CIC Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence Beyond Expectations



CIC Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence Beyond Expectations
• Bacardí
• Cinevista Theaters
• Commercial Centers Management
• Econo Supermarkets
• J.C. Penney Co.
• Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurants
• Mercedes-Benz Garage Isla Verde
• Nestle
• Nordstrom
• Plaza Palma Real
• Sears
• Sizzler Restaurants
• Toyota
• Walgreens
• Wal-Mart
• Abbott
• Amgen
• Lilly
• Ortho-McNeil
• CMS – Clinical Medical Services
• Hospital San Jorge
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• Abbott
• AstraZeneca – IPR
• Baxter
• Bristol Myers Squibb
• Cardinal Health
• DuPont
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Janssen
• Lilly
• McNeil
• Merck
• Ortho-McNeil
• Patheon
• Pfizer
• Procter & Gamble
• Roche
• Warner Chilcott
• Hewlett-Packard
• Intel
• Microsoft
Medical Devices
Warehouse &
• Abbott
• Amgen
• Bacardí
• Bard
• Bayer
• Boston Scientific
• Pfizer
• Simmons
• St. Jude Medical
• Xpress Freight
• Hotel Copamarina
• Palmas Del Mar Resort
• Ritz-Carlton Reserve Hotel
• Sol Melia Hotels
• St. Regis Hotel
• Westin Hotels
• Wyndham Worldwide
P.O. Box 29726 San Juan, PR 00929-0726
Tel. 787.287.3540 |
• Bard
• Boston Scientific – Guidant
• Computer Design Thermoforming
• Cordis
• Fenwall
• LifeScan
• Medtronic
• Pall Life Sciences
• St. Jude Medical
• Vention – Medtech
• Fonroche
• Puma Energy
• Puerto Rico Electric Power
Authority (PREPA)
• RG Engineering
• Sun Edison
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High-profile projects span
wide range of sectors
Company tops local construction
market in safety
CIC explores new
markets to expand reach
Gustavo A. Hermida
Founding Partner &
President CIC
hen Fred Gallo and I founded
Caribbean Industrial Construction
Company, Inc. in 1983, our goal was
to provide world-class construction
services to pharmaceutical companies looking to
set up operations in Puerto Rico. In order to win
the trust of these large multinational corporations,
we had to prove we had the talent, resources and
skills to fully meet their complex, highly regulated
building, budget and delivery requirements.
Beyond this, we also needed to demonstrate a
culture of reliability, trust, hard work and high
ethical standards. Today, looking at our portfolio of
over $1.4 billion in completed and ongoing projects
in a wide array of market sectors, I can confidently
say we were successfully able to meet our initial
goals, and have continued to expand and build on
them with each new project.
And while technology, processes and client
needs have certainly evolved over the past three
decades, our focus on service, quality and high
ethical practices have not changed. This is especially
true of our emphasis on safety, which is at the
heart of every project we undertake. As a leader in
construction project safety, we continue to raise the
bar by developing innovative ways to protect our
staff, clients, partners, and the general public.
As we look back and celebrate 30 years of
overwhelming success, we are also looking ahead.
As global economies change and foreign markets
demand higher safety standards and increasing
levels of construction expertise, we are taking our
talent, experience, passion and excellence outside
Puerto Rico to provide our world-class services to
markets in Latin America, U.S.A. and beyond.
Gustavo A. Hermida
ith every anniversary, I am more amazed of all the
things we have accomplished. Thirty years have
gone by since we first embarked on this journey. It
has been a long and difficult road but one of great
satisfactions and rewards.
CIC Construction Group has provided jobs to many heads of
Families that have remained by our side working hand in hand
to grow the company. Many of these employees were fresh out
of college looking for a place to acquire experience and CIC
gave them the opportunity, and now they occupy positions of
leadership in the organization. The same is so for our clients
that gave us a vote of confidence in the very beginning and
continue to recur to us for their expansions and renovations
years later. The projects we have built over these past 30
years hold testament of our commitment to the excellence in
service, quality and high ethical practices that are embedded in
everything we do and are the core of what CIC is all about.
I truly thank my partner, our clients and employees for
providing me the privilege of embarking on this journey
together and affording me the enormous satisfaction of
looking back at all that we accomplished together.
Fred Gallo
hree decades ago, we began this company
as a small pharmaceutical general
contractor, and year by year, from project to
project, we evolved into one of the island’s
most reputable construction service providers. The
company’s portfolio includes a number of highprofile projects for both local and multinational
companies throughout Puerto Rico in various
industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology
and medical-device, commercial, industrial,
hospitality, energy, healthcare, warehousing,
distribution and retail. Since its inception, CIC has
been recognized for its emphasis on excellence
in quality, service, delivery, value, sustainability,
teamwork and safety. A testament to our work and
focus on excellence is the number of clients that
have repeatedly returned, representing more than
80% of our work.
By closely collaborating and becoming
partners with our clients, owners, designers and
subcontractors, our skilled personnel can be
counted on to apply the highest moral, ethical and
professional standards in the business.
ur experience not only spans three decades, but a full
array of industrial and market sectors as well. As a trusted
partner to some of the world’s most notable multinational
corporations, as well as to expanding local enterprises, our
expansive portfolio is proof of our far-reaching capabilities and client
Nordstrom, Mall of San Juan
Over the years, both locally
owned and internationally
renowned retailers have
relied on CIC for their
new construction and
expansion projects. From
big-box construction to
remodeling and parking
lots, our pre-construction,
general contracting and
self-perform civil, structural
and architectural-engineering
trade work guarantee
sustainability for retail chain
stores, restaurants, car dealers,
pharmacies and movie
Given that CIC’s first projects
included the construction of
Baxter and Warner Lambert
plants in 1983, we have become
the primary contractor in
Puerto Rico for this sector. As
one of the most experienced
in clean-room construction, we
have not only been a key player
in helping the pharmaceutical
industry meet schedules for
launching blockbuster drugs
and products onto the market,
but have always constructed
within budget while providing
value, on-time delivery and
excellent safety records.
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Humacao
Amgen, AML-14, Juncos
In addition to constructing state-ofthe-art facilities for the pharmaceutical
sector, our experience with the
biotechnology industry is just as
solid, with the construction of Amgen
Puerto Rico resulting in the largest
biotechnology manufacturing plant in
the world. Given our development of
other equally challenging biotechnology
plant projects, CIC saw a 75% growth in
revenue from 2003 to 2006.
Ritz-Carlton Reserve Hotel,
Dorado Beach
Because the tourism industry is
one of the island’s most important
economic sectors, we take pride
in our hospitality portfolio, which
features some of Puerto Rico’s most
prestigious resorts and vacation
clubs. By combining a facility’s
natural surroundings with proven
design and construction methods,
CIC has succeeded in producing
elegant sustainable structures that
have been recognized worldwide
by top tourism and architectural
publications. Our expertise in this
area also includes water parks, beach
clubs, golf facilities and casinos.
Over the years, CIC has played a
major role in building Puerto Rico’s
complex energy sector. From the
construction of large-scale power
generation plants to gas-insulated
substations and photovoltaic
installation projects, we have been
part of several projects within each
of these areas, and have extensive
knowledge of this facet of the island’s
Bard, Humacao
Warehouse &
Cambalache Powerplant, Arecibo
Fred Gallo
Founding Partner
Medical Devices
Our extensive experience in flat
and super flat concrete floors, aircontrol rooms, automated inventory
control, structural steel and concrete
work enables our clients to meet
their warehousing and distribution
needs. Clients have found that our
focus on cost-effective delivery and
quality make us the leading choice
for these construction needs.
Assisting the medical devices
industry in every project phase,
we have been involved in
the majority of renovations,
expansions and new projects
at more than 20 manufacturing
sites throughout the island,
serving more than 15 clients.
This has also included site
selection, design-build and
clean-room construction, with
strict adherence to strict FDA
standards, time constraints and
GMP-driven cost allocations.
Pall Life Sciences, Fajardo
Thirty years of experience in the
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
have given CIC a solid foothold in the lifesciences industry. This in turn has allowed us
to confidently enter new markets, including
healthcare. San Jorge Children’s Hospital
is among our most notable projects, and
was used as a case study by the Puerto Rico
Energy Affairs Administration as an energyefficient hospital project.
aving achieved Zero OSHA recordable incidents in 2012, our OSHA-incident rate have historically been well
below the national average in the construction industry. And because our employees are our most valuable
asset, safety is at the core of our company’s culture. In order to fully protect our workers, clients, partners
and the general public, we continually develop and maintain the most innovative safety and environmental
methodologies, using the latest procedures designed to meet industry and workforce needs. This not only includes
local standards, but those required by the major multinational clients we serve–whose rigorous standards demand a
collaborative approach to ensure these are fully met. Recent Awards include:
• Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Zenith Award for Best Construction Company in 2011
• Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association - Various safety awards in consecutive years from 2005 to 2013
• Associated General Contractors of America Puerto Rico Chapter - Safety Excellence Awards every year
from 1999 to 2013
s a comprehensive
construction firm, we
provide a full array of
services that complement
each other. In order to ensure
that each job is performed by the
most qualified people, we have
strategically divided CIC into a
number of groups and staffed
them with specialists in their given
Olvin Laureano - Safety Health
& Environmental Group Director
Design and
In order to ensure successful
project delivery, our
management team takes a
collaborative approach with our
clients, owners, designers and
subcontractors, while focusing
on safety.
In order to maximize planning
and ensure costs and scheduling are
determined and agreed upon, our PreConstruction Team combines its skills and
real-world experience with state-of-theart estimating systems to establish true
cost, budgets and realistic schedules for
completing a project.
By forming a partnership
with the architectural and
engineering firm selected
for a given project, our
Design-Build Team expertly
combines all design,
permitting, construction and
coordination aspects into a
single, seamless package in
order to ensure each project’s
successful completion.
José Torrens - Business Operations Vice President
& Michael Pabón - Construction Operations
Vice President
Our dedicated structural steel
manufacturing facility not only provides
custom-made structural solutions to our
projects, but provides added value as well.
By working closely with project designers
and CIC project teams, our highly skilled
Structural Steel Team is able to deliver any
item or service required. This begins with a
computer configuration by CIC specialists
at our 36,500-square-foot structuralsteel fabrication shop. Each piece is then
manufactured accordingly, with our expert
welders ensuring proper placement.
CIC Architectural
Nicolás Bera - Structural Steel Shop
Leopoldo Perera - Structural Steel
Twenty or more years of service
Rafael Gómez - Accounting Manager - 26
Juan Padua - Procurement - 26
Juan A. Gordillo Molina - General Foreman - 26
Sergio Michel - Structural Steel Supervisor - 25
Liborio Bonilla - Structural Steel Supervisor - 25
José Principe Maldonado - Field Supervisor - 24
Millie Ramírez - Accountant - 22
Michael Pabón - Vice President Construction
Operations - 22
José Camacho - Structural Steel
Supervisor - 21
Robert Grossman - Project Manager - 21
William Avilés - General Foreman - 20
Maritza Monge - Payroll Manager - 20
Iván Córdova Rivera - General Foreman - 20
Luis A. Gómez Pérez - Project Director - 20
Alberto Resto - Foreman - 20
Ten to 19 years of service
CIC Construction
CIC Structural Steel
Thirty years of service
Julio Ginés - Controller
Gladys Villafañe - Executive Assistant
Emanuel Rodríguez Ruíz - Superintendent
Esteban Casillas Rivera - Field Supervisor
Ángel Maldonado - General Foreman
Víctor Font Caratini - Senior Project Manager - 19
Félix Camacho Collazo - Senior Project Manager - 19
Gilbert Piñero González - Superintendent - 19
Luis A. de Jesús Morales - Project Manager - 18
David Alicea Maldonado - Superintendent - 18
Ricardo Piñero - General Foreman - 18
Gary Pizarro - Safety Officer - 18
Osvaldo Avilés Morales - General Foreman - 17
Félix Pagán - Safety Officer - 17
Ángel Molina - Foreman - 17
Damaris Encarnación - V.P. Estimating - 16
Víctor Jurado Agosto - Equipment Div. Manager - 16
Joachim Cela Plicht - Project Director - 15
Milford Mercado - Structural Steel Designer - 15
Abiezer Escobar - Foreman - 15
Lianne Fernández - Project Manager - 14
Luis González - Superintendent -14
Ángel Avilés Morales - Safety Officer - 14
CIC Concrete
Our experienced staff and
crews use a full range of highquality concrete-finishing
equipment for site layout
and structural concrete work,
along with rebar placement,
forming, placing and
finishing. We are also certified
to work on flat and super flat
concrete floors.
n order to successfully meet the demands of our diverse portfolio of projects, we ensure our highly
skilled teams and specialized construction groups have the right mixture of talent. This includes licensed
engineers, LEED-certified personnel, experienced heavy-equipment and machinery operators, seasoned
managers and administrators, and trained employees in all areas of construction.
Training our professionals and the use of technologically advanced methods and processes to proactively
manage and review every project phase to ensure on-time delivery, quality and added value, has definitely
paid off and made the difference in this highly competitive market.
By doing so, CIC was able to recruit the best team to execute the most challenging projects. The majority of
these employees have remained, evolved and grown with us and now occupy leadership positions within the
Their relentless drive for excellence and the continuity they provide for our clients have made a difference
and afforded CIC a competitive edge over others in the industry.
We pay tribute to these employees who joined us early on, occupying entry-level positions, and have
remained with us through the years. They have ascended through the ranks to occupy leadership positions
within the organization, always staying committed to us and to our clients over the course of these years to
help build the organization we have today.
With a fleet of more than 450 wellmaintained late-model construction
vehicles and machinery, we are able
to more effectively manage each
construction project by relying on
our own equipment. Our skilled
equipment-maintenance team
ensures each vehicle or item is kept
in top working condition through an
integrated equipment maintenance
system that tracks every aspect.
Alfred Rivera - Safety Officer - 14
José I. Torrens - Vice President Business Operations - 13
José A. Cordoves Figueroa - Project Manager -13
David Nazario Acevedo - Project Manager - 13
Danel Llaurador - Surveyor Manager - 13
José A. Lagares Quiñones - Field Supervisor - 13
Manuel O. Rodríguez - Estimating Manager - 12
Nelson Fuster - Project Manager - 11
Mayra J. López Vega - Estimator - 10
Ismael Brito Guillén - Project Controls Manager - 10
Sebastián Gómez Nedo - Project Manager - 10
Reynaldo Rivera Ortíz - Project Manager - 10
César D. Vélez Andújar - Project Manager - 10
Kemly Morales Rivera - Project Engineer - 10
Wilson Llera Ortíz - Project Engineer - 10
Manuel Rivera Rodríguez - Safety Officer - 10
Grace Robles - Safety Officer - 10
Field Construction Group
Our Architectural Interiors
Group provides specialized
services to all market sectors,
regardless of the size or
complexity of the project.
This includes new buildouts, remodeling, retrofits,
renovations, and additions.
Administration, Accounting
& Project Controls Group
Estimating &
Garage Isla Verde - Mercedes-Benz
Lilly, Carolina
GlaxoSmithKline, Cidra
St. Jude Medical, Arecibo
Amgen, Juncos
Ponce de León 304, Hato Rey
Guidant (Boston Scientific),
Bard, Humacao
Río Mar Golf Club, Río Grande
Copamarina Hotel, Guánica
Ritz-Carlton Reserve Hotel, Dorado Beach
CIC continues to diversify
its portfolio and enhance its
services to provide added value
to help its clients maximize their
investment. The Ritz-Carlton
Reserve, the first six-star hotel,
on the island, became the crown
jewel of CIC’s project portfolio,
initiating construction in 2010 and
finalizing in 2012. Nordstrom is
the newest project of its portfolio.
Construction began this month
and is expected to be completed
by March 2015.
25th Anniversary devailing
New Company Name & Logo
Merck, Arecibo
Palmas del Mar Beach Club, Humacao
Upjohn, Arecibo
The ‘90s was the decade
of diversification; Caribbean
Industrial Construction, S.E.
went from being a small
pharmaceutical general
contractor to a leading
construction-services provider.
The company established its
Concrete Group to self-perform
concrete services.
The projects began to
diversify, the company’s
portfolio grew, and started
undertaking even more
complex and challenging
projects in the medicaldevice, commercial, industrial,
hospitality, energy, healthcare,
warehousing, distribution and
retail industries. Each and every
project was completed in record
time and under budget.
Abbott, Barceloneta
Medtronic, Villalba
Warner-Lambert, Vega Baja
Caribbean Industrial
Construction, Inc.
establishes operations
and begins to offer
construction services to
Lilly, Baxter and Warner
Lambert, exceeding
expectations in each and
every project. These clients
still remain with us and we
continue to provide them
construction services.
These experiences
provided the company the
reputation and standing to
bid for even more complex
projects. During this
decade, the company also
established a full-service
Steel Division, which gave
it a competitive edge over
others in the industry.
CineVista, Carolina
JCPenney Stores at Caguas and Humacao
Caribbean Industrial Construction,
S.E. had earned the reputation, and
now it was important to secure
the place it had gained with so
much effort. The company began
to institutionalize each and every
one of the core values that made
the organization successful. The
safety, health and environmental
departments were re-engineered
with new and even more stringent
protocols. New technology was
acquired for project management, and
sustainability gained importance in
the added value it provided
our clients. Caribbean
Industrial Construction
underwent a name change,
to CIC Construction Group,
which better communicated
the industries it serviced.
CIC Construction Group
premiered a new logo
and a new vision to expand
the company beyond the Island’s
shores. The experience garnered
permitted CIC to retain projects in the
biotechnology, healthcare, renewable
energy and hospitality industries.
Nordstrom, Mall of San Juan
St. Regis Hotel, Bahía Beach
Janssen, Gurabo
Sol Meliá Vacation Club, Coco Beach
Wyeth, Carolina