme: Harry Potter
Theme: Harry Potter
Arts and crafts:
Make your own Harry Potter
glasses, Hedwig owl crafts,
triwizard cup, character
collages including scabbers,
crookshanks, and the house
elves. Help create platform 9
3/4, as well as the Hogwarts
express train ticket. Make the
golden snitch, quaffel and
bludgers for our quidditch
Cookery: Make your own
chocolate frogs.
Outdoor play: Join us for The
Wacky club quidditch
tournament. Which house will
win the quidditch cup? Or, you
can take part in our moaning
myrtle game.
Messy play: Troll slime and
Role Play: Hogwarts castle role
play, with the potions lab,
owlery, platform 9 3/4, and
diagon alley.
Arts and crafts: Make a
Salazar Slytherin piñata
locket and your own spell
book. Hogwarts Castle
collage and 3D castles.
Create a giant troll and make
a giant aragog spider, and a
Hogwarts Castle portrait.
Cookery: Make butter beer.
Messy play: Brew potter’s
potions in the water tray.
Special Event: Milton Maize
Maze –All day
Come and join us for a funfilled day. Children can take
part in go kart racing, panning
for gold, duck racing, mini golf,
and skittles and jumping on the
bouncy castle. Do you dare
take part in the triwizard
tournament? Enter at your
own risk to compete for the
Triwizard Cup which is lurking
somewhere in the Maize but
beware not everything is as it
Additional Cost: £5 per child
Wednesday 12th August
Theme: Harry Potter
Thursday 13th August
Theme: Harry Potter
Friday 14th August 2015
Arts and crafts: Make a
Hungarian horntail, house
banners, and your own
marauders map and map
designing. Design a daily
prophet, and a sorting hat.
Cookery: Hogwarts Castle cake.
Messy play: Gelli baff with
mythical creatures.
Outdoor play: Play Slytherin
charades, and have a boggart
Arts and crafts: Make your own
death eater mask, portkey, the
horcrucxes, the sword of
Gryffindor, invisible ink and
broomstick bookmark.
Cookery: Make cockroach
clusters, and acid pops.
Messy play: Hogwarts lake with
grindylow, sea creatures and
green water.
Outdoor play: Play our wizard
name game, and take part in
our Harry potter scavenger
Arts and Crafts: Make a
howler, collage the Hogwarts
Express, and your own trading
cards. Create a pygmy puff, a
giant basilisk, dragon egg and
take part in phoenix feather
Messy Play: Compost with
Harry Potter characters.
Cookery: Butter beer glazed
Role Play: Gryffindor Common
Room, potions lab and the 3
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Growing hair in herbology class.
How many flavours can you
guess from Bertie Botts every
flavour beans?
Special Events:
Come to our Harry Potter
themed party. Be sorted into
houses by the sorting hat. Join
us for a feast in the great hall,
and come dressed as your
favourite Harry Potter
character- Prizes for the best
costume, plus party games.
Special Event:
Forbidden Forest
Come and join us for an
afternoon at Great Shelford
Park for our forest school
session. Make your own Harry
Potter broom stick, take park in
stick whittling, have fun making
mud and woodland potions,
and make aragog web, and
hagrids hut.
Please wear suitable clothing
and footwear for woodlands.
Theme: Harry Potter
Monday 17th August 2015
Tuesday 18th August 2015
Theme: Mamma Mia
Theme: Joseph And The
Amazing Technicolour
Arts and Crafts: Make wedding
invitations for Sophie’s dream day,
wedding decorations, Sophie’s
wedding bouquet, Donna Diary,
musical instruments and decorate
Messy Play: Squishing grapes and
treasure hunt for coins.
Cookery: Wedding cake
Role Play: A Wedding Chapel,
dressing up, Abba karaoke and
musical instruments.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Wrap a bride up in loll roll
Arts and Crafts: Create a
rainbow tie-dye, make a golden
cup, design Joseph’s rainbow
technicolour dream coat, a
cardboard well and show
poster. Decorate pharaoh mask
and Egyptian collar.
Messy Play: Rainbow rice and
Cookery: Make Egyptian
pancakes and salatit zabadi
Role Play: A desert in Egypt
with a market stall, jail cell and
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Walk like an Egyptian
Wednesday 19th August
Theme: The Sound of
Thursday 20st August
Theme: The Lion King
Friday 21nd August 2015
Arts and Crafts: Make puppets,
paper roses, felt kittens, clay
copper kettles, head square
and bow ties. Paint musical
notes and the alps.
Messy Play: Snowy mountains
with animals.
Cookery: Viennese biscuits and
Austrian potato salad.
Role Play: Puppet theatre,
singing in the hills with karaoke.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Leap frog.
Arts and Crafts: Make a map of
Africa, animal masks, head
dress, paper mache, and paw
prints. Create a leaf lion, sunset
silhouette, African necklace, a
golden crown, and puppets.
Design animal Hama beads,
disney melted crayon art, and
beautiful water coloured lion.
Messy Play: Safari with leaves
and sand.
Cookery: Make character
animal cupcakes and African
banana and coconut baked.
Role Play: Jungle and waterfall.
Outdoor sports and games:
Chimpanzees play tag.
Arts and Crafts: Make a 50’s
vinyl and juke box out of junk
modelling. Collage ice- sundaes.
Design a pink lady and T- bird
back of jackets, cheerleader
pom-poms and a jewellery box.
Messy Play: Ice- cream
Cookery: Make cherry pie.
Role Play: 50’s Dinner , T- Birds
Mechanics and French’s Beauty
Outdoor sports and games:
A bubble gum blowing contest,
car racing and hoola hoop
Special Event:
Kirsty Body will be joining
us for Musical theme
playing and Boomwhackers
and Singing Workshop
Additional cost: £4 per child
Special Event:
Kirsty Body will be joining
us for an African Drumming
Workshop and will be
bringing some African
dressing up materials.
Additional cost:£5 per child
Theme: Grease
Special Events: A 50’s party,
dance competition and
Drive in Movie Theatre
Monday 24th August 2015
Theme: Back to Nature
Special Event: Day trip to
Wandlebury- All day.
We shall be spending the entire day
at Wandlebury Park for our Back to
Nature themed day.
In the morning we shall be taking
part in organised activities with the
rangers of the park.
KS1 children will be taking part
in2x1 hour sessions consisting of a
variety of activities e.g. an animal
tracking activity, and a surprise
KS2 children will also be having
2x1hour sessions with different
Additional Cost: £3.50 per child
Tuesday 25th August
Theme: Back to Nature
Wednesday 26th August
Theme: Space
Thursday 27th August
Theme: Space
Friday 28th August 2015
Arts and Crafts: Make a giant
sunflower collage, butterfly
mobile, pine cone roses, leaf
collage and rock painting.
Messy Play: Bird’s nest.
Cookery: Sprouting seeds.
Role Play: Camping in the
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Back by popular demand
campfires and toasting
Bug Olympics e.g. snail racing.
Arts and Crafts: Make jet
packs, robots, moon mobile,
orbiting planets, felt solar
system, cute aliens and moon
Messy Play: Make alien floam
Cookery: Space rock cakes.
Role Play: Astronauts on the
moon crates.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Join us for chalking the solar
system and having a
space hopper competition.
Arts and Crafts: Make
marbleized planets, a button
moon collage, junk modelling
spaceships, balloon rocket, DIY
constellations flashlights.
Messy Play: Make erupting
moon dust and universe water.
Cookery: Edible moon rocks.
Role Play: Astronauts in Space.
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Balloon rocket race.
Arts and Crafts: Make stretchy
night sky play-dough and fluffy
moon paint. Create a stargazer
box, and design constellations
and a DIY moon phase viewer.
Messy Play: Make Galaxy Slime.
Cookery: Rock melon and
strawberry rockets.
Role Play: Astronauts Space
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Film canisters and tea bag
Forest School (P.M.)
Special Event: Planetarium
Our holiday club session of
the summer. Try some of your
favourite activities you have
enjoyed in the woodlands.
You may wish to make your
own star or dream catchers
from willow, climb trees,
create a blindfold rope trail
and play parachute games.
You could build a secret den,
hunt for bugs, or even play
with mud!
The choice is yours!
This morning we have
arranged a visit from Starlincs
Mobile Planetarium .This is a
self-contained darkened
classroom which allows the
children to see an exciting
visual display of the night sky.
An experience teacher will do
a presentation which will
allow the children to just sit
back, giving them the
opportunity to learn and
enjoy the journey into space.
Additional Cost: £4 per
Theme: Space
Monday 31st August 2015
Bank Holiday
Tuesday 1st September 2015
Theme: Competition Day
Wednesday 2nd September 2014
Theme: Indiana Jones
Arts and Crafts: Make medal, banners, paint paper footballs,
basketballs and design a trophy.
Messy Play: Coloured ice and cloud dough.
Cookery: Make apple race cars and fruit cones.
Challenge: Can you lick a doughnut without licking your lips?
Build the tallest tower of playing cards.
Role Play: Please join us for our Wacky Children’s Casino
play games such as bingo, darts and pool competition.
Quiz: General knowledge
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Come and take part in our Wacky out door challenges such as
keepie uppie, skipping and Wacky races. Can you beat the
goalie? Can you blow the biggest bubble?
Arts and Crafts: Make a fabric satchel, torch, whip, and
passport. Design treasure maps, tiki mini statues and
decorate Day of the Dead Planters.
Messy Play: Crocodile swamp and desert scene with
snakes, beetles building pyramids.
Cookery: Make a chocolate covered beetle and
chocolate jungle jam jar.
Challenge: Take part in our sticky spider web activity.
Role Play: Map of the world, jungle and temple. Can
you find the Holy Grail?
Outdoor games/ Sports:
Join us for Archaeologist Dig, Wacky assault course
and the game Who’s got the spider?
Special Event:
Back by popular demand Graffiti spray painting
Special Event: Ann’s Leaving Party

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