Spring 2008 - Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurses Association



Spring 2008 - Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurses Association
Spring 2008
A Publication of Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
The son of a Buffalo hunter, Dr. William R. Livingston
ivingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association’s namesake was a California
native. Born in Oxnard, December 1, 1870, Dr. William R. Livingston was the
son of a well known Nebraska plains buffalo hunter and early California pioneer,
Robert G. Livingston.
Robert came west to California at age fifteen in 1854. He first settled in Placerville,
then known as “Hangtown,” and later moved to Ventura County in 1869.
Dr. Livingston spent his boyhood in Port Hueneme and was awarded his M.D. from
the University of Chicago in 1893. He interned at Chicago’s Emergency German, and
St. Elizabeth’s Hospitals. During 1895-96 he was in charge of the Mexican Railroad
Hospital in Tampico, Mexico until he contracted yellow fever and was forced to
return to the United States. In 1898-99 he
took post graduate work in various medical
centers in Europe where he learned to use
the “twilight sleep” method in obstetrics.
It is estimated that Dr. Livingston brought
more babies into the world in the Oxnard
area than any other doctor. In many
instances, he delivered three generations
of babies within the same family.
A Woman on a mission,
mrs. Julien hathaway
Ventura County
Total Visits
1966 – 13,200
1986 – 44,524
2006 – 59,054
1953 Helen Gans, R.N.,
Santa Paula-Oxnard nurse.
The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)
was founded in 1947 by Mrs. Julien
Hathaway, a public health nurse
from New York City where the VNA
originated. Seeing a need for home
Dr. William R. Livingston
health services in Ventura County, she
recruited the support of various community and philanthropic organizations.
The VNA began with one nurse and soon after Mrs. Hathaway moved on
to other public health projects saying, “…if an organization is worth living,
then the community will carry it through.”
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A Message From
The Chairman
ome of the headlines in July 1947
were: “Best Years of Our Lives” as
the best movie, Al Capone died
(obviously not on Hospice), President
Truman fired General Douglas
McArthur, and Jackie Robinson
received baseball’s Rookie-of-the-Year
honor. One of the headlines, at least
in Ventura County, should have read
“Concerned Leaders Launch Visiting
Nurse Program for Homebound
Patients.” In its infancy, this was a
simple effort by a few dedicated citizens
to provide a much needed service.
Following the end of World War
II, patients’ hospital stays became
much shorter and the services in
the home much more sophisticated.
From its inception, the Visiting Nurse
Association’s mission was to provide
home health care to all the citizens of
Ventura County, regardless of their
ability to pay; that remains our mission
today–60 years later.
The Visiting Nurse Association
continued to grow during the 50’s, 60’s
and 70’s, while constantly adjusting
to the technological explosion and
beginning of Medicare and Medicaid,
as well as the increasing demands to
just keep up.
In 1974, the Livingston Memorial
Foundation was formed to carry out
the wishes of Ruth Daily Livingston,
the widow of Dr. William R.
Livingston, a pioneer and early Ventura
County physician. As co-trustees of
Ruth’s will, Dr. A.W. Cruden and I, with
the help of attorney Ben Nordman,
founded this trust.
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
In 1981, the Foundation Board
engaged a representative group of
Ventura County people knowledgeable
about health care to help us determine
where they and we felt the most
pressing unmet health care needs
existed. Our consensus was that home
health was the fastest growing and
most uninsured and underinsured
health need in our county.
Well, our Foundation’s mission
became more clear.
The Foundation Board approached
the Visiting Nurse Association’s
Board, who enthusiastically took the
Livingston name, thus beginning
a loose affiliation which has lasted
through the years. Needless to
say, Livingston Memorial Visiting
Nurse Association has exceeded the
Foundation Board’s expectations year
after year.
As many of you know, Livingston
Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
now provides the full range of home
health care including, Medicare
certified hospice. Our subsidiary, Gold
Coast CareGivers, provides much
needed day and night home care needs.
On a personal note, over the past
several years, I have been with two of
my closest friends during their time
on hospice. Although tragic for me,
the comfort and time for planning
and togetherness for the family was a
revelation. I quickly learned that loving
care and compassion, as well as the
technical expertise, are the true essence
of Livingston Hospice.
Recently, my wife and I benefited
from the quality, professional care of
a Livingston nurse, physical therapist
and Gold Coast care giver. Until you
have truly experienced the loving care
from these wonderful people, it is
difficult to judge. We found Livingston
Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
and Gold Coast CareGivers “superior”
in all respects.
In closing I wish to thank all of you
who have been so generous over all the
years. You have my love and gratitude.
Charles M. Hair, MD
Chairman of the Board
Charles M. Hair, M.D.
Laura K. McAvoy
ViCe CHAir
Jeffrey D. Paul
raymond G Boyd
Michael r. Lurie
Carol H. Hambleton, r.N.
Laurie Bigham, r.N.
Thomas P. Pecht
Mission Statement
Livingston Memorial VNA Health Corporation
and Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse
Association recognize the growing need to
provide services in the home environment for
the sick, handicapped, elderly
and homebound.
As community-supported, nonprofit organizations, they strive to provide professional,
licensed and supportive home health and
hospice care services of the highest quality in
the most cost effective manner to the people of
Ventura County to ensure a positive
patient outcome.
LMVNA explores and develops health-related
programs based upon community need and
acceptance, economic viability, and availability of resources to provide services.
LMVNA is sensitive to the financial circumstances of its patients and provides needed services,
including those at reduced or no charge to
indigent patients, based upon the available
resources for the organization.
We are (Livingston) Family
Dr. Charles M. Hair
was Dr. William R.
Livingston’s physician in
his final year.
“My father [Walter
Hoffman] was delivered
by Dr. Livingston. Dr. Rey,
Dr. Livingston’s protégé,
was supposed to deliver
me, but he was late and
Henrietta Farrel, R.N., did
the duty. She was my idol
and I followed her lead and
trained to be a nurse.”
60 Years
of Caring
Carol H. Hambleton, R.N.,
Board of Directors
2001 to present.
Lynne Martson, Director of
Gold Coast Care Givers, is
the daughter of Paul Wolven,
BOD, 1983 to 1999.
Candice Bartosh Saucedo, Clinical Support Clerk;
and Valerie Bartosh, Livingston Hospice
“Dr. Hair delivered my mom in 1955 and was
to deliver me in 1978, but he went out of town
while my mom was in labor. He was the primary
doctor throughout her pregnancy. Kind of a funny
coincidence, he was an important part of [at least]
two Livingston employees lives.”
Thomas P. Pecht, Board of Directors 2007 to present,
and Jeffery D. Paul, Board of Directors 1999 to
present, both took their first breaths after a whack on
the fanny from Dr. Hair.
1995 Former State Senator Jack
O’Connell makes a house call with
Home Health Aide, Phyllis Harma.
1983 Board of Directors, standing left to right: James Knight, Norman Gruber,
Dan Hertinger, John Puryear, Paul Wolven; seated: Roy Carlson, Charles Hair,
M.D., Fran Johnson, and Laura McAvoy.
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association • www.livingstonvna.org
A Message From
The President
The future of
home health care
has deep roots
e have come a long way
over the years, constantly
adjusting to the changes
in the health needs of people in Ventura County. Over the last 20 years, as
hospitals have progressively shortened
the time patients stay in the acute setting, the demand for our services has
increased dramatically. We also saw a
growing need for services with the advent of medically guided end of life care,
hospice. Livingston Memorial Visiting
Nurse Association is now the largest provider of home health care and hospice
services in the county. Throughout these
changes and challenges, we have been,
and remain, the only provider of home
care for all citizens, irrespective of their
ability to pay.
Livingston is blessed with a strong
team of skilled professionals, including
registered nurses; physical, occupational
and speech therapists, licensed clinical social workers, registered dietitians,
home health aides, and personal care
certified nursing aides. By employing a
diverse and comprehensive home health
staff, we can assure the local community
of high quality care delivered in the comfort of their own homes.
boom generation is just around the corner. The way health care has been offered
in the past will need to be redesigned. At
Livingston, we are changing to meet the
demands of this new challenge.
Let’s talk about the future.
It is simple to see that this growth
will lead to a future increase in the number of patients needing our care. Livingston is responding by developing and
transitioning staff to meet an increase in
demand for our vital services.
While Livingston staff is keeping
their running shoes on, a fundamental
change in the organization of the system
of health care in our nation is rapidly
coming. Health care of the future will
be centered in the home. The baby
boom population will be living longer,
and there will be a larger proportion of
seniors living with a chronic disease.
Premature death will be less common,
and prevention and management of long
term illness will be the norm. We will
control diabetes, manage clotting, adjust
congestive heart failure fluid status, care
for infections, heal wounds, improve
joint mobility, and equip living areas for
better function—all with the help of professional health care providers that come
into our homes.
Although doctors’ offices and hospitals will remain, their role will be more
limited. Technology will advance so that
what we now need a hospital to do will
be brought into our homes. Telehealth is
here now and will continue to expand.
Methods for intravenous therapy and
new drugs have made home treatment
an increasing option for many.
The future center of health care will
be the professional team in the home.
This transition is underway now, with
home health care on a national level and
locally at Livingston. We have the staff in
place to manage chronic disease right in
the patient’s home. In an ironic way, we
are evolving back to what Dr. Livingston
did—providing care to patients in the
comfort of their own homes.
Change is in the Air
The imminent senior population
explosion brought on by the aging baby
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
— Dr. Dial, President/CEO
Livingston nurses don’t climb
the Canejo Grade—
we are already on the top!
Jeanette Cunningham, R.N.
Director of Patient Care Services
As home heAlth care providers, our
patients don’t come to our facilities—we
go to them. Most of our patients, about
two thirds, are served by staff out of our
main Ventura office on Eastman Avenue
and a third out of our Thousand Oaks
office on Long Court. That’s a census of
100 to 120 patients being seen
by staff from our
Thousand Oaks
Our Thousand Oaks office
is bustling with
busy nurses,
home health
aides, physical and occupational therapists, registered dieticians, and care givers on their way to care for patients. On
any given day one of our nurses may be
helping a patient manage their diabetes
in Simi Valley, a therapist might be helping a patient with their rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement surgery in
Newbury Park, or one of our wound specialists may be looking after a patient’s
post operative surgery in Moorpark to
make sure they are healing without infection or complications.
Sometimes people are surprised
when I tell them that all of Livingston’s programs and services are offered
throughout the County. Like all of
Livingston’s staff, we see most of our patients in the comfort of their own homes,
we also see patients at board and care
homes, and assisted living facilities.
Our east county team is part of the
same Livingston family that serves the
whole of Ventura County. We’ve got a
wonderful camaraderie of supportive,
personable staff that genuinely care
about each other and their patients.
Wherever you live in Ventura
County— from Ventura to Westlake
Village and out to Piru, — you can
depend on us to provide quality,
compassionate home health care.
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bernard
Mr. Dan Berry
Ms. Laurie Bigham
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Billic
Ms. Andrea Bircher
Mr. James Birkenshaw
Livingston Memorial VNA gratefully acknowledeges Mr. Andrew J. Black
the following individuals, foundations, local businesses, Ms. Diana Blackburn
Mr. Edward Blackman
institutions and community organizations for their Ms. Zeger H. Blankers
generosity. It’s because of the continued loyalty of our Mrs. Betty J. Blaser-Perkins
Mr. Richard Bloom
many supporters that Livingston is able to continue Ms. Gail Bogner
its mission of providing high quality home health and Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bolish
hospice services to the residents of Ventura County, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bopp
Ms. Helen Borchard
regardless of their ability to pay. We apologize for any Ms. Virginia Bottorff
omissions and/or errors. Please call (805) 642-0239 to Ms. Ann Bourdon
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Brady
update us of any changes. We appreciate your support! Ms. Lynn Braitman
Dr. Grace Emery Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Braun
Ms. Terry Brenner-Farrell
Bequests and Trusts
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brewer
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Mr. Mike Robson
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Ms. Teresa Bright
(805) 642-0239 ext. 603
Mr. Mark Schwartz
Smith-Hobson Foundation Fund Ms. Lillian E. Bristow
Ms. Marcia Brock
Mr. James L. Spencer
Area Agency on Aging
St. Johns Regional Medical Center Ms. Ellen Brokaw
Mr. Luke Brown
Camarillo Health Care District
Ted Mayr Funeral Home
Dr. & Mrs. Donn Browne
City of San Buenaventura
The Sence Foundation
Mrs. Geraldine Browning
City of Oxnard
Mr. C. Eugene Thrift
Mr. & Mrs. James Bruckner
County of Ventura
Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. E.H. & Anke Bruist
Dole Food Company, Inc.
Mr. Mark Whitebook
Ms. Lisa Brunelle
Livingston Memorial Foundation & Cathie Fields
Mr. Gene Bruton
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Ms. Janet Sampson
Ms. Patricia M. Osborne
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Samsky
Ms. Lois Ottow
Ms. Florence Sanchez
Ms. Agnes Padernal
Mr. David Sanchez
Mr. John Paine
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sanchez
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Palkovic
Ms. Lois M. Sandall
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Papararo
Saticoy Poinsettia Club
Ms. Mary B. Parker
Mr. Greg Savard
Mr. Dennis Parker
Ms. Bernice Schlichter
Pasadena Community Foundation Mr. Richard Schmittou
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Passalacqua
Ms. Judith Schneller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pavan
Mr. & Mrs. V.B. Schoenfeldt
Penfield Smith Engineers
Mr. Dewey Val Schorre
Ms. LaVera Penn
Ms. Lori Schouten
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Penney
Schouten Family
Ms. Alline Persing
Ms. Kathryn A. Schultz
Ms. Kathleen Pestrella
Mrs. Jennie Scott
Mrs. Kay A. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Seaver
Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Petty
Ms. Irene Seda
Ms. Marian Phillips
Ms. Karen Sedlacek
Philoptochos Society of
Ms. Barbara A. Serrano
St. Demetrios
Providencia Serrano
Ms. Betsy Phoenix
Mr. Steven Carl Sezzi
Ms. Frances Pike
Ms. Joan Shampoe
Mr. Gene Poland
Ms. Stephanie Shannon
Ms. Susan Pollard
Mr. Frank Shapiro
Ms. Robyn L. Posin
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sharp
Mr. Tim Postel
Ms. Rachel Shelby
Ms. Mary Etta Powell
Ms. Regina Sherrill
Ms. Jackie Prendergast
Ms. Cora Shimmel
Mr. E. Norris Procter
Mr. Bill Shobe
Mr. & Mrs. Howard R. Proffitt
Ms. Susan Shrum
Ms. Jeanne Pruitt
Mr. Robert B. Shulman
Ms. Vesta A. Raffetto
Ms. Charleen Siegler
Ms. Nancy Rakow
Ms. Ella Sieland
Ms. Elsa M. Ramirez
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silver
Ms. Dolores G. Ramirez
Ms. Melanie Sliwka
Ms. Minnie Ramos
Ms. Edith Sloan
Ms. Winnie Rapmund
Mr. John Smith
Mr. & Mrs. William Reed
Ms. Karen Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Reeve
Mr. Stephen Smith
Mr. Patrick A. Reeve
Mrs. Martha Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Reulbach
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Socia
Mr. John Rey
Somis Nut House
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Sorek
Ms. Jonell Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Southwick
Ms. Patricia J. Riggins
Kelley St. John
Mr. & Mrs. Fran P. Rigoli
Yasuko Stautzenberger
Mrs. Connie Rimpa
Mr. Wayne L. Stephens
Rincon Surveys, Inc.
Mr. Aaron Stern
Ms. Ruth Sterry
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew R Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stevens
Mr. Gilbert Stickelmaier
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell R. Stillwagon
Ms. Kathleen Sublette
Ms. Barbara Sullivan
Mr. Edward Summers
Mr. Patrick L. Swift
Mr. Alfred J. Sylvester
Ms. Leslie Tam Sing
Ms. Jean M. Tantalo
Mr. Michael Tapia
Ms. Mary N. Tash
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Teague
Mr. Richard Terry
Mrs. Anna Teteris
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Thanos
Mr. Donald Thinnes
Mr. Steven L. Thomassin
Ms. Joyce Dee Thompson
Mr. Herbert Tilsner
Ms. Gloria Tipton
TMP Advertising
Ms. Louise Toci
Trader Joes
Mr. & Mrs. W. George Trevarthen
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Triplett
Twin Pines Health Care
Ms. Esther Urzuza
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Van Gundy
Mrs. Beverly Van Nest
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Vance
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Vega
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Velthoen
Ventura Air Conditioning Co.
Ventura County
Deputy Sheriffs Assoc.
Verizon Wireless
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wah
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Walker
Ms. Judith B. Ward
Mr. Doug Warneke
Ms. Betty Warner
Ms. Lois M. Weatherhead
Ms. Joyce Webb
Ms. Patti Weedon
Ms. Beulah Weidman
Ms. Julia Weikamp
Ms. Doris Weinert
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Weis
Mr. & Mrs. Merlin E. Welch
Wellpoint Associate Giving
Mr. & Mrs. Frank White
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Whitehead
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Whitledge
Ms. Linda R. Wieckowski
Mr. & Mrs. James Wiens
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wiker
Ms. Charleen Wilks
Mr. Robert Willard
Ms. Kathryn S. Williams
Ms. Roberta Williams
Ms. Patricia Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Winter
Ms. Christy Wirth
Mr. John W. Wissinger
Mr. & Mrs. Basil G. Witt
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wolfe
Dr. Marc Wolfsohn
Mr. Rex L. Wollen
Mrs. Misty Wood
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Woodburn
Ms. Suzanne Woodruff
Mr. Carl Lee
Bob & Marlene Lowe
Mr. & Mrs. Bill McKinley
Mr. David Petit
Erin Rea
Ms. Madonna Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Swift
Ms. Beth Vujovich
Ms. Adele Walsh
Herschel Ducker
Ms. Margaret Lundegaard
Dick Dunavant
Ms. Patricia Dunavant
Winifred Dunn
Ms. Doris Schmidt
renee Dvoran
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Tocci
Phyllis Dwire
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Powell
Anne edwards
Ms. Patricia Hyfield
robert elder
Ms. Elizabeth M. Elder
robert elledge
Ms. Jeanne E. Elledge
Norman elton
Ms. Santina Elton
Clarence erickson
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Bruce
Joy Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford L. Farrar
Ms. Donna Hardin
Bella Fernandez
Ms. June Hickman
Frank Fiatarone
Ms. Faye Campbell
laura Fitch
Ms. Neva Hastings
lorraine Fitzgerald
Ms. Gretchen Chesley
solange Fontes
Ms. Junette Hodge
Martin Ford
Mrs. Marcia Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Ford
George Forsyth
Ms. Frances C. Forsyth
edward Foster
Ms. Aileen Wachholz
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Peters
Milton Fowler
Ms. Ruth Fowler
Martha Galloway
Mr. Gordon Galloway
Dan Galvin sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Orens
Gene Gantt
Ms. Helen Rose Davis
Ms. Lois B. Johnson
Ms. Lorna Jean Stevens
Ms. Ruth Wolf
John Garber
Mr. Joseph Cechvala
Ms. Evelyn R. Cushing
Ms. Donna Taylor
Howard & Jim Geer
Geer Agency
Avey Gibbs
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Moran
robert Godeck
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Klein
Clarice Goldman
Mr. Solomon Goldman
James robert Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. James Gonzalez
Jon Greenwald
Ms. Margery Greenwald
Carl Grether
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Grether
Della Grimes
Mr. Ray Grimes
Michael Gutierrez
Ms. Virginia Tirado
Dean Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Batelaan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Ms Christine Freiberg
Ms. Polly Keyes
Mr. Richard Mahlke
Mr. Domingo Martinez
Ms. M. Ruth Truman
Barbara Hamilton
Ms. Agnes O’connor
Mr. Dale Olsen
Gloria Hammans
Mr. Robert Tully
lynnell Hankins
Ms. RaeLee Hudson
Charles Harkins
Ms. Camilis Harkins
lorraine Hartine
Darrell Harting
Kim Hartman
Mr. & Mrs. Gale Hartman
Ms. Amy Wilson
rebecca Held
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Follender
Terrye Hoffman
Ms. Arlene Leder
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Sheffield
Ms. Rosalee Sherbrooke
Clarence Hentges
Ms. Josephine Hentges
ross & Frances Hernandez
Ms. Ventura Busch
Ms. Eleanor Williams
George Higi
Mr. & Mrs. William Cowley
robert Hildt
Ms. Dorothy Hildt
Patricia Hoctor
Mr. & Mrs. Link Leavens
leila Hoffman
Mr. John Hoffman
Patrick Holden
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Arnold
Pacific Beverage
Mr. Chris Cooluris
Mr. Dale Dean
Ms. Joan Henson
Mr. Ronald Jackson
Ms. Anne Kehoe
Mr. Wallace B. Kingsland
Ms. Mary K. MacKenzie
Mrs. Richard McGrath
Mr. & Mrs. Noriyoshi
The Oaks at Ojai
Ms. Mary Pfeiler
Mr. Fred Polanco
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Sanchez
Ms. Justine Thomas
Mr. Jessie F. Trevino
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Walters
Ms. Teresa Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C.
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
Mrs. Durward Howes
Mrs. Richard Hambleton
William Hudgens
Ms. Paula Hudgens
lillian Kay Hughes
Ms. Patricia Barr
ethel Hunt
Ms. Janet Milne
Maria Hutchison
Mr. Clarence Hutchison
Joann irwin
Mr. Richard Irwin
Beth Jacobs
Mr. Jay Jacobs
Helene Jedrick
Mr. Stanley Jedrick
Ms. Serena Jedrick- Kelly
Norman Jennett
Ms. N. Jeannette Jennett
Charles Jones
Ms. Patricia Jones
ethel Jorgensen
Mr. Richard Jorgensen
eleanor Kane
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Caine
Paul Karb
Ms. Nancy Bradford
Paul Kaub
Benner & Carpenter, Inc.
Mr. Jack Moore
robert Kernen
Ms. Marilyn Kernen
Melvin Kidney
Ms. Mary Kidney
Ms. Sharon Neckritz
inez Kielty
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kielty
Virginia Kimble
Mr. Richard A. Pillow
Dennis Kincaid
Ms. Bette Kincaid
Agnes Klein
Ms. Sandra Klein
lee Kline
Mr. Donald W. Mueting
Calvin Koch
Ms. Marguerite Koch
leonidas & Kaliope Kokkinis
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Kokkinis
Mary Ann Kopner
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Torgow
Mary Ann Kovner
Mr. Daniel Kovner
ron Krizer
Ms. Dorothy Krizer
Frank langdon
Ms. Nancy Langdon
Carl lapolla
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McQuin
Clarence laube
Ms. Sandra C. Wepplo
offerman laurie
Mr. & Mrs. Victor B. Johnson
John leal
Ms. Sandra Leal
Mary Alice lewis
Ms. Kathy McWilliams
Dave lincoln
Ojai Valley Retired Men’s Club
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald White
Virginia lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Herrera
Madeline & Averett lower
Ms. Barbara J. Angus
Bill lucking
Mrs. Caroline Ford
William C. lukes M.D.
Ms. Marie E. Lukes
Marina lunche
Mr. Robert Lunche
Carlos Macias
Mr. Richard D. Macias
Dorianna Madden
Ms. Loretta Porter
Kathy Malan
Ventura Police
Management Assoc.
ron Manley
Mrs. Doris Manley
Gilbert Marjorie
Ms. Patricia R. Tillman
raymond Marsh
Ms. Susan K. Gransee
leonard Mc Conkie
Ms. Catherine McConkie
richard Mc Cune
Ms. Yolanda McCune
Helen Mc euen
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Jardine
John Mc Killop
Mr. & Mrs. John McKillop
& Family
ray Mc Mullin
Ms. Carol McMullin
John Mc Vittie
Ms. Mabel McVittie
elizabeth McCann
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn C. True
edith McCoy
Ms. Katherine (Kitty) McCoy
Joseph McGrath
Ms. Miriam C. McGrath
Marie Mcintyre
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brady
Akiko Melhorn
Mr. R. William Melhorn
Marcelle Melkonian
Mr. Maurice Melkonian
stanley Merry
Mr. Joyce Basolo
Mr. William Care
Ms. Linda Gilden
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grainger
Mr. Ernest H. Hurd
Ms. Mary Kappler
Ms. Mildred Shackelford
Ms. Emma Wendel
rae Meushaw
Ms. Margaret Lundegaard
Diane, leon and rose Meza
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Tuttle
Mary Michel
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Moran
eleanor Millard
Ms. Rayette Dooley
Harry T. Miyamoto
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Nakamura
Mel Modglin
Mrs. Dianne M. Modglin
eunice Monroe
Frances Nutter
Walter Moranda
Ms. Jeannette Moranda
lavon Morrison
Ms. Marlayn L. Morrison
lois Mortenson
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Warinner
e. Mathes Murphy
Mrs. Tomoko Murphy
eugene Myers
Ms. Betsy Lee-Myers
roy Naboa
Ms. Lucinda Naboa
Walter Narkevic
Ms. Loisgail Narkevic
William Nelson
Ms. Elsie Wall
samuel & shirley Neustadt
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Levine
edith oberg
Mr. & Mrs. John & Carrie Colla
ray & Virginia oelschlager
Mr. Ken Oelschlager
laurie offerman
Ms. Susan Hollingsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kelly
and Family
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Wolff
Jose osornio
Ms. Sheila Ortiz
Vivian Joyce owen
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Title
Col. l. A. Parks
Ms. Marcella D. Parks
Don Partridge
Ms. Ruth Adams
Mrs. Betty Partridge
Dorthy Ward
Ms. Teresa Ward
ervin Patton
Mrs. Dinah Slade
Mahaleena Payson
Ms. Pamelia D. Strayer
Marlyn Peakes
Mr. John Peakes
Dr. John Peter Pearson M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Brand
Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Crutchfield
Ms. Louise Feinberg
Ms. Marilyn T. Fordney
Ms. Sheila A. Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Minnich
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nagin
Ms. Sylvia Narula
Mr. Floyd Pearson
Mrs. Jane M. Tolmach
elsie Pierse
Mr. Amos Pierce
Heidi Poe
Mr. Larry Poe
Mrs. Wilma Poe
Micheal Pollack
Ms. Sue Pollack
Verna Poole
Mr. Vincent Poole
June Popken
Mr. Don Popken
Dorothy Preston
Mr. Arthur “Lloyd” Preston
serge Procopenko
Mrs. Dorothy Procopenko
Tony Pusateri
Mr. Peter Pusateri
orlando Quevedo
Ms. Margaret C. Quevedo
elizabeth ragsdale
Ms. Barbara Ohmstedt
Dick rakow
Ms. Karen Rakow
Gus ramirez
Ms. Linda Ramirez
Joe rampalo
Ms. Dominica Rompalo
Fred ramseier (roberta B.
Ms. Katherine Martin
emily raymond
Mr. Jean Raymond
Trudy real
Mr. & Mrs. John Real
Wayne rear
Ms. Verla Rear
ian Timothy reyes
Ms. Linda Wareham
ray rick
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rich
Peter & Brian ridgway
Ms. June Ridgway
Maxine rife
Mr. William Rife
Carl lowthrop, richard
richards, robert Mc Millan
Lowthorp, Richards,
McMillan, Miller, Conway,
Mr. Bruce A. robertson
Mr. Donald Betlach
Clare robson
Mr. Mike Robson
Albert rockvam
Ms. Virginia B. Rockvam
ethel roden
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rabinowitz
loretta roland
Mr. Matthew Fritch
Charlette romine
Ms. Marion Chard
Ms. Jymmye R. Hitch
Ms. Shirley Marlow
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Melin
Ms. Mary Portugal
Mr. Carl Robinson
Ms. Valerie Rowden
Ms. Barbara Stirzel
Ms. Marie M. Terando
Anthony rosalez
Ms. Becky Gutierrez
June rose
Mr. Theodore Rose
Adele rosenbluth
Mr. Murray Rosenbluth
Henry rulfo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Malcomb
Norma russell
Ms. Denise Reams
Mary rutherford
Dr. & Mrs. Horace W. Mackey
David s. Schwendeman
Ms. Sue Van Camp
Micheal sacher
Ms. Patricia R. Tillman
Chrystal sander
Mr. Richard Keller
Ms. Betty Kretchmar
Willis sanders
Ms. Judith Margo
rose schlingensiepen
Mr. Paul Schlingensiepen
emiliennee “Mimi” schmidt
Mrs. Phyllis Wiggins
Ms. Marlys Flugum
Bob schoof
Mr. & Mrs. John Schoof
Woody H. shelton
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Demuth
Harold shuford
Ms. Phyllis Bryant
Mr. Rodney Dolbeare
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dolbeare
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Dolbeare
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Dolbeare
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Harpole
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Hosford
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Koeller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kroencke
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKean
Mr. & Mrs. Blake Nay
The Record Newspaper
Ms. Gisele Shuford
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shuford
Mr. & Mrs. John Wells
rhoda simon
Mr. Scott Simon
Paul simonitsch
Ms. Ann Simonitsch
James sims
Mrs. Deanna Kee
Charles slaton
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Slaton
Ms. Bernice Nance-Miller
Ann smaby
Ms. Peggy Baugh Baker
Jerry & Letah Harris
Ms. Lucille Ludvigsen
Ms. Jessie Norgaard
Mr. & Mrs. George Perrine
Ms. Gail Perrine
A. Ransom
Ms. Suzanne Ryan
Ms. Rosalie Smith & Family
Ms. Carol Sprague
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Washington
Janice B. smith
Mr. Albert Smith
Joanne sohn
Mr. William Sohn
Harry & Doris spears
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spears
Clifford sproal
Ms. Pauline Sproal
Billy standing
Mr. & Mrs. George T. Roberts
Fred starr
Ms. Lois Starr
Dolores J. stassi
Mr. Salvatorre Stassi
Kip Douglas steininger
Ms. Anita Trindl
ruby Maland stenshol
Ag Land Services
Kathi stevens
Ms. Edith A. Stevens
Mary lou stevenson
Ms. Jan Laidlaw
Thomas strain
Ms. Norma Strain
Tekla l. sturm
Mr. Herbert D. Sturm
Arthur sumliner
Ms. Marcia Sumliner
Donald sweet
Mr. Jack Sweet
Geri Tackman
Mr. Norbert Tackman
John Thomas
Ms. Marjorie Thomas
Mike Thorpe
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Moran
lois Topping
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Topping
irene Tozier
The Hiji Brothers
Mrs. Hatsumi Nishimori
McElrea Heights neighborhood holiday party raises $1,220 for Livingston Hospice. Front row
left to right, Annie Stevens, Diane Gordon, John Paine, Gloria Taine; Back row, Jim Stevens,
Gary Channer, Tim Postel; behind the camera, Patti Channer.
Mr. Lenoard Tozier
Chryssie Tremulis
Ms. Christina Zoll
stephen Truhan
Ms. Ann Truhan
Alfred Tryon
Ms. Virginia Tryon
sheila Tubbs-Brophy
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Tubbs
Muriel Tullos
Mr. Eldred N. Tullos
Carlos & Juanita Valenzuela
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thomas
roe & Peter Van ribbink
Mr. Ed Van Ribbink
ruth Vanoni
Ms. Gianina Kacerek
Frank Ventura Jr.
Ms. Katherine V. Tate
Joyce Vivian
Ms. Ginger Davis
Ms. Janet Harshaw
J.T. Wagers
Ms. Marilyn D. Devereaux
earl T. Ward
Ms. Margaret R. Ward
Pauline Wassell
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wassell
earnest Watson
Ms. Barbara Watson
lucille Whitebook
Ms. Evelyn Askvik
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cavallo
Ms. Adrianne N. Clark
Ms Lillian Doell
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dressler
Ms. Margaret Eaves
Ms. Brenda Stern- Roter and
Mr. Mark Whitebook &
Cathie Fields
Ms. Florence Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gabrielli
Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell
Ms. Claire Greenberg
Ms. Geraldine Jaffe
Mr. Jack C. Kern
Dr. & Mrs. Ean Kleiger
Ms. Leslee Maxine Klein
Ms. Melanie Lashell
Ms Nancy Mauro
Ms. Gladys McDonald
Ms. Mildred Rappaport
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Raymond
Ms. Kathleen Raymond
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Raymond
Mr. & Mrs. Gaylen Rebbe
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Reiser
Ms. Nellie West- Small
Mr. Alan Whitebook
Ms. Elaine Whitebook
Frances Widder
Ms. Shirley Graves
ruth Wilson
Ms. Karen Flemming
irving Wieselman
Ms. Naomi D. Wieselman
Fred Williams
Ms. Dolores A. Williams
Mr. David Williams
Merle Wilson
Mrs. Ruth D. Wilson
elanor Wood
Mrs. Melanie Sardo
Nelli Woven
Mr. & Mrs. Dorothy Craig
russ Wymore
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rohrer
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Streeter
Ms. Norma Shamberger
Mr. Skip Wetzel
Charles H. Yarnes
Ms. Loretta Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Chapman
Marguerite Yeomans
Mr. Robert A. Anderson
Bob Young
Ms. Jeanette Gage
Ms. Nona Kingsbury
Jose Zarate
Ms. Connie Zarate
Joe Chrisman
Mr. & Mrs. John Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. David Donlon
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Waters III
Marcia Donlon
Morton Capital Management
John Haase
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Pindler
Dr. Charles Hair
Livingston Memorial
The Sence Foundation
Patrick Holden
Santa Barbara Foundation
Hospice Nurses
Dr. Rosemary McIntyre
Beverly Jasper
Mr. Randy Eneix
irina Neggo
Ms. Iris Eleniak-Arnold
Manuel Nunez
Ms. Barbara Purves
Agnes Padernal
Ms. Janet Sacks
Ms. Linda Shook
Betty reider
Ms. Deborah Roberts
Jessie Vasquez
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Byrd
Norman Wilder
Ms. Meredith Wilder
Dr. Bruce & Jan Woodling
Ms. Elaine Gill
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association • www.livingstonvna.org
Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing
Saturday, the seventeenth of May,
6 o’clock in the evening
Hummingbird Nest Ranch,
Simi Valley, California—Festive Attire
In honor of compassionate,
quality home health care and hospice,
and in gratitude to Charles M. Hair, MD
for his enduring devotion to the organization.
Thank you to our
generous sponsors:
P e D IAt R I C h o s P I C e P R o G R A m
martin V. & martha K. smith Foundation
eND oF lIFe ComFoRt CARe
Frank mcGrath Family
N U R se R e - e N t RY s C hol A R sh I P
Glenda & John hammer
Walter W. hoffman
michael & Judy Wallace
mAJoR sPoNsoR
margaret & John Given
mr. & mrs. Jurgen Gramckaw
Carol & Rick hambleton
livingston memorial Foundation
Anne & John mcConica
mrs. Ben Nordman
Karen & Thomas Pecht
santa Barbara Bank & trust
Community Memorial Hospital
Milton F. & Heather W. Daily
Carlotta & Rusty Keely
Carolyn & John Menne
Limoneira Company
Musick, Peeler & Garrett, LLP
Mr. Kim Oviatt
St. John’s Regional Medical Center
St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital
Sares-Regis Group
Smith-Hobson Foundation
Hank & Kim Weeks
eNsUriNG sPoNsor
Craig & Tracy Adams
Cal Amp
Gilbert G. Aguirre
Bill & Elise Kearney
Nordman, Cormany, Hair & Compton
Don & Susan Petty
Sponsor list as of April 1, 2008
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association
1996 Eastman Ave., Suite 101
Ventura, CA 93003
For an invitation or additional information, please visit our
website, www.livingstonvna.org,
or contact Marc Wilde, (805)642-0239.
FA M i lY s P o N s o r
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Borchard Jr.
Josephine & Valerie Chrisman
Diane & Alan Gordon
Ivy Lawn Memorial Park
Carol & Robert Lamb
Paul Leavens
Jeff & Marie Paul
Steve Petty
Nelson & Andrea Pfister
Frances Pidduck
Leonard & Lupe Ortiz
Simon & Ruth Sayre
Mr. C. Eugene Thrift
Marc Wilde
i N D i V i D UA l s P o N s o r
Judge & Mrs. Jerome Berenson
Dr. Grace Emery Brandt
Farr and Associates
Mrs. Richard Hambleton Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Lloyd-Butler
Margaret R. McCarthy
Mrs. Phyllis Newman
Clarence J. Ritchie
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Oxnard, CA
Permit No. 522

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