1928 #43a Doll-Talismans -- Poupees-Fetiches Doll



1928 #43a Doll-Talismans -- Poupees-Fetiches Doll
1928 #43a Doll-Talismans -- Poupees-Fetiches
Doll-talismans are very fashionable and are very amusing with their funny little faces, hanging from the rear window
of the car.
They seem to be dancing as if a little delirious and to be making a funny face to passers-by while having the air of
laughing a little.
Especially tell your daughter Bleuette that you should never have the air of mocking, to be a well-raised little person.
That said, make these amusing doll-talismans and, if you do not have a use for them, they will be a nice inexpensive
gift to produce, which may be a lot of fun, either for friends, or for a charity sale or a lottery.
The first is a Chinese man whose head is made, as well as the feet, legs and arms, of yellow wooden beads. The body
is made up of a spool covered with a smock and wide pants of bright silk, printed or embroidered, and edged with black
or dark satin.
The bead composing the head is oval and rather large. The mustache is formed by strands of black silk glued under
the nose, which is indicated by a stroke of ink.
The hat, lavish, is in lightweight cardboard – card stock or a visiting card – and gone over with gold enamel paint.
A black or dark bead, like that at the neck, and provided with a silk ring serves to suspend this very modern Mandarin.
The black woman is black, of course! She is made of wooden beads, long and round, hanging from a wooden spool
painted black.
The mouth, nose and eyes are painted in red, on the large bead which forms the head and the whole is completed by
a head of hair made of black or mahogany wool yarn.
Skirt, waistband and collar are wool yarn in all colors. One can also use multicolored raphia instead of the yarn.
The famous Becassine is made, as well, in beads. But these beads are pale pink. The spool, thinner, forms the body
that you dress with the classic costume that you know so well: green cloth and black velvet skirt, bodice the same.
White cap and checked colored apron.
The face is drawn in ink on the same bead; and here is Becassine, made to your delight.
These ideas can inspire you for other whimsical and very amusing dolls. I am certain that you will think of some