Challenges for AkzoNobel



Challenges for AkzoNobel
The world’s leader in paints, coatings and chemicals.
Global Fortune 500 company.
250 plants operating in more than 80 countries.
50,000 people.
€15bn Revenue.
19 business units.
Ensuring perfectly
integrated and consistent
process manufacturing IT
across all operations
Guarantee full
compliance with
increasingly tight
Maintain operational
excellence and gain
timely and consistent
Optimize global
planning to remain
profitable in a
market shifting to
low-cost countries
Drive continuous
improvement by
harmonizing all
Harmonize all
plants by using one
platform for MES
and production
Centralize all
plant data on a
MES platform
Challenges for AkzoNobel:
Fragmented systems, limited real-time business
insights and intelligence.
Increasing complexity driven by global growth.
Challenges for AkzoNobel:
Developing a manufacturing IT solution– critical to enable
AkzoNobel to adjust supply to meet demand.
Over 15 plants within Europe managing solution roll out.
Challenges for AkzoNobel:
Making a business insight available for anybody,
at any time, on any device.
The Atos solution:
Harmonization and orchestration program, managed by
Atos, with OSIsoft PI software at the heart of the solution.
Harmonizing complex data sources integrated in an
actionable business environment.
The Atos solution:
Real-time KPI dashboard, aggregating data from Distributed Control
Systems at each site for consolidation on a single MES platform.
Extended consolidated production accounting and
integrated financial management to feed.
Why Atos:
Dedicated Consulting and System Integration Frontend.
In line with Business Technologist positioning, emphasis on practical
application of innovation focused on measurable client outcomes.
Why Atos:
Global Information Management & Analytics practice
with dedicated BI/Analytics team.
Analytics and Data Science competency centers.
Atos technology and innovation
Harmonized single MES platform/server to orchestrate real-time
information flows from the Distributed Control Systems at each plant.
MES integration with ERP procurement and management.
Transforming information from 5,000 sensors across all plants.
Atos technology and innovation
Real time access to SAP HANA.
Consolidation of the production accounting layer.
Logistics portal to improve efficiency.
Faster time to market.
Improve logistics processes.
Alignment between planning and production.
Improve monitoring and financial consolidation.
Having real time access to aggregated data across all plants.
Close monitoring of all production KPIs.
Improve production proccesses.
Critical success factors:
Complete understanding of AkzoNobel’s challenges.
Deep domain expertise and experience.
Atos could deliver quick wins.
Critical success factors:
Ability to work at every project state.
Long-term project meant we could
evolve the solution to fit AkzoNobel’s needs.
The future:
Creating essentials
for daily life.