Issue 5 - Kitty Kat Club



Issue 5 - Kitty Kat Club
Putting the Spotlight on...The Soulful Sisters Social Club
Volume 1, Issue 5
The Kitty Kat Social Club
Inside this issue:
Kitty Kommunity
Kubs Korner
Kitty Spotlight
Happy Birthday
July is...
About Kitty ReKap
This is a monthly newsletter
written by the members of
the Kitty Kat Social Club. If
you wish to have your event,
club anniversary or your
birthdays mentioned, please
send us an email at
[email protected]
The ladies of the Kitty Kat
Social Club would like to
wish everyone safe travels
as they vacation this summer. Whether it’s a
staycation or you are travelling out of state, please be
safe...We love you!
The Soulful
Sisters Social
Club started
back in August
of 2003 when a
group of young,
intelligent and
women decided
to come together as a group
and find ways to give back to
our community. We wanted to
help the young children, teens,
adults and the elderly to live in
a community that they could
be proud to call their own. We
wanted to let our community
know that there are people out
there who care and who are
willing to take time out to
bring families together to
celebrate who they are, where
they are and the future for us
all! We currently have 7
members. We are very proud
of the community outreach
and service we have done
over our now 10 years. We
especially love the kids’
events that we have hosted
and created to enlighten and
inspire our youth. We are
truly passionate about our
community and the youth
especially and we strive to set
a great example for sisterhood and show that women
can truly get along and unite,
we are a force to be reckoned
with! We want everyone to
reach their greatness in life.
In the next 5 years we hope
to do more in the community
and possibly set up a foundation where we can help students to go to school or live
their dreams and find their
greatness! We ultimately
want everyone to be their
BEST and Live their BEST life
and that is what we hope to
accomplish and so much
more in the next 5 years. We
also hope to bring women closer together and strengthen
Thanks so much to our fellow
sisters for sharing. We
appreciate all of our Kitty Kat
Sisters and hope to work with
you all again soon.
Preventing Heat Related Illness
1-Drink more fluids
(nonalcoholic), regardless of
your activity level. **If your
doctor generally limits the
amount of fluid you drink or has
you on water pills, ask your
doctor how much you should
drink. 2-Don’t drink liquids that
contain alcohol or large amounts
of sugar–these actually cause
you to lose more body fluid.
**Very cold drinks can cause
stomach cramps. 3-Stay indoors
in an air-conditioned place (if at
all possible). If your home does
not have air conditioning, go to
a public place with air or call
your local health department to
locate a heat-relief shelter in
your area, even a few hours spent
in air conditioning can help your
body stay cooler. 4-Electric fans
may provide comfort, but when the
temps are in the high 90s, fans will
not prevent heat-related illnesses.
Taking a cool shower or bath is a
better way to cool off. 5-Wear
lightweight, light-colored, loosefitting clothing. 6-NEVER leave
anyone in a closed, parked vehicle.
7-Although any one can suffer
from heat-related illness, some
people are at greater risk than
others. 8-Check on at risk people
(infants, young children, elderly,
mentally ill, physically ill, especially
with heart disease or high blood
pressure) at least twice a day and
closely watch them for signs of
heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
If you must be out in the
heat: 1-Limit your outdoor
activity to morning and evening
hours. 2-Cut down on exercise.
If you must exercise, drink 2-4
glasses of cool, nonalcoholic
fluids each hour. A sports
beverage can replace the salt
and minerals you lose in sweat.
**If you are on a low-salt diet,
ask your doctor before drinking
a sports beverage. 3-Rest often
in shady areas. 4- Protect
yourself from the sun - wear a
wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses,
and sunscreen of SPF 15 or
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Kitty Kommunity
The Kitties participated
in a Shelter Room Makeover held at Shepherd’s
Cove Shelter for Women &
Children, organized by My
Girlfriend’s House held on
June 1, 2013. With our
theme “Under the Sea”, we
wanted to provide a fun
colorful haven for the
children in hopes of uplifting their spirits. The Kitties pulled together our
creative juices, painting skills, passion for
decorating, and our sense of community and did
a WONDERFUL job. We were able to bless six
families with a rotation occurring every four
months that impacts 24 families each year. The
makeover included
a play area for the
kids, reading areas
w/books for the children and women, a dressing room for the women,
and more. The Kitties would like to
thank the following supporters for
donations: Tamica Doy, Higher
Horizons Day Care Center, Cleopatra
Jackson, Janice James, Lori Jones,
Pamela Quigley, and Kitty Kubs
Reggie Grant, II, Chloe Waddell &
Arieal Jenkins.
The 4th Annual
Young Men
Younger Men
(YMEYM) Out of
School Block Party was held on
June 22, 2013.
The Kitties fourth year volunteering,
we enjoyed seeing the community
come together and do something
worthy for the kids. This event was
launched to support our youth & to
celebrate the end of the school year.
Featured at the block party were
moon bounces, basketball tournaments, two live bands, free food, cotton candy and so much more. It’s
great to see fallen MD State Trooper
Wesley Brown’s vision live on. We
look forward to next year.
Kubs Korner
French Kitty- Javion, College Freshmen; Jalen, 7th Grade; Grandbaby Chloe, Pre K3,
KoKo Kitty- Lil Reggie, 5th grade
Lush’ous Kitty– Arieal, 6th Grade
Mocha Kitty- Raphael, 11th Grade; Grandbaby Mekhi, 2nd Grade
Kitty Pebbles- Trenton, College Sophomore
Poison Kitty- Imani, 10th Grade
Sassy Kitty- Janari, 2nd Grade
July’s Kitty
Natasha (KoKo) is a wife, mother of
two sons, & an IT Specialist for the
federal government. She enjoys good
times with her friends and quality time
with her family. She loves traveling and
is very adventurous (skiing, paintballing,
ATV'n, etc). KoKo is loyal & a true ride
or die for her loved ones. She's down to
earth & as cool as a fan, but can be as
hot as fire. Don't judge this book by its
cover. Open the pages & you're sure to
love her!
Natasha’s birthday is July 25th.
Volume 1, Issue 5
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Happy Birthday to You!
The Kitty Kat Social Club would like to wish each of you a very special Happy Birthday and we
hope you enjoy your special day. If you wish to have your birthday listed, please email us at
[email protected]
1st – Kevin
2nd—Da Mixx Band’s 32
3rd – PS’s Sharon
4th—Untamed Legends’
Paradyse, Vanessa
5th – S.A.S.S.I.E.’s Kei,
Bonita, India
8th - DJ Black
10th -Mousey, TDSC’s Ladilyke
11th - PRMC’s B-Eazy,
DNDR’s Michelle
12th – S.A.S.S.I.E.’s Lana
13th – Prell
14th – Generation Diva’s
Dee, Ebony Wings’ Ronise
15th – Six Gears, Val
17th – Marcus, Janette
18th – Jonathan,
S.A.S.S.I.E. ‘s Regina,
19th – Jay, Jeroyce
20th - SWSs Farrah
21st - Keith
22nd - DCSR’s Gripp, Jackie, BlocBunaz’ Big Hack
23rd – Kevia
25th - SugaBear
26th - Ruff Ryders’ Tank,
GhostFace Ryderz’ Recon
28th – Master P
29th – Johnny
30th - SSSC’s Karen, Kevin Q, FreakNazty
31st - DJ Al-V, Ebony Wings’ Tiffany
Positive Sisterhood*DC Social Club
Femme Fatale Social Club
S.W.E.E.T. Social Club
– DSDs TRUST Tuesdays Social Night @ Irie Bar & Grille
3rd – Ezzy,, Chuck B & Frisco 6th Annual 4th of July Boomin
Bash, Parish Hall
6th – MD Street Angels SC & MD Street Marshalls MC Car/Bike
Wash, Clinton Cycles, 10 am
12th – Don P’s Peaches & Cream Party @ Upscale Ballroom
13th – Day of Hope, DC General Hospital Grounds
20th – Sisters Helping Sisters Bike Wash & Fish Fry, Clinton
Cycles 10am (benefiting “Children in the Shelter”)
20th – Femme Fatale SC Red & Black Affair
19th-21st – Platinum Dreams 10th Anniversary Weekend
26th – Wild Bunch MC Summer Bash, 2000 Marbury Avenue,
District Heights, MD, 8 pm
26th-27th – Positive Sisterhood*DC Anniversary Weekend
September 7th Old School Party
Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD
7/12 @ 7 pm – TGT w/Avant
7/25 @ 7 pm – Mindless Behavior w/OMG Girlz
8/3 @ 7:30 pm – Mary Mary & Marvin Sapp
8/4 @ 7:30 pm – Maze w/Morris Day & the Time
8/21 @ 8 pm – Toni Braxton
8/22 @ 7:30 pm – Gladys Knight & the O’Jays
Howard Theatre, Washington, DC
7/5 @ 8 pm – The Furious 5
7/19 @ 8 pm – Jody Watley
7/20 @ 8 pm – Lyfe Jennings
7/26 @ 7:30 & 10 pm - Mary Mary
7/28 @ 8 pm – The Dazz Bank w/Ronnie Laws
7/31 @ 8 pm – Con Funk Shun
8/9 @ 8 & 10:30 pm – Angie Stone
8/16 @ 8 pm – Howard Hewitt
8/17 @ 8 pm – LeToya Luckett
8/23 @ 8 pm – Dru Hill
8/30 @ 7:30 pm – The Bar-Kays, Taste of Honey & Brick
8/31 @ 8 pm – Salt-N-Pepa
July is...
Little Known July
4th Facts: The legal
separation of the
Thirteen Colonies
from Great Britain
occurred on July 2,
1776, when the Second Congress voted
to approve a resolution of independence
that had been proposed in June by
Richard Henry Lee of Virginia declaring
the United States independent from
Great Britain. After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to
the Declaration of Independence, a
statement explaining this decision,
which had been prepared by a Committee of Five (John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut,
Robert Livingston of New York, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and
Thomas Jefferson of Virginia), with
Thomas Jefferson as its principal author. Congress debated and revised the
wording of the Declaration, finally approving it on July 4. Most historians
have concluded that the Declaration
was signed nearly a month after its
adoption, on August 2, 1776, and not
on July 4 as is commonly believed. John
Adams believed July 4th would be celebrated by generations to come as the
great anniversary festival; the day
should be celebrated with parades, ceremonies and of course fireworks. Fireworks were an important factor in igniting the population, to believe that they
could indeed be their own nation. The
very first commemorative Independence Day fireworks were set off on July
4, 1777. Coincidentally, both John Ad-
l Club
The Kitty Kat Socia
P.O. Box 1047
Temple Hills, MD 20757-1047
[email protected]
“I Am My Kitties Keeper!”
ams and Thomas Jefferson, the only
signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of the
United States, died on the same day July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration. Although
not a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but a Founding Father who
became a President, James Monroe,
died on July 4, 1831, becoming the
third President in a row who died on
this memorable day. Calvin Coolidge,
the 30th President, was born on July 4,
1872, and, so far, is the only President
who has been born on Independence
National Hot Dog Month, and according to the National Hot Dog and
Sausage Council, Americans consumes
the infamous little red tubes of "meat"
in record numbers. The Council estimates that over seven billion hot dogs
will be eaten by Americans between Memorial
Day and Labor Day
with the July 4th weekend being the biggest
hot-dog holiday of the
year, with 155 million
eaten. Every year, Americans eat an
average of 60 hot dogs each. They are
clearly one of the country's most loved,
but most misunderstood, comfort
foods. How did the hot dog get its
name? The term "hot dog" is credited
to sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan. At a
1901 baseball game at the Polo
Grounds in New York, vendors began
selling hot dachshund sausages in rolls.
From the press box, Dorgan could hear
the vendors yelling, "Get your dachs-
hund sausages while they're red hot!" He
sketched a cartoon depicting the scene
but wasn't sure how to spell "dachshund"
so he called them simply, "hot dogs." And
the rest is history. What exactly is a hot
dog made of? For the record, the Council
refers to the actual meat as "specially selected meat trimmings." Thanks to stricter
U.S. Department of Agriculture rules, hotdog meat has become much leaner and,
unless otherwise indicated, must be made
from muscle (as most meat found in supermarkets is). Most supermarket hot
dogs use cellulose casings, which are removed before packaging. Some, however,
still use the traditional natural casings,
made from animal intestines. By law, a
hot dog can contain up to 3.5 percent of
"non-meat ingredients." Don't be scared.
This is usually just some type of milk or
soy product used to add to the nutritional
value. Many hot dogs may be relatively
high in fat and sodium, but they are also a
good source of protein, iron, and other
necessary vitamins. What is the most
popular condiment for a hot dog?
Council research shows mustard is the
condiment of choice for adults, while children prefer ketchup. Preferences do
change from region to region. For instance, hot dogs in New York are generally served with a lighter mustard and
steamed onions, while Chicago hot dogs
can come with mustard, relish, onions,
tomato slices or pretty much anything at
all. Do I spread my condiment on the
meat or on the bread? Always dress the
dog and not the bun. The Council also
recommends the following order for condiment application: first wet (mustard for
example), then chunky (relish or onions),
then cheese and any spices.
The Kitty Kat Social Club
(K2C) was established
in May 2006, to encourage
positive networking
among women. We provid
e a support system
within the club for one ano
ther and have fun
while doing so. In the pro
cess of promoting sisterhood, we believe in lea
ving a positive trail behind. We participate in a
wide-range of volunteer endeavors in the local
community for social
and environmental causes.