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Interested? - Blazing Wisdom Institute
Ashram Yoga Retreat
Located on Paradise Island on
one of the finest beaches in the
world, the Sivananda Ashram
Yoga Retreat is a vibrant tropical
oasis, offering you a unique
combination of modern yoga
retreat and traditional yoga
ashram, connected to a classical
yoga lineage and international
community. Come stay, learn, and
practice with us.
December 12 – 17, 2014
Meditation: Deeply
Exploring Our True Nature
Move beyond boundaries.
This course offers yoga and meditation practitioners and teachers an
opportunity to deepen their practice, learning and training in a range
of meditative methods beyond basic concentration and mindfulness
techniques, affording deeper access and insight into the true nature
of our being. These methods are universal, beyond sectarian or
conceptual boundaries of any kind and are best learned through
direct, personal instruction from a teacher devoted to mastering
them him- or herself.
Paradise Island, Bahamas
[email protected]
TULKU SHERDOR is the executive director of Blazing Wisdom
Institute in Delancey, New York. A heart disciple of the crazy
wisdom master Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, an enthroned
reincarnate lama at a monastery in Tibet, Tulku is a renowned
scholar and interpreter of Tibetan Buddhist teachings into
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