0 - Home School Academy



0 - Home School Academy
Mission Statement
The D20 Home School Academy Programs
support and assist homeschooling families in
their chosen role as the primary educator of
their children.
D20 HSA Program Goals
0 Goal One:
To provide an enriched and extended
curriculum that will complement the core instruction
provided by homeschooling educators.
0 Goal Two:
To provide homeschooling families access to
additional resources that will supplement home school
0 Goal Three: To provide homeschooling families a
connection to the public school setting, but do not offer a
full array of educational services, including special education
HSA Programs
0 Thursday: Grades K-8
0 Friday: Grades K-8
Focus: Project based learning that integrates science, technology, engineering, and math
0 Monday: Grades 7- 8
0 Thursday: Grades 5 -6
0 Friday 3 - 4
Focus: Outdoor education
Academy of Arts:
0 Tuesday: Grades K-5
0 Wednesday: Grades K-7
Focus: Integrated & Performing Arts
0 Focus: STEM (This program will look very
similar to the T/TH program)
0 Mission: To provide projected based learning
focused on science, technology, engineering,
and math.
0 Thursday: K-8
0 Friday: K-8
0 Location:
D20 Education and Administration Center (EAC)
1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
0 Start/End Times:
8:45 am to 3:45 pm (*subject to change)
0 Highlights :
0 Hands-on Science and Social Studies Units
0 Field Trips
0 International Towne/Young AmeriTowne
0 Visual Art
0 Sports and Games –PE
0 Music
0 Ipad and Laptop Labs
0 Clubs
0 Student Lending Library
0 Sample Units of Study
0 Oceanography
0 Forensics
0 Colorado History
0 Chemistry
0 Pebbles, Sand and Silt
0 Team Building
0 Weather
0 Inventions
0 Balls and Ramps
0 Space
0 Magnetism and Electricity
0 Young AmeriTowne (4-5)*
0 International Towne (5-6)*
* Offered EOY in STEM program only.
0 Focus: Outdoor Education
0 Mission: Teaching Respect, Appreciation, and
Conservation to Kids through Science and Social Studies.
0 Mondays: Grades 7 and 8
0 Thursdays: Grades 5 and 6
0 Fridays: Grades 3 and 4
0 Location:
School in the Woods Property
12002 Vollmer Road
Colorado Springs, Co 80908
0 Start/End Times:
• 9:15 am to 3:15 pm (*subject to change)
• Mid- August to Mid-May
0 Curriculum Highlights* :
 History of the Black Forest
 Survival/First Aid
 Forestry
 Pond Studies
 Snow Shoeing
 Archery
 Biking
 Hiking
 Tracking/Orienteering
 Native Flora and Fauna
 Team Building and Leadership
 * Each program offers curriculum specific to the grade levels.
Academy of Arts
0 Focus: Integrated & Performing Arts
0 Mission: The Academy of Arts program blends integrated and
performing arts to provide enrichment through standards based
0 Units focused on science and/or social studies
0 Studio Time focused on performance skills
0 Tuesday Grades K-5
0 Wednesday Grades K-7
Academy of Arts
0 Location:
D20 Education and Administration Center (EAC)
1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
0 Start/End Times:
8:45 am to 3:45pm (*subject to change)
Academy of Arts
0 Highlights* :
Public Speaking
Musical Theatre
Costume Design
Set Design/Building
Visual Arts
Creative Writing
Guest Artists/Performers
General Information
0 School year:
0 STEM and ARTS: September through the mid-May
0 TRACKS: Mid-August through mid-May
0 Hot Lunch Option: for the STEM and ARTS programs
0 Security is important:
0 Security at the EAC
0 Visitors must sign in and ring doorbell
0 Parents are always welcome!
0 Volunteer Opportunities
HSA Staff
0 Colorado State Certified
0 Academy District Twenty Staff Members
0 Grade Level Classroom Teachers
0 Specialist: Art, Music, Science
0 Classified and Clerical Support
Field Trips
0 Four Mile Park
0 Denver Aquarium
0 Butterfly Pavilion
0 Young AmeriTowne
0 Fine Arts Center- Bemis Art School 0 Wings over the Rockies
0 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
0 Challenger Learning Center
0 Cliff Dwellings
0 International Towne
0 Olympic Training Center
Guest speakers/experts from:
•Channel 11 Weather
0 Mueller State Park
•Local Authors/Artist
0 Molly Kathleen Gold Mine
•Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
•Gazette Telegraph
•National Forest Service
•CS Utilities
STEM Field Trips – Program and Grade Level
0 Young AmeriTowne
 2015-2016
 Grades 4 and 5
 STEM program ONLY
0 International Towne
 2014-2015
 Grades 6-8
 STEM program ONLY
0 Mobile Ipad and Laptop Labs
0 Technology integrated throughout curriculum to provide
“real- life” application and examples
0 Focus on 21st Century Learning Skills
0 Responsible use of the appropriate technology to communicate;
solve problems; access, manage, integrate, evaluate, design, and
create information to improve learning in all subject areas and
to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st century.
0 Training and support from D20 EAC specialist
Optional Testing Provided
0 Scantron Online Testing: Achievement Testing
0 Grades 3 - 8
0 Reading and Math (Science will be added in 2014-2015)
0 Testing done at home on computer with internet access
0 Up to two times a year: Aug-Sept and April-May
0 National percentile scores provided
0 Individualized student feedback and study guides available for
students scoring below the 80 percentile
0 CogAT : Ability Testing
0 Grades 3, 5, and 7
Rosetta Stone*
0 One online license provide to each student enrolled
0 Select any of the 23 languages
0 Requires a high-speed internet access, microphone
and headset
0 *Subject to change. Current expense and utilization
are being evaluated for the 2014-2015 school year.
Parent Partners
0 Topics determined by needs and interest of parents
0 Provide parents with professional development as
the instructional leaders in their family.
Learning Styles
Parent Panel
Gifted Learners VS Bright Learners
Stand Out Math
Hands-On Equations
Thinking Maps
Writing Workshops
Family Events
0 Dessert Night
0 Blue Grass and Square Dancing
0 Roller Skating
0 Talent Show
0 Ice Skating
0 Potluck
0 Sing-a-long
0 Partnership with the District 20
0 Academy Online High School
0 www.asd20.org/aohs
0 Go to their website to learn more.
0 Principal, Rick Tanski
0 234-1670
Home School Academy Programs
0 Allow parents to…
0 select the curriculum that best fits their families needs
0 teach core curriculum at home
0 Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies…etc.
0 enroll their children in enrichment opportunities that best fit
each child's needs and learning style
Choice Application Process
0 STEP 1: Go www.asd20.org and complete the Choice Application online and
submit signature page
 Jan 3 – Feb 21, 2014
0 STEP 2: If admitted and the student is NOT currently enrolled in an HSA
Program you will complete the registration process online and then visit the D20
Central Registry Office @ 1110 Chapel Hills Drive
 Central Registration is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily
 Student currently enrolled in a HSA Program need to return the Intent to Enroll
Form on or before January 30 .

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