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Catamaran Mini-Cruise Vessel Bought
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31 December 2010
2010 Sales and Charters
Marcon International Inc. has handled sales of 129 vessels and barges and three charters to-date in 2010. We
hope to conclude one more sale by the end of this year.
K-Sea Transportation of East Brunswick, New Jersey sold the ABS +A1 classed
330’ x 86’ x 20.8’ single-hull, ocean tank barge “340” to KRS Marine, LLC of
Seattle. New owners are converting the “340” to a flat deck, ocean cargo barge
to trade between Puget Sound and Alaska. The 74,120BBL capacity barge was
originally built in 1983 as the “MLC 340-1” by Marine Power and Equipment for
their affiliated company Marine Logistics Corporation. She was one of their
about a dozen combination deck / tank barges intended for Alaska service. As
with most of the other large MLC barges built at this time, and two Marcon sold
earlier this year, the barges had scantlings suitable for both deck and tank
service. Marine Power and Equipment went bankrupt in 1985, emerged shortly
from bankruptcy in 1988 as United Marine Shipbuilding (Unimar) and eventually closed their doors in 1993. Forty
Niner Transportation of Alaska purchased the barge from creditors in 1990,
renaming her “FNT-340”, and nine years later sold the barge to Sea Coast
Towing of Seattle. K-Sea Transportation acquired Sea Coast Towing and their
fleet of 15 tugs and 15 barges from Marine Resources Group in October 2005.
“340” is a double raked, 10,000dwt barge with skegs aft and two longitudinal
and seven transverse bulkheads forming 24 watertight bulkheads. Barge last
traded in clean petroleum service in Southeastern Alaska before being laid up
and therefore was an excellent candidate for conversion back to deck service.
Marcon acted as sole broker in the sale. Marcon also has an ABS ocean sisterbarge already in deck service which can be developed for sale or longterm
charter from different Owners on a private & confidential basis.
Arrow Launch Service of Port Angeles, Washington purchased the
65.0’ x 18.5’ x 9.0’ U.S. flag, crewboat “Arctic Express” (ex-Poppee’s
Dream, Brittany S) from Vessel Management Services of Seattle,
Washington (Crowley Maritime). The steel hull, aluminum house,
800HP crewboat was originally built in 1984 by Halter Marine for the
Navy and converted in 1999 to a crewboat. Marcon sold the vessel,
which was located at that time in Cut Off, Louisiana, to Crowley
Maritime in January 2001 for their
arctic operations in Prudhoe Bay
transporting crew to North Star Island. Crowley installed an ice belt around
the hull and first shipped her out overland to the West Coast and then by
barge to Alaska. “Arctic Express” was loaded on board a barge early fall 2010
and shipped from Prudhoe Bay to Seattle where she was put on the market.
New Owners renamed the boat “Brave Arrow” and plan to use her in their
launch service in Puget Sound. Marcon acted as sole broker in the sale.
Marcon has sold close to 100 vessels and barges to or from Crowley over the
years plus several crewboats to Arrow Launch Service.
Celebrating 29 years as Brokers from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
The 3,600BHP, U.S. flag tug "Island Warrior" (ex-Tatnuck, Ocean Warrior,
Marine Constructor, Tatnuck, ATA 195) was sold by Island Tug & Barge Co., of
Seattle, Washington to Western Pacific Buyers. The single screw tug is 143' x
35.6' with a 17' depth of hull, powered by a GE 7FDM16A4 diesel with a Reintjes
5:1 gear. Her fuel capacity of 110,000g gives her a good long-haul range and she
has a reputation on the coast of being an excellent towing vessel. The single
Almon Johnson winch holds 2,100' x 2.25" wire, plus she has an under-rider aft
of the house to handle tandem tows as necessary. The tug is also fitted with two
bow thrusters providing for good maneuverability in tight quarters. Just days prior
to closing the sale, the “Island Warrior” returned from towing a loaded 9,000dwt,
300’ x 90’ container barge from Anchorage, Alaska to Puget Sound. During the
voyage she encountered hurricane force winds and 30’ seas crossing the Gulf of Alaska. She is scheduled to
depart Seattle shortly and under her new ownership will tow barges throughout the Pacific.
"Island Warrior" was originally built as “ATA-195”, an auxiliary fleet tug for the
U.S. Navy, in February 1945 by Levingston Shipbuilding in Orange, Texas. She
was the second Navy ship named for Tatnuck, an Indian village in the vicinity of
Worcester, Mass. The tug saw brief service in the Atlantic before being
transferred to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to support campaigns in the Far East related
to US Occupation forces. After the end of the war, the tug was transferred to
Bremerton Naval Shipyard and worked for the 13th Naval District until
decommissioned in 1971. Generally, her range of operations with the Navy
extended from the ports of southern California north along the west coast of
North America and west to the Aleutian Islands. Duties consisted of ocean
towing, target towing, and salvage work; but occasionally she was also used to assist scientists of the University of
Washington's Applied Physics Laboratory in their research work for the Navy.
“USS Tatnuck - ATA-195” was decommissioned in 1971 and sold to Marine Power and Equipment of Seattle in
1979 who renamed her "Marine Constructor". Along with her sister-tug, she was completely rebuilt and repowered
at their yard between 1978 and 1982. As the vessels were strongly built with 1/2" and 5/8" hull plating, they were
good candidates for the rebuild. The original 1,500HP diesel electric propulsion was totally replaced with a modern
16 cylinder, 4,000BHP diesel, gear and specially designed Coolidge 120" x 94" prop. A kort nozzle was added later.
At the time of conversion, an emergency drive "take-them-home" system was fitted to operate the tug, even if the
main engine shut down. The system was driven off the ship's hydraulic
system via chain and sprockets on the shaft, powered by separate
250HP auxiliaries. All plumbing/piping updated, electrical equipment
replaced including a new power distribution panel. The superstructure
on the 01 deck (officer quarters & pilothouse) was replaced with
prefabricated aluminum providing a separate cabin for each crew
member. Upon returning to service “Marine Constructor” towed Kaiser
Permanente’s barge between San Francisco and Anchorage. Marine
Power & Equipment went bankrupt in 1988 and both tugs were sold in
the 90s, passing through several hands. “Island Warrior” was bought by
Island Tug & Barge in 2001, undergoing an extensive rebuild in 2004. She has been continuously employed by the
Sellers towing between Seattle and Alaska. She is reportedly the "Second Fastest Tug in Puget Sound", giving the
Crowley 7,200BHP McDermott built tug "Hunter" a run for her money in more than one Tug Boat Race on Elliot Bay
in Seattle held during the annual Maritime Week Celebrations in May of each year. This is the second tug of this
class that Marcon has sold in the past few years, having sold the former "Marine Commander" (ex-ATA 201) to
overseas Buyers in 2007.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
The 65.65m x 14.05m, Dutch flagged, multi-purpose construction, dive
and ROV support vessel “Noordhoek Singapore” (ex-Serviceman, exSmit Marlin, ex-Smit-Lloyd 61) was sold by Noordhoek Offshore BV of
Zierikzee, The Netherlands to Nigerian buyers. Marcon had previously
brokered the purchase of the vessel to Noordhoek in 2000. Originally
built in 1977 by Scheepswerf “De Wall” BV of The Netherlands as the
“Smit-Lloyd 61” for Smit Nederland BV, the vessel is powered by a
pair of Bolnes 14VDN150/600 2-stroke diesels producing a total of
4,200BHP to 2.5m diameter CP props in kort nozzles. After
purchasing, Noordhoek converted the vessel in 2001 to her current
trade as a DP-2 support vessel in the North Sea. Maneuverability was
enhanced with a Kongsberg SDP-21 dynamic positioning system, her linked Becker rudders, 260kW tunnel bow
thruster, 735kW retractable azimuthing thruster and 260kW aft mounted tunnel thruster. The dive system, complete
with an air, mixed gas dive station and TUP dive system, included one 1800 and one 2100 triple lock
decompression chamber, a dive control room, two hydraulically operated dive “A”-frames complete with wet bell
basket and a third “A” frame for either a tool basket or ROV handling.
“Noordhoek Singapore” can accommodate 14 crew and 22 passengers in 19
fully air conditioned quarters. Deck gear consisted of a Kenz 25 tonnes
telescoping crane, plus she also could be fitted with an optional four-point
mooring system and 100 tonnes “A” frame. With all these features and her
excellent station-keeping capabilities the “Noordhoek Singapore” performed a
wide range of roles in the offshore industry well. When the new generation,
purpose-built, DP-2 saturation vessels “Noordhoek Constructor” (76m) and
“Noordhoek Pathfinder” (62m) joined the fleet, the “Noordhoek Singapore”
became surplus and was put on the market. The new Owners have renamed
the vessel “Singapore Explorer” and scheduled her to promptly start work in
the Nigerian offshore oilfields as platform maintenance and inspection vessel.
“Singapore Explorer” now is 33 years old and only seems to show her age
through the design of the vessel. She was in very good condition at the time of the sale and hopefully will serve her
new Owners well for many years into the future. Marcon acted as sole broker in the sale.
Marcon International Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of three more 8,200dwt
newbuilding ocean deck barges “en-bloc” from Taizhou Sanfu Ship Engineering,
Ltd. of China to Latin American buyers on private terms. The three sister barges
are all classed ABS +A1 Barge, Unrestricted Service and built with a 12mm side
shell and 16mm bottom and deck plate. Uniform deck load is 15mt/m2. The three
300’ (91.5m) x 90’ (27.46m) x 18’ (5.50m) barges are headed for Latin America in
a tandem tow and a single tow also
brokered by Marcon with two different
towing companies. Including the two
earlier barges sold, at this moment we have five of these barges currently
crossing the Pacific. This sale represents the fifth, sixth and seventh new
barges which Marcon has sold from this shipyard, with five sold just in
2010. Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction and can develop
additional sister barges for sale. Specifications are available on our
website under file number DB30090. Over the years Marcon has sold
more than a dozen vessels and barges to these Buyers.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
CIT Financial of Norwalk, Connecticut is pleased to announce the sale of
their quad-screw, 135’ x 27’ x11’ U.S. flag, crew boat “Phyllis McCall II” to
Offshore Oil Services of Clute, Texas. The all aluminum passenger vessel
was built to U.S. Coast Guard Subchapter “T” SPV standards in 1995 by
Gulf Craft Inc. of Patterson, Louisiana. The “Phyllis McCall II” is powered
by four Cummins KTA19 diesel engines (total 2,800BHP) each turning a
39’ x 36’ 4-blade propeller through Twin Disc 5202 marine gears which
propel the boat to a top speed of 22 knots. Two 50kW auxiliary generators
provide ship’s power. Cargo capacities include 11,400g of fuel oil, 700g
potable water, 26,600g drill water, 170 tons deck cargo on a 70’ x 22’ open
aft cargo deck. Air conditioned accommodations include bench class
seating for 74 passengers berths for 8 persons in four staterooms. A 900gpm monitor is provided for firefighting.
This is the first sale for Marcon involving this Seller and Buyer. Marcon acted as exclusive broker for the Seller.
This is the third former “McCall” crewboat of this size sold by Marcon in 2010.
King River, LLC of Palmer, AK has purchased “en-bloc” two U.S. flag
barges from Vessel Management Services of Wilmington, Delaware. The
deck barge “Barge 17” and tank barge “Gilpen” were both built by Flohr
Metal Fabricators of Seattle, Washington in 1964. “Barge 17” is an inland
deck barge with dimensions of 113’ x 26’ x 6.3’. The tank barge “Gilpen”,
formerly owned by the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers, can carry 9,000g of
fuel oil and 18,000g of fresh water in 6 tanks. Her dimensions are 56’ x 24’
x 5’. Buyer is planning on using the barges for various projects in Alaska.
This sale is only one of countless transactions we have completed for both
the seller and the buyer. Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction.
Ingram Barge Company has purchased 92 barges, including 17 tank barges with 10,000 barrel
capacity, 62 jumbo covered hopper barges with fiber lift covers, and 13 jumbo open hopper
barges from an affiliate of Ospraie Special Opportunities Fund. All of the acquired barges were
built between 2004 and 2008. "This acquisition represents another significant investment in the
marine industry on the part of Ingram Barge Company," said
Craig Philip, Ingram Barge's Chief Executive Officer. "These
92 nearly-new barges will enhance our ability to provide drycargo and tank barge transportation services to our growing customer base," Mr.
Philip noted. Ingram's plans for the tank barges include deployment for use in a
variety of liquid trades and plans for the hopper barges include deployment in
the grain, utility, and various other dry cargo trades. "This strategic acquisition
will further enhance Ingram Barge Company's position as the nation's largest
inland barge transportation company," Mr. Philip added.
Ingram Barge Company is the leading carrier on America's inland
waterways. Ingram operates a fleet of more than 100 line haul
towboats and over 4,000 barges to transport coal, aggregates,
grain, fertilizer, ores, alloys, steel products and chemicals. Ingram
Materials operates a sand and gravel dredging and distribution
enterprise serving Tennessee markets. Custom Fuel Services
operates 11 floating fueling stations on the Mississippi and Ohio
River Systems and provides marine fuels, lubricants, and other
miscellaneous services to towboats, barges, stevedoring rigs, and
ships. In addition, Ingram owns a ship anchorage in Louisiana and
several bulk commodities terminals. For more information, please
visit Ospraie Special Opportunities Fund is an investment fund affiliate of Ospraie
Management, LLC, which is located in New York City. Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, Washington,
representing Ospraie Management, LLC, acted as sole broker in the sale.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
A private party purchased the 26,337BBL inland tank barge
“HMC-510” for scrapping purposes. The 295’ x 54’ x 12’ barge
was built in 1970 by Jeffboat of Jeffersonville, IN. She was
formerly in the asphalt and No. 6 oil trade and last operated in the
U.S. Great Lakes area. The barge was part of the Hannah Marine
fleet sold at U.S. Marshal's Sale last year in Chicago back to
creditors. Marcon handled marketing and brokerage of the
equipment at the various Marshal’s Sales held in Alabama, New
York and Illinois for the finance company.
Chilkat’s Portage Cove Development sold their high speed aluminum
Teknicraft® design passenger day vessel “Chilkat Express” to the
Chilkat Indian Village in Alaska. The vessel was built in 2001 by All
American Marine of Bellingham, Washington and traded in Southeastern
Alaska since built. The sale was part of an overall transfer of the vessel
and the Portage Cove Dock in Haines, AK for the continued operation
and maintenance of the vessel in her cruise vessel related tour service
in the Lynn Canal region by the Alaska Native group. The vessel is 63’ x
22’ and is powered by four CAT3406E DITA diesels totaling about
3,200BHP, which produces speeds of 40 knots plus, via her four
Hamilton 362 water jets. The vessel is USCG Certified for carriage of 63
passengers on Lakes, Bays & Sounds and in protected waters. The
“Chilkat Express” is a low wake design trademarked by Teknicraft®. All American Marine continues to build and
deliver vessels of this design with much success in the market.
Allen Marine Group of Sitka, AK purchased the InCat design overnight
catamaran, mini-cruise vessel “Contessa” (ex-Executive Explorer) for further
renovation and intended employment in the overnight cruise business in
Southeastern Alaska. The 104’ x 36’ vessel, sold by Ambassador Group of
Seattle, Washington had been laid up in Portland, Oregon for about two years
at the time of her sale. “Contessa” was originally built by Nichols Bros. Boat
Builders on Whidbey Island in 1986 and successfully worked in Hawaii, Alaska
and other ports over the years. She has seen several refits during her lifetime
and was last re-powered in 2005. Allen Marine plans to put her through
another upgrade / refit before employing her in their service in Southeastern
Alaska. She is powered with a pair of Cummins KTA38-M2 diesels providing a
total of 2,700BHP and speeds of about 16-18 knots. “Contessa” carries 49 passengers in 24 guest cabins and
operates with a crew and catering staff of about 18 persons.
The State of Alaska Dept. of Public Safety in Anchorage, Alaska
has sold the patrol vessel “Churchill” to Harley Marine Services of
Seattle, WA. The 44’ x 14’ x 6.8’, all welded, marine grade
aluminum vessel was built in 2004 at Kennedy Ship and Repair LP
in Galveston, Texas. The vessel is powered by pair of Lugger
L6125A main engines which produce a total of 920BHP, turning
fixed pitch propellers through ZF 305 gears propelling the
“Churchill” at 16 - 20 knots. She carries about 1,175g of fuel and
80g of fresh water and has an open aft stern which will allow a
small RIB to slide onto her open aft deck. The vessel has a 10kW
generator for ship services, galley, head, berthing for a crew of 4
and carries a full complement of electronics and navigation aids.
The new Owner will be relocating the vessel from Seward, Alaska
to the lower U.S. mainland. Marcon acted as the exclusive and sole broker in the transaction.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
P&O Maritime has purchased the two ASD FiFi-1 escort tugs "Dihecisiete"
and "Vehintiuno" from Remolques Unidos S.A. of Santander, Spain. The
Bureau Veritas I 3/3 Deep Sea classed tugs were built in 2005 and 2008
respectively by Astilleros Armon, S.A. of Navia, Spain. The 5,000BHP,
31.5m x 11.2m x 5.4m depth "Dihecisiete" is powered by a pair of CAT
3516Bs and Schottel SRP 1515 CP props providing a certified bollard pull
of 70.26 tonnes. The 5,500BHP (4,000kW) 31.5m x 11.2m x 5.4m depth
"Vehintiuno" is powered by a pair of MTU 16V4000M70 diesels and
Schottel SRP 1515 CP 2,600mm props producing a certified bollard pull of
75.2 tonnes. Both tugs were specially designed to perform deep sea
towage, escort services and harbor / terminal operations with a maximum
effectiveness and simple handling. Both tugs are fitted with bow thrusters.
Towing gear consists of fore & aft electro-hydraulic tow winches capable of
fast rendering, 5T capstans, line winches, stern roller, 75 tonne tow hook
and hydraulic, bridge controlled tow pins. Firefighting is provided by a
Kvaerner 2,700m3/h pump, two 1,200m3/h water/foam remotely controlled
monitors and water spray. "Dihecisiete" is being renamed after the Pharaoh
of ancient Egypt "Ahmose" (born of the moon-god) and "Vehintiuno"
renamed "Ramses" (born of the sun-god). Mssrs. Tradex S.A.
(Shipbrokers) of Zarautz, Spain represented the Sellers and Marcon
International, Inc. of Coupeville, WA represented Buyers in the transaction.
Marcon International Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of two
8,200dwt newbuilding ocean deck barges “en-bloc” from Taizhou
Sanfu Ship Engineering, Ltd. of China to Latin American buyers on
private terms. The sister barges were classed ABS +A1 Barge,
Unrestricted Service and built with a 12mm side shell and 16mm
bottom and deck plate. Uniform deck load is 15mt/m2. The 300’
(91.5m) x 90’ (27.46m) x 18’ (5.50m) barges will head for Latin
America in a tandem tow also brokered by Marcon. This sale
represents the third and fourth new barges which Marcon has sold
from this shipyard. Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction
and can develop additional sister barges for sale. Specifications are available on our website under file number
DB30090. Over the years Marcon has sold more than a dozen vessels and barges to Buyers.
Two 180,000bbl, 24,600dwt ocean tug / tank barge units were sold on private and
confidential terms. The 471’ x 84.0’ x 31.6’ depth single hull barges were fitted with
a 45’ deep notch and an Intercon system linking to 128’ x 36’, 5,750BHP ATB tugs
with a 51’ height of eye upper pilothouse. The tugs are powered by twin EMD 16645E7Bs with a 12’ diameter variable pitch prop in a single steering kort nozzle.
This was the second time Marcon has been involved in the sale of these two units.
Knife River Corporation of Oregon has sold the U.S. flag derrick barge “Umpqua Mink” to Riverview Equipment
Corp. of California. The 112’ x 52’ x 12’ barge is similar to the crane barge “Umpqua Otter” which Marcon brokered
last month between the same two parties. The barge was built in 1944 at Pointer Willamette Co. in Portland,
Oregon. She is fitted with a Model 3225, 45 ton Whirley crane with a lattice boom. The barge has four longitudinal
and five transverse bulkheads plus one 15,000 gallon internal fuel tank with a fueling station on deck. A steel
workshop is erected amidships to port on deck with a 135kW AC generator for barge services. A 5’ thick asphalt
pad protects the deck forward for bucket storage. The new owner is relocating the equipment to Northern
California. This is the fourth transaction Marcon has handled for this Seller and about the eighth for this Buyer.
Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
Sause Bros. of Coos Bay, Oregon have sold their ocean-going deck barges,
“Rogue” and “Bandon” to foreign buyers on private terms. Both barges were
built at Zidell Explorations in Portland, Oregon. “Rogue” was built in 1980 and
“Bandon” in 1975. Though almost sister barges, the length dimension varies
by a few feet. “Rogue” measures 272.0’ loa x 70.0’ beam x 18.0’ depth,
whereas the “Bandon” is 276.0’ loa x 70.0’ beam x 18.0’ depth x 3’ light draft x
14.60’ loaded draft. The sale was delayed for several months due to a revised
regulatory approval
process, but was finally
approved several weeks
ago. Both barges are fully
ABS +A1 classed for Unrestricted Service. The 6,500dwt
“Bandon” was converted from a tank barge by Sause Bros. in
1980. Marcon acted as the sole broker in the transaction. These
barges are in addition to a pair of crewboats sold to same
buyers earlier this year.
Crowley Marine Services of Seattle, Washington sold their single-hull ABS
+A1 classed ocean tank barge “Yukon” (ex-N-67, E-67) to a local Seattle tug
and barge operator for further trading with non-petroleum liquid cargoes. The
70,000bbl capacity, U.S. flag barge was originally built by Gretna Machine &
Iron Works of Gretna, Louisiana in 1981 for the former Eklof Marine Corp.
(now K-Sea Transportation) and employed in black oil trade on the U.S. East
Coast. In 1992, Marcon brokered the bareboat charter and later purchase of
the 320’ x 64’ x 23’ barge to the West Coast start-up company Newport
Petroleum. Newport operated the “N-67” on the West Coast hauling black oil
products until 2006, when the barge was sold to Crowley who renamed her
“Yukon” and then employed her as a spill response barge in Alaska until her
contract ended in 2010. The new Owner will utilize the 8,100dwt barge in non-“red-flag” service in the Pacific
Northwest hauling lignum liquor, a forest industry by-product primarily used for dust control on unpaved country
roads. The single-hull barge can continue to provide good service in future years hauling non-petroleum cargoes.
Marcon acted as sole broker in the sale and has handled multiple sales and purchases for both the Buyer and
Seller over the years.
NuStar Terminals New Jersey, Inc. sold “en-bloc” the ocean tank barges
“Statia Merchant” and “Statia Trader” to U.S. East coast buyers. The
“Statia Merchant” is a single hull, 20,000BBL, ABS +A1 tank barge built
in 1971 at Nashville Bridge. She is a good towing barge with spoon bow,
notched stern and aft towing skegs. She has a deadweight of 2,510T
with 12 cargo tanks and was last used in the Caribbean to transport
clean product (MGO). “Statia Trader” is also of single hull design of
about 20,000BBL capacity, built to ABS A1+ Tank Barge requirements in
1959 at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp. She has a deadweight of 2,700T,
carries product in 10 cargo tanks and last traded in #6 oil. The new
Owner is tandem towing the barges out of the region with their own tug
and is planning on employing them in alternative service. This is the second and third tank barge Marcon has
brokered direct from this Owner to same Buyer in the last year. Marcon acted as sole Broker in the transaction.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
Marcon International, Inc. is pleased to announce the delivery of two new
DP-1, 5,150 BHP, 1,350mtdw anchor handling tug supply vessels to
Nigerian buyers. “Opu Tamuno 1” and “Ibi Teme” were constructed at
Zhanjiang Haibin Shipyard in China. Initially the units were commissioned on
speculation by the shipyard, and the buyers secured the vessels with over
six months of work remaining on each. The sister vessels measure 58.7m x
14.6m x 5.5m depth and have a design draft 4.75m. Clear deck area
measures 370m2 with a loading of 7mt/m2. Under deck capacities include
475m3 fuel, 230m3 water, 460m3 ballast, 255m3 liquid mud and 170m3 dry
bulk. Each vessel is powered by a pair of CAT 3516B engines driving twin
controllable pitch propellers in kort nozzles via twin Reintjes 7.455:1 gearboxes, creating about 65 tonnes of bollard
pull and a free running speed of abt. 13.5kn at 100% MCR. For auxiliary power the two vessels are equipped with
twin 350kW, 415V, 3 phase, 50hz diesel engine powered auxiliary generators plus one 65kW emergency
Each of the new AHTSs come equipped with a CPP bow thruster developing 6 tonnes
of thrust. Deck equipment includes a hydraulically driven double drum waterfall winch
with 150mt line-pull of the first layer, and a braking capacity of 200 tonnes. The drums
are capable of stowing 2 reels of 1,000m of 56mm wire rope. To handle anchors and
wires, “Opu Tamuno 1” and “Ibi Teme” are fitted with 200mt SWL stern rollers, 200
tonne tow pins that extending 600mm above the deck in the fully extended position
and one set of 200 tonne SWL shark jaws able to take 50mm to 75mm wire and
28mm diameter chain. Two 10 tonne electro-hydraulic tugger winches and a pair of 5
tonne capstans are also installed.
The “Opu Tamuno 1” and “Ibi Teme” are equipped with full com / navaids
including two radars, an echosounder, DGPS, WeatherFax, twin gyro
compasses, a magnetic compass, autopilot, doppler speed log, AIS,
GMDSS, VHFs, SART and a Navtex receiver. Twin 1,200m3/h fire
monitors are located on top of the wheelhouse. Accommodations are
provided for 42 persons in two single-berth, four two-berth and eight fourberth air conditioned cabins. Vessels are classed Bureau Veritas 1 +Hull
+Mach “Supply Vessel & Fire Fighting Ship” Tug Unrestricted Navigation
AUTCCS +DYMAPOS AM/AT (DP-1). Marcon was sole broker in the
transaction and is also pleased to offer from same Owners two new
5,150BHP, 50m AHTs; one 7,400BHP 75m AHTS and one 75m PSV.
Details, price guidance and delivery available on request from this office.
Knife River Corporation of Oregon has sold their two U.S. flag derrick barges
“Umpqua Otter” and “Resources 1 After Barge” to Riverview Equipment Corp. of
California. The 112’ x 52’ x 9.4’ “Umpqua Otter” was built in 1960 at Gunderson
Bros. in Portland, Oregon and fitted with a 43 ton Whirley crane with a 120’
lattice boom. The barge had two longitudinal and 5 transverse bulkheads plus
two 15,000 gallon internal fuel tanks. A workshop/deckhouse was later added
amidships to port on deck. The 130’ x 40’ x 10.5’ “Resources 1 After Barge” was
the trailing barge of a two barge unit that has worked in the Central Oregon area
for many years. The barge was sold with a Bucyrus-Erie 71-B crane with 60’
lattice boom. The new owner is relocating the equipment to California. Marcon
acted as sole broker in the transaction and has handled other sales and
purchases in the past for both Buyer and Seller.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
Two U.S. flag ocean tank barges and a twin screw tug were sold by K-Sea
Transportation LLC of New York to a private U.S. West Coast Buyer in an “enbloc” sale. “Sargasso Sea” (ex-Chesapeake, Gulf Wind II, OPI Captain Andrew,
Captain Andrew, Kelly, Kelly Candies) is a 105’ x 29.6’ x 15’ deep, twin screw,
conventional, 3,000BHP tug. The raised foc’stle bow tug is powered by a pair of
EMD12-645E2s, Western 4.12:1 reduction gears and 117” propellers on 11”
shafts providing an estimated bollard pull of 35 tons. Towing gear consists of a
Markey double drum TDSD-32 tow winch with
a 125,000lb. of linepull and a capacity of
1,800’ of 2” wire on each drum. Tank
capacities include 72,000g fuel, 12,000g potable water and 10,000g ballast.
“Sargasso Sea” was originally built in 1973 by Houma Welders, Inc. of Louisiana
for Otto Candies, Inc. She had worked many years under different owners as far
afield as India and the Middle East. The tug was laid up with a cracked starboard
main engine block at the time of the sale. The two 48,000bbl single skin ocean
tank barges sold with the “Sargasso Sea” were the
“SCT-280” and “SCT-282” (ex-DW 280 / DW-282, MLC 280 / MLC 282). These are sisters-barges, which
successfully traded in multi-clean product service over the past 20 years in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Coined as
“Alaskan Drug Stores”, the 7,000dwt barges have twelve epoxy coated cargo tanks, and were certified to carry up
to 5 separate distillate cargoes throughout Southeastern Alaska hauling jet
fuel, both leaded & unleaded gasoline, and diesel. The barges were
originally built in 1978 by Marine Power & Equipment of Seattle, Washington
as ocean flat deck / tank barges for Marine Leasing Corp., also of Seattle.
MLC operated them until their demise due to the early 1980’s recession and
the barges were sold by the U.S. Marshal on the courthouse steps. The
ABS +A1 classed barges were next converted at substantial cost to
dedicated ocean tank service in the late 1980s and early 90s by their new
Owner at Fisherman’s Boatshop of Everett, Washington. The 282’ x 78’ x
18.3’ depth ocean barges will eventually be converted back into deck service as they re-enter into their older, but
familiar market. Marcon acted as the sole broker in the negotiations and has handled numerous sales and
purchases for both parties over the years.
“Soco” (ex-Ulupinar VIII), the third of three newbuilding Robert Allan
Ltd. design 45 tonne bollard pull compact ASD tugs, has been
delivered by Sanmar Denizcilik Makine of Istanbul, Turkey to
Caucedo Marine Services, Ltd. of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.
Caucedo Marine owns the sister-tug "Haina", which was delivered in
2008. The “Soco” will be fully operated by Remolcadores
Dominicanos, owner of the sister-tug
"Nizao" built last year. The 24.4m x
9.1m x 4.0m “Ulupinar” series tugs are
powered by a pair of CAT 3512TA
diesels developing a total of 3,300BHP
at 1,800RPM to aft-mounted US-155 fixed pitch Rolls Royce azimuthing drives. “Soco”
is named after a river in the eastern part of Dominican Republic. The RINA C+ Hull &
Machinery classed tug is fitted with Rolls-Royce Rauma Brattvaag hydraulic towing
winches fore and aft, Data hydraulic 8” towing pins and a Data hydraulic 45 tonne
SWL quick-release tow hook. Two Volvo-Penta diesel generators provide electrical
power. A representative of Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, WA, who brokered
the construction of the three ASD tugs, attended the sea-trials and handover of the
tug. As with the previous two sister-tugs “Haina” and “Nizao”, the new Owners are
sailing the “Soco” on its own bottom over 5,300 nautical miles from Tuzla, Turkey to
Santo Domingo, where she will be employed primarily in ship assist work.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.
Marcon International, Inc.
Sale & Charter Report - 2010
Sanmar, still a family-run firm, was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and in 1978 began operating tugs, mooring and pilot
boats of the BOTAS Pipeline Corporation located in Southern Turkey. Sanmar first became involved with new
construction in 1982 and the first tug of Sanmar’s own fleet, the “Sanmar I” was built in 1990. “Soco’s” sister-tug,
the “Max” was also recently delivered to Hans Schramm & Sohn of Germany. Sanmar has built over 80 tugs with
over 50% of the vessels sold internationally. Sanmar-built tugs can be found in fleets world-wide in Italy, Norway,
Russia, Germany, Mexico, U.K. France, Martinique and Dominican Republic. Several newbuilding tugs from 30
tonnes up to 65 tonnes bollard pull continue under construction.
Remolcadores Dominicanos is a thirty-seven year old, privately owned
harbor and deep-sea towing company operating a fleet of over a dozen
tugs between 400 and 5,500BHP, three line-handling launches and a
number of tank barges based at ports in the Dominican Republic and
offering coverage of the Caribbean Sea, Southern Bahamas islands
and adjacent North Atlantic waters. Founded in 1973 in the port of
Santo Domingo by the two leading shipping agency firms, Baez &
Rannik and Frederic Schad, Remolcadores Dominicanos began life with
one 1,200HP World War II, ex-U.S. navy diesel electric tug, the “Saona”
(ex-YTB 389), which served the company reliably until the end of 1989.
Marcon International, Inc. has sold Remolcadores Dominicanos and
Caucedo Marine Services, Ltd. several other tugs and tank barges over
the years, in addition to these three newbuildings.
Following the sale of a West Coast crewboat the last week of 2009, the
two 130’ U.S. flag quad-screw, aluminum crew boats “Miss Anita” and
“Stephanie McCall” were sold to private interests during the first week of
2010. Both boats had been working in the Gulf of Mexico through Fall of
2009. “Miss Anita” is powered by four GM12V71TIs producing a total of
2,040BHP and a speed of abt. 16
to 20kn. “Stephanie McCall” is
powered by four Cummins
KTA19M3 engines producing a
total of 2,720BHP and a speed of
abt. 19 to 22kn. The 130’ x 26’ x 11.5’ depth “Miss Anita” was built in 1989 by
Breaux's Bay Craft. She is rated for 58 passengers and has berths for 10
crew, a clear deck of 27' x 21.5', and a fuel capacity of 10,293g. The 130' x 26'
x 10' depth “Stephanie McCall” was built in 1991 by Gulf Craft Inc. She is
rated for 73 passengers and has berths for 8 crew, clear deck of 67' x 20', and
fuel capacity of 9,720g. Marcon acted as sole broker in the transaction.
Marcon currently has sales pending on two deck barges to this same buyer, to
whom we have sold other equipment in the past.
Since our first sale in 1983, Marcon has brokered a total of 1,211 vessels and barges sold or chartered. A full list is
available on request.
Celebrating 29 years as a broker from 1981 to 2010.