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Mr Roland Poulton Principal - St Monica`s Catholic School Oakey
Newsletter 5th June 2014 Week 7 Term 2
75 Lorrimer Street Oakey 4401
Ph: 0746911067
Fax: 0746911416
Email: [email protected]
Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Caregivers and Friends,
Weekend Masses
St Monica’s Parish
1st, 4th & 5th Sunday –
Saturday Vigil 6.00pm
2nd Sunday – 8.00am
3rd Sunday – 8.00am Celebration of the Word &
Our Lady of the Annunciation, Peranga
2nd Sunday – 10.00am
4th Sunday – 10.00am
Celebration of the Word
& Communion
This weekend:
8am Oakey
10am Peranga
Tuckshop Helpers
for Tuesday
10th June
Danielle Khan
Gillian Cowley
Reeka Ringleben
Thank you for your
Last week I attended the Term Principals’ meeting in Roma. On these occasions we meet with senior
staff from the Catholic Education Office including the Director. We were updated on upcoming amendments to Student Protection legislation so we can be ready for any procedural changes when they
come into force. Back at school, the staff are working through a series of DVD presentations on
“Creating and maintaining a Safer School Environment – Understanding and Responding to Boundary
Violations within a school setting”. This is part of our ongoing professional development in the area of
Student Protection.
On the second day of the meetings, we were led through a very encouraging workshop on teaching
and leading. We were reminded of the important role that teachers play in the development of children and how important it is to ‘honour’ our teachers and school staff. I am very proud of the work
that our teachers and support staff do as they help shape the future of our society. In an era when
sadly, schools are often compared and criticised, I would encourage parents to continue to give thanks
for the great job our staff do and to influence your children to honour their teachers and to value the
educational opportunities they are given.
Last night the Parish hosted a workshop on ministry within the church and many of the staff participated. The presenter, Mr John Briffa is the Diocesan Liturgy Officer. He gave a very thought provoking and
informative session which mainly focused on the ‘Liturgy of the Word’. Those present received insights
into making the scripture (bible) readings more meaningful when read in public acts of worship. The
staff thank the parish for the invitation and greatly appreciate the lovely meal that was provided for
After a number of years working in the school as a Teacher’s Aide, Mrs Trish Bryant has tendered her
resignation to follow new directions in her life. I thank Trish for her dedication to the children of St
Monica’s and wish her all the best for the future. Although, she will be with us for a few more days
yet, the staff farewelled Trish yesterday afternoon. Trish will be formally farewelled by the community
at an assembly yet to be notified. She will be sorely missed by both students and staff.
Yesterday the ‘bitumen men’ were in to tidy up the driveway into the school. The entrance looks much
better! The landscaper will now return to finish off the gardens along the fence nearest the Presbytery
and to reinstall the flagpoles in a garden at the front.
We are gearing up for the Athletics Carnival in a couple of weeks. The children are practising their field
events and doing some running. I would encourage children to continue running at home to develop
some conditioning particularly for the 200m and 800m events
Public Holiday Don’t forget Monday 9th June is the Queens Birthday holiday and St Monica’s will
be closed for the day
Mr Roland Poulton
For the Spirit of Peace
that calms our mind
and stills our life,
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Love
that touches hearts
and reaches out,
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Joy
that lifts our soul
and gives us faith
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Power,
that gift of grace
for this your church,
we give you thanks.
Family Mass: Our next family liturgy will be on
Sunday June 15 at 8am. This will be a Celebration
of the Word with Communion and the Year 2 class
will be coordinating this event. These family liturgies are always a wonderful opportunity to celebrate alongside other St Monica’s parishioners our
Christ-centred focus, and to model the importance
of prayer in our lives to our children. If you are able
to attend, please fill out the form later in this newsletter and return to school so the year 2’s can plan
for a truly inclusive service.
Benedictine Values- Hospitality: One thing that
many visitors to our school remark upon is our hospitality – the willingness to welcome others and to
make them feel ‘at home’ in our space. In Benedictine philosophy, Christ is seen in the unexpected
arrival of a guest; and it is up to us to respond to
their most pressing needs and to help them settle
in. The guest becomes part of our shared journey.
We are blessed through the offering and receiving
of hospitality. How blessed are we in our hospitality
at St Monica’s?
Ministry of the Word Workshop: Last night seven
of our teaching staff joined parishioners in a workshop aimed at exploring the role and techniques of
effective proclamation of the Word during liturgies.
Thank you to all for your time and efforts in this regard – the opportunity to socialise with our fellow
parishioners and to share in a fabulous meal was
definitely a bonus!
Positions Vacant:
Expressions of Interest are called from interested persons for
possible School Officer work at St Monica’s School.
School Officer (Teacher’s Aide) 9hrs per week (over three days)
-Term Time/ Fixed term until 5/12/14.
School Officer (Teacher’s Aid) 5 ¼ hrs per week (on one day) –
Term Time/Fixed term until 5/12/14.
The school may consider combining these two positions.
Position Description and application details can be found on
the Catholic Education Website –
(Details should be posted to the website by close of business
Friday 6th June)
Applications close with The Principal, St Monica’s School Oakey
on Friday 13th June 2014.
P&F Meeting:
The P&F Meeting due to be held on Monday night was postponed and will now be held this coming Tuesday 10th June
at 7pm. It would be wonderful to see many Parents and
Friends attend. You are all welcome.
Board Meeting:
The next meeting of the School Board will be held on Monday
16th June at 7:00pm.
School Fees:
Just a reminder that school fees for term 2 are due for payment. School fees can be paid by cash, cheque or EFTPOS at
our school office, by direct debit (forms available from office)
or by direct transfer. Our account details are as follows:
St Monica’s School
BSB: 064-786
Account No: 519276001
If paying by direct transfer, please use your name and account
number (found on your statement) as the reference.
School fees are vital for us as a school to function, so your
promptness in payment is appreciated.
Athletics Day Tuckshop:
Menu for Athletics day Thursday 19th June is on the back page
of the newsletter.
Shared Lunch and Ball Games Afternoon:
As part of Catholic Education Week celebrations we will have a
“Fun Afternoon” on Wednesday 30th July. This will take the
form of a shared lunch with parents followed by ball games.
Put this date in your calendar. (This arrangement will mean
that we will not hold the Ball Games on Athletics Day).
Mrs Teresa Woolacott APRE
Page 2
Prep CT:
This week has been our last week of having Miss Dawidowicz
in our classroom. We would like to say a big thankyou for all
your hard work during this time. We have all enjoyed her lessons and wish her all the best in her future teaching. This
week we have been creating papier Mache raindrops as we
prepare our weather scene for our classroom display. The
students have been using the iPads during our Integrated
Learning time and have been playing Maths games and Literacy games. During religion lessons we have been focusing on
Pentecost this week. If you have not yet sent in your child’s
item from a past celebration can you please do so as students
will be presenting these to the class next week.
Hope you have a great week.
God Bless,
Mrs Charmaine Tancred
Prep EJ:
This week in Prep EJ we have continued exploring the weather. We have chosen our favourite weather symbols and drawn
what we would wear and do in that type of weather. During
integrated learning time students have been busy designing,
planning and creating a pirate ship with boxes. The students
have presented their designs to the class and have even
named them! In religion we have been exploring Pentecost
and have begun making ‘tongues of fire’. If your child has not
brought in an item from a celebration, could you please send
it in. Have a great week.
Miss Ellen Jacklin
Year 1
This week we have been preparing for our class liturgy that
was held this afternoon. Thank you to the students for their
sensible behaviour. They wrote the prayers themselves and
picked the readings and songs!
The students are in the process of writing a procedure, telling
the time to half past and observing changes in foods and observing their cress gardens.
Literacy groups are also coming along well with some parent
help. Thank you! There are still some spots available if you
would like to help out – please put your name down on the
sheet outside our room.
Mrs Liliana Eckhardt
Year 2:
This week in Year 2 we have been learning about half past,
quarter to and quarter past. The students used the I-pads to
practise their skills. You might like to quiz your child at home.
Also this week, we have continued to work on our reading
skills. The students really enjoy our literacy groups and their
efforts during this time are certainly paying off.
Don’t forget that we have a Family Mass at 8am on the 15th
June. Year 2 is leading this Mass so please get involved if you
Miss Lauren Devlin
Year 3:
Hi all! Have you brought in some headphones for your child to
use when working on computers yet? If not, just a cheap pair
would be fantastic! It will help your child concentrate and get
the most out of the activities.
In English we have been learning to identify parts of speech in
sentences It’s wonderful to see how the children have improved with this as the term has progressed: oddly enough
they seem to be enjoying it too!
In our Health Program (You Can Do It!) we’ve been looking at
how we can get along. This week, we looked at some special
things we should do before we speak, for example, is it helpful? Is it kind? Is it true? The children have also learnt how
to deal with minor playground issues with friends. If something happens, think about it, deal with it, then scrunch it up in
the bin like a scrap piece of paper and move on.
Thanks and have a great week!
Miss Nicarla Prentice
Year 4
Hello everyone, week 7 is here and assessment pieces are underway. It is great to see how students are progressing
through their narrative writing this term as we plan, draft, edit
and publish our way through them. Health has seen us discovering the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. This new
information will aid us in our creation of a healthy tuckshop
menu which actually appeals to children. Maths this week has
us moving away from division and onto money. Students are
using hands on materials when calculating costs and rounding
to the nearest 5 cents. Next week we begin our historical narrative on the colonisation of Australia so stay posted for that.
Mr Dylan Philp and Mrs Geraldine Hore
Year 5
A big thank you to Mrs Moloney this week for looking after my
class for two days while I was on retreat! The leaders of Catholic Education consider it important to take care of their staff
and allow them the opportunity to meet together to collaborate and refresh spiritually. Mrs Moloney followed our routine and the children will have benefitted by her excellent
teaching and experience. I’ve really enjoyed watching the
children developing their drawing skills, the detail in their
sketching's is impressive! If you can sit still for long enough–
have the children draw your face, it’ll be fun,.
Have a great week
Mrs Clare Wilson
Page 3
Year 6
Promoting healthy weight in children – places still available!
The mornings are getting a bit colder and a little harder to get
out of bed, but here in year 6 we are working hard to keep
warm. This week the children have been given their science assignment. You will notice that we are running a little bit behind
on our assignment calendar however we are trying to catch up
and get back on track! Next week each student will be presenting
their reading from 'The Magic Finger.' I am looking forward to
hearing some dramatic, expressive reading to entertain and delight us.
Enjoy your long weekend.
Miss Terri-An Miller
Year 7
It seems that every week is just getting a little busier as we come
to the end of term. In year 7 we have certainly had our heads
down. This week we have begun construction of personal representations of what we believe Christian leadership means. In
Science we have started to explore food webs and food chains.
In maths we have continued to explore the three dimensional
shapes, with a focus of Euler’s Law involving faces, vertices and
edges. We have also continued to work on our prologues and
our history research tasks.
All in all another busy week. My thanks goes out to my class this
week, with their willingness to help me move the classroom
around in preparation for staff and parish meetings.
Mr Ryan Savage
We need volunteers to help organise our upcoming
Please leave your contact details at
the office or email Michelle at:
[email protected]
if you would like to help.
Parents and carers can still sign up to a free government-funded program starting in Toowoomba in June.
The new program called PEACH™ (Parenting, Eating and Activity for
Child Health), is available to families with a child aged between 5-11
years who is above a healthy weight their age.
The program takes a family-focused approach by helping parents and
carers make healthy eating and activity a part of every-day life.
Families attend 10 fortnightly sessions over six months, with additional support in the form of three phone calls. The sessions see parents
learn and problem solve in a group environment while their children
enjoy active play with a trained child physical activity facilitator.
Some of the topics covered in the program include nutrition skills,
relationships with food and eating, changing family lifestyle behaviours, making healthy eating affordable and overcoming resistance.
If you would like more information about the PEACH™ program or to
register please free call 1800 263 519 or visit
Would you like an informal chat to discuss Council related
issues with one of your elected representatives?
Cr Ann Glasheen is visiting the Oakey Service Centre
Friday on Friday 6 June from 9.30-11am.
Contact me to make an appointment or arrange for a delegation to discuss topical issues.
David Totenhofer
Community Liaison Officer
Customer Service Branch
Oakey Service Centre
T: 07 4692 0148
F: 1800 448 882
M: 0418 876 131
E: [email protected]
Host a Japanese Student
Oakey State High School will be hosting a visit by a group of Japanese
students from ENA City in a program conducted by AIIU from
29/07/14 to 04/08/14.
Share your lifestyle & home while experiencing another culture. This
experience can be positive and rewarding for all members of the
Students will attend a daily program (Mon-Fri) organised by a
Group Coordinator
Japanese language not necessary
Normal Australian meals
Volunteer Host Families receive a $25 stipend per night per student
to assist with hosting costs.
If you would like more information about being a Host Family please
contact Allyson Bosse on 46931208 or 0409059438.
Page 4
Torrington Landscape Centre is nearly
Closed for good! 50% off this weekend!
Last chance to get some cheap plants - Thanks to everyone who brought in plastic bags, they were greatly appreciated!
Miss Nicki Prentice
The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register
The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register is
hosted by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and is supported by Vision Australia and Guide
Dogs. It is the first national register of children in Australia with vision impairment. The Register has been
collecting data since 2009, and this data is providing
important information about the types of eye disease
and vision disorders children have and the support they
need. The data is also used by service providers and
researchers. Data is stored securely and no child can be
identified in any way when the data is released.
Families are invited to register their child (aged 0-18
years) if they have vision impairment in both eyes
which has been diagnosed by an eye specialist or ophthalmologist. Registration can be completed by contacting Register staff on (02) 9872 0303, or by visiting
at: The website also provides information on eyes and vision; family support;
education and related issues; braille and low vision
aids; technology supporting vision impairment; newsletters from Australian low vision agencies and support
groups, useful websites; and news and events that
might interest families across Australia.
Building Active Communities Workshop
Free training and education for sport and recreation volunteers
Tuesday 10 June 2014 From 6-9pm
Clive Berghofer Stadium 47 Arthur Street Toowoomba QLD 4350
Presenter: Nigel Fanning, Department National
Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing.
Committees play an important role in developing
and implementing a structured system of administration and management to support club activity and
A stable, knowledgeable and well-functioning committee is the key to an effective organisation. This
workshop provides committee members with the
latest information to assist them in their role. Topics
include committee member induction, strategic leadership, legal compliance, financial monitoring, recruitment, and evaluating and improving management.
Registrations close: Tuesday 3 June 2014
Regional Office
PO Box 2259
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4615 3600
Fax: 07 4615 3607
Friends of McDonald Nursing Home Inc.
Annual Cent Sale
Lutheran Church Hall, York Street, Oakey
12 Noon Saturday 14th June 2014
Adults $6
Sue Silveira Research Fellow, Renwick Centre
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
[email protected]
(02) 9872 0248
Children $2
Afternoon Tea, Multi Draw Raffle, Numerous Prizes
Costs include: Afternoon Tea/ Lucky Door Ticket/ 1 sheet
CENT SALE Tickets/
Children’s cost includes 1 sheet of tickets & afternoon tea
All Proceeds EAF McDonald Nursing Home
Page 5
JUNE 2014
Thurs 5th
Year 1 Liturgy—2:30pm
Mon 9th
Public Holiday
Tues 10th
P F Meeting—7pm
Wed 11th
Go West Science 3-4:30pm Girls Yrs 5-7
Thurs 12th
Sing Out
Fri 13th
Sacrament of Reconciliation—7pm
Sun 15th
Family Mass—8am Year 2 Coordinating
Mon 16th
School Board Meeting—7pm
Tues 17th
School Athletics Carnival Run Off
Thurs 19th
School Athletics Carnival
Fri 27th
Last day Term 2
Sat 1st
All Saint’s Day Mass—6pm—Year 2
Tues 4th
Parish Melbourne Cup Luncheon
Year 6 and 7 Camp—Christian Youth
Burleigh Heads
Sat 29th
Final Family Mass for 2014—6pm—Preps
Students of the Week
Week 6
JULY 2014
Mon 14th
First day Term 3
Catholic Education Week
Shared Lunch and Ball Games
Students of the Week
Fri 1st
Student Free Day -Bishop’s Inservice Day
Sat 9th
P&F Trivia Night
Thurs 14th
Parish Soup & Sandwich Luncheon
Fri 15th
Assumption—9am Mass
Sun 24th
Opti-MINDS Regional Event—UQ Gatton
Wed 27th
St Monica’s Day
Week 7 Term 2 2014
The students listed below will be presented their awards at
Assembly 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon
Prep CT
Marlee Langton and Lincoln Hardwick
Prep EJ
Joshua Cross and Isabella Anderson
Sat 6th
Fathers’ Day Mass—6pm—Year 1
Year 1:
Kaiden Ryan and Tahlia Hensley
Student Protection Week
Year 2
Jessica Mailman and Dominic Black
Year 5 Camp—Emu Gully
Fri 19th
Last day Term
Year 3:
Ethan Fisher and Daniel Sleba
Year 4:
Connor Ringleben and Amelia Black
Tues 7th
First day Term 4
Year 5:
Braeden Hopwood and Ali Delaney
Fri 17th
Loud Shirt Day—for Deaf Children
Year 6:
Charntel Petersen and Cody Banks
Mon 20th
Pupil Free Day (to be confirmed)
Year 7:
Joseph Cherpanath and
Fri 31st
Day for Daniel—Child Safety
Larissa Devine
My child/ren __________________________________________________will be attending family Mass on
Sunday June 15th.
Signed: ______________________________________________
Page 6
We are running out of time…!!
The P&F are asking you to please submit some of your family’s
favourite recipes, as soon as possible to your child/children’s
class, the office or email [email protected]
We are fast approaching our deadlines and need your help to
make St. Monica’s Family Cookbook a reality!
All funds raised by the P&F through this great project, will continue to fund the Learn to Read Scheme, purchasing new
books for our children.
Athletics Carnival
St Monica’s School
Thursday 19th June 2014
Morning Tea
Cup Cakes
Vanilla Slice
Round Donuts
Mini Pie
Mini Sausage Roll
Apple Slice
Iced Coffee Bun
Steak Burger(onion/slaw)
Steakette Burger
Sausage in Bread
Soft Drinks
Flavoured Milk
Small Juice
Prep to Grade 3 please place orders as they do on tuckshop day