TechFW 2014 Pages 16-32



TechFW 2014 Pages 16-32
>>>>>>>>>>>> SurgeryLink
n By Robert Francis
[email protected]
he SurgeryLink team has
collectively spent several
decades working in operating
rooms all over the country in
various roles, experiencing an
unnecessarily high number of errors and
surgery delays first-hand.
Most of those errors and delays were
simple communication mistakes that
could have easily been avoided, says
Malcom Williams, CEO and founder of
Williams spent 13 years in the medical
device industry
in sales and
positions for
and staff satisfaction, a reduction in
Globus Medical, Medtronic and DePuy
communication errors that lead to
Spine. While consulting in an operating
surgery delays and cancellations, and a
room, Williams observed an event where
coordination process that is much safer
a patient was anesthetized for over an
for patients.
hour prior to the surgeon arriving at the
The company, with offices in the TECH
hospital because of a communication
Fort Worth facility, has started a beta test
with a medical college of Wisconsin and is
SurgeryLink is the first HIPAA-secure
rolling out SurgeryLink to three
coordination platform built
additional locations soon, says
exclusively for the surgical
Williams. “We’re going to
community. By combining
By combining
gather feedback and hope to
online surgery scheduling
online surgery
launch the product probably in
and team coordination in
late summer,” he says.
one place, SurgeryLink adds
and team
SurgeryLink, he says, is on
a level of simplicity, efficiency
to give the surgical
and accuracy that does not
in one place,
community the simplest
currently exist, says Williams.
way possible to connect and
The benefits of this
adds a level
communicate in order to
method include time
of simplicity,
provide safe, efficient care.
savings, increased surgeon
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and accuracy
that does not
currently exist.
Your source for
in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas
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>>>>>>>> Vernon E. Rew Jr.
Federal Regulation of Securities Committee of
firsthand from many personal and group
the ABA as well as a member of the Securities
meetings and from reviewing documents
Law Committee of the Texas Bar Association.
that he has prepared that [Rew] is truly an
ith more than 30 years
“Most recently, I am particularly proud of
outstanding attorney and legal scholar.”
of legal experience,
the success achieved by TECH Fort Worth, a
Rew has represented clients in a wide
Vernon Rew has
business incubator for emerging technology
range of industries, including technology
had a respected and
companies, whose board I have chaired for
(high-tech and biotech), manufacturing
distinguished career in
over five years,” he says.
(consumable and durable goods), energy
Fort Worth. He spent the greater part of the
Asked what inspired him to become an
(exploration & production and oil field
1980s and 1990s at Law, Snakard & Gambill
attorney, Rew replied: “I was inspired to
services), real estate (commercial and
PC, then moved on to Winstead PC before
become an attorney by the opportunity
residential development), and services
joining Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz
to represent business clients,
(financial and professional).
PLLC in 2009.
particularly through the entire
He received his
Robert West, a fellow partner at Whitaker
I am particularly
life cycle of the business from
undergraduate and law
Chalk, commended Rew’s outstanding legal
its formation to its growth
degrees from the University
history. Since joining the Whitaker Chalk
success achieved
over a number a years and,
of Texas. Rew is a member of
firm, says West, “I have had the opportunity
when the time is right, to
the American Bar Association
to work with [Rew] closely on several
Fort Worth,
a sale or other strategic
(ABA), Dallas Bar Association
significant legal
transaction. The long-term
and Tarrant County Bar
projects for our
client relationships built along
Association. He is also a
respective clients.
for emerging
the way have proved to be
member of the Mergers &
… I have seen
very rewarding.”
Acquisitions Committee and
whose board I
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
have chaired for
over five years.”
n By Robert Francis
[email protected]
Tech Nest Sponsors
American Rememberance
Started as a means of connecting those who have fallen military friends
and family and to honor and remember the lives that were given, American
Remembrance uses web-based technology to enable families to create and
share memories with distant relatives, create a permanent scrapbook where
loved ones can share thoughts and set up recurrent flower giving, all from the
convenience of a web browser.
Ampcare was established in 2007 to help patients regain the ability to
swallow. Ampcare has developed therapeutic neuromuscular stimulation
technologies for the treatment of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). They
received FDA clearance to market the Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™)
Therapy System on October 31, 2013, closed their first round of funding in
2013 and are training therapists domestically and internationally.
CompuMatrice is an IT outsourcing company that specializes in customized
IT service delivery with easy and flexible terms at a very low cost. In 2013,
CompuMatrice introduced the CareLink360 brand, a suite of products targeted
at increasing the customer satisfaction and engagement in the healthcare
industry. CareLink360 products addresses the new government mandates in
healthcare while at the same time providing a platform that can be extended
into the travel and entertainment industry.
E3 Water
E3 Water’s mission is to dramatically increase the quality and availability of
water by integrating innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies
into markets worldwide with their mobile wastewater treatment technology.
In late 2013, the E3 Water mobile plant greatly exceeded company goals
when test results indicated that treated water at a Fort Worth wastewater
treatment facility was deemed potable. In 2014, the company expects to begin
manufacturing mobile plants here in Fort Worth.
E-Mist Innovations
E-Mist Innovations Inc. specializes in disinfecting
and sanitizing using proprietary, patented
electrostatic technology. E-Mist received notification
on April 14 that their patent has been approved. The company completed and funded its first
round of Series A Preferred Stock with Cowtown
Angelssm; and on May 1st launched its full Touch
Point Healthy service model in the DFW area.
Encore Vision Inc.
Encore Vision is developing Dioptin™, a patented
prescription eye drop treatment for presbyopia, the eye
condition that afflicts most people by the age of 40,
requiring them to wear reading glasses. In December
2013 Encore Vision, Inc. closed an angel investment
round of $5.0 million, including $750,000 from members
of the Cowtown Angels, a program of TechFW. The
company is using these funds to further the development
of its product and complete Phase 2 clinical trials. iDid, Inc.
iDid’s apps creates the context that backs your contextual intelligence engine.
iDid builds context for your use. Your life is not just your search, your comments
and your Likes! Your life is what you do everyday, who you meet, where you go
- physical and tangible things. As the newest member company of TechFW, iDid
is excited for the great opportunities that lie ahead for the company.
Flexible Innovations
Flexible Innovations Ltd has developed a
unique material with a very high coefficient of
friction. The company’s vision is to make the
egrips® brand of products as globally ubiquitous as
Velcro® and Post-It® product brands; items which
have far reaching universal utility. 2014 marks a
landmark year for Flexible Innovations with the
company graduating from TechFW and moves into
its own building in Fort Worth.
Lung Therapeutics, Inc
Lung Therapeutics, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing
‘first in class’ products to meet the needs of patients with serious lung diseases.
The company’s drug has shown promise of reducing fluid buildup and
removing scarring in the lungs. The company is currently preparing to start preclinical testing of the drug and is in discussion with angel investors.
ation Clients
Magaw Medical
Magaw Medical is a medical device company that manufactures the CoPilot
VL® video laryngoscope. The CoPilot VL is an innovative and affordable video
laryngoscope designed to make intubation and airway management quick and
easy no matter where it is needed. The company’s patented Bougie Port system
solves the issue of getting the endotracheal tube “around the corner” and into
the trachea. The CoPilot VL was designed to be the new standard of care for
airway management. “Every patient. Every time.”
Pulsar Energy
Pulsar Energy has developed a unique proprietary solar energy solution. Its
systems provide electrical energy at three cents per kilowatt-hour and offers
high conversion efficiency. In addition, the modular design is scalable to any
size for power generation. Pulsar Energy is currently installing its technology
at the University of North Texas Discovery Park to serve as a test bed for future
development of technologies for both Pulsar Energy engineers and university
researchers. This unit will also serve as a demonstration unit for clients.
MedHab is developing a new medical device, StepRite®, enabling medical
care prescribers to customize physical rehabilitation protocols to meet each
patient’s unique needs. In November 2012, MedHab made a strategic addition
to its product line with the development of the RPM2 (Remote Performance
Measurement/Monitoring) device for retail sale to athletes and coaches. They
began sales of RPM2 in 2014 and in its short time on the market has garnered
the endorsement of the U.S.A. Triathlon.
Resonant Sensors
Resonant Sensors has a new approach for biological and molecular
monitoring that does not require the use of chemical tags or post processing
steps. The innovative sensor technology that is core to all RSI products
applies proprietary guided-mode resonance sensing methods invented by
RSI founders, and is exclusively licensed to RSI from the University of Texas at
Arlington. The company has laboratories at UT Arlington and at UNT Health
Science Center. During 2013, the company raised a multi-million dollar round
of equity financing from Texas angel investors and began sales of its products.
Student Success Academy
Student Success Academy crowdsources high school counseling to
ambitious college students around the nation. The average counselor manages
close to 500 students in America, giving the average student 38 minutes
to focus on their future. SSA’s online platform allows counselors to scale
themselves while saving schools money. SSA was invited to White House
Sponsored Datapalooza in DC this year as part of the US Department of
Education’s innovative solutions for college and career success. SCORGolf
EIDOLON Brands, LLC and its SCORGolf brand have pioneered disruptive
technologies in the golf equipment industry with their innovative SCOR4161
precision scoring clubs. Having received broad acclaim from golf media and
owners, the fledgling brand has experienced exponential growth since its
inception in 2011. To accelerate awareness and potential, SCORGolf has
secured rights to the Ben Hogan brand going forward, and will transition all
activities and products to this iconic brand in late 2014. They are moving the
entire operation to Fort Worth to facilitate this historic development.
Vital Arts & Science
Vital Art and Science Incorporated (VAS) is an ophthalmic medical device company
that has developed an easy-to-use and accurate home diagnostic system that
enables patients with a retinal disease to quickly and efficiently monitor their own
vision function at home. VAS completed a Series A Funding Round through the
North Texas Angel Network and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and is now
using those funds to complete development of a commercial version of their already
FDA-cleared myVisionTrack® vision test which they hope to launch in late 2014.
SurgeryLink is the first HIPAA-secure coordination platform built
exclusively for the surgical community. Benefits include more than 50%
timesavings, increased surgeon and staff satisfaction, a reduction in
communication errors that lead to surgery delays and cancellations, and a
coordination process that is much safer for patients. SurgeryLink is currently
in beta testing with a select group of providers and will be widely available
to the surgical community in the near future.
Acceleration Graduates
Linear Labs
Technology Team
Prairie Designs
Venture Docs
Office Authority
Red Productions
ZS Pharma
TECH Fort Worth program
development services. The programs are specifically
iterative process. It is especially relevant to very early stage
designed to provide inventors and entrepreneurs
startups as it provides founders with a roadmap for the
with a wide range of services to meet their needs at various
launch of their first product while identifying adjacent
stages in the startup process. Through these programs, TECH
markets that can be expanded into as the company
Fort Worth helps entrepreneurs formulate a feasible business
progresses on the road to success. Staff and mentors
model for their technology, works with startup companies to
work directly with up to six entrepreneurs at a time
execute their plans, creates an entrepreneurial community,
during the three-hour weekly sessions.
ECH Fort Worth’s programs are the core of its business
strategy and suits companies of any stage due to its
and fosters student entrepreneurship.
TECH Fort Worth programs are not linear or progressive
in nature. Instead, they are each designed to solve a need
in the startup’s development, supplementing the skillset
of the company founders. Below is a brief overview of
each of the programs offered by TECH Fort Worth.
Acceleration Program
The Acceleration Program is for early-stage companies
that are commercializing emerging technologies across
all industry sectors, including bio-med, bio-tech, medical
devices, health, energy, environment, and computer
technology. While the Incubation Workshop focuses on
Incubation Workshop
The Incubation Workshop is recommended for most
startups regardless of phase of development as it targets
the viability and sustainability of a product idea and
ideas and market strategies, the Acceleration Program is
all about execution – putting into practice the strategies
developed in the Incubation Workshop.
The Acceleration Program is the core of the TECH Fort
ways in which to communicate that idea to potential
Worth’s emerging technology business development
stakeholders. It is an intensive, hands-on workshop
services and is the primary focus of our staff. It is
series to develop feasible go-to-market strategies around
customized to the needs of the startup, focusing on those
unique and/or proprietary technologies that have a high
areas in which the entrepreneur lacks experience. Staff
potential for success in the market place.
draws on personal experience as successful entrepreneurs
The program focuses on product ideas and market
and on a vast network of experts in the North Texas
community to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurs’
capabilities and their startup needs. While it is a
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
rams >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
customized program based on client needs, Acceleration
Program clients also spend time with others in the
growing angel network in Texas. In an era when venture capital groups are reluctant to fund
program to share experiences, wisdom, and resources
early-stage start-ups, angels are a necessary funding option
through monthly meet-ups and quarterly CEO Retreats.
that keeps the start-up environment thriving. Our community
hosts a large pool of high-net-worth individuals with business
experience who are looking for investment opportunities
and who enjoy being involved with entrepreneurial ventures.
Cowtown Angels provides a forum for such individuals to
cooperatively source and vet deal flow.
TECH Nest is the “watering-hole” of the emerging
technology community in North Texas. Designed to
connect technology entrepreneurs and advocates in the
entrepreneurial ecosystem, this program allows these
groups to easily engage one another, seek advice, and
socialize. Tech Nest consists of working lunches with
The goal of the BREAKTHROUGH Program is to assist
topics critical to technology startups and networking
university faculty in identifying and communicating the
events that allow entrepreneurs to meet local experts on
value of their intellectual property in order to attract early
an informal basis as they enjoy peer-to-peer networking.
stage stakeholders and adopters. It helps the researcher
identify a pain statement that the technology hopes to solve,
where the technology “fits” in the market space, potential
applications for the technology, potential licensees, and key
benefits and differentiators of the technology. In addition,
this program may create an environment which can give rise
to unique collaborations and commercial opportunities across
multiple universities.
Cowtown Angels
Cowtown Angelssm was started in September 2012 to
Participants are only allowed entry into the program via
referrals from their university’s technology transfer office.
provide a connection between technology entrepreneurs
Each technology transfer office can set their own entry
and local angel investors. Its dual motive is to help early
criteria for their referrals to the program. TECH Fort
stage companies get connected with local angel investors
Worth requires that there be protection in place for the
with the goal of creating more jobs and wealth in our
intellectual property being worked
local community. The program is the newest and fastest
on in the sessions.
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
Fort WorthEconomic
Economic Impact
TECH Fort Worth’s goal is to facilitate growth in the community from emerging technology-based
companies. The local economic impact of the companies we help is one measure of our success. To
track economic impact, we report quarterly to our major stakeholders the total of the following key
factors for our clients and graduates:
Grants from federal and other agencies
Loans from third parties
Equity Investments into the company
'13-'14 Q2
The above chart shows the growth in economic impact of our clients and graduates since 2007,
the year we shifted to a programs-based approach to help companies succeed. The chart
represents a fiscal year ending in September.
The ’13-’14 YTD Q2 column shows the figures for the first and a partial of the second quarter
ended in March of 2014 (not all clients have reported at time of submittal for printing).
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
Cowtown Angel Investees
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
Thank You! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
ECH Fort Worth is especially
grateful to the following
individuals who have
volunteered many hours of
their time during this past year to help
our clients on their journeys to make
the world a better place:
Marsha Barnhart, Texas Health
Research & Education Institute – for
meeting with multiple clients about
their medical devices and other
products to help them understand the
Jeff Williams from Williams Law,
Doug Clayton from Cantey Hanger,
Kristin Smith from Whitley Penn,
and Samantha Colletti from
Silicon Valley Bank – for taking time
from their busy schedules to answer
questions from our clients about
patent law, corporate law, taxes and
accounting, banking and venture
helping to recruit new members
Former Board members Joe Maly,
one of our founders, and Randy
McGuffee – for many years of
service to TECH Fort Worth and its
Michael Sherrod – for working
with us to establish the new TCU
Cowtown Scholars program, recruiting
talented students and coaching them
for success
Logan Gilpin – for going way
above and beyond our expectations on
this year’s Impact Awards videos
And a special posthumous
thank you to Nancy Williams,
one of our founding Board members,
who was always willing to advise us or
to take our calls to work with a client
or find them someone else who could.
She had many friends and is sadly
Les Kreis – for stepping up to Chair
the new Cowtown Angels Steering
Council, working tirelessly to help
figure out new processes, working
with companies seeking funding, and
Program Partners
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards
Stella Robertson and Lonnie
Wilson – for saying yes when we
called to ask them to mentor clients
who needed their industry expertise
>> TECH Fort Worth Board
Vernon E. Rew, Jr. (Chair)
Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz, PLC
Nelson Claytor (Secretary)
Fresnel Technologies
Maxwell Lea (Treasurer)
DFB Pharmaceuticals
Joe Allred
UNT Health Science Center
Carolyn L. Cason
The University of Texas Arlington
Mark Denissen
Retired (Texas Instruments)
Brad Hancock
TCU Neeley School of Business
Tyler Head
Corbett Capital
Craig Owens
Lockheed Martin Aeronatics
John Samuel
TECH Fort Worth ›› 2014 Impact Awards