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February Bugle - Cedar Springs Bugle
“News from the Red Flannel Town, USA”
Volume 34, Number 2
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FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Horses and the Cockshutt
By Mark Lester
The tractor story that Tom published
in last month’s Bugle caused me to
reflect on old tractors and old farmers, so thought I might share some
of those memories. Before tractors
entered the farming arena, horses
were used for fieldwork. My Uncle,
Joe Asdell, from southern Indiana
(he was featured in previous story
concerning silos and milk hauling)
told me that they would average
about one acre a day plowing with
horses and with a really good team
and good plowing conditions, maybe
achieve up to 1-1/2 acres per day.
This was using a one bottom riding
plow and turning over heavy clay
Rex Middleton, who had a farm on
16 Mile Road south of Cedar
Springs, was part of the older generation of farmers who farmed with
horses and then made the transition
to tractors. Rex told me that he always preferred using a team of
horses over a tractor. He related
that his brothers would use the tractor on the family farm while he used
the horses and that suited him just
A bit of information I always found
interesting was shared with me by
several of the older farmers; the
workhorses they used “back in the
day” looked very different from the
draft horse breeds you see at the fair
today. As you can see in the picture
of Rex with his team, these horses
were quite tall and rangy, not the
stocky muscled-up physique you
quite often see on modern draft
horses. And I guess, based upon
Amish workhorses; which generally
favor the physique of the horses in
the picture.
I have never farmed with horses,
although we did have a Shetland
pony that was “broke to drive”. He
was broken to commands of “gee”
and “haw”, which to the uninitiated
means which direction to turn;
“gee” for left and “haw” for right.
The terms “gee” and “haw” are
Rex Middleton with team of work horses.
used with horses and sled dogs.
Rex Middleton did eventually update his farming operation. He
parted ways with the workhorses
and started using a tractor exclusively for fieldwork. In 1959, Rex
bought a Cockshutt 550 tractor,
brand spanking new.
For those of you unfamiliar with the
Cockshutt tractor, they were manufactured in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Eventually they were taken
over by Oliver who was later absorbed by White Motor Company.
The Cockshutt 550 used a Hercules, 4 cylinder, L-head, gasoline
engine, 198 cubic inch, rated for a
“3 bottom plow” at 40 horsepower.
It was equipped with a three-point
hitch, live hydraulics, and all the
amenities of the day. It was quite
a step up from a team of horses,
although Rex might not necessarily
Rex used this tractor for many
years on his farm, but over time
the tractor got old and began to wear
Replacement parts became
increasingly difficult to obtain so finally he was obligated to “semiretire” it and purchase something
more dependable with better availability of parts. But he never did get
rid of the old Cockshutt and it was
still used on occasion. Eventually he
gave the Cockshutt to his son, my
brother-in-law, Doug Middleton.
Doug, with a great deal of assistance from Bill Ives, another local
farmer, toiled relentlessly to restore
the old beast. There was a considerable amount of time spent locating
replacement parts and machining
them when necessary, but finally
Doug and Bill completed the restoration. I can only imagine the look on
Rex’s face when he saw his old tractor restored to like-new condition!
Doug and Rex Middleton with restored
Cockshutt tractor at Red Flannel
Doug displayed the restored Cockshutt tractor at Red Flannel Days for
several years. In the above picture
are Doug and his Dad, two generations with their old trusty Cockshutt
tractor. Doug still uses this tractor
for fieldwork although not exclusively
as he also has a newer more powerful John Deere at his disposal. Rex
is no longer with us but his memory
lives forever. And we are reminded
of him every time the old Cockshutt
fires up.
From “Hear”...
...and There
Michigan Army National Guard Sergeant Aaron Burnside recently deployed to Hohenfels, Germany,
where his unit supported the NATO
exercise Allied Spirit IV. Aaron is a
2009 graduate of Cedar Springs High
School and is married to the former
Ashley Sissell (CSHS 2010). He is
the son of Kelli Koole and grandson
of Carolyn and Dan Davis.
Ryan E. Chaney, a 2009 Cedar
Springs High School and 2014 University of Michigan graduate, recently
was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force after graduating from Officer Training School at
Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL.
Cedar Springs, MI - 2
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Cedar Springs
Library News
Girl Talk Gives Back
By Donna Clark
Creative Technologies Academy’s
Girl Talk is an afterschool mentoring program in which high school
girls mentor middle school girls.
The group meets 2-3 times per
month after school and has activities that foster discussion of topics
that impact the everyday lives of
these girls - all of which is coached
and moderated by the middle
school math teacher, Ms. Liscombe. Some topics covered include being a good friend, being
true to yourself, “Downplay the
Drama,” positive body image, and
many more! They also participate in
various service projects throughout
the school year to give back to the
local community.
The Cedar Springs Public Library and
Kent District Library’s Nelson Township Branch would like to invite your
First Grader and you to join us in
March is Reading Month!
Invitations are going out to all first
graders in the Cedar Springs School
District to sign up for their library
card. Presentations will be made in
the school by representatives from
Cedar Springs and Nelson Township.
Their new library card will be their
passport to see the movie Norm of
the North on either March 7 or 8 at
the Kent Theatre. They will also get a
free bag of popcorn.
By Samantha Liscombe
Lions Club
Pancake Breakfast
The Cedar Springs
Lions Club’s Pancake
Breakfast will be held
Saturday, February
20 from 7 – 11 AM at
the Cedar Springs
United Methodist Church, on the
corner of Main and Church. Adults
$8 and family $25. Pancakes, eggs,
bacon, sausage, hash browns, juice,
coffee. All you can eat. Other
planned dates are, March 19 and
April 16. Proceeds to assist sight
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Cedar Springs Women's
Club Scholarship
by Sue Harrison
Each year the Cedar Springs
Women's Club awards a $1000
scholarship to a female of any age
who resides in the Cedar Springs
Public School District and plans to
attend college. The recipient may
be considering any type of skill
training or degree program. The
scholarship is awarded without regard to race, creed, color, religion
or national origin. The scholarship
is awarded at the June Women's
Club meeting.
Applications for the scholarship are
available at the counseling offices
at Cedar Springs High School,
Creative Technologies Academy,
and at the Cedar Springs Library.
All applications along with the required attachments must be mailed
to the Women's Club and post-
7th Graders (L to R) Willow Sidlauskas,
Sophyna Ross help clean and change out
seasonal clothes at the Alpha Women’s
Center in Cedar Springs.
For the past two years, they have
participated in service projects for
the Alpha Family Center and the
Cedar Springs Library. At Alpha,
they have done a variety of activities including changing out seasonal clothing, cleaning and organizing, and stuffing envelopes. At
the Library, the group has helped
clean and reorganize bookshelves.
Cleaning and reorganizing aren’t
always the most exciting tasks for
teenagers, but the girls are able to
build teamwork and cooperation
skills in a fun way by giving back to
their own community.
News from the Band
By Tom Noreen and Kelli Hamilton
The Cedar Springs Music Boosters
were the recipients of a $238.59 donation from the Cedar Springs Brewing Company at its first Community
Give Back event. The brewery donated 10% of the food sold between
4 and 9:30 PM, January 11th. Brewery owner Dave Ringler said, “The
Community Give Back program is a
way of thanking the community for its
great support of the new brewery.”
CSHS Jazz Band
As a “noteworthy” way to begin the
New Year, the Cedar Springs High
School Jazz Band, under the direction of Adam Borst, performed from
4-5 PM. They played In the Mood
with soloists Breanna Zandstra, alto
sax; Karson Miles, tenor sax and
Erich Lueer, trumpet. This was followed by Take Five with soloist Breanna Zandstra. The third piece was
All The Things You Are with Breanna
Zandstra and Erich Lueer as soloists.
Cantaloupe Island with Karson Miles
and Erich Lueer was fourth and Uptown Funk was the final selection.
The high school music department
has a busy winter schedule with the
following events:
FEB 4-7 Wizard of Oz
FEB 6 HS Solo and Ensemble
FEB18 HS Band Pre-Festival
MAR 3 Host MSOBA Band Festival
MAR 10 Choir Pre Festival Concert
MAR 16 HS Choir Festival
MAR 17 Choir Festival in Greenville
Call the high school office for times or
check the band’s website,
www.cedarspringsbands.org, closer
to the dates.
Cedar Springs, MI - 3
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Cedar Springs
Women's Club
Happiness and Energy
City Honors
Historic Society
by Sue Harrison
City of Cedar Springs Mayor Jerry
Hall presented the Cedar Springs
Historical Society representatives
Fred Gunnell and Sharon Jett with
the "Making a Positive Difference
The Cedar Springs Women's Club
celebrated the Chinese New Year a
bit early. The Chinese Year of the
Monkey is not officially celebrated
until February 8.
Women's Club
members celebrated with a potluck of
wonderful salads, main dishes and
desserts at their January 7 meeting.
Liz Clifford and the Hostess Committee decorated the tables with Chinese
lanterns, chopsticks, fortune cookies
and red envelopes with $10,000 inside. Well, it wasn't real money - and
no one won the lottery- but the Red
Envelopes are the symbol of energy,
happiness and good luck. In Chinese
tradition, sending red packets is a
channel for sending good wishes and
luck. So, the significance of the red
envelope is the red paper, not the
money inside.
Sarah Schmiedicke, an associate at
Hair Craft in Cedar Springs, provided
the Community Focus.
Dr. David Sefton and Melissa Rudolph presented the program. David
is a doctor of physical therapy and the
team leader at the Cedar Springs
branch of Northern Physical Therapy
Services. Melissa is a second year
physical therapy student at Grand
Valley State University and a current
gym aid in Cedar Springs.
By Sue Wolfe
Mayor Jerry Hall presenting Sharon Jett
and Fred Gunnell.
Award" at the January Council Meeting. Hall cited the museum's contribution to our community in maintaining
our history. Gunnell and Jett noted
that this was the result of many long
hours of hard work by the volunteer
Historical Museum's Board. Jett also
explained the Rockford Museum
Board plans to hold their monthly
meeting here in Cedar Springs to
learn more details from our museum.
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Committed to you, your family,
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Movie tickets: $3
Show times 616.887.2335
at 6 and 9888.776.6687
Sat at 3, 6 and 9 PM
Sun at 3 and 6 PM
Jacob Swineheart
Eagle Scout
By Tom Noreen
Jacob Swineheart started the New Year
with his Eagle Court of Honor on January
3 at the Kent Theatre. Boy Scout Troop
222 conducted this special event in honor
of Jacob’s achievement of the rank of
Eagle. Scoutmaster John Kerr officially
pinned on Jacob’s new rank after the induction.
Cedar Springs, MI - 4
Once complete, Jacob went to a Board
of Review, conducted by scout leaders
from the Five Rivers District that encompasses northern Kent, northwest
Ionia, and much of Montcalm Counties.
Passing the Board of Review is the last
official step in the process.
Jacob is the son of Scott and Angela
A Note from the
Music Room
By Karen Mueller
Jacob Swinehart
Jacob’s road to Eagle included troop leadership positions, service projects, and
earning 21 merit badges. It culminated
with his Eagle service project of replacing
the Kent Theatre’s stage floor. Over time,
the existing stage floor had been damaged by the building of sets and the moving of props.
Since Jacob enjoys acting, doing a project
at the Kent was what he wanted to do. He
met with Len Allington, president of the
Cedar Springs Theatre Association, and
asked what he could do. The floor came
up and Jacob took it on. The task he
“took on” included planning, funding and
coordinating the project.
In Kindergarten and First Grade we
focus on the basics of music education.
Learning to differentiate between high
and low, fast and slow, loud and soft,
and short and long, drives most of our
learning. To keep our goal aligned with
district-wide goals, we are also emphasizing reading music. Students are able
to read short rhythmic patterns. By the
end of first grade, they are also able to
analyze short songs to determine if they
are high or low, fast or slow, loud or
soft, and short or long just by looking at
Students play xylophones from low to
high and then back down to low as
words in song talk about climbing up a
big sledding hill and then sliding back
down. Did you know that the lowest key
on the xylophone is the biggest one?
The bigger the instrument, the lower the
sound it produces!
A chart posted in our room reminds
students of the questions they should
be asking themselves as they read a
new piece of music.
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Joshua Burge
The Revenant
By Tom Noreen
The Golden Globe winning, Oscar
nominated film, The Revenant, about
a bear mauled frontiersman’s fight for
survival starring Leonardo DiCaprio
also features local actor Joshua
Joshua is a 1998 graduate of Cedar
Springs High School, who studied
acting at Grand Valley University. He
is a musician as well
as an actor.
The first two
Ape. These
awards on
independent film
Europe and
Josh and his mom Kim.
Apparently, The Revenant’s casting
committee watched these films as
they contacted Josh to play the role of
Stubby Bill.
His mother, Kim (Burge) Stout said
that Josh told her the filming was very
difficult. The cast spent seven months
up in the wilds of British Columbia’s
Banff National Park. This was to give
the actors a realistic taste of what it
was like to live in the wilderness during this period of history.
Josh invited Kim to the film’s December premiere at the TCL Chinese
Theater in Hollywood. She had a
chance to be on the “red carpet” and
attend the after show party.
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15th of the month prior to publication.
Send to [email protected]
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Springs, MI 49319 or call 616.696.5186.
We would like to hear from you!
Cedar Springs, MI - 5
The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz is
almost here! Don’t forget to get your tickets!
Shows are:
7 PM February 4 & 5;
2 & 7 PM February 6;
and 2 PM February 7 in
the Cedar Springs High
Tickets are $10 and available at the high
school office, from a cast member or online at www.hprodcshs.com.
February at the Kent
5-7 Alvin and the Chipmunks
Road Chip
Star Wars Force Awakens
19 6 PM Daddy’s Home
9 PM Star Wars Force Awakens
20 3 & 6 PM Daddy’s Home
9 PM Star Wars Force Awakens
21 3 PM Daddy’s Home
6 PM Star Wars Force Awakens
Movie tickets are $3.
Dedicated and Talented
Cedar Springs Middle
School Artist
By Jennifer Swift, Art Teacher
I would like to take the time to celebrate an extraordinarily talented
artist at Cedar Springs Middle
School. Eilena Lopez is an eighth
grader who consistently demonstrates dedication, perseverance,
the ability to think outside the box,
and the artistic skills to create in-
Nelson Township Library
By Kip Odell
Saturday mornings at the library is a
great time for families to learn and create.
The library hosts programs at 10:30 AM
that feature building blocks, circuit modules and much more. These programs
are specifically designed to enhance
learning in STEM: science, technology,
engineering and mathematics.
The Friends of the Nelson Township/
Sand Lake Library meet monthly to support the library. If you are interested in
helping plan activities and book sales,
join them on the second Monday of the
month at 6:30 PM for Be a Friend and
learn more about how you can support
the library.
Programs for Families with
Heart to Heart Craft Party
February 13 at 10:30 AM
Roses are red, violets are blue, join our
Valentine event, just for you! Celebrate
Valentine's Day with snacks and crafts.
For all ages.
PLAY by Koinonia Players
26 7 PM Great Expectations
27 2 & 7 PM Great Expectations
Play tickets are $5.
More info at: www.kenttheatre.org or
Family Building Bricks Party
on facebook
February 20 at 10:00 AM
Velzey Park Fundraiser
By Shelly Aardema
Solon Township Park Planning Committee is kicking off their first fund-raiser for
the new Velzey Park. We are hosting a
spaghetti dinner 6 PM Friday, February
12 at the Solon Township Halll. Dinner
includes salad, spaghetti, garlic bread,
and drink.
Tickets are $9.95 or $18 a couple and
can be purchased at the township hall or
Cedar Springs Library. A dessert auction
and 50/50 raffle will follow the dinner.
For more information call 616-696-1718.
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Pat’s Original
Sewing Room
Pat Capek
100 E. Muskegon St.
Cedar Springs, MI
Prompt & Reasonable Phone 616-696-2623
credibly unique works of art. She
typically takes on more than the
project requires, doing multiple projects, adding intense details, and
even working from home. She is
thoughtful and reflective in every
project and a great inspiration to
her fellow classmates. Eilena is
skilled in a variety of art mediums,
but her passion is drawing with
value. Eilena’s work was on display
at the administration office. The
attention in detail in her portraits is
absolutely stunning! I feel so very
grateful to get to work with such an
incredible person and artist every
day. Cedar Springs is very lucky to
have Eilena here!
Bugles are available at
the Cedar Chest and
Copies Plus.
Design, build and bond. Bring the whole
family together and create a towering
monument using the library's building
bricks. The best part? No big mess at
home to clean up! For all ages.
Programs for Young Children
Family Storytime
February 02 at 10:30 AM
February 09 at 10:30 AM
February 16 at 10:30 AM
February 23 at 10:30 AM
Read and sing together.
Enjoy stories, music,
movement and rhymes that develop early
literacy skills and encourage everyone in
the family to share their love of reading.
For children ages 6 and younger.
(Continued on page 12)
61 N. Main Street
Cedar Springs, MI
We Buy, Sell &
M-F 10 AM-6 PM
Sat 10 AM-3 PM
[email protected]
Website: www.thecedarchestshop.com
Thrive Comes to Town
By Tom Noreen
North Kent Community Services’ successful Thrive program is coming to
Cedar Springs this month. NKCS Executive Director Claire Guisfredi and
Thrive Program Director Chérie Elahl
recently updated the Cedar Springs
Rotary Club on this next facet of
NKCS empowerment program.
Shortly after Claire took over NKCS,
she talked about how to break the cycle of dependence that happens when
people rely on what begins as a gift to
help and then becomes an entitlement. This has become endemic in
many areas in the USA. Families have
been on welfare for generations.
Claire said the key is to stop it before it
starts through education and improved
self-esteem. This is what brought
about Thrive.
Since Thrive’s inception, participants
have finished high school and started
college. In one case, a participant finished a college degree. Many have
found better jobs and all feel more in
control of their lives.
“To be successful,” Chérie said, “the
change must be intrinsic, someone
really wants to change. The goal of
the program is to get the participants
to internalize the change.” She said,
“We don’t set goals until halfway
through the six month program so that
they are not overwhelmed by them.
Once they realize they can do it, it becomes easier to set goals. By then
they also have some tools ranging
from basic budgeting, classes on parenting, and access to other resources
in the community. Self-esteem is the
biggest improvement we see.”
Cedar Springs, MI - 6
Bringing Physics to Life with
Computer Coding
By Sarah Middlebrook
Many teachers at CTA, including
high school teachers Ms. Davison
(math) and Mr. Fredenburg
(science), opted to incorporate the
Hour of Code into their classes in
December. Hour of Code is a onehour introduction to computer science designed to demystify computer coding and demonstrate that
anybody can learn the basics of
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
have a working model and have additional phases planned to test and
review their prototype to make improvements and redesigns.
Other student projects included a
Dance Dance Revolution-type game,
Firefly Sparks and a working model
airplane. Each project presented its
own unique challenges for the students to work through.
The Hour of Code takes place each
year during Computer Science Education Week. This provided students
with the opportunity to learn computer science, nurture problemsolving skills, logic and creativity to
build a foundation for success in any
21st century career path.
Womens Club (continued from page 3)
Seniors Josh Davidson and Keegan
Shears with their yardstick controller.
Using a program called “Scratch,”
seniors Josh Davidson and
Keegan Shears designed a pong
game and used the Makey Makey
hardware to design a controller to
play the game in their physics
class. They tied it into the Circuits
and Electronics unit they were
studying where they learned how to
interface the game using various
circuits and electronics with a
wooden yardstick as the controller.
The project follows the newly
adopted next generation science
standards in engineering design.
Davidson and Shears currently
The program is open to all women with
children in northern Kent County who
want to change their lives.
Lori Visser
David went into "teacher mode" and used
a flip-chart to talk to the members about
therapy offered at Northern Physical
Therapy in Cedar Springs. He stressed
the importance of keeping core muscles
strong and he got the members on their
feet to do some "hands-on" exercises for
balance to help prevent falls.
Besides physical therapy, occupational
therapy, prevention and wellness, and
work services which are also offered at
five other locations around West Michigan, the Cedar Springs clinic offers specialties in massage therapy, backpack
safety, handwriting clinic, summer boot
camp, back and neck pain treatment,
pelvic floor treatment and SeniorFit.
SeniorFit is a fitness class specifically
designed for seniors of all fitness levels.
It is on Fridays 12:15-12:45 PM and
started January 8 in the Cedar Springs
clinic (308 S. Main Street). The cost is
$25 for the 8-week classes or $7 per
session. There is also a $5 discount
available to those who sign up with a
friend! Many of the Women's Club members signed up with a friend and joined
the fun at the SeniorFitness class on
January 8, the day after the Women's
Club meeting!
Cruise Specialist
21 West Cherry St
Cedar Springs, MI 49319
(616) 696-0982
www.djrjeweler.com [email protected]
Not just made in America,
Made in Michigan!
“Turning Daydreams into
[email protected]
After the program, the Women's Club
inducted Teresa Hathaway, the new
Director of Alpha Family Center in Cedar
Springs, as a new member.
The Women's Club is planning a movie
day at the Kent Theater in February and
the Book Club will be reading The Kite
Runner as its selection for the month.
Community Building
Development Team
Purchases 157 Main St.
By Carolee Cole
“Over the last three years an enormous amount of discussion and collaboration between the City Council,
Planning Commission, Library Board,
Solon Township, Chamber of Commerce, North Country Trail and
Friends of the White Pine Trail
Boards, and the Community Building
Development Team (CBDT) members have taken place”, according to
CBDT Chairman Kurt Mabie. “The
focus thus far has been on gathering
input and guidance from all supporting governmental units, community
groups, businesses, and residents so
that a comprehensive plan could be
developed that will best serve our
community residents for years to
come. Our new year begins with
some significant announcements.”
CS Manufacturing has made the final
transfer of ownership for the property
west of the White Pine Trail at the
end of Maple Street to the CBDT.
The property was purchased by CS
Manufacturing a year ago with the
express purpose of transferring ownership of a large portion of it to the
CBDT for use in construction of a
new Community Building.
Plans for a new Community Building
nestled up next to Cedar Creek are in
the works for this perfect piece of
property. Between the new Library,
Amphitheater, Boardwalk, and Community Building, a vibrant “Heart” of
Cedar Springs is becoming a reality!
To complement this beautiful gift from
CS Manufacturing to our wonderful
city through the CBDT, the CBDT has
purchased two more lots at a reduced
price through the generosity of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Sommer along
with assistance from realtor Leon
Stout. This additional property will be
used to fulfill the CBDT mission to,
“incorporate natural features and enhance characteristics that already
define our community while assisting
in the construction of buildings and
spaces where the greater Cedar
Cedar Springs, MI - 7
Springs community can gather for
cultural, educational, recreational,
commercial and family/community
events.” These new lots are both
on the north side of Cedar Creek,
one with frontage on Pine Street
and bordering the White Pine Trail
to the Creek. The second lot is landlocked along the creek and sandwiched between the CDBT’s property at 157 Main Street and the new
property on Pine Street.
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
seven miles of trail linking Cedar Springs
to the Rogue River State Game area.
At this time, the section of the White
Pine Trail from Rockford to Cedar
Springs will not be certified as the trail
can only be certified in locations that are
free of motorized vehicles. The Michigan
DNR is in the process of approving the
possibility for a parallel walking trail that
North Country Trail
By Carolee Cole
On Tuesday, January 21, 26 people
attended the North Country Trail Meeting formalizing the Optimal Location
Review (ORL). Representatives from
the National Park Service, Michigan
Department of Natural Resources
(DNR), North County Trail, City Council, Library, Community Building Development Team, and Solon Township as
well as local residents. Cedar Springs
is now home to a State Trail (White
Pine Trail) and a Federal Trail (North
Country Trail). The trails cross each
other in our town. We also have a National Park that runs through Cedar
Springs and Solon Township out to the
Rogue River State Game Area!
The ORL provides the mechanism by
which the route can be officially established. Now the process can move forward to seek easements from property
owners along the proposed route.
Once done, the trail can be officially
certified. There are approximately
Chris Loudenslager (NPS), Bob Ellick
(Solon), Jerry Hall (CS), Scott Slavin
(DNR), and Kurt Mabie (CBDT)
could then allow the trail to be certified. It's not unusual to have parts of the
trail along the route remain uncertified
because a section must share with a
motorized trail.
The atmosphere in the room was
very excited because of how mutually
beneficial this decision is. The North
Country Trail gets a community who
invited them to town and will work hard
to make the Trail a central focus of our
area! Cedar Springs becomes a destination with the unique distinction of a
State and National Trail converging and
crossing right in our town as well as accommodating a national park!! There
was a lot of gratefulness for the various
players who have connected and worked
together to reach this day. The good will
in the room was palpable!!
En Gedi: A Cedar Springs Mission ...needs Help!
En Gedi’s one-and-only Annual Fund Raiser Auction is
Friday, March 18, 6 pm
Cedar Springs High School.
Enjoy delicious appetizers, have fun, and great finds!!
Tickets only $10.
Needed: Items for the auction and your attendance.
En Gedi provides a FREE after-school youth center
for 6-8th grades, special high school and family events.
Mission: Keeping kids safe while mentoring and encouraging
them!!! Building up the community!
Call Sue Wolfe 696-2246 or e-mail [email protected]
Our Town
Cedar Springs
E. Ray Gordon
By John Gunnell
Those of us who grew up in or
around Cedar Springs remember
Ray Gordon. He made us better for
having known him. I am reminded of
his charm for putting people at ease
with his “special lilt” and for giving us
a sense of our own self-worth. E. Ray
Gordon has now gone home where
he so much wanted to be. He joined
his eternal Cedar Springs family of
friends and loved ones on November
6, 2015.
Cedar Springs, MI - 8
The story that follows is shared
with the Cedar Springs area readers courtesy of my old friend (89
years), Don Boulanger, living in
Crystal Falls in the Upper Peninsula. Don’s stories have been and
continue to be published, (one
book of short stories and another in
the works). Back in the 80’s Don
and I both “fed out of the same old
public trough” courtesy of the Crystal Falls Public School. Don was
featured in Michigan Outdoors
News last year for having harvested his 100th whitetail buck. His
deer hunting prowess continued in
2015 with a “spike horn” taken with
his bow.
John Gunnell
How I Met Robert
By Don Boulanger
Northwoods Writers
November 21, 2015
My hometown of Manistee, Michigan has a Fourth of July celebration called The Forest Festival. In
the early days, our town was a logging and lumbering center so calling the festival, The Forest Festival, was appropriate. It is still called
by the same name, but the theme
and events have changed with the
Ray Gordon
Certain individuals in our life that we
may only just brush shoulders with
leave lasting impressions. Ray
Gordon personified “the small town
boy who made good.” His star rose
above adversity and he was to
achieve far in excess of what most of
us might ever hope for. He pursued
and ultimately became successful in
all phases of his life yet never lost his
“touch for the common man.” His
achievement of high position, advanced status, and no amount of
money ever substituted for his dedication for serving Cedar Springs’
residents throughout his lifetime.
While not without human imperfections, Ray’s goodness and caring will
never be forgotten by his fellow man
or God.
As with most festivals and fairs, a
person of note is hired as a special
attraction for the event. I vividly
recall the festival of July 4 in 1940.
I was a 14-year-old Boy Scout at
the time, our troop needed to raise
money for camping and activity
equipment, and so the Chippewa
Hotel hired us to move tables and
to set up chairs for a program honoring the celebrity. While we were
moving the chairs, Robert, the celebrity, came into the room. When
he saw that we were dressed in
scout uniforms he told us that he
too had been a Boy Scout and congratulated us by shaking our
hands. Now this might not seem
like a memorable event but I can
assure you that it was an event
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
never to be forgotten. The celebrity's
full name was Robert Pershing Wadlow and he was the tallest human
being in recorded history.
When he was there in Manistee, he
was 22 years old and had probably
attained his full growth. He measured
8 feet 11.1 inches tall. His massive
hand measured 12 3/4" from his wrist
to the tip of his fingers. My hand
measures 7 inches. My shoe size is 9
1/2 and measures 11 inches long, but
his shoe size was 38AA and was 18
1/2 inches long. His greatest weight
was 491 pounds.
To truly understand his stature, imagine a standard room ceiling, which is
8 feet high. Mr. Wadlow would not
have been able to stand up straight in
my house. He was so tall that he
needed a special chair and table to
enable him to eat a meal. He was so
big that he could not get into a standard car and had to be transported in
the box of a pickup truck during the
I don't remember just how he had
been involved in the festival, but I do
recall seeing one of his shoes, made
by the International Shoe Company,
displayed in the Snyder Shoe store
window in Manistee. I believe that it is
still on display in that store. Also displayed in a downtown store window
was a pair of his overalls made by the
OshKosh B'Gosh company. That
company still makes overalls, but
now only for children.
As a human of such great stature,
Wadlow traveled with the Ringling
Brothers circus in 1936, and also held
some other responsible jobs. He
(Continued on page 12)
Cedar Springs
Education Foundation
...Seniors on the home stretch!
Balloon Story
Part 2
By Tom Noreen
Last month we reported on a balloon
found by Bob Hegedus in his field
and how Shirley had written a letter to
the school regarding the find. Since
then, the teacher, Kevin Goelz, wrote
back and Shirley followed up his letter
with a call. Below is a transcript of the
Dear Shirley and Bob,
Cedar Springs, MI - 9
# 1. We have three schools in our
district, two of them are elementary
and one Middle school. Our school
is a four-tract school K-5 and we
have about 600 students here at
Lincoln. The school mascot is a lion
we call Linc. He is very important to
our student body and staff. Linc
greets us at every assembly and
also takes us on a video adventure
each month "maybe The Red Flannel
Festival someday."
Cedar Café
(The Old Log Cabin)
Tue-Fri 8 AM to 3 PM
Sat 8 AM to 1 PM
Sun 9 AM to 2 PM
Breakfast Served
Handmade Gifts
Rotary Honors
Jack and Marge Clark
By Sue Wolfe
Cedar Springs Rotarians gathered
on January 18 at the Mangiamo
restaurant located in the beautiful
historic Wurzburg mansion in
Grand Rapids to celebrate the
past and upcoming years.
Hartford is a small town of 16,000
people. We have several manufacturing companies and are a real
working class town. Some of the
manufacturing plants are well
Thank you for taking the time to respond to our Birthday Celebration. We
were so excited to hear
that someone found
one of the 24 balloons
Lincoln School released. To answer your
question, we let them
fly at our Character
Education assembly on
November 2nd. It was
a very windy sunny day
and the balloons disappeared from sight in
about two minutes.
They flew away much
faster that we thought
they would. It was hard
Kevin Goelz and his class.
to believe that our balloon flew all the way over Lake Michiknown (Broan-Nutone, Quad/
gan and even harder to believe that
Graphics, and Helguson Steel to
someone who cared enough found it
name a few). We also have a State
and responded. We are soooo thankPark in Hartford called Pike Lake
ful! We took great care in planning our
State Park.
balloon launch to the point of purchas'.
ing bio-degradable balloons and
I'm hopeful you will receive this letter
string. We did not want to offend citibefore Friday and Call or email us.
zens or harm our environment. Our
My school number is 262-673-2100
plan is to share your letter with the
x3128 and my email at school is
whole school at our next Character
[email protected] I would
Education assembly on Friday, Jan.
like to talk to you about this event,
and know that you are comfortable
with me sharing it with our school
Lincoln school is a part of a district
called School District of Hartford Joint
Kevin Goelz and Class
40 N. Main St. ● Cedar Springs
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Shirley talked with Kevin for about 40
minutes and he was excited to tell
her about the program. She found
out that “Linc” read her letter to them,
and then took them on a possible
journey from Hartford, WI to Cedar
Springs, MI. Linc tied this presentation into geography, science and history.
Marge and Jack receiving certificates from
Amanda Gerhardt .
The club presented a special
award to Jack and Marge Clark
along with a $1000 donation to the
Rotary Foundation to fight polio
through the Polio Plus fund. Jack
has had 59 years of perfect attendance to weekly meetings showing
his commitment to the Rotary ideals. Marge has been a faithful servant to the Rotary effort to wipe
polio from the face of the earth.
She has been painting pinky fingers purple as a fundraiser for
many years. Rotarians shared
stories of how the Clarks have led
and influenced lives by their own
example of "Service Above Self".
The musical group Percolators
entertained the Rotary group following a delicious dinner.
Cedar Springs, MI - 10
The Meeting
Cedar Springs Historical Society
Museum in Morley Park is open
Wednesdays from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Call 616-696-3335.
Am e r ic a n Le gi o n Wo me n's
Auxiliary meets at 7 PM on the 2nd
Monday of each month at the Legion
Cedar Springs Library Board
meets on the fourth Monday of
every month at 7 PM at the CS
Public Library.
Boy Scouts meet at 6:30-8 PM at
the Scout Hut in Morley Park on
Tuesdays during the school year.
Cedar Rock BNI meets 7-8:30 AM
every Wednesday morning at the
Algoma Township Offices. For more
Cedar Springs Lions Club meets
at 6:30 PM at the North Kent Senior
Center on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday
of each month.
Cedar Springs Parks and
Recreation Board meets at 7 PM
the first Monday at the Parks and
Recreation office in Hilltop.
Cedar Springs Rotary Club meets
at noon at Hilltop Board Room on
Cedar Springs Theatre
Association meets on the last
Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the Kent
Cedar Springs Women’s Club
meets at noon on the 1st Thursday
at the American Legion Hall.
Development Team (CBDT) meets
the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6
PM at CSPS Hilltop Board Room .
Cedar Springs Area Chamber of
Commerce meets the third Friday of
the month at 8:30 AM at Perry’s Kin
of Hope.
Cedar Springs Public Schools
Board of Education meets at 6:45
PM on the second Monday at the
Hilltop Board Room. Other additional
meetings are scheduled as needed,
call 696-1204 for updates.
Cedar Springs City Council meets
at 7 PM at City Hall on the 2nd
Thursday of the month.
Cedar Springs Community Players
meets at 9 AM on the 2nd Saturday
at the CS United Methodist Church.
Cedar Springs Education
Foundation meets at 7 PM on
March 2 in Conf Room C, Hilltop.
En-Gedi Board meets the 2nd
Friday of each month at 7 AM at
Red Hawk Elementary School.
Cedar Springs Garden Club meets
at 7 PM on the 2nd Tuesday at The
Springs Church.
Michigan Blood blood draw is at
Noon to 7 PM on the 3rd Tuesday
at the CS United Methodist Church.
Nelson & Solon Twp Boards meet
at 7 PM on the 2nd Tuesday at
township halls.
We Help You Achieve the
Right Decorating Results
Custom Draperies
Area Rugs Blinds
Wood Flooring
Vertical Blinds
Ceramic Tile
Pleated Shades
Vinyl and Laminate
Estimates Gladly Given
Custom Installations
Making Homes Cozy for 62 Years
Floor Coverings Draperies
696-9340 Cedar Springs
Red Flannel Festival Committee
meets at 6:30 PM on the 3rd
Tuesday at the Red Flannel
Festival Office at 21 E. Maple St.
Sons of the American Legion
meets at 6:30 PM on the 3rd
Wednesday of each month at the
Legion Hall.
Sons of the American Legion
hosts Bingo at 6 PM each Tuesday
night at the American Legion Hall in
Cedar Springs.
Spencer Twp Board meets at 7:30
PM on the 3rd Tuesday at the
township hall.
To post a meeting time please email
[email protected] or call
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Health Snip It
Ok… what SERIOUS
changes have you made
in a positive direction for your
health?? No more fluffy articles, this
is where the rubber meets the road.
We can encourage each other until
we are blue in the face, but until we
actually make a decision and stick to
it, (which might even take strength
beyond our own - prayer helps here),
we are not going to make forward
progress in our health. We will continue to experience more aches,
pains, and limitations, if we are not
dedicated to making a change.
Not sure where to begin? Start by
removing sugar from your diet. ALL
SUGAR. This can seem daunting,
but if you begin to watch and remove
all the treats, candies, simple carbohydrates, etc. in your diet, your body
WILL thank you. Even though Valentine’s Day is this month, we can begin now planning what we can “give”
to our loved ones besides sugary
items. One of my diabetic relatives
recently began “counting” their grams
of sugar intake, and reduced the consumption of it in their diet. The result
was the reduction in their insulin
need by one-half!!
To your health!!
Cindy Patin
Natural Health Advisor
(616) 920-1575
Cole, James R., Sr., age 70 of Sand Lake, died
January 6, 2016. Jim was born September 28,
1945 in Cedar Springs, the son of Waldo and
Mary (Day) Cole. He was a graduate of CS High
School Class of 1963 and was a truck driver for
Spartan Stores retiring after 34½ years. His real
passion was farming and being in the outdoors.
He deeply loved his wife, children, grandchildren
and great grandchildren. Surviving are his wife,
Gloria (Ostrander); sons, James Jr. (Lisa), David
(Dawn), Jon (Sandra); brothers, Max (Cindy), Bill
(Kathy); sister, Patricia (Pat) Holland; brothers-inlaw, Gary Baxter, Gerald Parker; sisters-in-law,
Laura (Larry) McCrory, Leone Conner. He was
preceded in death by his parents, sisters, Ruth
Baxter, Beverly Parker; and brother, Arthur Cole,
Hallaxs, Ronald True, age 80 of Sand Lake,
died December 23, 2015. Ronald was born on
October 20, 1935 in Battle Creek, to Samuel and
Irma (Rench) Hallaxs. He was an avid motorcyclist, hunter, and fisherman. Ron served in both
the Army and Navy where he learned to be an
electrician. Ron went on to be employed as an
electrician by the Grand Rapids Board of Education for 36 years. Ron will be sadly missed by all.
He leaves behind a son and daughter-in-law,
Brian and Dezaray Hallaxs of Cedar Springs.
Ron was preceded in death by his wife, Verna
Marie (Chase) and his two children, Diane and
Heiss, Esther M., age 87 of Cedar Springs, died
January 25, 2016. Mrs. Heiss was born March 3,
1928 in Sand Lake, MI the daughter of Lee and
Leona (Bremmer) Parker. She was a homemaker
and along with her husband worked the farm and
logged. She enjoyed reading, gardening and her
flowers. She was a lifelong attendee of the Solon
Center Wesleyan Church. She loved her family
and was a treasure for her grandchildren and
great grandchildren. Surviving are her children,
Tracy Hawley, Trudy (Jerold) Bryant, Terry
Leversay, Randy (Sandy) Heiss, Roy (Alicia)
Heiss; brothers, Max Parker, Ken (Sue) Parker;
sisters, Wanda Morris, Doris Martin, Edith (Dale)
Johnson, Lois (Curt) Phillips; brother-in-law,
David Newton; sister-in-law, Elaine Pyard. She
was preceded in death by her husband, Ray; son
-in-law, Randy Leversay; brothers, L. B., Wyman,
and Ronald “Barney” Parker; sisters, Kathleen
Parker and Donna Newton.
Johnson, Sandra A., age 73 of Cedar Springs,
died January 20, 2016. Sandra was born March
13, 1942 in Chicago, IL. She was a dedicated
employee of CS Manufacturing with 20 years of
service. She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren, which was very important to her. She loved animals, sunshine, enjoyed
gardening, and made amazing dill pickles. Surviving are her children, Bob (Paula) Johnson, Tim
Johnson and Kathy Kay, Kathy (Ken) Coleman;
sisters, Kathy Carlson, and Ricci (Larry) Freeman. She was preceded in death by her parents,
Joseph and Luella Stine; sister, Judy Carlson
Alden; infant sister, Nancy Jo.
Olmsted, Janet J., age 84 of Cedar Springs,
died January 6, 2016. Janet was born December
10, 1931 in Imlay City, MI, the daughter of Clifford and Luella (Davis) Call. She and her husband, Carl owned and operated the Cedar
Springs Oil Company and she later worked as
the Solon Township Treasurer and at Pioneer
Pharmacy. She enjoyed traveling, gardening,
Cedar Springs, MI - 11
writing poetry and loved being a mom and
gram. She was a lifetime member of the United
Methodist Church, Cedar Springs. Surviving
are her children, Scott (Joni) Olmsted, Shari
(Phil) Wesche; brothers, Gerald Call, Steve
(Barb) Harris, Doug (Susan Warwick) Call;
sisters, Donna (David Reynolds) Call, Dawn
Call; sister-in-law, Carol (John) Alexander;
brother-in-law, Tom Pearce. She was preceded
in death by her husband, Carl; brothers, Tip
(Jeanne) Call, Dennis Call, Don Call, Eugene
Harris; sister, Faith Pearce; sister-in-law, Eileen Call.
Rowan, William D., age 48 of Howard City,
died January 17, 2016. Bill was born May 17,
1967 in Grand Rapids, the son of James and
Zora (Cram) Rowan. He had worked for Kent
Door Company for 26 years and Vitale’s Pizza
in Cedar Springs for 10 years. Surviving are his
wife, Coreen; son, Levi; brothers and sisters,
James (Mary) Rowan, Cheri (Bob) Mills, Linda
(Bob) Flippo, Sandra (Paul) Cantrell, Michael
Rowan, Lori (Jeff) Bartels, Rory (Laura)
Rowan, and Eric (Susan) Rowan.
Sevey, William L., age 86 of Cedar Springs,
died January 6, 2016. Bill was born July 24,
1929 in Cedar Springs, the son of Clinton and
Gladys (Fisk) Sevey. He was a lifelong dairy
farmer and had been Solon Township Supervisor. Years ago, he had a milk route and drove
school bus. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, flying
and riding his four-wheeler. He loved his grandkids. Surviving are his children, LouAnn (Brian)
Wheat, Deborah Sevey, William “Rick” (Tanya)
Sevey; and brother-in-law, Jack Bowers. He
was preceded in death by his parents, wife,
Annabelle; sister, Ardith Bowers.
Shoemaker, Ronald E., age 78 of Cedar
Springs, died December 30, 2015. Ron was
born to Elmer and Ethel Shoemaker on Monday, September 13, 1937, in Bethel Township,
PA. Ron gave his life to his family and country
serving faithfully in the US Marine Corps, until
his retirement as a Gunnery Sergeant in 1976.
Ron served two, tours in Vietnam. He was a
dedicated and decorated Marine. GySgt. Shoemaker was a living example of “The Few, the
Proud,” and was a forever Marine. His legacy
lies in the lives he’s touched, the family he
loved, and the country he served. He was and
is, our hero! Ron is survived by his wife Bonnie
(Place) Shoemaker; his children, Ronnie Shoemaker, Robert (Geri) Shoemaker, Carol (Mike)
Stewart, Jim (Bethany) Routsaw, Mary
(Dennis) Harris, Paul (Ruth) Routsaw, Katie
(Mike) Milinowski, and Rick (Valerie) Shoemaker; brothers and sisters, Pat (Jim) O’Brien,
Jerry (Kim) Shoemaker, Linda (Russ) Blystone,
Tom Shoemaker, Ken (Tracy) Shoemaker, Tim
(Cheryl) Shoemaker, Sherry (Ron) Bash,
Sandy (Daniel) Mastrangelo, and Skip Shoemaker; brothers and sisters-in-law, Bill (Vickie)
Place, Beverly Dime, Bob (Irma) Place, Jerri
Spicer, Vicki Sinning, Karen Atkinson, David
(Karla) Place. He was preceded in death by his
parents; brothers Babe and Bill Shoemaker;
sisters Sally Lewis, Audrey Shoemaker, and
Karen Jagodzinski; mother-in-law Lois Rounds;
and brothers-in-law Bob Dime, Don Spicer, and
Norman Lewis.
Stalhood, Ruth E., age 81 of Cedar Springs,
died December 30, 2015. Mrs. Stalhood was
born March 17, 1934 in Pioneer, OH the
daughter of Clarence and Grace (Woodruff)
Tressler. Ruth was a homemaker who enjoyed
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
making quilts, crocheting, embroidery, crafts and
jigsaw puzzles. Surviving are her husband, William “Bill;” children, Edward (Jean), Donald
(Tina), Susan (William) Bowyer, Randy (Sheri),
Rex (Joyce); brothers, Richard (Sue) Tressler,
Russel Tressler, Frank Tressler, Larry (Diane)
Tressler; and sister, Rebecca Kiess. She was
preceded in death by brothers, Melvin, Junior and
Leonard Tressler; sister, Lula Bell Herr.
Tisdel, David Lee, age 71 of Cedar Springs, died
January 17, 2016. He was born to Mervel and
Virginia (Wood) Tisdel on May 3, 1944, in Grand
Rapids. David was the oldest of three brothers,
raised on their family farm in the Cedar Springs
area. He was a graduate of Cedar Springs High
School and David was married to Jill Tisdel
(Gunneson) of Kent City. David was an exceptional truck driver, hauling steel and hauled people too, as his career shifted into the charter
business. In his free time, David enjoyed pulling
antique tractors, snowmobiling, as well as motorcycling. David is survived by his wife, Jill Tisdel;
childen, Mischelle Felbab, Scott (Jennifer Bedel)
Smith, Nancy Smith, and Cindy Smith; and son-in
-law Michael Felbab. He was preceded in death
by his parents and wife Barbara (Giles) Tisdel.
Trudell, Donald F., age 82 of Cedar Springs,
died January 13, 2016. Mr. Trudell was born June
12, 1933 in Sparta, the son of Clarence and Bernadette (Arends) Trudell. Don studied painting
and drawing and graduated from Kendall School
of Design. He worked for Aves Advertising in
Grand Rapids and then formed his own design
studio, Trudell Design. He was best known for his
creative watercolor effects and capturing the
splendor of winter snow scenes, fall landscapes,
summer seascapes and “any-season” florals.
Numerous Michigan galleries exhibited Trudell’s
paintings as well as summer art fairs in Michigan
and the East Coast. Surviving are his wife, Mary
(VanderWerff); daughter, Vicky Trudell; sister,
Rita Martin; brother, Theodore Trudell; special
foster sons, Shawn and Raymond; sisters-in-law,
Elizabeth Trudell, Patricia VanderWerff; brothersin-law, Lester Zahm, Francis (Norma) VanderWerff, Godfrey (Geraldine) VanderWerff. Preceded in death by his parents, brother, Robert
Trudell; sister, Elizabeth Zahm.
White, Donald, age 95, of Cedar Springs, died
January 25, 2016. Don was born in Montcalm
County on August 9, 1920 to Vern and Hazel
(Rogers) White. At a young age, Don and his
family moved to Ensley Center. On September
19, 1941 Don married Audrey Brownell. The
couple resided on a farm in Courtland Township
for 71. Don White was a horseman. There was a
sign in front of their home that said, “Horses for
sale, by Don White.” Don farmed his land almost
to entirety with horses, only using a tractor to run
the belts of the thrashing machine. Don traveled
the state with his wagon and team of horses,
appearing in various parades, but most notably
the Red Flannel Parade. He is survived by his
children, Suzanne (Jennings) Johnson, Bonnie
(Tom) Reynolds and Donald White, Jr. and special friend, Judy Sailor. Don is also survived by
his brother, Robert White; and his sisters-in-law,
Stella White, Hattie White, Yvonne White, Esther
White, and Yvonne Brownell Hendrick. Don was
preceded in death by his parents; his lwife; brothers, Ben, Wayne, Roy, Alton, Floyd, Alvin and
Bernard White; and sisters, Mildred Barnes, Frances Johnson, Pauline Rebecca White and Virginia Reed.
HCNC February Events
By David Kieft
Winter Family Fun Day
Feb 6 from 12 – 4 PM
Be a Proud Michigander and get out
and enjoy winter. Here is your chance
to come out and play in the snow with
us. Snowman making contests, raffles, snow painting, snowball target
practice and more fun games. This
event is come at your leisure, cocoa
and refreshments provided. Cost includes unlimited use of snowshoes
and ice skates for the day-based upon
availability. Members $3, general admission $6/person or $20 for family.
Register online or call the office.
Candlelight Snowshoeing
Feb 13 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Enjoy this tour-guided excursion
through the nature center’s scenic
equipment provided
for a two-mile hike
trails. We will also
stop for a warm-up
around the campfire
at Camp Lily’s retreat center. If there isn’t enough
snow we will still have the candlelit
trail walk. Includes hot chocolate, coffee and light refreshment. Members
$5, general admission $10 per couple.
Cedar Springs, MI - 12
Sweets for sweeties
Feb 11 from 6:30-8:30 PM
Join the HCNC staff and
volunteers for another installation of “Mom’s Night
Out”!! This time we’ll be
making some sweet confections to take home to our sweeties for Valentines day (or to eat and
treat ourselves) Either way, it’s sure
to be another fun filled night! Preregistration required. Members $12,
general admission $20/person.
HCNC requests pre-registration to
all events. Pre-registering allows us
to ensure enough supplies for all
attendees. Likewise, events with
ZERO people pre-registered are
subject to cancellation.
Call 616-675-3158 or email
[email protected] to register.
Robert (continued from page 8)
never allowed the stares and ogles
of others to irritate him, but that
seemed to change when one of his
metal leg braces began rubbing his
ankle and caused an infection during his Manistee visit. Not feeling
well, and in pain, he appeared unpleasant. He died in his sleep on
July 15, 1940 at Manistee's Chippewa Hotel, just ten days after he
shook my hand.
His coffin measured 10 feet 9
inches long. He is buried in the
cemetery in his hometown of Alton,
When I mention his name these
days, most people do not have a
clue as to who he was. Time has
passed and the luxurious Chippewa
Hotel burned to the ground over
twenty years ago and the Fourth of
July celebration has changed, but I
still remember that July 3rd morning
when I met Robert.
Brauhaus & Restaurant
95 N Main at Maple
(616) 696-BEER ●
PHONE 696-8440 & 888-696-8440
FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Nelson Library (continued from page 5)
Parent and Child Yoga
February 5 at 10:30 AM
February 12 at 10:30 AM
February 19 at 10:30 AM
February 26 at 10:30 AM
Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach and
Healthy Mama Mentor Amber Kilpatrick
will be hosting a special Parent & Child
Yoga session, perfect for young children.
Come learn about yoga and try a few
poses. Please bring your own yoga mat if
possible. Sponsored by the Friends of
the Library. For ages 6 and younger.
Programs for School Age Children
KDL Lab: LittleBits: Learn and Invent
with Electronics
February 06 at 10:30 AM
Explore, tinker and innovate
with littleBits, the ultimate electronic building tool. Circuit
modules snap together to help
you build your ultimate electronic innovation. Create a
music synthesizer, a robot or even a
Mars Rover! Great learn-by-doing activity
for kids who may be interested in a future
in engineering and robotics. For ages 6
and older.
February 27 at 10:00 AM
Test your skills and have fun competing
in KDL's Beyblade battles! Bring your
own Beyblades and arenas, or train and
compete using the library's equipment.
For ages 6 and older.
Programs for Adults
Be a Friend
February 08, 2016 at 6:30 PM
If you've been interested in helping your
library, now's a great time to join the
Friends of the Nelson Twp. / Sand Lake
Library. We will be planning future programs and fundraising events. Your
ideas, plans and help are greatly needed
and appreciated. For adults.
Book Clubs
Faith Meets Fiction Book Discussion
February 10, 2016 at 1:30
PM Join us for coffee and
an informal discussion of
Searching for Sunday:
Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church by Rachel
Held Evans. For adults.
Fireside Chatters Book Discussion
February 16, 2016 at 1:30 PM
February 22, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Now with convenient evening options, we
hope you'll join us for friendly and fun
book discussions based upon The Girl on
the Train by Paula Hawkins. For adults.

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