Fifth Grade Students to Participate in Young AmeriTowne



Fifth Grade Students to Participate in Young AmeriTowne
10 March 2016
We had a very successful Usborne book fair in the library during conferences.
Students were excited, and parents enjoyed the quality and variety of the books. For
more on happenings in the library, see page 2.
Fifth Grade Students to Participate in
Young AmeriTowne
Young AmeriTowne is an award-winning educational program offered to 4th
and 5th grade teachers to help teach students about business, economics and
free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. Young AmeriTowne has received
countless accolades for its engaging format and its applicability across all types
of student and school demographics. More than 290 schools across Colorado
participate in Young AmeriTowne each year.
Teachers teach classroom lessons and activities that introduce concepts such
as supply and demand, job skills and work habits, banking procedures, democratic processes, civic consciousness, and career awareness. These lessons
prepare students for the culminating experience, a day in Young AmeriTowne,
where students-turned-citizens apply concepts they’ve learned by working
together to operate a 17-business town.
This life-like simulation is an incredible learning experience for all students,
that not only teaches important economic concepts, but also valuable life skills.
Pictured here are the
mayoral candidates just
before the election.
There was also a judicial
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Fifth Grade Students to Participate in
Young AmeriTowne
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In the Stacks
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Box Top Bonanza!
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A Real Mystery
page 2
Hockey Team Wins Big!
page 3
Garage Sale
page 2
Last Chance for Yearbook Orders
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District Art Show Honors
page 3
Mark Your Calendars
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4th Graders Get Knighted!
page 3
Looking for a Great Volunteer
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After the Bell ~ NVCS Sports
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Upcoming PTO Meetings
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14 March, 4:30 p.m., NVCS
Board of Directors Agenda Setting Meeting
18 March
No School - Staff Development
Nighthawk News ~ 10 March 2016
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In the Stacks - Happenings in the Library Box Top Bonanza!
We’re practicing asking questions (5W’s) in kindergarten using one of our new
books, Prudence Wants a Pet. In first grade, we’ll talk about how to believe in
yourself and stand up to bullies by reading Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. Second
grade students will make inferences using the (mostly) wordless picture book,
Mr. Wuffles. In third grade, we’re reading a biography called Mrs. Harkness and
the Panda, which is a wonderful story about perseverance. We’ll follow that by
watching panda cams of giant pandas in zoos around the world. We’ll continue
reading Junkyard Wonders in fourth grade, which is one of my favorite books by
Patricia Polacco, dealing with themes of bullies and being happy with who you
are. In fifth grade we’ll continue reading the interesting animal biography Alex
the Parrot (about the smartest parrot that ever lived). Sixth grade students will
continue researching careers and creating a Google Slides presentation about
their career choice. Of course, students check out books every week that they
have library. ~ Mrs. Fossey, Librarian
A Real Mystery ...
So far this year, NVCS students have
raised $2,117. This is equal to over
21,000 box tops. Yes, each little box
top does help. We have also collected
enough Labels for Education to provide playground balls and jump ropes
for recess.
Garage Sale
Who did it? Mr. B, Ms. Smith, Mr. Stewart, or Miss Klein?
Students investigated a robbery
that took place in room 201 in the
Crime Busters elective class at New
Vision Charter School. They identified unknown powders and liquids,
and analyzed hair, fiber, and soil
samples. Students used this data to
answer some questions about who
committed the crime and how the
evidence supports their argument.
NVCS student Noah
Winbourn! His hockey
team was honored as
State Champions this
past weekend! Great
job Noah and team!
We will hold our 3rd annual garage
(gym) sale on Saturday, May 7th. Please
bring all lightly used, unwanted items
to the school on Friday night, May 6th
between 6:30 and 7:30. The proceeds
from this fundraiser will go the MS trip
next school year! We could use some
adults to help us set up the items on
tables Friday evening! In addition, we
need some parents to help supervise
on Saturday from 8:00 to 2:00. After
spring break I will send out a Signup
Genius so you can schedule a couple
of hours to help us!
Grand Gala!!
A HUGE “Thank You” to Jen Valland
and her Gala Committee for the wonderful evening they hosted last Saturday. The food was fantastic, the music
was jumping, and the room was perfect for our needs. There were tons
of things to bid on and I believe everyone who attended had a very enjoyable evening.
Nighthawk News ~ 10 March 2016
District Art Show Honors
Page 3
Last Chance for Yearbook
Have you ordered your 2016-17 NV Yearbook? Completed forms including payment must be submitted no
later than FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016. Checks should
be made payable to New Vision Charter School (not
Lifetouch). Cash is also acceptable. Additional order
forms are available in the school lobby.
Congratulations to NVCS students: Ethan Hamill, Samantha Trujillo, Ellory Anne Bauersfeld, Brenna Gatton, Zoe
Ware, Ava Grosboll, Will Wilke, Ryker Greeno, Treven
Porter, Molly Daley, Jacie Krieger, and Sara Hamill. Their
artwork was selected from the entire NVCS student body
to represent our school at the annual Thompson School
Districts Art Show! This year, the art show takes place at
the District Administration Building (800 S Taft Ave, Loveland, CO 80537).There will be an opening reception Friday
March 11 from 4-6:30pm and the show will be up until
April 15th to view during normal business hours. Pictured
here are: Ava Grosboll, Zoe Ware, Ryker Greeno,Will Wilke, and Treven Porter.
Knighting Ceremony
On March 3rd, as a culminating event to the Middle Ages
unit, the 4th grade participated in a Knighting Ceremony.
During the unit the students learned about how to become
a knight and about how knights showed
character, or
chivalry, at all times.
After being knighted,the students made
their own coat of arms, and shared
their projects on the middle ages. Several students made
games to enjoy!
If you wish to pay by credit card, please order online at Enter Yearbook ID Code
In addition to formal and fun candid pictures of staff
and students, this year’s yearbook contains some of
the most memorable news and events, sports, entertainment,
etc. making it
keepsake for
years to come.
The yearbooks
will be distributed to students the last
week of school
in May.
ATTENTION: All 8th Grade Parents!
Want Your Student’s Baby Picture In The Yearbook?
It is only $10, and includes a personal message!
Email picture to: [email protected]
DUE BY: MARCH 15. Money goes to the front office.
Mark Your Calendars!
Kinder graduation is Tuesday, May 17th at 8:30 a.m. They
will not have school for the rest of that week. More details
will be provided closer to the date.
Nighthawk News ~ 10 March 2016
Page 4
After the Bell ~ NVCS Sports Looking for a GREAT volunteer
Girls Basketball was a great success this past year. We had
records broken for assists, points and we went 9 wins and
4 losses.The girls played with heart and passion as we were
in every game that we played in. Everyone worked hard at
every game. We lose four 8th graders, Brennah Belk, Nya
Chacon, Harley Duke and Sierra Kaminski. They will be
greatly missed next year. We do have a lot of girls coming
back and we are looking for a great season next year. The
B team was in every game and lost a lot of heartbreakers in
overtime and sudden death. It was a very successful year. I
want to thank all the parents, and my assistant coach David
Willett for a great season.
Also don't forget that Girls Soccer and Track for all 6th8th graders begin practice on Monday, March 14th. Packets
are available in the lobby, or can be picked up in room 209.
Also, we are looking and in need of a Head Soccer Coach,
a Long Distance Track Coach and a Throwing Coach. Contact me if you are interested at [email protected]
Thanks for a great season. We are looking forward to the
spring teams as well.
Brian Stewart, Athletic Director
If you are looking for a great volunteer experience that
gives you the opportunity to make a very significant and
valued contribution to the decision-making process at
New Vision, we invite you to consider contributing your
gifts and talents by running for a Board of Directors position. There are four (4) positions open, This includes one
(1) community member.Terms require a two (2) year commitment.
What does serving on the Board entail?
The Board has control and general management of the affairs, property and business of the corporation and, subject
to the Bylaws, may adopt such rules and regulations for
that purpose and for the conduct of its meetings as the
Board may deem proper, consistent with Colorado Law.
The Board may enact on any and all policies and procedures necessary for the proper operation of the corporation as long as said policies and procedures are not in
conflict with the Bylaws or with Colorado law. In addition, the Board has the duties and rights described in the
New Vision Charter School Charter Agreement with the
Thompson School District, as such document may be modified or amended from time to time.
What is expected of a board member?
March 14 @ 6:30 p.m.
April 11 @ 6:30 p.m.
May 9th (elections) @ 6:30 p.m.
- Attend and participate in meetings (typically 1-2 per
- Spend 5-15 hours per month (depending on meeting
lengths and sub-committee involvement). In addition, prior
to a board meeting, board members familiarize themselves
with the agenda and prepare by reviewing items in the
Board packet to be discussed.
- Actively participate in the board meeting.
- Commit to a two-year term.
All meetings are held at New Vision.
How to apply:
Please remember that students will not be released
from school after 3:15 p.m. without previous notice. If
you need to pick up your student after 3:15 p.m., please
contact the front office before 12:00 noon.
- Complete and submit the following items by the application deadline date of March 11, 2016
- Review and agree to uphold the board norms (published
- Complete the online New Vision Board Questionnaire
(link here).
What happens next?
- Participate in a Town Hall Meeting on March 30th in the
evening at NVCS.
- Voting opens April 15th

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