Happy New Year. And
happy new beginnings.
New beginnings come
naturally to January. After
all, it’s the time for resolutions.
Ta k i n g a p u r e l y p r o fessional look at New
Year’s resolutions (no, not your promise to go to
the gym more often or cut back on Big Macs),
what do you envision as a good business change
for your practice or business for the New Year?
Think about some of these…
Inventory Assessment
Are patients looking for stylish products that you
don’t ordinarily carry? Maybe it’s time to add a
new line that boosts the fashion image of your
Are they shying away from pricey collections but
still want designer names? Add bridge lines –
those less expensive collections that designers
created for exactly this purpose.
Are you seeing more children than before? Beef
up your kids’ collections.
Is your clientele aging? Focus on the classics
for them.
Has your sunglass selection remained static?
Add new styles; expand your lines. Your contact
lens, fashion and sports conscious patients will
appreciate it.
Staff Training
Is customer service a top priority? From the
minute customers walk in the door, your staff sets
the tone for their visit. Are patients welcomed
by name? Are they made to feel comfortable?
If you’re not sure, then it’s time to emphasize
the importance of the staff’s role in creating a
welcoming environment.
What about your staff’s dispensing expertise?
Knowing how to choose the right frame color,
shape, material, size, and price range for each
customer is essential, as is recommending and
demonstrating appropriate lens materials and
options. Staff meetings, workshops, and courses
can boost everyone’s knowledge – and morale.
Bringing in the New
Is your office or dispensary due for a new look?
A new color scheme? More comfortable waiting
room furniture? More eye catching frame displays?
Changes don’t have to break the bank, but can
influence customers’ perception of your place.
What about more effective lens demonstrators?
Faster, more efficient equipment or instruments?
Longer hours? Different hours? Better computer,
phone or mail communication with patients?
Customers respond to their environment and to
the professional technology employed by their
healthcare professionals. They appreciate the
courtesy of time accommodation. They are used
to personal communications.
It looks as if the economy is picking up, which is a
hopeful way to begin 2011. Let the start of a new
year be your impetus for change. Ring in the new
with enthusiasm, great ideas, and at least one
noticeable change. It will give you and your staff
a boost and send a message to your community
that yours is a forward-looking practice or retail
From all of us at The Block Buying Group, we hope
that 2011 will hold future success and happy days
for all of you.
Michael Block
2011 Considerations
Times they are a changin’, as they always are.
Consumer trends and preferences never remain
static, and since shifts – whether subtle or significant – influence shopping habits, it’s important to
be aware of them.
Shop Local
Have you heard about cities and towns creating
“Independent Retail Weeks”? The shop-local
movement is gaining steam, encouraging consumers to look close to home to find the best in
services and products. If the concept has been
implemented in your area, join in. If not, spearhead
a program with other independent retailers and
professionals to create your own local incentive
week. Montclair, NJ just joined places like New
York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco in planning such a program. Participants
generally offer special promotions, events, and
a range of activities to attract attention to the
advantage of their products and services.
3D Rates a 10
Let’s face it. People are hooked on 3D movies.
3D TV is already on the scene, and there’s a
prediction that 3D will explode through a range of
digital media. The more they watch 3D images,
the more consumers will want to own their own
personal 3D glasses. Check them out as more
eyewear manufacturers provide them.
The Good Old Days
There’s nothing like a tough economy to create
feelings of nostalgia. From Mad Men-inspired
clothing to remakes of classic shows like Hawaii
Five-0, you find people taking comfort in the
past. One apron manufacturer saw a 25 percent
increase in retail sales over the past year, indicative of the nostalgia of the June Cleaver look from
Leave It to Beaver. This concept translates into
eyewear in a significant way. Think black frames,
aviators and cat’s-eye shapes, for example.
Simple Courtesies
Last year Consumer Reports conducted a survey
asking Americans what annoys them about everyday experiences. The top two answers might
surprise you, but are simple to avoid in an optical
dispensary or eyecare practice. “Hidden fees”
and “Not getting a human on the phone” were
the pet peeves.
Essential Connections
Do you have a website? Do you send electronic
messages and newsletters? Have you hopped on
the Social Media bandwagon? If you answered
“No” to any of these questions, you might be losing
out on great sources of communication with your
community. They serve to promote you as eyecare/
eyewear experts, helping consumers navigate
through the maze of products available. And they
create a link between your products and services
and their multifaceted world of work, home life,
hobbies, and sports.
Just imagine how you can promote your “Independent Retail Week” participation, your 3D glasses
offerings, your trendy nostalgia products, and the
excellence of your “always a human voice on the
phone” and “no hidden fees” messages online. Get
connected to provide quick, timely, and informative
P.O. Box 310720
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0720
(800) 524-1480
Fax (561) 893-9231
[email protected]
Frame Company
ClearVision introduces new Cole Haan sunglass
models for 2011. Acetate model 682 features Sola
CR39 UV 400 lenses, and comes in colors of ink
horn and brown horn. Size available is 53/18/140.
Please call 800-645-3733 to order.
From the pattern and
colors of the frames to the soft rubber surface Essential models 1379-87 have a very sporty,
high performance feel, without making too much
“noise”. It is a design that is not only beautiful to
look at, but feels great to touch and wear. The lines
of the temple patterns create a solid, unbroken
line all the way to the front of the frame, unique
to ProDesign. The simple, sharp design gives it a
very classic look and yet still modern due to the
larger dimensions of the front. Nine female and
masculine shapes available in four colors each.
Please call 800-654-6099 to order.
MARCHON introduces the Coach 2011 Eyewear collection. Fabulous design elements such
as glamorous Op Art C’s, engraved Coach Script
logos and the classic Coach logo plaque are featured. Showcased is the beautiful Coach Op Art
chain link pattern on the tonal outside temples, as
well as the Coach Signature “C” pattern, using a
special technique that allows color to glow through.
Fun optical styles include trendy shapes and
unique new colorations. Model S2028 is featured
below. For more information please call 800-6451300 or visit
CLASSIQUE EYEWEAR launches the Lisa
FROM MARCHON: Lacoste unveils is debut
collection from new eyewear partner Marchon.
The designs are inspired by the brand heritage
and authentic sporting roots but find contemporary
expression through innovative treatments and
fabrications. Vibrant color blocking, strong striping
and piping, the brand’s classic piqué texture and
a magical magnetic temple tip are the key themes
of this first sunwear collection, which takes its
cues from the brand’s values of related elegance,
precision and effortless fluidity. Featured below are
women’s models L611S and L612S. Please call
800-645-1300 to order.
FROM SMILEN EYEWEAR: Smilen releases the Glow #22 featuring Swarovski crystal
temple treatments in colors of black, brown and
violet. Please call 800-887-5675 to order.
DYNAMIC LABS introduces its new and exclu-
FROM MATCH EYEWEAR: Love your eyes
with Helium Paris model HE 4161. The sinuous
lines juxtaposed against minimalist elegance
epitomizes an ultimate feminine look. The sophisticated styling of this semi-rimless eyewear, with
a modified rectangular shape compliments every
face. A metal front with exquisite laser etching on
the temple, geometric shape and individual set
crystals gives this frame an art deco feel. The
bold, two tone hues and light weight translates
into wearable frames for every woman, every day.
Please call 877-883-5628 to order.
sive Spring Hinge Tool Kit! Now you can replace
spring hinge screws quickly and easily. One device
holds the frame in place with the hinge open. Drop
the screw down the slot and tighten! The kit includes
vise, spacers and specially designed screwdriver.
Finally an efficient way to fit difficult spring hinge
frames in minutes! Introductory price is $89.95
each. For more information please call 888-3396264 or visit where you
can download a current catalog.
Go Paperless And
Receive A $5 Credit!!
Log onto the STATEMENT VIEW or
ONLINE PAYMENTS page of our website, and look for the box
featured below. Just click onto the box,
and we’ll take care of the rest!
Loeb Eyewear Collection, inspired by Grammynominated singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb’s signature
cat-eye glasses. The initial collection launches
with thirteen frame styles for every look and occasion, in up to four color variations per style.
The collection includes classic pieces in black
and tortoise shell as well as embellished temples
accentuated with rhinestones and etchings. Each
frame is named after one of Lisa’s songs and
constructed in two and three color zyl laminates.
Colors range from neutral tones to eloquent bursts
of rich turquoise, lavender, lemon ice and cherry
red. Loeb says, “When designing the glasses I
felt strongly about giving the frames the upward
sweep often found in classic cat-eyed frames. This
design element is flattering; it lifts the face and
avoids the droopy eye effect.” Lisa Loeb frames
are spring-hinged giving them a comfortable fit,
with designs for every face, and also include some
unisex styles that can be worn by fashion-forward
men who appreciate Loeb’s iconic signature style.
“People have been asking me about my glasses
for years, and want to know where they can buy
frames like mine. Finally, I decided that I should
design my own line of eyewear,” said Loeb. “My
eyewear generally has a cat-eyed look. Think sexy
librarian, not retro grandma.” According to Craig
Glasser, Classique Eyewear CEO, “As soon as we
announced our partnership with Lisa, Classique
Eyewear’s website has been inundated with thousands of requests for Lisa Loeb Eyewear. This has
proved to us that there is a significant demand from
frame wearers and other people who are in search
of frames that bear Lisa’s iconic, signature look.”
Purchase 12 of the 13 initial styles, and receive
the thirteenth style free, along with an elegant
branded counter-top frame display that holds all 13
frame styles. Other point of sale display items are
available. For more information please call 866604-5700 or visit
Supplier NEWS
7eye originated as a sports-sunwear brand
with a unique feature-benefit story: “windless
eyewear” that combined the sealing properties of a goggle with the frame and temples
of a sunglass. 7eye’s signature AirShield
design was created by Dr. Rudy Kopfer, a
maxillofacial surgeon and a passionate skier,
to provide skiers who preferred the usually
superior optics and style of a sunglass with
the protection of a goggle. Launched under
the brand name Panoptx, it wasn’t long before
motorcyclists embraced the new technology,
boosting the brand to national prominence.
Dr. Kopfer was always aware that his patented
invention had potential benefits for people with
dry eye symptoms, for he saw firsthand the
positive effects with the contact-lens wearers
he skied with. In 2005 Panoptx supported a
landmark study, directed by Drs. Lindstrom
and Weberling, which demonstrated that the
sealing eyewear provided significant relief for
chronic dry eye sufferers, as well as contact
lens wearers and post-LASIK patients. Encouraged by the unequivocal findings and a tide of
positive anecdotal feedback from patients with
Sjögren’s Syndrome, Panoptx embarked on an
intensive R&D project to optimize their cornerstone technologies for the dry eye market. Now,
five years later, the brand is known as 7eye,
the R&D initiative is rolling out as ErgoFit and
the signature sealing technology is in its sixth
generation of refinement.
Fusing Fashion and Dry Eye Relief…
Roughly halfway into the ErgoFit development
process, 7eye CEO Bob Hall determined that
there was an opportunity ErgoFit wasn’t going to completely address. It was always a
primary objective for the new dry eye frames
to disguise, to the degree possible, the visibility
of the seal. But Hall felt that if the sealing element could be made virtually invisible (i.e., nonfoam), the frame front could be flattened and
styled more like everyday prescription eyewear.
Women, who form the larger share of the dry
eye market, would be more likely to adopt the
new palliative technology if the styles were in
step with mainstream fashion trends. And so
the Ziena Oasis was born, a concept so different in execution from 7eye that it was given
its own brand. Ziena’s principal innovation is a
thin silicone shield that attaches to the fashion
frame front via six micro-magnets, making it
Featured from top to bottom: Ziena, Tahoe, Sedona, Shasta & Bone:
simple to remove and replace as necessary.
Virtually invisible when worn, the translucent
shield is further obscured by the frame front
and temples. Launched in August, 2010 with
a single women’s model christened Oasis, the
Ziena line will be expanded to include men’s
models and a greater variety of styles and fits
for women.
Optimizing Dry Eye Treatment…The Grail
of dry eye relief is retained corneal moisture.
Both 7eye’s ErgoFit AirShield and Ziena’s silicone shield work with complementary dry eye
treatments such as drops and plugs to create
a soothing micro-climate that helps reduce
tear evaporation and retain corneal moisture.
Both technologies lock in humidity while blocking out wind, glare and airborne irritants like
dust and pollen. They deliver fast-acting relief
from the burning, itching and redness caused
by dry eye, without side effects or reactions
with other medications or treatments. Clinical
studies reveal that sealed eyewear increases
overall comfort, even if only worn occasionally,
as would be the case with most sunwear. The
Lines 7eye’s Sport collection, featuring NXT®
plano lenses, remains intact with 8 AirShield
models, 4 AirDam models and 12 (foamless)
Active Lifestyle models. The new ErgoFit line is
intended primarily for the Rx-market, although
a selection of plano lenses are available for
post-LASIK patients. ErgoFit combats dry
eye with two technologies, the fully-sealing
AirShield for severe dry eye symptoms and the
partially sealing AirDam for milder symptoms.
The AirDam models are the Shasta for women
and the Tahoe for men, each offered in 3 colors.
There are three new AirShield options: Sedona
for women, Aspen for men and the unisex
Sierra, each in 3 different colorways. All ErgoFit
frames are made from Grilamid and feature
adjustable wire-core temples. The AirDam is
fashioned in tough TPR while AirShield is a
multi-material construction featuring a non-airpermeable barrier and filtered vents to better
manage moisture inside the eyecup. Ziena’s
groundbreaking first model, Oasis, is also a
Grilamid frame with wire-core temples. It debuts in three distinctive fashion colors, a rich,
High-Gloss Black, a seductive Light Tortoise
and a subtle Brown Fade.
The Support…Brochures, displays, blocks
and mini posters are available. Person-toperson dealer support for 7eye and Ziena is
provided by a nationwide team of serviceoriented field representatives.
Block Buying Group members receive a 5%
discount. Opening order required. For more
information please call 866-484-0292 ext. 2 or
925-484-0292. You can also visit
LEGACIE introduces the Reverse group from
Kata, based on the idea of turning the hinge
of a frame literally inside out. By exposing the
connection between titanium and acetate on an
inverted hinge, the ordinary is cleverly elevated
into the realm of exceptional. Reverse 1, a retroinspired round, and Reverse 2, a small rectangle,
feature a lightweight titanium frame front and
hand carved acetate temples. Reverse 3, a
wayfarer, and Reverse 4, a classic P-3 with
a keyhole bridge, are crafted entirely from
handmade acetate. For more information please
call 866-534-2243 or visit
CHARMANT has renewed the global license
agreement for Sunglasses and Optical eyewear
with the Sportlifestyle company PUMA. The
previous contract with PUMA did not cover the
US market. The renewal is for global worldwide distribution which includes the US.
The collection will be launched at Vision Expo
East. “The Charmant Group has proven its
competence for creating high quality PUMA
eyewear in versatile designs over the last
four years,” said Nina Wolf, Global Director
Accessories and Licensing of PUMA. “We are
pleased to team up with an eyewear brand that
has a worldwide reputation for pushing the
boundaries of technology and style. Through
this par tnership we will continue to bring
innovative products to our consumers.” “We
are glad to continue our fruitful partnership
with PUMA. The fusion of the well-known
Sportlifestyle PUMA DNA and our competency
in Eyewear will show further success in the
eyewear industry,” said Taketoshi Mizukami,
COO of Charmant Group. For more information please call Charmant at 800-645-2121 or
to offer Modern Optical’s complete line of frames
- starting as low as $3.99 (frame only)! For more
information please call 800-497-9239 ext. 4 or
e-mail to [email protected]
Supplier NEWS
Actress Charlize Theron is seen wearing John
Varvatos sunglass style 715.
promotions, products and events for 2011
designed to help eyecare professionals succeed.
Look for an even more robust and interactive
website this year, with features like online ordering, opt-in newsletters, live Facebook content and
more. If you’re not yet a follower of ClearVision
on Facebook or Twitter, now is the time to get
started, because their Facebook (
clearvisionoptical) and Twitter (
cvoptical) pages are full of great content like
profit-building ideas, educational information, fun
events and contests!
�Look for the brand new 2011 ClearVision
catalog to arrive shortly. In 2011, ClearVision will
introduce 150 sensational new eyewear styles
with new releases arriving every 60 days. Inside
the catalog, you’ll find information on their
growing list of Specialty Fit Collections that
address the eyewear needs of hard-to-fit
customers. The newest addition in this area is
the Style ‘n Fit™ line, which joins the popular
XLFIT™ men’s line and the Passion for Petites™
women’s line. Style ‘n Fit™ addresses the sizing
needs of female customers who have larger facial
�The height of the sunwear selling season
may be a few months away, but right now is the
best time to get ahead of the game by ordering
suns from ClearVision. The 2011 ClearVision
Sunwear Catalog features 30 entirely new styles
from names that your customers know and love
like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ellen Tracy, Cole Haan,
IZOD, IZOD PerformX and Jessica McClintock.
As customers come in all shapes and sizes, the
catalog features suns in Petite sizes for women
and XL sizes for men.
�ClearVision Optical will introduce an exciting
Visual Merchandising forum on Facebook,
called Imagination and Inspiration. Throughout the
year, the ClearVision Facebook page will become
a destination for dialog on the important subject
of Visual Merchandising. ClearVision customers
will be encouraged to post photos of their office
displays (and retail displays they find intriguing),
ask questions and offer advise.
�ClearVision has just released Live. Laugh.
Learn., a new video that shines the spotlight on
their innovative college internship program. The
video, with its fresh documentary style, captures
ClearVision’s unique culture and showcases their
award-winning internship program. The video
stars ClearVision’s summer 2010 interns, who
shot and edited the video. The video will be
posted on several college websites and will
be shared via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
other social media channels. View the video at
For more information on these new programs
please call ClearVision at 800-645-3733 or contact
your sales representative.
introduces the autumn / winter
2010-2011 Ray-Ban collection. The Ray-Ban
brand has always been synonymous with high
quality in terms of material, precision and highly
distinctive detail. The models possess a character
that makes them the global choice of those who
want to be a player and who believe in freedom,
originality and non-conformism. They are timeless
icons of style. The Ray-Ban legend was born in
1937 with the incomparable metal “Aviator” model,
the technological response to the demand for a
new type of glasses for the US Air Force, capable
of protecting the person from high altitude glare
and of guaranteeing perfect vision. Since the
1950s Ray-Bans have evolved from high-tech
glasses to fashion accessories- when they arrived
in Hollywood they became a veritable must for
the stars of cinema. From the 1960s onwards the
Ray-Ban story was marked by models with distinctive lenses and shapes, created with innovative
materials, sporty glasses and fashion glasses,
becoming ever more sophisticated and establishing themselves as icons of an era. The autumn/
winter collection once again presents some of
Ray-Ban’s most historically iconic models, updated
with innovative solutions that are particularly captivating to an attentive public, and ready to become
the “must-haves” of the next season. Featured
below are models RB3447, RB4152, RX5226
and RX5227. For more information please call
800-422-2020 or visit
WILEY X® EYEWEAR provides year-round
style and protection. With new superstars in the
line-up such as the Wiley X Lantern™ from the
company’s acclaimed Active Series, and Wiley X
Hydro™, Xcess™ and Quake™ from the stylish
and street smart Wiley X Street Series, there are
enough bold new styles and unmatched protective
features to make every day feel like Christmas. For
the ‘control freak’ in the family, there’s the Wiley X
Rout™ from the company’s famed Climate Control™ series - often copied, never duplicated - with
built in Top Down™ Ventilation. This feature allows
air to flow over the lenses which keeps out dust,
debris and insects when the trail or mountain gets
extreme. Fashion forward good looks may make
folks fall in love with these versatile new Wiley
X models, but nothing says “I love you” like the
industry’s highest levels of protection - from ANSI
certified unbreakable lenses and frames - Wiley X
is the only premium performance sunglass company whose full line meets the ANSI Z87.1-2003
high velocity and high mass impact standards for
safety - to 100% UVA and UVB protection. Wiley
X is trusted all over the planet by everyone from
Special Forces to world class athletes, and now all
this industry-leading performance and protection
is wrapped up in a wide selection of gorgeous
packages, to keep you and your loved ones safe
no matter how extreme they like to play, and
keep them looking good doing it. Featured below
clockwise from top are Xcess, Rout and Lantern.
For more information please call 800-776-7842 or
new Dolabany frames. The Cur tis, Arnold,
Pueblo and Alfred are wonderful additions to the
collection, mimicking the entire collection’s
retro design qualities, with Best Image Optical’s
signa ture edge. Once again leading the
trend, with flashback styling, the additions are
simply a perfect balance of quality and style, and
feature all handmade Italian acetates in a range
of wearable colors. Comfort and fit are always
an integral part of the design features of each
and every Dolabany frame. The look of the
line is versatile, while always maintaining a
high standard of functionality and excellence.
Each frame will also meet your customer’s
progressive lens needs, without sacrificing
style and functionality. For more information please
call 800-688-7661 or visit
introduces the
2011 X-IDE Sunglass collection, developed
with sensations that touch the five senses.
Villa Eyewear was captivated by emotions
derived from the world of textiles where they
discovered patterns, yarns and prints in a
thousand shades of nature, rich in tradition.
These fabrics give life to the new X-IDE
collection, as well as the names of
each model. They looked closely a t the
ma terials, the accumula tion of tones
that create gradients of color. They breathed
t h e p e r f u m e o f t h e t h r e a d s t h a t ove r
time create an unmistakable fragrance. They
l i s t e n e d t o t h e b r u s h o f the raw silks,
nets, cottons and daamasks. They caressed
s o f t w o o l s , c a s h m e r e a n d e ve n w o o l
derived from
Ya k s. T h ey we r e
left with a taste
of culture that has
evolved over
the ages. Unique.
Therefore the
names - Batik,
Denim, Pique,
B l a z e r, C o t t o n ,
Pashmina or Silks.
For more information please visit
com or call 877889-0399.
Supplier NEWS
MARCOLIN introduces several new Cover
Girl models. Shown below is style CG419 which
features ‘Designed 2 Fit’ style with metal foil logo
insert on the temple tips for brand recognition.
The modified rectangular shape is complimentary to most face shapes. The metal detail on the
temples has cut-out shapes and gives this style
a modern and chic look. CG419 features spring
hinges, and a wider “head to head” fit for people
who require a bit more room, and longer temples
for consumers of diverse ethnicities. This model
is available In colors black/cream, plum/blush and
wine/taupe with sizes 52/16/140 and 54/16/145.
List price is $55. Please call 888-527-9265 or visit for more information.
VIVA INT’L. GROUP presents a new assortment of point-of-purchase materials for HarleyDavidson® Eyewear, inspired by the current
image campaign and the open road lifestyle of
the brand. The new materials deliver a dynamic
backdrop, by offering multiple ways of showcasing
the innovative styles of the collection. The new
materials, which consist of a merchandising kit,
counter cards and a logo plaque, are all currently
available and can be ordered individually. The
counter cards are available for the prescriptionready sunglass collection, as well as the optical
collection, featuring the corresponding campaign
images. The merchandising kit, which features
a set of two-sided cardboard cubes, captuares
the spirit of the brand with campaign images on
one side and lifestyle images of motorcycle enthusiasts on the reverse side. A black acrylic ID
plaque completes the point-of-purchase materials
currently available. For more information please
call 800-345-VIVA or visit
OGI EYEWEAR introduces a new collection of
fashion-forward sunwear styles, adding an exciting
twist to their ever-expanding line of fresh, contemporary sunwear. These intriguing sun styles bring
together inventive shapes with unique materials.
Infusing deep, rich color combinations gives each
model a signature Ogi flair. Ogi continues to reinvent themselves by carefully selecting pieces
abundant with personality that reflect the youthful
image of the brand and its vision of the future.
All sunglasses come with an Ogi zipper case and
cleaning cloth. Featured below top left to right are
models 8048 and 8047, with 8046 below. For more
information please visit or
call 888-560-1060.
SAFILO introduces the Valentino Spring /
Summer 2011 Eyewear collection.
Rock Attitude...inspired by luxury, these butterflyshaped sunglasses feature an acetate frame with
leather details presented on the front and a “diamond” effect finish on the temples (VAL 5748/S).
This model is available in black with graduated
grey lenses and in a soft dark grey version with
tinted lenses. These ‘glam-rock’ style sunglasses
feature an acetate frame which flaunts small metal
studs on the temples (VAL 5746/S featured below
top). The frame colors include shades of dark
havana, red black and ivory. The Optyl sunglass
model also reflects a strong personality (VAL
5743/S). (Optyl is a Safilo registered trademark
distinguishing an ultra-lightweight and innovative
plastic material with refined color effects.) The
frame is sculpted with an all-over pattern of small
studs, whilst the temples are distinguished by an
unexpected stud detail. The unconventional colors
include glossy black, havana, red black/mauve,
dark green/grey and beige/crystal.
Dark Romanticism...the iconic and modern rose
motif personalizes the injected frame sunglasses
(VAL 5737/S featured below bottom) as well as
the acetate optical frame (VAL 5735). The rose is
re-interpreted as a stylized sculpture positioned
directly on the temples. It gives the model a particularly mysterious and ultra-feminine allure. The
frames’ sophisticated colors include glossy black,
red black and brown. For more information please
call 800-631-1188 or visit
DAISY by Daisy
Fuentes, an
ophthalmic line
extension of the
Daisy Fuentes
Eyewear collection. The Peace.
consumer is
female aged 20
- 39 who identifies with a bohemian, free
spirited lifestyle
while embracing fashion and
feminine styling. She embraces the peace
symbol as a statement for a desirable future.
Collection materials include sheet-cut stainless
steel, monel eyewire, hand-crafted zyl, and wide
temples. The Peace symbols are composed
of pressed metal, cut outs, hammered metals,
and embellished with crystals. LOVE is also
featured as a temple embellishment in the form
of metal plaques and encrusted with crystals.
Spring hinges, flexible stainless steel temples,
and other comfor t features are included. A
signature Peace.Love.Daisy foil logo plaque
appears in each inside temple tip. Create an
exciting environment with colorful P-O-P featuring the iconic peace sign. Receive a free denim
tote bag with purchase of any 8 frames, plus
receive a free necklace with each frame (while
supplies last). Featured below is model Peace.
Love.Daisy 408. For more information please
call 800-765-3700 or visit
the latest addition to the Cinzia Ophthalmic line
up - Cinzia Black. The 10-piece acetate collection that caused a sensation when it debuted at
Vision Expo West makes a powerful statement
in a singular color. Striking shapes and graphic
temple treatments define this dynamic line and
keep these styles from fading into the background.
Bold looks for those that refuse to hide behind their
eyewear. A collection this compelling deserves an
equally arresting POP package. The wood-framed
display, logo plaque and counter card all come
with your order of the full 10-piece kit. Featured
below from top to bottom are CB-02, CB-08 and
CB-10. Daring. Fearless. Bold...CINZIA BLACK.
For more information please call 800-621-4108 or
BABYLON, NY: “We’re going to continue
doing what we’re doing. We’ve developed a
successful formula, with a nice product mix
and a stable clientele, so we’re glad that we’re
doing okay.
“One thing we’ve developed is a huge sunwear
market. Once we made the commitment to
emphasizing sunwear we committed to a
large inventory of sunwear. It’s paid off. We
also take the time to educate customers. The
public might think they know something about
eyewear, but it’s up to us to teach them. Those
are the areas that have worked for us and that
will continue in 2011.”
Supplier NEWS
announces new
additions to their wonderful sunglass collection.
Lady Godiva (top right) is available in a sexy
leopard print with a beautiful light tan toned inside
color, and for those looking for a more subtle look
the frame is available in the inverse color with
the leopard on the inside and light tan being the
exterior color. Motley (top left) is now available in
a stunning pearl color. Diamond Lil’ (bottom), a
Jonathan Cate classic, is available in yet another
new color, gray-multi, which is a beautiful grayish
silver tone with fleck of gold throughout the zyl.
Additionally, the Lady Godiva is also available in
this new gray-multi color. Many more styles and
colors have recently been added to the collection.
For more information please call 888-665-2326 or
model 650 is a rimless 100% titanium,
three piece compression mount. Its modified
rectangular front and contemporary design make
this style elegant and versatile - the versatility is
endless - day to to play...offered in
four colors that complement every wardrobe. Colors available include black, brown, burgundy and
silver, with size 53/16/135 offering a progressive
friendly depth measurement. List price is $69.95.
For more information please call 800-242-8872 or
a leading fashion
prescription eyewear company, representing
premium and value brands including Konishi,
Monalisa, Giovanni, Star and Smart announce
an array of new styles for their popular AirMag
Magnetic Clip-On Collection. Most magnetic
clip-ons require a magnet attached to the frame
and another pair of magnets attached to the clipon itself, making the frame feel heavy and bulky.
Clariti Eyewear’s AirMag Polarized Magnetic
Clip-ons are the pioneers of the next generation
of magnetic eyewear. The frame itself is made of
a special material that does not require attached
magnets. The clip-on will click on and attach
strongly onto the frame without the bulk of two
pairs of magnets making it stronger, lighter and
smaller than its competitors’. Because of their
frame materials, there are hardly any design limitations. AirMag is able to create a large spectrum of
frame designs. Besides the design element, Clariti
Eyewear is more affordable and convenient. Even
with its inexpensive price, Clariti Eyewear does
not skim down the quality of their products. With
their polarized clip-ons that cut down glare and
deliver crisp images, Clariti highlights the value
of their quality products while maintaining a cost
friendly price for consumers. As clip-ons get lost
all the time, AirMag clip on replacements are sold
separately. The simple click of the magnet clip-ons
can be easily attached while driving or walking.
For more information please call 800-FRAMES-2
or visit
offers Cameleon Photochromic
lenses - brilliant color outdoors, ultra clear indoors…
�Polycarbonate Photochromic with AR Gray
(SPH: -6.00 to +4.00 CYL: -.25 to -2.00) $25
per pair.
�1.56 Mid Index Photochromic Gray / Brown
(SPH: Plano to -4.00 CYL: -.25 to -2.00) $18
per pair.
Free shipping with purchase of $50 or more! For
more information please call 866-MARCATI.
Practice for Sale
Equipment for Sale (cont.)
Urban Essex County, NJ highly respected optical
establishment. Optical store has been in business
for over 60 years with P/T optometrist for over 20
years. Excellent high-traffic storefront location in
professional building, near highways and public
transportation. Fully equipped exam room, CL
area, retail dispensary, lab, office. High growth
potential for Optometrist owner. Priced for quick
sale, owner looking to leave area. Please call Will,
terms negotiable. 973-399-0909, 201-452-2620,
or e-mail [email protected]
Humphrey visual field model 740; Humphrey auto
refractor keratometer model 599; Humphrey topographer model 995; Reichert phoropter (black);
Humphrey instrument table; Reichert non-contact
tenometor model 555(3 years old). All in excellent
condition. Best offer. Call 516-287-5440 or e-mail
[email protected]
71 year old high end optometry - opticianry practice
for sale in Syracuse, NY with large active patient
base. Excellent revenue with only 20 O.D. hours /
week. Serious replies please. Ask for Rob (personal call) 315-422-6089.
Hunterdon County, NJ. Lifestyle matters - wonderful Delaware River historic town, great for raising
children. We offer an established ($300K gross)
medical/optical practice with excellent potential for
growth in stable demographic area. Low overhead
and generous terms for a caring practitioner who
will continue our tradition of service to the community. Fully equipped, complete optical inventory.
Ideal starter or satellite practice. Will mentor if
desired. Call Dr. Douglas 773-241-4085.
Employment Opportunity
Help wanted - part time optician for S. Tampa
optometrist office. License not required. 1 to 2
days / week. No lab work. Call 813-221-6655 or
fax resume to 813-221-6656.
Equipment for Sale
Lombart slit lamp; AO projector, Burton stand, chair
& lamp; Marco trial lens set; Reichert phoropter;
Tangent screen. Best offer, any reasonable offer
accepted. Call 718-238-3937 or 732-446-2944.
Burton chair and stand (model 2001) with two arms
and light, black upholstery with beige trim. Also a
B&L greens phoropter, slit lamp and keratometer.
Good for a nursing home exam room. $2,500 for
all. Located in southeastern PA. 610-562-5005.
Unique display item for sale: 8-station FITTING
DAIS that provides for individual styling. The base
is a black octagon measuring 5’ 4” in diameter
and 29¼” high, the top is 8 feet in diameter and
is white. Mirrors included, all in good condition.
Asking price $625 or best offer, pickup required.
Please call Dr. Robert W. Hoffman 814-452-4227
or 814-450-0770.
One Essilor MBA edger for sale with a spare circuit
board - very clean, auto bevel or guided bevel.
Removed from service, working well for a patternless edger. The cost is $375 or best offer. Also, one
Essilor MBA edger which is older but was seldom
used, $200. As is Where is. Call Dr. Robert W.
Hoffman 814-452-4227 or 814-450-0770.
Semi-finished glass lenses for sale - Single vision
and multifocals .50¢ per pair. Over 200 pair available. Contact Barry [email protected]
AIT Speede Blocker model 630, $190; 2 AO noncontact II Tonometers model 12415 by Reichert,
$1,200 ea.; American Optical Corp. phoropter
model 11625, $2,500; Humphrey automatic
refractor keratometer model 599, easy operator
video display and digital printout of measurements, $2,990; Humphrey lens analyzer off-white
color, model 360-2675 $3,150; Nidek patternless
edger Santinelli model LE-7070SX, features easy
one-cut operation for poly, high index plastic and
high gloss automatic polishing. Use circulation
pump system or direct connection to tap. Newly
refurbished by Santinelli, still un-opened in the box!
Comes with blocks, deblocker, tracing kit and manual, $7,900. Please call Paul DiFore 856-234-7881
or e-mail [email protected]
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