The Monkey Hangers Hartlepool HHH



The Monkey Hangers Hartlepool HHH
The Monkey Hangers Hartlepool HHH
Run #2 Saturday, November 3rd @1pm
Hares: Monkey Hanger & Mad Dog Stu
Welcome hashers and harriers to the
second r*nning of MH5. It seems ages
since we all gathered at the rugby club in
July, but life moves on apace, doesn’t it?
Thanks to our hares today, we have a wonderfully scenic trail taking in the best bits
of our new marina in the ‘pool. Let’s hope
we get some decent weather to enjoy it.
Talking of hares, let me introduce them: on
the left the wonderful Monkey Hanger
(she’s so famous they named a hash after
her) and on the right Mad Dog (he’s so ugly
he has to have a mask on when he’s let
out) Little did he know when he was warming down along Catcote Road, after a session with the Burn
Road Harriers on July 14th, that he’d get entangled with a bunch of drinkers with a r*nning problem.
Anyway, these two ‘volunteered’ to set today’s trail—so if it’s shite, blame them, and if it’s great thank
your committee for choosing such capable people.
So, what’s been happening with us since we saw you last? Well,
our leader Loose Nutz has been mismanaging The Oktoberfest
with the Munich Hash. It’s such a shame Hartlepool don’t
welcome transvestites as openly as do the Germans. Didn’t you
know? Oh, yes, that’s why he had to move away. As for me, I’m
still working as a rent boy in Amsterdam until I get a decent job.
It’s hard you know!
Cheers & On—On!
The Monkey Hangers Hartlepool HHH
Last time. . . .
. . . we hung around in
the sun and were forced
to go out and r*n! As you
can see some of us were
a bit off trail, but didn’t
know at the time,
so it didn’t worry us.
When we got back things
really started to happen.
Some poor soul got covered in flour, then this large
orang utang started to harangue us. It did not end there
as we tried this monkey for being a French spy! Guilty,
said the pack and the little
bleeder was hanged from the
highest height! Serves it it
right for being French!
-oOoPossible dates for the next R*n:
Feb 9th, Mar 2nd, Mar 16th, Mar 30th
How would you like us to keep in touch
- Facebok/e-mail/website/sms Your
ideas are welcomed.
MH5 are:
Loose Nutz, Munich H3 ([email protected])
& Smartarse, First UK Full Moon H3 ([email protected])
Call Smartarse on 07966 868911 for more info