December 2011 SLI Newsletter - California State University, Fullerton



December 2011 SLI Newsletter - California State University, Fullerton
Hello Leaders!
Welcome to the second and last SLI Newsletter for Fall 2011! We are less
than two weeks away from the end of the semester. As SLI begins to wrap up
the busy and fun semester, we would like to introduce you to the Newsletter
Committee. Special thanks to these individual who volunteered their time to
give you the current news about SLI. We welcome you to read through this
newsletter to keep yourself informed about what happened in SLI during the
Remember, the Student Leadership Institute is here to provide leadership skills that will last for the rest of your life!
Introduction to the 2011-2012 Newsletter Committee
Pages 2 - 4
SLI Fundraising Events: Shirt Sale and Hot Dog Sale
Pages 5 - 6
Introduction to Leadership with Juanita Razo
Page 7 Spotlight Alumni: Angelica Gonzalez
Pages 8 - 9
SLI Trivia Questions
Pages 10 - 11
Leadership Opportunities
Page 12
The Fish Philosophy Testimonial
Page 13
Christmas Charm Pages 14 - 16
New SLICC Members
Promotions Coordinator:
Huy Le
Major: Business Administration / Finance
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing sports, and travelling
What SLI mean to me: SLI is where we can improve the
skills we need to be an impressive and successful leader.
Be prepared to change yourself!!! It is a great chance
for me to be a SLICC member where I can gain valuable
experiences. It also gives me a powerful key to open my
Contact: [email protected]
Banquet Coordinator:
Chi “Cindy“ Tran
Major: Accounting/ Finance
Year: Junior
Hobbies/Interests: Jogging, outdoor activities, music,
movies, drawing, eating, meeting people, and hanging
out with friends.
What SLI means to me: SLI not only offers students
the opportunities to master and utilize their leadership
skills, but also helps them discover strengths as well as
overcome weaknesses. Besides, it is a great place to network with people and to develop long term friendship.
Contact: [email protected]
Presentations Coordinator:
Major: Business Administration
Year: Freshman
Hobbies: Editing, photography, drawing, music, badminton, and meeting new people.
What SLI means to me: SLI is an amazing program that
helps individuals understand the importance of being a
leader. It also gives motivated individuals an opportunity
to connect and network with fellow leaders. The workshops offer essential skills that improve one’s leadership
and communication skills. I am glad to be a part of this
great program and help my fellow titans be the best they
can be.
Contact: [email protected]
Abinaya Prabakar
Newsletter Committee
Newsletter Coordinator:
Jennie Phuong
Major: Accounting and Information Systems
Year: Junior
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing the violin,
playing badminton, traveling, socializing, spending
time with family and friends, and watching Chinese
and Korean drama as well as American movies
What SLI and NC means to me: SLI and NC is
where I can show my talents, volunteerism and creative side. I also get the chance to leave my mark
both in the SLI and NC!
Graphic Designer:
Guiyu “Zoey” Zhao
Major: Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Photography, piano, badminton, tennis,
swimming, cooking, and growing my own fruits
and vegetables.
What SLI and NC means to me: SLI and NC is
where I can show my creativity and impove my
communication, teamwork, graphic design, and
leadership skills.
Co-Graphic Designer: Pieter Saerang
Major: Animation
Year: Junior
Hobbies: Socializing, playing games, drawing, and
What SLI and NC means to me: SLI and NC is a
great opportunity to learn and practice teamwork
skills and an opportunity to spend my free time.
Newsletter Committee
Creative Editor (aka Flowers):
Ashley Compton
Major: Afro-Ethnic Studies
Year: Junior
Hobbies: Reading, playing with animals, going to
concerts, spending time with friends and family,
record shopping and more shopping.
What SLI and NC means to me: It means community and making a difference in the lives of students as leaders and future leaders. It invites us all
to set an example of what student life and leadership can be: fun, fulfilling, and a positive impact on
yourself and others.
Workshop Editor:
Jessica Lau
Major: Undeclared
Year: Sophomore
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, reading, writing stories, and spending time with family and friends
What SLI and NC means to me: It means being
able to express my creativity, journalistic skills, as
well as means of giving back and appreciating the
SLI program and workshops.
Trivia Question Editor:
Jonathan Nakatsui
Major: Finance
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Marbles, competitive cup stacking, and
What SLI and NC means to me: Where I can test
my leadership skills and abilities in a journalistic
Newsletter Committee
Spotlight Editor:
Kate Luong
Major: Communications – Public Relations
Minor: French
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Reading (my current obsession is Jane
Austen), baking, travelling, listening to classical
music and jazz, and watching comedies.
What SLI and NC means to me: An excellent opportunity to obtain and practice leadership skills, a
great way to meet like-minded people, and a wonderful chance to contribute back to our CSUF community. The NC along with the Career and Global
Leadership Tracks prepare me for my future career.
Leadership Opportunities Editor:
Sara Yang
Major: International Business with Concentration
in Chinese
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Sleeping, collecting teddy bears, and
hanging out with my best friends: Jennie and Veronica
What SLI and NC means to me: SLI and NC is
where I can improve on my current leadership
skills and learn new ones. It is also a place where
I get the opportunity to meet new people and
become more involved on campus.
Testimonial Editor: Major: Biology
Year: Freshman
Hobbies: Playing sports and reading
What SLI and NC means to me: SLI provides me a
window of opportunity to become a great leader.
The NC further helps to define me as a leader. With
the leadership position in NC, I am able to implement the skills I gained from the SLI workshops.
Mohammad Gosla
Shirt Sale
SLI Fundraising Items
Cal State Fullerton
Building Tomorrow’s
Leaders Today!
Bone #2 – $ 15
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Skull #1– $ 15
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Receive your order in
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Step 1: Fill out the order form.
Step 2: Put the exact amount of cash in a sealed envelope
with your name and the amount enclosed written outside,
and drop off the envelope and order form at the SLI Office.
Step 3: Pick up your order at the SLI Office (TSU 235)
7 colors available
for metallic designs!
Skull #3– $ 15
Skull #2– $ 15
Shirts are available
in different styles
and colors
(see order form)!
For more information, contact SLI Marketing Coordinator:
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All metallic designs are available
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Hot Dog Sale
On November 8, 2011, the SLICC team held a fundraiser where hot dogs and
sodas where sold in order to support the SLI program. We would like to thank
everyone that came out and supported us because we fundraised $130! Everything we raise helps keep the SLI program free to the students of CSUF.
Introduction to Leadership
with Juanita Razo
by Jessica Lau
were stunned by the unexpected, enlightening
definition; they then understood and
appreciated leadership from another angle.
We then discovered that there was a fine
line between the characteristics of a manager
and those of a leader. Bennis and Nanus (1985),
affirmed, “Managers do things right and
The Introduction to Leadership
Workshop may seem like a review class to
some. We have general ideas of what leaders
are about due to our exposure to people like
Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi,
Nelson Mandela, and parents. However, this
workshop sheds light to another definition
of leadership: interdependence. Many of the
SLI participants believed that being a leader
is about taking the initiative and making
executive decisions. This notion is true to an
extent, but Juanita Razo said this is not the
case. According to Razo, leadership’s true
definition states that it is a process in which
goal-driven individuals collaborate for the
ultimate objective. Many of the participants
leaders do the right things.” Many of
the workshop students agreed that managers
are the people who set the rules down, but
the shocking thing is that they do not have
to be leaders. Leaders, in contrast, are the
ones who must have management skills and
follow the rules in order for the group to be
successful. After the workshop, Razo wanted
participants to acknowledge that leadership is
a lifelong process. She stated that leadership
is a combination of 20% self-motivation, 20%
SLI workshops’ concepts, and 60% trial and
error. This process is the driving factor in
discovering our own leadership potentials and
Spotlight Alumni:
Angelica Gonzalez
by Kate Luong
First Look
Our Spotlight interviewee for this issue is
Angelica M. Gonzalez, an alumnus from
CSUF’s Business Administration program,
double concentration in Operational Management and Economics. A recent grad in
May 2011, she was one of SLI’s most prominent student leaders.
SLI: Student Leader’s Insights
How long have you been with SLI?
I started SLI my last two years of my college
career. I always wished I started sooner in
my leadership development, but I don’t regret it for I’m thankful I started at all.
What tracks have you completed? Why did
you choose to follow them?
I’ve completed Emerging, Organizational,
and Career Leadership. I chose these tracks
because I felt they would benefit me the
most in my leadership development and they
definitely have.
What positions did you hold on the SLI
From the very beginning of my involvement
with SLI, I’ve held various positions such as
SITM, Ambassador, SLI Marketing Coordinator, and Newsletter Committee Designer
in Chief. Every single position was a new
experience, and they each became the next
stage of my growth into not only a better
leader but a better person as well.
How would you describe your leadership
Leading by example is my leadership style.
What is expected out of a team should be
expected out of their leader. Out of my teams
I expect dedication, hard work, honesty, accountability, and effective communication,
so I hold myself at those standards if not
greater. My team members become a family;
it is my job to nurture and develop them into
greater roles.
Overall, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned from being both an SLI
member and board coordinator?
I learned that having an open mind and a
positive attitude is a necessity in the world;
having these two qualities can definitely
make an individual more desirable to any organization. They will bring about better relationships, a pleasant work environment, and
greater results overall.
What advice do you have for the new SLI
Newsletter Committee? What can we expect
and what should we prepare for this year’s
Have fun! Love what you do so that if feels
like play every day. Expect that you’ll
change and grow from this amazing opportunity you took initiative to take part in. You’ll
look back and say “Those sleepless nights,
gray hairs, and pimples were all worth it! I
am better than ever before! Woaah I really
changed!” Additionally, I’m truly honored
that the SLI Newsletter Committee has lived
on with this year’s team. So thank you to all
who are putting in the hard work to make it
happen. :)
What vision do you have for SLI in the future?
I see SLI being as big and well known as
ASI, if not in the near future than within the
next five years. Every SLI teams’ contribution and hard work are leading us to that
goal. Additionally, I want to see a stronger
connection with SLI Alumni. I know I made
some great relationships with some wonderful people in my two years with SLI and
hope to see them at a big SLI reunion event
in the future.
Personal Trivia: angelica Gonzalez
Favorite movie?
So many to choose from! I would say right now my favorite is the UFC drama flick
“Warrior.” I fell in love with Tom Hardy’s character.
Favorite singer/ band?
Similar to the movie question, there are too many to choose from, but if I have to
pick one right now I would say post-grunge rock group “Seether”.
My nicknames are usually variations of my name: Angie, Angelina, Ann-Jelly, Jelly
Bean, Honey Bean, and Moonkey. The last three are exceptions of course.
Virgo Fire Rabbit!
Craziest dream?
I usually can’t remember my dreams after 5 minutes of waking up, only the feelings
from the dreams linger.
Funniest moment with SLI?
Hershey gone wild moments! Haha. She would get random spurts of excitement and
start dancing around and singing. They were some of the funniest moments.
SLI Trivia Question
by Jonathan Nakatsui
What do you like most about SLI?
The thing I like the most about SLI is the variety
of workshops that are offered.
What was your favorite workshop?
My favorite workshop is the Business Dining
Etiquette and the Resume Builder. I really liked
those workshops because I wanted to know how
to act in those situations and because I wanted
to know the reason why employers sometimes
conduct interviews in a certain manner.
Name: Angoc Tran
Year: Senior
What do you like most about SLI?
The thing I like most about SLI is the fact they
can teach you about leadership and networking.
Have you met anyone through SLI?
Through SLI I have met quite a few friends because in class I only get to meet other accounting majors. But, through SLI I have met biology
majors, nursing majors, and many more.
Name: Jacob Lee
Major: Accounting
Year: Junior
Why do you think the employers have difficulties finding new recruits with leadership
I think employers have difficulty finding new
recruits with leadership skills because nowadays
people spend too much time using technology
like the iPhone or iPad. Instead of staring at
screens, SLI encourages people to network by
sharing their leadership skills.
What do you like most about SLI?
The thing I like the most about SLI is the job
hunting skills.
What is one thing you would want to change
about SLI?
One thing I would want to change about SLI is
offering more workshop times. All the workshops are during my classes and I have to take
the workshops as part of the nursing program.
Why do you think employers are having difficulties finding people with strong leadership
Name: Jen Aguirre
Major: Nursing
Year: Sophomore - Masters
I think employers are having difficulty finding
people with strong leadership skills because
people do not understand what it takes be a
strong leader. There are many factors to leadership like networking, presentation, listening,
etc. Not everyone understands these skills.
by Sara Yang
CSUF Volunteer and Service Center
The Sales Leadership Center at CSUF
• The Volunteer and Service Center ffers various volunteer opportunities regardless of
student’s major, experience-level, or time
• Students can volunteer through one of the
student-run service projects or utilize the
Resource Center to connect directly with the
community agency of their choice.
• Learn about important issues and how students can take action through their social
justice programming.
• Students will gain valuable experience that
will enhance their education as they become
aware and socially responsible individuals
through service and social action.
• The Sales Leadership Center is dedicated to
promoting leadership and professionalism in
the field of sales at Cal State Fullerton, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.
• Offers world-class education inside a new
state-of-the –art facility.
• Students gain sales experience and skills as
well as develop that edge when starting a
• Enhance one value to potential employers.
• The certificate that students receive, makes a
great bullet point on the student’s resume.
• All CSUF students, regardless of major, can
participate and utilize the Sales Leadership
Center resources.
Cal State Fullerton Phi Beta Lambda
CSUF University Leadership Conference
Facebook Page
• The University Leadership Conference is designed to provide college students with a full
day of leadership education and training.
• The conference will provide students with
an excellent opportunity to enhance their
leadership skills and learn more about leading others.
• Students who come to training will listen to
motivational speakers, participate in interactive leadership skill-building workshops,
engage in networking opportunities, and
learn more about leadership opportunities
available on and off campus.
• Phi Beta Lambda is an affiliate of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lamboda,
Inc. – the largest student business organization with more than 225,000 members.
• Prepares today’s students for success in business leadership.
• Bring business and education together in a
positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development
• Motto: Service, Education, and Program
The Fish Philosophy
by Mohammad Gosla
SLI provides a unique and creative methods to develop leaders and to allow involvement of participants into the program. SLI offers many tracks and workshops to choose
from which provide a great opportunity for students to build strong leadership characteristics. I enjoyed attending my first workshop and I like sharing my experience with others. The workshop is called “the FISH philosophy,” and it entails a simple concept which becomes highly effective if it is applied properly. The instructor, Larry Martin, and the groups of
students attending were all very friendly and everyone was comfortable with each other. From
this dynamic SLI students not only benefit from the workshop but they are also able to develop friendships and meet new people. The FISH philosophy consisted of four main concepts:
1. Play: Make the work fun basically having energy commitment at fun at the workplace
wherever this may be present.
2. Make their day: Have good communication be kind to the people and have good interaction always keep them happy and smiling
3. Be there: whoever you may interact with that day be aware of what the person is saying
and make them feel that you are listening and be patient.
4. Choose your attitude: Choose how you want to act and feel for the day make the choice to
be happy and in a good mood.
The fish philosophy originated in Seattle at a fish market the people in the workplace founded four methods for creating a better working environment. They made it an enjoyable experience
for the customers. These individuals make the work place interesting by repeating each other’s
order out loud while they throw and catch fish with each other. While taking orders from customers isn’t that amazing! This added humor and entertainment to the workplace for the workers as well as the costumers. They became nationally known and have continued to grow in popularity since. I have also come to understand that these practices could not only be applied in
the working environment but in all aspects of life such as in clubs and organizations on campus.
Christmas Charm
by Ashley Compton
“Five more minutes students. Take your time and please... no rushing.”
No rushing? How can we not rush when there is a 1,200 word essay about political oppression due in a fifty minute time frame?! And with five minutes left?! Geeesh! Talk about sweating
stress buckets!
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick....
“Pencils down”.
I survived! No more stressing, no more sleepless nights, and no more breakouts. I gathered my bag and notebook and placed my test on top of my professor’s desk.
Emerging from the classroom to the crowded stairwell, I heard nothing but excitement
from the mouths of students. Finals and assignments are completed and the Christmas holiday is
finally here. Five weeks off from studying and waking up at unmentionable times is a well awaited
treat for thousands of students. I heard student’s plans to visit family, friends and loved ones. And
of course the big one... plans of stuffing their faces with delicious Christmas turkey, juicy glazed
ham, baked macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, stuffing, candied yams so sweet it’s like candy
and pies galore!!! Those few extra pounds gained will be well earned.
Before I could even think about delving into all that deliciousness, I had to prepare myself
to visit my family for the holidays. I did not mean preparing as in my family is psychotic and I
needed to be mentally prepared for the chaos kind of way, but prepared by means of a three day
road trip. So here is the deal: I had been working ridiculous amounts of overtime to save up to
visit my family this Christmas...Yeah, overtime during finals was not my idea of reducing stress,
but family time was valuable. I had to save up for a car rental, since my 1989 Toyota Corolla will
not be the best car to take on a three day road trip. In addition, I had to save up for food, gas, and
hotel stays along the way.
My parents did offer to pay for everything, even for a flight instead of having their 22-year
old daughter drive from California to Colorado alone. But, my parents recently hit hard times. My
mother had been recently laid off from her job, and they have been scraping to pay my tuition and
their own living expenses. My mother recently received a great job offer and will start in January,
but they still need to get through Christmas on a dime. Because of this, I decided to take respon-
sibility for myself and pay my own way. Mom and Dad were hesitant, but with enough persuasion
and promises to call every five minutes to check in, they accepted my choice.
Instead of walking back to my apartment after class, I took the bus to the car rental location to pick up my new ride for the week... a Toyota FJ. A girl could save to rent a car she dreams
of owning one day, right? I drove home to my quaint, little studio apartment to load my luggage. I
had a fridge full of road trip worthy foods to eat and munch on instead of stopping and spending
money on food all of the time. I printed out my reservation confirmations to the various Budget
Inn’s along the way and gathered all the latest editions of my most loved magazines to keep me
“I seem to be forgetting something,” I thought to myself. I peered around the apartment
and sure enough I remembered when I saw the black dart swoosh across my way. Bun Bun.... my
sweet, energetic dwarf rabbit was coming along for the ride as well. It would not be easy sneaking
her in everywhere I stopped, but I have my ways. Besides, I couldn’t afford boarding her and had
no one I would trust to take care of her while I was away. Since she is so tiny, big purses will be
my best friend. I packed her play pen, toys, food, hay, treats, bedding, and cage into the car with
all of my bags a goodies as well. I placed the excited bun into her carrier, did a walk around the
apartment to ensure everything was locked and turned off, grabbed my rental keys, and closed the
I walked to the FJ and placed Bun Bun’s carrier on the back seat. She is a well behaved
bunny, so I let her out of the carrier to hop around freely. She hopped right onto the passenger
side seat and stretched out as if waiting the start of our journey. I hopped inside the car myself,
closed the door and buckled up to begin my drive to Colorado. I started the car and fiddled with
the settings and my CD’s to find the ones to listen to on my drive. Inserting the latest Coldplay
CD, I suddenly remembered I forgot something special inside my apartment. I pulled the keys out
of the ignition, jumped out of the car and closed the door. Bun Bun stood up on her two back legs
looking out the window curiously as I ran back to the apartment door.
As I entered and flipped the light switch on, I found the item on my coffee table. Of course
all corners of the envelope were chewed with bunny teeth marks. It was a given to have chewed
up papers when owning a bunny, it came with the territory. On the front it read, “To My Beloved
Parents.” Inside was a card expressing my thankfulness to all that they have done for me. They
worked twelve hours plus overtime five days a week, sometimes even six or seven days. They
provided me with necessities and even all the wants like clothes and money for entertainment.
The love and support they gave me was never ending. Inside the card, a little diamond incrusted
pendent was taped to the bottom. The pendant was of a little girl with arms wide open, ready to
take on the world through her gleaming eyes.
That girl was me. I was ready to take on the world which my parents had readied me to conquer
and as a gift to them for the holiday. I wanted to give them a forever memory of the little girl I
once was, so they will always have her with them no matter where life might take me.
Grasping the letter in my hand, I walked out and locked up the apartment. I hopped back
inside the vehicle and placed the letter safely inside the glove compartment to prevent Bun Bun
devouring the entire letter. I put the keys in the ignition, threw the car in reverse, and began the
journey to people I adore the most. “What a wonderful holiday”, I thought to myself, “and I hope
everyone will have a wonderful holiday as well...”
Happy holidays to you all !!!