As the snow melts, members get ready for spring activities



As the snow melts, members get ready for spring activities
The Great Thaw 2015
As the snow melts, members get ready for spring activities
Learn about the people behind Boston’s Autocross courses
Annual recognition of 5-year BMW CCA anniversaries
© 2015 Boston Chapter BMW CCA.
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2 Convenient Locations.
1 Great Service Experience.
When choosing a BMW service center, you want options. BMW of Peabody has 2 service locations with a
combined total of 46 service lifts, 5 programming bays, 18 detail SPA Bays, and numerous customer amenities.
Our BMW factory-trained technicians and award-winning service advisors make it their priority to get you and
your BMW back on the road fast. We are fully staffed to take on any repair needed for your BMW, including
windshield replacements and paintless dent removal.
Now that’s 1st class service.
BMW of Peabody
Sales & Service
221 Andover Street (Route 114), Peabody, MA 01960
BMW of Peabody
Service Center
7 Centennial Drive, Peabody, MA 01960
2 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
Volume 46 No. 2
The Great Thaw 2015
Columns, Updates & Special Features
President’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Fun Rally Update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
IceCross Photo Essay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
North Shore Motor Werks Tech Session. . . . . . . . . 18
The Ultimate Winter Project. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Philes’ Forum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
On Track. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Upcoming Events
The Ultimate Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Membership News & Benefits
Five Year Anniversaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
New Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Member Benefits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Membership Ambassadors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Member Spotlight: Autocross Designers. . . . . . . . 10
Advertisers, Sponsors & Chapter Contacts
Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Boston Chapter Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
BMW Dealers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Chapter Officers and Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
On the Cover
This car seems to tell
the story of how we
all feel about this past
winter, dreary. The
same car was featured in the first issue
I edited for the Boston
Bimmer eight years ago. I’d wanted
to take a new picture of it this winter, but I had to wait until the snow
melted enough for me to navigate
the path off a country road where
it sits. Sadly, this may be the last
winter for this old 2002, because
the property it’s on is being refurbished and I suspect the BMW is
destined to be moved. Even so, its
German durability got it through
the worst winter on record, and it
still has personality!
— Photo by Rachel Oglesby
If you drive on the track, come see us.
We have what you need.
9A Electronics Avenue - Danvers, MA 01923
- 888.467.3269| 3
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begin mid-year are prorated for the remaining number of issues.
Current advertising rates:
The Boston Bimmer publishes 6 issues +
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Black and White Rates
Ad Size 7 Issues
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processed 4 color only.
Ad Size
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To reserve advertising space, please
contact the Boston Bimmer Advertising
Manager through the e-mail link at www., or by mail at P.O. Box
3087, Peabody, MA 01961.
Boston Chapter BMW CCA
The Boston Bimmer is the official publication
of the Boston Chapter, BMW CCA, Inc.
The Boston Chapter and its individual
contributors retain the copyright for all
information, articles and photos included
in the publication in both the print and
electronic versions. Reproduction or other
use of the materials in this publication is
not permitted without the written approval
of the Boston Chapter of the BMW CCA.
Unless otherwise stated, maintenance
and modification procedures herein are
not “Factory Authorized” and their use
may void your BMW warranty. Ideas and
opinions are those of the writers, and no
authentication or approval is implied by
the editor or the Board, who assume no
liability for information contained herein.
The publication is printed 7 times a year
and mailed to members in good standing at
the time of publication.
4 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
President’s Message:
by Simon Cooper
his month’s column will feel a lot like ‘random’ thoughts. But here goes ... the calendar
says its spring. Really? As I sit writing this
column it is the 3 rd day of spring and with the
wind chill it feels like 15 degrees according to the TV people. This winter obviously broke records but had the positive effect that I was able
to spend time with the family relocating snow from around and off
the roof of the house. In the beginning it was interesting watching my
teenage boys learn the intricacies of this antique technology, but by the
end of the first storm they were able to use a snow shovel as well as any
New Englander. However, after 108 inches of snow, I think we can say
that was plenty of snow, thank you.
So let’s talk about the coming season. There are more than 30 events
on our calendar with more to be added as we get closer and details are
finalized. Once again there are track events, autocross and of particular
importance, two Street Survival Schools so that our teens have a chance
to become more confident heads-up drivers.
We also have a lot of social events, meetings and of course the Concours at the Larz Andersen Museum in August. The concours this year
will be sponsored by Turner Motorsport, champions of the 2014 race
season and that means race cars and a whole lot of race team excitement
to add a charge to this already fun event.
Palmer Motorsports Park is opening this spring and with it comes a
whole new location for the chapter to use for our driver education programs both on and off the track. The track will become very popular and
may also be a destination for the club as they add meeting and banquet
facilities. We had a lot of snow (did I mention that?) and our fingers are
crossed that the new track will be ready (in Phase 1) for our first school
in May. Even if you don’t enroll in the school you should come and take
a look that weekend. The engineering effort alone is something to see.
We welcome a new director to our board this year. Michael Mangini
isn’t new to the club and has been involved since 1974, and most recently has been supporting social activities and the Concours. The board
will be attending as many events as possible this year, travel schedules
permitting, so please come and say hello at one of our events. As always
we appreciate your feedback.
We are also working on satisfying a request of many members to
provide our Bimmer magazine electronically and this will have a few
different phases as we work through the options. If you want to set
your preferences for this electronic option today you need to go to the
National website and login with your member ID (create a profile) to
set these preferences. That being said, please look for an email from
the club on this topic. If you don’t want email from the chapter please
change your preferences instead of calling it spam which has a deleterious effect on our email provider.
Okay, enough tangents. Your club is ready for 2015 with a ton of
events, check out the calendar starting on the next page, and sign up for
something new ... then tell a friend and pass it on. ♦
The Ultimate Calendar:
An overview of upcoming events
For details on registration and travel
directions to all Boston Chapter events,
please log on to the Chapter website
at and click on
the event you are interested in on the
calendar of events.
April 11
7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross School
Devens Airport Ayer, MA
April 11
Saturday, separate morning and
afternoon sessions
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Advanced Car Control Clinic (AC3)
at Lime Rock Park, upper lot
60 White Hollow Rd,
Salisbury, CT 06069 USA
(860) 435-5000
April 13
Monday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
White Mountain Chapter Event
White Mountain Driving School
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307
April 18
Saturday, 8:30 - 12:00 noon
Boston Chapter Social Event
Undercarriage Tech Session
at South Shore BMW
1040 Hingham St
Rockland, MA 02370
April 25
Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport, Ayer, MA
April 12
Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Technical Event
Tech Session on Detailing & Clear
Film Application
Protective Solutions
215 Hopping Brook Road
Holliston, MA 01746
May 2
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Technical Event
Paintless Dent Removal Tech Session
Dent Craft
286 Park St.
North Reading, MA 01864
April 12
Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Indoor Karting Championship Round
at F1 Boston
290 Wood Road
Braintee, MA 02184
(781) 848-2300
May 4 - May 5
Monday - Tuesday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Driving School
at Watkins Glen International
2790 County Route 16
Watkins Glen, NY 14891
Undercarriage Tech Sessions :
North Shore Motor Werks
Saturday, April 25
8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
You won’t want to miss this event, it
promises to be both fun and educational.
Tech sessions fill up fast, so sign up early!
This event is limited to the first twelve
current BMW CCA members to sign up.
James Hart the owner of the shop
has graciously consented to having 3
Technicians available to help out that day.
In order to attend you must sign up on the
Chapter Website at
org and be a current BMW CCA member.
The Close Date for the Event will be
Thursday, April 23rd, and participants will
be assigned a time slot on a first come
served basis by Friday, April 24th.
All cars will have a complete undercarriage
inspection by Technicians; they will make
recommendations based on what they
observe. If you need to cancel please do
so before the Close Date (4/23) so another
person can take your slot.
There is a 10 % discount on BMW Parts and
Service at all times for current BMW CCA
members. Coffee & bagels will be available
courtesy of owner James Hart.
Dent Craft Dent Removal
Saturday, May 2
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Matt Ligor proprietor of Dent Craft will
again welcome Boston Chapter Members
to his business site in North Reading 01864
to remove those irritating dents on our
vehicles. This Event has a limit of 15 current
BMW CCA members only. Matt has been
in the business for fifteen years doing this
type of work.
You must sign up on the Chapters Website
Registration Page in order to attend. You will
be assigned an appointment time between
9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and will receive a notice
about your appointment time on Wednesday,
April 29th. Time slots will be based on sign
up. The earlier you sign up, the earlier your
appointment will be. Time slots will be sent
out on Friday, May 1st. If you have to cancel
please do so on the Chapter Website as soon
as possible so someone can take your place.
The fee is $65.00 per panel payable to Matt
at the Event!
Coordinator for both events: John Sullivan | 5
The Ultimate Calendar, continued
For details on registration and travel
directions to all Boston Chapter events,
please log on to the Chapter website
at and click on
the event you are interested in on the
calendar of events.
May 16
Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross School
Devens Airport Ayer, MA
May 16
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Street Survival - Advanced Driving
Safety for Teens
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307 USA
May 29 - May 31
Friday - Sunday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Inaugural Driving School
at Palmer Motorsports Park
58 West Ware Road
Palmer MA 01082
May 31
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport, Ayer, MA
June 13
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
ADSS School
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307 USA
6 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
June 26 - June 28
Friday - Sunday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Summer Solstice Driving School at
Palmer Motorsports Park
58 West Ware Road
Palmer MA 01082
June 27
Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
July 12
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
July 26
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
August 16
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
August 18
Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
LOUD at Lime Rock Park
60 White Hollow Road
Lakeville, CT 06039
(860) 435-5000
September 12
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Street Survival - Advanced Driving
Safety for Teens
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307 USA
September 13
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
September 18 - September 20
Friday - Sunday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Fall Spectacular Driving School
at Palmer Motorsports Park
58 West Ware Road
Palmer MA 01082
September 27
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Special Event
Cross-Club Team Competition
Devens Airport Ayer, MA
October 18
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
October 30 - November 1
Friday - Sunday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
White Mountain Chapter Event
White Mountain Driving School
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307
603-783-4744 ♦
Members reaching 5-year milestones in 2014
The Boston Chapter is proud to be the oldest Chapter of the BMW CCA with many long standing members.
Each year we salute those members who reached important anniversary dates in the year past. If you know
one of these members, please congratulate them on their milestone. (Compiled by Rachel Baker)
45 Years
Joseph Chamberlain
Donald Guertin
Michael Izor
Robert Mehrman
James Ritchie
40 Years
Burton Cusner
Richard Ferrante
Gene Muller
Richard Plotkin
Peter Sexton
Richard Steiger
25 Years
Alan Anacki
Timothy Blanchard
Kathryn DeSousa
Roberto DeSousa
Joseph Flynn
Robert Gilday
Dan Guliano
Richard Hall
Raymond Harrison
Robert Karol
William Kaupinis
Stephen Lewenberg
Doug Lumoa
James Lynch
Jeffrey Mann
Richard O’Dwyer
Ray Schmit
Barry Tarr
Kenneth Urban
Kenneth Warnock
Keith Whittles
20 Years
Bernhard Berner
Monty Brandenberg
Duncan Burke
Thomas Burke
William Carlson
Matthew Cerne
Steen Christensen
Ed Collins
30 Years
Robert Barrington
Peter Ceriani
Stuart Cooperrider
Charles Counselman
James Dolan
Ronald Fera
Joe Gately
Phil Gaudet
Gary Keyes
David Lougee
Scott Low
John Patton
Jeffrey Schreisheim
Milt Schwenk
Augustus Wagner
George Weiss
20 years continued
Jim Connell
Albert Croteau
Anthony Curreri
Robin Dziuba
Read Fleming
Rick Gilbert
Jonathan Grasz
Nicholas Guise
Mohamed Haider
Wensel Hobson
Steven Howard
Marc Huaman
James Jenney
Jay Jungalwala
Jeffrey Kalowski
Alex Lee
Thomas Lesko
Louise Lopman
Betty McClanahan
Vincent Muscolino
David Myers
Frank Neuman
William O’Dell
Alan Polo
Steven Rysz
Robert Spagnolo
John Stellberger
Thomas Tate
Steve Towers
Daniel Vooys
15 Years
David Agoada
Frank Bailey
Warren Barnes
Michael Barton
Michael Brankert
Jonathan Bretz
William Burns
Chris Capozzoli
Kathleen Caruso
Jan Casagrande
Robert Cerchione
Dan Chadwick
Kee Chan
David Chase
Andrew Chen
Stanley Chin
Raymond Chung
Jason Cohen
Simon Cooper
Richard Corelle
George Courvile
Stephen Cristofori
Jonathan Cue
Adalberto Diaz
Brian Dick
Nicholas Didonna
Jeff Donnelly
Bill Dooley
David Dougherty
Andrew Evans
Allison Feldhusen
Bob Fleck
Dennis Friedman
Nobuyuki Fujita
Richard FGeier
Ari Georgitsis
Ronald Greco
Frederick Greulich
Peter Greven
James Grubman
John Hairabet
Doug Harris
Steven Hazard
Thomas Herrernan
Mark Heslop
Ralph Hirsch
Daniel Hochman
James Holdman
Christian Iantosca
Robert Imperato
Tom Jin
Norman Kaplan
John Kenyon
Norayr Kocharyan
Maxwell Koehler
Daniel Kulp
Roberta Lang
Richard Lemieux
Roderick Lichtenfels
Simon Lloyd
Rolfe Lofmark
Stephen Lotterhand
Thomas Louie
David Lynch
George Mabry
Edward Marchwicki
Robert McAllister
Robert McClanaghan
Sean McDermott
Ken Mental
Tremont Miao
David Michael
James Molloy
Barry Montgomery
Jonathan Moulton
Rudy Mutter
Stephen Naber
Phil Neray
Nicholas Nurnberg
Lyle Nyberg
Mark O’Connor
Edward Polansky
Bruce Raphael
Llanda Richardson
Bill Rousseau
David Schutz
Sanjeev Seereeram
Rich Siegel
Scott Skowronski
Tom St. Jean
Richard Stevens
Carl Stjernfeldt
Milan Stojanovic
David Tacelli
Edward Theberge
Dion Tsourides
Luc Van Anderlecht
Lazarus Vekiarides
Henry Wallace
Alan Wong
Andrew Wong
Sharon Wulf
Stanley Wulf
Shirley Yang
Ken Yates
Chris Young
10 Years
John Adams
Bruce Anderson
Peter Au
Thomas Aubee
Gary Banker
Kim Basu
Howard Belkin
Alan Breitman
William Brundige
James Caplan
John Carlson
Jason Catlender
David Chabot
Mark Chambers
Alex Cherkassky
Cynthia Chick
Claude Clerc
Mary Clerc
Philip Cole
Jonathan Cowen
Brian Day
Michael Devine
David Dudley
Jennifer Dudley
Chelinde Edouard
Rick Everett
Douglas Fiebelkorn
Rondeau Flynn
Walter Forget
Bruce Forman
John Foulkes
Dan Freney
Michael Gardener
Derrick Garrett
David Gasparoni
Elizabeth Goldstein
Al Graff
Thomas Graziano
Bryan Hartling
Beth Heinrich
James Hill
Charles Ho
Thomas Hoopes
Lewis Huynh
Mark Kairis
Aleksandra Kocia
Andrzej Kocja
Greg Koester
Jeffrey Kotce
James Kulp
Eric Lee
Zackary Lesko
James Levine
Timothy Lindsay
Chih-Chi Liu
Jefferson Longfellow
Al Lubrano
Clifford Marks
Jeremy Mazzariello
Eduardo McIntosh
Andrew Miller
James Moore
John Morrissey
Seth Moyer
Vijay Narayanasamy
Andrew Nason
Mathew Nieman
Sean O’Callaghan
Thomas O’Donnell
Wayne Olejnik
Nick Pappas
Carole Parisi
Rob Pascal
Eric Paskerian
Dan Pearce
Marilyn Perry
Raymond Perry
John Pierog
Anatoly Podstrelov
Jeff Pritchard
David Quinlan
Mary Riotte
Mark Roman
Edward Salamy
Michael Silva
Lilyane Soltz
Peter Soltz
Jim Souza
Kenneth Stambaugh
Andy Thayer
Cheuk Wai To
J. Curtis Varone
Vickie Wallin
Josh Wardell
Bill Wickham
Thomas Winterhalter
James Woodburn
Geoff Worrell
Emily Young
Penn Young ♦ | 7
Why join BMW CCA?
Why join the BMW Car Club of America?
Because your membership will add to
your enjoyment of one of the world’s
finest automobiles, and you can take
advantage of the many Club services that
are available.
Whether you own a brand-new BMW /
MINI or a classic ­model, whether you’re
interested in technical information, driving
challenges, interaction with other owners, or
consumer tips, the Club is here to serve you.
Your membership will bring you 12
issues of Roundel magazine, filled
with maintenance tips, new product
information and the latest BMW news.
Your membership entitles you to:
• Boston Chapter members
receive 7 issues of the Boston
Bimmer magazine
• discounts on parts and supplies
• free classified ads
• driving schools at internationally
renowned race tracks
• autocross events
• fun rallies
• technical tips and information
• tech sessions
• social events
• outstanding National
events like Oktoberfest
To join, log onto www. BMWCCA. org or
call (800) 878-9292.
Membership rewards:
You may be eligible to receive an allowance
based on the purchase or lease of a new
or certified pre-owned BMW through an
authorized U. S. dealer. A membership
in the BMW CCA of one year or more
immediately preceding the purchase date of
the vehicle is required to take advantage of
this program. A member in good standing
cannot have any lapse in membership
during that 12 month period. For more
information, log onto www. BMWCCA. org.
8 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
New Members
Get to know your neighbors!
New members join the Boston Chapter
every day, but they won’t stay unless they
find a reason to stay! So, check out the list
that follows (alphabetized by hometown),
and reach out to new members in your area.
Hopefully we’ll see you both at one of our
future events!
New CT Members Hometown
Stephen Szarkowicz
Putnam, CT
New MA Members Hometown
Bradley Bibb
Kevin Kennedy
Troy Moulton
Elizabeth Merchant
Kevin Merchant
Andover, MA
Ashland, MA
Attleboro, MA
Auburn, MA
Auburn, MA
Deborah Fearon
Tiago Vieira
Dave Enyedy
Meredith Hendrix
Mark Hannum
John DiBitetto
Joshua Homen
Robert Volk
Milan Raj
Milton Braxton
John Fein
Mark Smith
Brent Waniga
Rick Waniga
Zoe Harris
Lia Ciemny
John Grohol
Austin Leonard
H Carlton Neuben
Leandro Santos
Billerica, MA
Bolton, MA
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Boylston, MA
Bradford, MA
Braintree, MA
Brookline, MA
Cambridge, MA
Canton, MA
Carver, MA
Charlestown, MA
Concord, MA
Fall River, MA
Forestdale, MA
Groton, MA
Groveland, MA
Hanscom AF Base, MA
Hyannis, MA
Hyannis, MA
Specialty services include:
- Inspection I and II - BMW Service
- Engine service, build & install
- Brake replacement and fluid
- Suspension upgrades (Factory
and/ or aftermarket)
- performance tuning (vi-Pec/ link/
syvecs/ motec/aem/hondata/
perfect power)
- Custom fabrication and welding
services (mig/tig)
-wheel sales & repair-straightening, refinishing, balancing and alignments.
-air conditioning diagnostic repair
-factory trained & certified technicians
-factory level diagnostic equipment
-bmw cca, Porsche and NASA Authorized tech center
-MA state inspections
-Auto detailing & supplies
We are fully
licensed, insured
and incorporated
860 East Street
Tewksbury, Ma 01876
Robert Schneider
Ethan Rosenbaum
Paulo Dias
Bob Hennigar
Alexander Falk
Nora Falk
George Moniz
Saeed Coates
Barbara McFall
Maria Rossman
Putnam McDowell
Mark Alford
Robert Falcone
Alick Yellick
Aaron Knight
Jan Vaccari
David Tierney
Steve Errico
Joseph Traut
Mark Rosen
Ferdinand Sabelis
Ed Bresnahan
Kermit Dubois
Justin Miller
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Ollis
Karl Brown
Robert Bickford
Margaret Dennis
Matthew McGovern
Corey Millos
Lexington, MA
Lowell, MA
Ludlow, MA
Malden, MA
Marblehead, MA
Marblehead, MA
Marblehead, MA
Medford, MA
Middleton, MA
Natick, MA
New Bedford, MA
Newbury, MA
North Attleboro, MA
Northborough, MA
Norwell, MA
Royalston, MA
Sandwich, MA
Saugus, MA
Sharon, MA
Southborough, MA
Sturbridge, MA
Sudbury, MA
Sudbury, MA
Swansea, MA
Walpole, MA
Walpole, MA
Watertown, MA
Weston, MA
Winchester, MA
Woburn, MA
Worcester, MA
New NH Members Hometown
Christopher Lane
Manchester, NH
New RI Members Hometown
Chris Aguiar
Robert Casola
Mike Morelli
David Edmonson
Phillip Rich
Anthony Solitro
Donald Melsrose
Bristol, RI
Charlestown, RI
Coventry, RI
North Kingstown, RI
North Kingstown, RI
Warwick, RI
West Kingston, RI
The following members went
the extra mile to recruit one
or more members.
Ivars Avots
Michael Buscemi
Christopher Casola
Michael Thomas Crane
Mark Enyedy
Judy Hannum
Brian Iaguessa
Andrew Kholodov
Tony Lam
Joseph Lauria
Tommy K Leonard
David Mirabelli
Megan Nicholls
Kristen Sabelis
Joel Szarkowicz
Real Advice.
Real Results.
When you are really ready
to buy or sell, I’m available
to make it really happen.
Specializing In:
Back Bay
Bay Village
Beacon Hill
Leather District
North End
South End
Search all MLS listings at
Robb Cohen
Principal · Broker
9 Newbury Street, 2nd Floor
Mobile +1-617-962-0142
[email protected]
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independently owned and operated. Engel & Völkers and its
independent License Partners are Equal Opportunity
Employers and fully support the principles of the Fair
Housing Act.
Contact the membership
chairperson at [email protected]
Name change?
Address changes:
If you are experiencing mailing issues or need
to change your mailing address please contact
the National Office at (864) 250-0022 or www.
BMWCCA. org. All address changes must be
made through the National Office. The Boston
Chapter address list is updated monthly by
the National office, to insure that the Boston
Bimmer is delivered to your doorstep.
If you have questions about Boston Chapter
events and communications, contact a Chapter
representative, using the instructions below.
Contacting the Boston Chapter
board and event coordinators:
Boston Chapter Officers and committee
members can be reached by clicking the
E-mail link beside their name on the
club website,
org/people/index.aspx. The chapter
president may be reached at 508-7881314, the membership chairperson can
be reached at 774-226-9540, by email at
[email protected] or by
mail at P.O. Box 3087, Peabody, MA 01961.
Family members can
join at a discount.
Associate memberships:
Spouses and children (of driving age) can join
the BMW CCA for a reduced fee and receive
membership benefits including membership
discounts and rewards. To enroll a family
member as an associate member, log onto
www. BMWCCA. org or call (800) 878-9292. | 9
Member Spotlight:
The faces behind our challenging Autocross Courses
Story by Rachel Baker
Photos by Chang Ho Kim & Brian Harrington
o you’ve shown up to the Autocross and found
a fun and challenging course awaiting you. Have
you ever wondered how it got there, and by whom?
Sure, you show up to a racetrack knowing what to expect, but at Autocross every event brings a new course
adventure. Let’s meet the members behind the Boston
BMW CCA Autocross Course Design Team.
Meet designer: Rob MacAlpine
Rob MacAlpine joined the Boston BMW CCA in 1995,
and although his main interest is the Autocross program
he also has participated in the karting
events. He owns two Mazda Miatas (a
very popular autocross car), a Toyota
pickup truck (for towing, and general
travel), and a Honda Motorcycle. Rob
started autocrossing over twenty years
ago, and began autocross course design back in 1995, because not only
was he autocrossing with the Boston
Chapter, but he was also a founding
member of the Renegade Miata Club,
which also holds Autocross events at
the Devens location.
A good course, according to Rob, is
one that has elements for all types of
cars. You need speed and handling elements, so no one car has an advantage.
Rob says the way he learned course design is a good starting point for people
who are interested, “attend many event
10 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
and see all the different ideas and remember to make
transitions visible. Trying to get the correct spacing is
the biggest problem for most.”
Meet designer: Scruffy Lefebvre
Stephen “Scruffy” Lefebvre had enjoyed a handful of
track days in 2006, and at the start of the 2007 season
found himself with a brand new Viper Green Porsche
GT3 RS. Sadly, the Porsche was also followed by a note
from his doctor forbidding him from participating at
track days. He tried autocross with the Porsche club
and liked it a lot, enough to join the BMW club so he
could attend their events as well. He attended about 30
events in his first season. Good people and good fun,
and very safe.
At the start of the 2010 season he was asked to take
over course design for NCR Porsche, because he had
run so many events with other clubs and Joe Kraetsch,
NCR autocross chair, thought he would do well with
it. About a month into the 2010 season he was also assigned to the course design team for Boston Chapter
autocross. He read what he could about course design
and made a fairly accurate CAD map of the site. He
found the CAD system to be an easy way to design
courses based on distance, speed, angle, and more important, make notes on how each event ran. If an area
was too tight or too fast he made a note for future reference. He designed in feet so calculations of speed are a
bit easier, but his course maps are printed out having
distances in paces to make course layout easy.
Scruffy currently designs courses for BMW, both
Porsche clubs, and many courses for the Cumberland
Motor Club in Maine. He says that for him the three
most important things about course design are: 1) It
must be safe for drivers and workers. 2) It must be
challenging. 3) It must be fun for the majority of the
drivers there.
Meet designer: Justin Chen
Justin Chen, the newest addition to the Boston BMW
CCA autocross course design team, joined in 2011 with
an original interest in doing the Advanced Driver Skills
School (ADSS) to improve his driving. Having really
enjoyed the small autocross course they set up at these
events, he decided in 2012 to attend the Autocross Season Events. His first year he attended almost all the
clubs that were based at Devens and did four autocross
schools, and twenty normal events. At the end of the
2013 Season he was already instructing, and invited to
assist in course set-up. His introduction to course setup was to follow Rob and Scruffy, and learn the general
process and procedures for laying out a course. Following them as they laid out the course was useful in
learning to think about what needs to go into a successful course. He mentions the many things to consider as
On this previous page (from top to bottom)
• Justin Chen tests one of our stellar Autocross courses.
• Scruffy Lefebvre gets ready to set down the cones for one of his
awesome computer aided designs.
On this page: Rob MacAlpine walks the course between runs to
insure its accuracy from one run to the next.
a course designer: course safety, spin zones, equality
between power and momentum cars, visual placement
of the cones, and most importantly course flow. He says
that laying out a course at Devens is unique challenge
due to the fact that it is a runway, as opposed to the
big open lots most clubs use. Justin currently drives
his STR (SCCA-prep) 2006 Honda S2000, and still daily
drives his original car, a Lexus IS300 Sportcross.
Things to think about
There are a few things to think about should you want
to try course designing. First you need to be one of
the very first people to arrive at the site because there
are a lot of cones to place. They are there in complete
darkness early and late in the season. You need to be extremely dependable. Late or no show can really screw
up an event for everybody. You also need thick skin
because even if the majority likes the course, a few will
not. Those who win will have liked it, those that didn’t
win, not so much.
You can see how much work goes into an Autocross
course, whether you like it or hate it. You’ll never please
everyone, but when everything comes together you can
feel how great that run was! ♦
About the author: Rachel Baker has been a
BMW CCA member since 2008 when she
bought her 2008 135i. She is currently the
registrar for the Boston Chapter Autocross
Program and was elected to the Chapter
Board in 2014 as the Membership Chairperson. When she isn’t on the track she spends
time with her Pug and Bunny, and her 135i
shares the garage with a Ducati and Vespa in Westford, MA. | 11
70 H i c H b o r n S t r e e t , b r i g H t o n MA • 617-206-4604
† BMW and Porsche Service with factory tools and
recommended procedures
† Prompt, professional and personalized service,
the way the manufacturer intended
† Experience with both street and competition cars
† 20 year BMW CCA and PCA members, SCCA members since 1990
Boston’s finest independent BMW and Porsche service center
Waiting room with WIFI • Local drop-off and pickup • Private, Safe Parking
12 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
Fun Rally Update:
Beach Woods October 2014
Story by Eduardo McIntosh & Marcy Venezia
n a sunny day in October, 40 Members of the Boston Chapter met at Turner Motorsport to begin a
Fun Rally. When we arrived, we were all treated to
a tour of Turner Motorsport including a close-up look
at their race cars and racing equipment plus the custom
cars we all want on our wish-list.
Turner Motorsport welcomed us
Jay Baier, Director of Marketing was kind enough to
open the shop on a Saturday for us; and he treated us
to coffee and donuts while we drooled over the many
cars at the shop. He explained how the racing program
was going, and the time and effort that it takes to be
winners year after year.
Over the river and through the woods
After taking some pictures we took off on the Rally
route. The Rally took us over the Merrimack River a
number of times, and through Amesbury and Merrimack. Along the way we visited West Newbury and
also went into New Hampshire by way of Route 1.
Some of the questions on our Fun Rally Survey included questions about singing farms, a rock village
and pipe staff horses. We also learned that you can
get vegetables and ice cream at the same place in West
Newbury at Artichokes and Turkey Hill.
The trip took us to Salisbury Beach, the Hamptons and
the quaint town of Portsmouth, NH. It was surprising to
see how different the character of each community is as
we drove along the beach from town to town. For instance, Salisbury had hundreds of stores along the beach
and the names were often references to famous places
or misspellings of common names. On the other hand,
South Beach (Eduardo’s favorite because it reminds
him of his Cuban roots) had Mama Leones, the Moulton
Hotel and the Seven Gables. The Hampton beaches in-
sisted that only quiet motorcycles can be used. One you
can drive is the BMW K1200GT motorcycle.
Our final stop: Exeter, NH
We finished at Las Olas Taqueria in Exeter, which is a
quaint little town that is home Exeter Academy. It was
there that the winners were announced ... drum roll please:
first place was Rachel Baker and David White, second place
Michael and Susan Mangini and third place went to Melissa and Adam Root. Thanks to all that participated. ♦
On this page from top to bottom:
• Marcy Venezia takes a picture of the group waiting for the
event to begin outside of the Turner Mortorsport facilities.
• Our cars were lined up ready for our adventure, and almost
looked like the eye-candy in Turner’s showroom.
• The Turner’s tour was a highlight of the trip, and the coffee
and doughnuts were an added perk. | 13
IceCross: Wait, what did I miss?
Fun and learning while you’re slipping and sliding!
Story by Sarah & Stan Jackson, photo essay by Richard Viard
nstead of spending your winter dreaming of summer, black asphalt, and hot sunny driving events,
you should have participated in an IceCross to hone
your car control skills in a fun, low-pressure environment! IceCrossing teaches drivers how to handle their
vehicles on ice and snow – making them better drivers
on all road surfaces. And you get to do it on a frozen
lake, even when it’s near the end of March!
New name, but same fun event
Formerly called IceRacing, this year’s four IceCross
events on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire offered
a variety of challenging driving surfaces from very
slick to moderate traction, and even one course that
14 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015 | 15
had sections which drove like a dirt track. Every
course offers different tests of driving skill and
a variety of learning opportunities for car control, providing IceCross participants with a broad
spectrum of driving experiences.
Equal parts fun and education
IceCrossing is all about having fun and learning!
Our Instructors collectively have many years of
IceCrossing and performance driving experience
with different types of cars. They coach both new
and experienced IceCross participants to help
them develop those all important car control
skills. Instructors are available to all participants
at any time during an IceCross.
Conditions can vary dramatically, but that is
part of the challenge and experience. It’s rare
that we can promise exactly what to expect at an
IceCross other than a lot of fun and camaraderie!
Douglas Luoma
West Quincy Motors, Inc.
Full service automotive repair.
Specializing in German and Swedish motorcars.
Quality pre-owned cars.
55 Garfield Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
16 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
Telephone: (617) 773-3900
Fax: (617) 773-5422
Email: [email protected]
Timothy J. Kachel
617 - 759 - 8973
[email protected]
Next winter, instead of sitting on the couch
with a helmet on your head, bring your winter vehicle, whether it is a BMW or not, invite
your friends, and come to New Hampshire
for a Boston Chapter BMW CCA IceCross! ♦
About the photographer: French born club member
Richard Viard found a way to combine two of his
many hobbies, cars and photography, by participating
in HPDEs and autocross, and recently added IceCross
to the menu. You can find more photos of his work
at and listen to his music
at In his stable: 1995
Porsche 911, 1998 BMW Z3, and a 2010 Golf GTi.
(781) 324-9831
FAX 324-1804 | 17
Undercarriage Tech Session:
at North Shore Motor Werks
Story by Jack Woods
never get a chance to get under my
car” was the expression heard from
two of our 11 participants at the undercarriage Tech Session at North Shore Motor
Werks in Peabody on Saturday, December
6 th. From as far away as Seekonk, MA and
Kittery, ME and driving 1, 3, and 5 series,
an M3 (250,000 miles), an M5, a MINI and a
X3, the members had the opportunity to have
the technicians at North Shore Motor Werks
inspect the undercarriage and under hood
areas of their cars.
Owner James Hart and his two technicians,
Nate Cousins and Jorgo Collaku along with
On this page from top to bottom:
• James Hart shows Robert Schifiliti results on the
scan tool hooked up to his X3 as Jim Shepard
looks on.
• James makes a note for Sasha Velic’s M5 as Tom
Yee looks on.
• James Hart points out issues with Elise Gilbert
regarding her 98 M3.
On the next page from left to right:
• Jorgo Collaku works on Vladimir Levantovski’s 540.
• John Charmanski inspects the front end of Tom
Yee’s E46 M3.
18 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
James’ friend John Charmanski inspected each car with
care and knowledge. Having many years of experience
working with MINIs and BMWs the technicians know
exactly what the traditional problems are and where to
look for issues.
Participants got thorough feedback
James and his wife Melinda had each participant fill out
an information sheet which included an email address
so that James could send an email detailing his findings
on each vehicle for follow up by the owner. The technicians pointed out the current issues with each vehicle
and recommended repair procedures. They also educated us and made us aware of the potential issues of
each year and model and what to look for.
A great facility, team and location
The three bay garage has room for four cars and three
lifts and is very well organized and offers a clean work
environment. The location is easily accessible from 128,
95 and Route 1. The event ran very smoothly and the
relaxed atmosphere of the shop and the technicians
added to the enjoyment of all participants.
The event ran from 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and a
few attendees stayed for the entire event. There was
lots of good BMW, MINI and general car conversation
and almost all participants stayed and mingled for a
while after their cars were done. Coffee and Bagels
with cream cheese was made available by James and
Melinda for refreshments.
The club would like to thank James and Melinda and
the crew for a very successful event and I’m sure we
will be back at this location in the future for additional
tech sessions. ♦
you trust.
Genuine BMW
[email protected]
Best price guarantee n No sales tax
PO Box 694
South Hadley, MA 01075
(413) 539-4382
“Because It’s OK To Love Your Car”
Peake Research Tools Authorized Dealer
Use Coupon Code
FREE USA Shipping
800.535.2002 | | 19
My M3 Engine Seized!
... creating the “Ultimate” winter project
Story and photos by Jeffrey Ippolito
y engine seized! No way, I thought that could
only happen after getting your gas tank sugared.
I’ve always driven my cars within their operational limits, more so on the higher end of those limits mind
you, but never to experience any major events. That
is, until a warm summer day this past August. Clack,
clack ... pfff. Yes, the 4.0L V8 S65 Engine in my 2008
M3 signed off, checked out, punched its card… just like
that. It stopped turning at 94,000 miles, still somewhat
of a proverbial spring chicken in this day and age.
It was death without warning
Speaking of this day and age, it’s pretty ironic that with
all of the sophisticated warning chimes, lights and seat
electrocution probes our cars are equipped with, my engine died without a single peep or flash (or shock), nor
any fault codes logged to boot. Nope, this was a good old
fashioned mechanical failure. Disappointing for sure, but
following the initial shock – and I think it was just how
quickly upon seizure a motor could go from running to
absolute silence that surprised me the most—I got pretty
excited about tearing into it.
20 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
The culprit was a “spun” connecting
rod bearing. This can happen following
a slow layer by layer wearing of one or
more of the connecting rod top and bottom bearing shells. In the case of my
engine, the bottom shell of the number 4
connecting rod wiggled loose and spun
up underneath the top. This in essence
created a binding pinch on the crankshaft
journal, upon which the connecting rod
and its bearings move, and the motor was
no longer able to turn.
Should you be worried?
Is it typical for connecting rod bearings,
or any of the major bearings of an engine to wear to the
point of failure at 94,000 miles? Not really, but the highrevving, naturally aspirated S65 V8 engine that makes
all E9X M3 owners smile with each shift is definitely a
unique machine. Debates have ensued as to whether the
clearances designed into the bottom end of the S65 are
adequate enough, meaning perhaps there is not enough
room for oil to move in and out of the spaces between the
connecting rod bearings and the crankshaft and too much
actual metal to metal contact is happening.
While my failure is not the first for
these motors, there are others who
have logged twice as many miles
without issue. More evidence is required to render judgment. A simple
swap with new connecting rod bearings wouldn’t mend my engine,
because severe surface damage to
the crankshaft journal also requires
replacement or machining of the
So, I now had an opportunity to
rebuild the motor. In collaboration
with some independent builders of
high performance engines, perhaps
we’ll learn something in terms of optimizing the clearances of this motor
and be able to contribute meaningfully to the debate.
Use Member discounts!
Meanwhile, there was no way I could
just leave my M parked without life
while I played engine doctor. No
way, I needed an interim solution,
allowing the car to breathe life again,
and allowing me the time to diligently rebuild the broken motor, learn
valuable information and actually
enjoy the process! Well, in case you
forgot, many fine automotive establishments in the Greater Boston area
offer healthy discounts to BMW CCA
members, and while 20% off parts
is enough to take the edge of off the
notoriously pricey genuine BMW
parts, it equates to several thousand
On this page from top to bottom:
• The Piston/Connecting Rod assembly
showing the correct position of the
upper and lower bearing shells. This
assembly is attached to its respective
Crankshaft journal.
• Piston/Connecting Rod assembly
showing a “spun” bearing where the
lower bearing spun up under the top.
• Damaged crankshaft journal following the bearing failure
Previous page:
• Jeff’s 2008 M3 as it looks fully
assembled. | 21
dollars when it comes to buying a complete
replacement power plant – a motor in a box
– straight from across the pond. Better yet, I
treated myself to this early Christmas present when BMW of Peabody offered 25% off
parts during the Q4 General Meeting they
hosted this past December.
An engine in a box
Yes, an engine in a box. Most people call
replacement motors “crate engines”, but
there was no crate, and aside from the pallet upon which it sat, the motor was in a
cardboard box. If it wasn’t for the image of
the motor printed on the side of it, I would
have mistaken it for a dishwasher. Lucky as
well, I wasn’t pressured into buying a 1 or 2
year “extended service” plan. Unlike with
a dishwasher, the BMW Factory replacement engine came with a 2 year warranty
already included, and that’s not all. What
I discovered when I opened the box, and
substantiated by the good folks at BMW of
Peabody, the replacement engine is shipped
from the Factory such that any hole out of
which fluids could seep is plugged. And
not just with disposable plastic fittings or
fancy tape, but with the actual sensors that
belong in the holes! Camshaft position sensors, VANOS solenoids, oil pressure switch,
just to name a few, and even the $300 plus,
dipstick-obsolescing oil level sensor us late
model BMW owners have come to love … or
hate. Yep, that one plugs a big old hole right
in the very bottom of the oil pan. They definitely want to seal that one up for the long
trip across the Atlantic.
The replacement engine wasn’t exactly
plug and play, but following a swap of the
throttle bodies, exhaust headers, vibration
damper, flywheel, clutch and wiring harness,
the shiny new engine was, well, covered top,
bottom and sides by old and dirty components … but alas, was ready to pop back in!
On this page from top to bottom:
• (Inset) A genuine BMW replacement powerplant – a motor in a box.
• And finally, a look inside the box.
• Front subfame assembly with motor and
transmission lowered from and raised back
under the car.
22 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
Off with the old, in with the new
A lot of the time, we hoist engines out of the
top of the car, but with the right equipment
and a few extra bolts, the front subframe
assembly of the M3, with the engine and
transmission still mounted to it, comes down
out of the car very neatly, allowing for very
easy and accessible work. Old engine off
and new engine on and the assembly was
raised back up under the car. After all bolts
were torqued to spec and important fluids
were added, the time came to push the magic
ignition button.
Push the button?
I have to admit I experienced the same knotting sensation in the pit of my stomach that
I did the last time I sat in the driver’s seat of
my M, trying to process what had happened
following seizure of the engine. A little deep
breathing and I coaxed myself into finally
pushing that button.
Besides a little moaning and groaning
from the power steering pump, the engine
roared. No really, I’m not using that verb
metaphorically. This V8 engine really does
roar and that is after all what makes it all
worth it.
Next up for fun projects, the rebuild of the
broken motor. But for now, my M is all ready
for the Track and Autocross season. See you
all out there! ♦
About the Author: An ex-ski
racer and now mechanical
engineer, Jeff Ippolito joined
BMW CCA in 2014 to combine all things mechanical
with going fast and having
fun. Jeff lives with his wife
and 4 year old daughter in
Boston’s North End and
looks forward to meeting many more Boston members and supporters of the Motorsport community.
On this page from top to bottom:
• Front view of subframe assembly being raised
back under the car.
• Jeff is pictured here as he is close to having all the parts swapped out and ready for
installation. | 23
Philes’ Forum: Managing BMW’s hub-centric wheel design
– Story and photos by Vic Lucariello
ello, bimmerphiles! Hopefully by the time you
read this the weather will have moderated. As I
type, the outdoor temperature is 8° F and a foot
of snow is forecast for overnight. The irony here is that
Joanne and I returned to Joisey from out West because
the winters can be bad out there! Anyhow, this time out
I have a seemingly necessary reprise of a topic that has
been addressed numerous times.
Based upon what I see in my shop, and given the
number of new-member names I see published in the
MA Bulletin every issue, it seems that some tips published in Philes’ Forum bear repeating from time to time.
in the wheel and the pilot on the hub (a “Scotch-Brite”
pad works well), and sparingly apply some water-resistant grease to both surfaces. See Photo #1. In extreme
Hub-centric vs. lug-centric
BMW, along with other manufacturers, uses a rather
tight fit between the pilot bore in the road-wheel and
the pilot on the hub flange. This is called a “hub-centric“ design, and I think it locates the wheel on the hub
more precisely than does the “lug-centric” design used
by some other manufacturers, including some manufacturers of aftermarket wheels.
The problem with the hub-centric design, especially
with the now ubiquitous aluminum-alloy wheels, is that
you can get galvanic corrosion between the alloy wheel
and the ferrous pilot on the hub. (Galvanic corrosion
occurs when dissimilar metals are placed in proximity and connected with an electrolyte. A water/road
salt mix is an excellent electrolyte.) If severe enough,
this corrosion can make it seem like the wheel has been
welded to the hub! You really don’t want to discover
this when you are at the side of the road changing a tire
during “wintry mix” weather! Hey, perhaps there is an
advantage of not having a spare wheel aboard!
A few well-placed blows
With the car up in the air, a few well-placed blows
with a dead-blow hammer (after partially removing
the wheel bolts) usually suffice to dislodge recalcitrant
wheels. Well, sometimes it’s a lot of well-placed blows!
On da side of da road, however, it ain’t so easy. On two
occasions in the shop that I can recall, I had to resort to
heating the wheel and squirting penetrating oil behind
it. What a mess!
The prevention of this problem is so simple and
straightforward that it never fails to amaze me when
I encounter a, er, “difficult-to-remove” wheel. Indeed,
BMW prescribes the “fix” right in their service literature. Whenever a wheel is removed, clean the pilot bore
24 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
Photos from top to bottom:
#1 - Hub pilot cleaned and ready for its wheel.
#2 - Better than anti-seize?
cases, you might have to resort to a wire brush and
scraper prior to laying on the “Scotch-Brite”.
Over the years, I have tried several different “greases” in addressing the stuck-wheel problem, which I
first encountered on an E12 530i whose wheels had not
been removed in years . One would think that anti-seize
compound, which is designed specifically to mitigate
galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals, might
be the best choice. I have found, however, that some
anti-seizes appear to be less water resistant than, say,
wheel-bearing grease or my present favorite, synthetic
brake-caliper grease, such as depicted in Photo #2. If
you have a “pet” product you use for this purpose,
please share it with us.
Don’t forget the torque wrench
And don’t forget: Always use a torque wrench when
tightening wheel fasteners. The latest torque specs I have
from BMW suggest 120 Newton-meters (about 89 lb-ft)
for 12-mm wheel bolts and 140 N-m (about 104 lb-ft) for
14-mm wheel bolts. These specs apply to MINI BMWs as
well. The 12-and 14-mm (about ½-and 5/8-inch, respectively) bolt sizes refer to the bolt diameter, not the hex
size. I suggest you first tighten the fasteners to about ½
their torque spec using a diagonal (crosswise) tightening
pattern, then retighten at the torque spec. I am a firm believer in rechecking wheel-fastener torque after driving
the car and letting things cool to ambient temperature to
prevent what you see in Photo #3.
You don’t have a Torque Wrench?
What’s that you say? You don’t have a torque wrench,
yet you drive one of the world’s most sophisticated automobiles? No sympathy here, pal. You can pick up an
inexpensive “click-type” torque wrench (An easy-touse type that “clicks” and/or via lost motion informs
you when the torque setting has been reached.) from
good ol’ Harbor Freight Tools for less than $15 if you
watch for a sale. Get the ½-inch-drive model.
Photo #3 - Do you use a torque wrench? Maybe you should.
What’s that you say? You are not worried about
wheels detaching from your car because you (or your
impact gun) are plenty strong and you can get the fasteners really, really tight without a torque wrench?
Well, over-tightening the fasteners can actually distort
the hub and cause brake pulsations.
And before you tool snobs inundate me with emails
questioning my ancestry and parentage, know that
whenever I run a calibration check on my rather eclectic collection of torque wrenches, the inexpensive ones
seem to be just as accurate as the ‘spensive ones, and
that includes the new electronic toy. For occasional use,
I think the inexpensive wrenches are fine. Indeed, the
one I keep in my trailer is more than 20 years old.
That’s all for now, bimmerphiles. See you next
time. Anyone wishing to contribute to Philes’ Forum
can contact me at [email protected] I’m interested in tech tips, repair /maintenance questions, repair
horror stories, emissions-inspection sagas, product
evaluations, etc. ♦
About the author: Vic Lucariello has been a member of
the New Jersey Chapter of BMW CCA for 26 years, and
was a member of their board for 15 years. He was the
Chief of Tech for their driving schools for 28 seasons
and has been an instructor for over 20 years. Vic is an
ASE-certified automobile technician, who in real life is a
mechanical engineer.
Copyright 2015: V.M. Lucariello, P.E., reprinted with
permission from the New Jersey Chapter of BMW CCA.
Specializing in Pre-Owned BMW
Purchases, Sales & Service
[email protected]
586 Willard Street
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On Track: The season begins!
by John Oglesby
he 2015 racing season is slowly coming to life with the 24
Hours of Daytona and the
Daytona 500 kicking things off in
(Photo © West Surrey Racing)
sunny Florida. Meanwhile, I’m sitting watching the races and staring
at the snow and wondering if I can get my car out of
the barn before the first Boston Chapter track event in
April. A good time to think about the upcoming season
and the warm times ahead at the track!
The season is looking interesting this year with Turner
Motorsports returning to the Tudor United Sports Car
Championship, sanctioned by IMSA. So they are back in
IMSA with a Z4 in GT Daytona and have expanded into
the Pirelli World Challenge series with a two car team of
new Z4 GT3s and a new sponsor Borla for the first races.
It is indeed odd to see a Turner car in black.
Of special interest to me is that Turner has a new
BMW factory driver they are sharing with the British
Touring Car Championship, three times World Touring Car Champion for BMW, Andy Priaulx. Andy will
be driving the Turner IMSA entry in the US as well
as the West Surrey Racing BMW 125i M-Sport in the
BTCC that won the championship last year. Note that
the International Hotel Group sponsorship carries over
between the two series. So he will be earning a lot of
frequent flyer miles while tying together two of my favorite racing series.
Andy Priaulx test
driving the BMW
125i M Sport at
Brands Hatch.
The “formula” car series have started off with
the usual odd happenings in Formula 1 and the
first Indy Car event. Formula 1 doesn’t really deserve much comment as it is getting sillier every
year, but the callousness of Sauber towards its
drivers marked a new low for the series. At least
someone else other than Mercedes won a race,
but did it really have to be Vettel in a Ferrari? A
Williams and Honda fan can always hope, or in
Honda’s case ... pray. As for the Indy guys, they
sure have some odd looking aero on the cars this
year and Penske seems to have won the offseason
wars between qualifying 1, 2, 3 and 4 at St. Pete
and Montoya getting the win. But it was still an entertaining race.
So the results are in for Turner and RLL in the initial
IMSA and PWC races. Let’s start with the good news.
Team RLL and their Z4 GTE just missed a win at Daytona by 0.46 seconds behind the Corvette. It was a great
race that showed the determination of the RLL team as
the Z4 gives up a lot of top end pace at Daytona. They
just missed the podium at Sebring with a 4th and 10th.
The rough course and rough racing both caused some
delays, but overall it was a good start in an extremely
competitive class. Turner has struggled a little bit early
this year with disappointing finishes in the PWC for
both cars at the Circuit of the Americas and at St. Petersburg. Things went better at Daytona and Sebring
with an 8 th and 4th respectively. Not bad for a new year
in endurance racing.
I’m looking forward to a great year of racing and
some warm weather. Maybe I won’t have to run the
snow tires on the M3 at Lime Rock after all. Till next
time – stay on track! ♦
About the author: John Oglesby has
been a BMW CCA member since 1989
when he bought his E30 M3 He was
president of the Boston Chapter for 5
years and now serves as the Communications Director. John lives with his
wife Rachel in Harvard, MA.
News on other series
The BTCC kicks off the weekend after I am writing
this column, so I don’t know who wins, but the season
looks to be very competitive with BMW finally providing some factory support with the loan of Andy. There
is an increase in support by other manufacturers as
well, including the introduction of a new Honda Type
R as well as entries from Mercedes, Audi, VW, Toyota,
Proton, Ford, Chevrolet, Infinity and last year’s runnerup, MG. I’m sure it will be an interesting year and for
the first time in forever it will be televised in the US.
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Jamie Chomo
Certified Sales Professional
Porsche of Nashua
170 Main Dunstable Road
Nashua, NH 03060
Main: 603-595-1707 Direct: 603-578-3772 Fax: 603-595-1708
[email protected] ♦
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28 | Boston Bimmer • The Great Thaw 2015
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2014 Boston Chapter Financial Statement
Prepared on March 9, 2015
BMW Style 68 Wheel(s). Three
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Parts Wanted
E39M5 - looking for rear wheels with
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cosmetics and tread depth unimportant, must be straight, original
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These are the BMW dealers in the Boston
Chapter area. Most of these dealers offer
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BMW of Cape Cod
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