2016 -3
FH-DCE Newsletter
Ulf Jensen
Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
In order to succeed, we must first
believe that we can….
One of the main reasons for riding a motorcycle at all is a philosophical one; it has to do with freedom
and head space. Behind the bars you are alone with the universe. Worries and cares are largely left
behind. Things that loomed large in your imagination and in your thoughts shrink to their correct size as
you view them, vanishing in your mirrors. It’s all about perspective and riding a motorcycle restores the
perspective. It puts you in touch with the elemental things of life, the things that matter. The smell of
freshly-mown hay in a farmer’s paddock as you ride by; the sudden change in temperature as you drop
into a dip in the highway at dusk; the delicious aroma of a fresh shower of rain on a hot bitumen
surface; the shriek of an eagle, soaring somewhere above you, unseen but probably there and free, just
like you are. Again, without being negative, these, and many other sensations, are completely absent
from the situation if you are touring in a car.
Nowhere is this freedom more apparent than when touring and it becomes even more apparent when
touring solo. You see, and maybe it’s just me, when you are touring with a group, no matter how big or
small it may be, you are always looking out for the others in the group, wondering how they are,
thinking about the worries that they shared with you over dinner last night, wondering if the rider
behind you is going to turn when you do or continue on and lose the group. All of these and a myriad of
other factors crowd in on your mind and the ride becomes a concern rather than a pleasure. Note that I
am not saying that we should not be concerned about our fellow riders, of course we should but, when
that concern starts to infringe upon the head space, then it is probably time to get on the bike, point it
in some direction and go, all by yourself, and let the road and the freedom restore your equilibrium.
FH-DCE, an organization to love –but sometimes hard to understand.
Never have you seen so many brilliant Super Rally organizers as you do after a Super Rally.
Normally they are always the same persons, the toiletman, the shower man, the entertainmentman and
of course the beer man.
There is the guy who has all the answers how to make the enterance running smoothly, there is the guy
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
who knows absolutely all about financing and who always claims the Super rally are too expensive and
that the calculations must be wrong.
Then not to forget the guy who always stands up shouting that this is his worst Super Rally ever, but on
the other hand, he claims that all Super Rallies are the worst, for him. And on the other hand, he have
only been to three.
Now you could easily expect that all these experts could contribute with just a fraction of their
knowledge – but none of them have ever been doing a Super Rally or a presidents meeting and by the
way, they never have the time when you ask to help out.
Then of course there are the others who offer their “expert” services for money. But that is something
else that does not belong here at all.
But we cannot ignore the fact that the FH-DCE Super Rally attracts less people than they used to do and
we/you/ need to think about how to deal with this situation.
And finally, just a few words/again/ about how to become a member of the FH-DCE.
At this moment we have 2 clubs that are refused membership by us, namely H-DC Latvia and H-DC
Since last president meeting the discussions has been high about not using the 100% yes vote to open
the EEIG circle to let somebody new inside to join us.
Figures as 95%, 90% and even 75% has been mentioned but as I see this, only the 100% vote for new
members can work.
As even if ONE club refuse a new club to join then/in my opinion/ the other 99% of the members must
put their trust and believing in the NO reason and take that reason serious enough.
Its is not a joke saying NO to a new member and a big step for a FH-DCE club and therefore the rest of us
must accept that the NO is well thought over and also important for that club.
Winner of the 2016 Super Rally Harley
This year winner is Karin Molenaar from
Holland – we congratulate the winner.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
A friendly word from your Super Rally organizer
I have comments from the SR on our Facebook, good ones and bad ones. Spanish people (not
Federation members) have not idea about what a Super Rally is, so I understand their complaints, as
you can imagine we had not Spanish people at the Super Rally, I think that they were under one
thousand people. French people have been so hard with us, but three or four comments not more, they
said that we have not organized, so expensive, a bad shit, etc, etc. I have answers for everybody, but as
you can guess I have not answered to any of them. For one bad comment I have one good if you
understand me. You know that I was at the last three SR (Poland, Estonia and England) and with all my
respects to them, I do not think that we have offered nothing worse than them. Our party area was so
far off the camping area as it was in Poland or in England, all my showers in Poland were with cold
water, not in England I must tell it, our price has been cheaper than England, and we have prebooking
nine months by 60€, and yes we have wind and cold weather but it is our fault?. We had not official Tshirts and patches on Friday afternoon, but you know that I asked about it to Per and for Nick too, and
we made 1.000 T-shirts more than them, and we had more than 800 patches, how we were going to
think then we would sell everything with 6.000 people?, For me this is not a lack of foresight, this is a
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Well, I know that we could do it better, but we could make it worst for sure, and for sure after the event
we would have changed things, but...You must know that I am happy with our work and proud of all the
members of H-DC ARAGON CLUB and with our Super Rally TOO, but I must understand and accept all
the reviews. I had a mistake with the food stands because two of them have higher prices and I could
not see it in time, but I made any price list in English and I forced to one of them to show them in his
I hope that H-DC BRNO have learned about our mistakes, but our success too.
All the stands were happy with the event, people, shops, pubs, etc in Alcañiz are very, very happy and I
think that you should know.
Your friend Ernesto
Super Rally 2017 News
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
News from the clubs
Hello to all “FH-DCE FAMILY”
My friends,
as mentioned in the letter of my resignation as President of H-DIC that I sent you months ago, I
am happy to inform you that what I wanted to happen for our Club, within the Presidential
Council, and that is a GENERATION CHANGE, occurred .
Sunday, April 3, 2016 the Assembly of Delegates H-DIC has elected the new Chairman and the
President's Council and I’m very happy about the team that we managed to put together. There
are some young Members and I’m sure they will do a great job and the New President it is Roby
who was the Vice President of when I was President, that you have known in various President
Meeting with me.
Following the team representing H-DIC Presidential Council:
President: Roberto Marengo (Roby)
Vice President: Enrico Ballerini (Enrico)
Secretary: Francesco Monteverde (Ciccio)
Treasurer: Luigi Di Massa (Gigi)
Press Officer: Gabriele Rivera (Gabry)
Public Relations: Mauro Passon (Mauro)
Counsellor: Ivo Barnato (Barny)
Founder: Giovanni Cristiani (Gio).
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
I have the pleasure to inform you that as founder and eldest member of H-DIC Club I will
continue to represent the Club at the President's Meeting FH-DCE, it means that I’ll be in
contact and relationships with the FH-DCE, so we will still have opportunities to meet again ,
exchange ideas and work together to improve Our FH-DCE FAMILY, as done in all these years
Looking at the attached photo, from left going to the right, it is my pleasure to visually present
the Presidential Council H-DIC
Barny, Gabry, Gigi, Roby, Gio, Mauro, Enrico, Ciccio.
Your Friend
H-DIC Founder
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Hello good ulf days.
Communicate the change of email address BIG TWIN CLUB SPAIN.
the new one is, [email protected]
Thank you.
Vicente Nuñez: president
Hi Ulf
Martin here, just a note to let all know there have been some changes in the Top Table (board) at West
London Harley Riders:- President Catweasle, I know, I tried, but he just won’t go away Vice President
Rick Shine, he has been a delegate at a couple of presidents meetings, so I think most of the guy's will
be familiar with him Treasurer Badger, no change there Secretary Martin Game (chainsaw), no I won’t
go away either.
Hope you and all our family are doing well, Martin, wlhr, B.A.R.
Alain Gartmann, VP Patriots H-DC in Switzerland announces that they now have a website on line.
Take a look and tell them what you think.
Hello Ulf.......hope everything runs smoothly. I would like to say that I'm no longer the secretary
of H-DC Cyprus (still a member), and also I would like to say that it was an honour and pleasure
working with you. I hope we will meet in person in the near future and have a few pints and a
good chat.
Thanks for all the help and ride safely.
Love, peace and harmony and lots of kilometres on the road.
Marios Papares.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Dear Ulf,
I'm very happy to inform you that we have our brother Dirk back on the road.....
We want thank all the clubs and individuals that helped out in the account 1€ for Dirk......It can happen
to all of us!!!
We received 12914€, this helped a lot..... THANK YOU ALL!!!
Special thanks to Harley-Davidson Club Riders Of Poland and H-D Liberator Poland.
I know that we are one big family and many of us stand together in this case, but there is still a lot of
work to do...
Hope to see you all on the SR Spain.
Harley-Davidson Club Assenede Belgium
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Hi Ulf, We had our AGM at the weekend, I was re-elected as President
Roger was Reelected as Chairman
Adam Hill was elected as Secretary [Sue stood down]
A very successful AGM in my opinion, we had more members attending which I think is a
positive thing.
We as a club have moved forward the last few years, we have re-structured our Magazine
Plus, we have lowered the price of our membership which has led to an increase in
membership. which bodes well for the future of HDRCGB
Regards, Chris Harley-Davidson Riders Club Great Britain
Hello Ulf, hope you are well. you will remember our founder member Vic Richardson who
attended the Lincoln Super Rally? Vic has had to move into a care home, and he will be 90
years old at the end of August. We in HDRCGB are asking our regions to organise birtyhday
cards which we can send to him, and i have suggested that it would be great if some of our
European friends would like to do the same, as there cannot be many 65 year old Harley clubs
with founder members still alive and active. All we would need is for our European friends to
send a card to our Club P.O.box and we will send them all on to Vic in Australia. we think this
would be a great gesture to a man who has been so inspirational, and continues heart and soul
to support Harley-Davidson.
We'd need them to reach us by the end of July so that we can mail them to Vic in time for his
birthday. Isn't it wonderful that we Harley riders can pull together like this, when everyone else
in Europe seems to be pulling apart?
Kev Scrivener
Harley-Davidson Rideers Club Great Britain
P.O. Box 62
Newton Abbot
United Kingdom
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Buy them at this webpage, or at the Super Rally 2016
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Hippy Chris, President HDRCGB on Tour
Part 2
Day 8 Monday
We head off on a nice warm morning towards Stockholm ,ive been looking forward to spending
a couple of days in Sweden's capital city.
The 1st thing we need is something to eat but we decide to get a few miles under our belts
1st,the countryside is lovely,pine trees everywhere and its empty.
Well we pull into a Gas station,i'am sounding like a yank ,ok we pull into a petrol station lol and
grab something to eat and a coffee of course.Were sat outside when a car pulls up ,the guy
asks "are you guys ok,no breakdowns" i tell him were just having a break,he said if you want
another coffee ive got some friends who have a custom shop,come along and have a coffee.
Well we follow and his friends all come over to say hello,we tell them were on a roadtrip and
where we've rode through so far and all about the rally at Mora.
I t turns out the guy who stopped was on payback for people who had stopped for him,he saw
our yellow number plates and wanted to make sure we were ok [nice guy with loads of class]
Well we say goodbye and head towards Stockholm,i had looked at the map and i thought we
would look for a Hotel in Sodertalje a town not far from Stockholm.We planned to get a train the
next day and do some sightseeing in Stockholm.
We come across this really nice Hotel but the money they want for just 1 night accommodation
would pay off the national debt of a small country.The girl behind the counter,say's hang on i will
make a telephone call for you,she getts us accommodation at a small Hotel right by the docks.I t
turned out to be a fantastic place.The owner was off on Holiday in 2 weeks to Scotland on a
whiskey tasting trip.He was amazed that i didn't like whiskey,when i said i prefered schannps he
just shook his head lol.
Day 9 Tuesday
We decide to split up and do our own thing,Carl and Sue getting the train into Stockholm and
hour earlier than us.
Me and karen hit Stockholm ,what a great city and the people are so friendly,lot's of oh your
from England ,you must go here you must go there,try some of this to eat ,try some of that,really
nice people these Swedes.
We spend a great day in the city and i say to karen,tomorrow we will come back all 4 of us
and catch a boat around the city and its many island,plus i had not seen Agnette yet,it amazing
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
what a lovely looking girl will long blonde hair and the effects it can have on a 15 year old
boy,long live the Euorvision song contest,must get too warterloo some day. lol.
Day 10
Another great breakfast,we ask to extend our stay another day only to be told sorry were
booked up,you have to leave today.
Well we have a chat and decide that by the time we find another hotel ,the day will be half
over so we decide to move on and head south,Agnette will have to wait,maybe i will see the
next time i'am in stockholm.
Carl has the address of a Harley shop and wants to call in and buy a totebag and a T shirt,well
it takes some finding but eventually we get there and the owner or manager is a really nice guy
.I tell him i'am heading for the" Ales stenar,"neolithic stones set out in the shape of a boat.
I ask him if he could recommend anywhere for us to stay,he sends us to a little town called
We head south finding Vastervik late afternoon and book into a campsite and book 2
Hutte's.The evening we find a nice resturant it a boat .We hit a supermarket to grab some beers
to take back to the campsite and chill out in the evening sunshine.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Day 11 Thursday
Well i'am up nice and early and ready s to carry on towards southern Sweden.
Our 2 travelling friends decide that were doing to much riding,well ,its not a problem i always
planned a roadtrip ,so i said i wouls see them at the ferry port.
So Karen and myself head off towards Ystad,we hug the coast taking our time and enjoying the
sunshine and the quiet empty roads,travel via Kalmar,Karlskrona reaching Ystad by the early
We head back along the coast to a campsite ,it was recommended to us at a petrol station in
Ystad,sorry but i can't remember the name of the town.The campsite is lovely although its quiet
as the Swedish summer season is nearly over.
The campsite owner is facinated that that we have chosen to Holiday in Scandinavia,i tell him
we love the weather,its better than in England and the emptyness but not the beer prices.
Day 12 [Ales Stenar] (only 5 km from my home, Ulf Comment)
The trip to the Ales Stenar ,neolithic stones set out in the shape of a longboat was to me the
main reason for our roadtrip.
I had planned to attend the Swedish Superally at the Highchaperal only for my advance and
retard to explode on the motorway en-route to the ferry,i was to travel with the Eastcoast Harley
club [GB[ a great bunch of guys.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Anyway i never made the superally but i read all about the rally in out club magazine the
Harleyquin.Wurzel had written an article about his trip and he mentioned visiting the Ales Stenar
,so i decided one day to go and see them,
The stones were really nice overlooking the baltic,ive been to see a few neolithic stone circles
in England,in fact we have a good one not far from were i live Castlerigg [Keswikc] which i
visited with a nice Danish girl with redhair and now i was visiting a a swedish one with a Blonde
haired girl from England.Must add that the Danish girl was before i met Karen or i might end up
in trouble.
We rode back to the campsite and went for a walk along the beach before going to a lovely
cafe on the beach for an evening meal and far too many beers,it was really nice to hear the
waves from the Baltic crashing onto the beach.
Day 13
we made our way towards Lumbyhed ,our 1st Swedish superally before heading on towards
Falkenberg,we stopped at a B+B on a farm and spent 2 nice days there just chilling out.
Day 15
Goteborg [Gothenberb,home of Batman,although we didn't see him
We had an uneventful ride up the motorway,we want to get to the ferry terminal
early as Wurzel had said it was hard to find with the 1 way system.
Well we found it but i had to ride up a one way street the wrong way lol.
Well i pulled up at passport control and the girl checking passport looked liked Agnettes's
daughter ie very blonde and very Swedish looking.Well i hand her our passports and she say's
"are you really English you look more like one of us" anyway we say our goodbye's and head to
the front of the line ..
Well after a bout 5 mins a couple from the northeast of England turn up on a 71 BSA Rocket 3
,then 5 Morgans turn up ,some with Matchless engines,some with JAP engines and ,Blackburn
engines.Ust when things go quiet 2 BSA A65 turn up and 5 min later a Velocette Thruckston or
venom ,there off to the isle of Man.
Carl and Sue turn up half an hour later.
We sail to Kristiansand and then over night to Newcastle [England]
Well just to summerise our roadtrip
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Firstly Scandinavia is a bikers paradise,the roads are empty and the weather is good,western
Norway can be a little wetter[Gulf Stream] but eastern Norway and Sweden have great summer
weather however the season is short.
2nd the people of both countries are really nice,the Swedes are maybe a little bit more shy than
the Norwegians but the bikers in both countries are like bikers all over the world ,very friendly.
3rd Both countries are expensive ,carry as much beer as you can,Huttes i found to be great
value[although it wise to always have a tent as a back up]
4th Be wary if someone say's its only a few miles away as Swedish or Norwegian miles are
about 10km.lol
5TH Petrol,Gas ,Benzine,get it while you can ,petrol station's ,Tanksteller tend to be fewer so fill
up when you can.
6th Dont get caught speeding in Scandinavia its expensive.
7th DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE IN SCANDINAVIA,its almost zero tollerance You have been
8 If your going to tour Scandinavia why not incorporate a Federation Rally ,you always get a
warm welcome at a Fed rally.
Hope you enjoyed this ,sorry i'am not William Shakespeare when it comes to writing but hey ho
there you go.
Hippy Chris President HDRCGB
PS Ride safe ,see you on the road
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
A word from your happy treasurer
I now have new pins in stock, quite different and much better looking than before
in a 3-d pressing. New is also that there are two fastening pins on the back
Measurement is 45 x 45 mm and the price will be 3.30 Euro/piece.
The new small Pins with one needle are also available and cost 2.10 Euro/piece.
Send your orders directly to Roberto Garbade [email protected]
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
And at last,
a word from your 2016 President Meeting
Organizer, H-DC Brno
We have finished our websides of President´s meeting 2016 in Brno. It´s the link:
To the meeting we have established a special e-mail adress, which is for questions about the meeting [email protected]
Dusan Fedor, President H-DC Brno
+420 608 744 487
[email protected]
Deadline for the PM agenda,
proposals, SR and PM applications, electing
wise man big clubs – present René
Wansink and electing new FH-DCE
Secretary is set to August 15.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
New clubs of the President Meeting 2016
You can always see the actual status for new clubs here on this page:
www.newsletter.fhdce.eu\new members\index.html
Dealers & H-D Workshops in
Europe 2016 updated
Many of you or your members do not know that H-DC Breda is continuously updating their book of
dealers and H-D workshops in Europe. They are doing a great work here and I suggest you share it with
all your club members. By clicking on the H-DC Breda logo you will be able to read and download a pdf
file, and then you easy can save on your phone, or whatever you are using.
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Ulf Jensen, Federation Secretary
Berghusagatan 26
S-271 53 Ystad, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 (0)709 611 148
Email: [email protected]
Homepage www.fhdce.eu
Wise man – Large
René Wansink from
H-DC Netherland
[email protected]
Roberto Garbade, Federation Treasurer
Pürt 97b
CH-7447 Cresta (Avers)
+41 79 330 59 45
[email protected]
Wise Man – Middle Club
Sue Manning from H-D
Riders Club Great Britain
[email protected]
Cash control member
Cash control member
Danny Van
Thorsten Knorr
Langendonck from
H-DC Deutschland
H-DC Disconected
Antwerp, Belgium
[email protected]
FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016
Wise man – Small
Breusegem from
2-stroke Spaghetti
Harley Riders,
[email protected]
Do not forget to check into the FH-DCE homepage now and then.
Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe [email protected]
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FH-DCE Newsletter June 2016