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June 6 2016 - The Aurora Newspaper
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Vol. 37 No. 22
JUNE 6, 2016
Sharing in
a cultural
Captain Andréa Fortier
This year’s Aboriginal
Awareness Week took place
between May 24 and 27. The
week was first introduced in
1992, intended to increase
awareness of Aboriginal
peoples and their traditions.
It has evolved into a week to
honour the many Aboriginal
cultures in Canada including Metis, Inuit and First
As part of the celebrations,
Marlant JTFA hosted a pow
wow May 26 at 12 Wing
Shearwater’s MacDonald
Beach. In support of this ini-
tiative, 14 Wing Greenwood
sent 18 members from various units to partake in the
festivities. Amongst them
was Lieutenant-Colonel
Sean Duggan, commanding
officer of 14 Air Maintenance
Squadron and the 14 Wing
champion for Aboriginals.
Additional participants came
from multiple units in Shearwater and Halifax. A group
from the Canadian Forces
Aboriginal Entry Program
also participated in the celebrations. Captain (Navy)
Skjerpen welcomed all, and
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Invited elders led a celebration May 26 at 12 Wing Shearwater, marking Aboriginal Awareness Week.
Corporal J. Roy, 14 Wing Imaging
June 13 visit includes NHLer MacKinnon
14 Wing shows off focus on fitness, recreation
Sara Keddy,
Managing editor
wood is looking forward June
13 to hosting some significant
guests - including Nova ScoCelebrating June is Recre- tian NHLer Nathan MacKinnon
ation Month, 14 Wing Green- of the Colorado Avalanche.
No Interest
Credit Plan
Your choice of
Armed Forces through a close
association with the national
June is Recreation Month
program offered by Personnel
Support Program’s Commu-
14 Wing Greenwood
Month terms
MacKinnon is visiting with
TSN announcer Gord Miller
and a sponsoring group of
Canadian Tire executives, all
keen to support the Canadian
830 Central Avenue, Greenwood
Office: (902) 765-1184 • Open Sunday
nity Recreation.
activities to highlight both
Mike Taylor, 14 Wing’s 14 Wing’s focus on military
senior manager PSP, is ex- fitness and family recreation.
cited to host the day’s visitors,
and has planned a range of
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Ghyslaine Roy
Bilingual Realtor ®
Cell: 902.825.9469
Office: 902.765.3505
[email protected]
771 Central Ave., Greenwood
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Page 2
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
was later joined by Rear-Admiral John
Newton. Some of the elders included Elder
Doug Knockwood and Elder Dr. Don Julien.
Personnel were exposed to different
styles of native dances, accompanied by
drummers from the Eastern Eagle drum
group. Some of the traditional dances included the Grass dance and the Veteran’s
dance. Members were then treated to some
hearty, traditional moose stew and bannock
A portion of the 14 Wing members participated in the sweat ceremony, which turned
out to be a unique experience. Participants
entered the lodge equipped with towels and
an open mind. Twenty-six heated rocks
Eastern Eagle drum group members invited guests at the 2016 Marlant JTFA pow
were brought in to the centre of the circle wow to join them in the circle.
Corporal J. Roy, 14 Wing Imaging
A dancer at the 2016 Marlant JTFA pow
wow, in support of Aboriginal Awareness and water was added, creating hot steam
exposed numerous personnel to the tradiWeek, held at MacDonald Beach, 12 and causing inevitable sweating, accom- to ancestors.
tions of our Aboriginal personnel.
Wing Shearwater, May 26.
panied by some explanations and chanting
MacKinnon ...
“Our guests really want to
meet our military personnel
and their families here in
Greenwood as part of their
‘support the troops’ sponsorship of June is Recreation
Month, and we definitely want
to showcase some of our great
facilities,” Taylor says.
The day will start with a
command team coffee gather-
ing at the Flight Line Café, with
a chance for guests to check
out the Greenwood Military
Aviation Museum’s extensive
At 11 a.m., the visitors and
14 Wing Greenwood personnel and families will gather
across from the Church Street
Community Recreation Centre, at the entry point to the
community fitness trail with
Wing Commander Colonel
Pat Thauberger. This newlyenhanced looping set of alternate routes incorporates 14
Wing’s recreational spaces,
outdoor fitness equipment
and a walking/ running path
through the Residential Housing Units neighbourhood and
natural settings – military
fitness classes, families with
strollers and dog walkers are
already making use of this
great community trail system.
Those in attendance are welcome to meet special guests
and even have items signed
at an autograph session. The
first official PSP-led military
fitness class on the trail will
get underway at 11:15 a.m., or
the crowd may enjoy a walk as
part of a mid-day recreational
Invited guests will meet at
the Greenwood Golf Club for
a patio lunch overlooking the
course, followed by a planned
tour of several of 14 Wing’s
aircraft on static display and
a visit to various operational
side of the base locations to
meet military personnel in
their day-to-day work settings.
As part of their national
sponsorship, Canadian Tire
will be presenting gift cards
and offering items as prizes
during the day’s activities. Uniformed members and families
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Thauberger, commandant de l’Escadre.
are encouraged to say hello,
and explain what they do as
part of the “Defence Team.”
“Our visitors want to meet
our airmen and airwomen and
learn about our base,” Taylor
says. The Director General
Canadian Forces Morale and
Welfare Services has endorsed
visits to bases and wings
across Canada, and we’re
excited to have them visit
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Canadian Air Force website
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14 Wing Greenwood Site
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the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
June 6, 2016
Page 3
Safe driving starts at the top
The 2016 National Road
Safety Week campaign has
wrapped up at 14 Wing Greenwood.
The purpose of the May
16 to 20 program is to raise
awareness of safe driving
habits and techniques across
Canadian Armed Forces bases
and wings. Each year, the
campaign focuses on a specific
theme: this year’s theme was
“Management’s Responsibility” to prevent collisions and
At 14 Wing, Transportation
and Electrical and Mechanical
Engineering Squadron’s Road
and Vehicle (R&V) Safety Section supported National Road
Safety Week primarily by increasing safety patrols around
14 Wing and Land Forces
Atlantic Area Training Centre
Aldershot. As R&V Safety staff
identified drivers who were
demonstrating safe driving
habits - observing speed limits,
wearing seat belts, using signal
lights and proper backing techniques; for example - individuals were stopped and informed
of the national campaign and
then presented with a small
prize. These personnel were
also entered into a draw for
some larger prizes.
The prevention of needless
collisions and damage to Department of National Defence
vehicles and property is an
ongoing effort. R&V Safety
continually offers a variety
of driving courses, which all
aim to promote safe driving
techniques and practices all
DND drivers should follow. As
well, as collisions occur, R&V
Safety investigates each one
to determine the root causes
and factors. Remedial actions,
including education, awareness
and training; are recommended
to the Transport Authority to
prevent reoccurrences.
In addition to the efforts
of R&V Safety, management supervision of and instructions has regulations in place that
plays a critical role in enforcing given to drivers of DND vehicles dictate, when a workplace has
safe driving practices. Effective must always take place. DND multiple workers using one or
more vehicles, a “multi-driver
task sheet” must be used to
track who used which vehicle,
when. This information allows
the chain of command, as
well as R&V Safety, to narrow
critical details that may relate
to collisions or incidents of
Management is also instrumental whenever certain driver
courses are offered within the
unit, i.e. ATV/ LOSV, fork lift,
mule, etc. Management has
a responsibility to select appropriate unit staff, which are
trained and qualified to act as
driver instructors and driver
examiners for courses. Management must also select students for these courses – not
everyone may be suitable for
that type of training. Without
management’s involvement,
the potential for unnecessary
damage to equipment and
injury to personnel greatly
La Semaine nationale de
la sécurité sur la route de
2016 s’est terminée à la 14e
Escadre Greenwood.
L’objet du programme qui
s’est déroulé du 16 au 20
mai consistait à accroître les
connaissances relatives aux
habitudes et aux techniques
de conduite sécuritaire à
l’échelle des bases et des
escadres des Forces armées
canadiennes. Chaque année,
la campagne met l’accent sur
des thèmes précis. Le thème
de cette année était « Responsabilité de la direction »
en matière de prévention des
collisions et des dommages.
À la 14e Escadre, la Section
de la sécurité routière et des
véhicules de l’Escadron –
Transport et génie électrique
et mécanique a soutenu la
Semaine nationale de la sécurité d’abord en augmentant
les patrouilles de sécurité aux
environs de la 14e Escadre
et du Centre d’instruction du
Secteur de l’Atlantique de la
Force terrestre Aldershot.
Le personnel de la sécurité
routière et des véhicules ont
déterminé les conducteurs
qui adoptaient des habitudes
de conduite sécuritaire –
observation des limites de
vitesse, port de la ceinture de
sécurité, utilisation des feux
clignotants et techniques de
conduite en marche arrière
appropriées. Des personnes
ont notamment été interceptées et informées de la
campagne nationale; on leur
a remis un petit prix. Elles
ont également été inscrites à
un tirage pour des prix plus
La prévention des collisions et des dommages
inutiles aux véhicules et aux
biens du ministère de la Défense nationale représente un
effort constant. La Section
de la sécurité routière et des
véhicules offre une variété de
cours de conduite, lesquels
visent tous à promouvoir les
techniques et les pratiques
de conduite sécuritaire que
tous les conducteurs du MDN
devraient adopter. De même,
lorsqu’il y a des collisions, la
Section de la sécurité routière
et des véhicules effectue une
d’un registre de conducteurs
multiples, lorsque plusieurs
travailleurs utilisent un ou
plusieurs véhicules dans un
lieu de travail, afin de pouvoir
déterminer les personnes
qui ont utilisé les véhicules
et les dates d’utilisation. Ces
renseignements permettent
à la chaîne de commandement, ainsi qu’à la Section
de la sécurité routière et des
véhicules, de restreindre les
détails essentiels qui peuvent
porter sur les collisions ou les
incidents ayant occasionné
des dommages.
La direction joue également
un rôle de premier plan lorsque des cours de conduite
sont offerts au sein de l’unité
(VTT/motoneiges, chariot
élévateur, tracteur, etc.). Elle
est chargée de sélectionner
les membres appropriés du
personnel de l’unité, qui sont
compétents et qualifiés pour
agir à titre d’instructeurs et
d’examinateurs des cours de
conduite. La direction doit
également sélectionner les
stagiaires de ces cours – ce
type de formation ne convient
pas à toutes les personnes.
Sans l’engagement de la
direction, la possibilité de
dommages inutiles à l’équipement et de blessures au
personnel augmente de manière importante.
May 16, 14 Wing Greenwood kicked off National Safe Driving Week with a cautionary display as personnel arrive at the base’s main gate. From left are Chief
Warrant Officer Roddy Chittick, 14 Wing Commander Colonel Pat Thauberger and
the 14 Wing Transportation and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Squadron
team – Warrant Officer Bryan Easson, Master Corporal Earl Hynes and Master
Corporal Andrew Hattie.
Corporal J. Roy, 14 Wing Imaging
La conduite sécuritaire commence au sommet
enquête dans chaque cas
afin de déterminer les causes
et les facteurs. Des mesures correctives, y compris
l’éducation, la sensibilisation
et l’instruction, sont recommandées à l’autorité chargée
du transport afin d’éviter que
de tels incidents se reproduisent.
En plus des efforts de la
Section de la sécurité routière
et des véhicules, la direction
joue un rôle essentiel dans le
cadre du renforcement des
pratiques de conduite sécuritaire. Il faut toujours assurer
une supervision efficace et
communiquer des directives
aux conducteurs des véhicules du MDN. Les règlements
du MDN prévoient l’utilisation
Marion Hill,
Law Office & Mediation Services
Community, base bands in concert
The 40-member Annapolis Basin Community Band
will add substantially to its
number when it performs
with the 14 Wing Greenwood Band at the King’s
Theatre Sunday, June 12
at 2 p.m.
In a joint program of music - sometimes blissful,
at other times rousing and
all especially arranged for
concert band performance;
the two bands will present
a concert entitled “Amazing Grace of Spring.” The
program will include the
title song, “Amazing Grace,”
featuring a soulful bag piper
accompaniment. Also featured will be the first and
final movements of Ron
MacKay’s memorable Annapolis Royal Suite.
Open seating tickets, including tax, are $12 advance, $15 door, $5 youth;
and are available at the
King’s Theatre box office,
902-532-7704, at www.
kingstheatre.ca or from
band members.
Marion Hill L.L.B.
902 679-3200
Offering COST effective out
of court legal solutions to
family law problems.
‡ Family Law Lawyer, Mediator
& Collaborative Lawyer
‡ General Practice of Law
[email protected]
Suite 6, 21 Webster Street, Kentville
Page 4
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
High expectations in charity challenge for dad
Sergeant Brian Milligan,
The Aurora Newspaper
Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Leona Conrick
never dreamt she would one
day be heading to Peru to
climb Machu Picchu.
While growing up in St.
John’s, Conrick certainly
made the trek up Signal Hill
several times. The elevation
to the top of Signal Hill is
400 feet, pretty much a walk
in the park compared to the
challenge she faces travelling
7,000 kilometres to climb Machu Picchu - with an elevation
of just under 15,000 feet.
“Events in life can certainly
change your priorities and,
when my father was diagnosed with Leukemia, I knew
that I had to do something,”
Conrick says.
“It is such a helpless feeling
when you find out someone
close to you has cancer. I
needed to find some way to
feel empowered.”
From Signal Hill to Machu Picchu…
Leona Conrick is putting
her father’s health top
of mind as she trains to
climb Machu Picchu in his
Sergeant B. Milligan
Conrick, the Greenwood
Military Family Resource Centre’s volunteer services manager, knew her co-worker,
Michelle Darrell, was participating in the Team in Training,
lenge online, an organization
that allows individuals or
groups to choose an adventure or challenge and use it as
a vehicle to raise awareness
and funds for a cause. Con-
running a marathon to raise
funds and awareness for
the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society of Canada. Loving the
idea - but not being a runner,
Conrick found Charity Chal-
rick registered for the Charity
Challenge last July.
She has since spent the
year preparing: her indoor
training involves going to
the gym three times a week,
where she used the dreaded,
mind numbing, mechanical stair climber - until she
realized this only trains you
for going up, not down. She
switched to actual stair climbing for a minimum of 30 minutes, and added numerous
lunges and squats. She always finishes with 30 minutes
on the bike. Outdoors, Conrick has travelled throughout
the province and has hiked
Cape Split several times (a
16-kilometre distance at an
elevation of 450 feet), Pollets
Cove in Cheticamp (a 20-kilometre route with an elevation
of 1,200 feet) and Granite
Ridge in Musquodoboit (an
18-kilometre distance with an
elevation of 400 feet).
Conrick says the best part
of the whole charity chal-
lenge to date has been the
outpouring of support from
her family, friends and the
community. She has raised
$3,500 towards her target
of $5,000 and, based on her
dedication and determination,
she will reach that summit
as well.
“I am climbing a mountain,
but the real hero in this story
is my father. He told me from
the beginning that he was
going to kick cancer in the
butt, and he has! It is his
determination that continues
to inspire me.”
With the help of a trial drug
Conrick’s father’s cancer is
now in remission. He will be
with her in spirit every step
of the way, as she leaves
for Peru July 21 and returns
August 2.
If you are interested in supporting Conrick, check out
Commissionaires one of Canada’s Best Employers of 2016
The Canadian Corps of
Commissionaires has ranked
among the top employers in
Canada, according to Forbes’
list of Canada’s Best Employers of 2016.
Forbes, partnering with
online statistics provider,
Statista, surveyed more than
8,000 Canadian workers. The
resulting list includes 250 employers across 25 industries –
ranging from corporate giants
to community-based financial
institutions to universities and
government agencies.
Commissionaires ranked
in the top quarter of the 250
employers, outranking other
Canadian security services
providers by a wide margin.
“We’re extremely proud
to be recognized as one of
Canada’s best employers,
and to be the highest ranked
security company among
those surveyed,” said Bruce
Belliveau, chair of the National
Business Management Committee, Commissionaires,
and CEO of Commissionaires
Nova Scotia.
Workers were asked to determine how likely they were
to recommend their employer
to someone else and what
Durland, Gillis & Shackleton Associates
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
services & trades
Call 902-765-1494 local 5833 for info
9594 South Farmington
RR1 Wilmot, NS B0P 1W0
S p e c i a l i z i n g i n Ro o f i n g • Fr e e E s t i m a t e s • I n s u r e d
W. Bruce Gillis, Q.C. • Maggie A. Shackleton, B.A., J.D.
Counsel: Blaine G. Schumacher, CD (Also of the Alberta Bar)
Counsel: Clare H. Durland, Q.C. (Non-Practising)
Phone (902) 825-3415 • Fax (902) 825-2522
74 Commercial Street
P.O. Box 700, Middleton, NS
B0S 1P0
Nova Millwrights
they thought about the other
employers in their industry.
Commissionaires is a security provider, and the largest
private sector employer of
Canadian Armed Forces and
RCMP veterans. It employs
20,000 people across the
country, offering a wide range
of services, including professional guarding, monitoring
and surveillance, threat risk
assessment, non-core policing, by-law enforcement,
digital fingerprinting, criminal
and employee background
screening, investigations and
security training.
Licensed Mechanic Available on Site
U-Haul Dealer call (902) 765-0158
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High Pressure Welding
Aluminum Welding
Portable Line Boring
Steve Horridge (President)
11 Freeman Street
Middleton Industrial Park
Tel: (902) 825-2318
Cell: (902) 825-7061
Fax: (902) 825-4768
[email protected]
Fuel for Less, 902-538-0677
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the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
June 6, 2016
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• Uconnect® 3.0 multimedia centre and USB port
• Electronic Stability Control with Hill Start Assist, Trailer Sway
Control and Traction Control • Cruise control and tilt steering
column • 17-inch lightweight aluminum wheels
• Front and rear stabilizer bars
Laramie model shown
any make, any model $1,500 LEASE PULL AHEAD CASH
Page 6
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Berwick Sports Hall of Fame set for June 11 induction
The 18th Induction and
Recognition Ceremony of
the Berwick Sports Hall of
Fame will take place June 11
at 7 p.m. at the Kings Mutual
Century Centre. The Hall of
Fame will be inducting three
athletes, one team and two
athlete/ builders.
Curling sensation Curt
Palmer has three Brier appearances and three national
championship appearances.
Ed Malloy and Brian “Gerry”
Goulet are two fastball pitchers who stand out from the
1960s: both will be inducted
as athletes. The team be-
Possibilité d’emploi
Centre de ressources pour les familles militaires de Greenwood (CRFMG)
Coordonnateur ou coordonnatrice
de liaison auprès des familles
Poste à temps plein
Le CRFM de Greenwood est à la recherche d’un coordonnateur ou d’une coordonnatrice de liaison
auprès des familles (CLF) chargé d’aider l’équipe multidisciplinaire du Centre intégré de soutien du
personnel (CISP) des Forces armées canadiennes (FAC) à offrir un soutien, des services et des soins
uniformes et normalisés aux familles des Forces canadiennes qui doivent composer avec la maladie
ou des blessures, ou qui ont des besoins particuliers.
Le ou la titulaire doit élaborer, mettre en oeuvre et offrir des programmes et des services de soutien
et d’intervention en situation de crise aux familles des FAC qui doivent composer avec la maladie ou
des blessures, ou qui ont des besoins particuliers. Cela comprend la prise de contact initiale avec les
familles et le suivi nécessaire, l’évaluation des besoins et l’aiguillage, l’intervention en situation de crise
à court terme (individuelle, en couple ou en famille), le travail de groupe, l’élaboration de programmes,
le réseautage avec des équipes ou des ressources communautaires et l’intervention d’urgence en cas
d’incidents critiques. Le ou la titulaire doit notamment concevoir et offrir des services permettant
d’améliorer l’intégration sociale et le bien-être émotionnel des familles des Forces armées canadiennes.
• Posséder de solides habiletés en communication
orale et écrite pour être en mesure de parler en public,
d’animer des ateliers et de rédiger des rapports.
• Maîtrise en travail social (et être admissible ou
enregistré auprès de l’organisation provinciale
appropriée) ou combinaison équivalente de
baccalauréat en travail social et d’expérience.
• Nous comptons des familles qui exigent la prestation
de services en français. Le bilinguisme est
souhaitable. L’anglais est essentiel. La connaissance
du français constitue un atout important.
• Vaste expérience de travail auprès d’individus, de
familles, de petits groupes et de collectivités et
au moins cinq années d’expérience en counseling
et en gestion de crise, en éducation familiale, en
intervention à court terme et en soutien des familles.
• Connaissance approfondie des organismes civils ou
provinciaux qui peuvent offrir un soutien aux familles
de militaires – tout particulièrement celles qui doivent
composer avec des blessures, des maladies ou des
besoins particuliers.
• Excellentes compétences en matière d’évaluation,
de communication et d’entregent, et sensibilité et
tact auprès de personnes qui vivent des situations
stressantes, ce qui implique la capacité de tolérer
un niveau de stress élevé et d’intervenir dans des
situations de crise.
• Chaleur, empathie, humour, philosophie en matière
de soins exempte de jugement et excellente
compréhension et application des principes de
• Contribuer au travail d’équipe grâce à son
comportement personnel, à sa contribution au
travail et au partage de son expérience et de ses
connaissances. Travailler en équipe au développement
de nouvelles idées et de nouvelles méthodes
permettant d’améliorer les programmes offerts.
• Large éventail de connaissances théoriques et
pratiques englobant la conception, l’élaboration,
la mise en oeuvre, l’animation, la coordination et
l’évaluation de programmes, la formation et
l’éducation des adultes, l’animation et la dynamique
de groupe, l’intervention en situation de crise, les
processus et la dynamique de la séparation, de
l’attachement, des mauvais traitements et de la
violence familiale.
• Une excellente compréhension du processus de
développement communautaire est essentielle,
ainsi qu’une connaissance pratique des ressources
communautaires dans la zone desservie.
• Bonne connaissance de la gestion des risques et
souscription au principe du bénévolat.
• Une excellente compréhension des besoins
particuliers des familles des FAC, ainsi que la capacité
démontrée à travailler efficacement au sein d’une
équipe interdisciplinaire et de façon autonome tout
en relevant les défis d’un rôle exigeant comportant de
multiples facettes.
• Connaissance de Microsoft Office et de programme
en graphisme.
• Poste salarié à raison de 37,5 heures par semaine. Le ou la titulaire doit être en mesure de faire preuve de
souplesse pour combler les besoins du CRFMG, du CISP et des familles que nous desservons. Possibilités
de travail les soirs et les fins de semaine.
La personne retenue devra être prête à entrer en poste en août 2016.
Elle devra passer les vérifications suivantes : registre des cas d’enfants maltraités, casier judiciaire et
fiabilité approfondie.
Les candidats admissibles doivent envoyer une lettre de présentation et un curriculum vitæ dans
lesquels ils indiquent clairement en quoi ils satisfont à toutes les exigences du poste, et ce, d’ici midi,
le vendredi 24 juin 2016, à l’attention de :
Margaret Reid,
Directrice exécutive du CRFMG
Centre de ressources pour les familles
militaires de Greenwood
C. P. 582, Greenwood (N.-É.), B0P 1N0
Courriel : [email protected]
(en format MS Word ou PDF)
Télécopieur : 902-765-1747
• Veuillez fournir votre curriculum vitae en anglais.
• Le CRFMG est situé dans le Centre AVM Morfee, School Road, à Greenwood.
ing inducted is the 1964
Cambridge Red and Whites,
that year’s Maritime softball champions. The athlete/
builders are figure skater and
skating coach Rick Book and
Dale Lloyd, a softball player,
golfer, businessman and current Kings County councillor.
“These people represent
tremendous accomplishment
in sport and to the community, and we look forward to
highlighting and honouring
them during the induction
ceremony,” says Mike Trin-
acty, chairman of the Hall of
Fame committee.
As well as the ceremony,
many athletes and teams
will be recognized for their
achievements over the last
year. Recognition goes to
athletes who have participated at the provincial level,
or teams that came at least
top-four in provincial play or
made any other outstanding
A new feature this year
will be local recording artist
Hughie MacDonell, releas-
ing a song dedicated to the
Berwick Hall of Fame.
The evening “always draws
a large crowd,” according to
Trinacty, and “having Hughie
perform will make it an even
more entertaining evening.”
The induction is a family event with no admission
charged, and a reception
follows the ceremony. For
information, contact Carol
Boylan-Hartling, Berwick
Recreation Department, 902538-8616 or [email protected]
Employment Opportunity
Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre (GMFRC)
Full Time Position
The Greenwood MFRC requires a Family Liaison Coordinator (FLC) who provides support to the Canadian
Forces Integrated Personnel Support Centre’s (IPSC) multi-disciplinary team in delivering standardized,
consistent care, service, and support to CAF families coping with illness, injury and/or a special need.
Responsible for the development, implementation, and service delivery of support services/programs
and crisis intervention to CAF families coping with illness, injury and/or a special need. This includes
initial and continued contact with families; assessment and referral; short term individual, couple
and/or family crisis intervention; group work; program development; networking with community
resources/teams; and emergency response to critical incidents. Duties will include responsibility for
the design and delivery of services to enhance the social functioning and emotional well being of
Canadian Armed Forces families.
• Advanced verbal and written communication skills
are necessary to fulfill need for public speaking,
facilitating workshops, and report writing.
• Masters of Social Work (and be eligible or
registered with the appropriate provincial
organization); or equivalent combination of
Bachelor of Social Work degree and experience.
• Our population includes families requiring service
in the French language. Bilingualism is preferred.
English essential. French strong asset.
• Extensive experience working with individuals,
families, small groups and communities with a
minimum five years experience in counselling and
crisis management, family education, short-term
intervention, and family support.
• In-depth knowledge of civilian/provincial agencies
and organizations that can provide support to
military families – specifically those who are
injured, ill and/or have special needs
• Excellent interpersonal, communication and
assessment skills as well as sensitivity and tact in
dealing with people under stressful conditions entails the ability to tolerate high stress levels, and
ability to respond to crisis situations.
• Exhibits characteristics of warmth, empathy, humour
and a non-judgmental philosophy of care and strong
understanding and application of ethical principles.
• Facilitate a team environment through personal
behaviour, work contributions, and sharing of
experience and knowledge. Team participation in
the development of new ideas and methods for
program enhancements.
• Possesses a wide range of theoretical and
practical knowledge encompassing: program
design, development, implementation, facilitation,
coordination and evaluation; adult education
and training; group dynamics and facilitation;
crisis intervention; family violence and abuse and
attachment and separation dynamics and processes.
• A clear understanding of the community
development process is essential and a working
knowledge of community resources in the
catchment area is required.
• Awareness of risk management issues as well as
a strong belief in the principle of volunteerism is
• A good understanding of the unique needs of CAF
families as well as a demonstrated ability to work
effectively within both an inter-disciplinary team
and in a self-directed environment while responding
to the challenges of a demanding multi-faceted role.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office & Graphics program.
• 37.5 hours per week salaried position – flexibility is required to meet the needs of the GMFRC, the IPSC,
and the families we serve. Occasional requirement for evenings & weekend work.
The successful candidate will be prepared to commence employment in August 2016.
Must complete a Child Abuse Registry Check, Criminal Record Check, and Enhanced Reliability Check.
Eligible candidates should submit a cover letter and resume clearly outlining their ability to fulfill all
position requirements, on or before noon, Friday, 24 June 2016 to:
Margaret Reid
Executive Director
Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre
PO Box 582, Greenwood, NS, B0P 1N0
email: [email protected]
Subject line: RESUMÉ – FLC
(MS Word or PDF format)
fax: (902) 765-1747
• Please submit resumé in English.
• The GMFRC is located in the AVM Morfee Centre, School Road, in Greenwood.
Veuillez prendre note que nous communiquerons uniquement avec les candidats
retenus pour l’étape suivante du processus de sélection.
Please note: Only candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted.
Le CRFM de Greenwood souscrit au principe d’équité en matière d’emploi.
Visitez le site www.forcedelafamille.ca pour en apprendre davantage sur le CRFMG.
The Greenwood MFRC is committed to employment equity.
You can read more about the GMFRC at: www.familyforce.ca
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
June 6, 2016
Page 7
Awareness driving Boomer’s ride team members
Sergeant Brian Milligan,
The Aurora Newspaper
You don’t have to be super
fit or an avid cyclist to participate in the June 19 Boomer’s
This year’s Greenwood
event consists of three riding
options: a 40-kilometre route,
an 85-kilometre distance
and a full 125K. Start time is
at 9 a.m. from the 14 Wing
Greenwood Fitness & Sports
Centre. After the ride, there
will be a BBQ and prize draws
at the finish line.
Greenwood event organiz-
of DND
1117 Fitness
With the new FORMeFIT
online booking system, the
Personnel Support Program
fitness staff have moved to a
new electronic delivery system for FORCE evaluations,
which captures all results
electronically and systematically sends it directly into
HRMS. Now that national has
gone paperless, PSP staff will
be destroying all DND 1117
fitness envelopes, starting
July 4. If you want to pick up
your fitness envelope, you
must do it before the aforementioned date.
Inquiries to Fitness Coordinator Eric Plante, 902-7651494 local 5022.
ers are Captain Petrovic and
Warrant Officer Brace.
“It would be great to see
the residents of our towns
and villages support our
event by, perhaps, wearing
red, flying a Canadian flag
along the route or making a
donation. Boomer’s Ride is
to honour Canadian soldiers
who have given their lives in
the line of duty while serving
in Afghanistan, and each cyclist will carry on their bikes
the biography of one or two
of our fallen soldiers.”
Funds raised from this
year’s event will support a
great local shelter for women
and children, Chrysalis House
of Kentville.
May 27, some Boomer’s
team members and volunteers participated in an
all-morning spin-a-thon in
front of the F&S Centre. Approximately $300 was raised.
Brace says it is always great
to raise funds, but it is even
more important to raise
“Hopefully, we’ll see more
people sign up for the event
June 19. Registering is as
simple as going to the Boomer’s website and, within a
couple of minutes, you are
part of the team. If there is
anyone that has any apprehension or concern about
their ability keeping them
from signing up, I personally
assure you that this event is
for everyone.”
Petrovic would love to
see wing units, sections and
squadrons challenge each
other to sign up - and they will
certainly be recognized for
their efforts. To register or for
information, find Boomer’s
Legacy on Facebook.
$500.00 MONTHLY
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Maritime Travel%rLGJHWRZQ
If your charity fundraiser event or program
needs a lift, RE/MAX may be able to help.
Visit us online at valleylistings.ca/community
or drop into one of our 3 Valley locations,
Greenwood, Middleton or Bridgetown;
for details and applications.
‡ Sun PackaJes, Cruises, EurRSe & %eyRQG.
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‡3UiFLQJ6DPH as Online!
Mention this ad at time of booking
to receive a FREE gift!
RE/MAX Banner Real Estate and their Agents
have also contributed over $145,000.00 to the
IWK & Breast Cancer Research and continue to
contribute with each transaction.
Join us for
or Lunch
Daily specials and
waffles all day!
687 Main Street, Kingston
See our daily specials on Facebook
TWEED, William Ewing
08 May 1938 - 09 June 2014
In loving memory of a
wonderful Husband
Father and Grandfather
Two years have passed dear Paddy
Since you were called away
How well we do remember
That sad and weary day
Always in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts
Your Wife Denise and
Sons Bruce, Keith and Gregory
Assisting home sellers and buyers in their quest for the perfect
property and making that journey smooth and worry free.
Let me handle the details!
Lisa (Lisa G)
Giancarlo REALTOR
Cell: 902-692-1170
Fax: 902-765-3214
Email: [email protected]
Corporal Durand, Wing Chief Warrant Officer Luc
Emond, Captain Petrovic and Warrant Officer Brace
after wrapping up the May 27 Boomer’s Legacy spina-thon. Emond says, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!
It’s just like riding a bike.”
Sergeant B. Milligan
Not intended to solicit listed properties
Colin Fraser
Member of Parliament - West Nova
Député - Nova-Ouest
[email protected]
2 George Street, P.O. Box 865,
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
T: 902-825-3327 F: 902-825-3213
Remax Banner Real Estate
962 Central Avenue
Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
Confederation Building
Suite 117, Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Page 8
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Archery Club heads outdoors
for season’s shooting
June is
In The Hunger Games, lead
character Katniss Everdeen
made firing a bow and arrow
look easy.
Have you ever wondered
what it is like to fire an arrow
in real life? The Greenwood Archery Club would love to have
you come out and give this
great sport a try. The club has
been around for a long time,
and currently has 29 members
ranging in age from nine to 60.
No equipment is needed if you
want to check out the club.
“It’s a great family sport,
a great form of exercise and,
through archery training, you
will also learn patience and
improve your ability to focus,”
says club president Jeff Cox.
“It is a great social environment, where camaraderie,
respect and safety are not just
Jumpstart helps kids from financially disadvantaged families get
into the game.
Kids from low-income families
can take the opportunity to experience the benefits of organized
sports and physical activities with
Jumpstart support. During June,
you may stop by your local Canadian Tire to make a donation: 100
per cent of your donation stays in
your community.
Since 2005, supporters have
helped over 1,000,000 kids get
into the game, getting the chance
to develop courage, leadership and
teamwork skills that come with participation in organized sport. Now,
let’s help the next million!
For information on how to apply
for funding, contact Jill Jackson, 14
Wing Greenwood Community Recreation manager, 902-765-1494
local 5331.
A junior archer fires at a 3D target.
Greenwood Archery Club president Jeff Cox takes aim.
Sergeant B. Milligan
words - they are what the club
is all about.”
The club is active all year
long, moving into the 14 Wing
Greenwood Community Centre
during the winter months, and,
in June, will host Summer
Shoot 2016.
If you would like information about the club, email
[email protected]
GMAIL.COM or visit https://
A division of CFMWS
Une division des SBMFC
14 Wing golf playdowns, 6
Greenwood Golf Club
Canadian Blood Donor
Clinic - Morfee Gym
- local 5337
ASC - After School Camp
3-5:30 pm
Boys Club - Golf Course
Walk - 6-7:30 pm
14 Wing golf playdowns,
Greenwood Golf Club
14 Wing golf playdowns,
Greenwood Golf Club
Canadian Blood Donor
Clinic - Morfee Gym
- local 5337
ASC 3-5:30pm
ASC 3-5:30 pm
Youth Centre 6-7 pm
Active Chicks
DQ & Duck Pond
6-7:30 pm - $5
(Meet at pond)
ASC 3-5:30 pm
Youth Centre 6-7 pm
ASC 3-5:30 pm
Tacos & Bubble Soccer
4-7:30 pm - $5
Kayak and canoe rentals
WIth PFDs, paddles, carriers
Free through June
902-765-1494 - local 5331
Recreation Manager Jill Jackson
email [email protected]
phone 902-765-1494 local 5331
Recreation Coordinator Kelly Aucoin
email [email protected]
phone 902-765-1494 local 5337
June 5-11 Š Environment Week Š Bike/ walk to work contest Š Win a BIKE! Š 902-765-1494 local 5331
Administration Terri Pelletier and Michelle Smith: email [email protected]
email [email protected] phone 902-765-1494 local 5341, fax 902-765-1255
Recreation Youth Worker Lindsay McCormack: email [email protected]
NEED SPACE? The 14 Wing Greenwood Community Centre has a number of facilities available for community bookings, from business meetings to courses,
tournaments, birthday parties and more. Rental space includes a conference room, two multi-purpose rooms, a gym floor and bowling alley (licensed for serving alcohol).
Rental rates are $22 per hour, plus HST for Community Recreation Card holders and $32 per hour plus HST for others. Contact 902-765-1494 local 5341.
phone 902-765-8165
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
June 6, 2016
Page 9
This is my therapy
Voici ma thérapie
Descendre un sentier pour
vélo à toute vitesse sous un
ciel ensoleillé fait oublier tous
les instants de stress de la journée : c’est la « thérapie » par les
loisirs à laquelle a recours le
Ltv Aaron Bradley.
Chaque année se célèbre
Juin, le mois des loisirs dans
le cadre des Programmes de
soutien du personnel (PSP)
pour démontrer les nombreux
bienfaits des activités de loisirs. Le thème de cette année,
« Voici ma thérapie », souligne
les effets positifs des activités
récréatives pour se rétablir et
se préparer aux défis à venir.
« Le cyclisme est un moyen
de s’évader du quotidien. Le
temps passé à vélo libère
du stress et est propice à la
réflexion, affirme Bradley. «En
plus d’augmenter la résistance physique, le cyclisme
augmente la force mentale, ce
qui, bien entendu, influence les
autres aspects de la vie. »
Que ce soit dans des clubs
de triathlon ou dans les séances
de sécurité à vélo, le cyclisme
est l’un des nombreux loisirs
que peut pratiquer la communauté des militaires grâce
aux PSP. Les programmes de
loisirs revêtent une importance
particulière pour le personnel
militaire qui évolue au sein
d’une force dont la vocation est
principalement technique. Un
programme bien équilibré aide
à maintenir une bonne forme
physique complète et un état de
bien-être total : santé physique,
émotionnelle, mentale, sociale
et spirituelle de la personne.
Les affectations, les déploiements et la carrière, de même
que les horaires familiaux chargés sont parfois une source de
stress pour les membres des
familles des Forces armées
canadiennes, quel que soit
leur âge. Selon la formation
En route vers la préparation
mentale (RVPM), se livrer à
des activités qui nous plaisent
nous procure une plus grande
énergie pour gérer le stress.
En période de stress, nous
Speeding down a bike
trail under sunny skies, the
day’s stressful moments melt
away: that’s Lieutenant (Navy)
Aaron Bradley’s recreation
Each June, Personnel Support Programs (PSP) marks
June is Recreation Month
by illustrating the many benefits of recreational activities.
The 2016 theme, “This is
my therapy,” highlights how
recreational activities restore
us and better prepare us for
challenges ahead.
“Cycling is a getaway. Time
spent in the saddle is stressfree time that can be used
for reflection,” Bradley says.
“Besides physical strength,
cycling will increase your
mental toughness - which
will naturally transfer to other
areas of your life.”
From triathlon clubs to
safety rodeos, cycling is one
of many forms of recreation
the military community can
engage in through PSP. Recreation programming has
special value for military personnel functioning in a technically-oriented force. A wellbalanced program helps to
maintain total fitness, a state
of well-being - which includes
the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual
health of the individual.
For Canadian Armed Forces
family members of all ages,
postings, deployments, careers and hectic family schedules can lead to periods of
stress. Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) training advises
that engaging in things we
enjoy actually gives us more
energy to manage stress.
When under stress, we often
stop having fun due to a lack
of time or a decreased interest or drive. However, during
stressful times, it is even
more important to schedule
positive activities in our day
in order to effectively manage
the demands in our life.
“By recharging with physical activity and community
programs, CAF members and
their families help protect their
physical and mental health,”
says Colonel Andrew Downes,
Director of Mental Health.
“Scheduling fun, recreational
activities into our day can
help us to effectively manage
the stressful demands in our
For Bradley, hitting the road
on his bike three times a week
is a priority on his schedule.
As a youth, he was a runner
and swimmer, so he added
cycling to his recreation routine with the goal of trying a
“I have competed in triathlons, road racing, and most
recently cyclo-cross,” Bradley
says. “Anytime you reach a
goal, you get a feeling of accomplishment - and cycling
is no exception. Whether it’s
finishing your first Century
(100-mile ride) or winning
your first race, each goal completed will leave you thirsting
for more!”
To learn more about community recreation and to enter
the June is Recreation Month
contest, visit cfmws.com/
mettons souvent de côté le
plaisir faute de temps ou par
manque croissant d’intérêt
ou d’énergie. Toutefois, c’est
à ce moment qu’il est encore
plus important de prévoir des
activités positives dans notre
horaire quotidien pour répondre efficacement aux exigences
de notre vie.
« En refaisant le plein par
des activités physiques et des
programmes communautaires,
les membres des FAC et leur
famille veillent à leur santé
physique et mentale, déclare
le Colonel Andrew Downes,
directeur de la santé mentale.
En incluant des activités divertissantes et récréatives dans
notre journée, nous trouvons
l’énergie nécessaire pour gérer
efficacement les défis de la vie
de tous les jours qui sont un
facteur de stress. »
Pour Bradley, parcourir les
routes à vélo trois fois par
semaine fait partie des priorités
de son horaire. Coureur et nageur pendant sa jeunesse, il a
naturellement décidé d’ajouter
le cyclisme en ayant pour
objectif de prendre part à un
« J’ai participé à des triathlons, des courses sur route et
plus récemment à des épreuves de cyclo-cross, ajoute Bra-
dley. Chaque fois que j’atteins
un but, j’ai le sentiment du
devoir accompli et le cyclisme
ne fait pas exception. Que ce
soit de terminer une première
course Century (distance de
100 milles) ou de gagner une
première course, chaque but
atteint me donne le goût d’en
atteindre un autre! »
Pour d’autres renseignements sur les activités de
loisirs communautaires et pour
participer au concours Juin, le
mois des loisirs, veuillez visiter
le sbmfc.com/jml.
Page 10
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Valley club joins Row N.S.
Row Nova Scotia is welcoming the Annapolis Valley Rowing
Club to the rowing scene in
Nova Scotia. The newest club
to join the already five strong
clubs in this province is full of
promise, having garnered great
water, a fleet of boats and a
strong community connection.
“We are so thankful to be able
to get this club on the water this
year. It has been a lot of hard
work and relationship building,”
says Scott Carr, president of the
Annapolis Valley Rowing Club.
“The water on White Rock Pond
will be a great attraction for
rowers in the Annapolis Valley,
and we hope to be rowing here
for years to come.
The new rowing club is close
to both Horton High School and
Acadia University. This holds a
great potential to add to the high
school and university rowing
programs in Nova Scotia, in addition to encouraging masters
Peter Webster, president of
Row Nova Scotia, says “it is
a great day for rowing in Nova
Scotia when we are able to
welcome a new club. Row Nova
Scotia wishes the Annapolis
Valley Rowing club a wonderful
season and we look forward to
welcoming them to our regattas
and events.”
For those looking to join the
Annapolis Valley Rowing Club,
contact Carr at [email protected]
01 MAY - 30 JUNE
/01 MAI - 30 JUN 2016
The CFB Greenwood 2015/ 2016 intersection hockey season A division championship was won by the 405 Squadron Screaming Beavers, as playoffs wrapped up
May 4. Incorrect information was provided in the article submitted for publication
in the May 30 Aurora Newspaper.
Corporal D. Salisbury, 14 Wing Imaging
don’t pay
Plus no money down not even the taxes *OAC
Payments start October 2016.
Annual General Meeting
Assemblée générale annuelle
Wednesday, June 8 at 4:30 p.m.
AVM Morfee Centre (School Road, Greenwood)
Light refreshments and Capture It Exhibit to follow
FREE Childcare during the brief meeting
To register for childcare (3 months to 12 years)
call 902-765-5611
Are you interested in the Board of Directors?
Call 902-765-5611
* members of the society have the opportunity to nominate & elect BoD members through a voting process
Mercredi 8 juin à 16 h 30
Centre AVM Morfee (School Road, Greenwood)
Des rafraîchissements seront servis et l’exposition “Exprimez-le!” suivra l’assemblée
Service de garde GRATUIT pendant l’assemblée
Pour inscrire votre enfant au service de garde (3 mois à 12 ans),
appelez au 902-765-5611
Êtes-vous intéressés par notre conseil d’administration?
Appelez au 902-765-5611
* Les membres de la société ont l’opportunité de nommer et d’élire les membres du conseil d’administration au
moyen d’un processus de vote.
Ne versez aucun acompte, même pas les taxes *S.A.C.
Les paiements commencent Octobre 2016.
24 School Rd. | 902-765-5611 www.familyforce.ca
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
June 6, 2016
Page 11
Getting the work done
Pam Muise,
Secretary/ treasurer,
Tremont Community
Cemetery Society
Once abandoned and
neglected, the Old Tremont
Cemetery is now showing
the signs of tender loving
care. The exterior of the
Old Tremont Cemetery has
an updated look, sporting
new gates and new fencing. This is all thanks to
a cooperative effort from
community members and
the municipal offices of
Kings County.
With the help of grants
from the Municipal Grants
to Organizations Fund and
their own fundraising, the
directors of the Tremont
Community Cemetery Society (a charitable, nonprofit society made up of
community members),
have orchestrated the
upgrading of the fencing
along the west side of the
historic cemetery use their
own labour, Valley suppliers and a local contractor.
This new fence line is not
intended to keep anyone
out but, rather, to distinguish and protect the
sacred grounds within.
Future plans for the Old
Tremont Cemetery include
resetting of toppled monuments and continued maintenance. As well, a planned
unveiling of heritage designations, both provincially
and municipally, is set to
take place September 11,
in conjunction with the
2nd Cemetery Service and
Graveyard Tour.
The Tremont Community
Cemetery Society is also
the caretaker of the New
Tremont Cemetery, located
on the S-turn of Tremont
Mountain Road, where
burial lots are available for
sale. For further information, contact 902-7652642 or 902-765-3413.
Employment Opportunity
Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre (GMFRC)
(Full Time Position)
The Community Engagement Coordinator is responsible for the GMFRC’s ongoing liaison with local
military and civilian communities including providing information, community outreach, and education
information. Outreach Services will also be provided to CF members and families in Reserve Unit
locations as well as those CF families living outside of the immediate area. As part of the GMFRC multidisciplinary team, the Coordinator is responsible for creatively planning, preparing and coordinating
the public relations and marketing activities of the Centre. This position involves working closely
with other team members to promote Centre programs and services and providing public relations
expertise to the program team. This position also assumes responsibility for liaison with local schools.
Probationary Period:
Responsible to:
6 months
Executive Director
Desired Knowledge, Experience and Education
• Degree in Public Relations, Marketing,
Communications or related field from a recognized
• Minimum of three years experience working in a
public relations position
• Proficiency in both official languages is required;
Excellent written, presentation, and oral
communication skills in both official languages
• Graphic design experience & expertise a definite
• Valid NS Driver’s license
• Excellent computer skills; solid knowledge of social
media options & ability to administrate options
• Knowledge of local media/PR resources and strong
networking abilities
• Excellent interpersonal skills with the proven ability
to deal effectively with community members, staff,
media, and community agencies.
• Willingness to work flexible hours
• Project management skills and be able to work
well with service contractors. This would include
printers, web developers and other contract labour.
• Exhibits characteristics of warmth, empathy,
humour and a non-judgmental philosophy of care
and strong understanding and application of ethical
• A clear understanding of the community
development process is essential and a working
knowledge of community resources in the
catchment area is required. In-depth knowledge of
civilian/provincial agencies and organizations that
can provide support to military families
• A strong belief in the principle of volunteerism is
• A good understanding of the unique needs of CF
families as well as a demonstrated ability to work
effectively within both an inter-disciplinary team
and in a self-directed environment while responding
to the challenges of a demanding multi-faceted role.
• 37.5 hours per week (occasional evening & weekend hours are required. Flexibility is a must.)
Must complete a Child Abuse Registry Check, Criminal Record Check, and Enhanced Reliability Check.
Eligible candidates should submit by fax, mail, or email a cover letter and resumé clearly outlining
their ability to fulfill all position requirements, on or before noon on Friday, 17 June 2016 to:
Margaret Reid
Executive Director
Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre
PO Box 582, Greenwood, NS, B0P 1N0
email: [email protected]
(MS Word or PDF format)
Subject line: resumé – engagement
fax: (902) 765-1747
• Please submit resumé in English.
• The GMFRC is located in the AVM Morfee Centre, School Road, in Greenwood.
From left are Kings County Warden Dianna Brothers and Tremont Community
Cemetery Society directors Pam Muise, Jim Spurrell (president), Janet Martin,
Greg White (in back), Manning Banks and Bob Baker. Missing directors are Vivienne Selig, Jim Marshall and Debi Ward.
Possibilité d’emploi
Centre de ressources pour les familles militaires de Greenwood (CRFMG)
(Poste à temps plein)
Le coordonnateur ou la coordonnatrice de l’engagement communautaire est responsable d’assurer
une liaison constante avec les communautés militaires et civiles locales. Ceci comprend la prestation
de services de renseignements, d’approches communautaires et d’information éducationnelle. Les
services d’approche seront également offerts aux membres des FAC des unités de réserve, à leurs
familles et aux familles des FAC ne vivant pas à proximité du CRFM de Greenwood. En tant que membre
de l’équipe multidisciplinaire du CRFMG, le coordonnateur ou la coordonnatrice assure de façon
créative la planification, la préparation et la coordination des activités de marketing et de relations
publiques du Centre. Il ou elle travaille en étroite collaboration avec les autres membres de l’équipe
afin de promouvoir les programmes et les services du Centre, et d’offrir son expertise en matière de
relations publiques à l’équipe en charge de la programmation.
Période d’essai :
Superviseur(e) immédiat(e) :
6 mois
Directrice exécutive
Connaissances, expérience et études recherchées
• Diplôme en relations publiques, en marketing, en
communications ou dans un autre domaine lié
obtenu d’une université reconnue.
• Minimum de trois ans d’expérience dans un poste
lié aux relations publiques.
• Maîtrise nécessaire des deux langues officielles;
excellentes habiletés en matière de communication
orale et écrite dans les deux langues officielles. Être
en mesure de bien s’exprimer en public.
• Expérience et expertise en conception graphique
• Permis de conduire valide de la Nouvelle-Écosse.
• Excellentes habiletés en informatique; connaissances
approfondies des différentes options en matière de
médias sociaux et capacité à en assurer la gestion.
• Connaissance des ressources liées aux relations
publiques et aux médias locaux, et solides
compétences en matière de réseautage.
• Grande facilité dans les rapports interpersonnels
et capacité manifeste de traiter efficacement avec
les membres de la communauté, le personnel, les
médias et les organismes communautaires.
• Consentir à travailler selon un horaire variable.
• Habiletés en matière de gestion de projets
et capacité de travailler efficacement avec
les fournisseurs de services, notamment les
responsables de l’impression, les développeurs
Web et d’autres employés contractuels.
• Chaleur, empathie, humour, philosophie en matière
de soins exempte de jugement et excellente
compréhension et application des principes de
• Une excellente compréhension du processus de
développement communautaire est essentielle,
ainsi qu’une connaissance pratique des ressources
communautaires dans la zone desservie.
Connaissance approfondie des organisations et des
organismes civils et provinciaux qui peuvent fournir
un soutien aux familles militaires.
• Adhésion au principe du bénévolat.
• Bonne compréhension des besoins particuliers des
familles des Forces armées canadiennes et capacité
manifeste de travailler efficacement de façon
autonome et avec une équipe interdisciplinaire, tout
en relevant les défis d’un rôle exigeant comportant
de multiples facettes.
• 37,5 heures par semaine (le ou la titulaire est appelé à travailler le soir et la fin de semaine à l’occasion;
il ou elle doit donc faire preuve de souplesse).
La personne retenue doit se soumettre aux vérifications suivantes : registre des cas d’enfants
maltraités, antécédents judiciaires et fiabilité approfondie. Les candidats admissibles doivent envoyer,
par télécopieur, par la poste ou par courriel, une lettre de présentation et leur curriculum vitæ, dans
lesquels ils indiquent clairement en quoi ils satisfont à toutes les exigences du poste, et ce, au plus
tard à midi, le vendredi 17 juin 2016 à :
Margaret Reid courriel:
Directrice exécutive
Centre de ressources pour les familles
militaires de Greenwood
C. P. 582, Greenwood (N.-É.), B0P 1N0
[email protected]
(en format MS Word ou PDF)
Objet : curriculum vitae – engagement
Télécopieur : 902-765-1747
• Veuillez fournir votre curriculum vitae en anglais.
• Le CRFMG est situé dans le Centre AVM Morfee, School Road, à Greenwood.
Please note: Only candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted.
Veuillez prendre note que nous communiquerons uniquement avec les candidats
retenus pour l’étape suivante du processus de sélection.
The Greenwood MFRC is committed to employment equity.
You can read more about the GMFRC at: www.familyforce.ca
Le CRFM de Greenwood souscrit au principe d’équité en matière d’emploi.
Visitez le site www.forcedelafamille.ca pour en apprendre davantage sur le CRFMG.
Page 12
June 6, 2016
The Aurora publishes items of interest to
the community submitted by not-for-profit
organizations. Submissions are limited to
approximately 25 words. Items may be
submitted to our office, 83A School Road
(Morfee Annex), 14 Wing Greenwood; by
fax, 902-765-1717; or email [email protected]
ns.aliantzinc.ca. Dated announcements are
published on a first-come, first-served basis,
and on-going notices will be included as space
allows. To guarantee your announcement, you
may choose to place a paid advertisement.
The deadline for submissions is Thursday,
9:30 a.m., previous to publication unless
otherwise notified.
Library children’s program
Tuesdays, join a free weekly
preschool story and craft time,
“Under the Story Tree,” 10:30
a.m.; in the Children’s Room at
the 14 Wing Greenwood Library.
Art show
To July 16, “Artists with Artitude,” a local group “on a
mission of giving,” presents
a display of many paintings
done in a variety of mediums,
along with some hooked rugs;
at the Apple Pie Pottery & Art
Gallery, 106 Main Street (Hwy
#1), Middleton. Monday through
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
solution page 14 Sundays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please
drop in for a visit.
Story time in the park
June 7, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., the
Bridgetown & Area Library takes
story time to Jubilee Park. Join
us for stories on warm and sunny
Tuesdays on the blanket under a
tree near the natural playground.
Tai Chi
June 7, 6 p.m., try a free, beginner Tai Chi class (first class free)
at the Middleton fire hall. Classes
continue weekly – you are welcome to join in. For more info,
contact Anne, 902-765-6378.
Story time
June 8, 9:45 a.m. to 10:15
a.m., the Berwick Library invites
preschoolers and caregivers
to enjoy free fun and adven24. Singer Charles
25. Ancient Mesopotamian ture – reading, rhymes, songs
26. Canada and the U.S.
and books with other children
are members
27. Cognitive retention
and caretakers. On-going every
Wednesday. Join in at anytime!
28. Much __ About
Nature workshop
29. Georgia rockers
35. Cologne
June 8, experience a hands-on
36. The products of
day of adventure for adults to
human creativity
37. Brazilian city (slang)
learn how to share nature with
38. Honorific title in Japan
Le commandant publie des avis d’intérêt
public soumis par des organisations à
but non lucratif. Ces avis doivent
se limiter à environ 25 mots. Les avis
peuvent être soumis à nos bureaux, au
83A, School Road, (annexe Morfee),
14e Escadre Greenwood, par fax au 902-7651717 ou par courriel à l’adresse [email protected]
ns.aliantzinc.ca. Les annonces avec date sont
publiées selon le principe du premier arrivé,
premier servi, et les avis continus seront
inclus si l’espace le permet. Si vous voulez
être certain que votre avis soit publié, vous
voudrez peut-être acheter de la publicité. La
date de tombée des soumissions est à 9 h 30
du matin le jeudi précédent la publication, à
moins d’avis contraire.
metro crossword
1. Businessmen
5. Million barrels per day
8. From a distance
12. Ruth’s mother-in-law
14. Performer __ Lo
15. Drug for Parkinson’s
disease, L-__
16. Composure
18. Broadcasts cartoons
19. Used for baking or
20. About alga
21. Food grain
22. Not messy
23. Super Bowl-winning
26. Egg-shaped wind
30. Get rid of
31. Being enthusiastic
32. A bird’s beak
33. Pores in a leaf
34. Time of life
39. Yuppie status symbol
42. Parasitic fever
44. Gallantry
46. Put this in soup
47. Small dog
49. Malay people
50. Third-party access
51. North winds
55. Peruvian mountain
56. Annual percentage
57. Mourning garments
59. Network of nerves
60. Guided
61. Nests of pheasants
62. DJ Rick
63. No seats available
64. Patty
1. Tennis player Ivanovic
2. __ Nui, Easter Island
3. Cotton pod
4. Air pollution
5. The real __, the
genuine article
6. Taken to
7. Holds artificial teeth
8. Greek mythical figure
9. Small depressions in
the retina
10. Vertical position
11. Shout at length
13. Conceivable
17. White (French)
40. They can die
41. Candy is inside this
42. Verizon bought them
43. Semites
44. Marine mollusk
45. Entertains
47. Made of crushed fruit
or vegetables
48. Town in Apulia, Italy
49. Unresolved root or
sum of roots
52. Invests in little
53. Spanish city
54. Search
58. Midway between south
and southeast
metro crossword brought to you compliments of
840 Park St., Kentville
(902) 678-6000
Toll-free 1-888-466-2702
Three easy ways to enter.
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
children & youth in Wolfville,
as Hike Nova Scotia hosts a ReConnecting with Nature workshop. Learn how to lead and
share an appreciation and understanding of nature with children
and youth. The workshop is
suitable for youth group leaders,
recreation and camp staff, teachers, early childhood educators,
parents and concerned citizens.
The workshop cost is $50 ($40
for members of Hike NS) or $25
for parents not associated with
an organization and for volunteer
leaders. Includes manual and a
year membership with Hike Nova
Scotia. Details at hikenovascotia.
Benefit dance
June 10, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., at
the Royal Canadian Legion,
Kingston, ages 19-plus. Band:
Stagecoach. Freewill offering in
support of Fort McMurray relief
At CentreStage
Tuesdays With Morrie is the
autobiographical story of Mitch
Albom, an accomplished journalist driven solely by his career,
and Morrie Schwartz, his former
college professor. Sixteen years
after graduation, Mitch happens
to catch Morrie’s appearance on
TV and learns his old professor
is battling Lou Gehrig’s disease.
What starts as a simple visit
turns into a weekly pilgrimage
and a last class in the meaning
of life. All tickets $10 for this
one-act play. A donation will be
made to the ALS Society of Nova
Scotia. Shows are June 10, 11,
17 and 18; 7:30 p.m.; and June
12 at 2 p.m. Call 902-678-8040
for reservations. www.centrestagetheatre.ca.
June 10, join the Valley Volksport
Trekkers for a walk in Annapolis
Royal. Meet at Ye Olde Towne
Pub, 9 Church St. Registration at
5:30 p.m. for walking at 6 p.m.
This is a 5/ 10km, 1B walk. For
more info: 902-847-1772.
Movie night
June 11, 6 p.m., the Millville
Community Hall is hosting another movie night. All welcome.
Freewill donation; snacks and refreshments will be provided. The
showing is “Stuart Little Two.”
Crib tournament
June 11, the Kingston Legion
Branch 098 hosts an open crib
doubles tournament. Registration: noon, play at 1 p.m. $40
per team, $1 High Hand. 1st
prize $500, with second and third
prizes. Canteen open.
June 11, join the Valley Volksport
Trekkers for a Delaps Cove walk
(Exit 22 off Hwy 101 to Annapolis
Royal, turn right at lights to tidal
power plant off Hwy 1). Registration at 9:30 a.m. for walking at
10 a.m. This is a 12km, 3C walk.
For more info: 902-847-1772.
Autism event
June 11, join in the Valley edition
of Walk the Walk for Autism,
from the Kingston arena. 9:45
a.m. registration, 11 a.m. walk,
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. family
activities. All welcome. Contact:
Sandy, 902-242-2019 or [email protected]
June 11, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the
Kingston Lions host their spring
yard and furniture sale at the hall,
1482 Veterans Lane. Household
items, furniture, appliances,
books, tools and more! Canteen
At the Evergreen
June 11, 8 p.m., the Evergreen
Theatre presents singer-songwriters Carmel Mikol and Gabrielle Papillon, backed by a
full band. Carmel returns to
her solo career, promoting her
third album, “Daughter of a
Working Man.” Previous albums
were nominated for three ECMA
awards. Gabrielle is touring her
latest album, “Tempest of the
Old.” Directions: 1941 Stronach
Mountain Road, Margaretsville.
Tickets $25 at www.evergreentheatre.ca or 902-825-6834; or
at the door.
Chase the ace
June 11, Chase the Ace (every
Saturday, weather permitting)
at the Kingston Legion. Tickets
are three for $5 and go on sale
from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., with the
draw by 3:30 p.m. You must be
19 years of age to play. Public
June 11, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., there
will be a community breakfast
at the Kingston Baptist Church,
Main Street. Freewill offering,
come and enjoy a delicious
breakfast and healthy choices
as well, such as fruit, yogurt,
homemade muffins.
Jam benefit
June 12, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
the Berwick Library hosts a
Father’s Day Fundraiser for the
new library at Berwick & District
find & win
1. Through our website: www.auroranewspaper.com
2. Fax: 902-765-1717
3. Drop into our office located on 83A School Road (Morfee Annex)
Entry deadline:
Noon, June 9, 2016
Full name
Phone number
Complete the following questions from ads in this week’s issue and win a 14 inch 2-topping pizza
from Mimie’s Pizza, Greenwood. Coupon valid for 30 days.
1. What’s needed by June 15-20, 2016? ______________________________________________
2. Who can seal and repair your driveway? ____________________________________________
3. Who has 3 valley locations? _____________________________________________________
4. Where does registration start at 12 pm ?____________________________________________
5. Whose phone number is 902-765-5611? ____________________________________________
Congratulations to last week’s winner: HEATHER DOBBIN
Mimie’s PIZZA
683 Central Ave.,
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Lions Club. Silent auction and
musical afternoon featuring The
Red Eye Blues Band, Cuckoo
Moon, Almost Famous Ukulele
String Band and Caleb Miles.
Adults $10, children $5. Canteen
available, children’s card making, face painting; book sale.
Tickets available at the Berwick
Library, Wilson’s Pharmasave
and at the door.
June 14, noon to 1 p.m., come
out and enjoy a turkey dinner
with mashed potatoes, dressing,
vegetables, dessert, coffee and
tea at the Kingston Lions Hall.
Cost is $9 ($9.50 delivered,
Kingston/ Greenwood area only.
Deliveries must be ordered by
10:30 a.m. at 902-765-8011).
Come on out for a great meal.
June 6, 2016
Greenwood Players present
June 14 to 18, 7:30 p.m., the
Greenwood Players present
Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock
Holmes (Jeffery Pocock) in “The
Hound of the Baskervilles.” Join
in the suspense and adventure of
this timeless who-done-it. Tickets are $8 and may be purchased
at the Middleton and Kingston
Pharmasaves, by calling 902804-0735 or 902-840-3853, or
at the door.
June 18, 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., the
Kingston Baptist Church, Main
Street, hosts a community supper. Menu: ham, baked beans,
scalloped potatoes, coleslaw,
homemade rolls and rhubarb May 4, the Lions presented $1,700 to Mid-Valley
dessert. The cost is $12 for Palliative Care Services. Haiplik is shown with Lynda
Owen, president of Mid Valley Palliative Care Services.
adults, $5 for children.
Lions lend a hand
solution page 14
Chicken & Bacon
BBQ Melt
June 5 - June 11
solution page 14
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
Aries, you may desire to be
somewhere else this week, but
responsibilities keep you close to
home. You can still have a good
time and make lasting memories.
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Taurus, you initially felt good about
choices you just made a few days
ago, but now you’re not so sure. Ask
around for advice before making
any final decision.
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
Lately you are more willing to take
risks, Gemini. It’s fine to want to try
new things, but always let reason
guide you. You do not want to bite
off more than you can chew.
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
Cancer, the solution to a lingering
problem is on the horizon, and you
will get some closure. This week
you will push past it all and finally
move on.
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
Leo, realizing your dreams is fully
within your capabilities. Make a
commitment now and stick with it.
You have to work hard to get what
you desire, but it’s within reach.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
Virgo, after running the show, it’s
now time to hand over the reins
to someone else. Surrender some
control and enjoy this respite from
being the go-to guy or gal.
patrick’s puzzle brought to you compliments of
te c
lls ha
err b
n cl
st h
et jjust
st $4
Greenwood Mall
Middleton - 902-825-5525 • Greenwood - 902-765-2267
May 3, Kingston Lions President Rick Haiplik was
proud to present $1,700 to the Soldiers’ Memorial
Hospital Foundation. Donna Arsenault, SMH interim
site manager, accepted the cheque at the Lions’ May
noon luncheon. These donations were both made possible through the sale of break-open tickets at Lions’
weekly bingos.
patrick’s puzzle horoscopes
Fun By The Numbers
Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9
grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the
numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each
number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You
can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by
using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more
numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!
sudoku brought to you compliments of
Page 13
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, your energy is focused on too
many things at the moment. Focus
your attention on just one thing for
the time being, and your main goal
will be realized.
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
Scorpio, you may not be up to
too many trivial tasks right now,
so immerse yourself in a creative
project that’s more about the big
picture than the small details.
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
Sagittarius, you may have reached
a turning point in a romantic
relationship. Now is the time to fan
those flames so that the relationship
can grow into something special.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Keep riding this creative wave you
seem to be on, Capricorn. It will
take you far and in many different
directions. Trust in your dreams
and put a plan to realize them into
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
Aquarius, assert yourself a little
more at work so that you get the
respect and the recognition you
deserve. When you state your case,
others will see your perspective.
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Pisces, you tend to see the best
in everyone and that is why you
are such a good friend to so many
people. Maintain your positive
horoscopes brought to you compliments of
Home Centre
BERWICK • 1-800-959-3727
KINGSTON • 1-902-765-3111
KENTVILLE • 1-902-678-8044
BRIDGETOWN • 1-902-665-4449
ANNAPOLIS ROYAL • 1-902-532-1500
Page 14
Classified advertisements, 35 words or less, are $8 tax included. Additional words are 10 cents each, plus tax. Bold text $9, tax included.
Classified advertising must be booked and prepaid by 10 a.m. Thursday
previous to publication. Payment methods include VISA, MasterCard,
AMEX, debit or cash. The Aurora is not responsible for products and/ or
services advertised. To place a classified, contact 902-765-1494 local
5440, visit the office, 83A School Road, Morfee Annex, Greenwood;
email [email protected] or fax 902-765-1717.
To place a boxed, display ad, contact 902-765-1494 local 5833; email
[email protected]
Les annonces classées, 35 mots ou moins, sont vendues au prix de 8
$, taxes incluses. Chaque mot additionnel coûte 10 sous, plus taxes.
Texte en caractères gras 9 $, taxes incluses.
Les annoncées classées doivent être réservées et payées à l’avance avant
10 h, le jeudi précédant la publication. Les modes de paiement acceptés
incluent VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, débit ou comptant. L’Aurora n’est pas
responsable des produits et/ou services annoncés. Pour faire publier
une annonce classée, vous pouvez nous appeler au 902-765-1494
poste 5440, visiter notre bureau au 83A, School Road, annexe Morfee
à Greenwood, nous envoyer un courriel à [email protected]
ou nous transmettre un fax au 902-765-1717.
Pour faire paraître une publicité dans un encadré, appelez-nous au 902765-1494 poste 5833, ou un courriel à [email protected]
crossword solution
sudoku solution
patrick’s puzzle
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Please call 902-765-6312 or visit our
or visit our website at www.parsonwebsite at www.parsonsinvestments.
sinvestments.ca (3714-ufn)
FOR RENT – Spacious two-bedroom
ca. (3720-ufn)
apartment located on Goucher AvDrive, $600/month, heat and cold/ FOR RENT – Two-bedroom unit with
enue, Middleton, upstairs. Kitchen,
garage. Open concept: dining room,
hot water included, coin operated
dining room, living room with washer
living room, kitchen area. Four aplaundry, storage area, quiet buildand dryer onsite. Very quite building.
pliances. Large bath with laundry
ing. Rental application required.
$610.00 per month plus utilities.
hook-up. Wheelchair accessible.
Please call 902-765-6312 or visit our
Please phone 902-825-2338. (3722Utilities extra. Pet friendly. Nonwebsite at www.parsonsinvestments.
smoking. Snow removal and lawn
ca (3714-ufn)
FOR RENT – Kingston, Lincolnshire
care included. On transit route,
Apartments, two-bedroom with two
minutes from Middleton/ Greenwood.
apartment, central Kingston, close
appliances, $600 plus utilities.
Available immediately. Call for more
to everything. Quiet neighbourhood.
Available July 1st please call 902info: 902-765-0412 or 902-824Non-smoking. Ideal for people on
840-0683. (3722-4tpb)
1822. (3708-ufn)
IR. Fridge, stove, microwave. Heat
FOR RENT – Middleton – 492 Main
& lights extra. $625 per month. FOR RENT – Very clean modern one,
Street, Middleton, $700/ month,
two & three-bedroom apartments.
902-765-3664. Available April 1st.
utilities included, quiet building, coin
Middleton to Cambridge. Well man(3719-4tp)
operated laundry, rental application
aged properties. Seniors units availFOR
required. Please call 902-765-6312
able. References required. Call Ross
Crescent, $650/month, large twoat 902-840-0534. (3539-ufn)
bedroom apartment, tenant pays utiliDAN’S FIREWOOD
ties, quiet, non smoking, no pet policy SERVICE
building, site super, available June 1.
Hardwood, $240 a cord
Softwood, $200 a cord
Commercial and Residential, locks
Cut, Split, Delivered
re-keyed, repaired and installed.
Ph: 902-825-6424
Auto and home lockouts. Call GraSTRAWBERRY PICKERS
ham at 902-765-6248. (3714-12tpb)
Starting approximately
June 15-20, 2016.
SERVICE – Bilingual handyman carpenPlease phone 902-847-9456
ter available, 25 years of experience
E.O. Randall Vegetable Farm
Valleywide In-Home
with finish work, flooring, stairs, tile
1777 HWY 1, Auburn
work and more. Reasonable rates –
Computer Repair
flexible hours. Call Mike at 902-2422465 or 902-840-0529. Greenwood/
Offers a full range of services
Kingston (3710-ufn)
in the comfort of your home
SERVICE – Local Lawn Care – Mowing,
Clear Hardwood Cut, Split
• Upgrades • Sales •
and Delivered Quality
fertilizing, lime, leaves and gutters.
• Networking • Tutoring •
• Pickup/Return •
• Laptop Repair •
• Eve-Weekend Appointments •
• Drop-off in Aylesford •
For Fast, Economical,
Convenient Service
~ Call Valleywide ~
Guaranteed please phone
T : 902-825-3361
C: 902-825-8156
M&M Firewood
$240 a cord,
split and delivered.
One-year old,
seasoned hardwood.
Milton: 902-825-8440
Steve Lake’s
Light Trucking
Moving & Deliveries
16’ Cube Van
902-844 0551
Sampson Dr., Greenwood
replacements chip repairs
Trucks ‡ Dozer ‡ Excavator ‡ Screened Topsoil
‡ Fill ‡ Gravel ‡ Landscaping ‡ Septic Systems
‡ QPll installer ‡ Demolition ‡ Driveways ‡ Clearing Lots
‡ New Home Land Preparation ‡ Over 25 years experience
Insert your flyers in
The Aurora Newspaper
We distribute 5,900 copies
from Middleton to Coldbrook.
What better way to promote
your business or service?
Call 902-765-1494 local 5833
RES: 902-765-4709 ‡FAX: 902-765-6420
E-mail: [email protected]
Free Estimates
ALSO: plateglass,
plexie & lexan, mirrors,
vehicle accessories,
window & screen repairs,
replacement thermo pane
windows and more...
Insurance Claims
are our Speciality.
Mention this ad
for $100 off your
YARD SALE – Moving/ Downsizing
yard sale – 36 Hall Road, South
Greenwood, Saturday 11 June from
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Household items and
furniture for sale. Rain or shine. Cash
only. (3722-2tp)
25:40 Church” There will be a church
service held every Sunday at the New
Beginnings Center 1151 Bridge Street
Greenwood provided by Pastor Leon
Langille. Pre service music at 2:50
p.m. Service 3:00 p.m. Doors will
open at 2:30 p.m. All are welcome.
CHURCH SERVICE – New Beginnings Centre, 115 Bridge St., Greenwood. Pastor Neil Armstrong. Doors
open at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome.
Come, bring a friend. Prayer meeting Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.
A community meeting place: rentals,
902-765-8155. (3722-4tp)
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
Chris Parker L.L.B
Ronald D. Richter
(B.A. Hon.), L.L.B.
Southgate Court,
Greenwood N.S.
Phone: 902-765-4992
Fax: 902-765-4120
“Serving the Western Valley Since 1977”
Sunday, 1:30 p.m.
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.
Barrister * Solicitor * Notary
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.davidproudfoot.com
T: 902-765-3301 F: 902-765-6493
David A. Proudfoot
811 Central Avenue, PO Box 100
Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0
Phone or text Lenny at 902-8400222. (3719-7tpb)
SERVICE – C & R Gillis Contracting
Limited, Kingston. Free estimates.
Home renovations, roofing, siding
and new home construction. Call
Richard Gillis at 902-765-4015 or
his cell at 902-844-0489. (37226tpb)
SERVICE – Hauling to Ontario – I will
be going to Ontario the week of
the 19th hauling an 18’ open type
car trailor. I can haul a car, small
truck, small tractor or similar load.
Leaving from Middleton, please call
1-902-825-3125 (3722-2tpb)
• Real Estate
• Wills / Estates
• Consultations /
Regular Games - $100
• 3 Specials - 60/40
• Letter H - 80/20
• Triple Jackpot - R-W-B
• 1 Lucky 7 - Progressive
• 1 Bonanza - Progressive
• Jackpot - 3 Chances
Consolation $300
• Double Action
Lic.# 115910-08
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
Annapolis Valley Legion branches combined colour parties and
marching members to lead the parade.
The 14 Wing Pipes and Drums Band participated in the May 28
Apple Blossom Festival grand street parade in Kentville, adding
to the sound and colour of a week’s worth of spring festivities
marking the event’s 84th annual celebration.
June 6, 2016
Dan D. Apple
on parade
On the
Page 15
14 Wing Greenwood’s Lieutenant-Colonel Simon
Poudrier, Wing Logistics and Engineering Officer, and
Wing Chief Warrant Officer Luc Emond salute the
parade entries.
Corporal J. Therrien, 14 Wing Imaging
• Mini & Large Excavation
• Septic installation
• Tractor & Dump Truck Services
• Topsoil & Gravel deliveries
(small & large loads available)
• Crusher dust, Decorative stone, Mulch
• Pool installation
• Land Grading, Demolition, Leveling
with soil calculator
Complete and Partial Dentures Fabricated On Site
K.A. Purcell, (Licensed Denturist)
New Minas
Page 16
June 6, 2016
the Aurora | 14 Wing Greenwood, NS
At Honda, the Power of Dreams drives us to innovate and create.
These dreams would not be possible without your daily service
and sacrifice for Canada and its citizens. As a token of our thanks,
past and present members of the Canadian Armed Forces get
a $500 rebate* off all 2016 models.
All 2016 Honda models
*A $500 after-tax rebate is available for personal, non-commercial use only to current, active or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces, a current Department of National Defence employee, or a current member of the CF Appreciation Program (card member codes:
CF, V, D). The following cards shall constitute valid proof of identification and are required upon redemption: CF One (code: CF, V, D); NDI 10 – Temporary ID Card; NDI 20 – Permanent ID Card; or NDI 75 – Record of Service Card. Offer limited to any new and previously unregistered
2016 Honda vehicle (demonstrators accepted) that is a cash purchase or leased or financed through Honda Financial Services (HFS), on approved credit. Offer valid until 31 December 2016. Offer can be combined with existing loyalty programs and applied to one purchase of a
qualified Honda vehicle per calendar year. Offer may be transferred only to any member within a household. No cash redemption value. Offer cannot be applied to past transactions. Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Valid only in Canada at participating
Honda dealers. Visit your Honda dealer for full details.