Winter 2010 - Hearthside Cats



Winter 2010 - Hearthside Cats
Hearthside Cats, Inc.
‘Mews and News’
Winter 2010
P.O. Box 282, Geneseo, NY 14454
A Happy Ending for These Orphans
There is something touching about
an orphan kitten, especially if found
totally alone. This was the case with
Crow, the first of our two orphan
stories. He was rescued at age four
weeks when spotted lying in the
road. The woman stopped to investigate and chased off the crows that
were after Crow (hence, his name).
She took him to a local veterinarian
who called Hearthside. Luckily Crow
wasn’t badly injured, and what he
needed most was nourishment
(which he accepted eagerly) and lots
of TLC.
The second kitten story is about
Pumpkin, who also was rescued at
age four weeks. A woman’s dog
alerted her to the lone kitten in the
yard (the dog, amazingly enough,
didn’t attack). She called us for
assistance and fluffy orange Pumpkin
became a Hearthside cat. Although
weak and malnourished at the start,
he began to thrive in foster care.
When kittens are separated from
their mothers and siblings too early,
they suffer extreme anxiety and in
some cases, life-threatening medical
problems. These youngsters often
develop serious psychological and
health issues because they miss out
on important emotional and developmental milestones. Young kittens
that end up alone frequently have
poor immunity (from lack of antibodies in mother’s milk) and behavioral
problems such as biting and aggression. Although Crow and Pumpkin
were separated from their feline families way too early, they fortunately
are doing very well and should be
adoptable soon.
Having a Cat
Might Just Keep
the Flu Away!
Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration
…but, studies have shown that having a companion pet offers health
benefits such as decreased blood
pressure and heart rate, and less
depression and loneliness. Especially
at this time of year, having a feline
companion can make cold, dark days
seem a little warmer.
Hearthside’s “Kitty Kompanions”
program brightens the lives of senior
citizens, while giving a deserving cat
a loving new home. Through Kitty
Kompanions, we match calm adult
cats with seniors who would enjoy
having a feline companion, without
some of the worries and expense
that go with pet ownership. Hearthside waives the adoption fee and
provides basic pet supplies, and in
some cases helps with veterinary
expenses. If needed, one of our
Hearthside volunteers is available to
answer ongoing questions. And in
the event the adopter can no longer
care for the cat, Hearthside will take
the kitty back. This is especially
important for people who may
encounter a long hospitalization or a
stay in an extended care facility.
Pets provide unconditional love
and joy to people of all ages! If you
know a senior citizen who would like
to adopt a cat through the Kitty
Kompanions program, just give us a
call at 243-0873.
Handsome Jinx is about six years old
who likes being petted and would make
a fine Kitty Kompanion.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Italian Dinner
Treat your beloved to a night of fine dining at the annual Gourmet Italian
Dinner to benefit Hearthside Cats. This year’s feast is Friday, February 12 at
7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Parish Center, North St., Geneseo. For over fifteen
years, Lynn Kennison and her volunteers have made this a memorable night.
There’s fabulous gourmet Italian food, laughter and conversation, a silent wine
auction, and fun door prizes…all for just $30 per person! Seating is limited, so
make reservations early. Order online at, call
243-0873, or use the form on page 5.
Gear Up for the
“Walk for Cats”!
Here is a picture of Lizzie, a former
resident of Hearthside Cats, as she
prepares to lie down in her favorite
spot – in front of the kitchen heat
vent – blocks it completely. She is a
very smart cat. She has been with
me for 3 years and has me so welltrained that I do whatever she wants.
I am now 92 and have never been
without a cat in the house!
Shirley Lindell
This year’s “Walk for Cats” one-mile
walkathon will be on Sunday, May 2
at Highland Park in Geneseo. This is
a wonderful family outing that doesn’t
tie up the whole day…only two hours
from registration to refreshments.
And it makes an easy and fun community service project for schools
and groups. So mark your calendar
to join us this year. We’re looking for
walkers, sponsors and volunteers.
Registration starts at 1:30 and the
walk at 2:00. See the enclosed
pledge form for details or visit
Another Way to “Adopt”
Sponsoring a Hearthside cat is the next best thing to adoption. We have a
number of kitties who, for various reasons, may never be adopted. They are in
our “Special Needs” Program due to chronic medical or behavior issues that
make adoption difficult. The ongoing expenses of these cats are covered by
sponsors… this is a wonderful way to support Hearthside. There is no minimum sponsorship level or ongoing obligation. For a donation in any amount,
you receive a framed photo and biography of “your” cat. For gifts of $80 or
more, we include address labels imprinted with the kitty’s picture. Our hope is
that these cats can go to a new home one day, but if not, they will remain with
us forever. That’s why we say, “once a Hearthside cat, always a Hearthside
cat”. Visit and click on “sponsor a cat” to see who
needs your help!
Spare Change
Adds Up!
This summer, thirteen local merchants allowed Hearthside to place
canisters on their counters, where
customers could donate their spare
change to support cats in foster
care. And were they ever generous
…in total, we collected $406 for
Hearthside! Our thanks to these
Cook’s Convenience Center
(Avon & Lakeville)
Lakeville Liquor
York Animal Hospital
Brian’s USA Diner
Park Inn Liquor
B&B Liquor
Clockworks Wine & Liquor
Valley Liquor
Good Spirits Wine &Liquor
All Seasons Wine & Liquor
Milex Drugs
Lima Pharmacy
Livonia Wine & Liquor
Our Veterinary Partners
Are Simply the Best
Without the passionate support of our
veterinary teams, we simply couldn’t
fulfill our mission. Each homeless cat
that Hearthside accepts goes directly
to one of our veterinary partners
before coming into foster care. And in
the case of a kitty like Bohdi (see
September newsletter), some of
these animals could not survive and
go on to thrive without the expertise
of our vets and their staff members.
We want to publicly thank these dedicated professionals who make it possible for us to carry on our work:
Genesee Valley Veterinary
Drs. Eugene Scherline and
Jim Tompsett
Animal Care Facility of Livonia:
Drs. Peter Hecht, Jessica Litteer,
Maryse Osborn, and Rita Wilson
Caring for Cats:
Dr. Betsey Arnold
“Fellowship for Cats” donations received as of
11/30/09…thank you! (“Angels of Hope” gifts will be
listed in the spring newsletter)
Ann M. Hawkins – in honor of everyone who works to keep our kitties
happy and safe!
Tom & Joan Wamp
Anonymous – in honor of Charlie, Leo, Yuri & Tonya
Joyce Semmel
Anonymous – in honor of Aslyn – he brightens our lives every day
Marie Hack – in memory of Charlie & Tyler
G. Jean Hamilton
Pete & Judy Thompson – in honor of Anne Thompson
Randy & Susan White
Kelly Harris
Chris & Tony Pritchett
Anonymous – in memory of Erin & in honor of Letetia & Louisa
Anonymous – in honor of your help with Moochie
Lynette Ritchie – in honor of the 22 meows!
Jackie Werner
Diane Pearson – in memory of Slick & in honor of Jessie
Marilyn & Henry Robin – in honor of Scout
Karin Sorge – in memory of Tommy (our 20 lb. cuddlebug!)
Marilyn Silverberg – in memory of my baby girl, Whiskers
Deb & Rick Hagen – in memory of Bear
Sharyn Henry – in memory of Talouche
Sandra Brennan – in honor of Aladdin
Rosalind Hyman – in loving memory of Pepper, Plato, Prezlee, Boots &
Red & in honor of Lucy & Blackie
Catherine Stiner, DVM/Bloomfield Animal Hospital
James & Arleen Somerville
Tara Moodie
Anonymous – in memory of Monkee
Pat Thummel
John J. McNulty – in honor of Blink & Ink
Barbara Tange – in memory of Eleanor Boyd
Gil & Ellen Smith
Connie & Don Collins
Shirley Lindell – in memory of Bubba
William & Anne Leyerle – in memory of Morris Godunov & Emma Calvé
Lynne Simson-Kita – in honor of Suzy & Brando
C. Kathy Stewart
Joanne Serpe – in memory of Tippy
Ron & Faith Bailey – in honor of Bodhi
Martha Scala
Jane Pfromer – in honor of Mitchell, Petite, & my girls Pumpkin & Tassy
on their 17th & 16th birthdays
Dolly Jonasse – in memory of Socks, our great neighborhood cat
Madelyn S. Harmon
Joanne Wegman – in memory of Pumpkin
Margaret Weidner – in memory of Albert, who loved his cats
Amy Tilipko
Frances Knobel – in memory of Yum Yum
Louise & George Miller – in memory of Midnight
Steve & Deb Robinson – in honor of doctors & staff at Livonia Veterinary
Marsha Avery
Norma E. Rumfelt – in honor of Amos & Tinker
Paul (age 10) & Claire (age 6) Allen – in honor of our friend Burglar –
make a speedy recovery!
Albert & Frances Glicksman
Anonymous – in honor of all the Hearthside volunteers – thanks for all
you do.
Anne Thompson
Marlene Hurley – in memory of my Miss Trudy
Carolyn Scott
Marilyn Berthold – in honor of Sami
Loretta Vosburg
Joy Snyder – in honor of Jake, Jonah & Jude
Michael & Deborah Petrillo-Basile
Karen Storne & Pete Radosta – in memory of RK & Milo
Thomas Nichols, Sr. – in memory of Teeger & in honor of Mini &
Carolyn Macaluso
Dr. James & Sally Tompsett – in honor of all you do for furry friends!
Ardele Murphy
Mary A. Fink – in memory of Buddy
Thomas & Carolyn Mickewitz – in honor of Amos
Linda LaGeorge – in memory of Mickey & in honor of Peanut
Ruth A. Lea – in honor of Patches
Kurt & Lynn Flanagan – in memory of Boo, Pally & Sam
Dana Rae Merical
Suzanne Engel
Irving Schoenacker – in memory of Rodger H. Smith
Bob & Linda Banfield – in memory of Buttons
Janet Cadogan – in memory of Claire Catkins
Barbara Smith – in honor of Muffin
Robert & Nancy Moses – in honor of Bohdi
Mary Lou Zanich – in memory of Walt & Janet Holmes
Joan & Jack Tetamore – in memory of Cory & in honor of Bodhi
Laurie Hausler – in memory of Lanna’s Lady & in honor of Miscio,
Useless & Glory
Other contributions and in-kind support as of
11/30/09…we are so appreciative!
Robert & Nancy Moses – in memory of Teakie
Dorothy Kazan
Karen Duffy
Caroline Ringland
Ann Brunner
Chandra Edgar – Special Needs Program
Jean Hamilton
Metalico Rochester, Inc.
Kathy Aghaghiri
Chuck & Laurel Sawyer
Ganie B. DeHart
West Wise, Honeoye
Lori Lopez
John Morley
Jim Sutton
Lynda Standish – in honor of Gina at the Barker’s Barber
Leanne Holt
Laurie Card
Janet Huhn
Beverly Sackett
Cheryl Morey
PETCO Foundation
Sharon Richardson
Richard Heye
4 Seasons Cat Hospital
Janet & Frank Arcuri – in memory of our beloved cat, Charlie
Deborah Smith
Jeanette Capotorto
Linda LaGeorge
Sharon Reynolds
Mary Stadtmiller – keep up the good work!
Victoria Tuchnello
Pamela Kanaval
Alverda Brill
Jamie Mackey
Robin Brower
Nancy & Jessica Gorton
Elizabeth Sauers
Joseph & Carolyn Macaluso
Gayle McClure
Gamma Chi Epsilon
Chris Finocchario
Shirley Lindell – in honor of my friend, Lizzie
Health Corner
cat the best food you can afford.
Choosing the Best Food
for Your Cat
Consider Your Cat’s Preferences
Cats are individuals, just like people.
They have their own special nutritional needs and definite preferences
– some like chicken, others like fish.
Some like canned food, others prefer dry, and some like a combination.
Luckily, today’s market offers many
well-formulated foods for cats at all
life stages, and it’s fine to try several
to determine which one works best
for your kitty.
Excerpts from
Choosing a cat food in today’s extensive pet food market can be challenging. With the vast array of choices,
how can you tell which food is best?
Factors to consider in selecting a
cat food:
- Your cat’s age/life stage – choose a
food that’s nutritionally geared to her
age (kitten, adult, or senior).
- Your cat’s body condition – cats that
are overweight or underweight need
different nutrition.
- Your cat’s health history – if your
kitty has conditions such as diabetes,
allergies, cancer, or digestive difficulties, she’ll need a food that is appropriate for that condition.
- Your budget – simply put, feed your
Look Closely at Ingredients
Cats of all ages need high levels of
protein in their diet. They also need
certain amino acids such as taurine
and arginine, and fatty acids such as
arachidonic acid and linoleic acid.
Cats require a preformed Vitamin A,
which is present only in foods of animal origin, and may be listed as
retinyl palmitate or acetate.
Make sure it has a high-quality
Adoption Corner!
In 2009 nearly 100 Hearthside cats were
adopted. Thanks to all of you who gave
these deserving kitties a forever home!
Below are other Hearthside cats awaiting
adoption. All have been wormed and tested
negative for Feleuk/ FIV, are spayed or
neutered, and current on vaccinations.
Nine-month-old Mac was in a litter of four
kittens that arrived with severe eye infections. As a result, Mac had to have one eye
removed but is oblivious to his condition. He
is active and playful.
Categories of Pet Foods
“Grocery store” foods – found in
grocery stores and mass retailers –
are typically made with lower-quality,
less-digestible, inexpensive ingredients and therefore, are a less expensive alternative. While easier on the
wallet, “grocery store” foods normally
do not provide the healthiest, most
nutrient-dense ingredients.
Premium foods – often found in
grocery stores, pet stores, and veterinary offices – contain higher-grade
ingredients, but may still include
some elements of “grocery store”
food such as artificial colors and flavors, and chemical preservatives.
Premium foods are usually more
expensive than “grocery store”
brands because of higher quality
Healthy foods – provide pets with
the highest quality, healthiest, and
most nutritious diet. These foods
often use real meat as the main protein source, whole fresh fruits and
vegetables, and fiber-rich whole
grains like brown rice and barley,
with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. They are fortified with
additional vitamins and minerals,
and use the best natural sources for
fatty acids to support the immune
system and help build healthy skin
and a beautiful coat. Because
healthy foods use high quality ingredients, you should expect to pay
more. But with healthy foods you
can often feed less since this choice
is usually more nutrient-dense.
Myra is a mature eight-year-old girl. A beautiful calico, she is
quiet and loves to
be held.
Peaches is about
one year old. It
takes him a little
while to warm up
to people but he
loves to have fun,
and is still very
protein source such as meat, fish, or
egg as the first ingredient. These are
more digestible and complete than
vegetable proteins. If you are switching to a new food, be sure to allow
ample time for your cat to adjust,
perhaps offering half old brand/half
new until she is ready to totally
switch over.
Please consider giving a forever home to one of
these or any of our adoptable cats! Visit www. for more stories and photos.
Check Your Cat’s Health After a
After your kitty has been on a new
food for a month, take a good look at
her. Bright eyes, a shiny coat, and a
healthy energy level are good signs.
If you need assistance selecting a
suitable food for your cat, ask your
veterinarian for advice.
Affordable Gifts for Valentine’s Day,
Mother’s Day or Anytime!
Hearthside has lots of charming, inexpensive items for someone in your life,
including Mom! See full descriptions and photos at our secure online store
( or use the form below to order:
The Comfort of Cats – Pamela
Wallin shares her unique bond with
one particular feline, with beautiful
photography of Anne Bayin. $5 each
+ $1 S&H.
The Dog Rules – William Thomas
humorously chronicles the relationship between humans and dogs,
with hilarious illustrations by Peter
Cook. $5 each + $1 S&H.
“Hooked on a Feline: Basic Cat
Care from a Different Purr-spective” – Written by Taunee (a cat),
and translated and illustrated by
local author Barbara MugnoloWilliams... a humorous, no-nonsense
approach to cat care! Portion of purchase is donated to Hearthside by
the generous authors.
$11.95 + $2 S&H
per book.
Gourmet Italian Dinner
Order Form (see page 2)
Dinner tickets are $30 each for the
February 12 event. Use the form
below, order online at, or call 585-243-0873 to
make reservations. Thank you!
Name ________________________
Address ______________________
Phone ________________________
No. of tickets requested __________
Where the Hearth Is” Cookbook –
90 main dish recipes in a durable
binder with beautiful original artwork.
$20 each; two for $35; three for $50.
Add $1.50 S&H per cookbook.
No. of vegetarian entrees ________
Total enclosed $ ________________
Please make check or money
order payable to Hearthside Cats
Other Great Items
Hearthside Cats Bookmarks – four
original designs, laminated for durability. $2 each. For 1-4 bookmarks,
add $.50 total S&H; 5-10 bookmarks
add $1 S&H. Choose from “Napping”,
“Kittens”, “House”, and “Yarn”.
Cat Angel Pin – pewter with 24K
gold-plated wings. 7/8" x 7/8". $10
each + $.50 S&H.
Dog Lover’s Bracelets – 7" long,
glossy enamel paint with folding
magnetic clasp. $10 each + $1 S&H.
Price ea. + S&H
Hearthside Cats Tee Shirt – 100%
grey cotton with black logo. Medium,
large or extra-large. $15 + $1.50
Cat Notecards – set of 10 w/matching envelopes. Select either “Cat by
Window” or “Cat and Pawprints”. $5
per set + $1 S&H.
Name _________________________________________________________
Total enclosed
Address _______________________________________________________
Phone _________________________________________________________
Reuse and Redeem!
Several times a year our volunteers load up a van with
aluminum and recycle it in exchange for cash. This is a
great way to dispose of pet food cans and other aluminum
containers, and every dollar goes directly to help cats in
foster care. If you’d like to help, simply drop off bags of
clean aluminum cans (no tin please) to one of our collection points: 5577 West Lake Rd., Conesus or 5083 Lima
Rd., Geneseo. If you can safely flatten the cans, please
do so. You may leave the bags in front the garage at
either location. Thanks for helping to reuse and redeem
for the cats!
The Cats’ Wish List
Students from Gamma Chi Epsilon
(a service organization at SUNY
Geneseo) hosted a dinner to benefit
Hearthside Cats in November. The
delightful evening included a comedy
routine by a campus improv group,
“No Laugh Track Required”, and a
silent auction. Gamma Chi Epsilon
raised a total of $270 for Hearthside,
and we commend these fine students
and their guests for their support in
helping homeless cats.
Ooops… we missed two Yard
Sale volunteers in our last newsletter. Our sincere thanks to Paula
Dennison and Kay Farkas for
their hard work!
with Paw Points
We continue to collect Fresh Step
“Paw Points” codes and redeem
them for free litter coupons. This is a
real savings for our foster caregivers.
If you use Fresh Step products,
please feel free to share the Paw
Points codes from specially-marked
boxes and pails of litter. Be sure to
include the printed Paw Points code
from inside the package. The code is
unique to each package and contains letters and numbers. Thanks!
In addition to wishing for a forever
home, our foster cats (and people
who care for them) need everyday
items. Some groups and families
have made a project out of collecting supplies for Hearthside…it’s
fun and the cats directly benefit. If
you have items to donate please
forward to P.O. Box 282, Geneseo,
NY 14454 or call 585-243-0873 to
make pick-up arrangements. Here
are our most common needs:
- Purina “Naturals” dry cat food
- Friskies canned cat food
- Cardboard scratching pads
- Cat litter (all types)
- Cat toys
- Liquid dish soap
- First class stamps (.44 and .27)
Hearthside does not sell, rent or loan its mailing or e-mail list to other individuals, businesses or groups. Hearthside is an all-volunteer organization,
with all income going directly to care for homeless cats.
Hearthside Cats, Inc.
P.O. Box 282
Geneseo, New York 14454
Non Profit
U.S. Postage
Geneseo, NY
Permit No. 34