Acer buergeranum Trident Maple East China, Korea 4



Acer buergeranum Trident Maple East China, Korea 4
Acer buergeranum
Trident Maple
East China, Korea 4-7 metres
Unusual flaky grey bark on a sturdy small tree with wide canopy. 3 lobed
leaves turn gold flushed with red in autumn.
Acer campbellii
China, Indochina, Himalayas 4-9 m
New foliage bronze red, autumn yellow to brilliant red, large leaves.
Acer campestre
Field Maple, Hedging Maple
West Asia, Europe, Nth Africa 6-7m
Excellent as a hedge or multi branching small tree, golden yellow in autumn,
quick growing, hardy.
Acer davidii
Snake Bark Maple
8-9 metres
Elegant open growth with arching branches, attractive striped bark, amazing
bright orange-red in autumn.
Wintergold Maple
Golden bark with white snake bark markings.
Acer ginnala
Amur Maple
Korea, Japan, Siberia, Amur Valley
3-7 metres
Short trunk with spreading branches. Unusually long leaf for a maple, turning a
brilliant reddish orange. Sun hardy, frost hardy.
Acer japonicum- varieties
5-7 metres
Reaching branches give an attractive rounded outline. Large ‘full moon’ shaped
leaves, with outstanding autumn colour.
Aconitifolium - Filicifolium
Open broadly spreading small tree, large leaves deeply dissected, scarlet in
Large full leaf, startling autumn colour.
Acer monspessulanum
Montpellier Maple
4-6 metres
Small shade tree, very hardy, suits dry stony sites. Smooth grey bark.
Acer negundo Box Elder
Nth America
6-15 metres
Fast growing, hardy excellent shade tree with rounded canopy. Mild root
Pink Flamingo
Negundo variety with variegated leaves pink-margined in spring.
Osakazuki T
Senkaki-winter, autumn
T Seiryu- autumn, summer
Acer palmatum
Japanese Maple
Japan, Korea, China 4 metres
Ever popular small tree with many cultivars……..
Deep purple-red spring growth turning greenish in summer.
4 metres
True burgundy red leaf holding colour well.
3-4 metres
Cream and green leaves turning pink in autumn. Open shape with small leaves.
4 metres
A dark purple tree with light green winged seed.
Orido Nishiki
4-5 metres
New growth bright pink, white & pink on green thru summer, Autumn orange.
Red Pygmy
2 metres
With fine strap-like leaves, maroon colouring.
Sango Kaku, Coral bark Maple, Senkaki
4 metres
Bright red stems in winter. Outstanding colours in autumn, attractive spring
growth, green in summer. Upright growth habit.
Scallopendrifolium rubrum
2 metres
Purple-red strap-like leaves, yellow, orange and red in autumn.
2 metres
Brilliant scarlet red new growth, bushy in shape, summer green, scarlet in
4 metres
The only upright tree form with finely dissected leaves (cutleaf).Dainty foliage
turns brilliant red in autumn, hardy, fast growing.
4-5 metres
Fine strap-like leaves, bright red in spring, green in summer then purplish red in
Orido Nishiki
Acer palmatum atropurpureum dissectum
Weeping Maple
Reddish green foliage turning bright red in autumn. Small tree cascading to the
ground. Requires protection from harsh afternoon sun.
Acer palmatum atropurpureum dissectum
Ever Red
Acer palmatum Dissectum
Double grafted Weeping Maple
Viridis/Ever Red
Acer palmatum dissectum
Crimson Queen
Acer palmatum dissectum
Inaba Shidare
Acer palmatum dissectum
Acer palmatum dissectum
Bright green foliage turning orange in autumn. Small tree cascading to the
ground. Requires protection from harsh afternoon sun.
Acer palmatum dissectum
Green foliage with a tightly cascading habit, foliage falling to the ground.
Waterfall is a sun tolerant variety.
Acer palmatum x japonicum
An interesting cross, creating a medium sized cutleaf on interestingly shaped
branch structure.
Acer pentaphyllum
China (extinct) 5-7 metres
Striking, elegant small tree with 5 narrow lobes on the leaf, turning yellow to
crimson in autumn.
Acer platanoides
Norway Maple
15-20 metres
Large leaved elegant tree, fast growing and a good alternative to the London
Plane Tree. Clear yellow autumn colour.
Crimson Sentry
6-8 metres
Attractive purple-foliaged small tree with dense upright branches. Red
burgundy in autumn. Narrow growth form.
Crimson King
Deep red in spring, deep purple crimson in summer then orange crimson in
Acer pseudoplatanus
Sycamore Maple
Central and southern Europe
to 25 metres
Large canopy, very hardy tree with burnt yellow colours in autumn.
Striking salmon pink spring foliage followed by variegated leaves – cream on
Acer rubrum
Red, Canadian Maple
Canada, Nth America 10-12 metres
Spectacular autumn reds, will tolerate wet soil, fast growing.
Acer saccharinum
Silver Maple
North America 10-12 metres
Lovely shade tree with silver under the leaves is a special sight in the breeze.
Fast growing with autumn colours of yellow to shades of red.
Acer saccharum
Sugar Maple
Nth America
12-15 metres
Excellent shade tree with autumn colours yellow to orange to crimson. The
source of maple syrup.
Aesculus hippocastanum
Common Horse Chestnut
15-20 metres
Hardy handsome spreading tree. Erect panicles of white flowers followed by
Aesculus indica
Indian Horse Chestnut
India, Himalayas 15-20 metres
Low branching spreading tree. Bronze-pink young leaves with upright white
flowers. Hardy.
Aesculus x carnea
Red Horse Chestnut
Germany 6-7 metres
A striking tree, covered with large heads of erect panicles of dark pink flowers.
Albizia julibrissin
Silk Tree
Persian to China, Japan 3-6 metres
Soft fine foliage, pink powder puff flowers sit above foliage in summer.
Fast growing with spreading crown. Lovely small shade tree.
Alniphyllum fortunei
8-10 metres
Pendulous clusters of white flowers
tinged pink, bright red foliage in Autumn, large leaf.
Alnus glutinosa
Black Alder
Europe, Siberica, Nth Africa
to 9 metres
Graceful and slender with rounded leaves.
Alnus jurolensis
Alder, Mexican Alder
6-10 metres
Attractive tree with slender leaves, horizontal to slightly pendulous branches,
very fast. Covered in catkins in spring.
Alyogyne huegelii
Native Hibiscus
Australia 2 metres
Beautiful flowers are large and purple, 5 overlapping petals. Bright green feltlike leaves are deeply lobed.
Amelanchier canadensis
Sugar Plum, Shad tree, Serviceberry
North America 3-5 metres
Multi-stemmed small tree covered with upright sprays of small white flowers
in spring, amazing autumn colour – yellows to orange and reds.
Arbutus unedo
Irish Strawberry Tree
Mediterranean region, Ireland 3-4 metres
Broad canopy, densely foliaged small tree. White flushed pink flowers like Lily
of the Valley, followed by edible fleshy red fruits. Moderate growth rate. Wind
tolerant, hardy.
Asimina triloba
Paw Paw Cold Climate
North America
6-8 metres
-25deg C OK. Small edible fruits are 10-15cm and taste like banana. They
follow reddish-brown flowers, glossy pointed leaves are up to 25cm long.
Birch Silver
Betula dalecarlica
Cutleaf Birch
10-15 metres
Attractive delicate fine cutleaf.
Betula papyrifera
Paperbark Birch
Nth America
12-15 metres
Attractive papery bark peeling to orange-brown. Used for paper-making.
Betula pendula
Silver Birch
Europe to Japan
8-15 metres
White trunk with silver-green leaves. Slender, graceful foliage, catkins in
spring. Light root system, plant in groups. Dislikes dry soil.
Brachychyton discolor
Lacebark Kurrajong
NSW, Queensland 10-20 metres
Glossy dark green leaves, pink flowers. Distinctive thick based trunk.
Butterfly Bush, Summer Lilac
Western China, 3-5 metres
Quick growth, hardy. Long sprays of fragrant mauve or white, pink panicles of
flowers. Prune to keep compact. Well known for attracting butterflies.
Buddleia alternifolia
Fountain Butterfly Bush
2-3 metres
Long arching branches, dense clusters of small rosy-mauve perfumed flowers
along branches.
Calocedrus decurrens
Incense Cedar
Nth and SW America
12-20+ metres
Popular densely foliaged, multi-branching conifer with pendulous tips. Upright
tree while young, spreading with age. Magnificent tree for large space.
Carpinus caroliniana
American Hornbeam
North America 8-10 metres
Attractive full-shaped tree, width same as height. Orange to scarlet in autumn.
Castanea sativa
Sweet Chestnut
Sth Europe, West Asia
12-15 metres
Glossy large pointed leaves on a fast growing tree. Edible nuts are a delicacy.
Catalpa bignonoides
Indian Bean Tree
Southeast USA
7-10 metres
Rounded shape with large leaves and erect panicles of bell-shaped white
flowers with yellow & purple smudge in the base. Hardy, wide spreading, multi
Cedrella sinensis
Chinese Cedar, Toon
China, SE Asia
8 - 10 metres
Spectacular upright, narrow shaped tree. New growth rosy pink, dark green
pinnate leaves in summer then orange to yellow in autumn. Tends to multi
Cedrus atlantica
Atlantic, Atlas Cedar 15-30 metres
Mountains of Morocco & Algeria
Excellent specimen tree for large areas. Young trees pyramidal, with age
becoming broader. Needle foliage is from bluish to green.
Cedrus deodara
Deodar, Himalayan Cedar
Himalayas, Afghanistan to Nepal
10-15 metres (taller with age)
Soft grey green pyramidal shade with slightly pendulous branch ends.
Cephalotaxus harringtonia fastigiate
Japanese Plum Yew
China 3-4 metres
Small tree with erect branches densely crowded into a column.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Katsura Tree
China, Japan
10-12 metres (will continue to grow, so allow space)
Elegant horizontal branch structure. Heart-shaped leaves on dense branching.
Autumn colours start as yellow, orange, red and then turn bright pink.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulum
Weeping Katsura Tree
Magnificent weeping tree with heart-shaped leaves. This weeper will continue
to grow in height and width with age. Magnificent autumn colour.
Cercis canadensis,
Forest Pansy, American Redbud
USA 3-5 metres
Showy purple heart-shaped leaves turning yellow to orange in autumn.
Mauve-pink clusters of flowers on bare stems early spring
Cercis siliquestrum
Judas Tree
Mediterranean, Asia
4-8 metres
Spectacular clusters of rosy purple clusters of flowers on bare stems early
spring. Heart shaped leaves. Multi-stemming to create a vase shaped small tree.
Chamaecytisus proliferus
Tagasaste, Tree Lucerne
Canary Islands
to 5 metres
Fast growing shrub or small tree. Dense with pruning, thrives in all situations,
excellent fodder.
Chimonanthus praecox
Wintersweet, Allspice
China 1-3 metres
Fragrant yellow flowers, stained purple in centre, on bare (2nd year) wood in
winter. Yellow autumn foliage. Lance-shaped glossy green leaves. Compact
Cornus alba siberica
Red Stem Dogwood
East Asia
2-3 metres
Bright red branches in winter, a vigorous shrub, attractive autumn foliage and
creamy flowers.
Cornus capitata
Himalayan Dogwood
China, Himalayas
Graceful dense upright growth. Cream bracts on flowers becoming pink before
falling. Strawberry-like fruit.
Cornus controversa
Giant dogwood, Wedding Cake Tree
Japan, China
12-15 metres
Large tree with horizontal spreading branches in tiers. White flowers spread
over the surface of the tiers. Red and purple in autumn.
Cornus florida
Flowering Dogwood
North-eastern USA 2-5 metres
Startling autumn colour, white to pink bracts on flowers. Rounded bush like
shape. Highly ornamental spreading tree.
Cornus florida rubra
As florida but with pink bracts on flowers.
Cornus kousa
Japan, Korea 5-6 metres
Bronze crimson in autumn, covered in white flower bracts in summer.
Corylus avellana
Hazelnut, Filbert
Europe, Asia, Nth Africa
3-4 metres
Attractive long yellow catkins in winter, followed by edible hazelnuts. Golden
yellow foliage in autumn. Multistemmed unless pruned, roundish serrated
Corylus contorta
Crazy Filbert
Europe, Asia, Africa
3 metres
Yellow catkins (lambs tails) hang all over the tree in early spring. Produces
edible hazelnuts. Twisted branches and leaves create a special centrepiece.
Corylus contorta
Crazy Filbert
Tall standard
Contorted twisted branches grafted to either a tall 1.8 metre stem or a short
50cm stem. Bright yellow catkins followed by hazelnuts.
Cotinus coggygria
Smoke Bush
Smoky appearance is created by large bunches of flowers held together with a
smoky grey mesh of fine threads which then remain on the tree for months after
the tiny flowers fall.
A range of varieties with green, yellow or red leaf colour all finish the season
with brilliant autumn colours.
Yellow, orange and reddish-purple leaves in autumn.
Royal Purple
Dark purplish-red foliage in summer.
Cupressocuparis leylandii
Castlewellan Gold
8-10 metres
Young foliage gold maturing to green.
Cupressocuparis leylandii
Naylors Blue
7-8 metres
Pendulous growth habit with bluish foliage.
Cupressocuparis leylandii,
Leighton’s Green
8-15 metres
Dark green with grey sheen, excellent hedging or barrier plantings.
Cupressus funebris
Chinese Weeping Cypress
15-20 metres
Large grey-green tree, elegant weeping foliage.
Cupressus sempervirens
Pencil Pine
Mediterranean, Sth Europe
6-20 m
Strongly narrow upright growth Hardy. Fast growing when young.
Cydonia oblonga
Quince – Champion
Bright yellow round to pear-shape fruit with a delightful aroma as it ripens.
Used for preserves and is usually cooked, the flesh turning a reddish pink.
Enkianthus campanulatus
Japanese Redvein
3-4 metres
Spectacular autumn colours, spring flowers pendulous racemes of creamy bells
with pink veining.
Eucalypt ficifolium
WA flowering Gum
Showy flowers in red to white on a small spreading tree. With narrow tapered
dark green leaves. Frost and drought tender.
Eucalypt Grafted Ficifolium x Ptychocarpa
Flowering Gum
3-5 metres
Spectacular trusses of dark red or pink flowers. Can be grown in a large tub.
Eucalypt pauciflora
Snow Gum
SE Australia at high altitudes
6-8 metres
Very attractive mottled bark, often multi stemmed. Popular smaller ornamental
gum, with white flowers.
Eucalypt sideroxylon rosea
Pink (or red) Ironbark
SE Australia
6-8 metres (occasionally much taller)
Handsome tree with dark furrowed bark. Showy pink flowers and pendulous
foliage. Drought, frost and wind tolerant. Fast growing.
Eucalyptus caesia
Western Australia
6 metres
Round shaped small tree or mallee with pendulous branches. Bark sheds in long
strips. Red or pink flowers. Drought, frost and wind tolerant.
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red Gum
Inland Australia
to 20 metres
Large tall tree. Drought and frost tolerant. Fast growing. Attractive mottled
bark and white flowers. Wind tolerant so good as a wind break.
Eucalyptus globulus
Eurabbie, Southern Blue Gum
Large forest tree, straight trunk, young leaves blue grey and rounded. Adult
leaves dark green and up to 60cm long. White flowers.
Can be trimmed for hedging & young leaf growth.
Eucalyptus lansdowneana
Port Lincoln/Crimson Mallee gum
Small mallee tree, dark green leaves, white to deep purplish pink flowers in
summer. Tolerates drought.
Eucalyptus melliodora
Yellow Box
East Australia to 16 metres
Large tree, a valued ornamental shade tree. Drought, frost and wind tolerant.
Eucalyptus spathulata
Swamp Mallet
Western Australia 3-6 metres
Smooth red-brown bark, cream flowers, fast growing. Good wind break in dry
areas. Drought and frost resistant. Compact.
Eucalyptus stellata
Black Sally
Eastern Australia 5-8 metres
Bark rough and dark grey to black on lower trunk, yellow to olive green above.
Tight star shaped bundles of white flowers. Tolerates snow and frost.
Eucalyptus stricklandii
Yellow Flw Gum, Strickland’s
Western Australia
Small tree
Bark rough dark grey to black on lower trunk, smooth white, grey or pinkish
above. Yellow flowers November to March. Popular ornamental.
Eucalyptus viminalis
Manna Gum, Ribbon Gum
East Australia
12-18 metres
Favoured food for koalas. Bark sheds mostly to the ground leaving a grey to
whitish trunk. Juvenile leaves are stalkless and opposite while ‘clasping’ the
stem. White flowers January to May.
Eucommia ulmoides
Gutta-Percha Tree
12-15 metres
Green in a drought! Hardy to -30 deg C. Broad crown, leaves to 15cm long. Not
for damp soil. Autumn colours from gold to burgundy. All parts used
medicinally by the Chinese.
Fagus sylvatica
Beech Tri Colour
Leaves have pink margins with white-blotched with green.
Fagus sylvatica
Purple/Copper Leaf Beech
England, Europe
10-12 metres (20)
Magnificent large full pyramidal-shaped tree with a rounded canopy. Trunk
straight with smooth grey bark. Slow growing.
Fagus sylvatica
Beech Green
All Beech can be trimmed to a hedge 2-3
England, Europe
metres high or kept to old age in a large tub.
Leaves shiny green, reddish brown in autumn.
Fagus sylvatica heterophylla
Beech Cutleaf
Green cutleaf or fern leaf beech.
Fagus sylvatica pendula
Weeping Purple Beech
Strongly weeping purple-leaved tree which will continue to grow in height and
width with age.
Fagus sylvatica Zlatia
Beech Golden
Spectacular golden leaved variety. Rare.
Pineapple Guava
Brazil, Argentina 2-3 metres
Leathery, glossy green leaves with silver underside, flowers are crimson and
white followed by edible fruit used for jams. Hardy with an open shape.
Firmiana simplex
Chinese Parasol Tree
China, Asia, Japan 12-15 metres
Impressive medium tree with very large maple-like leaves. Smooth green bark.
Fraxinus excelsior
Golden Ash
10-12 metres
Broad domed with full shape. Golden bark with black buds, leaves gold in
summer, bright yellow in autumn
Fraxinus excelsior pendula
Standard Golden ash, grafted at 1.8 metres.
Fraxinus griffithii Evergreen Ash
Asia 3-5 metres
White flowers late spring, very hardy, fast growing. Specimen or screen.
Fraxinus raywoodii
Claret Ash
12-15 metres
Full shaped hardy medium tree. Burgundy in autumn.
Fraxinus velutina
Desert Ash
SW USA, Mexico
5-8 metres
Excellent small shade tree with green leaves, branching same width as height of
tree, very hardy in all situations.
Ginkgo biloba
Maiden Hair Tree
Sth East china 9-12 metres (taller with age)
Distinctive fan shaped leaves with a brilliant true yellow in autumn. Wind and
pollution tolerant. Can be grown in a large tub.
Ruby Lace
Gleditsia tricanthos
Honey Locust Tree
8-10 metres
Fern-like foliage. Tree structure is quite freeform, with no central trunk. Very
hardy and dry tolerant. The following grafted varieties are thornless.
Bright yellow young foliage becoming lime green in summer, gold in autumn.
Ruby Lace
Dark red young foliage, bronzing in summer.
Deep green foliage, broad crowned, gold in autumn.
Hamamelis virginiana
Common Witch Hazel
2- 4metre
Spider-like perfumed yellow flowers, crinkled strap-like petals, clustered on
bare branches in autumn. Golden in autumn. Prefers protection from midday
Hibiscus syriacus
Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus
3-4 metres
Deciduous hibiscus, hardy, single or double flowers in white, pinks and mauve.
Trim to keep compact.
Juglans regia, English Walnuts
Europe, Himalayas, China 12-15 m
Grown for its edible nuts.
Juglins nigra, Black Walnut
USA, Sth Canada
to 25 m
Dome shaped crown, very valuable timber tree, do not plant near apples, roses
etc – produces juglose, which also prevents blackberry growth. Yellow in
autumn. Handsome tree.
Koelreuteria paniculata
Golden Rain Tree
China, Korea, Japan
Panicles of yellow flowers in summer. Spreading tree, young foliage red
turning green, yellow in autumn.
Laburnum anagyroides
Golden Chain Tree
Central and southern Europe 4-6 metres
Dainty small tree with leaves shiny dark green above, pale and hairy below.
Pendulous racemes of golden flowers.
Laburnum x waterii ‘Vossi’
Golden Chain Tree
Similar to parent plant with longer racemes of yellow flowers. Two can be
trained into an arch.
Lagerstroemia indica
Crepe Myrtle
China, Japan
2-5 metres
Panicles of white, pink, purple, red, carmine flowers in summer. Small tree with
attractive smooth pinkish and grey mottled bark. Responds to severe pruning to
keep compact if required, otherwise is an open upright shape with a flat topped
canopy when mature. Brilliant orange-red autumn colours.
Laurus nobilis
Bay Tree
Mediterranean 2-4 metres
Evergreen, culinary herb, densely branched, leathery dark green leaves. Very
slow- can grow taller over time.
Liquidamber formosana
Formosan Liquidamber
China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Korea 8-9 metres
Leaves have 3 lobes with same dramatic autumn colours as styraciflua. Straight
trunk with greyish white bark.
Liquidamber orientalis
Oriental Liquidamber
SWest Turkey 7-9 metres
Attractive small leaves with 5 rounded lobes (not pointed).Broad crown above
trunk with reddish brown and thick fissured bark.
Liquidamber styraciflua
Sweet Gum
Eastern USA
9-15 metres (30 metres)
Superb conical tree with maple-like foliage with 5 lobes, brilliant autumn
colours from yellow and orange to red and burgundy. Large root system.
Liriodendron tulipifera
Tulip Tree
Eastern USA 9-12 metres (taller with age)
Quite large leaves, attractive yellow in autumn. Large fragrant single yellow
flowers with orange base in spring.
Magnolia grandiflora
Little Gem
Grows to approx 4 metres or 2-3 in a pot
Smaller form of grandiflora.
Magnolia grandiflora
Evergreen Magnolia, Bull Bay Magnolia
South east USA
7-10 metres
Magnificent evergreen with large glossy leaves. Large perfumed creamy white
goblet shaped flowers in summer. Slow growers with an upright shape.
Magnolia hybrid
‘Black Tulip’
Magnificent, goblet shaped blooms in a stunning black-red colour, up to 15cm
across. Small compact tree.
Magnolia liliflora x cambellii
Star Wars
Deep pink star shaped flowers.
Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia
Honshu Island- Japan 3-4 metres
Profuse fragrant flowers with strap like petals in late winter before leaves.
Rounded open shape.
Magnolia stellata
Dr Merril
Standardised with the large head at approx 2M high. 10 year old graft in 2008.
Star shaped white flowers.
Magnolia X soulangiana
Tulip Magnolia
Erect large flowers white to rose pink in spring before leaves emerge. Multi
branched open tree.
Cream flowers with pink flush.
Malus domestica
Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple
Small exquisitely flavoured, rich, juicy and crisp apple for cool climates.
Jonathan Apple
Red flushed, crisp, juicy and sweet, with a refreshing acidity. A favourite
dessert apple.
Malus floribunda
Malus ioensis
Malus spectabilis
Weepers cascade to the ground, whereas standards will branch Horizontally and
above, making these an excellent choice for small gardens and courtyards.
Malus floribunda
Japanese Crab Apple
3-6 metres
Profuse red buds open to pink and white flowers in spring. Attractive shade tree
with long arching branches. Fast growing
Malus ioensis Plena
American Crab Apple
3-5 metres
Profuse flowers semi double soft pink fragrant flowers in spring.
Rose Pink ‘Rubra’
Green leaves and red flowers.
Reddish leaves and red flowers.
Malus spectabilis
Chinese Crab apple
3-5 metres
Spectacular deep rose-red buds open to large semi double pink flowers
Melia azedarach
Cedar White
Worldwide to 12 metres
Fast growing, wind tolerant with a spreading shape. Pale lilac blue flowers in
late spring followed by berries. Very hardy.
Mespilus germanica
Dutch Medlar
3-5 metres
A lovely ornamental tree with profuse apple blossom like white flowers in
spring, leaves turn lovely shades of red in autumn. This tree has a spreading
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dawn Redwood
Central China
12-20 metres
Magnificent and vigorous cone shaped deciduous conifer with feathery leaf and
reddish brown bark, leaves turning pinky brown to gold in autumn. Horizontal
branches. Thought to be extinct till 1941
Michelia figo
Port Wine Magnolia
SE China 2-3 metres
Fragrant purple pink flowers. Dark green glossy leaves. Dense growth.
Morus nigra
Black Mulberry
Asia 8-10 metres
Popular sweet dark fruit in late spring. Dense wide crown, with deep green
leaves. Wind tolerant, hardy and fast growing.
Weeping Mulberry
North Africa 2-3 metres
Hardy evergreen, long flowering, white, pink, red, single or double. Tolerates
dry conditions. Multi-stemmed upright small tree.
Nothofagus cunninghamii
Myrtle, Tasmanian Beech
Victoria, Tasmania
1.5 - 20 metres
Evergreen, small shiny rounded leaves, new foliage bronze. Straight trunked.
Size depends on growing conditions.
Nyssa sylvatica Tupelo
East Nth America
6-9 metres
Flame orange scarlet to purplish reds in Autumn. Needs moist site, fast
growing, wind tolerant. Handsome tree with long horizontal branches.
Nyssa sylvatica ‘Autumn Cascades’
Strongly weeping tree, spectacular Autumn colour.
Olea europaea
Olive Tree
4-7 metres
Bluish green leathery leaves with silver undersides. Massed panicles of flowers
followed by olives, which are processed before eating.
Parrotia persica
Persian Witch Hazel
Iran, Azerbaijan 3-6 metres
Brilliant scarlet, orange, yellow leaves in Autumn. Flowers small, bright red on
bare stems in late winter. Open shaped, good small garden tree.
Paulownia tomentose
Paulownia, Princess Tree
China, Korea, Japan
8-12 metres
Very large heart shaped leaves, pinkish lilac blue flowers in upright panicles.
Very fast growth with a broad crown. Yellow in autumn.
Phellodendron amurense
Amur Cork Tree
Nth China
8-12 metres
Glossy green leaves, yellow in Autumn. Corky pale grey bark. Handsome tree.
Photinia x fraseri
Red Robin, Robusta
Small evergreen tree or usually trimmed to use for hedging, with new foliage
reddish. Hardy, fast growing.
Picea glauca albertiana
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
1-2 metres
Forms a perfect compact pyramidal shape, requiring no pruning.
Picea pungens
Blue Spruce
Western USA 6-9 metres (taller with age)
Well known favourite. Blue green foliage, pyramidal shape with horizontal
branches. Stiff sharp needle-like leaves. Slow growing
Pieris japonica
Lily of the Valley Bush
Japan, Taiwan, China
Attractive shrub, sprays of cream flowers. Evergreen.
Pinus halepensis
Lone Pine, Aleppo Pine
Middle East
12-20 metres
Used as remembrance tree in memory of Gallipoli and the Battle of Lone Pine
Ridge. Conical tree becoming rounded with age. Red brown scaly bark. Blue
green shoots to bright green leaves 6-11cm long.
Pinus pinea
Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine
Sth Europe, Turkey 15-20 metres
Flat topped conifer above a clear trunk, edible pine nuts. Reddish grey rough
bark. Drought tolerant.
Pinus radiata
Radiata Pine, Monterey Pine
California and islands off Mexico to 30 metres
Tall tree with straight trunk and irregular open canopy. Used for timber
Pistacia chinensis
Chinese Pistachio
China, Taiwan, Philippines
5-9 metres
Spectacular autumn colours of reds and oranges. Popular small shade tree. Very
hardy, fast growing, wind tolerant, mild root system.
Pittosporum eugenoides tarata
New Zealand
6-9 metres
Attractive small tree, usually trimmed to hedge, creamy green-margined
foliage, pyramidal shape, fast growing and hardy.
Pittosporum tenuifolium
Silver Sheen
Species worldwide 2-4 metres
Dense foliage, especially with trimming. Good used as a screen or hedge.
Untrimmed specimens show off dark stems.
Platanus acerifolia x hispanica
London Plane
Hybrid 15-20 metres
Rounded full-shaped tree. Attractive grey brown mottled bark. Fast growing,
very hardy. Large bright green leaves turning gold in autumn.
More hardy variety.
Platanus orientalis
Cutleaf Oriental Plane
SE Europe to Western Asia
9-15 metres
Large spreading tree with attractive mottled bark. Large leaves deeply lobed,
gold in autumn. Wind tolerant and fast growing.
Leaves more deeply lobed.
Populus canescens ‘Tower’
12 – 15 metres
Ultimately taller than simonii, with a full shape. Very hardy.
Populus nigra italica
Lombardy Poplar
Europe, Nth Africa, Asia
to 25 m
Wind tolerant, fast growing, tall slim tree with extensive root system, excellent
for screening on farms, driveways, avenue plantings, impressive gold in
Populus simonii
Simons Poplar
Nth West China
15-20 metres
Full shape narrowing to crown, pendulous branch tips, fast growing, hardy.
Glossy leaves
Populus yunnanensis
Yunnan Poplar
10-15 metres
Full shape, branch tips are red creating a colourful outline in winter. Resistant
to poplar rust. Hardy
Prunus armeniaca
Apricot – Moorepark
Lovely tree with pretty spring blossom followed by sweet juicy fruit which
ripens November to January.
Prunus avium
Cherry – Lapins
Large sweet dark red cherries which are grown to resist splitting. This tree is
suited to the home garden as it is self fertile. Early variety ripening in
As for Lapins. Stella is a mid to late season variety.
Prunus dulcis
Flowering Almond
Small open tree in an upright vase shape.
Spectacular crimson red to scarlet flowers, heavily petalled double.
Prunus dulcis
Almond – Self Pollinating
Kernels are large, broad, full and oval in shape with a papershell. These
almonds are sweet to eat and mature mid season.
Prunus laurocerasus
Cherry Laurel
3-5 metres
Small tree or prune to a shrub/hedge, racemes of creamy white flowers in
spring. Lustrous deep green leaves.
Prunus lusitanica
Portuguese Laurel
Iberian peninsula
3-5 metres
Large glossy deep green leaves, spectacular racemes of cream flowers.
Prunus persica
Fruiting Peach – Anzac
Small to medium tree producing sweet and tasty fruits early in the season –
Golden Queen
Firm, juicy flesh on a cling stone, heavy cropper. Medium sized yellow fruit,
popular for the home garden. Late variety.
Prunus persica
Flowering Peach
Grows 3-4 metres
Large flowers on a vase shaped tree, dark green toothed leaves, yellow green in
Double white flowers.
Flowers are red or white or red and white, creating quite a spectacular tree.
Dark pink flowers.
Prunus pissardi nigra
Flowering Plum
Same as blireana, but flowers are a single pink.
Prunus Standard Cherry
Mt Fuji
Covered in double white flowers in spring and colourful autumn foliage. As a
standard the branches do not weep, they are horizontal making this special tree
a perfect shade tree for a small yard or a courtyard.
Prunus Weeping Cherry
Strongly weeping tree covered in a profusion of cascading white spring
Abundant double pink flowers in spring. A real show off.
Prunus, Sato-zakura Group
Japanese Flowering Cherry
Hybrid group of ornamental flowering cherry, a small tree in an upright vase
shape covered in masses of flowers in spring.
Clusters of bright pink double flowers with brilliant autumn colour.
Pseudocydonia sinensis
Flowering Chinese Quince
Eastern China
4-5 metres
Small tree with attractive dappled bark, vivid autumn colour, pink flowers
followed by aromatic fruit.
Punica granatum
Highly decorative small tree 3-4 metres tall with attractive glossy green foliage,
large showy red flowers and fruits.
Pyrus calleryana
SE China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan
range of shapes among varieties
Glossy green leaves turn shades of red to purple burgundy in autumn.
Spectacular white blossom in spring. VarietiesBradford
10 x 8 metres
Upright conical form, flowering heavily in spring, dark red autumn colour.
Moderate to fast growth.
8 x 7 metres
Short deciduous period with leaves lasting into winter and new growth not long
Cleveland Select
10 x 4 metres
Narrow pyramidal shape reddish orange to purple in autumn.
Red Spire
A narrow growing form of ornamental pear. Bright reddish foliage in autumn
and beautiful show of white spring blossom.
Pyrus salicifolia
Weeping Silver Pear
grafted at 1.8 metres
Small graceful tree, slender drooping branches with narrow silvery leaves.
Creamy white flowers.
Pyrus ussuriensis
Manchurian pear
NE China, Korea, Nth Japan
9 high x 7 metres
Abundant small white flowers in spring,. Glossy foliage turning red to
burgundy in autumn. Hardy. Tree has a broad canopy.
Quercus coccinea
Scarlet Oak
East & central USA
to 15 metres
Intense scarlet in autumn, wide spreading branches, shiny dark green leaves
with deep lobes, similar to Pin Oak, but does drop leaves in autumn.
Quercus bicolour
Swamp White Oak
SE Canada, East USA
20 metres
Shallowly lobed leaves, upward reaching branches, bark pale grey with thick
blackish-grey ridges.
Quercus canariensis
Algerian Oak
Nth Africa, Sth Portugal, Spain
to 20 metres
Fast growing, large leaves have shallow lobes, hardy in clay soils.
Quercus castaneifolia
Semi evergreen
Chestnut Leaf Oak
Caucasus, Iran, Algeria to 25 metres
Long dark green leaves serrated, yellow in autumn. Broadly domed crown.
Quercus cerris
Turkey Oak
South Europe, Middle East
25 metres
Large, fast growing, slender crown when young, broadening with age. Leaves
with shallow lobes and coarsely toothed. Bark dull grey with rough fissures.
Quercus ilex
Holly Oak
Sth Europe, Nth Africa to 15 metres
Holly-like leaves, bark brownish black, broad canopy with branches growing
close to the ground.
Quercus lobata
Valley oak, White Oak
North America
12-20 metres -taller with age to 30 metres
Magnificent, graceful tree with randomly spreading branches. The leaves are
twice as long as wide with rounded lobes, paler underneath. Hot summers and
cold winters OK, does require moisture all year. Largest of the Nth American
Quercus macranthera
Persian Oak
Caucasus, Iran
20 metres
Fast growing, large leaves. Purplish grey bark.
Quercus palustris
Pin Oak
Canada, Eastern USA,
to 20 metres
Fast growing, wind tolerant, pyramidal shape, deeply lobed leaves turning
bright reds in autumn. Fibrous roots suitable for small gardens, tolerates dry
conditions. Dead leaves remain on tree till spring.
Quercus robor
English Oak
Europe, W Asia, Nth Africa 20 metres
Long-lived, pale grey bark,
Shallow lobes on leaves which turn gold in autumn.
fastigata Columnar English Oak
Upright columnar growth habit.
Quercus rubra
Red Oak
Canada to Texas
20 metres
Large leaves with shallow lobes, turning brilliant red in autumn. Broad canopy
with horizontal branches. Smooth grey bark.
Quercus suber
Cork Oak
Sth Europe, Nth Africa
to 15 metres
Wide spreading tree, with thick rugged bark – source of cork. Shiny green
leaves toothed.
Robinia p.bessoniana
Rhododendron varieties
From 1 to 6 metres
Valued for their masses of colourful flowers, large glossy dark green leaves.
Generally a variety to suit almost any situation.
Robinia pseudoacacia
Mop Top
Well known as a rounded ball of foliage on a strong trunk. Hard pruning can
occur yearly or let the ‘head’ increase each year.
Lace Lady Mop
Contorted branches give this tree the wow factor.
Robinia pseudoacacia bessoniana
to 10 metres
Lovely small shade tree with rounded canopy. Thornless. Racemes of creamy
white flowers in summer.
10-12 metres
Bright golden foliage. Thornless.
Casque rouge
A beautiful specimen tree, with an open canopy, growing 8-10 metres.
Attractive display of pendulous racemes of lilac-pink flowers in late spring.
Bella Rosa
As for Casque Rouge only displays of soft pink flowers.
8-10 metres
Unusual twisted branches creating an attractive small tree. Excellent tree for a
pot. Elegant, compact and tough.
Salix babylonica
Weeping Willow
Nth China
10-12 metres
Attractive tree with long upright stems becoming pendulous branches with long
leaves tapering to a point.
Salix matsudana
Tortured, Twisted Willow
Nth China and Korea
5-8 metres –can be taller with age
Ornamental with twisted branches and weeping foliage, good for screening,
wind tolerant, tolerant of waterlogging, fast growing.
Salix purpurea pendula
Purple Weeping Willow
An attractive weeping tree with long pendulous branches and purplish shoots.
Leaves are green above, pale beneath. Grafted.
Sapium sebifera
Chinese Tallowwood
China, Japan
5-8 metres
Excellent autumn foliage, with leaves turning orange to a deep red. Attractive
small shade tree with a rounded canopy, fast growing, wind tolerant.
Schinus molle, Peppercorn Tree
Sth America
6-12 metres
Attractive fine-leafs on pendulous branches, fast growing, attractive clusters of
tiny aromatic red berries. Wind tolerant. . Drought hardy.
Sequoia sempervirens
Coast redwood
Oregon, California to 25 m in 20 yrs
Tallest tree in the world, with a conical shape, soft fern-like foliage. Bark is
reddish brown and deeply ridged.
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Giant Redwood
Sierra Nevada foothills, 20m in 20yrs
Very large tree with a conical shape. Thick reddish brown bark, compressed
‘typical’ conifer leaves.
Unusual narrow form with the branches very pendulous, hanging against the
Sophora japonica
Pagoda Tree
China, Korea, Japan
10-15 metres
Attractive shade tree with bright green leaves of 16 leaflets. Long panicles of
fragrant creamy white flowers in summer. Green bark. Hardy.
Sophora japonica
Japanese Pagoda Tree
Spectacular weeping tree with green bark and branches cascading to the ground.
The internal space within the canopy increases in size each year as the inside
branches die off allowing for the next outside shoot to grow. Fast growth.
Sophora tetraptera
New Zealand, Chile
5-10 metres
Tiny round leaves on a lightly foliaged upright tree create a stunning
centrepiece in the garden. Racemes of golden yellow flowers in spring.
Sorbus aucuparia
Mountain Ash, Rowan Tree
Nth Europe, Asia
7- 10 metres
Showy, hardy and fast growing small tree with dark green pinnate leaves which
turn orange to red in autumn. Ornamental edible berries. Believed to be good
luck planted at front gate.
Styrax japonica
Japanese Snowbell Tree
3-5 metres
Lightly branched small tree, pendulous clusters of bell shaped small white
flowers hang below the branches.
Emerald Pagoda
Large shiny leaves, with perfumed pendulous flowers.
Styrax obassia
Fragrant Snowbell
6-8 metres
Beautiful tree with large rounded leaves, up to 20cm across, scented clusters of
bell shaped flowers hang below the branches spring/summer.
Syringa vulgaris
1-4 metre
Popular cool climate shrub. Many cultivars with fragrant upright panicles of
flowers – white, pink, lilac, purple, blue, both single and double flowers. Longlived, hardy.
Syringa x persica
Persian Lilac
2-3 metres
Blooms heavily with fragrant lilac flowers in spring on a dense, rounded small
Thuja occidentalis smaragd
Nth America
2 metres
Perfect pyramidal conical shape –with no pruning. Bright green foliage. Slow
Tilia cordata
Small Leaf Linden
Europe from UK to Russia
10-12 metres (in cultivation, taller in ideal
Magnificent broad canopied tree, dark green leaves yellow in autumn. Clusters
of fragrant cream flowers in summer. Single trunk with silvery grey bark.
Sapporo Autumn Gold
Hybrid 10-12 metres
Attractive tree with a broad canopy. New foliage is soft yellow-green, lime
green in summer turning golden yellow in autumn.
Ulmus americana
American Elm, White Elm
Nth America
to 20 metres
Impressive tree growing in a vase shape. Leaves turn bright yellow in autumn.
Fast growing.
Ulmus Dodoens
15 metres
Hybrid of Exeter Elm and Himalayan Elm. Long leaves, up to 10cm, dark
green. Bred for resistance against Dutch Elm disease. Fast growing.
Ulmus glabra lutescens
Golden Elm
Europe, Nth + West Asia
8-12 metres
Lovely lemon foliage in spring foliage becoming a striking gold in autumn. Full
shaped tree, wind tolerant, fast growing, waterlogging OK, drought OK.
Ulmus minor variegata
Silver Elm
Attractive tree with green leaves densely mottled with white. Soft open canopy.
Ulmus parvifolia
Elm Chinese
China, Korea, Formosa, Japan
8-10 metres
Short deciduous period, graceful open spreading shape with long horizontal
branches, attractive mottled bark, no suckering, very hardy. Small leaves are
serrated and glossy. Fast growing and wind tolerant.
Ulmus parvifolia
Leaves are frosted on the edges with silver white. This is not a weeping tree, as
the branches only come to the horizontal, with the rest of the structure above
the graft which is at 1.9 metres. Excellent for shade over a small courtyard.
camperdownii Weeping Elm
W Large leafed tree with dense spreading crown of weeping branches. Branches
have an interesting zigzagging shape.
Ulmus procera
English Elm
England 15-20 metres
Full broad canopied tree.
Viburnum opulus ‘sterile’
Snowball Tree, Guelder Rose
Siberia, Algeria
to 4 metres
Full large shrub with vine-like leaves, large showy snowball shaped white
flowers in spring, foliage bright reds in autumn.
Weigela florida
East Asia
3 metres
Showy shrub, pendulous branches covered with funnel shaped flowers in a
range of pinks to white and red spring to summer.
Wisteria sinensis
White Flowering Wisteria
A climber with fragrant pendulous clusters of white flowers. Can cover a large
area, or clipped in winter to contain to the required space.
Zelkova serrata
Japanese Elm
Japan, Taiwan, East China
7-10 metres
Attractive open tree with wide spreading vase shaped canopy. Bark flakes to
reveal interesting patterns and colours. Gold to russet in autumn. Excellent
smallish shade tree.
‘Kiwi Sunset’
6-8 metres
As above with golden highlights and edges on the leaves.