The Don Minzenmayer Corkscrew Collection – Part 1



The Don Minzenmayer Corkscrew Collection – Part 1
The Don Minzenmayer
Corkscrew Collection
Don Bull, P. O. Box 596, Wirtz, VA 24184 USA
email: [email protected] Cell: 540-420-9785
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Don Minzenmayer is the author of Screwpull: Creation & History of a High-Tech Corkscrew published in 2013 by
Schiffer Publications Ltd. His previous works include Warm Wood Cold Steel, a study about all the different ways
corkscrews are attached to their handles; Screwpull, 1993; Leverpull, 2003; and Ring Bit 2011.
Don is a retired architect and a winemaker. In 1979 he was inducted into the International Correspondence of
Corkscrew Addicts (ICCA). He served as Chief Correspondent 1991-1992 and Right 1993-1994.
Don and his wife have traveled the world to attend annual meetings of the ICCA and, of course, always keeping an
eye out for corkscrews.
DM32 Open frame steel corkscrew with bearing assist. $27
DM35 Deer foot corkscrew. $22
DM37 Lazy tongs corkscrew marked PERFECT and BREVETE S.G.D.G.
From Ernest Martinet, France (1928-1978). $30
DM38 Combination corkscrew and funnel. Marked
STERLING with the maker’s mark of P. H. Locklin & Sons,
New York, N.Y. c.1920s-1930s. $99
DM43 French version of the Yankee No. 1 called the ALP. Not marked.
Spring loaded. Smooth working condition. $129
DM46 Rococo style open frame corkscrew with rollover
locking collar. Marked GORHAM (silver) with marks inside
the bottle collar. $375
DM52 Open frame corkscrew marked EXUS. Protective
bottle collar. $29
DM53 Corkscrew with hidden ball bearings. Ernst Scharff’s German
Registered Design No. 152,004 of March 23, 1901. Marked SOLON on one
side and D.R.G.M.No. 152004 on the other. $45
DM62 One piece wrapped wire corkscrew. W.T. Taylor & Co British
Registered Design No. 50027 of May 31, 1886. $69
DM66 Early cast corkscrew and ice hammer. $95
DM68 Small horn handle French corkscrew. $25
DM69 Sandwich handle corkscrew. Tipped worm. $29
DM70 Small, slender, all steel corkscrew. $89
DM73 All steel corkscrew. $25
DM75 This is a very nice butterscotch and vanilla sandwich corkscrew.
Unfortunately, there is damage on one side as shown in the photo. Dispalyed
with the good side showing, you’ll never notice. $39
DM78 Unmarked German Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew in
excellent condition. Steinfeld's German Registered Design
116521 issued April 19,1899. $35
DM82 Combination folding corkscrew and spoon for opening medicine and
taking a does. $69
DM86 Wood handle corkscrew marked MURPHY BOSTON. $39
DM89 A substantial corkscrew with wood handle and nickel-plated brass
center band. Blackened steel worm. $29
DM98 A genuine Boy Scout knife. Marked FORGED STEEL on one side of
the master blade and FOREIGN on the other. The bolster is missing on one
end. $12
DM100 German registered design lockback knife. The open master blade is
released by depressing the raised end on the backspring. Two additional
blades plus gutting hook and fluted wire helix. Marked ROSTFREI
DM105 A high quality German knife marked PUMA-WERK, SOLINGEN,
WALDMEƒƒER FÜR SCHALENWILD. Leather holster. $175
DM106 A 5” lockback knife marked MILLS SALES CO. SOLINGEN
DM107 Multi-tool pocket knife marked with a king sitting on the letters SMF
for Solinger Mettallwaren-Fabrick, a trademark of Stöcker & Co., Burgstrasse
57, Solingen, Germany from 1939 to 1975. On one side of the handle is
“Ersta” with the image of a train, and on the other side “Starcke, Melle.” The
company registered it’s train mark in the U.S.A. June 20, 1973 listing as
manufacturers of abrasive products. $55
DM108 Two blade knife with corkscrew in pouch. Marked DUNGEN. Black
paint is flaking off handles. $20
DM109 A mechanics knife marked HARRODS LTD and HAND FORGED
SHEFFIELD ENGLAND. The box wrench folds to the outside as shown. $125
DM111 A German lockback knife marked ROSTFREI SOLINGEN. The master
blade locks in place when extended and is released by pushing the “button”
on the back of the handle. $69
DM112 Knife with corkscrew and cigar cutter marked DIXON CUTLERY CO.
GERMANY. What a claim on the handle!: “The Greatest on Earth
Cosmopolitan Tailoring Co Chicago.” Worn but what a brag. $59
DM113 Victorinox, Switzerland military knife. $35
DM114 Waiter’s friend knife with the initials L. G. S. on the
handle. $15
DM115 In 1897 Gottlieb Hammesfahr of Solingen, Germany obtained a patent
for his rather ingenious method of making a knife with a long corkscrew. The
worm pivots on a pin horizontally 180° on one half of the upper arm. It is then
lifted into position. This example is marked EKA ESKILSTUNA. There are
cracks in the scales as seen in the photos. $69
DM118 A multi-blade knife with ribbon helix. Marked STAR in several places.
DM121 Farrier’s knife marked G. BUTLER SHEFFIELD ENGLAND with ART
in a circle. A large (5”), heavy piece with corkscrew, hoof pick, button hook,
tin opener, flint striker, spike, and saddle repair bolts. $150
DM122 Combination corkscrew and fork. $29
DM126 The Fisherman’s Friend was marketed in the 1950s by the Pyramid Sales
Company of St. Louis, Mo. They were supplied with a leather holster with snap down
flap. The leather holster is stamped with the same name as the tool. The twelve uses
outlined in Pyramid’s advertisement were: Scaler, Degorger, Gripper, Knife, Scorer,
Cutters, Pincers, Splitter, Hone, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, and Corkscrew.
Regarding the corkscrew it said only “Often needed.” $55