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Patented, counter-rotating cleaning heads
thoroughly clean the carpet from all
directions. With the Rotovac, the physical
demand of extraction cleaning is reduced
to an easy one -handed operation.
Carpet Restoration PowerWand
Bottom View
of the Rotovac
6 Spray Jets
6 Vacuum Slots
Rotary vacuum slots clean the
carpet from all directions with
1500 injection/extraction cleaning
passes per minute.
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Carpet Restoration PowerWand
Maximum Cleaning Results with Minimal Effort
Here’s How it Works
The Rotovac’s Dual Rotary Jet Extraction cleaning heads
counter-rotate over the carpet at 250 r.p.m. Constructed
from solid cast stainless steel, each cleaning head has
three protruding vacuum slots and three spray jets
producing 1500 multi-directional injection/extraction
cleaning passes per minute, thoroughly cleaning all sides
of the carpet fiber. The unique dome-shaped design of
the cleaning heads encapsulates the spray jets to create a
“Steam Chamber” effect in the cleaning zone, delivering maximum heat to the carpet fiber. This powerful
combination of heat, agitation and rotary flushing action
enables the Rotovac to clean heavily soiled and matted
carpet far more effectively than a conventional wand.
Out Cleans All Other Methods...With Ease!
Power Extraction With One Hand
The Rotovac Powerwand makes easy work of even the
toughest carpet cleaning jobs. The Rotovac leaves the
carpet cleaner and drier with far less effort than a wand.
The Rotovac’s dual high torque gear motors reduce the
physical demands of extraction carpet cleaning to an
easy one-handed operation.
Works With Any Truckmount or
Portable System
Rotovac products are warranted to be free of defects in
material and workmanship for a period of (12) months
from the date of original purchase unless otherwise
stated. A complete warranty policy statement is provided
with machine purchase.
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1500 multi-directional cleaning
passes per minute
Leaves carpets cleaner and drier
than the wand
Easy to operate - low fatigue
The Rotovac dramatically improves the cleaning
performance of any portable or truckmount system.
Deliver all the power of your extraction system with the
Rotovac Powerwand to tackle tough carpet cleaning jobs
with confidence.
Weighs only 38lbs. Highly maneuverable
Patented “Steam Chamber”
cleaning heads
Works with any portable
or truckmount system
50 to 800 P.S.I.
TOLL FREE: (888) 768-6822
U.S. Patents:
4,264,999; 4,333,204; 4,339,840; 4,441,229; 4,692,959; 5,517,715
Foreign Patents:
Canada: 1,205,609; U.K.: 2,098,4