AMKsian Family Day 2009 - Ang Mo Kio Secondary School



AMKsian Family Day 2009 - Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
Ang Mo Kio
Secondary School
Issue 1
May 2009
AMKsian Family Day 2009
The sun was shining, the sea was blue
and the atmosphere was perfect.
On 14th March 2009, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School celebrated her 30th birthday at East
Coast Park. Students and teachers, members of the alumni and stakeholders joined together
to make the event a great success.
The objective of the event was to commemorate Ang Mo Kio Secondary School’s 30th
anniversary as well as to give students the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills
and imbibe themselves with the six RIC3H values of the school- Respect, Integrity, Creativity,
Commitment, Compassion and Harmony.
The theme for the celebration was ‘Moving Dreams, Riding Waves, Soaring Heights’. This
theme was based on the idea of ‘Castles’ which was suggested by the student body and staff.
‘Castles’ captures the spirit of AMKSS as a sanctuary for its students as well as a place where
dreams can be realised.
At the sandcastle building event, a total of 1600 pupils took to the beach, unleashing their
creativity as they worked on the castles which spanned 35 by 40 metres across the beach,
creating a spectacular sight.
The sandcastle building event was the highlight of the celebration- however; there were
other games and activities organised for the students and teachers to participate in. Some of
the games included beach volleyball, fitness challenge, stage games and performances and
skipping competitions.
If there is one thing all the students agreed on, it was that the AMKsian Family Day engaged
all the students. “It was very fun,” said Luo Zhi of Class 1/4, “you need a lot of patience to
complete the sandcastle.” Luo Zhi’s classmate, Sherman Pang, remarked that the event was
“very enjoyable”. It was also agreed that teamwork was necessary to complete the structure,
and that the event was truly a great success.
The celebration ended with all involved in the event posing for a photograph in front of the
massive structures.
The AMKsian Family Day was a huge success, and the fond memories of it will be forever
remembered by all.
by Yeo Hui Min Stefanie 1/4
Special Feature: farewell, my alma mater
Confession of a
Sec Four Senior
Time flies, in the blink of an eye, we are now preparing for the ‘O’
Levels. It seemed only yesterday that we joined the school as wideeyed Secondary One juniors. We enjoyed four wonderful years in
Ang Mo Kio Secondary and we appreciate all the teachers who had
given us support and help whenever we encountered any problems.
One of the teachers who leaves us with a deep impression is our
humorous king, Mr Kenny Toh. There is always laughter in the class
when he is around. His humorous actions together with his lively
lessons add flavour to our class. I think that he has the talent to become
the funniest and most engaging biology teacher in Singapore!
There are many teachers who have helped us in our school work.
One of the teachers is Mdm Karen Teng. Although she looks very
strict, she is a very responsible teacher. Frankly speaking, one of
our weakest subjects is Math. It is really due to her patient teaching
that we are achieving high scores for our recent tests. We are really
grateful to her for her patience, understanding and help.
There is no doubt that the people who surround us in Ang Mo Kio
Secondary constitute a large part of our memories of our formative
years. Teachers and dear classmates whom we will always remember
and be grateful towards especially for the life lessons that they have
imparted. Indeed, we believe that when we look back on our four
years in AMKSS, they are the people who will leave the strongest
impressions. We hope that we too, have touched their lives and
helped them in different ways, no matter how small.
But there are other, less savoury experiences that we will look back
with fondness. The crazy rush to the toilet before and after PE, hurrying
back to class after IAP to avoid being scolded for our tardiness and
the never-ending piles of homework that had to be completed. Every
day is a mad rush and each school day for us always ended in a
race to the back gate before it is locked at exactly 2.30pm. Yet in
hindsight, even these grouses take on a nostalgic sheen knowing that
we will be graduating soon.
A word of advice for our juniors: treasure the experiences of your
secondary school life, regardless of good or bad. One day, when
you reflect on your teenage years, you will find that the years in
secondary school are the most unforgettable.
by Wong Rui Ting, 42 and Ng Zhi Yun, 44
Which teacher left the deepest
impression on you?
This is a very difficult question! Do I really
have to answer it? Before naming the person,
I would like to make it clear that in my
opinion, every teacher in AMKSS is great.
This teacher was our form teacher of 4/1. By
naming him, I probably should apologise to
every teacher whom I left out, especially the
Discipline Master!
Mr Nara, that was how we addressed him,
was an extraordinary teacher but what left
the deepest impression was actually his skill
as a disciplinarian. He wasn’t the Discipline
Master but there were certain days of the
week where he led the morning and postrecess assemblies. When he was in-charge
of these daily ‘rituals’, I remember ourselves
behaving better without him having to raise
his voice much. Although he still had to
remind us to behave, he did very minimal
scolding. When his voice grew a little, even
the recalcitrants felt obliged to obey him.
He commanded respect from many students
especially us, his own form class.
Can you share an interesting
experience about your schooling
days in AMKSS?
I think everyday was interesting. Ironically,
what I would name most interesting was not
something that happened in class. It was the
Charity Drive we had in 2000, when AMKSS
was located at Buangkok. This etched one of
the deepest impressions on me. It saw our
class (4/1), come together from the selling
of the donation tickets to the event and
manning the food stall on the actual day. The
class worked as a team and so did the whole
school. The atmosphere was really amazing
and one could feel that AMKSS is indeed
an institution that is able to achieve beyond
what textbooks teach.
When Mr Song Zi Liang graduated in 2000, he did not take the common route of entering
a Junior College or Polytechnic. Knowing that his interest lied elsewhere, he took the path
less travelled. Straight out of his ‘O’ levels, he opted to fulfill his National Service obligation
before going to the Moscow Conservatory to study music. Currently, Mr Song is in London
furthering his studies. Below is the transcript of the email interview our reporter conducted
with him.
Can you tell us more about what you are currently doing?
I am studying piano performance in London. In fact, I transferred to UK from Moscow only
four months ago as I felt I needed to understand music from a different perspective. Over
here, I take part in student concerts, outreach events and sometimes, I double as a steward
or usher during special events thus gaining work experience outside classes. My schedule is
very much one that consists of performing as much as I can, practising on the piano, listening
to music and reading as widely as possible.
What did you miss the most after you have graduated from AMKSS?
The crowd in school. The joy of learning together as a big family. Due to the nature of my
studies now, I am mostly alone with the piano.
And not forgetting the teachers whom I miss dearly. I am thankful and glad that everytime I
visit AMKSS, I still see Mrs Ismail and Ms Karim!
Do you remember the school
motto? No cheating by checking
the internet!
Erm, this is difficult. Is it ‘Together, We Touch
the Future’? I remember this printed on our
PE t-shirt.
Lastly, do you have any adventures
or escapades that you’d like to
share with us?
We had to present a skit one afternoon during
assembly. Someone in class forgot to bring
the costumes. It was the day of performance
and there was no way we could get it if we
did not sneak out of school.
Eventually, we decided to get a classmate who
was on MC to pass it to us. My friend and I
actually sneaked out of the gates, not far, to
Block 205 so that he did not have to walk right
into school to pass the costumes to us as he
was supposed to be on MC. That was the most
adventurous thing I’ve done in school!
by Joey Teo 4/1
Special Feature: Song zi liang
Ang Mo Kio Secondary School has a long and illustrious history as one of the first secondary
school in Ang Mo Kio. Our school has grown from strength to strength over the past thirty
years and produced numerous alumni who have gone on to achieve great successes in life.
Fusion has tracked down one of our ex-AMKsians to find out how he is doing.
Science Magic
Trick [email protected]
science hub
Would you think of putting Science and Magic together? These two elements seem
quite the opposite. After all, how do you explain the magic of Harry Potter with
something as mundane as Science?
Well, in Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, our ever creative science teachers have found
a way to put them together leaving the students amazed at the magic of science.
As one of the student volunteers participating in this event, my task is to perform a
magic trick that will wow the audience. Have you ever pricked a balloon without
bursting it? My assignment was to find a way to push a stick through the balloon
without it bursting. Sounds impossible? To my surprise, I found that there is indeed a
scientific way of making it possible. Want to find out how it is done? Simply coat the
stick with cooking oil!
The balloon is made of rubber. Rubber has molecules that are joined together in
chains. Sudden pricking of the balloon causes the air to escape through the narrow
opening. The chains of rubber molecules break apart causing the balloon to burst.
By coating the stick with oil and slowly drilling it into the balloon, the oil
lubricates the process leaving enough space for the stick to poke through
and not the air to rush out.
Sounds easy? Not at all! Together with my team mate, Alice Tang from 3/2,
we spent two weeks preparing and practicing for the show. The balloons we
used numbered in the dozens. On the day of the performance, I was both nervous
and excited, hoping that the performance will be a successful one. Luckily, except
for minor hiccups, everything went well. The audience enjoyed the show and at the
same time, learnt something about the scientific concepts behind each performance.
At the end of the whole show, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Through the rehearsals,
I learned to be patient and not to give up and I also gained confidence through the
public performance. It was indeed an interesting learning experience. I enjoyed my
journey into the realm of magic and science.
magic show
by Jason Zhou Jiecheng 2/2
Food! Art! Toys!
Where do you find the greatest food, art and toys - all under one roof?
Well, it’s at the junior show! Ang Mo Kio Secondary has organised the junior show to showcase Amksians’
achievements in Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition and Art. It allows pupils to share how they conceptualised
their designs and in doing so, learn to speak to an audience with confidence. Visitors to the junior show had to vote
for their favourite toy design and art work. This encouraged the students to speak to the visitor about their work in
order to leave a deeper impression and win votes. This platform provided them with the opportunity to enhance
their communication skills and boost their self esteem. It also allowed the students to unleash their creativity, not
only though their practical toy designs but also aesthetically in their art work.
The artefacts for Craft and Technology are chosen based on how unique they are. Pupils learn from one another
through this showcase. Also, most of the feedback they received from visitors was encouraging but there were also
some who pointed out the flaws in their designs. The students have to learn how to take the pointers in good stride
and reflect on what they can do to improve their work.
So what was found in the junior show? Innovative toys, Pop Art, Fantasy drawings and Castle related snacks.
Amksians faced a lot of difficulties in trying to keep to the theme and had to put in a lot of hard work. Some had to
stay back almost every day to perfect their Fantasy drawings! Credit also goes to the art teachers, Ms Ng Siew Kuan,
Ms Julianna Tay and Ms Lila who spent many afternoons guiding the students in perfecting their art pieces. Many
Amksians had to juggle their time between their CCAs, daily work and completing their projects. It was tough, but
they persisted till the end.
Amksians made their parents proud too! Mrs Chan, parent of Speed Chan from 2/5 was present at the junior show,
and shared with us her pride in his work. On the whole, the junior show was a great success.
junior showcase
Elaine Tan 2/2
International Friends from
Friendship Day Indonesia
Preparing for the International Friendship
Day was not an easy task. My team, which
consists of me, Michael Utama(class
3/5) and Justin K. A. (class 2A), decided
to present something distinctive about
Indonesia. The significance of our flag was
something that not many non-Indonesians
would know about so we shared that during
the presentation.
Other interesting tidbits we shared would
include the local cuisine of our country.
Having Mr Lian to guide us on how to
make our presentation more interesting
was very helpful.
international frienship day
On 17th April, our school celebrated its international friendship day. International Friendship
day is a day dedicated in honour of friends that began in US in 1935, where cards, flowers
and friendship bands are exchanged to express their love for their friends.
Our school has taken the Internationl Friendship Day a bit further, focusing on the ‘Internationl’
aspect of friendship in our celebration. This year’s theme was ‘Knowing ASEAN’. Our school
has foreign students from Thailand, Indonesia, Philppines, Taiwan and China studying
alongside local students. As foreigners and students, they are busy adapting to our local
culture and keeping up with their studies.
The International Friendship Day gives us a chance to get to know about our new friends’
culture. Students from different countries such as China, Thailand and Indonesia presented to
the audience their countries’ culture and traditions. The 45min event was held in the school
hall at 1pm, with classmates and friends of the presenters turning up to support them.
“It was fun and quite an experience for me to talk in front of a big crowd” says Justin K.A, a
student from Indonesia who presented interesting facts about his country.
The presentation was a wonderful platform for us to learn about our neighbouring countries
and foreign friends. It was a great success. We look forward to more of such events in future.
by Lee Eng Kiat 2/3
In my opinion, living and studying in a
foreign land is a very exciting experience. I
could say that it is completely different living
here compared to living in my homeland, a
small island located in the Riau province.
Let’s take mode of transport for example. I
used to rely on motorcycle known as “Ojek”
to get me around the island. Here, travelling
on the MRT and SBS bus is the norm. Though
I have many friends here and the standard of
living is better in Singapore, I do miss my
homeland and my family at times.
by Vannyssa Andrison 3/2
Mr Manan
Mrs Y
rs Na
and M
Mrs Ismail
30 years of
Mdm To
Mr Tan Kim Huat
Miss Ka
Ms Zait
Since Ang Mo Kio Secondary School began operating in 1979, it has seen countless
teachers strolling through its corridors, teaching not just subjects but also important life
lessons. Here, we pay tribute to the most stalwart supporters of the school.
Once upon a time
You would never have imagined it but they were once like you, donning the same green
uniform, attending the same school and yes, being taught by the same teachers. Can you
identify them from the following pictures?
old-timers and supporters!
a. Mdm Juliana 1st row, 3rd from left
Mr Tan Wee Meng 3rd row, 2nd from left
c. Miss Ng Kae Peng 1st row, 5th from right
d. Miss Joselyn Lee 1st row, 4th from left
e. Mr Kenny Toh 4th row, 3rd from right and
Mdm Yeo Leng 3rd row, 2nd from left
Learning Journey
were shown the birds of paradise which can be found growing at
several places in Singapore. There was also a bamboo “labyrinth”
used for recreational activities such as yoga. We also smelled laksa
leaves and mint leaves.
The next stop was the Kent Ridge Canopy Walk. It is only a short distance
walk from the HortPark. It was a tiring walk up. Our hard work was paid
off though. The air on top was cool and breezy. While we were walking,
we stopped occasionally to enjoy a bird’s- eye-view of the HortPark
and to take photos of the trees and plants. There was also a resting spot
around the halfway point for tired guests. When the walk ended, we
were at the entrance of the Reflections of Bukit Chandu.
The Learning Journey began on the 21st of January. Everyone with
few exceptions was wearing the class tee and ready for the excursion.
We assembled at the foyer where we were given biscuits, a bottle
of water and a worksheet. We then boarded the bus and headed
towards the Horticultural Park.
When we were in there, we looked at a screen which showed how
the battle for Singapore was fought and the surrender of the British.
There were also sculptures outside which had writings on them.
Next, we went to watch a movie. It showed us what it was like to be
fighting for Bukit Chandu.
After the movie, we walked around to view certain exhibitions such
as a room which features old guns used by the soldiers, both British
and Japanese. Next, we went to see another short animation which
showed us the thoughts of a soldier. These displays showed what it
was like during the war and I was filled with sadness when I learned
of the hardships our forefathers went through.
Finally, we got into a bus and headed for school.
I found the Learning Journey very interesting and it helps me to
learn new things. It was a good opportunity to take learning outside
the confines of the classroom and I hope there will be more such
activities in future.
learning journey
by Ong Wen Shei 2/1
The Horticultural Park, also known as the HortPark, was officially
opened to the public on the 10th of May, 2008. It was built to promote
gardening in Singapore. It is home to many interesting and unusual
types of plants such as the heliconia, candy plant, miraculous berry
as well as a plant which moves to music! The HortPark also boasts
of a showroom which showcases various species of plants, a plant
nursery as well as several greenhouses.
When we got there, we were introduced to our guides and were
split into two groups. We were first shown some low maintenance
plants that were easy to grow. Next we took to the outdoors and
Pameran Seni Dan
Kebudayaan Melayu Di
Hotel Grand Copthorne
Pada 9 November 2008, Sekolah Menengah Ang Mo Kio, telah dijemput untuk mengadakan
satu pameran kecil yang dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Farmakologi Singapura (FAPA) di Hotel
Grand Copthorne. Pada hari tersebut, delegasi-delegasi dari merata negara Asia ke situ untuk
menghadiri Konvensyen bidang Farmasi. Di samping itu, mereka juga akan didedahkan
kepada budaya berbilang bangsa di Singapura. Tema pameran itu ialah kesenian dan
kebudayaan bangsa Melayu. Seramai 13 pelajar dari menengah 2-4 yang terpilih harus
membuat persiapan untuk pameran tersebut.
Beberapa minggu sebelum pameran tersebut, kami mengadakan mesyuarat di sekolah
bersama Cikgu Siti Nadhirah. Kami membahagikan kerja supaya dapat menghabiskannya
secepat mungkin kerana kami tidak mempunyai cukup masa. Kami mengadakan kajian
internet untuk mendapatkan pelbagai informasi yang tepat dan berfaedah untuk membuat
poster-poster bagi pameran tersebut. Kami mengkaji tentang pakaian tradisional, permainan
tradisional dan pelbagai alat muzik melayu. Sikap bekerjasama pada waktu itu amat penting
sekali. Tanpa kerjasama antara rakan-rakan, kami tidak mungkin dapat menyelesaikan
persiapan untuk pameran itu.
Pada hari pameran tersebut, kami memakai pakaian-pakaian tradisional kami ke sekolah
lalu membawa barang-barang yang diperlukan untuk pameran tersebut. Kami berhimpun
di studio tarian untuk bersiap-sedia. Kami juga membawa barang-barang lain ke Foyer, lalu
meletakkannya di dalam bas. Kami menaiki bas ke Hotel Grand Copthorne pada pukul 8 pagi
dengan perasaan ghairah ditemankan oleh Cikgu Nadhirah, Ms Angela Wong dan Mr Jesper.
Semasa kami berada di sana, kami menyiapkan dan menghiasi ruang yang diberikan
kepada kami secepat mungkin. Kami menghiasnya supaya delegasi-delegasi yang datang
akan tertarik hati untuk melihat pameran kami. Tiba masanya waktu rehat dan jamuan
makan tengah hari, kelihatan para delegasi muncul di ruang pameran tersebut. Kami pun
segera memberi layanan yang sepenuh hati kepada delegasi-delegasi itu. Ada yang mencuba
pakaian tradisional yang kami pamerkan lalu mengambil gambar. Ada yang cuba bermain
permainan tradisional dan ada yang melihat alat-alat muzik yang dipamerkan di atas meja
yang dialas dengan kain songket berwarna-warni.
Selain daripada pameran itu, pelajar kumpulan tarian sekolah juga menarikan satu tarian
yang agak unik iaitu Tarian Zapin yang digabungkan dengan pencak silat. Tarian rekaan
Encik Rizman Kassim telah menghiburkan hati delegasi-delegasi tersebut ketika mereka
menjamu selera. Mereka juga dapat mempelajari langkah-langkah tarian itu dan dapat
menari bersama pelajar kumpulan tarian sekolah. Delegasi-delegasi itu kelihatan gembira
dan situasi pada waktu itu sangat meriah. Setelah tamat, mereka memberi tepukan gemuruh
kepada kumpulan tarian kami. Kami tersenyum walaupun berasa amat penat. Kami berasa
sangat gembira kerana dapat menyelesaikan pameran itu dengan riang hati.
Selepas itu, kami pun berhimpun bersama-sama. Cikgu Nadhirah begitu gembira dengan
kelakuan kami pada hari itu. Seorang wakil FAPA pun memuji kami. Kami berbangga sekali
kerana telah mengharumkan nama sekolah dan juga bangsa Melayu.
Melalui pameran ini, kami dapat mempelajari cara berinteraksi bersama delegasi-delegasi
serantau. Ini bukan perkara mudah kerana budi bahasa memainkan peranan penting ketika
berinteraksi antara satu sama lain, terutama yang dewasa. Kami mahu berterima kasih
kepada Cikgu Nadhirah kerana memberi peluang kepada kami meraih pengalaman yang
amat menarik ini.
by Hanis Adibah Bte Md Yusof (3A) and Noraini Bte Razali (3A)
空 荡荡
无树 无花
黑 沉沉
雨过 天晴
把温暖献给土地 和种籽
姓名: 陆洁慧
学生 成长中的种籽
班级: 2/4
chinese poem
我的前方 是疑惑的深谷
犹如木匠般 为我搭起一道道友谊的桥梁 让我有荡气回肠的回忆
宛如石匠般 为我筑起走向道德与自律的虹梯 让我有金石难摧的品格
仿如铁匠般 为我铸起通往人生的康庄大桥 让我有璀璨充实的未来!
姓名: 方丽欣
班级: 4/3
一缕青色的校服 在这里
加上那一道黄色的阳光 我得到了老师细致的关怀
他踏起了我往茂桥中学之路 有教无类
还有那鸟语花香的校园 在这里
他让我享有幸福美好的童年 我获有了全新独家的体验
在这里 知识已快要溢满
友谊万岁 我在这里成长,成熟了
欢笑声无处不在 从懵懂的小女孩
姓名: Wong Jing Yuan
班级: 2A
执着勇敢 勤奋刚强
追逐梦想 环抱希望
姓名: Zhou Fan
班级: 2/3
chinese poem
姓名: 戴晓彤
班级: 2/2
‘O’ Level Results (Express)
The atmosphere was tense in the hall. Everyone was listening avidly to Mdm Tong’s analysis of this year’s result. When
they heard that their cohort had done better than the previous one, a collective heave of relief could be heard and
scattered cheers broke out. Finally, after half an hour, the results were released. Screams of joy could be witnessed
throughout the hall.
by Hana Nordin 4/2
One of those screams of joy came from Dorothy See, a student from 4/5. She was the top student,
obtaining an outstanding score of L1R5 six points! We managed to catch up with her and get an
How does it feel to be the top student?
Dorothy: I feel very happy! I really didn’t expect to do this well!!
How was the suspense of waiting for the results?
Dorothy: I felt very nervous. I was scared that I didn’t do well.
What school are you aiming for?
Dorothy: I’m not too sure. I was planning to see my results before choosing a JC. NJC maybe?
Do you have any tips or advice to give to your juniors?
Dorothy: From my experience, writing notes and regular revision really helps. Intensive studying is
also very important. When you’re unclear about something, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers.
Who would you like to thank?
Dorothy: I would like to thank all my teachers who have helped me, my parents who have always
encouraged me, as well as my close friends who are always studying with me.
Thank you for your time. All the best for your future endeavours!
Overall, our AMKsians did very well for the O Levels. Hopefully, future AMKsians would be able
to do even better!
Note: Dorothy See is currently a student of National Junior College
This year’s round of SYF performance is finally over! Months of
rehearsals and hard work have been repaid with resounding success
on the stage. Below are the results:
Dance (Malay)
Dance (Modern)
Sports Inter-School Competition
Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2008-Silver
Singapore Police Badge Award 2008-Koh Wei En 5B
Red Cross
Excellent Units Award 2008-Gold
Community Service Award 2008-Gold
A production of the Infocomm Media Club
Mr Tan Chee Siong
Mdm Tong Wai Han
‘C’ boys finals
Eugene Lim Kai Jie 2/2 - 400m (4th) & 100m (6th)
Liaw Jian Hui 1B - 200m (7th) & 4 x 100m relay (7th)
Teacher Editors:
Mdm Komathi
Miss Tan Chui Ling
Miss Jin Bei Hua
‘B’ girls finals
Natalie Lee Mei Ying 4/2-200m (8th) & 100m (6th)
Student Reporters:
Brenda Tan Mei Ying 4/4
Hana Nordin 4/2
Hannah Tan Hui Juan 4/2
Zarifah 4/5
Wong Rui Ting, 42
Ng Zhi Yun, 44 Joey Teo 4/1
Lee Eng Kiat 2/3
Elaine Tan 2/2
Jason Zhou 2/2
Stefanie Yeo 1/4
Badminton ‘C’ girls 4th in the South Zone Schools Championship
‘B’ boys 3rd in the South Zone Schools Championship
NCC (Land) Best Unit Competition - Silver
Freestyle drill - 3rd in Central District
Outstanding Cadets’ Award
- MSG Jeffrey Toong Chow Seng 4A & MSG Tan Chin Koon 4/3
50th National Inter-School Track and Field Championship
4 x 100m relay (7th)
School Divisional Ranking - ‘C’ boys: 9th & ‘B’ girls: 12th
‘C’ girls 4th in the South Zone Schools Championship
‘C’ girls 4th in the National Schools Netball Championship
‘B’ girls qualified for semi-finals of the National Schools
Soccer Championship to be held on 20 May 09
‘B’ boys and girls 4th in the South Zone Schools
Volleyball ‘B’ boys 3rd in the South Zone Schools Championship
‘C’ boys 4th in the South Zone Schools Championship
Uniform Groups
Student Photographers: Toh Zhi Yuan 4/1
Liew Han Wei 4/1
a touche design production @ 6743 5450
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)