A bond or link. An association or relationship with people or entities.
c onnecti on
To make into a whole. To unify. Having all necessary elements.
in tegrati on
Unified focus. To move toward a common point or result.
c onvergence
The most connected
business location in Atlanta.
Move your ideas to reality. The future belongs to those who can generate leading edge
ideas and convert them into successful business ventures. Whether you are an established
company or a “start-up” company, Centergy provides the best environment, resources,
exposure, access, and connections to transform ideas into innovation and results. As
a central part of Atlanta’s premier technology business community, Centergy includes
Technology Square, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Yamacraw Design Center, and
the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). It’s a unique partnering of private
enterprise, academia and state government assembled to collaborate and foster research
A unique partnering of private enterprise,
academia and government assembled
to foster research and economic
development of technology
businesses in Georgia.
and economic development of technology businesses in Georgia.
Live, work, play, learn, innovate... Centergy offers phenomenal resources to grow your
company and your people beyond your expectations. A
core business decision -- moving your business, division
or regional office to Centergy opens the door for
innovation without boundaries. Think of the
possibilities… research ahead of the curve, formal and
informal interaction and collaboration, access to
consultants in technology and technology management
all mean new business opportunities. Private and government contract exposure,
aggregate purchasing and development power, information and expertise along with
state of the art continuing education, and direct recruitment opportunities through a
pool of highly-trained people mean results for you and your business. At Centergy
you have unparalleled exposure, access and connection.
Technology Square
An innovative multi-building complex designed to serve as a
magnet for innovation and research.
• International Association of Conference Centers accredited
Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center
• Economic Development Institute dedicated to improving
the bottom line for Georgia business and industry.
• DuPree College of Management focused on the management
of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, and ebusiness for a global economy.
• Global Learning Center offering lifelong learning opportunities
to Atlantans and people around the world.
Georgia Institute of Technology
A tradition of excellence in technological research and
• The Economic Development Institute
• The Advanced Technology Development Center
• Georgia Tech Venture Lab
• Georgia Tech Research Institute
More than 55 interdisciplinary research units on and
off campus.
The largest voluntary work/study program of its kind
in the U.S.
Economic Development Institute
Created 1961. Dedicated to improving the bottom line
for Georgia business and industry through projects,
technical assists, counseling sessions and information
In FY 2001 EDI:
• Served 1,220 customers.
• Facilitated $197 million in new government contracts.
• Instructed 8,000 participants at 220 training events.
Yamacraw Design Center
Initiated January 7, 1999. An initiative committed to growing
the ultra high tech electronic design industry in Georgia.
Providing contact and support in:
• Marketing/Recruitment
• Commercialization
• Education
• Research
Goal of 50 Member companies who will partner with Yamacraw
on commercialization of new business initiatives.
Created 1980. A catalyst created to accelerate the formation
and growth of technology-based companies in Georgia. Offers
assistance to start-up companies helping them to sharpen their
focus, and facilitating connections.
More than 81 graduate companies since 1984.
In FY 2001 ATDC:
• Provided 4,600+ high tech jobs.
• Generated over $691 million in revenues.
• Invested $500 million in incubator companies.
• Created $41.8 million in new capital investment.
A complete and integrated
environment designed specifically for
your business.
Move your resources within reach. Centergy has been built with your business’
technological requirements in mind. Underground, redundant power and communications
assure consistent and reliable delivery of these essential services. Here you will find rich
connectivity and dense fiber optic telecommunications... a robust environment to fulfill your
voice, data, and video needs. Floor plans accommodate enclosed offices, dry laboratories
and large open space for cubicles and modular offices that companies require to be efficient.
And, you can depend on 24-hour card key entry and security
personnel. Open plazas, restaurants, retail and the park
environment of the Fifth Street bridge facilitate and invite
interaction and collaboration. To keep your operating costs
down, while still accommodating your special
communication needs, the 250 guest room Georgia Tech
Numerous restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, health
clubs, theaters, and the arts truly make living, working
and innovating at Centergy and in Midtown
the new reality.
Hotel can provide catering, meeting rooms, executive conferencing and guest accommodations
or global video/telephone conferencing facilities to keep you in touch with your clients,
suppliers and other offices. Centergy’s Midtown location provides incredible access to
MARTA, and the I-75/85 corridor for commuting. There is even an enclosed, attached parking
facility. But with the explosion of new and innovative housing in the area, you and your
employees may want to walk or bike to work. An abundance of apartments, condominiums
and lofts, along with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, health clubs, theaters,
and the arts truly make living, working and innovating in Midtown the new reality. Centergy
is simply the most complete and integrated live, work, play, learn, and innovate environment.
Over 2,000,000 square feet of Class A office and retail
space planned.
Phase I:
• 486,993 square feet of “Class A” office & retail
• 50,000 square feet of retail space
• Yamacraw Design Center
• MidCity Lofts - 133 new construction, loft
Location and Access
Adjacent to I-75/85 providing easy access to entire
Metro Atlanta region.
Within a 5 minute walk of two MARTA rail stations.
I-75/85 location provides unparalleled exposure and
120,000 square feet of street front retail in Centergy
and Technology Square.
• Full Service Health Club
• Barnes and Noble Bookstore
• Starbucks Coffee Shop
• Business supply stores
• Newsstands
• Restaurants
• Hotel and Conference Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
194 building campus totaling 9.5 million square feet.
14,911 students.
835 faculty.
Rated one of the nations top 10 public universities.
Rated one of the nations top 10 research universities.
Technology Square
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
• 250 Guest Rooms
• Catering services
• Grand Ballroom, Meeting & Conference Rooms
• Global Conferencing
Georgia Institute of Technology
• DuPree College of Management
• Economic Development Institute (EDI)
• Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development
• Georgia Tech Bookstore/Barnes & Noble
• Global Learning Center
Midtown Atlanta
• Apartments, condominiums, and lofts
• Academy Theater, Alliance Theatre and Fox Theater
• High Museum of Art
• Woodruff Arts Center
• Coffee Shops
• 72 Restaurants
• Gyms/Health clubs
• Shopping
A rare convergence of energy,
focus and resources providing a
platform to make any idea a reality.
Move your business to the next level. Almost every major research and technology
business cluster in the United States has developed around a research university.
Centergy, The Yamacraw Design Center, the Advanced Technology Development Center,
Technology Square and the Georgia Institute of Technology are the project partners that
create a natural nexus for one of the nation’s premier research and technology based
business clusters. Only rarely does this convergence of energy, focus and ability happen.
It is a purposeful blend of private enterprise, academia and government interests with
common goals creating this exceptional opportunity for all. Centergy, Technology
Open plazas, restaurants, retail and the
park environment of the expanded
Fifth Street bridge facilitate and invite
interaction and collaboration.
Square and The Georgia Institute of Technology, The State of Georgia and the City of
Atlanta combine in a unique partnership creating an extraordinary environment to
cultivate economic and sociological advantages for
companies locating within this community.
Regardless of your current situation, your firm can
benefit from becoming a part of Centergy. For firms
currently associated with one or more of our
project partners, the sheer proximity can enhance and
mature those relationships. For those firms who think they could benefit by associating
with one of the project partners -- what better way to gain exposure, access, and connection
to grow a rewarding relationship. For any firm in the research and technology industry,
there is no better place to create economic and sociological advantage for your company.
Centergy -- simply the right place at the right time.
Woodruff Arts
Colony Square
Sterling at The
14th Street
The Grand
Techwood Drive
There is a new kind of energy
in Midtown Atlanta.
It is energy for living, working, playing, learning, and innovating...
Park Central
Lofts at
The Park
Peachtree Walk
and it is supported by the committed involvement of the State of
Georgia, the City of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology,
the Yamacraw Design Center, and ATDC.
Federal Reserve
It began with a renaissance of the area’s living environment. It
10th Street
solidified with Georgia Tech’s Technology Square. And, it is
centered now at the corner of 5th and Spring Streets, the heart
of Georgia’s research connection, with Centergy -- the 695,000
square foot, phase one, Class A office opportunity brought to you
by The University Financing Foundation, Kim King Associates Inc.,
8th Street
The Cabana
The Dakota
and Gateway Development Services.
7th Street
Easy 5 Minute
5th Street
6th Street
Easy 10 Minute
Commercial and Office
Peachtree Street
5th Street
Arts and Entertainment
The Park
at 5th
Spring Street
W. Peachtree Street
33 Ponce
4th Street
3rd Street
Piedmont Aven
Juniper Street
on Ponce
of America
North Avenue
Tenth Street
From its inception, Centergy has been master planned with Technology Square on everything from
streetscape and retail design to building architecture. The result is a well coordinated community containing
over 2.5 million square feet of residential, retail, class “A” office, research and educational space and a
world class hotel/conference center.
The first phase of Centergy delivers in September 2003 and includes the 210,000 square foot Yamacraw
Design Center and the 486,993 square foot Centergy One office building, including a total of 50,000 square
feet of retail in both buildings. In addition to the street front retail, Centergy One includes the Advanced
Technology Development Center on floors one through three and 318,000 square feet of available office
space on floors four through twelve, including 12,121 square feet on the penthouse level. When complete,
Centergy `will contain 2 million square feet of office and research space in five buildings, all with street
West Peachtree Street
front retail and ample structured parking, and a sixth mixed use building of retail and residential.
entrance to Midtown. On the west side of Spring Street, Technology Square is comprised of the 250 room
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, the Global Learning Center providing technology based
Spring Street
Technology Square, scheduled for completion in August of 2003, represents Georgia Tech’s mixed use
continuing education, and the headquarters of the Economic Development Institute. On the east side of
Spring Street, you’ll find both the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Dupree College of
Management along with the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and the impressive 47,000 square foot
Post Biltmore
Georgia Tech/Barnes & Noble Bookstore. In addition, each building fronting Fifth Street contains retail
space, providing an additional 17,000 square feet of shops and restaurants for patrons and tenants of
Centergy and Technology Square.
Fifth Street
The Biltmore
Together, Centergy and Technology Square provide a vibrant new community for Midtown and form the
heart of Atlanta’s – and the Southeast’s – new “Technology Corridor.”
Centergy One 1
Global Learning Center A
Yamacraw Design Center at Centergy 2
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center B
Georgia Tech/Barnes & Noble Bookstore C
Future Mixed Use 4
Dupree College of Management D
MidCity Lofts 5
Economic Development Institute E
Future Office
Access to Parking
Centergy One
Spring Street
30,028 Rentable Square Feet
per Typical High-Rise Floor
Design Center
Plaza Below
Fifth Street Bridge to Georgia
Fifth Street
Technology Square
Retail - Hotel and Conference Center
Ground Floor Plan
Typical Floor Plan
Completion: Phase One complete in Fall 2003
Location: 55 Fifth Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Access: Immediate access to Interstate 75/85 North via Williams Street and West Peachtree Street and
Interstate 75/85 South via Spring and Tenth Streets.
MARTA has two stations within walking distance
Approximately 12 miles to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport
Total Planned Square Footage:
Phase One Square Footage:
Centergy One:
Yamacraw Design Center:
Phase One Retail Square Footage:
Two (2) million square feet
695,000 square feet
486,993 square feet
208,000 square feet
50,000 square feet
Centergy One Floor Sizes: Floors 1-5: 48,575 square feet/floor
Floors 6-12: 30,028 square feet/floor
Penthouse: 12,121 square feet
Elevators: 7 passenger elevators serving all floors.
1 passenger elevator serving 12th Floor and penthouse.
1 oversized freight elevator serving basement and all floors.
Parking: Covered access.
2 parking stalls per 1,000 rentable square feet of leased space at Centergy One.
3 passenger elevators serving all floors of parking deck.
Communications Systems: Midtown Fiber Optic Ring with access to multiple fiber providers.
Telecommunications hotel with multiple phone and data vendors and competitive rates.
Power System: Georgia Power’s “Grid System”, which derives power from multiple substations, provides virtually
failsafe redundancy.
Mechanical System: Self-contained water-cooled variable air volume (“VAV”) air handling units:
Direct digital control.
After hour heating and cooling available 24/7, subject to landlord notice.
Security: On-site security staff. Card readers and surveillance cameras, located strategically in the building
and parking deck.
Interior Lobby Finishes Include:
Stainless steel trimmed clear
structural tempered glass entry
doors and storefront with
tinted lobby glass
Custom multi-pattern granite
stone flooring with 6” base
Stained wood veneer paneling
in lobby and at
elevator lobbies
Supported by the resources of
Technology Square and the committed
involvement of the State of Georgia,
the City of Atlanta, the Georgia Institute
of Technology, the Yamacraw Design
Center, and the Advanced Technology
Development Center, Centergy is a
2 million square foot mixed use
development at the corner of Fifth and
Spring Streets in Midtown Atlanta.
It is a unique partnering of private
enterprise, academia and government
assembled to collaborate and foster the
economic development of research and
technology businesses in Georgia.
Centergy is a development of:
The University Financing Foundation Inc.
Kim King Associates Inc.
Gateway Development Services Inc.
For Leasing Information Contact:
Casey Beavers
[email protected]
Centergy • The Biltmore, Suite 915 • 817 W. Peachtree Street N.W. • Atlanta, Georgia 30308 • 404-879-5155