Simple Alfredo



Simple Alfredo
Simple Alfredo
With a Twist
1-1-1 Alfredo, Where you go from
there is up to you!
Easily adjustable recipe that makes it easy to please everybody.
Anyone can make this recipe and feel
like a pro
1 Part heavy cream
1 Part half and half
1 part Romano or parmigiana cheese
For a family of 4 I use 1 cup of each and 1 pound of pasta
1, use a heavy bottom sauce pan add your heavy cream and half and
half and don’t fill it to the brim, when it comes to temp it can boil over
quickly. Stir occasionally as heating to avoid scorching.
2, once the mixture come to a simmer add the cheese using a spoon to
After you’ve made this recipe you can adjust it however you want,
Thicker, add more cheese, thinner, add less cheese, season to taste, I
like to add a pinch of nutmeg and white pepper.
And now the fun begins, take the flavor where ever you want it to go.
Creole Cream Sauce
Follow original recipe and add 1 tblsp
Cajun seasoning and 1/2tblsp paprika
Also I like to have blackened chicken
for this dish.
Lemon Garlic Cream pasta
Simply sauté some garlic (about 1 tbsp fresh
minced) in some butter, let pan cool and
follow normal alfredo recipe.
Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon, Add the
lemon at the end so the dairy doesn’t curdle
and as a finishing flavor it really pops
Sherry Cream Sauce
1, sauté ½ cup each red and green peppers
and red onion in about a tbsp of veg oil or
butter with a tbsp of Caribbean jerk
2, once you have desired cook(some like
mushy some like firm) add the cream sherry
wine and let the alcohol cook off.
3, let it cool a little and add your normal
alfredo ingredients.
“It’s your kitchen, it’s your world,
you’re the chef, everybody else is
just coming to eat.”
Catering chef Sean Foley, yesterday.