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Booria CAD/CAM Systems’ Seasonal Newsletter
Number: 3/ January 2007
Carpet Web Builder
Domotex 2007, Special Edition
Look inside: Booria Carpet Weaver
How to create filters to eliminate weaving
Carpet Design Awards 2007
Booria Carpet Designer Professional
Plus edition will be going to?
From image to design
Step by step with Booria Carpet Designer
Booria Comprehensive Line of
Products for Carpet Industry
Domotex Middle East - Dubai, June 2007
16th Persian Grand Carpet Exhibition - Tehran, August 2007
ITMA 2007 - Munich, September 2007
Meet us at Domotex-me 2007
Editorial .......................................................................................................2
Events ...........................................................................................................................................2
What’s New ...........................................................................................3
Comprehensive Line of Products for Carpet
Industry ...................................................................................................................................3
New Product ...............................................................................4-5
Booria Carpet Web Builder .....................................................4-5
Farzin Hariri
New Feature .......................................................................................6
Choromatone Supported by Booria .........................6
Carpet Designer at a glance ..............................7
From photo to design ...............................................................................7
Booria Carpet Weaver, Look inside .....8
Add a filter to a weave set ...............................................................8
Success Story .......................................................................9-14
Setareh Kavir Group .....................................................................................9
Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian ........................................10
Çınar Halı .........................................................................................................................11
Mashhad Carpet ..............................................................................................12
Golden Carpet .....................................................................................................13
Sumer Carpet .........................................................................................................14
Designer Club .............................................................................15
Mr. Homayounifar - Mashad Carpet ......................15
Close Up ..................................................................................................16
Carpet Design Awards 2007 ...................................................16
Booria's seminar in Kashan .......................................................16
Baghe Gereh (Garden of Knots) .....................................16
The Designer Team
Managing Director - Farzin Hariri
[email protected]
Managing Editor - Gholamreza Salamati
[email protected]
Graphic Designer - Mahnaz Mozafari
[email protected]
owadays you can hear
more about Booria’s activities and achievements.
“Comprehensive line of products for
carpet and rug industry”, “New Web
Builder products”, “Booria’s great
present in Carpet Design Award”
and so on. All is a sign to show our
great and well known potential and
actual customers, our commitment
toward excellence. Designed to
lead products, are our customers’
expectations and they are sure that
nothing less than their expectation
will be gained from Booria.
Comprehensive line of products for
carpet industry is the next step. If
you are a practitioner, expert or
manager in handmade or machine
made carpet, now should count on
Booria’s products in every field, design, production and sales. Booria’s
product line is not limited to advance designing system, Booria
Carpet Designer. Comprehensive
line of products which specially developed for carpet and rug industry now will cover all your requirements. These interactive products
cover design, production, order
management, sales and marketing
And Carpet Design Awards which
has a special gift for the winner of
the visitors’ choice. In this great
event which will be held during
Domotex 2007, Booria Carpet Designer Professional Plus edition will
be presented to the winner. With
this present, Booria tries to emphasize on the importance of design
and colors, and show its respects
and admiration to who implement
them as best as it could.
This is not all you expect from
Booria, be sure we will continue to
answer all your software and hardware needs, by providing designed
to lead solutions
Booria Team
Carpet Designer - Mohammad Delasa
[email protected]
Published by:
Booria CAD/CAM Systems
2nd floor, No. 65, Khoramshahr St.,
Tehran, Iran.
PO Box: 14655-197
Tel.: (+98 21) 88739073, 88739048
Fax: (+98 21) 88769036
Email: [email protected]
:: 16th Persian Grand Carpet Exhibition- Tehran, August 2007
:: Domotex Middle East- Dubai, June 2007
:: ITMA 2007- Munich, September 2007
CAD/CAM Systems
Designed to lead
2/designer 2007
Domotex 2007
Meet us at Hall 5, Stand A41
what's new
Comprehensive Line of Products for Carpet Industry
ooria Comprehensive line of
Carpet products are specially developed for every small
to big producers who interested to
control every action in its company
and interconnect the most important sections like design, production, ordering, marketing and sales
to each other. With these solutions,
carpet could be designed, then archived and automatically added to
the company’s web site and e-catalogue for demonstration and sales.
This complete solution consists of
these excellent products:
Design Archiver; SQL-based design archiving and searching solution. With Booria Carpet Archiver,
designs and all related product
information can be archived in a
SQL-based database in Server.
After organizing designs, both
Carpet E-Catalogue and Carpet
Designer can be linked to it and
use the data for product designing
and presentation based on different levels of permissions.
Builder also can connect to this
design database to update company’s web site regularly with new
products arrivals. E-catalogues for
interactive presentation of products
can link to Archiver to update the
marketing and sales team while ordering procedure can be handled
Carpet Weaver; is an advanced
solution for processing the carpet
designs and converting them into
machine specific production data
supporting, single, double and triple rapier, face to face and incorporate techniques with a large range
of weave sets. Tasks like creating
weave sets, creating filters, defining
denting and converting the designs
can be done simply. EP, JC5, DAT
and DES (Booria’s Loom Controller
file format) files are supported in
this advanced solution.
Carpet Designer; is the most advanced carpet design solution which
nowadays is the first choice of professional carpet designers around
the world. This design application
coming with flexible and compre-
ration support, carpet comparison,
different levels of accessibilities and
… are some features of this solution.
Carpet E-Catalogue; is an advanced marketing tool for presenting your products electronically, in
a 3D decorative way that is much
more attractive, with considerable
cut in costs and time of catalogue
Data Logger; is a data acquisition system which simply gathers
the information about a system
or process efficiency, such as machine speed, weft insertion rate,
yarn breakage, temperature and
Loom Controller system; is a
Windows XP Embedded based
system for controlling the carpet
looms with different electronic
Jacquards or electronic Selection
Boxes. It provides a wide range of
facilities for browsing and displaying all files graphically (designs,
schedules, palettes, etc).
hensive set of drawing tools and a
great range of functions and features to increase design productivity. Unique features and facilities enable users to create desired designs
at the speed of their thought.
Carpet Web Builder; This advanced solution will automatically
create an interactive web site which
updates itself regularly by connecting to Booria Design Archiver to insert new designs. Communicating
with design and order management
departments, online shopping support, 2D/3D carpet and room deco-
Scheduler; is a production planning
systems specially designed for machine made carpet production. With
this tool, users can create schedules
which consist of carpets layout even
with different sizes, carpets weaving sequences, and their weaves.
With these solution every section
of a company easily communicates
with each other. This will help company to prevent overlapping actions
and increase the productivity and
3/designer 2007
new product
Booria Carpet Web Builder
Rolls out Red Carpet for your customers and dealers
aking advantage of internet and e-commerce is
becoming common nowadays and every small to
big handmade and machine-made carpet producer intend to present its products to its customers.
But How to create an interactive web site that provides
you and your customers many different features and
functions easily?
Booria Carpet Web Builder provides you an opportunity to create interactive web site easily and keep your
web site up to date. Only need to insert your desired
web site layout, then it will automatically build your interactive web site with many different features.
One of the interesting features of this solution is content
management with automatic updating and uploading.
It will regularly connect to Booria Design Archiver
and automatically check the new arrivals in your design
database and will insert them to your web site galleries and ordering pages. It is also connect to your order
division and manage your orders and items.
Ability to rate your dealers is another advantage of this
system. Dealers can connect to your web site base on
their priority with different levels of accessibility and
check for your updates and new arrivals. The most important feature of this solution is online ordering and
shopping support for the site visitors and customers.
Your customer can visit the web site, find out their desired designs while viewing them in 3D decorative room
view, create favorite pages and shopping baskets and
with credit card put an order on their selections.
Some of the most important features of this advanced
web solution are:
:: Update your site with your new designs just by
a simple click
There is no need to have any special knowledge in internet. With the advance wizard of this solution easily
update your web site automatically.
:: Simple or advanced search
Two search method, simple and advanced, support professional and amateur web site visitors find their desired information and carpet designs easily based on
size, price, quality, color, shape.
4/designer 2007
:: Carpet technical specification and details
Not only you can provide web site visitors the image of
your carpet but also it is possible to put the technical
and other detailed information of each design next to
it. The web site provides different levels of information
for different types of customer, either professional or
normal users.
:: 3D carpet and room decoration
Users can see the selected
carpet in 3D decorative room
views to find out how the selected carpet looks like in an
interactive view.
This feature uses
the most advanced
imaging technology and guarantees
:: New arrival list
Recently added carpets will be shown in a customized
list. It supports search and advanced search, filtering results, sorting base on different parameters and
:: Most popular list
Ability to present the most favorite carpets sold so far
is a good guideline for other site visitors who wants to
get an idea about what’s in, to purchase it. Using this
feature with 3D/2D room decoration feature is the best
visual experience for such users and gives them the
image of what they are looking for.
:: Top sellers list
This feature is actually used for administrators to show
total sales of each and every branch office in specified
period of time.
:: Manage your customers and dealers
Based on different factors like price, security level, visiting sequences and more, rate your customers and
dealers. This also helps users access their desired information easily without getting involved with unnecessary information.
:: Use the power of carpet online ordering and online shopping
Shopping comfort is one of the most important abilities
of this web site. That is why several lists have been
provided for each user in order to help them have an
easy shopping.
:: Different ordering policies
Putting an order by customers is the first step if you
consider the other facilities this feature provides you.
You can categorize you customer to have different accessibility to your different special offers. This is what
we called pricing policies. So by this advanced feature
you can apply different pricing policies for your important, intermediate and normal customers. Another
ability of this feature is interconnecting your customers
with your order department. So if a customer put an
order it will directly send to your order department for
further follow up and actions.
:: Carpet comparison
It is possible to compare two (or more) different carpets which are selected from wish list or shopping carts.
It provides users detailed information about compared
carpets and help them select and buy what they really
To see the created sample web site by Booria
Carpet Web Builder, please visit: builder
By this new advanced solution you can gain more than
e-galleries which current web sites provide you. With
utilizing this solution you can have 3D decorative galleries, customer relation activities, e-ordering division
and finally an interactive e-company
An opportunity to create an interactive
web site with online ordering & shopping
support, 3D room decoration, auto updateing
and uploading, defining different levels of
accessibility and more, just by some clicks.
:: Shopping cart and wish list
Helping users to order their desired products, compare
carpets, calculate total payable amounts, manage order quantities and confirm or abort the order are the
other abilities of these lists.
Technical Specification
:: 3D carpet and room decoration using highest image processing technology which included different room
and carpet categories which helps customers to spend minimum time and effort to buy what they really
want and guarantees their satisfaction
:: Web Builder takes advantage of the last Distributed application architecture (Service Oriented Architecture),
which guarantees the availability, flexibility and scalability of the product. This system also uses disconnected
programming technology which means your web site is up even if your database server is down for a short
period of time and helps administrator in disaster recovery phase (with some technical exceptions).
:: Role-based security helps different access for different levels users this means you data is safe whatever
your role is
:: 2.0 technology
:: Using AJAX technolugies helps customers to spend less time on their shopping with smother browsing
5/designer 2007
new feature
Choromatone Supported by Booria
For more information, about special offers on Booria Carpet Designer
with Chromatone Color Atlas package please contact us
Booria Carpet Designer, version
6.04 has been released
December 4, 2006
Version 6.04, the new Booria Carpet
Designer version, officially released on
December 4, 2006, two weeks after
version 6.03 and includes several new
features and enhancements. Some of
the new features and enhancements
New “Carpet Print Report” dialog
New “TALAM” Printing dialog
New “Chromatone” color codes
Faster Paint in Bilinear Zoom Out
:: “Airbrush” and “Pattern Airbrush”
tools with faster painting
:: Some bugs have been fixed
:: and more
Wants to know more, get in touch
with: [email protected]
How to subscribe designer
In order to receive seasonal newsletter of Booria CAD/CAM Systems, you
can send and email to:
[email protected] or call us directly with this phone number: (+98
Carpet Designer Video CD
ooria Carpet Designer Video CD contains movies about different features of Carpet Designer software. This CD can be used as a guide
for whom interested to become more familiar
with this advanced design solution or liked to
use it as multimedia manual to
work better with this software.
To receive Booria Carpet Designer Video CD, just contact
our marketing team and ask
your free CD.
You can also ask for two previous issues, June and September 2006, if
you have not received them yet.
designer, is a free of charge service
which Booria provides its actual and
potential customers.
designer covers different subjects
related to Booria’s solutions and carpet industry specially carpet and rug
designs and also will be distributed
among hundreds of carpet decision
makers and producers around the
Please contact with: [email protected]
6/designer 2007
Booria Carpet Designer, Version 6.04
ooria CAD/CAM Systems and RGS Carpet Service Group signed
an agreement to support each other in the international carpet market.
Booria also implement Choromatone
color values in its advance Carpet Designer software which are compatible
with Chromatone atlas products.
This new feature enables designers and
producers re-coloring and color matching in order to facilitate simple and
standardized coloring.
Booria users can also purchase Choromatone Color Atlases and use them
as a color reference during designing and color handling procedure.
carpet designer at a glance
From photo to design
uick and illustrated look at the design procedures from scanned photo or digital images. See how one can
create a ready to weave design, from even a perspective image just in 2 or 3 working days. This example
is prepared for hand made carpet sample
1 Sample photo
2 Extracting carpet design by
3 Editing procedure with
4 Editing steps for outlines
5 Coloring and editing
6 Edited carpet
7 Simulated carpet
8 Different hand made
9 Creating color ways
De-perspective function
printing styles
special drawing tools
7/designer 2007
booria carpet weaver, look inside
Add a filter to a weave set
Be on tour in Booria Carpet Weaver
Y ou may encounter with weaving
defects which reduce the quality of
the final carpet. To eliminate these
defects you should work on weaving techniques and add some sort
of filters depend on your defects’
type. With a graphical illustrator,
cross section viewer, of Booria
Carpet Weaver you can easily edit
and create up to 256 filters for each
weaveset to omit the weaving defects and errors.
There is an example to show you
how easily you can do this important and fully technical task. Weaveset parameters are as follow:
:: Triple Rapier, Cut-Loop;
:: Number of Frames: 8;
:: 3 position Jacquard;
:: Double pile and denting support
In this example, you have encountered with mix contour defect which
caused by switching between bottom pile and a loop. (Fig 1) To remove this defect you should add a
relevant filter to your weaveset.
For this purpose:
Step 1:
Click on “+” in Weaves List. Filter
Formula will be opened. You can
here define your filter. For this defect, select Description Based filter
creation method and by selecting
B-B-LP-LP (B= Bottom Pile; LP=
Loop Pile) and clicking on “Create”
button, main and corrected pattern
will demonstrate your defect (Fig
2). Now you can view a cross section and a pattern of your defect in
4 separated sections.
Step 2:
You can remove defect in two ways;
first regard to its cross section. For
this purpose select the frame which
caused the defect from the “Select
Pile” drop down menu, and then
easily by some clicks in the cross
section window, remove the defects. Second method is regard to
its pattern. You can change the pattern for removing this problem by
clicking on the UP, D, CP, CD buttons
(Up, Down, Center bottom, Center
down). Regardless to the method
the deduced result will be the same
(Fig 3).
Step 3:
After filter creation you can confirm
the filter by clicking on “Add to main
weaveset”. The created filter then
will be added and activated.
Step 4:
Now after adding this filter to your
weaveset, by converting the design
with created weaveset you can see
the deduced result do not have any
mix contour defects (Fig4)
When do you use each filter creation method?
:: Description Based, user can create filters based on layers. It means only consider switches between colors which defined in top or bottom layers (creel position) regardless to their color indexes.
:: Index Based, user can create filters based on color palette indexes. It means
only consider switches of colors which their indexes are defined in the designed
carpet color palette.
:: User Defined Based, completely flexible method which is combination of index
based and description Based method. User can create very special filters with
changeable X and Y dimensions (weft and warp sequences).
8/designer 2007
success story
Setareh Kavir Group
ered together to make this internationally well known company one of
the great carpet exporters of Iran.
Setareh Kavir is another great name
amongst the names who utilize different Booria’s products
Setareh Kavir is a group of five private companies active in production
of machine-made rugs and raw materials.
Setareh Kavir produces carpets for
different market segments like: hotels, mosques and homes based on
customers’ orders without limitation
in color, design and size. Ordered
carpets and rugs that are woven
in Setareh Kavir Group match various decorations and meet all selections.
To achieve this versatility and create eye catching designs, Setareh
Kavir selected Booria’s carpet solutions and utilizes several of them in
the factories and main office. “We
need a solution to show a customer
the final result in its desired decoration and Booria Carpet Studio and
E-Catalogue is a great help”, said
Mr. Zakipour, sales Manager of Setareh Kavir.
Booria designs systems
helps our designers work
as best as they could with
enormous precision and
Also creating outstanding designs
for different market targets is the
main aim of Setareh Kavir. “Booria
designs systems, assist our designers, the title of the design group
in designing and color-scheming,
in their job to do as best as they
could with enormous precision and
speed”, said Mr. Saeid Sadeghian,
Technical Director of Setareh Kavir.
Products versatility, carpets design,
and raw material quality all gath-
9/designer 2007
About Setareh Kavir
oven carpet should be
decoration and customers’ taste. So to achieve this important goal, Setareh Kavir made a
Since its birth in the early eighties, Setareh Kavir Group has
extended its fields of activity to
strengthen its control over the
quality of its raw materials and
the speed of their preparation.
This has resulted in crossing the
border of being merely a carpetweaver and transforming into a
focused collection of reputable
companies, under one management, co-operating towards the
production of high quality products. Staying in accordance with
international standards, since
1981, made it internationally reputable company amongst wellestablished producers of high
quality machine-made carpets.
With an annual production capacity of 2,500,000 sqm. Setareh
Kavir production line includes;
Wool Carpets (100% wools of
New Zealand) in 5 & 8 colors,
Acrylic Carpets (from 520,000
pts/m2 to 1,500,000 pts/m2,
100% Dralon made by Dralon
Gmbh), Polypropylene Carpets
(Various collections as: Kilim,
5 colors; Super Kilim, 6 colors;
Jajim -Flat weave, 4&5 colors),
Heat set Carpets (from 500,000
pts/m2 to 1,000,000 pts/m2),
Frieze Carpets (400,000 pts/m2,
5-8 colors), Cut/Loop Carpets (in
highest density, 8 & 10 colors)
success story
Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian
Booria Carpet Designer
helps us comply market
trends and mix our well
experienced designers’
ideas perfectly with
modern and innovative
Faradj and Homayoun Farhadian
Carpet Company is one of the biggest handmade carpet production
plants and its main showroom
with more than 100,000 square
meter handmade carpet and rugs
located in Tehran. The produced
rugs of this well known company
have woven by passionate weavers who bring their own impression and culture to every knots of
each handmade carpet and rug.
Only 18,000 weavers weave Fars
region designs and 8 creative designers work with modern solutions to create masterpieces.
And their existing collections in
their showroom in Hamburg,
Germany, are examples of quality and designs to international
About Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian
andmade carpets and rugs
are the traditional treasure of Iranians and how to
combine this great traditional treasure with new international market
trends to create fantastic composite
Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian Carpet Company which specialized in
producing hand made carpets and
rugs over decades selected Booria
Carpet Designer to respond more
rapidly to international market
As the quality and design matters
most in the handmade carpet production Faradj and Homayoun Farhadian OHG always been concerned
in employing the most experienced
weavers and designers and utilizing
the modern systems to help them
more efficiently while keeping the
soul of the traditional handmade
“Besides well experienced weavers and high quality raw materials
which we utilizes in all of our products, we have an excellent team of
designers who with advanced computerized design systems can create
extraordinary designs by combining
traditional designs with today’s latest fashions to meet market needs”,
said Faradj Farhadian.
“Booria Carpet Designer helps us
comply market trends and mix our
well experienced designers’ ideas
perfectly with modern and innovative objects”, said Homayoun Farhadian.
Faradj and Homayoun Farhadian
Carpet Company is another great
name amongst the hand made carpet producers who use Booria advanced products for carpet industry.
Besides great names in handmade
industry like: Nourison, Rugs by
Robison, Tratex, Rugman, Carpet
Heritage, Çinar, Sumer Halı, Golden
Carpet, Nejad Carpet and more…
“We have tried many different modern design solutions, but the software which fulfilled our special requirements for handmade carpet
and rug is Booria Carpet Designer”, said Homayoun Farhadian
success story
Çınar Halı
are the very unique and elegant
examples of this wholeness and results of several months or years of
hard work. Emergent creations are
parts of this elegance completeness
and have the same beauty with
ınar Halı, elegance of the
past, woven to the future...
In 1935 Hayrullah Çınar lie
the foundation of Çınar halı
in Kayseri, and today it became a
major corporation with its 14000 sq
meter integrated production facilities and turned into a highly appreciated brand both nationally and internationally. Each carpet is woven
by Turkish craftsmen and shows the
unique quality and the handwork of
a traditional carpet.
“We are as Cinar Hali using Booria
Carpet Designer drawing software
in the process of producing carpets which each of them is art by
itself. Just not because supporting
basically the drawing of a carpet
but continuous updates and instant
customer respond, we recommend
it highly.”, said Mr. Mehmet Çınar,
General Director of Çınar Halı.
Çınar Halı’s designs, which are collated with Anatolian silk, wool, hard
work, patience and endless efforts,
We are as Cinar Hali using
Booria Carpet Designer
drawing software in the
process of producing
carpets which each of them
is art by itself.
Just not because supporting
basically the drawing of
a carpet but continuous
updates and instant
customer respond, we
recommend it highly.
Çınar Halı olarak, sanat eseri niteliğinde ki halılarımızın üretiminin en önemli ve ilk aşamasında Booria Carpet Designer çizim programını kullanmaktayız. Bir halı tasarımı için gerekli, tüm özelliklere sahip olmasının
dışında, sürekli geliştirilmesi ve hızlı desteğinden dolayı tercih sebebimiz olmuştur. Henüz yakın zamana kadar
üretiminin çoğunu yurtiçi ve yurtdışı toptan satışlar ile devam ettiren Çınar Halı, bugün ürünlerini her biri birer
sanat eseriymişçesine Cağaloğlu’ndaki mağazasında müşterilerinin beğenisine sunmaktadır. Yakın zamanda
pek çok yeni mağaza ile özel müşterilerine ulaşmak çabasında olan Çınar Halı, 2006 Eylül ayı itibari ile yepyeni bir atılım yaparak ürünlerini geniş kitlelere tanıtmayı hedeflemiştir. Bu yönde yeni bir reklam kampanyası
başlatan Çınar Halı, Türk Halı kültürüne yaptığı olumlu katkıları nedeniyle hak ettiği onuru özenle taşımayı
sürdürmek amacı ile m² olarak dünyanın en büyük el dokuma ipek halısı ile dünya çapında ismini duyurmaya
11/designer 2007
Turkish Version
ınar Halı
Geçmişin zarafeti, geleceğe dokunuyor...
1935 yıllarında Hayrullah Çınar tarafından temelleri Kayseri’de atılan Çınar Halı, bugün 14000m² kapalı
alana kurulu entegre tesisleriyle bir dev işletmecilik haline dönüşmüş ve adını gerek yurtiçinde, gerekse
de yurtdışında takdir ile anılan bir marka haline getirmiştir. Tamamen Türk işçi ve sanatkarlarının emeği ile
dokunan her bir halı, bu yönü ile kalite eşsizliğini devam ettirmektedir.
success story
Mashhad Carpet
n the intense international
carpet market, you have to
keep the designs relevant to
your customers’ opinion as fast as
possible. Which solution could fulfill
the needs of the producers?
Mashad Carpet is a member of
Mashad Carpet Group and is the
largest manufacturer of machinemade carpets and area rugs in
Mashad Carpet is another great
name amongst the wide range of
clients who use Booria solutions
in the worldwide carpet industry
such as Oriental Weavers, Nourison,
Rugman, Covtex Feizy, Saudi
Carpet, Setareh Kavir and hundreds
of clients in 21 countries
To solve these problems and to have
a larger share of the international
market, it turned to Booria Carpet
“Besides the advance solutions
Booria offers us, their excellent
support, training, customer service
and flexibility in terms of adding new
features based on customers’ needs
quickly, make us rely on Booria” ,
said Mr. Reza Hamidi, chairman and
CEO of Mashad Carpet.
Mashad Carpet group had utilized
different European solutions before
and finally chose Booria Carpet
Designer and now up to 26 design
systems are installed in their design
experienced carpet designers focus
on creating new designs for our
valued customers worldwide. The
latest computer design technology
is used in our design department.
There are regular training courses
for our designers to maintain the
department at its highest level of
creativity and make sure they are
adapted to worldwide designs and
coloration trends”, said Mr. Reza
Hamidi, chairman and CEO of
Mashad Carpet.
Mashad Carpet is well known for high
standards of quality and innovative
designs and is the pioneer producer
of the highest quality machinemade area rugs. Mashad Carpet
does not limit its cooperation with
Booria to design systems; they have
equipped their sales and marketing
team with Booria Carpet Studio
and E-Catalogue solution as well.
About Mashad Carpet
Mashad Carpet group
had utilized different
European solutions
before and finally chose
Booria Carpet Designer
and now up to 26 design
systems are installed in
their design department.
Mashad Carpet is the leading
Iranian manufacturer and exporter
of machine–made carpets and
area rugs. The production line
2,000,000 pts/m2, Wools of New
Zealand), Wool & Silk (1,000,000
pts/m2, with natural silk yarns),
Wool & Acrylic (600,000 to
1,000,000) Acrylic (500,000 to
1,200,000 pts/m2 Dralon Acrylic
Fiber), Polypropylene (BCF, HeatSet, Cut & Loop, Loop (275,200
to 1,200,000 pts/m2)) and handmade Leather & Fur carpet.
Established in 1978, annual
production: 3,000,000
success story
Golden Carpet
olden Halıcılık 1987 yılında Türk
El Dokuma Halı Sektöründe faaliyete başlamıştır.Genel olarak Ege
Bölgesi köylerinde dağılmış olarak 500’ün
En modern makine ve
üzerinde tezgah ve 1500 dokuyucusu ile
üretim yapmaktadır.Desenlerimiz usta bilgisayar donanımlı
desinatörler tarafından çalışılmaktadır.
fabrikamızda desen
Bize özgün çizgilerimizle günün moda
renkleri ve konseptine uygun olarak
tasarımı Booria
tasarlanmaktadır. Renk laboratuarımızda
Çizim programı ile
hazırladığımız sonsuz renk çalışmaları,
modern iplik ve yün kazanlarımızda kençalışılmaktadır.
di bünyemizde hazırlanmaktadır.
Halılarımız kendi bünyemizdeki özgün
yıkama, çakım, kırkım ve saçak örgüsü
departmanlarında işlendikten sonra titiz
bir kalite kontrolden geçerek müşteriye
Dekorasyonu tamamlayan özel sipariş
Fabrikamız eni 6m (20 feet)’e ulaşan halı
imalatı yapma olanağı vardır.
America’s Magnificient Carpet ödülüne layık görülen halılarımız Türkiye
ve Dünyanın önde gelen adreslerinde
Halılarımız geleneksel değerlerini ko-
El dokuma halıda
en ince hatlarla,
renk geçişlerinde
ayrıntılı çalışma
imkanı sağlayan
Booria Carpet
Designer, sürekli
kendini yenileyen
bir program olarak
üretimin sistemli
olarak yürümesine
büyük destek
olden Carpet, with around
500 looms and 1500 weavers
has been established in 1987
to produce high quality hand made
carpets, in west of Turkey. The designs
prepared by experienced designers
who utilized local motifs and elements.
Also dyers tries to generate the best
naturals dyes for silk and wool yarns.
“To update, design studio we decided
utilizing the most powerful hardware
and software like Booria Carpet Designer”, said Izak Eskinazi, General
Director of Golden Carpet. “The present features of Booria Carpet Designer package support our designer
team and enable them to design detailed classical motifs with very nice
color tunes and we would like to express our satisfaction with the gained
results of Booria application”, said
13/designer 2007
Summarized in English
“En modern makine ve bilgisayar
donanımlı fabrikamızda desen tasarımı
Booria Çizim programı ile çalışılmaktadır.
El dokuma halıda en ince hatlarla, renk
geçişlerinde ayrıntılı çalışma imkanı
sağlayan Booria Carpet Designer,
sürekli kendini yenileyen bir program
olarak üretimin sistemli olarak yürümesine büyük destek olmaktadır”, Izak Eskinazi, Genel Müdür Golden Halıcılık.
Günün değişkenliğine ayak uydurarak
tasarlanan koleksiyonumuzda El Dokuma Yün, El Dokuma ipek ve yün
halılarımız gereksinime göre ipek ya da
yün çözgülü olarak hazırlanmaktadır.
Üretilen halılarımız arşivlenmekte, yıllar
sonra bile aynı halının üretimi mümkün
ruyarak dünyanın en çok tecih edilen Türk
Düğümü tekniği ile üretilmektedir. 1500’ün
istihdam yanında eğitim ve modernizasyon çalışmalarımızla İNSAN ve DOĞA’ya
verdiğimiz önem ön plandadır.
Klasik değerlerini koruyan Bergama, Uşak,
Symrna, Sultan Abad, Herat desenlerinin
yanında kendi yarattığı Mohair Collection
ile Türk Halı’sının önde gelen isimlerindendir.
Kalitemizden ödün vermeden, ilklere
imza atmak ilkemizden ve insana-doğaya
verdiğimiz değer inancımızdan vazgeçmeden çalışmak, markamızın imzasıdır
success story
Sumer Carpet
.In the mean time we are able to create
carpet designs faster and easier now”,
said Mr. Fahrettın Kayıpmaz, General
Director of Sumer Carpet.
UMER Carpet is the only integrated state enterprise, which
has been executing all production stages beginning from the supply
of raw materials to the stage of marketing by means of modern procedures
and technological developments saving
the traditional and cultural features of
Turkish carpet and handicrafts.
Sumer Carpet founded in 1989 in order
to preserve the original form of Turkish
hand made carpets and rugs. Keeping
historical features, quality and comply
these features with modern design and
present them to world wide market is
the main goal of this company. Our carpet design are trade marks of our cultural identity.
Since 2005 which
we have purchased
Booria Carpet
Designer, we are able
to work faster and
Sumer Carpet Stands in the Name of
Quality: The policy for Sumer Carpet is
to keep the high levels of production to
marketing standards in order to present
the Turkish culture as best as possible.
In each step of production the quality is
the most important factor. The finished
product of both hand made carpets and
kilims are classified as special quality,
high quality, normal quality and defective, by the quality assurance department and enter to the market after barcoding procedure.
This is show Sumer Carpet commitment
toward usage of modern and best technologies to export traditional products
like carpet and rugs
“At Sumer Carpet, production is carried
out based on the archive which has 4850
of original Turkish Carpets designs. Our
designs consists of both the traditional
and modern styles. These designs were
being prepared by our designers using
ordinary software until 2005, before the
purchase of Booria Carpet Designer
HALI DESENLERİMİZ KÜLTÜREL KİMLİĞİMİZİN MARKASIDIR: Sümer Halı’da Türk halı ve kilim örneklerinden
geliştirilen 4850 adetlik orijinal Türk halı desen arşivi ile üretim yapılmakta, Desen tasarımlarımız; geleneksel
dokuma kültürümüze ait desenlerin dejenere edilmeden günümüzde yaşatılması ve modern tasarımlar olarak
iki ayrı konsept içinde yürütülmektedir. “Bu çalışmalar Kuruluşumuzun kendi hazırlamış olduğu programlarla
bilgisayarda yapılmakta iken, 2005 yılında alınmış olan Desen Tasarım Programı Booria Carpet Designer ile
daha seri ve kolay olarak yapılmaya başlanmıştır”, Fahrettın Kayıpmaz, Genel Müdür.
Yağcıbedir, Milas, Çanakkale, Yuntdağı tiplerimizde geleneksel dokuma kültürü yaşatılırken, Hereke, Ladik,
Bünyan ve Isparta tiplerinde 100 yılda gelenekselleşen ticari yapı içinde üretim yapılmakta; Uygur, Şark,
Davras, Hünkar ve Kaftan Koleksiyonlarımızla modern tasarımlı güncel halı piyasası için üretim yapılmaktadır.
Kuruluşumuz Türk Patent Enstitüsünden onaylı 21 Türk el halısı ile 3 kilimin coğrafi işaret tescili ile üretimini
yapmakta, “Hereke” markası Kuruluşumuza ait bulunmaktadır
Turkish Version
ümer Halı Kalkınma Plan ve Programları çerçevesinde, Türk el halıcılığının dejenerasyonunu önleyerek
otantik özelliklerini ve kalitesini muhafaza etmek ve bu özellikleri çağdaş tasarımlarla zenginleştirerek
dünya piyasasına sunmak üzere el halıcılığı ve el sanatları ile ilgili ürün imalatı, pazarlaması, ithalat ve
ihracatını geliştirmek ve devletin düzenleyici ve gözetici fonksiyonlarını yerine getirmek üzere 1989 yılında Yüksek Planlama Kurulu kararıyla kurulmuş ve 1998 yılında Bakanlar Kurulunca İktisadi Devlet Teşekkülü olarak
Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı’nin ilgili kuruluşu haline getirilmiştir.
designer club
Next issue yours? contact us
ifferent forms of carpet designs are the elementary
factor which makes the living
environment of human being beautiful. Different designs and combinations are an endeavor to satisfy
different tastes and thoughts.
And Persian traditional designs have
been hosting different peoples with
different cultures and tastes, in
their homes around the world for a
long time. In my opinion the factor
made these designs dominant and
truly beautiful is their origin. These
fabulous designs rooted from nature
which attracts every men and women with different tastes, cultures
and taught, because the beauty of
nature is a common sense around
the world. Every body can learn the
rules of this beauty from the nature
and Persian implemented these
rules as best as they could in every
aspects of their life and specially in
their carpet designs. The rules like;
variety, symmetry, balance, proportion, composition and more.
The first step to reach this beauty
is cognition. With thorough analysis
and exact look around one can understand the need, innovation and
creativity which can fulfill it. The
second step is utilizing good tools.
To implement or even integrate
the cognition as best as possible,
one should have the right tools and
Having enough knowledge in raw
material and their behavior during weaving process is one of the
key factors which could help each
designer. Selecting high quality raw
material make the produced design
looks more like the real design. So
Mr. Alireza Homayounifar, head of
design in Mashad Carpet Company
and currently supervise 15 designers who all work with Booria Carpet
([email protected])
Ideas that lie behind the
carpet design beauty with
tools and raw material
which make it happen are
important factors make a
design acceptable.
Designer Club
designer can imagine the final result of each design easily and can
define the worthiness of one design to be produced. Besides having
knowledge in weaving process and
techniques is a must for a designer,
because design by itself is an idea
only and the weaving techniques
and cycle make it happen. So knowing well this integrating process
helps a lot. But always ideas come
first because without an idea even
with great tools and equipment you
can not have an acceptable product
but with ideas and suitable tools
and equipment you can produce
To be a successful designer, one
should consider production limitations and artistic fundamentals and
then with utilizing high quality raw
material, employs customers’ ideas
and his/her creativity to innovate
even a popular design.
Nowadays software products help
designers to apply their creativity
and customers ideas very fast and
also help them to gain best results
with the minimum costs.
Finally these factors make each carpet design acceptable: ideas that
lie behind the carpet design beauty
with tools and raw material which
make it happen. (Mr. Alireza Homay-
ounifar, Jan. 2007)
An opportunity to be a global designer
By joining Designer Club you can:
:: Create your profile and send it to Booria to be in touch with more than hundreds of
carpet producers around the world
:: Join designer forum
:: Have opportunity to publish your ideas in a newsletter which will be distributed
among more than hundreds of decision makers around the world
:: Participate in online designing sessions, for becoming more familiar with Persian and traditional designs
For more information do not hesitate to contact: [email protected]
Carpet Design Awards 2007
ooria Great Present will go to
the Best Visitors’ Choice on
Carpet Design Awards 2007
Besides all the honors will go to a winner of the visitors’ choice, like the previous year, the second Carpet Design Awards (CDA) ceremony
comes up with a special present. Booria CAD/CAM Systems will
present one package of its advanced carpet design software,
Booria Carpet Designer Professional Plus Edition to the
winner of the visitors’ choice. This valuable gift from Booria to
a winner, which its competence approved by expert visitors of
Domotex 2007, will provide Booria the opportunity to show its
commitment toward carpet designs and designers.
The Carpet Design Awards were established for the purpose of
acknowledging the remarkable talent and creative energy that
are driving developments in the market for handmade carpets.
The co-sponsors of these awards for creative and innovative
carpet design are Deutsche Messe AG and Centaur Publications (publishers of the trade journals “HALI” and “Modern
Carpets & Textiles”).
The prize award ceremony will take place on Sunday 14 January 2007, 5 p.m. in hall 15 at DOMOTEX HANNOVER. The
winner of the Visitors’ Prize will be announced on Tuesday 16
January, the final day of the DOMOTEX show and the visitor
will receive its great award then
ooria seminar held in Kashan, machine-made carpets city of Iran
To familiarize students, experts and
managers of textile and carpet industry with
modern and advanced solutions which developed by Booria, one day seminar held in
This friendly meeting consists of two main
sections, one with the students and experienced teachers of Azad textile university of
Kashan and one with carpet experts and managers who interest to become more acquaintance with Booria’s activities and products.
Throughout this meeting Booria’s products
which totally developed for machine made
carpet industry has been demonstrated. Solutions like: Carpet Designer, Carpet Weaver,
Data Logger and Loom Controller.
The new Booria Carpet Weaver was totally
eye catching. Due to the technical characteristic which lies beneath the friendly environment of this technical solution both carpet
and textile experts and students become
interested in this solution. Booria always
support activities which provide face to face
meetings with whom are potential or actual
users of Booria’s products to hear and implement their ideas and wishes
Baghe Gereh (Garden of Knots)
ooria supported young & talented besides the well experienced hand made carpet designers
Baghe Gereh (Garden of Knots) ceremony, design festival of Iranian young and
experienced handmade carpet designers, was held on First of December. In
this great event, winners which categorized in two main category, skilled and talented
designers, have received their prizes. Booria as main design system developer,
announced its supports and presented the winners valuable prizes. The most
valuable prizes which presented to winner of the skilled designers category and
the winner of talented designer were two Booria Carpet Designer softwares.
Besides these valuable prizes, five young talented carpet designers who their
designs were selected as the best designs in their region have received their
special prizes (Gold Coins) from Booria.
This special event which held for the first time in Iran was organized by Iran
Carpet Company
Booria's seminar in Kashan
close up

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