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July 4, 2009
Thirty Years and Going Strong!
The Shore Bird Celebrates
30th Anniversary
By Nancy Daniels
It’s hard to believe, but it was 30 years ago, in 1979, when the Shore
Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar first opened its doors at the Outrigger Reef on
the Beach. This extraordinary milestone was celebrated last weekend with
an all-star anniversary luncheon show on Saturday, June 27, broadcast live
by radio station KINE. A blessing was held the following Monday, June 29,
with Danny Akaka Jr., Pi‘i Laeha, and Blaine Kia performing the ceremony.
Headlining the Saturday luncheon show was Hawaii entertainer
Danny Couch, who was a regular performer at the Shore Bird 29 years
ago. Joining him on stage was the DeLima family, Makana, and Kapena. Continued on page 5
Shore Bird owners John McManus (left) and Eric Horst (right) with Barbara Campbell
at the all-star anniversary luncheon show
Saluting Outrigger’s
Toastmasters Club
Last week, I had the opportunity to spend
a few minutes with the Outrigger affiliate of
Toastmasters International, as they held their
regular semi-monthly meeting at the OHANA
Waikiki East hotel in Waikiki. I praised their
efforts and shared my own thoughts on the
importance of being able to communicate well
in all sorts of situations.
The ability to speak effectively in public
is a wonderful, important skill no matter
what you do in life. Think for a moment
about how much our lives and the course of
history have been influenced and changed
by individuals with great skills in oratory.
Looking at recent history, the names of John
F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Martin
Luther King immediately come to mind. The
current U.S. President, Barack Obama, is an
exceptionally good public speaker.
Some seem to be born with a natural talent
as public speakers, but most of us have to work
at it. Sadly, in these days of budget cuts, many
educational institutions overlook or neglect
helping students develop these skills.
That is where Toastmasters International
comes in. It is a voluntary organization
established in 1924 that now has 250,000
members in 12,000 clubs in 106 countries
around the world. The organization’s website
says, “No we don’t make toasters! [We offer]
a proven—and enjoyable!—way to practice
and hone communication and leadership
skills. . . . Good communicators tend to
become good leaders.”
Continued on page 6
Saturday Briefing
Page Happy
July 22: Jenny K. Shimasaki, Jimmy L.
Hill, Mia Mew Ngo Chang Lau, Aldrin
Ortaleza, Ana Katrina D. Bermoro, Dean
I. Howard, Fiti C. Seloti, Sherrielynn B.
Loo, and Violeta P. Rambaud.
July 23: Su Lian
Li Xu, Nelia G.
Navarro, and Julia
R.W. Liang.
July 24: Patricia
L.H. Blezard,
Naanise Lotulelei,
Kathleen Dehne,
and Chris A.
July 25: Caroline A. Piano Suetos, Ben S.
Melchor, and Kristy Jean Ikeda Lum.
July 26: Cecilia S.K.C. Yip, Shao King L.
Lui, Deborah K. Esteban, Jinfeng Han,
Donald E.H.K. Ho, Kauhilonohonua T.
Padilla, and Glenn S.C. Goo.
July 27: Chad A. Nakagawa and Kristen
July 28: Florence C. Corrales, Katherine
K. Sylvester, and Nicholas T. Hall.
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Saturday Briefing
Page An Equal Opportunity Employer
American Cancer Society
Thanks Outrigger
By Dr. Chuck Kelley
Outrigger Enterprises, Inc. has strongly supported the American Cancer
Society for many years, and once again, the Oahu Field Office recognized
Outrigger for its generous contributions.
The American Cancer Society is a nationwide community-based voluntary
health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem
by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer
through research, education, advocacy, and service.
Each year, Outrigger donates
hundreds and hundreds of highlydiscounted room nights to the local
chapter of the American Cancer
Society, which it uses for cancer
patients who come to Oahu for
medical treatment. Some types of
cancer treatment are simply not
available on the neighbor islands
and in the Pacific Basin. On Kauai
and Guam, for example, there are
no chemotherapy treatment centers.
Patients needing these services must come to Oahu for five or six weeks at a
time to receive the necessary treatments. Unfortunately, medical insurance
often does not cover the housing costs, and staying in a hotel for a couple
months at a time can be devastatingly expensive.
We understand how difficult it is to be diagnosed with cancer and to
endure the necessary treatment. We are proud to do what we can to help our
neighbors in their time of need by providing discounted hotel rooms.
Lunch and Learn
Basic Self Defense
Taekwondo, one of the world’s most popular martial arts, has its roots
in ancient Korea. Join us as guest speaker Master David Ippen, a third
Dan (degree) black belt and owner/instructor of Traditional Taekwondo
Center Honolulu, shares basic self-defense moves that everyone should
know. Bring your lunch and a friend and learn how to protect yourself!
Guest Speaker
David Ippen, Taekwondo Master
Wednesday, July 15
OHANA Waikiki East
Lobby Conference Room
12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
Outrigger on the Lagoon - Fiji
June Staff Get Together
By Una Murray
The Outrigger on the Lagoon - Fiji (FOR) vuvale
(family) gathered together on June 26 to honor
our outstanding employees for the month of June,
recognize members of our vuvale who celebrated
birthdays, and to continue our commitment to our
newly-implemented Health Awareness Program.
As part of the FOR’s commitment to health, the
afternoon started off with ten minutes of yoga exercises
led by Bebe Spa Supervisor Romina Narain—everyone
had a great time learning new poses.
After everyone finished exercising, they
congratulated the members of our vuvale who
celebrated their birthdays in June—and then enjoyed
delicious birthday cake!
General Manager Darren Shaw thanked everyone
for their dedication and commitment to excellence. He
recognized the Engineering and Maintenance staffs for
their strong commitment to the community this quarter.
On their own time, the staff painted the walls and roof at
Sigatoka Hospital. He then congratulated the Food and
Beverage department as the Second Quarter winners of
the “Most Positive Guest Comments” and “Best Team”
awards. He also congratulated the Kitchen staff, who
won the “Best Groomed” award for the Second Quarter.
Then the outstanding employees for the month of June
were recognized. Congratulations to:
Aruna Devi
Back of House Employee of the Month
Salote Mocemaiwaiyevo
Front of House Employee of the Month
The afternoon concluded with Executive Housekeeper Tepola
Kaitani Natadra’s presentation about her recent trip to Hawaii. She
said that this was the first time she traveled overseas, and it was a
wonderful experience. While in Hawaii, she had the opportunity
to train at the Embassy Suites® - Waikiki Beach Walk® and said
the experience she gained was invaluable. Tepola said she not only
learned a great deal, but came to realize how important her job
is to the success of the property. She had the opportunity to visit
Outrigger’s Corporate Office and to visit many of the properties
in Waikiki. Tepola had a wonderful time and was very impressed
with the Aloha Spirit everyone showed her—she said, “Hawaii is
Heaven on Earth.”
Mohammed Billy Usman, Manager of the Month;
Aruna Devi, Back of House Employee of the Month; General Manager Darren Shaw;
and Salote Mocemaiwaiyevo, Front of House Employee of the Month
Mohammed Billy Usman
Manager of the Month
Happy Birthday
Aliti Vidovi, Mohammed Billy Usman, and Aruna Devi
Executive Housekeeper Tepola Kaitani Natadra
gave a presentation on her recent training trip to Hawaii
Saturday Briefing
Page Sand Castles and Sculptures on Waikiki Beach
By Ethan Chang
On Friday, June 29, the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach
held its first Sand Sculpture Building Contest of the year on
Waikiki Beach. Teams, comprised of hotel guests and their
families, worked hard to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces
ranging from your traditional sand castle, complete with
flags and moats, to turtles, starfish, and even a canoe.
The winning design sculpted by the Smith Family of
Texas was of, what else, the Texas Longhorns’ logo, along
with their version of the “shaka.”
About 60 to 70 people were gathered on the beach
during judging to congratulate the winners and to admire
their creativity.
This annual summer contest is an ongoing event which
happens every Friday through July 17.
Mahalo to our sponsors who helped make this fun event
a success: Duke’s Restaurant, Waikiki Beach Services, Crazy
Shirts, Red Mango, Quicksilver, Little People Hawaii, The
Islands, Under the Koa Tree, and Hawaiian Accessories.
The Smith Family’s
Texas Longhorns
sculpture was the
winning design
This sculpture of an Outrigger canoe was a crowd favorite
Saturday Briefing
Page Some competitors chose to sculpt the more traditional sand castle
Thirty Years and Going Strong!
Continued from page 1
A sell-out crowd attended the festivities, with many
locals swapping stories about a place so many grew up with.
Family celebrations, holiday brunches, baby luaus, karaoke
singing, pau hana drinks with coworkers, even bikini
contests way back when, and today “tweetups”—all of this
and more has made the Shore Bird the popular gathering
place it is today.
However, it hasn’t just been our kama‘aina who have
added to the success of the Shore Bird. Over the last three
decades, visitors have been flocking to the Shore Bird’s
world-famous open-air grill, which is literally ten feet from
the sand with one of the greatest views of Diamond Head
in Waikiki. Who would have thought that grilling your
own dinner would prove so popular? But it did, and the
grill-your-own concept, along with Shore Bird’s well known
gourmet salad bar, massive breakfast buffet, and evening
entertainment continues to attract legions of visitors and
local residents back again and again!
“People come back to the Shore Bird because they
feel at home here,” said David Nagaishi, Operations
Manager for both the Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar
and the neighboring Ocean House restaurant across the
hall. “While the restaurant has gone through a number
of renovations over the years, the mana—the spirit of the
place—remains constant,”
Shore Bird General Manager Del Uehara also attributes the
restaurant’s popularity and longevity to the great service extended
by its staff and to the tremendous value patrons receive.
“Our staff is, plain and simply, the best,” Uehara said. “They
work hard to make sure our guests have the most memorable
experience each and every time they walk through our doors.
Plus, we’ve always offered exceptional value and consistency; we
are truly one of the best values on Waikiki Beach!”
“The stunning sunsets each evening aren’t bad either,”
Uehara added.
It seems fitting that the Shore Bird is celebrating such
a special occasion at the same time the Outrigger Reef on
the Beach has completed its extensive transformation. As we
reflect back on what has been, we can appreciate where the
restaurant and hotel are today, and welcome and embrace
what lies ahead. If the past thirty years are any indication,
there are many more successful years ahead for both the
Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar and the Outrigger Reef!
The Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar is open daily, with
the breakfast buffet available from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.; the lunch
and lanai menu is available form 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.; and dinner
is served from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Full bar service is available
from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Nightly entertainment from 5 p.m. to
9 p.m., with free Sing-A-Long Karaoke every night from
9:30 p.m. until closing. For reservations, call (808) 922-2887.
Daniel Akaka Jr., Eric Horst, John McManus, Anna Akaka, and Pi‘i Laeha at the blessing celebrating the Shore Bird’s 30th anniversary
Saturday Briefing
Page Saluting Outrigger’s Toastmasters Club
Continued from page 1
Toastmasters alumni include such well-known, successful
people as:
• Peter Coors – Chairman, Molson Coors Brewing Company
• Debbi Fields – Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies
• Linda Lingle – Governor, State of Hawaii
We are lucky that a few dedicated members of our
‘ohana, including Laurie Hirata and Kathy Oyadomari,
have worked hard for the past six years to develop and
maintain the Outrigger Toastmasters Club in Waikiki
and offer their fellow workers an opportunity to learn the
basics of oral communications and, with practice, become
polished public speakers.
Here’s how a couple of the Outrigger Toastmasters
describe their experiences.
Laurie Hirata says, “I enjoy Toastmasters not only because it has
helped me gain confidence in public speaking, but because we have
members from different areas of our company. It has given me a
chance to know people not only on a professional level, but on a
personal level. We learn, we cry, we laugh, and more importantly,
we support each other by making it a “safe” place to learn and
grow in the art of public speaking. It really is the best use of any
lunch hour! It’s a small commitment of time, but for me, it has
yielded great returns. . . . You can call me a ‘Toaster’ any time!”
Kathy Hansberry adds, “I can’t tell you enough how much I
enjoy the club. The warm welcome, encouragement, and support I
experienced from each club member inspired me to join. Since then,
I have learned a great deal about how crucial communication skills
can be. Toastmasters has increased my confidence and awareness
in public speaking. The best part though, is the friendship, respect,
and fellowship that develop over time as members get to know one
another through their speeches. A real ‘ohana connection!”
The club has been very successful. Seven members of
the Outrigger Toastmasters Club are ranked as “Competent
Communicators” (CC), and three have earned the title of
“Advanced Communicator Bronze” (ACB).
During my visit with the Outrigger Toastmasters, I talked
about some of my own experiences behind the podium.
Continued on page 7
Dr. Richard Kelley and members of Toastmasters
Front row: Ellen Isidro, Laurie Hirata, Dr. Richard Kelley, Kathy Hansberry, and Heather Doeringer
Back row: Val Tanaka, Terri Escritor, Kathy Foley, Trina Tory, and Napua Ho
Saturday Briefing
Page Saluting Outrigger’s Toastmasters Club
Continued from page 6
Without the benefit of prior training or a Toastmasters Club,
for me, public speaking was, at first, a frightening trial by fire!
My first significant speaking opportunity came in
1958. I had finished my second year of medical school and
was doing research in pathology at Boston’s prestigious
Massachusetts General Hospital, when I came across a most
unusual case. I was asked to research the case and present it
to the hospital’s staff in the historic Ether Dome, the former
operating room where, in 1846, ether had first been used to
anesthetize patients undergoing surgery. A few days later, I
was a very frightened and shaky young man, standing on the
floor of the Ether Dome, flanked by two mummies and other
medical memorabilia, looking up into the critical faces of the
chiefs of many specialty departments and wondering if I was
even going to get my first word out of my mouth!
In 1982, I had another shock when Outrigger was
involved in a labor dispute after purchasing the Prince Kuhio
Hotel. A mass of picketers, shouting and carrying signs,
Photo credit: The Becht Corporation
Robert Ishihara “pitches” the benefits of Toastmasters
The Ether Dome - Former operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital
where Dr. Richard Kelley gave his first speech—the cases below the window
contain mummies and medical memorabilia
milled around outside. The lobby was filled with reporters
and television cameras. Microphones were stuck in my face,
and I was expected to calmly and intelligently comment on
the chaotic situation!
That prompted me to seek training and develop some
basic public speaking skills, which soon came in very handy.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the campaign to develop
the Hawaii Convention Center near Waikiki became a hot
issue. For several years, I carried a carousel of slides and a
projector in my automobile at all times and gave hundreds of
speeches to community groups.
I am pleased to say that several members of my family
have followed that lead and are now excellent speakers. Dr.
Chuck Kelley, CC, is an active member of the Outrigger
Toastmasters Club.
The Outrigger Toastmasters Club offers many
opportunities to our ‘ohana. Members meet on the second
and fourth Wednesdays of the month from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
in the Learning Center at the OHANA Waikiki East hotel.
For more information, contact Kathy Foley, ACB (President),
Laurie Hirata, ACB (Vice President Education), or Kathy
Oyadomari, CC (Vice President Membership). If there is no
club near you, visit www.toastmasters.org for information on
how to start a club in your area.
Saturday Briefing
Page The Embassy Suites® - Waikiki Beach Walk®
By Bob Yeoman
The Embassy Suites - Waikiki Beach Walk recently
received an “Outstanding” rating on its recent Quality
Assurance evaluation. Twice a year, a Hilton Corporate
Quality Assurance Evaluator visits all Hilton family
properties in Hawaii, making a reservation, and arriving
unannounced as a guest. The evaluator reviews a hotel’s
service, accommodations, adherence to brand standards,
team member training, and cleanliness. This visit, we scored 98.58 percent for cleanliness, 93.25
percent for condition, 100 percent for standards, with an overall
total of 96.93 percent, which amounts to an “Outstanding”
score in the Hilton world—a Green zone on a scale of red,
yellow, and green zones. The corporate evaluator has breakfast,
visits the Manager’s Reception, orders Room Service, and
conducts a walk-through of the public areas to score cleanliness
and condition. Team Member training is evaluated according to
brand standards.
I would like to congratulate all our team members. I
personally know they offer the best service all year-round
and not only during an inspection. High praises to our
Housekeeping department that scored 100 percent for guest
suite cleanliness. I would be remiss if I did not recognize
our Engineering and Housekeeping departments for their
deep cleaning and preventative maintenance programs.
These programs are a challenge to implement during high
occupancies, which our property is most fortunate to have
consistently. But our dedication to these programs also
underscores our commitment to providing our guests the
very best product possible. Our suites look the same today,
as they did when we first opened due to this program. My
sincere gratitude to our entire team for providing outstanding
guest service to all of our guests, which our evaluator also
expressed to the management team. This “Outstanding” score
is truly a tribute to our team members for providing a
wonderful guest experience. Mahalo and Congratulations!
Front row: Bob Yeoman, Shantel Burns, Adelina Balmilero, Karen Gonzaga, Leonarda Dait, and Danette Bolosan
Back row: Daniel Nakasone, Carol Kahili, Tammy Awong, Mark Burson, Teri Orton, and Joe Carmona
Saturday Briefing