April 3rd, Second Sunday of Easter



April 3rd, Second Sunday of Easter
April 3, 2016 www.holycrossmc.org Volume 26, No. 14
Holy Cross Catholic Church
2100 Cedar Street, Unit #3
Morgan City, Louisiana 70381
Holy Cross Church
St. Rosalie Chapel
Tel: 985-384-3551
Fax: 985- 384-5790
Tel: 985-385-5713
Holy Cross Elementary School
Tel: 985-384-1933
Fax: 985-384-3270
Central Catholic High School
Tel: 985-385-5372
Fax: 985-385-3444
Rev. Clyde Mahler—Pastor
Deacon Andrew Dragna
Deacon Victor Bonnaffee, III
Mrs. Amanda Talbot—Principal, Holy Cross School
Deacon Vic Bonnaffee - Principal, Central Catholic
Mrs. Stephanie Stanley – Church Secretary
Miss Peggy Acosta –Director of Religious Education
Sandra Barrilleaux—Religious Education Coordinator-St. Rosalie
Ms. Barbara Flowers – Bookkeeper
Mrs. Jeanne McCloy - Youth Minister
Second Sunday of Easter
What will help you to believe? Today’s scripture readings tell
of faith and doubt. They offer stories “recorded to help you
believe,” as the passage from John’s Gospel (20:31) remarks
today. There is an urgency about this. On this Second Sunday
of Easter we are challenged to join the company of
believers—countless men and women who witnessed the
power of the apostles’ faith.
There is no doubt that this power comes from Jesus Christ.
The second reading, from the book of Revelation, reports
John’s mystical vision of the Son of Man, who proclaims,
“Once I was dead, but now I live” (Revelation 1:18). The
Gospel gathers everyone but Thomas to see the Risen Jesus
and receive the Holy Spirit from him. Like Thomas, we who
have come along later must have faith so that we can have life.
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Holy Cross Church
Saturday Vigil: 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, & 6:30 PM
Monday—Thursday: 5:30 PM
Adoration—Tuesday: 5:00 AM-5:00PM (Benediction)
St. Rosalie Chapel
Saturday Vigil - 4:00 PM
Saturdays 4:45 PM - 5:15 PM or by appointment
Baptisms are scheduled on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the
month. The Baptismal Seminar is held on the second
Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the church office.
Registration forms are available in the church office.
Arrangements should be made in person by the bride and
groom 6 months prior to the marriage.
Anointing of and Communion for the Sick
Please call the church to make arrangements.
Prayer Line
To request prayers for family & friends, call 384-0976
Is 7:10-14, 8:10; Ps 40:7-11; Heb 10:4-10;
Lk 1:26-38
Acts 4:32-37; Ps 93:1-2, 5; Jn 3:7b-15
Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34:2-9; Jn 3:16-21
Acts 5:27-33; Ps 34:2, 9, 17-20; Jn 3:31-36
Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14; Jn 6:1-15
Acts 6:1-7; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19; Jn 6:16-21
Acts 5:27-32, 40b-41; Ps 30:2, 4-6, 11-13;
Rv 5:11-14; Jn 21:1-19 [1-14]
Liturgical Ministers
Weekend of April 2nd & 3rd
Commentator – Oswald Verret
Lector – Tommy Breaux
Extraordinary Ministers - Kristi Wisdom, Jerry Bostic,
Denise Bostic, Tim Hebert, Joan Hebert, Loy Menard, Catherine
Altar Servers – Team 8
Commentator – Jim Davis
Lector – Dale Hayes
Extraordinary Ministers – Nathan Rhodes, Louis Chaisson,
Dan Smith, Denise Smith, Pamela Bordelon, Alicia Robicheaux,
Altar Servers – Team 5
SUNDAY, 11:00 AM
Commentator – Camille Izaguirre
Lector – Vera Judycki
Extraordinary Ministers- Mary Alice Fuhrer, Kim Landry,
Greig Chauvin, Andre Chauvin, Janet Guarisco, Sherrel
Allemond, Cherie Laiche
Altar Servers – Team 6
Commentator – Anthony Saleme, Jr.
Lector – Gerrie Byrne
Extraordinary Ministers- Gerrie Byrne, Gerard Byrne, Lisa
Thibodeaux, Keith Thibodeaux, Dawn Arceneaux, Kenneth
Arceneaux, Donna Vorenkamp
Altar Servers – Team 7
Refreshments- Dennis Swiber
Children’s Church- Allison Longman
Collection Counters— Team 4
Church Cleaning:
April 4th-9th - Team 3/Peggy
April 11th-16th - Team 4/Alicia
***New Mass Time for the Sunday Evening Mass Begins***
Saturday, April 2nd
4:00PM - Mass, St. Rosalie
5:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Sunday, April 3rd
8:00AM – Mass, Holy Cross
11:00AM – Mass, Holy Cross
6:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Monday, April 4th
5:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Tuesday, April 5th
5:00AM - Adoration
5:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Wednesday, April 6th
8:15AM - Mass, HCE
5:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Thursday, April 7th
9:05AM - Mass, CCHS
5:30PM - Mass, Holy Cross
Diocesan 2nd Collection
(Flood Victims) - Letter from Fr. Mark Toups
As we are all keenly aware, last week's weather with accompanying
flooding was a devastating blow to our Louisiana brothers and
sisters just north of us. Families, whole communities, and even St.
Ben's Seminary itself, were hit hard with rain and flood. The
weather last week was an extraordinary event...and extraordinary
events often require extraordinary responses.
We are fully aware that there have been several second of late. We
are aware of the "feel" that the second collections have in the
minds and hearts of many parishioners. However, Bishop Fabre
feels compelled by the Christian charity for us to respond.
Therefore, Bishop Fabre is asking that there be a second collection
the weekend of Divine Mercy Sunday, the second weekend of
Easter, April 2nd & 3rd, 2016 to assist our Louisiana brothers and
sister affected by the flooding. If you should have any questions
for Bishop Fabre, or desire to speak with him personally, we invite
you to call us directly 985-850-3124. Thank for your support.
Weekly Mass Intentions
Saturday, April 2nd- Joe Young, The George Williams, M/M
Curtis Verret, Jason Hotard, Mandy & Zack Turner, Kim Beaugh,
J.N., Della & Nelson Beaugh, Rowena LaFleur, Ray Marcel, Dewey
Boudreaux, Butch, Fran & Rosalie Blum, Rowena LaFleur, Bena
Arnie, Anne Provost, Patience Bryant, Hazel & Paul Cooke, Lily &
Jim Davis, Lydia & Ed Hebert, Marie & Bill Davis, Florida &
George Haddad, Fanny & George Cooke, Georgie & Billy Davis,
Dolores & Glynn Pellegrin, Tommy King, Jimmy King, Hilda &
George Blanchard
St. Rosalie - Brandon Terry, Jerry Acosta, Sr., Margaret &
Ricky Mayon
Sunday, April 3rd - Holy Cross Parish and all living and
deceased parishioners, Jeanne Fell, Barbara Fell, Cody Fell, Mike,
Rudy & John Percle, Alfred/Percle Families & Judy Aucoin,
Kimberly & Shirley Ratcliff, Louis, Doris & Murray Gobert, Blake
Mayon, Belle & Clao Mayon, Roy Schaub, Ryan Robicheaux,
Adolph, Dickie, Vera & Mike Mire, The David Family, Patsy
Hebert, Roland J. Barras, R.L. & Edith LeBlanc & Barbara Greer,
M/M Alcee Barras, Joe & Shirley Baker, A.J. & Hilda Mayon, Irene
& Logan Fromenthal, Sr., Gwen Fromenthal, Norbert & Elise
Templet, Mayola Prestenbach, Todd Prestenbach, Edward "Pook"
Mayon, Jr., Edward Mayon, Sr., Paul Vella, Sr., Donald Hebert,
Charlotte Comeaux, James Loupe, Rowena LaFleur, Patience
Bryant, Adele Arceneaux, Dr. Glenn Whitley, Jessie & Elaine
Voisin, Nancy Ringman, Bernie, Ella, Jerry, Laura, Eddie & Elma
Anslum, M/M Sidney Solar, Anna Mae & Stanley Plessela, Arnold
Gussman, Smith & Wilma Alpha
Monday, April 4th - Shane Cheramie
Tuesday, April 5th- Dudley Blanco Family, Julie Sanders,
Audrey, Victor & Laurie Bailey, Shane Cheramie, Smith & Wilma
Alpha, Mandy & Zack Turner
Wednesday, April 6th - Holy Cross Parish, Judy Aucoin,
Charlotte Comeaux, Rowena LaFleur, Adele Arceneaux, Shane
Chermaie, Mandy & Zack Turner
Thursday, April 7th - Judy Aucoin, Evita Lagard, Patience
Bryant, Mary Lou Clements, Dr. Glenn Whitley, Shane
Chermaie, Smith & Wilma Alpha, Mandy & Zack Turner
Let Us Pray for the Sick
Additional Floral Memorials
Todd Braus, Louis Hebert, Rikki Rudy, Therese Smith, L.J. Vicknair, Dr. Glenn
Whitley, Wanda Mayon, Jane Webster, Elsie Martin, Ian Davis, Patience Bryant,
Maggie Vidos, Elsie Dolci, Ethel Aucoin, Lila Boudreaux, Tammy Richard,
Rodney J. Stansbury, Sharon Bergeron, Tammy Guilliot, Betty Aucoin, Elizabeth
Spencer, Calvin Blanco, Boyd Landry, Chester Blanchard, Sr., Pat Patureau, Kent
Patureau, Mandy Verret Turner, Zack Turner, Walter Bodden, Jim Sauce, Sandra
Anslum, Charles Lott, Elizabeth Morgan, JoAnn Daigle, Carla Dolci, Susan
Fromenthal, Harry Hover, III., Kirk & Julia Falgout, Brian Melancon, Judy
Gagneaux, Lisah Gagneaux, Genise LaHoste, Jeff LaCoste, Sr., Melanie
Thibodaux, Roger Liner, Delores Bordelon
Alice Thibodaux by Don & Evelyn Mula; Ella, Johnie &
Casey Dozar by Briant Dozar Family; Shelby & Mae Gros,
Leland & Alberta Henry by Lonnie & Sherrel Landry;
M/M Leroy Matherne, M/M Rene Seneca, M/M
Randolph Picou & M/M Freddie Whitten by M/M Billy
Picou, Jr. & Family
St. Rosalie: Brandon John Terry by Jackie Cefalu David
Parents wishing to have their babies baptized at Holy Cross must
attend a Baptism Seminar. Godparents must attend a seminar as
well. The seminars are held in the Parish Office on the 2nd
Wednesday of each month and are for parents baptizing their first
child. This months’ seminar will be held on Wednesday, April
13th. Please call 384-3551 by the Friday before to register.
Baptism Seminar
Knights of Columbus Fish Fry
The KC's will host a fish fry dinner on Sunday, April 24th from
11AM-1:00PM at the Yvonne Anne Adams Life Center. The
dinner will include: fish, white beans and rice, salad and bread.
The cost is $8.00 per dinner. Drinks and desserts will be sold
separately. Dine-in or take-out. Tickets will be sold by KC
members & after all Masses this weekend.
Easter Baptisms
Holy Cross Parish has a new
updated website! Please check it
out! (www.holycrossmc.org)
Holy Cross Parish congratulates the following
students who confirmed on March 14, 2016 here at
Holy Cross:
Holy Cross Parish congratulates all of the following adults and
young people who were Baptized, made a Profession of Faith or
Confirmed during the Easter Vigil.
Age 3 through 6TH GRADE
* Standards-based, technology-rich curriculum
* Faith and Values
* Affordable aftercare and competitive sports
985-384-1933 l 2100 Cedar St. l Morgan City, La. 70380
Brandi Albarado
Drake Angeron
Emma Aucoin
Marisa Aucoin
Taylor Aucoin
Hallie Autin
Alexandra Bacque
Bailey Badeaux
Jahne Bailey
Maya Bochas
Emily Boudreaux
Nickolas Brown
Blake Byrne
Rebecca David
Ethan DeHart
Parker Felterman
Jesse Fontenot
Kaitlyn Gros
Connor Hebert
Blake Hidalgo
Jayson Hidalgo
Chance Jewett
Connor Laiche
Gregory Landry
Paige Landry
Gregory Leger
Paige Loftin
Sydni Marcell
Ian Martin
Liam McCloy
Caroline Nini
Noah Osburn
Halley Romero
Tanner Ross
Hunter Rulf
Tiffany Tatum
Tanner Theriot
Holy Cross Elementary admits students regardless of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin
Central Catholic High School
New Student Registration
Parishioner Update:
Please check:
______ New Parishioner
_______ Change
For more information about what CCHS
has to offer your child and family
please contact the school office at
985-385-5372 or visit our website at cchseagles.com
If you attend Holy Cross on a regular basis and have not registered
or if you have had an address or telephone number change, we ask
you to complete the following and drop it in the offertory basket. If
you are a new parishioner, a census form will be mailed to you.
We strive to develop the whole child - Soul, Mind,
and Body.
Name ________________________________________
27th Annual Famous Chef's Dinner
The CCHS Alumni Association's 27th Annual Famous Chef's
Dinner will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 6:30PM at
NicoBella in Morgan City. This year's culinary event will
feature the new format which was introduced last year, a fivecourse sit-down/served meal. Chef Brian Blanchard from
iMonelli Restaurant, a la carte and River Oaks Catering and
Event Center in Lafayette, La. Cafe JoJo's and NicoBella
Catering and Event Center in Morgan City, La. will organize the
event, featuring five award-winning chefs, for his 20th year.
Joining Blanchard are Nash Barreca, executive chef of Nash's
Restaurant; Patrick Poupart of Poupart's Bakery; Richard
Boudreaux, executive chef of a la carte; and Dale Ratcliff, Jr. of
Cafe JoJo's. Tickets are $100 each. Dinner and ticket
information is available by calling 985-385-1818.
Ben Carter, Jr. & Katie Gagliano 3
Jeremy Dubois & Jessica Dupre 1
New Parishioner ________________________________
Address ______________________________________
Leaving Parish _________________________________
E-mail _______________________________________
Home # ___________________ Work # _____________
Cell # _________________________________________
Our quota for Holy Cross was $11,550.00 and St.
Rosalie $325.00
Thank you!
Quotas were reached!!!

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